Friday 12/11/20 - The Death Of JonBent Ramsey Part 1


Hey what's up guys. It's big cat before you start listening to this episode. I want to let you know that we're running a special sale on all barstool merch. Go to store dot barstool sports dot com and use code podcast for ten percent off goto store dot barstool sports dot com and use code podcast for ten percent off our api. Today is friday december eleventh. Welcome to the dog president of a barstool sports. I'm here with ellie ellie horry get. How are you good. We got a big one today. We do so going to partner. We've got to barter. So so buckle up get ready because you'll hear us this week and next week will be the same thing Because i think it's it's a big enough one that it deserves to parts. Yeah there's a lot going on yes so today. We're going to be covering the death of jon. Benet ramsey which is widely regarded as the biggest mystery. The biggest. You know who done and probably the last thirty years for sure. Yeah it's a. It's a more recent one then a lot of cases that we cover just because it's hard to cover in cases when you don't know enough but this one wasn't that long ago last week we were in the forties so you're in the forties exactly and it ha- i shouldn't you know it happened in ninety six so But i always see. She was born in one thousand nine hundred dollars board in nineteen national. Wasn't oh damn mike she was. You know that's you know thirty years. Whatever so Before we really kick it off here. I wanna talk about. Ap graziano I central week. Is you know christmas. Right around the corner. You want to make sure you gotta jp graziano dot com and you get hooked up with a any pasta trae A sub trae or how about a dessert tray. I'm looking right now. That got the cannoli chip and dip. Trae which i talked a lot about yesterday. They also got a butter cookie. Trae how does that sound. It sounds pretty good thirty ago. Yes one pot of delicious butter cookies. 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Sixth nineteen ninety. She's a classic nineties baby. She was born to john and patsy ramsey who they all lived in boulder colorado. She was known for being a pageant beauty pageant star. Even though she was she's really little her mom put in right away. And i believe her mom was a beauty pageant herself too. She was younger so she was. So this is like honey. Boo boo shit. Honey boo gone wrong so unfortunately she was only six years old when she died so brings us to christmas night. Actually of nineteen ninety. Six to give you guys a little holiday holiday case in here. Yeah that's what also makes sense too because it happened on christmas and these are obviously the weeks leading up to christmas And we should say to like. We're just gonna run through this. A lot of people might not already. But it's gotten to the point where it's so long ago i wasn't that familiar with it so i'm sure there's a lot of people in their twenties early thirties. Who don't know anything about it. So we're gonna run it through it here and now we're gonna get into you know all the all the details after so there's a lot of people who have heard of it but don't y'all specifics are haven't gotten like they know the name. Yes because it's such a. It's such a unique name right. Jon benet ramsey it just it just flows so so well. So that's why we're we're going to run through it here so we're at so here. We are so as evening of christmas in nine nineteen ninety-six yep so ramsey's are coming back from christmas party. They had a good christmas. They put the kids to bed and on the night. So the net night of christmas into the twenty th again. We're in nineteen ninety-six here so all the ramseys everyone's asleep in their bed miss ramsey so patsy ramsey she wakes up around five thirty on the twenty six th then she gets up to go make the coffee and she finds a ransom note on the staircase. So little does she know. She wakes up before dawn. Even china's ransom note and jon benet is not. She's not in her bed. So right off the bachelorette. Oh my god. She's been kidnapped. Calls the police immediately. I don't know my question would be like. Did you take time to read the ransom note because the ransom note was two and a half pages long so it wasn't just like a doctor's gonna give me money. It was like they wrote her. Short novel was huge. Yeah like huge. It was very. I guess you could say it was well written. Well there at least was a lot of thought into it. He say if it was two and a half pages right. Think about if you were to sit here and handwrite two and a half pages right now quick. No that's a lot exactly. So i i don't know. She found the note i before. She realized that she was gone right like it wasn't like she checked the room. I just walked on the spiral. Staircase right said she had walked down and go make the coffee. The note was sitting there on the staircase. Then that's when she went up in allegedly realized that jon benet was gone and so the ransom note was asking for one hundred eighteen thousand dollars exactly for john. Benes return which you know right off the bat while it's a very specific amount of money to be asking for for nineteen like why. How did you get their robber like what. What's wrong with the hundred thousand flat right. What's right not rounded up to one twenty. What's you know. One eighteen specifically which ironically was also the same amount Of john ramsey's so jon benet dad. His christmas