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In a cloud where there are already too many film podcasts. You have to ask yourself. What's the harm one? Ordinary men armed with qualified opinions. Talk Filming to me friends and welcome to Soak Clooney's me podcast film. PODCAST news time German pop culture every week we drop a podcastone spotify stitcher and other podcasting hosting platforms. Where talk about films what we love? What we don't order fan of in-between joining me as my co host? My boy my main man. John How you doing pat amazing I'm just seeing the fame. Shrimp very fresh. No John Out of a bag rustling. Let's get out alive if you hear that that means I'm hungry for sugar. Apologies valent hungry for sugar. So Baptist Week July saying Iran's of the press last night very much so yes people not high whereas fucking Pars. You didn't drop the part of the usual time. Yes because it was the last night the British Academy of Film and Arts Awesome Entertainment's has had there would ceremony now to be honest. I was a bit after the nomination. Thing of just how. Let's just call it for is lack of diversity lack of inspiration lack of representation and but I headlock soccer. I watched it anyway and yeah. We're going through. Every would calgary. Let's let's let's get straight into sessile ceremony itself. They clearly knew that there was an elephant in the corner and I had to talk about it off the Bat. So Graham noon to literally out movies opening monologue describing I he referenced. The Irishman Four. The Times in five minutes like we get so long film. You'd have to keep banging on both of us about the controversy about all of the directors that were nominated for best director Mayo. How there was no people of color outside of the rising star category which was touched a little bit on later and tried to make it a bit other nice poking you can find themselves but it's like it's a joke? I'm just my shit selection. And after four lights made to be fair out Harry come out and said the Prince William Combat and set will be a full investigation. So God is a full rebel Wilson. Her speech like off cringing. When they come out God she's had already shit year and she was actually fucking hilarious series on it? Why lights not every joke planted but she persevered and some of them were brilliant when Yeah there and she pushed like this is a kind of well-to-do Tux so venue very fancy and she just came out with these absolute filthy jokes code over China giving giving wallet while it. Yeah I love this. She story evening without anti made. Some very potent remarks about the lack of diversity. I know why she wasn't subtle but I have to ask the joke about current viruses. Yeah the mosque now has got his hosting. Who's well Joaquin? Phoenix had a very good knots humorous but a very important speech about I. I love thousands of white guilt. Let's be honest. I think there's kind of a narrative with joker in the fucking film twitter awards spirit amount. It's getting is all all like trump's toxic towards the film is that sort of annoys me. There's like a backlash is the scapegoat. Isn't it it's like Joan Komo in it but it's really good move and the fact that he he come out with this science come out if they spent any reason the right reasons but everyone who was shopping in the noise the fucking get one in on Joaquin off fuck anyway. I'm GonNa talk about specific speech. I'm going to quote it now. Just yeah it's important. We should talk about this shit so I feel very honored and privileged to be here tonight. The Baxter's have already been a very supportive of my career and I am deeply appreciative. But I have to say I also feel conflicted because so many of my fellow actors are deserving. That don't have the same privilege. I think we send a very clear message to the people of Color. That are not welcome here. I think the message that we're trying to send papal has contributed so much to our media money industry and it always would benefit from. I don't think anybody wants handouts doubts. Preferential treatment. Would I'd ask what we give ourselves. Every eight people just once be acknowledged appreciated and respected for their work this is not self righteous condemnation because on the shame to say I am part of the problem I have not done everything in my power to ensure the says I will always inclusive. I think it's more than just having sets that multicultural cultural we do have to work. Really hard to truly understand systematic racism. I think it's the obligation of the people that have created this and the benefit of the system oppressions the ones that dismantle dismantle it site acts on us and that was a bit too much buffalo really important for his acceptance speech where it was interesting. Yeah it was a great speech. He said there was a lot on Joan. Colonel Thinking it was a bit of it was well timed and well said but at the same time even washing the highlights. Sof is quite exhausting. The woke nece and you know at the end of the day. have an awards celebration would go. You don't just make it complete guilt. Fueled and don't turn up if you really. You want to protest it. Don't give a speech refusal refuse it. Don't go you speak to someone who didn't go. Brad Pitt right so he. He went best supporting actor which talking very world is a