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If you're hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your short list of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started at indeed dot com slash smith steve smith show podcast is brought to you by the new capital one safercar earned four percent cashback on dining entertainment two percent at grocery stores source and one percent on all other purchases. Hey what's in your wallet. This is the steven a. Smith show podcast the stephen a smith show live from los angeles george sodano filling in for the great stephen a it's all presented by progressive recipe insurance of course tons of stuff to get into today. Football is here folks college. Football is underway major league. Baseball is getting through <unk> their grind. We're almost ready to get to the playoffs. Tim cartoon is gonna stop by about thirty minutes. We'll talk to him. The n._b._a. Is all day and ramona shelburne. We'll check in with us at two o'clock eastern and then meantime. We'll wrap up the show with us at two thirty eastern to talk some football so a a lot of stuff for you today. Let's get right into jerry jones. I love jerry jones. Jerry jones in the cowboys. They are literally a content machine. You know i know some of you guys out there. You take jabs at e._s._p._n. And you're like what would you guys do without lebron. What would you guys do without the dallas. Cowboys is particularly. You're right. I don't know what we'd do without them. But jerry jones zeke elliott this drama that has been playing out with this particular holdout is unlike any we've seen in a long long time unfortunately for jerry. It's one that he's familiar with but yet still doesn't understand how this thing could end. Here's jerry jones with the latest on how he feels ezekiel elliott and this whole situation will play out right mind tire <hes> expectation for putting together as he was found anticipate not having a handwriting miss preseason guy. He's going to miss games except it's time for straight. Talk brought to you by straight talk. Wireless jerry jones man. He is always given us something. Here's the deal jerry jones and let's do a little history lesson here. We're back in one thousand nine. Hundred ninety three emmett smith was running back for the dallas cowboys and in one thousand nine hundred three emmett smith decided to hold out for more money which at the time <music> i'm he ended up eventually getting a record setting contract for running backs because they started owen to now that was a super bowl team michael irvin troy aikman and you know that great offensive line the great defense jimmy johnson all that this team is more reliant. I believe leave on the running back then. Even that team was and you'd think that jerry of all people would learn based off of history. Look at the guys that you have on this roster. They're not hall of fame players. That prescott is a good quarterback. Is he a great quarterback. I sure as hell don't know to you. I don't think there's enough sample size even to tell that now he may end up having to pay dak prescott but i think that's going to end up being his problem is that he's put himself in this conundrum where he's gotta pay doc. He's gotta pay zeke and he's gotta pay cooper which one do gyp dip a little bit which one dea shave off some dollars. If it were me it sure as hell wouldn't be zeke. Look at what zeke has produced for the dallas cowboys particularly what he's done for dak prescott. That's a solid a young quarterback right. He's thirty percent better with his play action passing when zeke's on the field feel that's not an insignificant amount. That's legit what makes the offense go because ezekiel elliott and yet when he touches the ball twenty three times or more last season the cowboys won every game one think think about those numbers for second zeke touches the ball twenty three times. They want all the games except one in that particular scenario. Zeke is the straw aw that stirs the drink and i know jerry is a master negotiator. Hell i'm in los angeles. Jerry got this deal done. He got not one but two football teams in los sandals so i'm not trying to knock gerry's negotiation tactics because more times than not. They certainly been way more fruitful. He's way more of a businessman than i could ever dream to be. You know what he buy in for the cowboys one hundred and what thirty forty million dollars and now it's worth five billion dollars so i'm not trying to knock his negotiation skills but i i think you gotta learn from your own history and you've been here before. This team isn't as talented as those triplets you had in the ninety s you need need every single one of these guys on board to give yourself a shot in the n._f._c. The n._f._c. is a gauntlet right now and you're just going to sit here and you're gonna say we'll just wait. We're good zeke and miss some games yeah i. I think that's fools gold man. I think that you're being silly now. I know that the season starts off relatively soft for dallas the giants washington and miami so in those three games. I mean you really should go. You know you probably could even go to in one but let's just say you go one and two then what because then you've got new orleans green bay at the jets look. I don't think the jets are going to be some sort of juggernaut by any stretch of the imagination but they're going to be about a five hundred squad so they're going to win some games and you're going on the road owed their and then you got philly before your bye week so it's very possible that you could be under five hundred heading into