REShow: Andy Black. Hour 3 (06-04-19)


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So we'll be chatting some sports with anti-black who's new album again that goes to trial was released couple months ago, and it debuted number one on the items rock album chart. So we'll be chatting with him coming up shortly. We've got a news update in a second Levy on bell just chatted with the media. Two choices Chris yet. You didn't see it, right? K two choices he'd let himself go. When he wasn't in training. Cantwell wasn't in camp with the jets, okay. And it's a concerning situation, just because it looks like he let himself go, or he showed up, absolutely chiseled ready to roll with chip on show. I've given those two choices I'll take the I'll take the ladder. You are correct, sir. Yeah. Saint people have forgotten his skill set. Oh, baby. Could you imagine? He shows up Levy on bell of previous years. Of course you can imagine because there's only one year out and he's not thirty hasn't hit. I mean he's he's still very young man. Chip on his shoulder. Ready to go in New York City? And you add that into the mix now week one jets home for the bills. Okay. I know that's not a let's see. Window shatter. That's not a rim wrongful. But the bills have hopes to their own with on week to week two Monday night home. Cleveland Browns, our talk. Hello, hello. Hello Odell Beckham MetLife Levy on bell on Monday night football tests, and and book getting ready to roll. I'll be settled I'll be settled in week two. That's a great piece of steak. What a fat piece of filet Mignon week to that isn't in week three Tessin bug testing books. When I said, I'd beat you that punch. I know you're getting ready for your news now. Just like rip it on. Just like rip it on this week three week three week three at New England. Here we go. The one in one at New England. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Then, of course not the jets will win that game. They will go three. No. You know, I know you know, I know tummy asked me, ask me how I know. Hey, rich. How do you know the jets will open visit got a week four by? That's why just to just to just jam the momentum shut. Week four buys that is the worst time have about is the worst. There is no worse time to have a bye week four or they're his, here's a more likely scenario no one and to open the season with a win and they lose back to back games to Cleveland in New England. And then they get a whole week of panic on the back pages. I know you got some Cleveland Browns soundbites them today mandatory organized team activity. Let's start with that here on the rich Eisen show. News update brought to you by our friends at Honda. Rochman with a special live report rock men with the news and it has been as I said brought to you by Honda. The official vehicle of the National Hockey League. Introducing the Rumi Honda pilot with seating for up to eight. Hurry. And she local Honda dealer and check out the Honda, politic. Christopher what are you, so we'll start in Cleveland, you said the Browns and the most interesting offense and the National Football League one of those components, one of those players they're hoping for is to have a good year. Duke johnson. He did show up today and said he still wants to be out of Cleveland today. Understand the nature of the business. Stay, you know. His job will join dossey job is to do what's best for the team known as Asian. And again, that's getting rid of meat for a bigger piece. In the better piece, I'm okay with it. Like I said before my trae request was to meet them at a middle ground. I was put on track a month before I requested the trade. So that's all it is. I would give my unsolicited advice to do Johnson, just sit tight man the ball's gonna find you. And, you know, I know he's probably really pissed that they go ahead and get Kareem hunt with all his baggage him a second chance before plugging do Johnson into a role like the one that he thinks that he deserves with instead of Kareem hunt cream hunts out for six games. You've got a month and a half going. I, I know obviously Nick Chubb is sitting right there, and you're probably upset that they gave him the rock to just sit tight man. There's no doubt that he's worthy enough to to get the ball thrown at him from Baker Mayfield. Who, by the way called Johnson situation, quote unquote, self inflicted. Yes. So we have that we have a great Baker Mayfield is asked about do Johnson straight request. You know, that's something that we've been dealing with for a while, you know, we have guys that want to be here. They'll show that voice that obviously you know, he's gonna handle his stuff how he wants. But you're either on this train, or you're not it's moving you can get out the way or you can join us. So it is what it is. It's not awkward. No. You know it's self inflicted. It is what it is. It's not awkward for anybody else's building. Guy. Oh man. That your guy you're on. You're either with Baker Mayfield or you are not you're almost train, or you are not it's not for anybody else in this building. He's great. He will not. He will not allow anything to creep in