good speak. He speech was about Ninety Harry and taken to America. I I love to have pissed off was quitting. Tarintino guy for the big ones and I'll talk to you. Might Miss the big one. The big winner in the nineteen seventies for best film the acceptance speeches were coming from everyone in that. Yes I John Films. When was the year already you? Jimmy love this is probably a very worthy winner. Best leading actress Scarlett Johansson was nominated but did not get any fucking can award a total last night it was running Zellweger and even down like a like a hip padding in our face but I don't think she has had like a and I'm not I'm not doing ernest to poke fun and it's just weird right now. She's got a problem with plastic surgery or had an addiction with something. She looked like she was crying. Neen tire time because the situation because the screen was also I wanted. I wanted to talk to my is to be honest. It was a painful acceptance thanking everyone. She literally listed out. I mean the WHO can forget Tim Table. Yeah and she has a voice. Yeah plates were she thinks she was. Wherever I think Scott Hanson if she got it from our story on it deserved it for Joe Girardi Not Laura Dern who won supporting actress by marriage story I love? She's amazing and she gave an amazing speech on it. You just I realize the enormity of the moment for when she said my mom oneness Australian racing honest right as Dr Al Gore Award. GRANDPA uh-huh Scarlett Johansson in. My opinion was fucking robbed supporting actress for Gioja Arabia Gerald Ford. She was fantastic. We already mentioned walking. Getting joker. I don't if anyone can really argue with. Leo was in for a shout for sure because that was his best role. Ever once in Hollywood's gay showing me didn't up Yeah I'm happy as Rafer. He if anyone was deserve I mean yeah. Supporting actor was Brad Pitt mentioned before. He's acceptance speech by Margot. Robie was fucking hilarious outstanding British film nineteen seventeen here with a full lord film that cleaned up in the British award ceremony with a bunch of Brits in would win properly British film from Springfield Larry Coker Ohka God winning of that. I think well I mean the most obvious award of the night in my opinion was not an English language. Parasite I mean it's been cleaning house coast host. We knew that I was going to win. That animated film class. They off and when I started off camera awards year like that's what happened animated film a for a deserve more class like deserved. Its moment to show on this over the director of a stiff competition to be fed in there. Yeah story for frozen to yet and again which is chomping fog yes. It's deserved more than just that. Our MBARGA work director. The Big One San Mendez. I'm gutted for quit in territory. Though because like pants he's vice and it was just pule rage he always looks Iowa. This is even move. All right how are wouldn't have begrudged him to be honest. Well I love not intervene. The name of once upon a time in Hollywood's is the best movie time teen is made since early on a task at to the wall chairs brilliant. It's off a Orion mind. Is it said nine each day. It's had the more what she like. Get up I'll put something in the background. Brad Pitt in particular in better better of injury and as does the House Senate and I know this might be like. I can't not slagging off. I saw waterfall is Margot Robie constantly getting recognition for her role in this when she only has like six minutes of dialogue in that. But the more you see the movie think the fact that way even having a conversation about In such a small role the more you save me appreciate it before she is very very good in that original screenplay spots massive debate fight on film twister ever wants an original screenplay original screenplays but now alike and parasite one beat. A lot of people are really hoping knives out that would win. Let's be honest. I Germany loved film. Can't believe that it did not get recognition deserved but anyway I mean it starred. John Rapid Lucky was going to clean up. Our sexy. You want signed offering. Judge is GonNa do amazing it came right back adapted screenplay for it. I think another awarded one as well but and stopped at Tober screenplay fantastic original school joker again very very well deserved and determine the dancing thing and everything else. That's that's Arne PA at the screen. It's actually the music that makes as well as my school. Yeah and the very novel played that music too Joaquin to kind of set the time for the scenes because the marriage between the two. It's like he's listening to that in. The Hague is head for the whole movie. Isn't it. YEA incredible way so yeah. I'd say it's very original music. Amazing original school amazing the way they solve at properly linked up the score with beer with the movie. I mean cinematography. There's only one winner here when you've got the most cinematography style edited film in Nineteen Seventeen off the whole thing. Yeah there's no white I could win and nothing should because my God were a feet. But that's a cushion design the women not period piece. I was Kinda Hoping Joe Joe Rabbit will gay just because of the boom done review. We're calm. I designs the costume ethnic as incredible. We're bad men because we haven't seen women. Yeah Oh