bonus that year so he was a very successful businessman. So we're you know we're in this ransom note stating they want. Essentially exactly the bonus. They want the christmas bonus without saying that exactly. Yeah so that kind of puts your antennas up. It's like okay who knew that. He was awarded one eighteen. His work Like this is you know someone had to have known that so that was obviously a small amount of people at his work or maybe he told someone that kind of narrows it down there but obviously the story has a million twists and turns. Is there so. We'll just keep going until they're just dipping our chosen so they're answering are also specifically directed the family not to call police And patsy found the ransom note before she called police. So but right off the bat i mean. She went down at five thirty. Two note realized jon benet was gone but by six o'clock police were there and searching the house so right off the bat she was not not maybe necessarily concerned with dot direction of of calling the police so police come to the house. They're doing research. They can't find jon benet so at this point it looks like a kidnapping and jonbenet's body wasn't found until much later in the day nine hours later or something right which we'll get to where she was founded on the story but so they get the police get there and i also saw that they they scan the whole house and there was one room they didn't go in for whatever. Reason was the other side of the basement. Which you know i mean. Listen if you know the story you know what's what's there So whatever the guy said it was locked. And he's thinking okay if someone's getting away certainly didn't lock that behind him so they didn't check behind the store so the search goes on. Nobody knows where she is. And at this point. She's assumed kidnap. They're trying to get the money but they're trying to get the money rounded up trying to have some claim this reward. I think she's still alive right. Yeah so all we know at this point is it's kidnapping and like you said so police. When they're searching the house that door is locked. You know you think it's kidnapping it's quicken. And now they're not gonna take the time to lock the door behind them. They didn't end up checking in which you know. Obviously hindsight's twenty twenty but if they were to have checked that room like this case could have turned out so differently But unfortunately it didn't so linda aren't was the first detective on scene once. They've searched the house. They can't find johnny. She actually tells john the dad and one of his friends to themselves. Do a search of the house which i mean yes. We're back in the nineties late nineties. That's also that's also just crazy to me to be like. Oh this is. We've got a crime scene. Let's let the family of a potential victim searched the crime scene and that's a detective to like not the police role in the first guy who searched her whole house with. I believe he was with a partner and they searched the whole place. And he's the one that disregarded the the one door to the to the basement this detective. Who knows what they should be fucking doing Who knows that anything everybody in there is going to contaminate things and make things more difficult for actually finding out what happened here so seems weird for sure that he would tell. That aren't the first detective would say hey to search wrong. See if he could find her and you know she had against. Tell me if anything looks often mistake on her part. That should've never should've never happened. But john and his friend go search the house the first place that john busey can be lines it to the basement there looking around and they end up checking that locked room the little room in the. And that's where they find geminis body she is she's already deceased. She has been strangled and beaten We'll get into a little bit of the more specifics of that. But initially john grabs. Jon benet body and runs upstairs so now right then and there. We've got contaminated everything. Essentially this crime scene is not. The entire thing is contaminated which i fully believe. Hurt the investigation to even they might have been able not to say that would have been able to solve it but they might have been able to have. All the evidence wasn't tampered with you. That says a strange reaction. I know i have no idea how i would react by was a father right but to grab the body in move the body like that's that's so basic like about people. Would you know what to do in this situation. Was you know what to do in that situation. You don't know everything. I don't know how i would Handle a you know. I'm outline attack right here. I mean but its basic knowledge that you should never ever touched or move the body. Yeah i mean alone. They shouldn't have been in the crime scene either but yes even prior to them searching house finding the body. I mean the only area that the police detective wherever blocked off giannis room then blocked off the rest of the house. People were walking through the house Family that came by after. I heard there was going on there wanting to help out. And they're moving shit like they're clean around thinking they're helping. I mean it was. It was a botched shop from from from the jump and and the police took a lot of heat for this. But it's what else can you say it's it's just. It just seems like a fact that they just didn't attack the right way from the