Phase II Has Begun


The You by. The. Check welcome back to the rose. Bowl and podcast otherwise known as R B. P presented by bowling media. I'm your host. Ross Bohlin and I would be remiss if I didn't start today's show by giving you an update on bullying media HQ otherwise known as my house. You're well aware of the situation that developed in my backyard over these past several months. With. The squirrels establishing their domain. Ruling was supreme authority and disrespect unlike anything we've ever seen. Last night. I Shit you not. I'm sitting in this chair in my living room. There's a specific chair I. Like to sit into chill. Fuck out when I'm too worked up. It's got this energy this chair. And I'm sitting in that chair. It's dead silence in my house. Right Pitch Black all the lights off man. I'm about to go to bed. I'm big stoned and I just got stuck to this chair on the way from my office to the bed. You know sometimes when you really really high, or maybe you don't. But when you really really high, sometimes like you'll be in your backyard and you like sweating like you know you've got your fucking chainsaw out. If you're one of my neighbors and you're, you're sweating out there with no shirt on just fucking doing man stuff and you're going to go get gatorade and then on the way to the fridge. From the outside to the fridge you forget you had that mission that original goal to get that gatorade. When you lose that somewhere along the way, and you end up on a couch or in a comfy chair somewhere lounging on a bed and then a bunch of time pass isn't suddenly. You realize what what was I doing? It was one of those moments okay. And as I'm sitting there. I hear this noise. It's almost like a chilling. Like a! Like I don't even know how to. It's coming from inside the Goddamn Wall. Okay like eight feet from me. It's like A. Tattoo. Like. It could almost been a bird or a bug like. I don't really know. I like Ross you ate. Those two edibles. Remember just chill out. Bro just try to breathe, but then I heard it again. And then it stopped. And then like fifteen seconds past, and then I heard it on the other side of the room from where I originally heard, and my first thought is fuck dude. The squirrels have breached the walls. During chitter in shit, probably harvesting nuts and acorns by the thousands in their building a fucking community in the walls while I sleep in watching me. which would explain the mysterious league I talked about on the show the other week because a squirrels her up there probably. I mean I went down the rabbit hole. I was seeing a squirrel, king and Queens sitting on thrones and Shit, so I started tweeting about it because I'm freaking out I'm in my living room on. They've breached the walls. And I swear I. Didn't even mention the squirrels because I didn't want to seem insane. I was just saying I heard a noise and somebody was like. It's the squirrels. Someone also tweeted at me. Imagine a demon scratching on the inside of the walls. which was not pleasant to consider right before bed. Big stoned, but then something weird happened. Have you ever been like in your room? You know you're getting ready for bed. About to go to sleep or whatever maybe you're already in bed, the covers up over your neck, but you not over your head. And you think you hear something that there might be something you're going to get a little scared. You pull the covers up over your head, or maybe just over your eyes or whatever? And then you keep having the feeling and then eventually you're like I gotta face. And you pull your covers down and you look around the room just to see and you're like item, but there's that other amped up version of that where it's like you get so freaked out that you're like not only do I have to face? I have to talk shit to this entity. You've had that. Have you ever talked shit to an invisible entity? Because after like the the demon tweed, then I got all jacked up and I was like. Because I got scared and I was like I gotTa fucking. Come at this thing. I got set the tone. It's like when you go into prison. You know they tell you like. Go Up to the biggest baddest dude and just pop him. Set the tone. I was like I, gotTa set the tone. Is this entity so? I was like come to demand. If you want to Stiglitz, fucking Goat like I'm like screaming my living room. That's where I met I I'm talking shit to an invisible entity. But I swear their into that. I started doing that when I was like in high school. At some point I remember being bed now. Free Del by like I thought that was a goes to shit my room and that was like well. Let's go bitch like because for real. If the entity let you talk that Maj Shit, too. It's face and doesn't come at you vignette road still your domain. That entity is bitch made no sack. That