you have. Yes so much better than me so you reviewing it. All our weight went up a couple of weeks house cinemas anymore scientists. Kind of not the rule is you have to be L. Review stuff that people can actually go see there. And then maybe the retro thing I love to get your thoughts on at some point. Maybe maybe we'll get John especially effects nineteen seventeen take as well. This is the time that stuff like the lion. King mentioned them riser Skywalker and stuff like that. In fact Disney didn't really do very well tool but Game Disney yeah. Yeah because the billions of dollars that might not ask here bills and bear indicated if dumb shit and let's go with the rising star what this this year in particular environment by the public. That Talib sorry so get over Macau a little bit that talent this year for rising star I mean they showed a quick quick video. VCR over previous winners. You Got People like Daniel Columbia. You've got John Boyega you go. Tim Hardaway like list goes on and on and on like the people that have won this award have gone on to amazing things. And let's talk about the people were nominated so Akwa Fina absolutely fantastic. tastic actress Jack. Loudon who literally came out nowhere. That's been in tons of amazing films. caitlyn endeavor as whereas Kevin Harrison and Michael Ward who ultimately ultimately was the winner by literally. List is so good like every one of those people are going onto on amazing things that's Potenza period of time. The work experience kids go there. Well these these people that can smashing it yes. This is one of the diverse categories. The Sky is always patronizing is rising star. We'll give you a shout out with devices thing. I can't remember in previous years but to try and show they're a bit more diverse appropriately are. I decided for the rising star had agree to inbetween. Awards was to do a profile. H candidate that was nominated. So tell anyone so you generally for doing rising star now fucking way Utah Okay. I've done a loan pace but I'll go all right now the guy he's loudon until about information but we are we. We're told that we're fighting for a bit about bookmark to map book. SMART Young Woman. It was bit hand fished in. Let's put it that WII and it ended with Williams mentioned giving that final speech about how this guy's before review representation ceremonies. I mean I think message message loud and clear. Do something about it in terms of lifetime. Achievement Awards Andy Circus are so happy to see. This and Circus got lifetime achievement award freeze freeze the young together as well. I think the stuff is now. He's world to Charlie Chaplin of Digital Care People not too far now he pioneered. I need motion capture for films like ordering stuff like that but look we sung is I literally invented a style of facial capture because of Andy Circus and one ASPIC for him was when they showed the video thing. They didn't show any work as an actor as in like a live action always him who's budgie smugglers on spelled. I'm sorry for him. He's actually a really good until he's been some really great stuff so yeah very very well. Deserved and essays biggest roles have been those kind of months three anime. It's Acai okay from that perspective very true. They're filming and the fact that he's playing Alfred Britt Nicole and he's also directing them to but in between. Oh He's our stuff he's been doing. He had a I think a snowboarding accident or something so he came out and cry. She's he's like connect these award. Andy mcadam was there presented it soon as very charming Lafley the wrap-up kind of lifetime achievement awards it's per se Kathleen Kennedy of Saul was finding that I got her recognition. I didn't realize I mean silent. You will about the star. Was The new Star Wars trilogy as you about the direction of tycoon. She has had a glittering career. Like you're talking four years being a producer Steven Spielberg every big spill. Doug movie you can think of. She had a hand in and is about time. She's getting recognition for that to be honest so grave. How condon stuff with stalls but thank Cassia like what amazing why auto so? That was a standing ovation at the end. Yeah I mean as a lot of a right hand women no the right hand men destined never get the limelight. So is nice well. That's kind of on that last year as well. Scorsese's editor remember an island. Sir The point is I'll put yeah exactly but she did have miming somewhere literally. Everyone's like fucking stand up. Look this body of work. WHO gives a shit and agenda wrote a sanctuary or the race or anything look fucking work? Great Films Right and it's Nice when you put all that stuff assigned just acknowledge Buddhist escapism. And this is there we have it. The bath is what do you think he's GonNa get any more better Dr the sole traders. You're signing suggest to you now. You know like Joaquim. Says you don't want to just give out awards for the sake where I think it's more about about given the opportunities to young especially directors. I mean director category was look a little wait a minute it might over a billion dollars. Content around inside didn't go sick because they clearly did bought. A money is tight. Can you look at every category. It's been nominated for that. Film did not direct itself the right side. That's