gecko so yeah Which definitely ended up hurting. But you know he moves her body so the crime scene is contaminated. All around. i mean evidence was evidence was still taken but it was less credible in that sense. Because you never know who's going to be touching who and what's going to be on what so when when jon benet was found. She was covered issues covered in a blanket. And so you know you can always try and plug from that. But john dad also covered her up in another blanket as well so again still contaminating stuff in adding stuff to crime scene. And what have you so ultimately though jon benet was found like i said strangled and beaten. Her mouth was covered in duct tape and her wrist and her neck. We're wrapped in a cord which was said to have been used to make a makeshift garrett. Those guys who don't know what a garage is. It's you know trigger warning if you if anyone's queasy but it's essentially a choking device and you have two handles on agenda roper accord something you use it Poll yeah so it's it's a kind of like a manual noose in the sense. Yes yeah instead of hanging you would just be someone using it. And that's also so that's very damning piece of evidence right. There that ended up itself is clearly an intentional weapon. You wouldn't have that just lying around your house. No somewhat have to make that function. The way could to get that result. Yeah and it was it was it was essentially a diy. Garage it will. It was made the handled on. It were made from one of patsies paintbrushes and so that kind of ties. Her and people jump on that wagon patsies. The mom saying oh well it. Was you know her paintbrush. And they kinda point to her as as one of the suspects which will get into but she also was found so we've got the duct tape we've got. She was strangled and her cause of death was strangulation by fix s fixation. She also had a skull fracture though and not any skull fracture. She had like a gash in her head. That was over eat inches long. That's a big gash. I mean think about and she was a six year old. she's got a tiny head. That is a huge gash in your head that that's quite like that's quite the blow like that's to have that happen like something like there had to be some type of object right hard. Yeah for sure. And that was one thing that i did not see mentioned in any of the researchers documentaries or anything was like you would think with a gash that big there would be a lot of blood right like one heads bleed a lot anyways but there wasn't there wasn't there was a drop of blood on her underwear and that was it. So did someone clean up. Was you know what was with someone. House involved in cleaned up it was there was a surprising lack of blood for having that big of a wound to the head. And it's strange in the sense of. Why is there that wound wiser blunt force trauma. If there was a garage use for strangulation. It's weird follow along with that closely because that place in a big here with at the end to the theories of what happened so yeah. It's just to keep everyone on pace here. Yeah it seems like overkill or at least something personal right so yeah. Keep that in mind. there was evidence on her body. There was that there was sexual assault however no semen was found in inner on her body or left at the scene anywhere i mean it was also said that her genitals had been wiped clean so i don't know if that was an intentional thing to wipe away dna. I'm it could tie into one of our other theories as far as her wedding the bed as well so you know. I don't know what their evidence of sexual assault whether they you know. See it like. I said there was no. dna sexual dna left on her. But there was a drop of blood and skin cells found in her undergarments. So i also don't really know what wipe clean even like if she was ever all body in the blood on it then. She was completely wiped clean right. That's what i play. That's that seems like a very intentional statement to make. Yeah if i mean there had to be something that necessarily stood out about it to say that it was wiped gus. That's what i'm like. I hear why why why if sheriff there was really no blood like the whole seemed like whole. She would be completely wiped clean. Like why did they was that just approved like there was something that happened. I don't know. I i found that we're like like like how would that i. I don't know who's a strange. Yeah you're saying it's it was very the whole sexual assault thinks me was. I didn't know there was almost a lack of evidence because there was no the only dna founding in yes there was a drop of blood and it was said to be an unknown males. Drop of blood so okay. We've got that we've got you know quote unquote skin cells. But other than that there had to have been something for them to to claim sexual assault. It's you've got to have. That's a bold claims. Had some you've got to have something there and that could be in with like i said we're gonna get to it. That could be into where there were suming of. Who did this. Like what they were after You know so but the only other thing that crossed my mind with her being sexually assaulted was was it. A was it for lack of a better word. I guess was fresh or was it something they could tell. That like had been just been done before so i don't know with that. It definitely plays into some of the theories. But john like i said john ramsey immediately picked up the body which again could have been