entity is not to be respected. If I come if I could getting your entities and say fuck you come at me then and you got nothing. I know I'm good. Anyway the scores of likely entered phase two. If they find my body questions, squirrels first then the racists. Or P. Three brought by liquid. IV proper hydration is crucial for you're. Boom unity more vitamin C. than an orange as much potassium as a banana delicious would IV packed with vitamins, B, three beef, I b, six twelve vitamins known to help your body defend against infections, the an easy healthy solution for dehydration I drink one before every single studio session at this point because I need water I can't drink a whole bunch of water during the hour. I'm talking to you one stick liquid IV in sixteen ounces of water, hydrogen faster and more efficiently than water alone, each serving provides as much. Hydrogen is two to three bottles of water, plus all those vitamins I mentioned. If you're dehydrated, try liquid IV. It's the fastest most efficient way to stay hydrated using. The Optimal Ratio of glucose, sodium and potassium delivers water and nutrients into the bloodstream, the perfect balance to help you. Hydrate more quickly and effectively than water by itself. It's available nationwide at target, whole foods Costco or You can get twenty five percents off when you go to liquid IV dot com use the code rush at checkout. That's twenty five percent off anything you order when you use Promo Code. Rossett liquid IV DOT COM get better hydration today at Liquid I-i've dot com Promo Code Ross. Now some quick announcements and shouts before we dive into our first segment. I want to say I. Thank you to the people who have up to their pledges on Patriot on to offset the loss of listenership doodle. What's going on in our world right now? It means a lot in I see all I see all doing that. Okay in the end of the day. This is a business in the lights. Aren't on. I can't talking to this microphone, so thank you very much for offsetting the bullshit. It means the world to me to see you doing that. So I want you to know I see happy birthday to Brantley Fuller today drew bonds. Congrats on graduating Jacob she to. RUN THE JEWELS drought. Their new album today I'm to listens through. I will review at some point last Friday's shoe off against Barstool. KFC was a great success. I will share the video on social media soon, so keep a lookout for that if you missed it. We've read chapters one, two, three and four. Of The T.F FM book on Twitch Dot. TV Slash boss role in the last three Sundays at nine PM Central, time. We'll be doing chapter five Sunday nine PM. Central time twitch dot TV slash boss rolling. Early and if you miss chapters one two and three. They're available on Youtube. Dot Com slash bowling media. I will be putting up chapter for either tomorrow or the next day before the reading. This Sunday's reading chapter five t.f in book nine PM CD First Segment. Insane headlines of the, day. On know how to segment words find some headlines there, important or funny or Entertaining for one reason or another and they're they. They're insane. They make you. Here's your first one. George George Floyd. Was a Houston rapper who worked with DJ SCREW? From vulture yet forty six year, old George Floyd. Who was? Killed By police on May, twenty, fifth. Before he moved Minneapolis in two thousand eighteen. Floyd lived in Houston. And he was active in the rap scene as reported by the Houston Chronicle of most notably, he worked with the screwed up click. The collective led by the late local icon. Dj Screw. Dj Screw for those of you. Who are unaware is one of the biggest influences on southern hip hop. Rap in general. And Especially in Houston, is an icon. When we all know and celebrate. And the fact that George Floyd worked with him is in is insane. If you told me they were that, they had met, and there was a photo of them. That'd be crazy. To know that they work together in the Floyd was actually involved in the screwed up click and potentially like the founding of in some of the stories I saw. That is bonkers. He wrapped on multiple mix tapes as big floyd during the nineties. And they dug up some tracks. And I. saw one of them circulating on twitter, and this is legit like I listened to it. It's real. It's Chris Wild. In many. He worked as a bouncer most recently at the restaurant Congo Latin bistro before it closed because of the corona virus which is now where some of that weird speculation about. One of these cops were there two or some shit, but apparently they didn't even know each other. Anyway. George Floyd. Just to even further the story of the man who lost his life may twenty fifth. Just to make it even more personal for me. As crazy. y'All know how much I love Houston Jonah how much I love