the that's the one that definition GONNA show out but I think you'll get that it has to but then I would be excited not for some years now on Gemini surprise. I think there's a stat somewhere. Outside of the the rising star nomination category you know I personally colors been no night for BAFTA since twenty. Four seven years Gouzer. But we've got some really the amazing talented people. Cala darn understand. There's some great movie I've always say on how good year for film twenty nine teams was incredible was thrown out. An ovum came out late in the year for the for the first six months often it was looking at it she had always picks up and then I think especially like ah bit. I'll get I really hate it. When film critics quite quite angry about a film? It's not in general release by the time that the award ceremonies. Come around sound like a fucking hated. It may done that with a star is born. I hate it when done that. With those films seems to be that they all came at the right time. Now so I like you can go see nineteen seventeen right now so you can go and find out what all the homes and stuff like that. I think Judy's come out yet but I think it's very soon but But yeah it's been an incredible. She's must wonder if it which will lewd review of Queen and sin. How to fuck? Is that not part of any of these conversations. I Sasha good film and at the cost. They're presenting southern style frustrating Strang but the effort rocket mangoes creal Bash speaking up and I'm a favourite go screwed where it would have got the awards but I felt like it deserved. Something said shout out really. Good music by musical biopic cast grief learning. I mean didn't even WANNA in sound I mean how in nineteen seventeen because the achievements and handle and I also think this is like a massive indication of war on the Oscars going to be. I bet now. Isn't it official. Yes is a major priest cast doubt we'll see any surprises the Scher's So Yeah but Edmund could've done move a shoutout taggart's and obviously got nominated for his amazing row but yeah I join rose original songs for that Shit Komo Machel well guy. So what did you think about the season. They got it wrong defense. WHO gives a shit? You know what they've never gonna get my attention anymore. Because of how Donald Roy describe. It's just the old man establishment is getting contests on twitter at Tocqueville me. I'm going to ask you some of you. Respond to me. I sent you a very well. CRAFTED MESSAGE LISA COP pen today out of the blue you if you want to grab him. What chain being alone not tonight? She turns attend up to. Where did you think we can have a good? I thought we were going to hang up. Maybe it's Thursday due for Sharon face. I think at the London Film Festival back in October October. and GM will release in America in November. And it's only just come out in the UK so that's what we're doing our review now. This film was a real surprise to be only started. I went in in code. I saw I heard about Phil by actually sharing traders and like these were rare occasion where you should go. Cinema without knowing much about film is directed by Melina Mattress. I pronounced that correctly is written by Lena. Waif annexed stars my God the Star. Incredible Daniel Clue Jody Turner Smith Smith in one of her first rose flea from the red hot chili peppers random. He's been some wicked man. He has been. He's actually got quite a diverse. Like he just seems to folks over starship. Let's say a lead movers. The Flynn who anyway. So what is film is about. So I said I'll tell the practice and we'll leave it at that guy for wreath from that perspective so this is essentially take people have a date. I ate belly now. Each Other to African Americans Americans in America driving home from their deitz unfortunately de living in quite a racist site couples for no reason season. There's an altercation. They defend themselves and killed a police officer dom very well done great tension. They decide to go on the run. This is II Bonnie and Clyde. This is I a high high state. Run elimidate bunny. Definitely a modern day in Clive. Now dixie is very much just just about two people barely know each other who are now tended to each other and have to try and get across the country now during travels this this. This film follows a period of six days. It is and this gets Tarizi because I the DASHBOARD CAM copiers car. And that got released on the Internet and stuff like that. This sparked a massive debate it culturally in the film about black rights and how to please treat people kind of hyper realistic very definite time. But then he built a movement so over some the people having protests about black lives matter. And we're not sort of stuff and at the center of days with these two people. When they only known as Queen Slim in fact she barely hear their names being mentioned and these took alone together only charlie circle learn how to actually like navigate? Things have got today whilst at the same time. Difference have never done their shave. Their heads leads Daniel clues character slim. He he never drank he never smoked. Tea is good boy. And then all of a sudden he's guidance these Hours and smoking weed. He didn't have the booze up and stuff like that. So it's a stunt so so well and the music is banging the everything about