here. He's taken control of it. I'm telling you man with each passing appearance by this guy. It will become more and more apparent. The question. What the hell was Hugh Jackson. Thank you. Of, let's go to rod Taylor. I let's put him in a position in, in, in training camp where he's the number three I guess maybe you're trying to break the Colt down because he came into cocky, I don't know why. Dan Fouts asked while it was found, and, you know, it's fountain. I on eagle eagle told us that they asked him prior to his departure. Why aren't you running more Oklahoma type plays for for forum and he is response was. Yeah. Good question. And like while you're in charge and. That's the past. But I'm just telling you more and more, they have to win because if he's going to talk about other guys situations like that publicly as opposed to that's you know, his, his, that's his business. I mean he tried to do that. That's his business. I have no problem with that just gonna win plant that flag right in the middle of the field, man. The Cleveland Browns they opened the season home against Tennessee. Then, of course at the jets on Monday night football week three Sunday night football home against Iran. Here we go. Allen AL's going to be in Cleveland test drive in that Cleveland four seasons. If there is one for the first time in probably twelve years. I got a nice casino and the downtown you mentioned levian bell. Let's hear from him. He showed up the jets camp today, talked about his season day one. Practices day are noticed watching me. No was the good thing. I'll love adding the lean on me count me as my I'm not gonna let nobody there. I wasn't here, not because I want to be better I working with China one. So I'm going to be best Mason. I do compare shave. I think every carry on to be truly acting okay? Obviously the response to be you can get better with your teammates and be there. And that's the way you get better as a team is if you're, they're getting better together collectively, but I'm not I'm not as you know, it's his contractual right to not be there and show up like that. And let's roll and not a single person if he puts in two touchdowns or his Marshall Faulk referred to them back when he played in college. He puts in a couple of Teletubbies week one against the Buffalo Bills. Then does what he does on Monday night football and goes up to New England and actually comes away with a win. Not a single person will say, well, where was he? When Adam gates opened up the off season workout program, last April not a soul on the planet. In the same way, not a single person. We'll be talking about. Well, where's what did gays do with the New York media and Mike? Maccagnan, not a soul. I'm so excited. It's it can't come fast enough. It really just can't come fast. Yeah. A couple of veterans showed up in Washington for their minicamp. Josh Norman agent Peterson showed up Trent Williams did not coming back from a back injury. Also wants a new contract and he's got two years left on his deal. You see the cardinals tweeted out today, something super cool. Video of Carson Palmer. Check this out. Why I'm calling is that? I would like you to be the sixteenth member of our ring of honor it state farm stadium. Yes. Totally serious. We'd like to put in this year. Exactly. Well, we're excited to have you. No. Neat. Michael Bidwill face timing. Summer, and they put it on social media really cool thing that they did. Oh, good stuff. Carson palmer. Good people right there. Yeah. Good man. So we just figure out what night they're going to put them in. Excellent. I don't know if they don't they they play one nationally televised game. It'll be a Thursday night. I don't even know if it's home. Eight. Look they had to stay away from the cardinals. They had no idea what they were going to do it. That now pick obviously the scheduled came. That's why people think the schedule should come out after the draft, the cardinals probably would have been on the on the schedule little bit more had the schedule makers known for Kyla Mari was going to be there. But you can't you can't you can't. Speaking of Carson Palmer who played five years for the team, obviously, the they, they had their best years outside of Kurt Warner's year there with Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians. And they came as close as the NFC championship game against the Carolina Panthers. Could not get over the hump. Love Carson Palmer good. Not enough. Good things can happen to him. So that's good news. Right there last one rich. We didn't talk about it yesterday. Even though it was kind of being spoiled making the rounds during the day, but it did happen last night on jeopardy. James Hall tower did lose finally ending his thirty two day rain, nearly two and a half million dollar run on jeopardy finish sick fifty nine thousand dollars shy of Ken Jennings. All time winning Mark of two point four seven million set back in two thousand four James loss to a woman named Emma. She's a librarian took him down and final jeopardy. James had at don't know if you watch but he had a very low. Oh bet and final jeopardy. Normally he's bet