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Hey, everyone, welcome to snarf talk with Chris and Jerry. And this is our podcast, where we give you a behind the scenes. Look, as we create a comic book, we're gonna talk about TV movies comic books and hopefully have a lot of guests other writers creators, and friends. Check us out at snarf comics dot com. You can check out our blog and follow along with everything we got going on. Also follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at snarf comics, and please subscribe and leave a review on I tunes, and you're the episode. Hello, everybody. We're back once again, snarf talk twenty seven that's a magical number. It is we just keep pumping out Kris. You'll like the Magic's of fluent are good at this we're professionals, and we may content. Yeah, we're sitting here on the precipice of yet, another mega storm. Yes, Rollie through. We are. I can feel the stress innings -iety from like everybody. Yeah. I don't know if everybody out there knows this. But we're in the midst of a full-fledged natural disaster. Basically, it is like a net nationwide. It's a pretty big problem. Nobody can plant corn or so you beans. It's well past the day where you can plant corn. I mean it's not passed the deadline, but it's past the time where you can grow dis decent corn at all. It's really fast approaching being the time when you can grow decent so IBM either, and we're not even close right? To being able to plant any they released a map today that shows the worst of it, and it's like a dark, red spot right over the county area, although I feel like in this little section like through his arm. We've actually missed a bunch of them. We have been very even from Saturday Sunday. No. Monday. There was a storm that hit like even Morris, even it started raining and Morris at like two o'clock. And we didn't get the rain down nothing like up sandwich plane. Those three inches of rain, the span of less than an hour. Yeah. They were getting like four to five inches an hour at the rate of fall was insane. It's crazy. We didn't get that. Luckily, but either way, I mean it just keeps it wet enough to be able to not get in the field. So it's your job to distract me from all this misery. And that's what I'm going to try to do. So what I'm going to tell you, it's our job to distract all of our listeners from all of this misery. So let's do that. What I'm going to tell you to do what I told a friend of a mutual friend of ours earlier is that you need to start buying stock, and any Elko hall company because they're gonna go through the roof because you guys are gonna drown your sorrows, your, you know, what's funny. Is this is my head? It was about a week ago, maybe even longer before. It got past the point of funny and then past the point of like. Dark funny and then past the point of, like depressing and past the point of like there's a little bit of hope and now into the point of like the devastating depths of the human soul. Yes. Somewhere in the middle of their I got a great piece of advice from your father in law. Oh, really? Yeah. I was talking to him. And he goes, well, what you gotta do is get blind drunk, every night, or get blind drunk. I'm like, yeah. Wise that. And he goes because you'll be like super hung over in the morning. And then it'll be like fit on the morning like you gotta work, and then you'll have to be like the miserable. He's like it used to work for me all time. So that's really funny because we were like that night or the next night, we were ready to get like this, huge storm. Yeah. And I got real drunk drunk. And the next morning. I woke up like six thirty and we had missed the whole rain and I actually got one hundred acres planted that day what was at Saturday. Oh, really? Yeah. Oh, we were just talking about that. And you didn't go out. Yeah. No. That was Sunday. Friday night. Oh, okay. Yeah. Friday night got. Well, that's good. That's what you need to do tonight them. I guess you're just gonna have to maybe it'll just pass us over. But judging by the size of the storm was pretty bad. It really is. Unbelievable. And when you think about it, the massive size of storms that have covered the entire nation. I mean they're covering multi-state s- just and they don't break apart. They just continue to travel east across the whole country and just drench everyone, I don't climate change its climate change. We're reaping the no I'm serious. I don't know what mean I don't know if that's factual. We've had I mean, there's it's factual that we've had increasingly irregular and intense whether events over the last ten years. Yeah, we've had like three hundred year floods, I think since two thousand and nine. Well, a lot of. That though I was talking to a guy. About in the corps of engineers, and he was saying a lot of it. Well, there's, there's multiple factors. Obviously one is climate change. But then there's also more pavement like more concrete pavement, and more field tile than ever before. Like more and more people are doing that, and then sedimentation but sexually comment misconception 'cause drainage tile agricultural, drainage tile, actually reduces flooding in fields, but it doesn't in our waterway it does because impossible. Well, okay, I will admit that in a fast rain events. Yeah. It can bring more water into the waterway quicker. Yeah. Okay. But it actually reduces damaging flooding, because those drainage child are working twenty four seven to remove water from the into those waterways. Yeah, that's what I mean, is that, but there is so yes, the damaging flooding doesn't affect a lot of areas. But the waterways are swelling. And coming out of their banks because all of that water is then being removed from wherever it was at and put directly into the watery, but they also hope but see drainage, tile. Also create a large area to actually hold water. They will bring. Yeah. It'll like back feed tile. Yeah, that is, well, too, but then they're sedimentation controversy on that subject. I mean I don't know how there could be well, entre Versi. We won't get into. Yeah. That's I'll do the data and then we'll debate it next show. Okay. Cool sedimentation, always a big thing, too, with, like all of these backwater areas. So since like a lot of our large, like waterways, are flooding more frequently and getting out of their banks more. It's putting water into a lot of like the little like river, bottoms, and backwater is shallow areas, but it's pushing tons and tons of silt out of the river, and it's starting to fill those up. So then water, then obviously spreads out further because you have all that sedimentation. And it just keeps spreading out further and further every year because they get, you know, thicker, yes, it would be I mean pavements huge problem. But pavement is a huge pro because it doesn't hold any water and everywhere you look, something new going in or doesn't matter. Where you're at. So how did we get out? I don't know. But we talking about this depressing. Yeah. It is all we talked about it because of climate change. So. That's true. Yeah. And then we got into the whole thing anyway, it's interesting, though, because I'm the climate change side, there's like forecasted models, going forward like twenty years, or whatever that, that do show that our area annoys getting wetter, and it's going to continue to get wetter. Which can actually I mean, nobody can know for sure whether that's a negative or positive. So, right. If you can get the crops in and we're going to get more summer rains. We're going to be more productive, but sure to go along with that additional storms and water. Lot of other things that can be potentially harmful like disease and stuff like that. So it's a interest is these could run rampant. The real fact of the matter is sex trafficking. Nobody knows. And I'm sick of all these so-called experts that sit there and say, like you know, there are people ten years ago that said that we weren't gonna make it another ten years. Yes. And I'm not even talking about fringe people. They were probably pretty fringe, but there's mainstream people now saying, yet, we got ten more years, and it's just like, no stop it. Yeah. I don't think you calculate that the, the other thing that I always wonder, too, is I understand the micro. Scale of things having to move and, and it being devastating for certain areas. But we don't know what the hundred year ramifications are, so maybe climate shift, a little or a different area is does is more productive for different things. And another sure comes less productive doesn't mean anything, if it happens over a scale of hundreds or thousands of years then and your society develops around it. Yeah. Extent. And it doesn't change. It doesn't change like gravitational poll and tides. I mean it might make it might give us more water tides might come in further. There's a real issue islands and coastal areas out. That's why you don't live on island some problems, but it's weird and there, I was actually reading something the other day. I can't remember all the details. But there's a lot of six adjust that the polls are moving. Oh, yes, I've had. To do with climate change. Does change climate? It's supposed to are the magnetic pulse of flip way. It's not that it's that the tilt of the earth, accesses changing slightly, so that we will. Well, whatever it is it changes climate, and all that could be part of what, I don't nobody knows for sure. I mean climate, the climate is changing, it is always changing, it is intensified by, you know. You know, human activity. It's hard to deny that at this point. But we don't know what the long term ramifications of that are going to be in fifty years, or one hundred years. And anybody that says they know doesn't they I mean, there's projections gonna project, you can project anything, but that, that means that it's going to stay the course that you're projecting. Right. Right. That is almost impossible, right? Like it's something's going to change it, regardless of what it is. So you'd have to run we shall overcome. Gerald, I'm going to. I don't know about you, but I will anyway, new Subject, New subject is there's just a road down. Some news here, a Rian the news and in news and right before this show started we both watched a trailer that I wanna talk about right away before I forget ten four and it was called swamp thing. We will we discussed this before, probably like I don't know for five weeks in a row. We've said something about. Whole lot. Not in depth. We know we could go in depth on this one where we could do a whole swamp thing segment here. We we kept looking. If you listen to podcasts, you know, that me and Jerry are huge thing fans and it was instrumental swamping in, in, in binding us, it was relation rot us together, and there is a new trailer that came out. It's like two minutes like two and a half minutes. And so. I, I was talking about how in episodes pass, I was talking about how it's like horror oriented, which is the, the Ellen more comic book really is. But when you watch it a show compared to reading it in a book. It's a lot more dramatic in that show. Yeah. I feel like like reading it in the book and looking at the pictures and doing whatever. Like, you know, that would be like scary if it were to happen. And it's portrayed as being scary. But you don't get the same effect hit what this not really easy. Maybe I'm wrong, but it's hard to do horror in a comic book. Yeah. You can do it in a literature written book like that. You read the shining. Yeah. It's freaky, and it's. Harder. Read comic book and it be freaky or here, here's the difficile looking at, but here's the difference between, like what the shining and a novel is compared to a comic book, so any novel that you read or like the shining or whatever your painting, the picture in your own brain in, you're creating the images, which could terrify you, you know, they like you really could scare yourself new book sucked into a book, you know, sure. But then a comic book, and obviously, we all know that Chris, and I love comic books of MIR somewhat obsessed with this culture. The difference with that, though, is that the pictures painted for you obviously directly in front of your face. So you can assume things happened outside of the frame or outside of each panel. But the majority of the story is shown to you. Yeah. Not imagining it right. It's imagination in your mind. You're seeing it on the page. Whereas when you read a novel, you're immersed in a world in your imagination, it's just different. Yeah, it's it is different. And now. So now seeing this trailer. I mean, I think this is going to be a pretty freaky show. Yeah. You know. And it's the if it's anything like the trailer it looks like the production production is phenomenal. It looks like production values great. I don't think they scrimped on like money. They did not. And the cast is I mean, well known some of the people. Yeah, the cast is really well known, and then swamp thing himself. I hope he looks like what? They're showing he looks like he looks perfect. Here's my nearly perfect. Here's my worry on the show. All right. It from that trailer. It clearly seems to me that this was meant to be a season, one of a long show. Yes. I. He's just an origin and I bet you, you don't even see swamping till right at the end. Okay. So that was going to be that's what I was going to bring up is my worry. And I was gonna say, I hope they don't wait until episode eight or nine to really show. You swamp thing or swamp thing, be present. Right. Because now we know that there's only ten episodes rather than thirteen because they cut it down. And then I'm also hoping that, that like eight nine ten episode don't seem rushed and cut and edited together to make it an ending, right? I