your bye week. Do you really and that's with zeke by the way even if they had zeke they could potentially be under five hundred. Do you wanna take that chance if you're jerry jones with ezekiel elliot. How do you not seen how much better he makes everyone around him. He's look if i'm arm with those type of numbers one would think that jerry and steven jones are armed with those kinds of numbers but the other aspect of this is and i don't think enough people are talking about this part of it yeah. We've talked about back but dacca's playing at right back is going low key. He's waiting for his deal to get done. We've i've heard the leaks right. Maybe he wants forty million. That cowboys wanted to pay him thirty million. They'll probably meet somewhere in between but i think the biggest challenge for the cowboys all boys beyond zeke is actually paying dak prescott because i'm not sure he's elite and i'm of the opinion and i'm in the minority forty on this stuff that there's going to be a quarterback bubble much like there was a housing bubble. I don't think every quarterback is built equally and yeah next man up and he becomes the highest paid in the next guy become the highest paid. Matthew stafford was wants to highest pig. I get all that but at some point on you have to look at the guy you have there and if you're gonna pay him the most money in the league for that particular position that guy be better be able to carry. You and i just don't have any faith that debt prescott can carry this team. Go look back and i know it was a couple ably years ago but go look back at the twenty seventeen season when zeke miss those games due to suspension cowboys went three and three and you look at those games there were two good games by back in that stretch and then there were a bunch of miserable miserable games thirty seven nine loss to philly twenty eight six loss to the chargers in those games. You're talking about <hes> no touchdowns five interceptions for dak prescott then had a couple of bounceback games beat washington beat the giants then they lost to oakland and seattle before zeke came back in those games dak prescott threw five touchdown passes nine interceptions. Yes it was a number of years ago. Yes he's gotten better as a quarterback but as he got that much better look at the way doc started last season when they started three and three. There's probably only one game there and he had zeke with him at that particular point so i think there's some real challenges to paying dak prescott not to mention once you pay the guy on the rookie contract at quarterback quarterback the winds. They just don't mount up the same way anymore. Here's some examples for you. Russell wilson seattle seattle seahawks he was on that crazy good contract seven hundred grand or whatever it was early in his career the seahawks win forty six and eighteen with four straight trips to the playoffs then seattle gave him his first big deal he had won. Almost seventy. Two percent of his games aims at that point since then. He's only one sixty one percent. That's decent drop off. You're talking about ten in percents. That could be the difference between a game or two and we all know in the n._f._l. And particularly in the n._f._c. that could be the difference you make in the playoffs or not matt ryan the atlanta falcons went to the playoffs. Four of his first five seasons also wanted a seventy two percent clip since being paid as the franchise player at quarterback. He's one forty eight percent of his games. So so you can make the argument potentially that if the cowboys ended up giving dak prescott an enormous contract and screw around with zeke elliot that their window may have been closed already. You legitimately can make that just just based off history so if i'm jerry jones and i'm the cowboys. I'm reassessing what the situation looks like. Go dig into the numbers. Go look at the play of your quarterback. Is it really elite or or is it just good because you've got a good team around because you have a good offensive line even though it's not as good as it was that offensive line as deteriorated rated some it's not the impenetrable wall that it once was so just be careful be very very very careful what you do if you're jerry jones by antagonizing ezekiel elliott because i think that could end up being the biggest mistake you make this particular season. The windows in the n._f._l. Are small and they're in sports in general. They're smaller than you think doesn't even have to be the n._f._l. Look at the n._b._a. We thought the warriors are going to win for a decade. We thought shacking kobe. We're gonna win for a decade. We thought lebron wade and bosch. We're gonna win for more than four years. That's for sure remember. Not one not two not three four five you get the point. All these windows and sports are way way smaller than you actually actually think and perhaps the cowboys window may have already closed. It's up to you jerry. You figure that part out the one thing jerry is good at. I don't use any debate as i mentioned earlier. Jerry jerry knows how to handle league business and our own dan drowsy. Yano has a report out there actually the original report. I want to credit the washington post but our dan graziano did some reporting on this to about jerry and all the owners figuring this preseason thing out. Let's hear from dan was the current collective bargaining talks between players and owners. It seems like the expansion of the season has become a more important priority for the owners than people thought it was is going to be at the outset of these talks and hand in hand with