Houston rap. So now we've seen all these Houston. Rappers, all dudes. I've idolized my whole life stepping up in leading the city. And I think they had a sixty thousand person. Peaceful protests are peaceful march yesterday in protest. Whatever whatever the fuck you WANNA, call it. Very, proud to see that. In my hometown. I wish I was there to have been a part of it honestly. But Yeah Dude. George Floyd. The SEC, DJ screw unreal I, couldn't. I couldn't believe I. Literally thought it was like a that was a bullshit story. There's no way was real and it is next headline. Carol Baskin. Awarded Zoo once owned by Tiger. King Joe Exotic. y'All know about. That fucking Bitch Carol Baskin. Will they were. You can't make this shit up. She got the zoo. She got Joe Zoo. A judge ruled in favor of Baskin's big cat rescue corporation. Monday of this week. In It gives her control of sixteen acres of land in Garvin County Oklahoma that is home to an animal park with an array of big cats. That, we all saw. freaking real so apparently there trashing the place to leave it for like chaos. my God. You can't destroy never ends. Story never frigging ends. I mean Joe exotics locked in prison because he attempted to hire a Hitman to have murdered. Three thousand dollars. Also that he shot and killed five tigers in sold baby lemurs in falsified paperwork to say they were donated. Not a good did just to be clear. Just to be clear, nobody wins in the story of tiger. King or Carol Baskin that fucking bitch. Headline related to Care Baskin Sheriff says will of Carol. Baskin's late husband Don Lewis was forged. So. As of yesterday, the Hillsborough County. Sheriff Chad Crawford declared the that will. Of Carol Baskin's missing husband that was speculated that it might have been faked it one hundred percent or forty one hundred percent, a forgery said. Baskin has repeatedly said she had nothing to do with his disappearance. He was declared dead in two thousand and two. Was Joe Right all along. Next Segment And now. Ross Bowling's animal of the week. Our animal the week. Is Negative matter particles. Negative Matab Nichols one of those two. It's a Chilean dog that acquired fame due to his participation in the street protests that took place in Santiago Chile during the two thousand and tents. It's the thing you saw. Go crazy viral on twitter over the last couple of days, the story this dog. He gained fame university circles of Santiago mainly in the University of Santiago Metropolitan of technology. In central enduring the two thousand eleven student protest Negro Mata Mata Pacos Matab. became known for participating in the street marches in attacking members of CARABA narrows the Chili which garnered the sympathies of the protesters crushed it. He would continue to participate in demonstrations throughout the decade, but the twitter threat is glorious. It's like all right so from this dude at respectable on I. Don't a fuck about him. He puts up. A picture says during this time of protest. We all use an uplifting story so I want to tell you about L. Negro topical. The heroic Chilean protests dog, who hated police. And as a picture of him like. Going at these cops. It, says his name means black cop killer. He was a stray dog who began showing up support. Chilean student protesters in two thousand eleven. He gained fame for never hurting a civilian, but always turned aggressive against the police. He was a fiercely aggressive fiercely protective of the protesters would accompany them into danger was always on the front lines I mean it shows them like in their getting sprayed out with fire hoses and water cannons. He never retreated embarked and thrashed in Nash's teeth because he was brave, says he gave absolutely zero fucks here. He is making love his lady. Friends in front of the COPS painted paint-splattered tanks. He's. Another dog in front of Bike riot control vehicles. He was always a backup. Friends Guy like grabbing his Dick I'm not really sure what happened He understood solidarity understood who the violent thugs were, and he was just a dog. Any never gave the cops. A moment's peace chosen like going at these cops Anyway. Apparently he passed away some point. Possibly Wild Shit Shadow. Wild. Fund In. No way shape form my encouraging attacking police officers just to be clear. The answer none of this in as attacking each other, there's a there's a definite disconnect somewhere there. We cannot just shame people. Everybody's going to have to change. On our side to on the good side, too. I'm just qualifying myself in the good side now. I'll be the judge of me. Are. Also brought to you by quip, makers of the greatest toothbrush oral care products all the land and longtime supporter of this podcast. I don't know about you, but my morning routine has not been the same in twenty twenty so more than ever. It's important that while I'm brushing brush effectively. 