hope this ends up as an ongoing series because some thing, like, I'm not so do not like I'm super interested in. Swamping origin. No, but I feel like you do have to do an origin routes thing 'cause nobody knows a lesser known character. But degrade stuff that I love about swamping is in the knowing that character in the stories that come after and, and the his love story, emotion that comes out of that, that, but that and for me it's more like the metaphysical aspect of like his connection to the universe. He's like, almost I wouldn't say God, but he's like, but on that level almost like he's above that he's like a he's like an eternal he is like the embodiment of nature of nature. He is mother nature, basically, only in swamp form. And you know, they say I think mother nature is a character to that he thinks kin talk to he is the green. Yes he's the green. Yeah. So I mean he is like. He he's not just it's not as a monster. It's not just a guy that can control plants. Right. He can like travel through the universe. You know, and he's, he's like a God almost really, so they, it is an origin that talked about, like a disease from the swamp. How how that all starts? That's really cool. I like it a you know, you see Alec Holland. He's the main character he's the guy who turns into swamp thing, you see him, he falls into the swamp, I think, from an explosion of some sort. I don't. I'm not quite sure. But it's it's trying to turn a lot of different people are killing a lot of different people. But then Alec, obviously. Takes over the swamp and then who is at abbey as Ebi arcane, Abby arcane. Yeah. She she's like investigating it and trying to discover, like, what's happening. And then obviously you could see, like they want to try to capture the swamp thing and so they can do studies on them. Obviously, he's not going to let that happen. It's interesting because I don't like horror. I I don't either. We've seen new mutants trailer. And I thought and I was like, oh, we don't need that as a horror thing. But this I'm excited that it is horror, and that it's something different in the John Rowe. Yes. I'm actually invited about that. I'm super excited about it. I hate horror, but I don't know how you could ever portray this otherwise. I the more I see it. I don't know how you it really seem as much like horror, I guess it kind of is, but also mixed with a little bit. I kind of get like a true detective vibe. Yeah. That's a good point. It is like that. And so true to get example, because that's a good. It's kind of horror, it's chilling you know, but it's not like an outright horror movie. It's. It's not one that I feel like watching it. Is going to be leaving you on settled. Yeah, yeah. It's not I don't feel like it's actually going to, like, disturb you by any means. But I think you will get startled at certain points, which they want to do. And then it's also like the build up to how you feel about this thing. Just shows up right swamp thing, it's like all they're trying to build up like the feeling of everyone else, I think, in the community about the swamp. And then there was a really cool part in that trailer that they say and it was saying the swamp wants to is getting back at us. You know, and I'm sure they're going to play a big thing into, like littering and dumping, environmental stuff and dump paintings. Comic is always been passing. It has I'm just saying, like, I'm positive. They're gonna they're gonna throw that right out in the beginning. That is a big problem. So it's I'm super excited about this. Obviously, I love swamp thing. But I just I really, really really, really hope that they don't cancel the show. But I also really really, really hope that it's good. Yeah. You know. And from from the trailer, I would suggest everybody go watch it because it looks very cool. Yeah. And before you do that, or after or during. I think we could talk about some of our favorite swamping suggested readings which we've talked about before, but probably my number one, the number one far and away. Number one is the saga of swamp thing series by Alan Moore. So the saga swamp thing was a separate comic that ran, it actually wasn't started by more think he took over it was around twenty it will it was twenty twenty twenty one something like that. I think twenty one was the new origin. Yeah. But anyway, so did did it run up to twenty and then no, I'm saying, like, did the original one run up to twenty and then the saga takeover at twenty one. No. No. It was a separate book. I believe saga swamping was a different book than swamp thing. No, I know. But something ended when the Sega swamp thing started didn't it? Yeah. So did it end at Tony? No, no. It went something else. And then they started over a saga swamping number one, okay through twenty more took over and he had a long. On that book. We've talked about before, but they're collected in the best way to read those would be in trades. So they're collected in trade paperbacks that you can buy Amazon really pretty reasonably pretty cheap. I think they're six volumes ran for a while. Eight reintroduces you don't need any previous knowledge because they redo the origin. They have a great entire story. And that's why love about his run is it takes you out of there. He goes to them city. There's a bunch of stuff going on. So that's a great one after that. I'll be honest. I didn't really read a lot of swamp thing as a kid. So I wasn't really reading any of it, and it wasn't until later that I got into saga of something, and then the new fifty two run started early twenty maybe two thousand twelve somewhere around there. I was always wrong. When the new fifty to start, it was around two thousand twelve I believe those are out collected now too, and that's also an amazing run by Scott Snyder. And then it was taken over by Charles soul, and that's a really cool run. The art is amazing. And it's definitely swamping on a bigger scale. I. Yeah. Victim taking on what was that. The rot. And is it the rot or the bl- blight? I can't remember the blight, but it was a really great run in Iran for a long time, too. So those are probably the two best suggest readings for that. I would start with the Saigo slumping. Collected trades, and I would just by Amazon because there, what ten bucks a trade. Yeah. They're super cheap. There's also a run. And I was looking up because I couldn't remember what it was called, which I still don't I doesn't say it just the swamp thing. It's still just the saga swamp thing. But or no, it's swamp thing. But it started with issue number one hundred forty when grant Morrison took over. He did a phone, okay? I'm not familiar with that. Yeah. So he did a four issue are with Mark Millar. Oh him. And Mark Millar like co authored it to the best authors of all time. Yeah. And Mark Millar had his own book. He took over with one forty four after grant Marson was done with that four issue arc, but they collaborated so that it could kind of feed into Mark Millar Mars run. And but this was in like ninety four. Okay. This was a long time ago and it was about, like he what grant Morrison did was he separated? Allah, colin. And swamp thing because he took him it, obviously, this is a total grant Morrison thing. He took him into this dream world like into the universe. And in that situation, he made swamp thing into this, like, mindless destructive, creature and Alcala was the was the mind of him a caffeine separated the two and then it was all about how they were trying to get back together because one can't be without the other right basically, and it's super trippy. I don't think I've read all four of them. I know read the first one and it's when they like split apart. And it's of course, it's just it's the way grant Morrison does things, I think it's similar on all aspects of what grant Morrison rights, but every single time it's like what? What doing what is the and which will into a later topic when we talk about it later but. Yeah. It's wild. I think that for it, it's just four issues. I think it's really cool to read again. I think I don't I don't think I've read all of them. I know of read one, I've probably read more than that. But now like immediately when I get home. I'm going to there s so the through the other three because I thought it was longer than four issues, though. Well, I will say the saga wanting by Ella, more is considered probably what top five greatest comic book runs in history. Yeah. Ever maybe with. I don't know if you dark Knight. You know. Absolutely dark nights in there. Watchmen. We've, we've done, we've done our tops. Well, I just mean general by the industry. But yeah, if you look at any if you look at any like rankings, it's going to be watchmen probably saga. Dark Knight swamp thing. Yeah. So I mean, here's a great thing guys, you're going to get the to watch swamping and betting most, if not all those comics around there. So I've been exploring the a little bit more for what seventy bucks a year. You're going to get swamping do patrol and some other stuff. We'll talk about later but I started looking into the comic aspect of it, and there's a ton on their own real time. It's totally worth it just for the comics unique to have it can't Riddick comics allergy and just have that why definitely need to get rid of comics, allergy unlimited, well, because comics algae itself is free. It's the unlimited portion that costs you money. And it does give you kind of a significant discount on a lot of different books, but it's not worth the money to build like hundreds of thousands of titles on the minute. Yeah, it's amazing. And the other night I was sitting in bed, and they have a panel by panel mode, that you can watch on your TV, and it works, and it's great. And I was thinking, like, well, that's isn't going to work very well, because I'm not going to be able to see it or read it yet, but it totally I mean, I have a pretty good size TV in my bedroom. But it works really. So let size TV do you have in your bedroom? And how far is your bed from the screen? I don't know. Probably from the end of the bed. Yeah. It's probably another five feet from five or six feet, and it's like a forty six inch TV something like that. Okay. Forty two inch. What's the forty size? Forty two forty two something like that. Okay. Yeah. So anyway, there's a forty six anyway, I was too excited because I was reading. Metal the metal series dark Knight metal. Yeah. Oh, like all of it, or just the who laughs part. No. I didn't read that have like all the dark metal stuff on there. Okay. So I was reading one of the comics. I didn't read that much of it. Anyway. We'll talk more about later. So there's another. There's a third series of swamp thing that I haven't read, and I definitely need to because Bryan cave, von wrote it. Oh, nice in two thousand one and their issues like twelve through twenty because it was re or no one through eleven. Oh that's, that's artists. Never mind. I'm sorry. That was an artist. Brag Avon road it and kinda goes around swamp thing's daughter, which is. FA I dunno. Teff aihau and. T. F. E. And it's about her, but how like she's an eighteen year old and she gets a mind wipe to controller darker impulses and all this stuff. It's more about her, which is kind of funny, because Brank Avon really likes to write for women. Yeah. Women characters. I think I don't know why I feel like he's the wrong guy to do that because he's a man, but I don't know he writes, for women, but that's all generating interesting. And I want to read that so anyway, that's we're super excited about swamping and it's comes out like four days, and there's lightning happening all over outside. I'm sorry. Anyway, so that's exciting. Yeah, I've been kind of like well, we'll talk about later but I finished patrol. So I've been looking for new things to watch. Oriented finish it. That's why I was been exploring this more because there's like I can't find anything to watch right now. Oh, anywhere. No. Nothing. Is it just me or is like nothing on Netflix? This interesting anymore. No. I think there is. But it just doesn't pan out, either watching stuff. I mean, I've watched a bunch of this stuff already, but, like nothing I ever see on their interest me whatsoever. Big one they're promoting right now. Is that dead dead to me yellow interest? Okay. Well, I started watching. Okay, so we'll talk about that. I have a little bit. We have more news. I did. Okay. Go ahead. More news. Well, are you gonna sidetrack us or why do you have one piece of news, something, hopefully, excited about all right? On HBO their lineup of new shows coming out. We've talked about the watchman show, which looks really cool. Yes. But they have this other show, that's called his dark, material materials, his dark materials materials, so it is based off a book series, that was wildly popular. I don't know how we missed it. I think it's like a why a book series, we is it about, like a polar bears and stuff. Yes. So they made that movie. Yeah. There was a movie called the golden compass. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yes. So they tried to do this in movie form, and that movie didn't do well, that movie them. I, I don't remember it remember it. But it was supposed to be a series like it was supposed to be a series of books here. Reminded me of the chronicles narnia. Yeah. Kind of, but it didn't do well, and so they never continue making, but it looks really cool on HBO, so his dark material. Okay. So I guess I don't know what this is really about what it's about either side of the polar bears that were armor. I don't really remember the movie and it's about, but it looks cool. And I know Nicole Kidman in the movies was like bad was like, what's the bad person, right? Yeah. She's batting. Okay. She she's bad, Nicole Kidman. Dad barbie. Bad. Kidman. I mean like she's been a lot of stuff she has, but she's rough really now I think, so I yes, stop it. She, she looks really good for. No. She doesn't. I don't think I think she looks very covered up. How does she know ninety? I don't know. She super old and she looks her age, if she didn't try to cover it up with plastic surgery, fake, teeth, fifty one and in bad makeup. She's Australian, right? Yes. Wasn't she in that movie Australia, her and Keith ebb? And Keith obey, she's married. Mary. So she was in that movie, Australia with Hugh Jackman, and she probably said, put another shrimp, on the Bobby, that's not on this on on. This is a knife. You know what they say to say, if you're trying to Australian accent, I think we've done this once before. No. I don't remember the size of tangerine, the that's how when you're doing, like vocal things to your accent. Right. You say that the soy's of a tangerine, the soy's of tendering. Yeah. I don't think that's not annoy. This is it. This is a knife. Yes. Ninety pulls it out. Does this this is what's that guy's name crocodile Dundee? It was his real name. Paul HOGAN, Paul HOGAN. Yes. Yeah. Dundee movies man there were love, right? When we were kids, I was obsessed with crocodile Dundee as a kid. Really? Yeah. I watched it constantly. Crocodile Dundee crocodile Dundee to New York to I believe we'll know there was another one that came out later with Paul HOGAN, I think there was three total. But the first two, I would watch all the time weird. I still want I want to I want Grady. I want my kids there was three crocodile Dundee crocodile Dundee to yes, in crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles in two thousand and one. Yeah, it was it was done like later, you hear that an old recording. But you're going to hear the storm people that is not good. Anyway. What a weird like little time in the world when the crocodile Dundee movies coming out. I love those and he, he was like, that's the first time I'd ever heard about aborigines and digital do. And I tried to like make my own Wayne do and make the. Sound I would always try to like. One ally yet, but they breathe in through their nose and out through their mouth at the same time, they never take breaths, not poss-. Yes, it absolutely one hundred percent do it right now. I can't do it. Nobody can do it. Yes. They can people do it. I'm telling you. That's how they played did reduce they never take a breath. You breath in, in your nose and out your mouth at the same time I do think that's humanly is one hundred percent possible. What? App down there. Yeah. But you can open it up. I mean, this is possible. I'm telling you and the aboriginal people have done it. Aborigines are interesting. They are, they're like incredible beings there because they're like, our closest not closest they found tribes and stuff. But, like I think the genetically or something, they're like, the closest we can measure like to back when we were hundred other. Yes, aside. Sure, they run forever. They don't. I don't think that's true. They can like not eat for weeks. That's true can breathe underwater. They do have really long spans though. I, but here's there's a huge problem to aboriginal community fat diabetes. Yeah. Yeah. Isn't there a isn't there like a documentary about? Yeah. I was gonna watch it. I didn't watch it. But I. Maybe I did watch it. Magic pill is that the magic pill. I don't know. That's the one problem is Coca-Cola. It. Well, yeah. I mean like overproduced food like like their bodies can handle it because they haven't adapted to that because they're like closer to one hundred gathers. Yeah, I think it is called the magic pill because I've watched pill. So it's, it's about it's not all about the Kito genyk diet. But yes, it talks a lot. I don't think I watched it. But I think the guy was on Joe Rogan. Oh, yeah. Probably. It's a really cool documentary to watch. I was just it. It's like two hours, but it's a good flick. But it is. That's what the aboriginal people around because it shows how like over overweight and diabetic. They are. And then they started the new Kito genyk die, or that style of diet. And they have. Have really helped them genetic mutation that helps them survive cover climates. That's why survived so, well, they've been genetically isolated for over fifty thousand years. So that was the big thing there early there haven't. Their genes mixed there gene pool with the rest of us for time with the lights. But I tell you what, there was some weird ass shit going on and Austrailia back in the day like back in the day, like what? So they were freedom out the way they were like people that went to when it was a colonized or whatever by Britain. Yeah. The white people there were racist. I mean so they were sure basically, they had a program, a government program in place when they took their children. No way. They took their children away from them and took their children. And their children were ways with a white family. Wow. And they attempted to breed them out, essentially why I don't understand what the purpose of that is, like, why would you do that? I'm going to look up more details because it was crazy thing that is insane. Well, I've got other news that is completely opposite. All I care about is averaging aboriginal stolen children in Paul HOGAN, the stolen generation, where the children of Australian Aboriginal, and Tori straight islanders who were removed from their family by the Australian federal, and state government, agencies and church missions, under acts of their respective parliaments. These the removal of those referred to as half caste children. Were conducted in a period between nineteen o five and nineteen sixty seven. Holy crap. Although in some places mixed race children were still being taken in the nineteen seventies. That's between one and ten and one in three. There's differing numbers in Australian children were forcibly taken from their families and communities between nineteen ten and nineteen seventy so between one and ten and one and three. Isn't that crazy that's insane? It was a government policy, and it was a loud. There should be a movie about that. Yeah. There should let's write it. We should write that. Yeah. That's gonna be our next comic. We'll put that in the comic anyway. More news more news. Jessica Jones teaser trailer came out believe it was today or yesterday for the final season because they're doing another season. I'm Jessica, how did it look? It's, it's only like a thirty second clip. It looks good. I mean, there's so they're just coming down an empty hallway, you can hear a guy in like a like a darkroom in a red light talking about just Jones and like about how he doesn't like her and enough is enough is what he says, and somebody, he says, like enough is enough, and then somebody knocks on Jessica Jones door, and she gets the door and the guy's gone. Obviously, that's it. But June fourteenth that's coming out in the next few weeks. Did you ever see season two? Yeah. Of course. Okay. I never finished it. You didn't know because you had. No, I never finished it. Because mar. Early really like that show. And she was into watching it, and then she just kinda quit watching it, but she wouldn't let me watch it without her. But she never watched it again. Oh, let's upset it was remember being very boring. It is not as good as the first season by any means it picks up towards the end. I like towards the middle at picks up a little bit better. They only got a couple more episode. I don't it's I mean it's not the first season because it's David Tennant was jam like the purple man is an awesome villain. And I think that's what really made the first show the first season because of their dynamic the second season not so much. Remember the it's, it's good. I don't either now that you bring it up during the think I thought I did. I don't I don't remember. But it was it was a decent. I remember like not hating it. I liked it better than Luke cage. I like it better than the first season of iron fist. I like the second season iron for that rocked man. I see what happens out, twenty gun FU. Yeah. He does that. So you know how there's a new new movie for God's Ville. Yeah. Godzilla king of the monsters, and I personally like Gadgil. Yeah. Me too. I like watching God's fight other monsters. Did you watch the Bryan Cranston? One. I did a couple years ago. I did pretty good. I mean, I never saw it wasn't terrible. But I loved did you watch the one with Matthew Broderick? I loved the one with Bazzi broddrick Gunilla two thousand or something I think so. I think it was, and it was the whole, like puff daddy music with that. Do you remember that song puff daddy song? P p. No. At the time and believe he was actual puff daddy. Okay. And he had a song every every. Yes, because. Because biggie Smalls service. Can you? Which was not his song, but rapped over. And that's what I was gonna say is that the song that he did forget Zillah has led zeppelin's Kashmir background like you just basically wraps over Kashmir and a hated that part. Because I loved Led Zeppelin. I've always love leads up. Get the lead out man. Yeah. And that part, I was like that was like my first realization that people like didn't he didn't steal it? I'm sure he paid a crapload of money that sampled it. Sampled it the way they call in the rap community like that, sampling jazz, that's called. Yes. It's not like capitalizing better music. But I was a huge. Tori was biggie, Smalls wasn't the Torius BG. Yeah. So he was he dead. I don't know if you know. Well, some people think no, that's to pack that they think is live. No biggie, Smalls dead. How do they know because he's not big anymore? He's small. Okay. So Godzilla king of the monsters. Apparently critics are not a fan of heard that people are apparently pissed because it's too much monsters fighting that was the data point. I just saw that. It was getting fifty four percent on rotten tomatoes, monsters fighting nine enough. Personal drama is the exact complaint freaking Godzilla movie is suppose, that's the majority of the time. Everybody's like there's not enough monsters. Not enough monster fighting. No. That's what this entire movie is literally just monsters. And I feel like that little, it's basically Pacific rim with monster, right? Milly milly. Bobby Brown has in this one. The, the chick from eleven from stranger thing, that's her. She's like, the, the main thing, besides Godzilla. Yeah, go. Yeah, I'm excited about it. And I'm still gonna see it regardless critic scores because we all know. Critics getting really good scores. We should be like film critics, we kind of are. Yeah, but I mean like paid film critics because the problem is we like everything, but I feel like they're like weatherman like whether's guts out. No, this is just like our they know because critics are coming out with reviews before it was like all critics have scores before it's ever widely released, well in any case, I have heard what is out is Aladdin. I've heard it's awesome. I've heard both thing but it's got a fifty percent around, but I know people have seen it, and they said it was amazing, okay? Because my sister-in-law just Sunday. So it was my grandma's birthday Sunday. Having birthday grandma, also my. Ten year anniversary with the core of engineers. Wow. Yeah. I've worked there ten years on paper, it's like twelve but in reality, it's ten anyway, my sister-in-law had put out a post that day because we were talking about Aladdin. So she put it on Facebook, and, like just asked the community of people that she knows if anybody liked it who seen it whatnot. And the first, like ten comments on. There was fifty fifty split where somebody they would either say completely awful or it's awesome. Go see it. I've heard legit five to five. I've heard great music big production value, big like dancing, and which is good. That's what I want. That's what you want. I wanna see that movie buddy still wanna I wanna see. John wick. The first one. Oh, yeah. You got to watch the third ones out, and it's getting really good reviews and that rocket man movies out getting good reviews. The John movie. Oh, I didn't know that one was out, not gonna go to theaters. But I really want to see John wick, I've seen the first two and I'm I'm in the bag. I mean these aren't movies that you go. John, wick isn't a movie that you go see for like, really in depth plot and storyline. And like heartfelt emotion, that's not what this is these are action movies that give you phenomenal action and Keanu Reeves doing, what cana- Reeves is suppose he in a marvel movie. I don't know. I what I wanna see. It was brought up Fatman on Batman today that I was listening to his Kiana Reeves, nNcholas cage, in the same movie. Yeah. That would be. So they're making he's going to be in a new Bill, and Ted movie, nNcholas cage. No counter Reeves. Oh I thought you meant. No, no canneries. I thought you meant they were bringing nNcholas cage into one of those moods. I'm big fan of Bill until he's, my brother was obsessed with Bill and Ted. So I used to watch it all the time because I followed whatever my brother did. Yeah, I had to force me. He would force me to watch all things. Well, good. Good. He liked good stuff. I know. And that's why I like this stuff. Okay. Next four my news this, yeah. This is a big one. Okay. I feel bad for him but I feel like the rest of the world is in the same boat. Kit. Hearing ten he plays Jon snow. Yeah. He the day before the episode came out the last episode checked himself into rehab for stress and alcohol. And his wife is. Rose rose something she was the wildlife. Yeah. Legit? I knew that I didn't know that today. That's kinda neat. I like that. They met on the set. So she said that he checked himself