that they try and they said well. We'll cut back on preseason games. We can expand the regular season or expand. The playoffs were a little bit of both both so there is a sense around the league that preseason games are useless and stupid which i believe that they are. I think that <hes> you know fewer and fewer top players are playing in them as we discussed earlier and the risk of injury is a significant factor for teams at this point. Dan one thing you write about preseason in games are stupid and they're pretty significant at this point and you know who taught us all that sean mcvay the head coach of the los angeles rams he hasn't played played anyone on his roster of any significance into pre seasons now and that's the right way to go. You're talking about a sport in the n._f._l. That eventually becomes a battle of attrition in most cases so because of that you gotta make sure your guys are healthy and even then you can't can't safeguard against that can't scotchgard guys right. You can't put them in bubble wrap but if they can take less hits in meaningless games that don't don't count i get it. Here's the one thing i like where the owners are right now more playoffs everybody everybody likes that in baseball people complained about it originally because of all the purest how i don't wildcard i remember when the marlins and indians played in the one thousand nine hundred seven world series and a man who i think is the greatest broadcaster sports broadcaster of my generation bob. Kostas was not happy about that but you know what eventually it worked. You know why because of hope that's what sports traffics in hope the more hope you have the more fans fans are interested and the more the media's interested and the more dollars compiling it. Everybody loves playoff games. Yes the n._f._l. Is king out of what was it like. Three hundred of the top shows <hes> this past calendar year. I think to fifty or n._f._l. Games something ridiculous like that but there's a reason for that scarcity right. It's supply and demand economics. You don't need more preseason games. You don't need to expand the regular season dilute that this crazy notion of expanding rosters or putting a cap on guys and how many games they could play in the regular season if they wanted to play eighteen well. We may only allow them to play sixteen. No no that stuff stupid. That's silly playoffs. That's where the money's at because networks like e._s._p._n. N._b._c. fox c._b._s. and the like are all in on spending money for playoffs because everybody is huddled around their tv set hoping their team can win and i've got three other words for you that allows this particular function to work even more so in the hunt hunt. How many times have you watched the football game late in the season on e._s._p._n. Or n._b._c. fox c._b._s. And the graphic comes up in the hunt they got the playoff picture and then they got like thirty seven teams in the hunt at like five hundred. You're gonna be in the hunt a lot longer which means fans in cities like new york for example where i think the jets as i mentioned earlier earlier about an eight and eight nine seven type team. Maybe they get into the playoffs now. If you expand the playoffs by one team in each side and then you do reward that team that won the regular season and give them a by you. Don't give to buys anymore. This is very simple. It's such an easy fix and mark maskey. The washington. Post was the original reporting on this show. Wanna give him all the credit but this to me makes all the sense in the world just based on that. If you're the cleveland browns or the baltimore ravens this you're the pittsburgh steelers. That division is going to be a bloodbath. All three of those teams could potentially finish nine and seven now. There's a pretty good chance in the current format that maybe one team makes it. Maybe two team makes it's rare that we have three teams out of a division even if they deserve it actually make the playoffs. It's only happened what five six times something like that but if you add one more what's being discussed is a lot of different things owners have brought up the possibility of eighteen game regular season in two preseason games they brought up the possibility of a seventeen game regular season and what that would do the preseason possibility of adding a new playoff team in each conference per year giving only one team a first round bye so the preseason is likely to shrink as a result of the plan that the owners hope they can pull off to expand the season all those guys in there and you have hope with those teams then all of a sudden. You're going to be in good shape. If you're the league. You're gonna find yourself in a situation where the more interest there is around the country. Were teams feel like even if they're under five hundred with two or three games to go that they're in the hunt. The n._f._l. Is gonna be in the hunt for more dollars which let's face it. It's what we want. We don't want meaningless games. We want games that matter. It's what we want here in america. Oh gimme stuff that don't count. We don't even like ties in america. It gives games that don't even count slice those games in half half gimme two teams that are playing five preseason games with the hall of fame gimme two preseason games. Give me an extra playoff game. You'll make up the money on that and you're good to ago that straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless everything for less only at walmart coming up next. We're gonna dive into major league baseball my buddy tim cartoons gonna stop by the mets clearly have proven