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Ip Dot com slash, be quip the good habits company. Next segment. Bad Ass bitch you haven't heard of. Doris Miller. Say His name Doris. Miller Doris Dorie Miller was in American sailor in the United States, Navy. Command anti-aircraft guns during the attack on harbor on December seventh nineteen forty one. for which he had no training. Absolutely zero experience with these anti aircraft guns. And, he went for it. He also tended to the wounded. He was born in Waco Texas. Texas October! Twelfth Nineteen nineteen. To connery in Henrietta Miller, that's who he was born on October twelfth, Nineteen nineteen. It was recognized. By the Navy for his actions in Pearl, harbor, and awarded the Navy Cross making him the first black American to be awarded the Navy cross the second highest decoration for valor awarded by the Navy after the Medal of honor. For his heroic efforts during Pearl Harbor. The horrific attack on the harbor. Both tending to the wounded then firing rounds dude. Nearly two years after Priori was killed in action when his ship Lipscomb Bay was sunk by Japanese submarine during the Battle of masking. After his death memorial service was held on April thirtieth, nineteen, forty, four, the Second Baptist Church in Waco Texas sponsored by the Victory Club on May twenty eighth. Margaret was dedicated and more high school in Waco it on her him Miller was officially declared dead by the Navy November twenty, fifth, nineteen, forty, four, a year, and a day after the loss of Lipscomb Bay because he was presumed missing, he was not one of the people whose body was recovered. And he was featured, actually just ran fact from before his death on the nineteen forty-three navy recruiting poster. That said above and beyond the call of duty designed by David Stone Morton. If you Google doors, Miller you will see that recruiting poster among the images that show up. One of the great black members of our navy, the first black American to be awarded the Navy Cross. In our bad ass, vet. You haven't heard of. Next, segment. Announcing Bowlin media employee number two. So I didn't really get to talk about this. When it happened a few days ago, so unless you were on twitter announced it twitch. DOT TV slash B.. O. S., R., O. L. E. IN. We have officially concluded our search for bowling media employee number two in July. You will meet him. His name is Chris Colson I basically vetted in interview dude for six months, no joke. I met him on twitch ironically enough. Played His shit tone of apex legends with him. got to talking about a lot like life. Shit Yada Yada Yada. He ended up being exactly what we need. So I flew him in for a formal interview to be certain and certain. This kid is it? We have a number two. We have a permanent coast for you will be featured on every single episode of our BP starting next month when he arrives in Austin Texas. I'M GONNA choose to leave Chris to be as much of a mystery as possible for now and let you get to know him naturally. But this kid is special. He's meet ten years ago. He's GonNa make a huge difference on this show, and in this world and I'm very story all the meet him when the time comes aside from being the coast on our VP. And we'll still be mixing in some of our old favorites as well by the way, but he's also going to be taking on responsibilities in the marketing department with patriotic as well. You're going to be seeing things. Improve across the board on social media. All over the place can't wait can't wait. For the dude, I called Kohl's. To start. or VP three or two also brought to you by Mac Weldon, which is better than whatever you wearing right now mac, and will be the most comfortable underwear, socks, shirts, undershirts, hoodies, and sweatpants, and more that you will ever wear. They have a line of silver underwear, and they're naturally anti microbial. 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I've seen the people going out of their way to make sure that they do more than just post a square or whatever? And I see you guys who feel uncomfortable by all this angles. Who are finding yourself in a position? Where maybe you're having, have your eyes open to something that you would never had them open to before in. You're doing the right shit. You didn't bounce from the show. You're still hear. You didn't freak out on me on social media. You're willing to talk. In you're willing to know that I'm not coming from this from a place of self righteousness. I have openly admitted to being part of the problem. In the past. In openly committing to being part of the solution moving forward. And I see all out there. And I see everybody poured in