his film. Excuse for short radio as I like. I'll talk about micro takes a little bit later on but this film had general moments attention you never it never rests so but but literally. That will run into not staying a friend's house okay. You got the morning and if you're going to have a same sit down relax for a minute talk about what. And I don't know Sunday's a fireplace here cowhide upstairs and then it just continuously got a pisces. Bring fill out. You're on the run watching. Yeah you Jimmy. Oh you Jimmy do fill this jerry. You are on the run whilst watching this movie as moments where let the car breaks down. I love the dial between slim and queen the white I could. They are barely know you. Actually you have a fucking hate. You Chew really loudly. One day I I and then goes into the second defended and yell at any more details Nats Breda want to spoil it for anyone we've had a chance to share still in cinemas in the UK. Get your asses Guy Guy. So if you're in America chances is very close to being on the streaming service very soon anyways and make sure you by and watch in your drawings because this is definitely worth clear is is an amazing actor. He is the world's fate when you look at the stuff that he's been working on the past you know he went out and found this row and listen to an interview. Donald Trump podcast where he was talking about how the script came in before director or producer was attached and as soon as he read the script on playing this role. You'll have to fucking take my cold dead hand this. This is the role for me and you can see why a lot of traders a lot to bring out in terms of the trust. The American accent accents on pulling away so good isn't it. He's amazing in it and one line in particular which I just. It made me in here line. You think that's really smart. Really smart brighter was anti basically absolutely Giardi character queen and she's actually an attorney. She's a training attorney and against the details of her personal life itself. You learn a lot about the film is fantastic and sitting down and they're talking about her legal career and he says harping a black attorney. Guys now I have to be excellent. You can't be bad. You have to be excellent because what the black people always have to be fucking excellent. Just ourselves I was like. That's so night that made me think man. You think I Jimmy Germany loved this film. Is What Year January. So far. We've had twenty that nine hundred seventeen jo-john rabbit Queensland in UK anyway and like Mattis. Good so I'm going to be. It's I didn't like there's a couple of a bit film where I have a fading done. David press screenings or done at test screenings and I decided to do this fingers as free moments in the film on where I want to summarize up. How emotionally feeding the things we say without saying never mind quietness spoiled if territory but literally Dr by conversation over the moment to tell you how the characters are failing and it must have been people got confused store maybe awesome? Faith grew maybe five Chris and jarred me because I was just like. Is there a sinking problem with the cinema in Amman the sound system because they let looking HIV sitting there not talking. And now you're talking and I kinda get by the time the second time it happened half inch got all I get it and they're trying to tell you what they're saying without saying that it gets a little bit but yeah we're talking really small small more beer in terms of like gripes. This I was making four five at the more I think about it the more I think how enjoyed it is five out of five. We get my five sweets suites and sweets shrimp now. Why why they looked at what the community has said to? My is this guy of what I top. Pop critic has said effortlessly charismatic and using chemistry that you owe two zero to die for by Kevin Meyer at the Times Some people said it's run here. Run Person has said episode at Plodding Cliche. Supporting characters ill-judged Choices Clip Hawaii. The integrity take the opening. I do not agree of your told. Alistair Harkness of the Scotsman. And that's what the rest of the wealth of seventy so in terms of the scores. It's eighty three percent on the tonight time. Eight to ninety two percent has really high on the audience. Who on I'm with the audience? This is taught me the pallet cleanser of older fucking they blockbusters we have had of lights and over a big boon. There's actually a really interesting story to be told. Hey I think. Generally the active is incredible. The writing is brilliant. And I think Jonah Smith is cheese. Incredible like if she hasn't already she's going on a nizing things as well. So yeah you got flea. Mortar site is flare big character. Now he's kind of like for a couple of things he's he's Great Zambezia nutcase. Because he's normally I now basic clay without going into again magazine. Spoilers at some point they have to stop at his house for some to help. And that's IT I love it. They're gonNA make an anthony. Kia this dispaced on Akitas based on his book right Scott. d'isa bio PIC Wade Tappan. That book flew off the shelves. People love it even people. We want fans of Chili peppers. His his life is crazy is flay can apply himself. He looks pretty much. Does the embassador future randomly noodles or needles Jamba. No along