in because he is overly stressed and has been drinking more often, and I honestly feel like it's because he's like worked up over the show or he just knows nothing. Well, no, we know nothing and they wrote that believe me this last season, he knew nothing. I'm still I don't like how they did any of this knows bad stuff. It just don't get it. Like why don't you let him like let him? Oh my God. The king, and then him say, like I don't want this. I'm going to pick this person. And then if he were to do that, and then leave to go to the Waller leave to go, though, like with the Wild Wings or whatever I would be so much happier with that than being cast out and not even selected and being enslaved like. It literally bloom more you think about it, and it was great because I listen to Fatman about two and Marc Bernardin had great take on it. He's like, first of all, it makes no sense that any of them would get together and pick a new king or. Yes. Or change any of that. And then the whole brand thing is so stupid. He's like John snow has the best plame thrown. Yes, they would all forgot lingo with that. They didn't even mention it. No. And he would be the exact and he was right. He should of broke the iron throne gave every kingdom their own kingdom sevens done. Yeah, there's no one king anymore, seven different kingdoms and fucked off to the wall. Yep. To the north. That's what we should should happen. Absolutely. It should have it doesn't make any sense on what they did there. I am glad to hear that. They are, in fact, because there were kind of rolling back and forth. No, there will be no more game of thrones. Yes, they'll be more. No. They'll be more. They are making a game of thrones show like they're shooting. The pilot a spinoff like a spin off its a prequel. Yeah. Way before shooting. It's happening. Oh, that's good. So I mean they're shooting like next week. I mean, I'm in the bag for any of that stuff. I mean I I love what, what this whole game of thrones thing made me realize that I kind of forgot about is that I love like the fantasy genre and we haven't, but we haven't gotten a lot of it. No. Because the whole comic book world is is dating over and there's been a huge drought since Lord of the rings and then game with Romans took that mantle up. And I think what we found out is that the general public one really likes the fantasy and I think we're going to get more of it with game whiff. Rings. You know, but the, by the way, I got a little news on that because I was thinking the other day, I'm like, what is happening with that? They haven't started shooting anything. It's like twenty twenty two. Oh, I thought they did. I thought they did start shooting a lot of it. They started some casting. They're still working on it. I think unfortunately doesn't come out till twenty twenty two to make contractually half to do it by then that's like their last date the Tolkien or the Tolkien estate gave them their contract. Whatever it was. They got to produce something by twenty twenty two. So that's when you'll see something happen there, but there is a bunch of other stuff in the pipeline Ford, the fantasy genre, which some interesting, apparently, there's a whole series that Stephen King had written. And so, like, obviously, the Stephen King, Stephen King die. Okay. He's alive. Rarely just came out with a new book. Well, whatever the case is, they're making a ton of Stephen King stuff now obviously. Like he's obviously very been very proactive for the last five years of, like, hey, we're going to his grave. We're going to create this Olympic got Castlerock. They came up with the new there's a bunch of stuff in the pipeline for him. But they are doing. He has a book series, that's all like fantasy books that he wrote for his daughter, like, almost as like bedtime stories type thing. Okay. And apparently they're really good and they're being adapted right now. The call I can't remember. I don't remember either. I haven't been a huge. I'm not seen evening year, except for I was reading what's called the merced- Mercedes, man. Yeah. Utah talked really good. I would suggest all of read it in the his style of writing. It's just it's possible that it's the eyes of the dragon, okay? Because that's a fantasy novel by Stephen King, but there might have been other ones. He's rid so much. It's unbelievable. I wanna get into some of that because I did not realize because I'm not a Stephen. Vicky is. I know what you're gonna do is prolific. But that his whole whole interconnected universe. These created I didn't know that the characters like the bad guy. That's what Castlerock is connected universe. Like the bad guy from the stand is the bad guy from the dark tower series and the same in this fantasy series. They're all the same and he's basically like the devil. Yeah. But the man in black or the black means Rick land, and Rick something like Rick flag or something, I don't know that's a WB wrestler. Pretty sure. No, but yeah, I really wanna read the dark tower series like bad there. There are some separate like Mercedes man is, is different. Right. Course there's standalone. But the but the scifi horror stuff are connected. Okay. The eyes of the dragon kings only four eight industry fantasy without connections to the real world. Except by way of Randall Flagg. That's the guy. I've heard it's quite good. So probably gonna read that back to my John snow thing. So the. The rehab place that he's going to. Yeah. Is one hundred twenty thousand dollars a week. That's seems about right. Isn't that incredible? Read that I don't know. They just posted that just because they could and like in this article, and I don't know. That's ridiculous that he makes a lot of money apparently. Yeah. But man and on the on the Fatman on Batman episode. I don't know how far you got through that the whole thing. You did. I haven't heard the whole thing I've heard the first like our, but they talked about Lena Hetty she's make made like a million dollars every episode for the final two seasons. And for stereo drinking. Yeah. Would stare to say twelve lines dialogue, and get a million dollars right every episode. Holy crap. Who's her agent whose whoever she's working with to do that? Stuff is incredible. And then, and then you come to a table read and she's like okay like what do I have to do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing to do nothing. Great perfect. Thanks. You're not even in this episode, you're not even in, like three of the episodes, actually, and the other four that you are in or or three that you are in just stand there and look ugly with your stupid hair. You're stupid short hair cut off. Yeah. Well, and it didn't grow in, like four years. That was stupid. She looked idiot, and I don't like her. She's in very unsatisfying way. Right. Because you would just stay in there and let the building fall on. You wouldn't you? And then, like I do not have your face smashed in in Amy made a good point. Yeah. Right. And you're in perfect condition. When you're bound, Amy made a good point too. Is that like when Tyrian goes down to like look for them basically for some reason? Well, I think he went to. Oh, look to see Jamie made. It is doing, but anyway, like he walks through that keep down there. There's like nothing. There's like nothing around. There's followed. Yeah. And he's like, how did anybody die in that rebel? There's only like six bricks on the ground and then he got up to a little bit a little pile, and they were on the top of it one brick like, well maybe how far fell but either way, it's like, there's like nothing around the last time you had a brick dropped on your head today from fifty feet up today, actually. Is a soft it hurt brick. Yeah. It hurts not a LEGO brick. Oh, okay. I mean it would hurt but I don't know charcoal Briquet. I don't think it would kill about one hundred pound chunk rock that positive, I would live. Yeah. Well agreed into I'm part of aboriginal, and they've got a genetic trigger gene for that. They do it except for the, the Beatty's, you know, the diabetes. Oh, yeah. Well, that's their weakness. Right. Not probably insensitive. It has. You're insensitive. Hey, there's another movie out called bright burn. Yeah. Have you heard of this? Yeah, it's like bad superman. Didn't seem interesting to me. It's getting terrible reviews as well. Really, yes. Not doing. I've seen positive articles on that, but not interested critic reviews is like thirty nine percent right now. And then like user reviews like at sixty two. That's okay. I'm ever gonna see it. I've never going to see either. It was somewhat intriguing to me when I heard about it because isn't there there's a superman comic? Book called read something read son. Is it red sun? And he's bad. They're bad superman. Yeah. And it sounded very similar to that. But apparently, it's just number good. Yeah. It's like this little kid movie. I don't care is turning it into a horror movie, and it could have been better. But. I don't know if any of you wanna go see it, or did see let us know how you like what you thought or how it was people aren't people aren't digging, which, I guess, doesn't surprise me. I feel like if they would have played off the like an actual superman or. Or like a comic book type movie if they would've liked played that up and said that this is what we're playing off of it might have done better because of today's day and age. But going the way they did with just being a horror like weird show. Didn't didn't play well. So you also this last little thing that I wanted to talk about that I thought was kind of interesting is a Marc Bernardin thing from famine on Batman. You. You heard it, obviously and Marc Bernardin talks about how the MC you could bring in X men. Off of and I did hear that. Yeah. And he was saying that since the Infinity, stones. Produce, gamma radiation. Hulk says it's like mostly gamma, and he can accept that, obviously, but they show the blasts during the movie of this gamma radiation. So that's happened twice three times on her. Was it three times on earth? I thought it was three times total three times on earth. Okay. So three times, all of this gamma radiation has been spread across the earth, and he saying, Mark Burton, says that with that happening, this is how you could introduce X men into the marvel universe, saying that all of these mutants were created from that gamma radiation, being exposed throughout the world. I think that's kind of interesting in a good way to make a new cast of characters, I guess I don't know. I always liked the aspect that it was a genetic mutation. I guess, maybe if you're gonna say that, that blast activated diligent. Yeah, but it could of the whole thing with their different species. Yeah. Yeah. Then human. So that's where a lot of the persecution comes so. Right. I don't know. I don't know if like a snap, and then all of a sudden, oh, there's a bunch of mutants. Yeah. Well, I mean, that's that idea. That's kind of what did with the whole? Like star labs explosion thing with their medicaments. I guess I don't know. That's but I don't I'm not a huge fan of that either. I mean. Cash. Love the flash. No, I like the flash. But I don't. Like an event happening and then all of a sudden, like mutated, sometimes it gets pretty corny, because it's like how have you never seen this person or heard of him before? And apparently this was caused years ago at this point, and it's just now being apparent that this person. Is doing these terrible things. But they did play it off, as like they hadn't discovered that trait or didn't discover their mutation until later. I don't like the fact that haven't been around for a long time. I mean in the other series. Yes, they've been around forever. So that was actually that was my gripe about it is because then it's like wolverine can't be. You know, like in World, War One and two whatever, even though he was kind of created not his mutant power, but not, not as mutant power. Yeah. So you wouldn't have any of that kind of see I don't think they'll go that direction know what they're gonna do. But there is a rumor no, there's talks that dad pool might be in Spiderman three homecoming knows spider. I always say that it's far from home. No Spiderman three. The next one isn't that the third one that's the second one. I feel like we've seen him three times while we've seen it like five times. Yeah. In any case, well, whatever, yeah. That would be cool. Yeah. So kind of on that. No Disney and I just thought of this as for news, do you have more news? Nope. Disney released their film schedule to twenty twenty seven really? But it's kind of a letdown because a lot of the future stuff just says untitled project on titled checked on title really. But there is some stuff they have said like as far as this year. Goes obviously, we got a land dark Phoenix Toy Story, four Lion King. That's all come in. I do not think other than Spiderman. Now this wasn't any marvel they were just Disney not talking marvel though. Now they did say that in here that there's going to be kind of a gap here for marvel movies because there's really nothing in the pipeline. There's nothing in production right now really nothing being filmed. So we're probably giving us a little breathing room. That's. Fine. I mean the next ones they've talked about. We think the first one that's going to happen. It'll be black widow movie. Yeah. Which I heard some rumor v I don't know if I really want that. I heard some rumors about it, and it signed it sounded kind of cool. But I can't remember apparently there are definitely making Shanxi movie Shanxi. He's a marvel character. I'm not around for a long time. He's the master of martial arts, so that could be cool. They've talked about the eternal not much on the front for marvel. But