offset the fucks who left? To. Be Clear fucking. I always said. I don't want you to agree with me on everything. Do that would be weird, but if you're not at least willing to have a conversation with meeting. Yeah, there's not much point in you listening to my podcast. If you just here to take what I say adopted in regurgitated. You've missed the point entirely. Take what I say in. Apply it to your shit. In Find Your path in your reasoning with it and learn yourself. It has to actually click in. That's the only way it can. We lost a lot of followers man. I lost more followers on twitter and instagram in the past four days I probably did the rest of my career combined. No Bullshit, but we gained a lot too I saw new ones porn into offs I mean we lost overall, but we gained. People were offsetting some which was nice. Into those of you who are still here that don't agree with me. Totally good on you because you've made the first step toward becoming a balanced and helpful human being. Which is a step I? Try to make every single day to. In it's literally the only way to live a happy and fulfilling life in my opinion, I feel truly awful for the people who are so off. Put what I had to say in three hundred one the they they. They felt they had to unsubscribe from my show. But. To be clear on one more thing. We cannot heal through more hate. You will not reach people with vitriol. Or attacking, we need caring understanding because that's the problem if we don't understand if we just virtue signal and then get back to our lives. The lack of understanding, what's causing all this from all sides? White people didn't understand clearly well enough fully what racism means or how it impacts the lives of their black brothers and sisters in America. Daily black people didn't understand fully. That gap was as large as it was that a lot of white people genuinely didn't get it straight up. Because of the same systematic racism, we need to defeat because their parents parents parents. Parents kept the lie going on down. The family tree in nobody has stopped to teach them. Here's exactly what's happening. Here's what black people really feel and here's why they feel it. Drew brees. Is an example. Of somebody like this, he didn't. He doesn't get it man. I know so many dudes like drew. Who've regurgitated that type of bullshit their whole lives? He still doesn't get. He sees distracted by what they want him to be distracted by. He's been fed a lie his whole life. That's the the fucking beauty of this. Is that people like drew? Brees said that she today he's the brainwashed one. White Americans we were brainwashed to man. They made us believe this shit that drew brees said today. Nobody, ever told us. Oh, by the way black people They have a totally different perspective feeling when they look at the American flag or hear the national anthem which when you really think about, it makes sense because you don't. What the fuck that such an obvious and easy thing to understand why the fuck did nobody ever present that to me before like I didn't understand that dude. I never once occurred to me when I was doing the national anthem. We're looking at the American flag at a sports game Yom Crazy how much different this must be for a black person right now. Of course feel the same shit we feel. How stupid we thinking that they did. What you fucking Selfish Morons! We are I. mean me to me, Neem Ross Ross Bohlin. I was a selfish moron. Ignorant, fucking Buffoon, a needed to be further education. This is this is something that I've. Worked on for many years now because I've had that realization several times in my life at this point. It's just. I'll say this to I see black leaders and black content, creators and black athletes taken the time to explain these things to white people in a way, that really resonates like I've never seen before, and it's incredibly moving and thank you for doing that for us. Because we needed him. It's not funny like. It's funny, because it's sad that we need it, but you have to laugh to keep from crying, but it's fucking. It's so necessary that we have these tools to understand each other we've never tried to. That goes both ways a little bit I know that for a fact now without good reason, don't get me wrong. From black to white, not without good reason from white to black I. Don't know what the fuck are. Deal is just scared or something like. I have never done enough to be a friend of black, people. Never. And that's what I'm trying to say like. Not Coming out here preacher from a soapbox to people trying to tell your bunch of fucking races scumbags who like Bro I was one of you in the in the little, not racist at any point, but in the little stupid. fucking thought bubble. We got birth into where we have all these weird delusions about