nearly all pot. He only thirteen ninety nine told the action network, quote, I knew if I could only win, if m amidst final jeopardy, there was no way she wouldn't bet to cover my all in so my concern was getting overtaken by third place. So I bet just enough to, to beat him. It looks like it's Emma. Becher a university of Chicago librarian. Yeah. Good for her Riley taken down, and we'll see how long of a run. She goes, maybe her, maybe Ken Jennings, and in whole tower and throw amateur in there and whoever knocked out Ken Jennings a four person, the all shepherding payoff, you, I would pay to see that. And there's no question about it. That is long as one or two or three people saw that pay per view beforehand. Our buddy Roselle would be feel free to tweet it out. You don't feel about that. I feel horrible actually about it being spoiled. Yes. Yeah, I understand that they were like three or four markets that, that, that saw it first. Because they see it in the early morning. But I guess what he tweeted out an article he wrote with or an interview how do we had it locked and loaded and he was just kind of waiting through. It was an article after holes. Our lost. Yes. So it so he posted it after it. Aired in those early markets, there was about five, but again, this was taped what weeks ago this everybody needs to go. So it's new the obviously, the audience members knew the contestants new extra back new, but no one said anything, obviously, because jeopardy's been getting huge ratings during James's more than thirty day run and last night. They did a ten point one. Well, we saw the, the revoke Fussell, by the way. Oh, Andy black. That'd be a great new name for your next album, sir. Okay. There were Volker Fussell. I'll write it down for you. You have to enough to take notes while you're waiting at green room catcher, but we saw that yesterday. Yes. And the we, we didn't talk about I know because there may just because people were tweet. About it the number of folks that were listening, if we had said that James holes hours, even been pissed, we would have owned it, and I don't care if people had seen it on Twitter, just we, we, we know Twitter doesn't really we live on it, but the whole world doesn't live on it. Ackley and on top of all of that, just because two or three markets had already seen. It doesn't make it fair game for the whole world to be knowing about it. Because in this day and age, if, if somebody saw and say a town in Alabama, does that mean that the only way that somebody may be an Idaho would know about it if I set it into this microphone, exactly damn? What is a spoiler alert. That's a new. That's a new one right there. I've never seen that before game show spoil or we need now. Now it's the twenty first century anyway, good to see you. How are you? Thanks for joining us today. That's anti-black. He's sitting right there on the rich Eisen show, the recording artists with his new album. 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Well, let's take it in order because, you know, we were just talking in the television commercial segment. I was at the kids, Bob concert at the Hollywood bowl and Saturday night. And you saw that on the marquee I did. And I didn't think that I would be explaining to you what, kids bop, actually won, you know, here we are, but, but maybe you're just trying to pick up on some stuff for your future. Live. Yeah. I mean, I want my shows to be a little bit more inclusive. So, I think kids. Right. Here's what would you or have you? Let's put it that way. Have you ever ended your concert by firing out of some sort of cannon? Tattoos that you could just. No, but I Don shirt gun before. Okay. And it was a it was a real problem. We were playing it was a festival in Las Vegas and we bought a t-shirt gun. And I thought this would be a great idea. Right. And so we loaded T shirts in and I didn't realize the power that a t-shirt gun has at a range, that would say be this close. I held it, and I aimed it at the crowd, and it was down at the, the barricade into festival stage, so it's not that far, but it was a distance that I thought, okay, this this'll be fine. It's a shirt does. And it pelted a person right in the head. There was. No. I mean, it's a t-shirt shirt. So there's no damage. Right. But it looked traumatic in. So I put it down, and it's sitting in storage, and this has been five six years now. And that's and that's the story of the Andy black t-shirt gun. It was a one and done situation, and it never to be touched. Again, it's dangerous. I don't need that kind of power. So you put one of your fans into concussion protocol is that what you're stronger than any Dalton's arm, and that's how we get back to full circle? Okay. So you're originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. That's your hometown. Yes. Sir. Born and raised since. Okay. The west side of Ohio. I, I like to specify because the east side is where the fancy folks from. Okay. From the salt of the earth down by the riverside. Okay. Yeah. And that's where you're you Bengals fan right off the bat rose grew up very close to where I'm for like the same neighborhood