well, I mean there is a Spiderman movie coming out, well, next after that, but. So there's some big ones this year with toy store at four lion. King, yet dark Phoenix frozen two and Star Wars obviously, but some of the ones going forward. There are making a call the wild movie with Harrison Ford like the book called the while really. Yeah. So that they could be cool next year. There's a live action. Move Lon movie. That would be I like artists fall that we've talked about next year's to jungle cruise movie with Iraq. I'm just kind of running through some of the highlights here. There's a crew eligible movie come in really. I would watch it a lot of them. They just say, untitled, Disney, marvel on titled Disney live action, untitled, Indiana Jones really twenty one or twenty twenty two that's not with Harrison Ford. I believe, so. This is what I don't like. I don't want to see a seventy five year old Indiana general, you don't know how they're going to do it. Give credit. Dave better have if they have him as a mentor. I'm fine with that, while I loved Sean Connery and last crusade. As a STAN. Yeah. And that, that type of characters fine. I don't feel like they're going to do that with him, though. Seventy year olds can still be relevant. They're going to put them as the main character jumping around fighting people cracking a whip and he's not going to be able to do it. And I will see it won't like it, but it's going to be a letdown one Twenty-one avatar, too. Is now Disney because that's a FOX property, busy. So probably saying like you better get this shit moving along here, buddy avatar three for twenty twenty three avatar four for twenty twenty-five avatar five for twenty twenty seven. Okay. Good. So we're going to go every other year. Let's step back a little bit about avatar. We're going to thousand nineteen Star Wars. All right. Two thousand twenty one. Avatar two thousand twenty two Star Wars two thousand twenty three avatar two thousand twenty four Star Wars twenty-five, avatar, two thousand twenty six Sauers two thousand twenty seven avatar, so we're going to get a lot of Star Wars, a lot of hepatitis. I'm I'm old bunch of marvel in the mix. I'm good for that. I'm good for all of that. And I, I have a feeling like, like I know it's been forever. And nobody even remembers avatar and none of the kids know what is what it is. Let me tell you. I'm James Cameron isn't going to screw this up. No, these are going to be amazing. I wholeheartedly believe that he had this written out and ready to rock and roll from the beginning, he's, he's going to do for twenty years. And we loved avatar, even though it's. Somewhat generic story, it doesn't matter. I have a feeling like he spent all of the money in the world and produced five or six movies in vain of them being almost like a TV series, but he's just like I'm just gonna make them as big budget movies. But do you think so? Do you think that it's like building up the world that he already created to where they have a kid together could be I don't know. I don't like a family event. I think I don't think that they'll go back to the original movie, I think, they'll fast forward, they have to it's been so long since I mean, they're not going to stay up brand new movie, but I mean with the same characters in the same world. I don't think it'd be the same characters. No. You don't know. I don't think so. But nobody knows. Yeah. I think the one thing we do know is that three of those Star Wars movies, so far, and we know for sure that this can change last minute because solo changed last minute. But right now they're being written by the game of thrones guys. And a lot of people are already upset about that. Benny off in lice. But let's give these guys credit, they made it the last two seasons pretty terrible. But so a lot of the issues that they said, well, one, once these guys took over the show without source material, direct it, but they made a lot of great show. And also it's not like George Martin was non existent, right again. He didn't ignore them. He didn't ignore the show. He maybe he didn't lend the huge helping hand but I'm pretty sure they went to him for short say that he plotted it. Essentially, okay. So maybe he forgot how to write. But anyway, so that's the news. Well, one more, did you see the Terminator, the new, Terminator, the one with Linda Hamilton, the ham? Yeah. No, I. Didn't. It's called Terminator dark fate. I'll say it. I will too. I loved I haven't seen many of the new terminators I think just Christian bale was there was there more. Yeah, there's been like two or three more after that, that were ridiculous. And they brought Arnold Schwarzenegger back. I think all of them, and he wasn't that great. He's back in this one too. But with Linda Hamilton. And I think he's more of a side character. Okay. That they bring in like it looks like towards the end probably in the gym. No, no. He's aged he looks age age. He's a robot. Yeah. But he's, he's genetic he's still genetic material that would age. I guess he's the T one thousand okay? Cybernetic organism. Well anyway, but it looks pretty neat. The main stories over about, like a Terminator woman with a kid, but she doesn't realize that she's eight Terminator. So it's like the whole world is starting to turn over into these cybernetic organisms, basically. And she says, like Sarah Connor was Linda Hamilton says something to her about, like, what what she is. And she's like what he talked about. I'm not a robot like bitch. Looks good. Cool. I think it looks really great now. Probably say it you'll see it but you haven't seen the others. Nah, I probably won't see it. I was gonna say, I didn't feel like you would know where you a big germane to fan for sure. I think it's one of the best movies of all time, judgment day. Yeah. Yeah. I really do. I mean, it's a great movie. It is phenomenal. I'm in wholehearted agreement with you, because I think it's frigging awesome. That's a movie and like go back and I, I watched a lot, the first three t to Terminator Maria to in Terminator three. I don't know if I saw I have the box set at home, and then there was another one before the Christian bale one, I think his celebration, yes, Sylvia's. Good. That was good. I liked that, that was a really good movie. So anyway, that's going to that's the news. What are we going on time? We're just over an hour hour and ten minutes. So we got some stuff to cover so you wanna do what you're watching, or do you wanna talk about the other stuff? What was the other stuff the public domain stuff? Oh, I guess, is kind of news. I guess that is kind of news. But let's, let's just do a real quick what you're watching. I've only really watched one thing. Okay. And it is that dead to me show. Okay. So I saw how many episodes I see I see I watched four finish the fourth one last night. There are only thirty minutes. Pretty quick. Linda Carter Leany. I like her a lot. And that's the only reason why started watching that. She's a good actress. Yeah. She is. She's a really good actress her character is kind of a nut job, and she's weird in the show. She's like. Really weird. I don't know if that was like, by design or if she chose maybe far enough in the show because I heard a little bit about that show, and it takes a really kind of almost horror twist. Oh, it does. It's starting. It's starters artwork in her. We're talking about on the podcast. And I listened to that podcast, too, but I don't remember him saying anything about horror. I think it turns not horror, but it has it turns. What it shows signs of that gets a little bit that way in. I don't know. I feel like the first four episodes, definitely whore, that wasn't the richer swords just, I think it turns twisted and dark, it's very twisty I could tell that, that's what's going to happen. But by far the first three episodes of the very first three are the exact same episode. Basically, the annoying part is that Christina Applegate is the other main character. She's kind of annoying. I understand why she's kind of annoying, but. It's just like she says the same things over and over again. It's like the same thing played over every day of her life. And then Linda Cartolini's weird and she just I don't know. I don't know how I feel about it right now. I feel like I've been invested enough to where I should finish it. There's ten episodes. Like I said, they're only thirty minutes. I might as well because they do a good job at the end of each episode hooking you into seeing the next one like something always happens, like right at right towards the end that lasts like five minutes where you're like how they going to do that. And inept sewed four at the end of the episode Christina Applegate, like. Switches like our she's flip. The switch and she seems like she's going to be completely different and then the it feels like the show's going to take a different tone. My question throughout the whole thing was. How does how do they play this out for ten episodes because that's what my question was? It's like every time you talk about the same thing. The same things are happening. What could you possibly do in the show to make it interesting? It was really hard to stay interested. Amy like checked out and not selling me on it. I wanted to check out. But like I said, the end of episode four like okay, now there's a new, there's a new story here going to happen. And I don't know what it is or how they're gonna play it out because there's secrets involved that are still being kept. And then they introduce a new storyline to it. And it's like how, how is it gonna play out? I really don't have any clue whatsoever, how they could do. This and make it interesting. So I might I plan on, on watching more, but wouldn't tell anybody to go and watch it skip it. Yes. So why don't you finish it first? And then we'll decide I'm going like I said, I probably will. Because at this point, I feel like I should just for my own peace of mind to make sure like either it was terrible. Dumb boring. Or maybe it will maybe it'll take a turn to where I'm like, that's pretty interesting. Because like you said with doom patrol, the first three episodes you thought were kind of boring. I mean, there were interesting because how weird it was. But you didn't feel like it really progressed, right? Totally. And that's exactly how I felt with this show. Well, I'll get into doom patrol because so the last time I told you, I was almost done with it. Yeah. And I was like an episode nine I thought there was, what ten episodes will turns out, I got super I've talked about this. Yeah. I get super the show absolutely frigging love it. Good. And. And I was like, pleasantly surprised because I never really looked forward to see how many episodes there were, but I just kept playing the next episode there's fifteen episodes, there are they thirty minutes. No, they're our. Oh. They are full hour show. Yeah. And it just gets better and better, it just gets better and better and better every episode. It's so good. I didn't want to end. It's so smart. It's so interesting Allen to dick is amazing, the entire cast is amazing. It just gets weirder to like I want to sit here and say that, like it doesn't just get weirder. But it just gets weirder. And weirder. And weirder every episode and every episode especially towards the end once you've kind of stabbed the characters and they get all that done. Yeah. Every episodes, completely different and interesting. And it takes all kinds of twists and it just keeps you on your toes, and I've not really watched a show that I've liked as much as this for a long time. Really? Yes. So is it getting my question was, like, is it? Do you think it's good because of how weird it is, or is the story actually that engaging in good? I think both I think you do things to all of that painful character setup. You do actually, really start getting invested Makara years. Yeah. And you kind of get to go on a little bit of a journey with them. But the story does get interesting, especially after it takes like ten episodes to kind of set up that seems like such a job like to watch ten hours worth of content to make it. Good. We'll know. It's good. In the meantime, I'm just saying it's only really the first couple that you kinda got sloshed through, and then they're good and fun and interesting and funny, but, you know, to really get to the heart of the main storyline that really picks up the last probably four or five episodes. And it's really good man. I don't know what else to say. Yeah. Weird and. I want wanna give away the end Mel because is so weird. Yeah, but, but I can't I feel bad because I feel like I should've watched us the same time you did use them that we could actually discuss it and spoil it for everyone totally. You should be watching because I don't want you to spoil it for me. And I'm selfish you love this show. So, again, that was the main thing like I finished that season I was sad that it was over. Now, I have to wait a whole year. I just wanna watch it all the time. It's great. Really? Yeah. Like you want to rewatch it. I would not rewatch it. No. Oh, okay. So they are. Are they having a season to that? Yes, they will have a season, I think shows done very well. Oh, yeah. It's been very well reviewed there is a there is one of the actors in the show, I think should be up for an award. She's incredible. The one that plays them multiple personalities. Yes, just rain. One of characters that she has the play is crazy and Allen to dick is so good. I mean you're gonna love it just for especially towards the end. I think he's good. He doesn't have a lot to do through most of it, because he's kind of like the in the background villain. Yeah. But towards the end he definitely comes in the more mainstream, and he is. So over the top, like