America that just simply false. In one-sided. In that's been incredibly. Difficult for a lot of us to swallow I, know it because I see are struggling like a motherfucker, argue individually. It's nuts. But I see. I see a lot of you. I see more white Americans taking steps to understand black people and try to help them this week than I have at any point in my life thirty two years. Thirty three Sunday I think. And that means a lot. It's another thing that I would throw up in front of the people. Do Bitch this whole two weeks. It is working. This is working. From every angle. There's nothing you can do to stop it. People done with this ship Bro. We're all done with. And we all want to move forward together though we can't even move forward if we're not together. So we have to have conversations with each other I've had friends that disagree with me, did I have I've known to be disagree with the past? Not just politically ideologically and in the reached out to me and have conversations this week, and I see people taking steps to take. Taking the right steps and doing the right things, and it just means a lot and I'm. GonNa say! All of our exhausted. I know that. I've seen it peaking in a lot of. Levels we did mental health stream over the week the over yesterday, or whenever it was super effective, it was on twitch dot TV, slash boss Roland. We only talked about mental. I took questions about anxiety depression. Panic attacks panic disorder substance abuse. Addiction. Everything and it was awesome I think he could still go. Watch it if you wanted to, but we had like seventy people in there. You know talking about this shit. At one point. We had more than one hundred fifty people in there. I think. Maybe that was different stream I never remember. But no, it was, it was that one. It was dope and I had a blast in. Thank you to everybody who came definitely GonNa do that again. Because I know anxiety in panic and depression, these things are going to be peaking for US folks. This isn't going away. The stress levels aren't going away. The Kovic Shit still out there, too okay to carry your mental to carry your fucking chicken, and as marshawn says right, and then for the love of God. Continue to stay open. My didn't talk with each other in discuss. Don't do I. WE talked about this a little bit on always juice clams, cockles are television and film podcasts here Bolan media available wherever IBP is available. Today. You can't this ain't church Camp Shit. You don't come back and you. You come back from Church camp and you have that afterglow for full month. Where you read the Bible every day, and you're praying all the time. She's supposed to be in your so close to God in the fades. The further you get from the camp experience. That's what white people don't every single time. We've had one of these incidents. I didn't realize that but I was doing it to. I'd be pissed off to tweets some shit. fucking talked to a few. My friends about how wrong it is. Couple of weeks pass. Go back to my life. No more. No Moss. We make changes and at the same time we gotta take care of ourselves because as I told everybody during the mental health stream. If you aren't right in the head. If you're not taking care of your mental health, how can you be? Productive in a positive member of any type of organization, whether it be a marriage of friendship, a job as an employee. If you're not taking care of your mental health, I, you're useless to us. And to yourself to care of your mental health. If you're experiencing anxiety, depression, panic made changes make changes. Don't just do the cycle. You're beating your own ass and you don't need to be. I did it for nine years. Nine years I kick the shit out of myself before I even started to put my foot on the brake. I still do it some days. It's fun, but I'm sick. In the head. y'All had to go that route, not nine years. Please don't. But I love Y'all got a great to see all doing anything this community. While you know if you really put it in the grand scheme of things, it's a small community you know. Let's call it. I don't know. Let's call it. Fifty thousand people. Let's say it's fifty thousand individuals. This community is very special. In there are a lot of y'all in here who I know. We're GONNA make a big difference. In your lives in a lot of ways in other people's lives and a lot of ways to because I've talked to you individually and I've seen. I've seen what the things you have to say about. These issues really really matter. And it is very motivating for me to continue to do what I do especially in a time when it has not been easy. And just just to be clear. There the decision to speak truth. In lose fans knowing damn well. It's GonNa cost me money. That wasn't the hard one to make. It's the decision to put myself