that I grew up. Okay. Yeah. That's too. Now, I know where you get you just firing things off at eight. Where you pick that up yet. So huge Bengals fan. We went riverfront stadium back on the turf back in the old days. Oh boy. You know my, my whole life we I went to the first game ever Paul Brown stadium. I had a piece of concrete fall from the roof and hit me in the head. It's terrible stadium. I don't know if you've ever been. Have you ever been you talk? But I didn't know that it was a hard hat area for concrete fallen. You'd anytime there actually happen for you. It did my dad wrote the score of the game. We lost the Browns and a free season game. My dad wrote the score, I still have the piece of concrete. See you. Wrote the score of the preseason game for me. Concrete that fell on your head. We talked I'm Bengals fan. We don't get joy so like you get. You can things like concrete falling, and then a memory of it, and that's about it. See, now, your dad didn't think of like suing Paul Brown or anything like that. Because I mean that's a big fat. Rich target I suppose. Yeah. Okay. We just moved on. What do you think of your your Bengals currently right now? On them right now. Or what my, my biggest hope is that I say every year seven and nine or nine and seven I want to nine and seven season just because the Joy Luck I have almost no expectations. And that's really a sad place to be as a fan. Yes. Is to hope for mediocrity. Yes. Because at least you'll enjoy the season like I I'm, I'm so far beyond a playoff. They haven't won a playoff game since I was months old. More a month old I was one month old the last time we wanna play. So I've never experienced that. And we came so close so many times, and there was so many two thousand five this is our year, wasn't our year. I think twenty thirteen we all thought this was our I was at the game in two thousand fifteen it was my wife's first time being at a at a Bengals game in a playoff game. We were all there. We were ninety seconds away from winning my dad, and I were actually crying in the rain. Hugging each other's is the first time ninety seconds later, we lost. And I think at that point during the meltdown at Paul Brown that was the end for me. I kind of thought, well, I'll never get joy. So let's just hope for me tapped out. Tap still. I'm still obsessive to a point where I I it's unhealthy, but I've also resigned myself to how sad. It's going to be, you never know. I mean, the, the new coach Zack Taylor new day. Not who day anymore. That's a new day. I hadn't heard that. So it's being that's new. I like that. That I didn't know that. I mean you look just as young as he is right now. I mean you know how old are you? I'm twenty eight okay. Yeah, you're not too far off them being the head coach of the Cincinnati also. I mean they've never acknowledged my existence before. So maybe I could become coach you should. Yeah. Are you an offensive guru defensive guru? I am. I am. I'm neither so I don't have a skill set when I was I won an offensive lineman of the camp award. When I was eight hold on nine also, I suppose, I'd be real big on the offensive line as you can see. I don't look like an often. Oh, no. You you're slot. You'd look more of a slot receiver. Yeah. We'll yes. With neck tattoos, your yes, you know, and, and no muscle at all. Would like if slender man, that's called rangy. Yeah. All right. That's called rangy your leave your lean and rangy you would be you. I love the team. I it's it's been an important part of my life, my whole life. You know, with my family same goes with the reds, and it just it's part of who I am. And so I, I wish for the best, I want them to win. I love the franchise. I just I know that there's there a team that many say they don't prioritize winning. So it's difficult to the fan to try to get behind a team that doesn't do a lot to make you excited. So I'm hoping that maybe this year we can recapture at least something, and then an exciting here, anti-black here on the rich Eisen show. So the reds what let me just figure grownup. Would you just like a Barry Larkin guy player? That's it. Right. So that one right on the head. They're just trying to figure out. You said you were born in ninety. So you're talking about Eric Davis. Eric davis. Nasty boys might be a little too soon. That was that was right before my time. I had I had Dion. I had Eric Davis a little bit. I had I had Bret Boone, I had, you know, I obviously Larkin and then Griffey in the twilight of his career in the twilight of his they're not doing too bad this year. The reds. Right around five hundred which is better than what the anybody's seen from them over the last several years. It's nice because they did. They did try. They brought in exciting players. You know, having plead whether he does greater not it's exciting to have that kind of a character in the city really. It's been since Ocho, Cinco that we had, like a guy, you know, that was really fun and entertaining in the now out of nowhere. Derek Dietrich comes along. And it's been a lot of fun. Right. And, and beautiful ballpark to there. It's just really something American