almost like just a really over the top villain in a comical way, that's almost like. Mark Hamill joker type way. Oh, well, that is definitely intrigued and really funny and really good. All right. And it's great, you know, I was telling you that his character so interesting because he's his power is that he's like the Amish it narrator. Well, you get further into it, and I can tell you know, there's a great twist to it. That's so comic book and in so meta. It's amazing. And it was comic book. You say it's so I don't I really wanted to tell you, but I'm not going to want you to this space, which he lives in and exists is very comic book related, and it's great, and they bring in so there is a considered one of the greatest comic book runs of all time is grant. Morrison's run on flex mental flex mental. Lex mental, I heard of that. Okay. Well he was. He's in. He's in doom patrol. Okay. And he's great. His superpower is. He can do like all different kinds of things by flexing, different muscles and his body really all different kinds of crazy things. Why can't I think of this shit, and he is the actor the plays on his rain? He's so funny and like tongue in cheek and it the whole thing is done. So over the top funny and ridiculous. It's just great. It's the most fun. I've had watching this show, and I can't even tell you along. Well, that's good. Real quick. We're did tongue in cheek come from the how did that start tongue in cheek that doesn't even make sense to me? Is it like the I don't even know how to explain it like where did tongue in cheek come from because is it like you say a joke, or you say something funny, and you literally like put your tongue in cheek like, you know, being weird? Yeah, I don't know. Because that without really meaning what one is saying or writing, so I, maybe we don't. So it means like humorous or sarcastic statement, expressed in a mock serious manner, which that make sense. Okay. So it's like saying some sarcastic. I know. But what, what, why would you say tongue in cheek well, the phrase originally, expressed contempt? But by eighteen forty two had acquired its modern meaning early users of the phrase include sir, Walter Scott in nineteen eighteen twenty eight the fair maiden of Perth, the physical act of putting one's tongue into once cheek once significant signified contempt. Okay. So is it like I. You know, in, in a lot of Shakespeare stuff how he says, I what is it? I flipped my thumb it. You or I bite my thumb the bite. My thumb at the, that's what it is. Yeah. Is it similar to that? I guess. No, that's like a middle finger lakes, looking somebody else. Okay. I mean I'm like. Zinc. Surely just I don't know as soon as you said it. I know what you know what that the ironic usage originates with the idea of suppressed mirth, biting one's tongue to prevent an outburst of laughter. Okay. That makes more sense to me. I can understand that a little bit. But I don't know I've heard so many people say, tongue-in-cheek just doesn't. This sense. I mean it like they're playing it off serious. But like knowing that it's ridiculous. In the show. Yeah, yeah. So anyway, I finished up doing patrol highly recommend that. Everybody gets it because there's so much. Great stuff on this DC app. Worth getting for only seventy dollars a year. I honestly feel like that is such a steel for this product is so well done do the whole app. But anyway, so I ran out of that. Like I said, I haven't been able to find anything good I tried to start watching this show on Amazon, that has Fred armistice in and the other girl Maya Rudolph in it. I watched like one episode called. I don't know what's called. I'm never going to watch it. I watched one episode, I'm like, I know what you're talking about to Rudolph like the bed for like a bad personal, like married of their married. There's a big twist at the end of the first episode, and then it kind of the show starts over anyway. I need to watch more of that. But anyway, I quit watching that. I went back to DC app. I'm like, I got to explore this little more. And that's what I'm like, you know what I'm gonna start watching titans. It's got good reasonable. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. And so I did. And I watched the first episode okay? And it was really good. It was really good. Any Marley loved it. Really? And I fell asleep. Unfortunately, it was late at night when I started watching it, and Marley texted me in the morning, and she's like, I couldn't stop watching that show. I stayed up and watched it after you fell asleep. Oh, really? Yeah. And it's first of all, I expected it to be. So with doom patrol I told you early on. I'm like I thought felt low budget. Yeah. Definitely not the cases, this show goes on. Definitely feels that way, higher production level than the CW shows, all right. Yeah. And then because that's what like I said swamp thing looked. Yeah. Very high budget. Really? I mean, I think do patrol had to be very high budget for a lot of stuff. They did towards the end. Really? And a lot of CGI stuff. Yeah. Okay. Very I budget. And then titans was I never really was interested because to me, it felt like it looked like it was trying to be a CW show, but more adult and darker. Yeah, but kind of like low special effects does seem to be really the case with that at all either. Actually, I thought it seems rather high budget. Looked really cool. The first episode, I didn't get a huge into the first episode revolves around this girl, Rachel, Roth who I don't know much about teens but she's like the dark one like the raven. Is it really? Yeah. Raven. I think she's raven. I don't know that she's discovered that yet, but she doesn't really understand her powers. And so it focuses more on her, and then dick, Grayson. Yeah. And it takes place in Detroit, which is super cool. Yeah. Well, that's, that's where titans like originated. That's where there I see. I don't know much about titans. That's where they're I like they're not teens. This isn't teen titans. These adults. No titans was adults. Okay, like the titans. Comic book was like adult versions of like sidekicks kind of okay, you know, but then they did make them teen titans. Because they were younger versions of themselves. But their I what do you call not layer but like their first headquarters, basically, like the titans. Headquarters was in Detroit. Okay. Well. Dick Grayson's like detective is Robin. I mean, yeah he is not yet night wing in the show. So I don't even know if they go to night, where you're not pretty sure they do because they showed him in trailers, like dressed up like him. Well, he's super Bantus is he really and he kicks ass and they do it. Well and the action sequences there was only one action sequence in the first sewed with him. But it was awesome. And he is it's grim, man. It's a gritty show. It's a gritty show. I like that in my language here. Christopher I know that in season two, I believe Jason Todd's in it to really so as another Robin. So maybe he's the Robin and then night wings out. I don't really know. I haven't gotten any the other characters like beast boy who was originally due patrol. But yeah, oh no. They did introduce the first episode star fire. Yes. So I mean it's star. Dick, Grayson or night wing or rob, Robin real actually rob, yes, Robin. So Robin star fire cyborg, beast, boy, and raven. Okay. So he's not in this. I'm just looking at the thing I know apparently super poison it and yes, I not in it. No, because he's indubitable right? He's got a great piece. Boy and. Well, no. Because both these boy was impulse now I personally have watched teen titans. Go a lot. Yeah. I just silly. But I freak it love that show. Cache? Yeah. Greedy loved it forever. The movie got really good reviews to. It's kid. I watched the movie. It's really funny. I'm like mixed on that show because sometimes I like it. But sometimes I just it's too, like you gotta take it at face value. It's a joke show. They had into the DC world really, well they got one scene in titans where. Decrease in goes and beat the crap out of a bunch of people basically. And they say something about Batman and he just turns the camera goes buck bet. Yeah. Well, that's in the trailer because I remember when the trailer came out. Everybody was making fun of them because of like, whoa band is a little ridiculous. This is the edgy. But anyway, I was interested. I'll keep watching it. If it's anywhere as good as doom patrol, which I don't know how it can be do patrols amazing. If it is. I mean, they're building quite stab locating around, you're getting the app. Anyway. Just go get it right now. I need to just for the reading alone. Because I know how much you read on like I pads. The reading alone. It's totally worth it. Okay. That's definitely when I need to do because I want to read the whole medal run. I don't think this like Abbas going away. Like you say, don't think so. No, I don't think so. I don't want it to it was just a guess, because I don't see way Warner Brothers or AT, and T Warner Brothers together. I don't know why they would have to separate streaming apps that doesn't make sense that they would do that, because then you're taking your taking viewership away from one of your unless they're going to bundle them like there's been talk of Disney, and Hulu getting bundled together. So if you buy one, you get the other. Yeah. Might pay a little more right? That's the thing. And then you up your cost and why somebody wanna spend the thing has always been. I mean live TV right. So they're really which is cool. Yes, they're going for the we want to replace cable, or any of that which is going to happen. So if you still want to get your CBS still out there and I've also heard great things about that. New Star Trek show. So I don't know. There's too many. I can't do that right now. I'm to I'm going to stick with titans. I got seasons of that to watch. So there's two seasons of that. I think so. Yeah. Oh, dang man. I didn't know that maybe season two is coming out. I don't know something like that. Okay. Okay. All right. I don't want to wait a year for more do patrol. But anyway, that's all I got the awesome. So our next subject was. Public domain public domain per listener request. Yes, I don't know where to go with us to be honest with you, because it is a broad subject. Yeah. Well, it's just not much talk about it's just super interesting that so the idea here is that once things go off of copyright. And they're in the public domain. You can anybody can do anything with anything you want to do. And so do you buy the property then buy it? Or do you just use it? No. It's just it's public why. No. But then once it's public somebody takes that and uses it for thing. You just can't prevent anybody else for making something else with that thing. So it can never be like bought again, notice always forever be in the public domain, right? Correct. So there's no reverting back after that. That I didn't now copyright holders can renew their copyrights every so often lovable blah. So somebody else can't come in and cap, get a copyright on the property. No. Like so, for example, let's say little red riding then yes. Say that's in public domain. That means anybody in the world you can go out and make a little red riding and movie. Okay. So the interesting part of this whole situation was that are copyright laws changed in, I believe, and don't quote me on this, nineteen sixty seven at the behest, essentially of Walter. I'm sure through significant lobbying. Because they were gonna come off copyright on Mickey Mouse or something along those lines. So they change a loss in about nineteen sixty seven the United States, which is one of the only we have one of the splodges copyright periods. So they changed it to ninety five years. I believe from fifty so they changed Ottawa's like seventy years, or whatever it was change it to ninety five years creir, other countries that have seventy year and their countries have fifty year but ours change to ninety five years. So when they changed that there's been a period of drought. Yeah. Of however many years were in the interim from fifty to ninety five well, I guess, that it would be forty five years, where there's been nothing released into the public domain. All right. Right. That went up on January first on two thousand nineteen the that that forty five year drought ended. So now we're caught back up and every year stuff from. Ninety five years prior will be released in every year. So in two thousand twenty twenty. Stuff from nineteen twenty nineteen nineteen whatever nineteen Twenty-three is the year this year. That's what's coming out if for twenty nineteen all public domain is from nineteen Twenty-three is that what it is. One. Interesting thing is I think it's nineteen twenty four is making mouth owns two man. So I don't know what that means for but next year ninety ninety four years, it's ninety five years, I had the article up on the computer, and it has gone, though. So in any case. Stuff entering public domain. Most of it now is from whatever from the nineteen twenties. So it's not going to be super familiar with it. I couldn't really find a good list of stuff that stands out right now. A lot of its books and music and stuff. But, like, for example. Try it this article, there's I have a list of the best public domain movies that are out right now or that are in the public domain, and it's because, like people from all different years of past nineteen Twenty-three, because they just were never re copyrighted like they didn't copyright them, apparently, but like night of the living dead. That's public domain phantom of the opera of let's see Hunchback of Notre down, little Chiappa horrors. Like all these could be remade. Yeah. I don't know what the goldrush has, but McClintock, it's