to be a disaster after going. All in the yankees are are only getting healthier. Dodger fans are freaking out about this series this past weekend against the yankees what's real what's not we'll get into that that would tim kirch in just a second but first when it comes to hiring you don't have time to waste. You need to get your shortlist of qualified candidates and do it fast. That's why you you need indeed. Dot com post a job in minutes set up screener questions based on your job requirements then zero in on the qualified candidates using an intuitive online dashboard discover why more than three million businesses use indeed for hiring post a job today at indeed dot com slash iheart. That's indeed dot com slash higher. Tim cartoon e._s._p._n. Insider ryder joins us next year on the stephen. A smith show jornada in for steven when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste. You need help getting to your shortlist of qualified candidates fast. 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Member f._d._i._c. so let's talk a baseball here with my buddy. Tim cartoon e._s._p._n. M._l._b. will be insider. <hes> thank you for joining us appreciate the time how are you. I'm good to excellent excellent. We're winding down here. I've got so so much stuff to talk to you about. Let's start with the dodgers yankee series from a couple of days ago because i've got dodger fans here in l. a. freaking out. I've got yankee fans as well as you know. I'm one of them are kind of puff out their chest a little bit especially with the reinforcements coming in <hes>. How much do you make of what transpired over the weekend between in those two ball clubs well. I think it just showed again just dangerous. The yankees can be when most of the pieces are in place place. Most notably aaron judge swinging the bat like we know that he can't and it is a frightening proposition all teams the thought of that yankee lineup full force in october and yet. It's the same end they not. He jin ryu around which just doesn't doesn't happen very often so that was very encouraging. If you're a yankee fan but bombed the dodgers. I'm not worried about anything right now other than maybe kenley kenley jansen house down and is he in the back end of the bullpen nothing that happened would make me really worry as dodger fan 'cause. They have the best team in the national. The yankees are really good. They got beaten by a really good teams and there are three elite teams going into the playoffs is gonna be houston the dodgers and the yankees handke's and it's gonna be fun to watch at least those three to i sorry about that. We had a little technical difficulty here so i apologize. We're back here. George pseudo in for for steven steven a. smith show and tip kirk joining us here on the line timmy. You mentioned the bullpen and sorry about that. We had some issues here on this ed. You mentioned the bullpen nine for the dodgers and kenley jansen. I think there are bigger problems in that. I look at them at forget about just the ninth inning. Which is the most important but what are they doing. Seven and eight just to get to jansen that to me is a big question mark for them as well. How do you view that well. I think that's part of the issue. I think i said the back end of the and that just doesn't mean the ninth inning it needs getting to the ninth inning and i thought they would do more at the trade deadline they got out and cleric is really we gotta help them because he knows what he's doing out there and he got some funky delivery and donkey arm angles and everything else but i thought they would do more and let's say that that is critical. Especially in october is having a feast versatile both and the good thing the dodgers have is when their rotation is right amy laughs from their bullpen and most teams which means kershaw review <hes> bueller and others are gonna have to be really good if worried about the seven three minute tim kirkman with this year e._s._p._n. Insider let's flip to the yankees side of this. We're going to talk about the astros as well but <hes> the yankees have a wealth of riches right now. It seems like anybody they've brought up has just been able to plug into the lineup and perform at a high level. They're going to get some guys back here. <hes> what kind of decisions do you think aaron. Boone is going to have to make moving forward here well. He's gonna have some really difficult decision but i think i think the biggest decision is what. What are we going to do with jim. Carlos santana. He's been out for a long time and he's going to play when he comes back given given his status in the game and salary and who he is the question is who does he replace and how long does that last is gino orsha or shell on sit down like talk to these guys sit down and play when they've been absolutely critical to this point to me that will be the biggest decision susan that aaron boone is what if giancarlo stanton four and then it could be someone else but i think he's the prime example of this what if if he comes back and is relatively easy out which he can be when he's not swinging the bat very well or if he's slightly injured or little rusty you keep him in there and keep a really good player who helped you so much this year on the bench that will be the difficult call for arab boot the most difficult call to me. You know that the yankees had to know what they were getting into with him clearly his you know we know what his ceiling is an m._v._p. But the injuries have i've been things that have plagued him in his past and i'm a big believer of the biggest predictor of