calls Mary checkered nerd. Always nobody say he was like in mood. What size away so we early? But the futures yes Jason. He's been in films point break. He plays a lot back guys. We'll do a feature of athlete and advertise in my recommendation. Definitely a film with a month so far get yourself to sit mark go sit five five no matter how it ends. What can I be your legacy and you already are John? We talked about this a while ago when you said to me Flynn if he could take your favorite old franchises you give them a last Hurrah era. What would it be? And I said lethal weapon would heard me or maybe it was Oregon on in the background. Who knows but it's going to be lethal weapon? Five Bloody Mel Gibson is coming back and do not much power in that part of our desire dog level not Donald Glover so I undone again your dreams monitoring Danny Glover guys be reprising. He's WRO and Eric Claxton come back and do guitar if he stuff as well J. Heat he concentrates in the Co ever he very brexit Nice did he earned him for you very very honestly. I didn't know this probably. Yeah for about said on Saturday in Philadelphia. I do an episode where they make their own version of a lethal weapon. Movie and their twitter account tweeted the news. It's been done this so the metrics for this. This is a film that is gathering pace is gathering pace. Amazing speeds. Obviously Kiana coming back. We also know. Parents Laurence Fishburne Hugo even going to be reprising. Their arose Dr Laura which are ski. Yes well both of them are nine hundred the NF sister is is not involved at all right because Lana Wachowski but it's going to be a lot of people that she has worked with clouds and stuff like that. So this is exciting and doc. Forgive me I cannot remember him but the the actress who marry the Joseph Bravo recently. She's just been costs as well in that movie saw. Ah Yes the this. Yeah I'm giving give it a go. You Know Matrix always. It's not like you can accuse the move ruining a franchise. Because let's be honest. Cyber and non franchise already ruined it so give it one last crack at the way we love Kiani. He's he's he can do no wrong in my eyes. This could be full but we still go bill and Ted's but yeah that's Mike Summit wacky go Frit Frit lights go so think about an. It's quite funny science all otherwise off when people say when is the promise of the C- cool never lived up and never more than the Matrix right. The end of that movie when neo flies away literally the whole world. Any Sikh. Who you've wrote in your head is not all kinds of match up to this actually has been films where the actually lived up to the promise and I can only think of one example nice been into a furniture when nicholls to MIDAS to the future part also when he? I don't think I figured I like. I'm not of the generation that saw bats the future. I command cinema. I've only ever seen the re releases and the the box sets and stuff like that now. My understanding is that there was not that roads where we're going there won't Birdie roads at the end of the first that wasn't they didn't make that city. It was army when I come back to Mike the Second and third movie they may down and put it in and the vhs version and box style then be released but back prentice of like when he is right. We're going to fly away or wherever government rights rights and by. Just take off like that's amazing. The way it sets that premise and the earned literally the only film in my opinions actually live up to that party. There's low to good seat for not I've lived up to the promise of their set right to. What did I talk about high near Blah Blah Blah right? Do you know what I mean. What the bread crumbs left in the first film Batman begins with Joker Card documents very very very good at Commitee's and they've actually live delivered to the Brian Lehrer? Yeah what Prick teases films. Good question by I see. I see your point breadcrumbs very little films that actually deliver on their bread crumbs. Trump's in fact let's make that feature for next week so I pay listed on twitter and whatnot. I'll put it as apoe. Tell us your films which actually collect lead breadcrumbs to greis equal and pull it off. Y of I'll take you have people get fired kirk on it. So yes I that was matrix full signs interesting. We talked about Taryn. Edison lock in Goodlatte. We'll see up to at least pain. I'd light up for a little shop of horrors remake and being the lead. Oh He's under Miami. We sing. Ride the wave. Yeah I'm hey he could. He got up beautiful voice that wash our Saturday. He in my opinion really. Yeah I actually. I am singing songs announcing him. I'm we'll also hear that. Wouldn't it up. I think it gets it. I felt I figure this thing. The spends his remaining days listened to fill me if he does. I'm sorry I think I love you please for me and it's hard even better. Yeah yeah but out. Shopping kid on is a musical adapted web. uh-huh like that Plov the big Plon. Oh Yeah I remember much. I remember being fucking scared. Par Steve I'm faking it was rick. Rick can sign back Future at ghostbusters. Run on. Your tongue is nice. It was state line. Honey I shrunk Huntington Rain Ridler who buy one at the biggest actors on applying when film came out when evo didn't he when he went on folks in his wife passed away and he decided that