Bopha were you there for the home run derby, or no? No. I, I wish I would have been. But I was I was on tour tour. You're on tour. Derek Dietrich is a somebody that I'm sure you're into a week. I was I was really excited. We went very recently, we went to my friend, Kevin took us to a Mets game at Citi field. And we got to go and watch the reds play the Mets. And I was so excited because Dietrich was playing vodka was taken arrest that day. Right. And they had I believe two hits in the whole game. And not only did they lose. But the they lost one to nothing and the pitcher. For the Mets. Hit the only home run in the only run of the entire game. Game was over in about fifteen minutes in big thing. Yes. Yes. Yeah. For now I ask you this question on the air and I asked it to you gingerly backstage, as well being from Cincinnati, Ohio, does that make you an Ohio State Buckeye fan? So I didn't I didn't go to college. So I have no real legions at my parents went to UC university Cincinnati. So I leave my if I had a tangible relationship with the college organization, it would be the Bearcats. I loved Kenyon Martin growing up, and the, the basketball team. They're football teams. Look in a little bit better. But I, I have no real I mean, I you know, I liked Dwayne Haskins. I was hoping the Bengals strapped him just for something interesting about it. I think you speak in for like most Bengals fans. Yeah, but, you know, how do I put this because I know anything I say of comes across as very Michigan wolverine run it by me. I, I'm just going to say it's just that you not being having a, you know, a college degree or went to college education didn't even finish high school, so that doesn't doesn't stop, most of Ohio for claiming Ohio State is their team. Yeah. I'm not from Columbus, though. So I don't understand. I mean, LeBron isn't from Columbus, he's from Akron. I don't claim who didn't go to college either. Yeah. And he's missed a diehard Ohio State. I mean, I'm just plucking names out of the air and my aunt, uncle went to high state, so there is there is some point of reference there for me. I actually get mad about this. And this is reasonably during the, the run of the Cavaliers, for example, Cincinnati started claiming the Cavaliers like we ever cared about that which was not a thing. And similarly speaking, I think the because it's such a. Legacy people. We don't get a lot man. We don't like southern Ohio, like, we don't have much joy. So when it comes to like a football franchise that does well I can understand let's get some of that over there. Let's get some buckeyes. I love it that far. I hear you musician Andy black here on the rich Eisen show. How'd you get into music? How did you first get started there? My dad was a huge. He's in a punk rock bands, and he was into kiss, and Alice Cooper and motley Crue and I kind of was introduced all that at once. And so I thought I'd love to dress up and make up and costumes and play heavy music. And so that's been my whole career. Trajectory is doing that? So if your dad was into some other type of music, you think you'd have been awesome. My mom lives into more singer. Songwriter stuff, Bruce Springsteen in particular, and Bob Dylan stuff. So that's where I got my love for songwriting. Like I the thing about kiss and stuff for me is that I didn't like as an eight year old, I didn't have any interest in, you know, rock and roll all night and party every day. Right. But, you know, I thought, oh this is interesting. This guy's talking about something. And then as I got older, I'd like to find out. What it is streets of Philadelphia as a kid. I didn't know what that song was about her as you get older. You find. Oh, that's interesting. So as a songwriter Springsteen was more important to me. And then as a guy who dresses up and black leather outlets Cooper, was more important. I see. So what are you dressed up in the full Rochman, by the way with with Jerry Cantrell? Well, Jerry Jerry came on. And this was paying off a fantasy football. I don't know if you're aware of the full story, but there, I am an Lexi steals, gra- garb, which fit perfectly, by the way from, from the image still Panthera right there. And Lexi, by the way, it'd be fantastic. I really nice friend. You'd do look great. They're not as good as him. But fantastic. What do you think? I mean I walked around and, and pants that normally I don't walk around you look pretty good in the pants like you have the legs for. And that's the problem. Sometimes people don't have the legs for. Wow. I've never been told that big compliment, I told her legs for anything. The legs for hair metal. Honestly, I know idea by the way, you're seeing me at the Roxie for hair off not mental could be abandoned band. The list, right? Good one that my favorite thing was. You know, they, they had me out there, Andy and the curtains, part. Yes, I've soon be have you played the rock happy. Okay. So you know what it is? It's so I'm out there and I just looked down at let's just say the people that I would have fired a t-shirt gun at. That's right there. And I just I'm one of the fans was just like looking