one of the best channel movies. I like that movie. There's just so many that are on here that well again that you don't really know though. So right now, I feel like we're in years. Were in the years that just don't have stuff that interests us as of right now, because we don't we don't know the movies, probably not. But, you know, the interesting thing is we're starting get now in ninety five years into the agent movie. So another thing about public domain is like any network air or something in the public domain. So, yeah. In two thousand nineteen the ten commandments remember the movie. Yeah. That's at me came out and public domain this year. A bunch of Charlie Chaplin stuff, stuff like that. So, you know, you can air that movie without playing you can remake that movie. So Tarzan came into public domain this year. So we'll probably see new Tarzan movie. We definitely. A bunch of music. I don't know about what music is going to be interesting. But twenty twenty one I was looking at here. I believe one of them on there is. Nineteen eighty four by George Orwell in twenty twenty. So my guess, is in twenty twenty you're going to see a nineteen Eighty-four movie, which I love that book. I never read animal farm, as well as coming in public, don't act like you're such a well read person nineteen Eighty-four love that book. You've read it. Absolutely. Yes. Really? What's it even about nineteen Eighty-four? It's yeah. But. Yeah, it's insane. You ever see the movie. Equilibrium, or with Christian bale. So it's like in the futures like the government basically is surveilling everybody. Okay. You know, they, they use the phrase nineteen eighty four lot to talk about government overstepping and government surveilling. No privacy and stuff like that. So I just heard one thousand nine hundred like the book by George Orwell, and that who it is, or I've just heard it always been like a joke where when people like try to act fancy and say, like, oh, yeah, I've read a lot like nineteen Eighty-four George Orville is not wanting to use. Yes. That's heard that it's used as like a joke because it's like that's what says you really well read if you've read that. Well, we really didn't school. No. I did I went to the same schools. I'm sorry behind you. I read it in school. So maybe it was for a book report. I don't know. I think he made it up. There was like that one. And then there was brave new world which was another book kind of on the same subject. Okay. Kinda similar to Fahrenheit four fifty one. They're all kind of in the future, the government controls, everybody and you do anything in there. So, yeah, there's, there's a big there's a list of different things, and it says twelve great movies just added the public domain, the barnyard don't know that one, the covered wagon like this point, they're going to be like a lot of nineteen twenties like silent movies and stuff Laming youth. The ten commandments was a big movie at time the handyman. Homeward bound, little old, New York, Bambi is coming in. Yes. Ambi is coming, so safety safety last another interesting. So anyway, the ideas going forward. Every year, there's going to be stuff in the public domain. So you're gonna see those things get remained into movies. I think it would be cool to find out like, when I don't know, like what's a big name thing, besides, like like Mickey Mouse. So that's legit guy by I think is coming. I was just watching Popeye cartoons today. Actually, I wasn't personally the boys were. They thought it was Leary's. I was trying to find a list of like big things in the next ten years that couldn't find one so. No, no. So it's kind of a letdown, but. There is there is a, a good series and if you search so public domain superheroes. So it'd be like, superheroes that are in the public domain over the years, either, because they were never copyrighted or they fallen out of camp. Right. So, but here here's a thing real quick before we get into that. Do you remember a time where we were going to do like a writing exercise? Yeah. Where we were going to take public domain, superheroes and just create stories for them. And the reason is because I had read an article talking about public domain superheroes. And it pointed me to all of these characters Alex Ross drew, so all of the public domain characters and drew them if you search Google for public domain, superheroes, and look at the images, you'll see his drawings, and I have a ton of employee up here. I mean, there's like hundreds of them, literally crazy, but there's some pretty funny. Yeah. The one I'm looking at is the green giant Fantasma with the boy king, the claw that one's pretty cool. Lash, lightning Mr. raven the sword. The flag. The green Lama. Some of these are cool though. Black terror, and Tim in Tim that one that was the whatever that was. We were gonna do the aero pyro deliberate. I mean, there's son of these drawings are super cool. The fighting yank the fighting yank silver streak, the target and the target two years. More so funny, that's crazy. We is daredevil in the public domain, the original daredevil, not the marvel daredevil the, the Rhett, it's like he's half red and half black. Right. He kind of looks like dead. Shop kind of. Yeah. Professor super mind. So wait. What? How could you write a book, then called daredevil? Well, it couldn't have any thing in it that would trigger marvel to see you. So it would be very difficult. I mean you couldn't how could you even use the name? Well, I don't know. Do they have the name? Daredevil copyrighted. I don't know. Good question. I do want to write. Yongan doodle. My kid. L let you write Yankee doodle, because Mr. face looks kind of interesting. I wonder if these were like what these guys originally looked like or these were Alex's Ross's take on those characters. Alex Ross's a really good artist. He is in critical paints, everything. Yeah. He's he does. All he doesn't everything. It's all painting. Yeah. Majority of everything is painted because I saw a little, it was like a little documentary form. It was only fifteen minutes, but it was showing studio because he lives in Chicago. Really? Yeah. Lives in Chicago. And it was. Where's it at that he lives it starts with an H? It's not like home would but it's like something like that. But he, he lives at Highland Park. Maybe maybe it is. I don't know. But he lives up there in were showing his basement. And it's just all of this stuff that he's created in his basement, you know, but it was showing where he draws. And it's just paint everywhere. They're all these artists are very messy people. They've got crap everywhere and paints, like, basically everything. That's how he gets. That's like his style of, of art is through painting. And that's how he gets like the very lifelike human look. Miss fury. I feel like you could make a good character out of miss fury. I mean, you can make a good character out of any of them. Yeah. You can I just feel like that would hit pretty well in today's date, age phantom lady wonder world, comics lightning comics. Masks. So anyway, that was our. I mean, we didn't do enough research, on the public domain stuff. But I do think it's interesting. I think it's really cool that there was just this trout for so many years, and then all of a sudden, like it's back now. Well, and like we were talking, I think it is a good thing to talk about for people that want to create because if you are having an issue with creating something on your own, don't the big thing is don't get hung up on having to be one hundred percent. Original this is where Chris, and I like me personally like ice struggled with thinking that I had to create something that was solely hours and no one else's, and that it didn't tie into anything. I was always worried about it tying into a different story. And it's like dude, this has been everything you could think of has been played out. Yeah. So what you need to do is take a story that works or take a like a trope or whatever take something that were. Works and make it your own and just write the story. You know. So if you're interested in writing are interested in creating look at some of these characters and just make something up with them. And I think it, it is a good at writing exercise that we haven't done because we've been trying to create our own stuff. I don't know. I think it would be something fun for people to do, even if you aren't serious about it. It's still could be something fun that you're just like goofing around with looking at some of these characters like just looking at them. They're really good characters. And I would watch and look at a read anything about them. I mean like Yankee doodle. Yes, that's goofy. But like I'm looking at public domain characters right now. And there's a few of them that I'm really interested in because they look awesome, this website that I'm on is terrible. So Sherlock Holmes is one that's command. And I think it went off public domain, right before they made that Robert Downey junior movie. Really? Yeah. And but Watson isn't public domain or something like that. Really? Yeah. I, I was reading something along those lines. So. What's going to be super cool, though? Like someday Star Wars is not going to be public domain. Well. So listen to this, like, superman and Batman superman is going to be in twenty thirty three and Batman is in twenty thirty four. That's crazy. That's like soon, so batmans not see, here's the thing, though. Like it's not public domain, but all of the stuff that's been created around Batman since then technically still would be owned by DC. Sure, but you could create your own stories. But could you write make a character called Batman? Now that isn't. Resembling DC's Batman. Would that be actionable? I guess it would be. Yeah. Because that name is copyrighted. So it says. This is talking about, like waiting for ninety five years. And it says take a look at Sherlock Sherlock Holmes as a case study as of twenty fourteen the character, and everything written prior to nineteen Twenty-three are public domain, the content of ten stories were not that means any material excluding content found exclusively in those ten stories could be freely used. Right. With movie came out. Yeah. There still may be trademark issues that limit how. Sherlock Holmes, that was a guy Ritchie movie. Right. It was. Yeah. Guy Ritchie did Aladdin did you know that he did? I think so. Yeah, the, the one out. Yeah. No. I didn't I didn't either. Double check. Yeah he did. He did land holy cow. That does not seem like a guy Ritchie movie to me. I don't know anyway. That's cool. Should we do a little what's in the box in your backs grass the by? The by. I don't know. But this one's got a cool. Cool back to it. Is it a different BAC finally? And it's not kept them marvel this is what, what year we working on here. Oh, good call. We are. On no wrong, you are the worst. We are working. Twelve December two thousand fifteen December two thousand fifteen. What were you doing back then in December twenty fifteen I had just moved that August into the house that my brother-in-law now lives in and we were preparing things to build a home. Oh, new house. So it doesn't feel like that long ago that let's see that genie Noah would have been. Well shoot it would have been December twenty fifteen. So we're going to twenty sixteen in that Cheney worry. So like that, that next year is when we were getting plans created, like architectural drawings of our house. Yeah. Did you only have one child? No. We had to to. Yeah. Greedy grant was born in twenty fourteen. Okay. So then the next. Yeah. So Amy was getting pregnant soon. I don't know how that happens, but she did. So we got a dead pool. Number three point one, trace Puno. It's all on espe- and all it is present Totta massacre, L deadpool Mexicano. He's goofy. I like the back over the back is really being for January two thousand sixteen Spiderman. Deadpool number one. I wish I had that you don't I don't think so. Come for the collector, you. I don't know. Anyway, there's a guy at work like that comments on all of your like Kevin book collections. What does he say? He just thinks that you must be a millionaire have all these comic books, they're like, a dollar two dollars. It's just fun. It's fun because you do have like a Gillian. DC bombshells number seven. Okay. Great. There we go. Aga? That's what I like just thirty two. Holy crap. What a story man, a love this coverage just like no ads just blew on the back. How? Oh, gosh, it gets me so nudity. Oh, yeah. Look at full of your to nudity Weiner. If you like gratuitous nudity and sex in an adventure comic saga saiga's, your jam, that's your jam right there. It just it blows my mind real quick. It just blows my mind that, that there are people out there with the capability of weaving story like saga. Yeah, it's a great like that guy. Bryan cave on man. He's a genius. Here we go with a little bit of what I like to call daredevil, number two, Charles soul. I'm going to have to hand this to you. Can check out this amazing art? It is unprofitable cash that dude got a lot of. Figures. That's great art. Yeah. I like how simple it is right here. We got another great cover from Spiderman Spider-Man covers man. They have this, like look to them. Yeah. They have a look to them, and they're always better than everyone else's. Yeah. Is that a train that is a bus bus, and it's a he's getting zapped stabbed by some kind of a laser sword. Number five dang looking in this daredevil book, the whole the art throughout the whole book. Is that way? I know it looks like over and that's really good. World's greatest comic magazine dead pool number four. That's pretty cool cover. Yeah. That is nice colorful. We got a little bit of doctor, who the eleventh doctor adventures year