involuntary. Maybe he knew what he was doing by doing that. Could you could definitely say that wasn't intentional. Thing to do but there was just so when the autopsy was done it was found that she had an undigested piece of pineapple found on her stomach which to me all the theories. I don't it's an interesting thing to put in there. Yes that's definitely part of the autopsy that's done is finding the contents in the stomach since last eight maybe You can get some sort of a timeline from it. But her parents said that they didn't feed her pineapple so crazy. That was crazy powers at will. We have pineapple hair weed and feed it to her. And that's our okay. Yeah but there was a bowl of pineapple on the kitchen counter which was said they her older brother burke who is nine years old it was said to be his his bowl pineville his snack on the counter and the bullhead his fingerprints on it which doesn't really mean much with his finger. You know his fingerprints on it the day before. Something doesn't mean no. It doesn't really necessarily place him as a suspect. But it's just. I don't know that i tied it super strongly to any theory but it could be. I mean it's definitely a weird weird thing to say. She's got pineapple in her stomach. Better parent feed her any. Yeah and it could be as little as She walked by. He gave her one or something like that. So who knows. But it's it is strange like okay then If we didn't feed a tour where to get the lineup of from that of course when you see that he had a kind of like brings it down a little bit but it still still an interesting nonetheless. Yeah it's just something to note in there then guess it can tied with theory for sure but back to the ransom note so right off bat. Bramsen note is really. It's two and a half pages long for a kidnapping ransom note. Keep that in mind. It's written it's a composed letter right. It's not there's not a ton of misspellings it's it's written quote unquote well And it had said. Don't call police. It said that the kidnapper was going to call between eight and ten. Am to tell them how to give them the money. Give them directions. But you know patsy calls police. Police come like said there there by six. Am so they're searching the house. They're trying to find out what's going on that window. That eight to ten window comes and goes and neither john or patsy make make no note of it. Make a big deal out of it like i you know again. We don't know how people are gonna react in these situations but if you've got your child is kidnapped. You've got a specific timeline of when who took your child is going to call. You would think that would be a pretty big deal. Yeah definitely and no i. I saw somewhere to that. He might have made ways to go. Pay like you might have made some type of transfer to make this happen. But i i. I don't know exactly what happened. There were there was obviously a breakdown at some point because a who really knows if this person existed be how. How seriously was he of it and who really knew so much of the situation so i don't know it's it's still very strange so this is all before japanese bodies spent found that you know eight sam's no one calls and to me the weirdest part is they find the body in house. There was no kidnapping. There's this ransom note about this kidnapping. It's a really long ransom note but is found in the house. I mean she was never kidnapped So that it doesn't fit nothing. Nothing about this fits lasting about is there. It was written on paper. that was already in the ramsey's house. Essentially they like you know had stationary or paper. That was already in the house. So if you're trying to kidnap someone you're trying to get in and out. The whole family is home. They're all asleep the chances for them to wake up for the kid not to make any noise if they haven't been drugged or anything to get in and out gift. The kid not wake anyone up. You know not disturb the haunted house but then to sit there and write a two and a half page letter is it's it's it's not. It doesn't make sense though in even if they wrote the letter after mike winning like placed it back up there really quick like you don't right so it had to be ahead to be pre written but how could it be pre written if the paper was there. Yeah that's that's the best to catch up the note. Is the craziest part about this all. Yeah like i think by far. I think it's one of the bases of damning evidence because there's just so many things that don't fit about it especially the fact that it's a kidnapping a ransom note for a kidnapped girl. That wasn't kidnapped first. Place Does it doesn't make sense. And so all right. We've got this ransom note. That doesn't make sense. We've got a request for john's christmas bonus They take in. They know police end up questioning john and patsy the end of questioning actually burke to the brother The parents are cooperative at first until they're made to be suspects there named as suspects and they. They pretty much stopped. Cooperating make it a little bit harder. Which i guess i don't blame you. I'm i'm a suspect in a case i'm probably not going to be. I guess as easy to do everything that police say. They're trying to nail someone for their so. You've got to look out for yourself as well. Do you gotta be careful for sure. The thirty so other evidence that was found in the home they. If we're going with we can kind of go. One of two ways here. I way is someone in the house. Did