at me like who the hell is the sky? And I kind of relished that a little. Yeah. Right there. That was my rush. That's fun moment. Infuriates for show, naked angry. Do you know we've, we toured with crew in stadiums, and I'm still excited we're going to be with motley Crue, and I received nothing. But that look the entire tour because the fans of motley Crue are there to see motley Crue, not the band opening. So it's us slash in motley Crue. Oh my God. Resort side of the first day were in Munich were playing in a stadium. We get done with the first song. And there was it was such silence that it hurt my ears like it wasn't booing. It was just arms crossed indifference. And I thought this is beautiful to, to try to be on stage because the point of the lead singer, is to try to like hype people up. So the songs go. All right. Thank you, dead. Silence. And then you like how long do I wait? Do I go into the next song? Do I see if anybody says anything? So I actually understand that and enjoy it. But do you think your years of being a Bengals fan helped you prepare you for that strong? Silence. And indifference based on the attendance at the games. I went through last year. Now, you know, Andy domes villes feels the way we game last year. I think there was about seventy five people there we were in the stadium, and this is a bummer. Did you why are you? Introducing her to fabulous. It's really exciting to in Florida. She has no allegiance to any franchise. So she's become a Bengals fan. Okay. Oh my gosh. Yeah, so, yeah, so it's a little bit of a bummer because love. Two thousand fifteen we're going to play off saw good. She's been real bummed out for the last couple of years. And I said this has been most of my life. This is what you gotta get used to. I think we're, you know, look, you're clearly successful in your own. Right. You don't need my help Andy black. But I think right here, the new album is called legs, legs lakes for her mouth leads legs for hair, met lakes, fair mental, oh, and then the first titled or the next two I track is arms crossed indifference, as I think that sounds like a great song that we're inspired. And then we came up with another one earlier to Luca lake neck to like. Well that's the name of your fantasy team. Yes, play fantasy flight do it was the last year's name was Burford storm. And then, of course, who day in the blowfish. Perfect storm was my favorite because volunteers was a I was a big fan of autism and all of his antics, long time. Why aren't you in? Can't trails league. I don't know. I haven't been asked and after I mean, oh, maybe. Excuse me, as the he's the general manager. I'm the owner and slash I- week-to-week, generally manage, you chose the groceries after we are the reigning champions there. We're getting the Vinnie Paul trophy in some points. Right. So we're offering you a spot in the league love here. Yeah. I would love to ban. And if somehow some way it comes back. We're all full up your, you'll be part of our team. All right. How does that sounds good to me? Because you are you've you, I give you the blue checkmark. You would you know what the hell you're talking about anything with a Burford storm? Storm. You know he's an Oakland now. So he is that what can you tell your fans about your upcoming tour dates or anything? Give them a little bit of a glimpse of what, what they can expect. So we're we're going on tour just in a few weeks for doing rockstar disrupt festival, and then we're doing a couple of tour dates go into the UK and doing a couple of weeks there. And then I'm coming back and doing some one off show, so I'll be out all summer, just go to anti-black socials at anti-black on everything. And you'll you'll find out all the info black music dot com for tour dates as well to stream and download everything that's going on. And you want to you had an apathetic an appendectomy before your tour. Is that a true story? Yeah. Just about three and a half. Four weeks ago. I, I actually ruptured. So I had I had to deal with that whole thing. No kidding. Yeah. And then you and then you went on tour two weeks later, I had a cane for a couple days, that was pretty cool. Now. I'm someone who loves over the top dramatics. So I bought like multiple skull, canes and things okay it was over. It was way too much. I didn't need it. That's jerry. X men. Hoping to like Obel on what I wanted to do was the willy Wonka on the first show, and then like surprise, good day sir good day. It's what it's what the t-shirt gun right now. You might have that again, please make this. Stop for whenever you want. I love the come back. All right. So we're going to stay in touch here because we're either gonna compete with, you know, or or have you compete against us or or, or with us fantastic. In by mixing, all of my, my prepositions, someone who will still take AJ green number one overall. No no mixing now mixing, though, okay? Maybe we're talking about. Okay. Good. Good to hear. He's a beast mix. It mix in his first sneaky, late first round ability, ozone. I you know, Joe running back rankings out already I'll be too soon. But other than that, it's got to