future injury is past injury. How do you see him kind of developing hoping there in new york and and just kind of how his career goes. Are you worried about that aspect of it at all. I'm not worried after this year for his sake. Take a little wordy this year for precisely what is going to happen but what i what does he comes back and he really struggles right. What do you do then and he has to sit. What's he gonna be like moving forward. I don't think they can move that contract. George i think they i hate to use the word stuck because they're not but they're kind of stuff with him so they had and that's part of the dynamic here. They have to keep him happy moving forward because he's going to be on their team from what i can tell. That's the tricky part but i think he'll be healthier next year. I think whatever has happened to him this year and whatever will happen happen is going to drive him for next year and he's way way cute good and too young and strong to be done in any way <music> as effective plan to cartoon e._s._p._n. M._l._b. insider with us here on these stephen smith show george sodano in for stephen today here on e._s._p._n. Radio and sirius x._m. Channel eighty and e._s._p._n. News news so to me. Let's flip to the astros. What is their weakness. George vado have a weakness and the dodgers back into the bullpen which was talking about the yankees started. Pitching is questionable in certain spots. I don't see a weakness for the astros. At this point there are three in the rotation is as good as there is in baseball. There lineup went. Everyone healthy is absolutely relentless and their bullpen is is in better shape than l. A.'s bullpen not as good as as the yankee bullpen but it's good and that's why i think the astros would certainly be the team to in the american league at baby the major when the postseason <hes> every team has been. I frankly don't see it with the astros tim curcio this year tim the team that hits the most home runs or you know really if you go back three years now. The team in the top three in home runs generally tends to win the world series if you're in that particular area as far as team home runs are concerned. You tend to win. The minnesota. Twins are a juggernaut when it comes to hitting home runs. You are a real historian when it comes to major league baseball. I see this on the front page of e._s._p._n. Dot com today <hes> when it in regarding the <hes> in regards to the minnesota twins are they the best home run team ever and i have you here on them. What do you make of their chances once they get to the postseason. Well gonna hit more homers this year than any team by definition. They're going to be the greatest home run team ever they've already hit the most home runs of any team and we haven't even got the number yet but george. We'll have to keep this in perspective on what is going on this year. It is a whole run season like we've never seen before or even close and we smash my record all the time but this year where the pace to be there by eight hundred home runs sixty seven hundred home runs this year. It's way too many still tend to twins win. Just just didn't homers. I would say no. They're pitching good enough for me. Beat the astros or the yankees or the dodgers but you count out a team that can hound it like that. Team can is a major mistake. I don't think the rest of the team is up to par with. Those three elite teams are we just talked about. The wild card race in the national league is very tight right now. It's still tight enough where you know you have to pay attention to a number of teams. <hes> obviously the nationals and cubs are there the phillies the brewers even the diamondbacks and to some extent the mets. I wanna get to in just a moment. But how do you view that particular race well. I think you've ever cubs. Cardinals are gonna win the division and whatever team doesn't win. The division is gonna win awhile card. I think they're going to win the second wildcard with the national reading the first wildcard the nationals george are really good right now. They can score runs. We see especially the last few weeks and the top of their rotation with the help healthy. Max scherzer is really really good. That's how i see the national league ending up and i'm sorry i just don't see the maps or the brewers or the phillies diamondbacks with the giants. They get a real push <hes> at the wild card. I think you're gonna get a bigger. It's bigger lead than either sable. Chicago and washington goes to the playoffs as a wildcard. How much of a mistake did the mets make the deadline tim him i one of two ways to look at it towards the mistakes they made was everything they did before the season started giving coming up young players for eight second basement and putting so much into a one inning reliever hasn't been particularly good once you've come <hes> this far and the goal is to win and that's all the general manager has on his mind cause. That's what ownership told him to do. We want you to win now. How did the right thing at the trade deadline going for it and actually bringing some excitement to clean for the first time in a while but in the end i think it's going to be proven quite clearly that they made a mistake going for this at the beginning of the year but midseason it was too late. It was too late eight to make change might as well try to win. They tried they made a good run at it but it's not gonna be enough to coaching with this year last one tim speaking of disappointments and what kind of fallout if any do you expect from boston's disappointing season well. They're not done yet george but