it or someone. Outside of the home came in as an intruder and they did it. Cer- we're going with that theory. The other evidence to support that would be. There was a boot print that was found. There was a window in the basement. The window was broken and there was a blueprint. Found next to wear. Johnny's body was that didn't match anyone in the house. And when i say the window was broken up i don't necessarily mean like it was smashed in. There's like a wide open windows like to close it the latch. It wasn't closed correctly so it was partly open. And you know all right. That's a way in if you're looking to get in a house and you know it's it's not like it's a window on second or third floor. You've got direct access right there. The blueprint is definitely an interesting going with the family. Did i don't know how that would fit into it because if it doesn't match anyone in the family that could definitely point to an intruder being in the house but like i said there was also the drop of blood in her underwear was from an unknown male. I don't know that's you know. We are still in the nineties. How how good. Dna technology was and being an only a drop of blood. I don't even know that we'd be able to retest today. As far as like developed technology goes but it was entered into quotas in two thousand and three in at that time no matches have been found then now okay so that's where we are so that's a and them. So yeah i think we that basically laying down the groundwork right right so now comes down to like said who did it. Who do you. Who do you believe it. Okay because we don't fucking now we don't know let's either one of the parents the dad the mom possibly the brother who how will does it brother brothers. Two years older three years older. He's ninety six okay or obviously someone broke into this. So we've got. I mean that's a pretty good poor at their suspect. Start with him implicitly. Had their work cut out for them in like. I said the parents were questioned Burqas questions they gave. Dna samples so please got their dna. The actually also keep handwriting samples obviously to match up with the ransom note And that was eventually they were cleared except for patsy. The mom they said it was. It was not close enough to call it hurricane writing but she wasn't cleared like immediately like In barkor they said that they did find some things to think it could be her. But there was nothing conclusive which right there makes me think like okay that that's that's a huge part that notice such a big part like we're gonna keep back to this note because because you're like i just can't get over the fact that if it wasn't intruder like you're going to be panicked like this thing was so well thought out so well manny scripted. That you're going to do all that you're gonna write three. Maybe three sentences you think about the ransom from last week. You know on the wall one-sentence yes. I took your daughter. Here's what i want. Here's what you do to say. Yes yeah there's nothing else to say. Yes but this is if you do this. I'll kill her. If you think about this i'll kill in. If you even think about this. I'll kill her like it was so weird like strange that an intruder would go through these links and like you said just to kill. So this is why let. Let's start with the family then. So that's the that's patsy. So yeah we have her. She was the big thing was so her handwriting. Henry potentially matches that yes and thinking about. Okay maybe it potentially meant also if you're writing say say it was her and she was writing the ransom note. I mean. I guess. I wouldn't put it past someone to make it not look like they're handwriting. You don't think about when a beer parents like from santa ana gift or something right. They're not gonna make it look like they're handwriting or they get a note from the tooth fairy or something like that like you're going to try and make it look different for sure so that could play into it. If we're going with forgotten with it was the mom. The theory that i found for this as far as a motive. So like i said in the beginning jon. Benet was known for getting her bed. She did pretty often and again. She's six years old. She's a kid so known around her family. You should say yes but it's crazy because it did end up turning into a national headline where you know these magazines were picking it up and the headline would say she went her. Bet like it was. It was pretty much. Put this little girl on blast about wedding or bet but continue. This have much to do with it. If we're not going with the family theory no has nothing to do with it. Not at all but it was something that was made a big deal of that that the mom would get upset with her about wedding bed. So this is where the best wedding theory comes in. And i'll let you take that art. Everybody's along a pause right there. We'll be back next friday with jon. Benet ramsey part to like i said at the top of this is alleged to make sure you're you know when it comes to our opinions. You're taking it with a grain of salt the sand. Oh we think maybe could have been. This could have been that. It's all leads people. Besides the stuff is actually factual in there that we read from you. Know news reportings or detectives but Make sure you're taking that mind But yeah this is part one. We'll be back with partout next week. Like i said We'll see then.

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