be a show me situation for a waiver wire pickup. I got to see you know, but mixing AJ green just it's just. Unaware. I know what's going on. I'm not denying it. Joe mix an eighth running back right now. I mean eight eight I mean some good players head of them saquon. Zeke Christian McCaffrey Kamera Melvin Gordon early. David johnson. Mixon's of really we still going to be the entire offense based on what I've seen I think drafted only offensive lineman in draft, a single wide receiver. We just got John Ross. The, the John Ross experiments still going. That's another a. John James Connor just saying. I hope John Ross is good. I'm hoping I want to be good. I do too. Marvin hated him. So we'll see. Marvan's with the Arizona state. Now, I don't know if you're good luck. Marfan. Andy black on Twitter and Instagram. Great to have you here. You got it. The ghost of Ohio. Go get it right now we're back with more on the rich Eisen show in a moment. Coming soon to podcast, one, the G podcast with Rick Fox jas hall, and Todd ROY, log to see the world behind the east sports you love. And find out what good game really means from the trio, who's taken the business by storm, including the three time NBA champion behind team, echo FOX. Download new episodes of the G g podcast every week on apple podcasts and podcasts one. Stay tuned for sixty seconds of ABC news headlines, right after this podcast. Fund shot with Andy black right there delightful. That was really fun. It was really fun. I like him. We came up with many new album. We've got a lot of albums John Ross experienced, by the way, that was a great. That was a great seventies band. John John Ross experience. Right. Hey, speaking of DeMarco, the Bob Ross experiences. One of my favorite painting shows all time. Time album called trees. They interview with Dhamar Rosen, the big quote, you're seeing right now is that derozen felt like the sacrificial lamb to Toronto's new rise here. One of the things that still sticks with me to this day despite all the unbelievable pure joy that the Joe Torry managed New York Yankees, provided me if four and five year all my gosh, and also coincided with the beginning of my national broadcasting career. I arrived at ESPN in February of Ninety-six that fall was when the Anki is made the World Series. And I was on sportscenter talking about it, totally eating a poop sandwich. While I was watching the stars of FOX, get all the front row seats like tutti Kim fields was, I okay? I'm sitting down like I can't believe the Yankees are making the world. Kim fields is there and I'm like just breath, rich. All the on sportscenter dream. Come true is will the reason why I'm bringing all of this up the dynasty happen, the year after Mattingly retired. Yeah. And so it's gotta be bittersweet for raptors fans, I would think, and obviously, you know, Mattingly left of his own according retired. And that's when they brought in Tino Martinez, and we all saw what happened. But, you know, it's got our it's for DeRosa diseases sacrificial lamb. He's the guy that helped build what happened, right? And then was swapped for the guy who put it over the top just at the same time that LeBron left the scene. And right the same way I told the story about Buck Showalter earlier in the week how difficult it was for him to broadcast last week difficult. It was to for him to broadcast the World Series with me on sports sportscenter and the rest of the ESPN crew in the Yankees, and the Diamondbacks were going at it, and he built both teams essentially part of the Enke's building them with Jean Michel, and then literally built the diamond knocks off the ground and the stadium in which is playing so I understand what he's saying. You can't as well. I imagine Stony setting. So. Yeah. I totally get it. I totally get how he would feel that way. I'm glad that the television camera took to you. When I was in you. I, I buy I did. I botched putting on my glasses. Well, you take them off and take them off, and put them on time user so many turns fifty throughout the day you, turn fifty girls, rich and you turn fifty you have twenty twenty vision, your entire life, and that just wake up one day and no longer habit. You do that. In twelve years. I'll let you know how it goes you shut up, all due respell. They do have. Like in the museum radio audience that. Well tweet that. You're always on. That was, I learned that I learned that in college, always, on became smirks. And also, by the way, Shams. Is reporting that David Griffin is taken calls on. Yeah. Anthony davis. Yeah. It's inevitable. I mean they I'm sure that Anthony Davis Griffin had the sit down Griffin took his at batch. Maybe right. Took his shots and basically said to him and his agent, just be quite to shut up. There was a report that he was. They were meeting to try and see him. Hey, we're going to have on. We've got the answer. That was okay great. I want. I'm sure that's what it was. I don't wanna be here. One out I wanna play with LeBron. I wanna play with Korea wanna do, like just get me out and the answer to that was, like, okay. Then I need to make sure I get the best possible deal