in a position. Where as someone with a platform speaking out? where I now have to deal with all the negative energy in hatred bullshit that comes with it. In that being said it's also a sacrifice that I'm happily willing to make because if I. Get to taste even a little bit of what may be black. People have felt for four hundred years. Maybe it'll help me understand even further. Before you, head out to take on the world. It's time for some very important announcements. You've been saddled with three legal obligations as a result of having listened to this entire podcast. I know I'm sorry. But it happened he didn't read the fine print. You got sucked in number one. You have the rain review on Apple podcasts. No matter where you listen spotify Soundcloud, thank you for listening. Thank you for being here rate and review on Apple PODCASTS, five stars, two or three sentences about why you enjoy the show then. You can move on check that first box move on a number to show the show with one person, a friend or family member Cobra neighbor, just share the show with one person. Show the show with one person. Check that box move on a number three. User sponsor codes. Mac Weldon Promo Code. RB. GET QUIP DOT com slash, Darby. Liquid, IV DOT COM, Promo Code Ross support our sponsors. They along with everybody on Patriots are. That's how that's how this company exists. That's how we finance what we do here. That's how we're going to pay his salary. And We're GONNA need to make more money like raise that. Excuse me. We'd cough. Sponsors was the last legal obligation. You check that box I. Call off the dogs. We don't have to see children court you live long and prosper a live long spor-. Follows on instagram at the Ross Bohlin podcast on twitter at Ross Bohlin pod were also on facebook. If you're the middle aged one of our listeners, and also hey, shots y'all who are older listen. There's a shit ton of you. You don't have to people. KEEP DM in me tweeting me hey, Ross I'm probably your oldest. Listen I'm forty six years old. The Mike Bro First of all. No, you're not. You're not even close. I've heard from like sixty five year. Olds and Shit in other countries like you're not in. There's a lot of y'all in stop dealing weird 'cause you listen I'm a thirty two year old man. With my head screwed on straight than most of the people you know. You're allowed to listen to my show. I'm a responsible productive working members society who votes who does all the other adults shit? You do I just dress differently and have a weird career. You don't have to be ashamed listening to my show just because you're not eighteen or whatever like you're good? I promise you. We talk about more high level shit than most podcasts do like you're good. You don't have to be. This happens with younger people like in their thirties and shit like they don't. They don't talk 'cause. Maybe it's because I wrote total frat. move or something look man. I don't get that, but y'all got to help. The kids don't have a fucking problem in the world. Telling people about the show, there are a big part of why we've been able to grow so much. Because the eighteen to thirty five demo furrows is our biggest demo, th that's why 'cause the kids don't care the adult y'all are a little more hesitant, and it's not that I. Don't get it I. Cuss a very raw I smoke weed address like a fucking Japanese height. Be some days, but Listen? It's not about that Shit. It's about the message. If you believe in this please share it, please do. Because we got something going right now, the snowball we currently have built. From the last two months. Is the biggest one we've had in. It's it's it if we can build an even bigger, I'm just very excited about the the not only. The entertainment, we can provide, but the impact we can half. So thank you for going out of your way to share the show especially, if you're one of our older listeners in, thank you for being, but also you don't have to be ashamed and you don't have to Holler at me and Yell Your Age like I can see you and your picture. Most of the time I know you're older and and second on I. Mean that with a beautifully beautiful. You're all beautiful. But fuck by the way I think I've aged like six years in the last three or four days I terrible. I mean I look like true shit on a stick. Literal Stick Body Justice Shit head on a stick body. That will do it for our VP throw to record produced remotely by Mike. Moody a permanent. Record Studios Austin Texas. We'll be back Monday with our VP three Oh three. Vp Three zero three coming. Monday Friday episode on patriotic as always you are not alone. Potman gets paid. Respect Mr Park straighten on a gang gang gang. Peace be with you. And also with you. Go Low baby.

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