that's legitimately the reason why he just quit acting play and I'm really hope that because we go to opportunities in the next two years for him to be freund for a appearance ghostbusters. Growing up right now right lords custody account and this little shop Lahore fucking prudent right not start the high speaking about being revamped so thin and then water. The thing's been remade lodestones I. She is originally from outer space then made into classic movies that we know of the two thousand eleven prequel also called the thing just be more fucking confusion anyway. This is based on a book the original anyway and that that book is being abducted films again now so the thing for me to nine thousand nine hundred eighty one with Kurt. Russell is just one of the best horror slash sifi slash eighteen films ever. It's not an ethics. In a moment I wanNA watch you okla hanging to watch the thing about buying. What's remain Skopje? Somewhere where are you a thing families Xena now I can tell by fresh as very very good is yet older. Trump's you can think about modern horror movies probably element to dispersion Russian especially the body horror stuff. He really really went big on that. And again I cut Russell's content and get involved. Somehow we making some money here we fucking speaking of making money off his back with the segues last night the super bowl happened one expensive halftime productions of all time. It's estimate that during the halftime show itself one minute equates to one million dollars and during those commercial breaks dies the time for the film industry. Lift up it's skirt. Ska showers WEISKOPF and we had a bunch of traders. That have dropped me. John went an hour ago. Just kind of get a flavor so where this is talk for each one of them now opinions of them Moulin Moulin so Disney obviously live Action Disney remake. We sick is that. Yeah I kind of do Bandy next oh come on the line on. We know happens. I China's for Milan often. It looks kind of intriguing. Ah It looks. I kind of feel like it should be gritty. And you know it's not that'd be grits he because it's Disney war-movie technically issue. I agree with you and I can win. I mean the thing is Disney GonNa say own about films keep making a billion dollars. Plus the fact is anyone now a but not winning awards Iowa Disney world. I'm sure the head of money taste late homeroom comfortable but basically they go like shot for shot remake I the Lion King and Jock Doc. People give that expression I try and do something a little bit different but do it wrong my opinion Aladdin. Absolutely something different then with me I see come out and sit there. I know people got their gripes with this. Fill the gave if some pretty damn good reasons to why these changes the we felt. It wasn't appropriate to thirty two songs. Someone on them Musharraf US didn't refill occupies a fan Ed representation of what the story we wanted to tell. And Yeah when my Kness fucking a lot. That APP hit I had sorry flavors of older different from Hong Kong cinema. You can think of in bed. Production movie hunt. What's the worst they can do right? And I think there's the worldwide is films really good and I think people should just see it before they judge you. I hope siphoning me I was very dramatic this this. How section is about seat judge before we see they've looney so that's very important? I get the hypocrisy camera on excite. What about black widow? That tried to drop I think is the fun one very close to the final one. Look on I'm excited this film. I do think it's going to be a very telling you okay for Comic Book Movies. I think after twenty nine hundred is only being anti-climactic because you had endgame you had joker you had captain marvel you've had what happening in the world of TV of the verse. An older staff that has gone on in between it's gotta be anti-climactic are already grooten. Acoustic wasn't GonNa be but this is the first step in the new world from and it's going to be interesting to see what I go. Yes it's interesting that made some decisions to go back but maybe I think going forward but yeah yeah. You've heard me talk about the trader. I think we got a little bit more more taskmaster and coordinate now Florida is the bad guy anyway. Moving on Spongebob Funds World. Spongebob as in it. Yeah Hustle some good low cameos. At least they randomly originalist has. That been up. Didn't nice there's been tons of. Spongebob movies do they have. This animated style. I love different ones. I don't want to live action one and had Antoni me to watch me seven that you need to the Spongebob Universe. I'm saying I'm not obsessed responsible I I I definitely got time for this movie in the kind of funny lives with pace maybe lego movie but the the anime style slightly judge me just because spongebob is quite conic. I guess they have. They can't do it like cartoony. They have away from that but for just two cartoon stop just punish Simpson's maybe right spicing the same animation. But it was just really clean. I ate up NOPE bulletin water. Nothing could be here are predates guy off a billion. What's GonNa be what's going to be a big hit that or nightime to die I would say die mash up those two movies side stomach truly original John You oughta Mash up man you should be the one to hear your own core and but