and all all I don't know. I shouldn't put words in people's mouth, but I'm sure he took his at bat. Hey, we got Zaim. We got everybody here. Let's, let's go. Let's go with the flow here. Can you still believe that Anthony Davis, basically sabotage the whole year of playing last year? How do you sabotage by coming out and saying, I want out demanding trade kind of ruining the pelican season? The lakers. They were shrapnel there. But he he just basically tanked whole year of his career. Twenty six years old, he was MVP the first two months of the season. Well they were coming off a huge playoff experience. Last year. They wanna series, they'd be Portland. And then suddenly you're coming into a year where you're two years away from getting deal, ever know what avocado no ever going on behind the scenes. And what he thought is that he thought he probably had the leverage to get out and the same way that Butler, God, his, his exit visas, so many different star players. I want out Paul George wound up getting out Koiwa end up getting out. But a lot of these guys had to go through the end of their their their playing season in the spot. They wanted to get out and it'd be create an awkward situation. But the team the team is one that sat him down, and it wasn't a what it wasn't a dire situation. They had swept Portland in the playoffs last year. I have no idea why it went sour so damn fast. I thought that they were going to be one of those teams. Exactly like the bucks. Taking that step top fourteen backwards. Now he wants out, it looks like because it looks like if David Griffin taking calls, then that, that, that chatter didn't go the way wanted to. You know so, so what do they do? They train them to the Lakers, now after all this. Sure the Knicks is going to be raising their hand. I'm sure every team would love to just not go through the rookie. Growing pains when rather just insert a ready made grown ass man into their lineup. Let me ask you this Lakers up trading for Anthony Davis. They get rid of the necessary young guys and they get Jimmy Butler. Yes. And so it's LeBron Butler, Anthony Davis, maybe Rondo and someone else's at good enough in the west not to win the west but to make the playoffs and stop this whole. Riptide of. I wanna say because I know that we're gonna make an album out of this. Riptide of mediocrity. Okay. That's up there with arms cross for, in different. Yeah. Riptide of mediocrity. They need to get out of it. You know, the funny thing is because I was reading up on Lamar Odom, before he came in here yesterday and hung out, you know that when he was here. I looked it up that one year, he was there, the first year he came back or what have you second year or something like that. It was only the fifth time in Lakers history that they missed the playoffs and that was in the late 'oughts. They've missed the playoffs now. What six years in a row? Yeah. So, yeah, they gotta get out of that riptide it would be enough for them to make the playoffs, which is what they have to do. But with two more years left of LeBron, they'd have to do some more team building just take a piece in the warriors. If you can knock them down build you up easier said than done bugging would you throw money boogieing for next year? Right now the way he's playing. They're gonna lean on him with looney seemingly on, we'll discuss more of that tomorrow on Wednesday's edition of the rich Eisen show. Doc Emrick will be on before calling the pivotal game. Five of the Stanley Cup final Akbar. Bajour Mila American ninja warrior my kids can't get enough of him. So Dattel have in studio, then Tyson fury is will that'll be fun Wednesday. We will see you. I am sports broadcaster. Ameri anderson. I'm Olympia Holly mcpeak. We're both former athletes business women and mothers, and we want to help you create a life, you want using sports like a boss. Whether you're an athlete entrepreneur or parent, we wanna help you get to where you wanna be. Well, good 'cause I either got too many kids, or I'm over scheduled overwhelmed. Honestly, Holly half the time I feel like I'm screwing up. Well, that's why we created this podcast to help get coaching parenting in the whole sports culture back on track. We've got a big network of people elite athletes like you Holly, entertainers experts. We're gonna find out what works for them. And what doesn't so that you handle sports like a boss? 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Tika says the priest was transferred and the cardinal warn the arch die. Would respond aggressively to any legal challenge and the fallout would hurt Ponte Carr's family and business. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he hopes President Trump doesn't go through with threaten tariffs against Mexico. We're not Banja carriage. We're still hoping this can be avoided an explosion on the set of the new JAMES BOND movie has injured one crew member and damaged a stage at pinewood studios near London shooting was set back in late may after star Daniel Craig hurt his foot while performing a stunt in Jamaica. I'm Ed Donahue.

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