too. It's pretty exciting. This makes me this is terrible. Number two. This is what I need to start reading this one. I got to finish my other daredevil run, but I'm waiting for doll. Come out this charnel soul. I need to read his stuff. We got a little bit of Lazarus right here while the number twenty one oh that's close to the end because I think they finished at twenty six twenty four twenty six that we got an amazing Spiderman number six. I just love the like painted art. Yeah, that's men covers. And that's like an Alex Ross thing that's a cool cover. That's what else Rostov he paints. This was a light alight month. It is, then you must have been down on your money that month e c bombshells, Jerry doesn't like those, but here we got a swamp thing. Number one, Len wean. Oh, yeah. He came out with a new run from. I was reading it tonight, actually, it was like from twenty fifteen to something right before he passed away. Original so Len wean is an original creator of something. Yeah. This is cool looking that dude. She created some really good our wars, number fourteen. I read this one. I remember this one, I have that in trade. Fater down part, five of six Vader down, that was a really good run or down series, just get the trade. It's amazing. All right. Do you have it? Yeah. Somewhere. I'll give it to you. Find that for me. You know what actually, I don't think I have the trade? I think I read them digital I do have them on comics allergy. I bought them. I think that's rare. I think I was reading I think it was because we were in the hospital, having a kid, comics, I was watching it wasn't that year has been like the year after head of sky sky, when is she was? She born Jerry twenty fifteen. Oh, yeah. You're welcome for everything. She's a year younger than grant. That's why remember Ted pool number five. So deadpool this one. Yes. So that makes sense that, that year you would have been reading it. See we got. Oh boy walking. Dead. Number one, fifty. This is one the key issue. There's another dude that can just we've story forever and ever and ever, not no one to quit. Original comic art. You can buy original Walking Dead comic pages on splash, page, art dot com. That's kind of cool. It is cool. I love, I love Robert Kirkman and what he's done. But you gotta know wanna give it up man. I don't know why you're saying that you. So you're okay with like spawn running for three hundred or issues. Now. I mean I don't know. But not not necessarily did only, like two hundred or something spawns, a little different though, because it's just like one hero that, that is fighting things that never end. I mean I don't know. I think zombies are just overdone. It's a world, Jerry. Is that more thunder? It is lots of thunder. I don't know. I'm just not fun. Ooh. Landon strikes g Brooke live grew strong. I don't think that's right. Oh something something. This. A storm goes. On controls. Nerf. Yoki. Kevin. Achy putu. The phone new roles. Yes. Good like that. When that when that CD was out. Let's see. Is it even? Oh, no. I don't remember. I don't remember no fences. Sounds good. I remember we used to go we used to go on vacation on the houseboat in Tennessee. The Dale hollow lake Dale hollow really deal Hollick. That's my uncle Jim wants to go to jail, how it's great so bad for carp fishing. It's great like it's apparently phenomenal for carp fishing. Well anyway, we several times when I was kid, we'd get a house bone. We go down there and not like the amazing houseboats now that are like luxury. There's pretty shitty houseboats but you had you had a houseboat for while. That's true. Forgot about that. Yeah. So we play that little boombox. Instead, I'm top like at night. Yeah. Me and my sisters, and there's a propane tank on the top of the houseboat. Okay. And we sing that, like thunder rolls when we bang, the propane Tango, crash. Oh, simple. Life was the crash, boom bang on a propane. Always think when I hear that song thunder rolled crash boom by instructs. Oh, no. It after the lightning streaks part. Yeah. Well, it would have to be because you don't get thunder until lightning. Right. You get thunder before lady. No. It's from lightning. I saw. Doesn't like lightning occur. And then you hear the thunder that makes sense. Isn't there song about that? You're saying, no not that song. Yes. So it says the kicking and asks what sets on that is made up saw. Oh, no. It's not a up upside the thunder does the work son, and let names kicking ass or something. I understand you're saying it's a song, but I don't think it exists. I'm pretty sure you song. But Garth Brooks is wrong because he says the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes. It should be the lightning has struck. And now the thunder rolls. Okay. Listen idiot. How did he make it famous? It's a song and it goes. Under makes the no was bows, and Latin name does the work in error. That's on know who things this it ain't the smoke gets the fire that gets the burn done. If it wasn't for the bullet, Nobody'd, fear, the gun, it ain't the bark ain't they grow ain't the bite that hurts. Thunders, just the noise boys lightning does the work. Nice. Chad Brock Chad bra chant proc disease to be from the nineties. Oh, yeah. I think so. I don't remember him. Well, we're going to get a little taste of it. After this. That's the song one. Listen to add. I don't know awfully loud and annoying have YouTube red. I shouldn't have to listen to ads fancy. He is. You've probably read nineteen Eighty-four by Jolo. No, no. The music video is just him welding, that's real. That sounds like an antipathy. He's a big old, fat guy, welding. Nice. And grinding grinding. Okay. Get it. Believe you don't remember the sun. No. Burn in. Nobody here. It ain't the mind. Nervous, the no bowl of Latin, does the word. No, I know a lot of nineties country in dollars and five. Oh, sh that's not the that makes sense as to why wouldn't know that then two thousand five. I wasn't I comment on the music video is when my youngest girl was afraid of the thunder, and lightning was afraid of thunder lightning. When the song came out, I burned a hole CD with it, and she played it over and over during storms. So she could remember that thunders, just annoys boys lightning does the work. Calmed her down. And after a while she was no longer afraid of storms. It's amazing how many ways amazing. So what he weighs. What song could touch different people's lives? So, so now she's not. She's is a free to guns because of bullets well just realized like, oh my gosh. I'm just here's why is that? Full because thunder is just annoys. But the point is lightning does the work. Lightning is the one that burns be afraid of the thunder, daughter base lightning that's gonna kill us. Right. See that big flash that murder be. Oh my God. That's hey, it's amazing. How songs can just touch your heart, you know, and how they can save you from eighty of storms speaking that Grady's been he was a wrestler, Chad rook, what in like professional. What is a professional? I mean. A professional wrestler. I guess he was in the WWE. Oh, yeah. Well, then he definitely has profess-. Let's see he's American country singer and disc jockey, before beginning music recruiter in the late nineteen ninety s he was a professional rustler in WCW, Russell lar- until an injury forced him to retire. Did mankind throw them off of the cage in hell, in the cell? You don't remember him? He had a couple other big songs fell sixteen feet of Cajun home country. Into the rewrite of country boy, cancer vise really, can't hit by chair broken jaw. He did. He had one called. Yes. Made that up that was although. He had a bunch of singles. People's elbow brought him down. Ordinary life. Cross face cripple, lightning does the work a country. Boy thirty five. Why to cavers? And yes. Why to cave urge what a joke Twitter redneck in the White House. What what is country? Boy, can't survive Y, two K version. It's like. Zeros and one with Hank Williams junior and George Jones. Oh, George Jones's Magerram. I like him a lot awesome. He was active up until two thousand eight Chris Brock Chad Chad, who is Chris Brock. He's not a person I just just confused Chad. And Chris is no. He is a person. He's a retired major league pitcher. Oh, yeah. I need that. He played six seasons for the Braves. There. There you go. He this Billy Buckner Billy Buckner. Yeah. Billy diner. Did he miss miss the ball? He played for the Red Sox and a ball went through his legs into the outfield these playing first base, and then it allow demanded to remember to win game six and then they went onto win game seven and the Red Sox continued their losing streak in the World Series. And everyone blamed Billy Buckner. But nobody remembers anymore because they wanted to murder him. Yeah. Kind of like Bartman. Yeah. He was like the original Bartman was destroyed. Yeah. He's still like hiding right out lives with his mom. Him more meat low L? See okay? What happened is him. And his mom. Of course, of course they were forced to move to Russia, because of Knowles way. This is true till Russia. They had to move to Russia, and then his mom met Putin. Edward snowden. Edward Snowden was hiding Russia too. And then his mom got involved and word snow and became an item they got married. So actually Bartman, but us general me Bartman, step dad is said, we're Snowden. You can't make this shit up. Did somebody make a movie out of this? I should be movie. Is it public domain will there was, there was a little snow movie wasn't there? Yeah. In that movie for real just came out last year. That's known movie. What the okay so this still doesn't say where he's at this, he's still in Russia Bartman. Yeah. Well, see what happened was he was, he was in Russia, but he was super upset because he didn't believe that Edward Snowden was a bad was a hero like much of the American public believes in wants them to be back, the US, dropped charge blah, blah, blah, blah, he didn't believe that he was with. He he was eases. Stepdad. He was on the side of saying, like no. He's an enemy of the state so that in any got pissed off at the United States. Okay. So he actually went over to Putin and the music AGP operative now that's you made that part up. No. Yes. You did. Yes, he did. You've made that part. He's it. No. He became a covert KGB operative. He was actually killed in Syria. Oh, good. Yeah. He should be. He was the one delivering weapons to the do the bags here. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. This is rebel. We don't even know what's true though. Well, part of this is true. I don't even know. Did he really moved to rush? Yes. Okay. Yes. What does mom? Okay. Did he really move with his mom? Yes. Move by himself. But most people get married or have something his mom got married to Edward Snowden. This is ridiculous. This the snowman is they call them. They're right. Well, I'm sure he calls stepdad's snowman. That guy should be. Never mind. It's ridiculous. Steve Bartman now. Yeah. The Steve Bartman incident, the yet, we know he had an incident, not that incident. No. They incidents when he got killed in Syria. Oh, okay. Yes. We're at two hours, six minutes. Okay. A well spent two hours and six minutes. Now that we all know about Edward Snowden and becoming. He was actually giving it World Series by the cubs. Yeah, I know. He was. I mean post death. But right posthumously, is that what it is? I was trying to think of the word, but anyone costume Asli awarded the World Series ring. Yeah. Of course, there's a documentary called catching hell. Could you imagine that? Like making a biggest mistake like that. That's a big mistake. I remember. I remember watching that happen. Yeah. And then he was escort it out because everybody was like going to murder him in the stand. Yeah. It turns out after all that he's still got murdered. Right. He's still got murdered in Syria with chemical weapons. Yeah. Yeah. Delivering chemical bump stock mood. I'm gonna Jaylen John dinner dinner will be later jet. Oh man. We're going to be on this. Yeah. I know now we're going to be tracked cover up your little yet cover up your camera. I didn't have my camera covered. I don't either people do that. Everybody does us thing, right? Like should we do that? They have a new computer some of the new computers. They're like you push push the top and the camera pops out. Oh, so it's always covered. Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah, I do see it a lot actually on some YouTube videos when people have their if you can see their camera or consider computer screen. I've seen tape over a lot. And then you've got people like. The Mark Zuckerberg? So there is an interview with him where he was talking about, like no, you don't need to be worried about this tracking. You know, you don't need to be worried about this in his computer was opened behind him any ad tape over his camera. And everybody's like, you know, you're telling us not to be worried about things and yet, you're taping over your cameras so that people. Don't watch you a bunch of people that I know do they have tape over their cameras? Really? Yeah. They must think they're very interesting. Right. That's my thing is like, who really like, if you want to spy on me, I listen to anything. You're going to get much. I'm an open book to get nothing. Why don't you just listen to my podcast? Okay, because I could use the numbers is I'm an American right? All right. Well on that. So if you learn anything this episode. Watched patrol and thunders just annoys, right? Lightning lightning is where the work comes through in the work. Yeah. I. I am a Gerald. Snyder nine Chris to for Harford, the third. Well, just the first. First of my name. Last of will. See you later.

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