yeah we own our? It's coming to an end of things about bond with Daniel Craig and everything else I even said on the twenty fifth film dish changes everything by doing nothing different. Yeah thank you most to fifty years in the future and look at the Fiftieth Ball. Maybe it's GONNA be fairly go not ago on mate. Done obliged bond combat full circle and Daniel Craig's reprise fries just pointing announced the new digital de Aging. Somehow so I couldn't segue into the next one. You didn't give me much but quite nice part two quite part one before we knew it was part one anyway. A quiet place such good film. I love John Christine Skate Gate. Emily Blunt. Incredible we're getting more of the same Whitson flashbacks as well. But hopefully I hate flashbacks in films when you now has lattened much to move on progress. Take me forward I wash. This is US flashback. Last back porn may if united is pretty pleased. Yeah I see what you mean speaking of Porn cruiser. I share on the maverick Afric- traders. There's no way kind of were able you gain more higher need for speed is there. He actually learned supplier. Parking jet pilot jet a jet plane for this like come on. What more do you need more man? I mean he's almost dedicates cates actors around and he's still making bake action movies the very predictable but a very high hair. No one thousand bell no true and it's not just who he surrounds himself with its Staccato rations. And actually no side by side. The mission impossible collaborations. Here's Tom Christmas. Corey absolutely phenomenon. I are currently planning the seventh and eighth movie at the moment. Kristie Corey tweeted an image of economy. John was nine but someone who was in mission impossible the first mission impossible movie. So you're not saying where eighth and hunt goes to arrest strong Tom Wright famous. Yes the chewing squeezed to cheering guy from AMEX. So ever like telling him that he's being set up. He's got that guy to be the main guy in these new film because he's just goes in the membrane together I am. I'm psyched for this. I'm curious just we like he knows he's he's he's running out of time he's older he's out he's got he's got the mission impossible movies he's got the died after not down at some point and that it'll be another interesting. Phase of his career is sat daij sites of a movies. I won't act again. I'm not I wasn't asking before this guy. Yeah Yeah for one. sit down you can eat. Jared mccloud can handle that man and I've Ascott fucking I'll take the tropic thunder. Give us give us something. That's not running. I want you to rest. Stop near you. Don't see much anyway. Let's move on invisible man because we've been talking about this film forever because the trade has been dropping repeatedly asked you think this is the final one. You've got money I'm going to say. Oh yeah sure I may not much more you can show us really. That's not change your point there but yeah we're by CPR intrigued super up for this. Maybe we should even play the mandate for this film. Flynn aid. Should they buying up for this. Show me anymore. Trailers with Moss also Beta the incredible and to kind of. Wrap it off in. Fact the PRESCREENS for this aren't Sunday. Sonic the hedgehog dropped last promo which was basically more about having a bunch of athletes athletes talking about shit but now what Jim Carey shut his mouth now like he's eight. I love the man you know I love Jim Carey that he was pretty cringe. Webvan Grant Mugabe. It was very strange like the crowd was so laughing along. Bert Margot Robie was uncomfortable. And I were uncomfortable and vice offers I would have landed. Yeah it was a funny but I he's an MP for you he's going to miss sometimes but he's a wacky crazy raising my man my about to go comedians last night. He's fucking Shit and Obama and he's anyway and what we're talking about is essentially essentially a reference to Mugabe essentially employee. She's on he goes far. She has of her looks of course. She's stunning she's also a stunning actor. She's actually very fucking good. It was way when you put it nine o'clock because that's basically you some very perfectly there that's basically what happened It'll be interesting. I mean obviously also very nice person. Can you imagine maybe have have a slightly more brash or older woman. Maybe you forgot but anyway hopefully that's just a blip and that we don't hear any more of that and we get the Jim Carrey love and more importantly the Jim Carey in love on screen being. He's Wacky zany flaming naming Lim self. So I think that's pretty much it for the traders and that is your news for this week. Thank you so much for taking your time to listen to this podcast. If you've enjoyed what we've been making tonight lot follow subscribe or whatever is you get more concept from so film to me John Desk. How can they judge? You can find me on twitter filling Out Polls and tweeting angrily of people. That's commenced Next week we'll be reviewing site the head show. We'll be reviewing uncut. Uncut gems finally at Johnston area. Oh I wanted sport or what chick between now and next week. I talk about sequels with films that lead the breadcrumbs suicide Khuda actually deliver on the promise. Anyway hanging nest I feel until next. bye-bye the

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