i i just we don't see them passing cleveland and or minnesota tampa bay or oakland. Those things are better than the red sox right now but i think the red sox are gonna take a oh really hard look at where they are with free agency coming up for some guys with opt out for j._d. Martinez what are we gonna do with movie beth. Is he gonna assigning long-term. I think they're going to spend the winter asking themselves. Some really difficult questions and i wouldn't be shocked if they shook up that team but my guess is. They're going to stay roughly with what they have. I think martinez stays the rest of the guys are signed. They're gonna try to resign. Mookie betts and i think if you're gonna have relatively the same team next year as they do this year but if they shook it up i wouldn't be totally surprised did cartoon u._s._b. M._l._b. insider an analyst with us stephen smith show giordano in for stephen timmy always a pleasure. Thanks for the time. George take care have a great holiday weekend that that was tim. Kirkman baseball season rolls along tune in tomorrow as bryce harper in the phillies host. The mets presented by indeed coverage begins at three thirty eastern on e._s._p._n. Radio and e._s._p._n. App this player resumes brought to you by indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring post a job today at indeed dot com slash higher. I coming up next. We got another mellow story. Mellado go away. Mellow doesn't wanna go away and i'll tell you where he could end up next and now i fought from geico motorcycle. It took fifteen minutes to take a spirit animal quiz online. Please be the cheetah cheetah and learn your animal isn't the cheetah data but the far less appealing blood fish. <hes> come on glad insult injury. You could've used those fifteen blood vici- minutes to switch switch your motorcycle insurance too geico geico fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on motorcycle insurance. Guess what you're in the middle of the steven a. Smith show podcast stephen a smith show giordano in for stephen a live from los angeles tune in to the data distance podcast hosted by ivan mozelle commemorating the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of college football download subscribing review the down and distance since podcasts available. Wherever you enjoy your podcast actually went to the opening game between florida miami i grew up a big hurricanes fan and you know it's funny. Because is there the one team that still gets me. They still grab me and <hes> i went into that game. Thinking underdogs touchdown underdogs. I'm going to win the game and then of of course they had the lead in the fourth quarter and i've fooled myself into thinking they'd win the game and of course then i left furious. That's phantom for basically. Let me grab a couple of calls here people. You're all riled up about the cowboys conversation zeke conversation <hes> that i was having early. It's gonna jay in long island. What's up jay. You're on the stephen a smith show. Hey how you correct yes sir. I'm good and yourself. I'm good okay. <hes> kirk cousins has one how many playoff games zero right. I wouldn't pay him either but he got paid right. Carson wentz has one zero playoff games yeah one good one great season season and that prescott has had a team in the playoffs to three years he hasn't had losing records and he hasn't had the weapons or some of these other guys other news which is running back. You know he had a dez bryant. I couldn't get over all jason within so he didn't have the receivers fevers and he played you know if you watch green bay packer games. His first playoff game was coming back that has nothing to do with zeke we gave that has performed well in the biggest moments but you know also performed well in the biggest moments joe flacco. You know what i'm saying that that's the reality of it though you know like he he performed at the right times to get paid and i gotta run jason. Thank you for the call. That's the biggest challenge you have is once you pay the quarterback i gave you. The numbers look at matt ryan. Look at russell wilson. Those guys were winning seventy two percent of their games and now russell wilson is at sixty you want still good but not elite as far as winning percentage is concerned. I mean matt ryan and the falcons they went from seventy two percent to forty eight percent winning percentage so there becomes a whole new set of challenges once you pay the quarterback you know there's a market inefficiency by drafting thing a guy and winning in that window before you have to pay him the big deal and that's that's what they're trying to do speaking of deals carmelo anthony and he tried to get one more deal and look i saw the interview with steven a. and i feel for carmelo as ramona shelburne who's gonna join us at the top of the hour about that and we'll get into the demarcus cousins situation dwight howard in l._a. But man i feel for mellow so kevin durant and kyrie irving are vouching for mellow to join the nets short why not i actually am underselling the nets this season. I'm a little bearish on them to use a stock market term. I don't necessarily believe that they're going to be a top four seed in eastwood just kyrie and and i love karen delivered i just don't i don't think surprising anyway what's so honestly adding mellow if mellows willing to come off the bench and play a role. I don't know that last ramona shelburne about all that we'll talk to you about dwight howard of the latest on demarcus cousins stephen smith show giordano in for stephen.

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