How to Get Grass to Germinate Well


I do and and the main thing mark on that is to try to explain the business getting seed to Germany I mentioned you can do it on blacktop you can do it on bought her well though neither of those very practical but the whole point of getting seed to germinate and in this case grasses. Do I I'M NOT GONNA say demand but they are German nations improved by having some sunlight get down on that soil so that the soil actually helps with the germination it also, of course, speeds up the process of growth when they get going and. people tend to quit too soon especially when they use a blend now we talked about that and I considered positive three kinds of bluegrass blended, and then one fourth or so and that could be more of the turf type. Tall fescue fescue will germinate seven to ten, maybe fourteen days as long as. People will tend to quit watering. When they see I'll call it other plant seedlings coming up be it whatever you've blended with the BLUEGRASS. The bluegrass is still what I think is the dominant grass for our area historically and so on and so forth. So it and it's all about proven that it takes twenty one days for Bluegrass to germinate whether it's good seedbeds bad seed and primarily, it's sunny and so on and people tend to quit watering so to get. Bluegrass going you will improve the circumstances for all of the other grasses, but you need to keep a missed going now especially, if you're dealing with open soil, the brand new lawn or you've you've scoured it down so to speak and started practically from scratch. You have to keep the seed moist now that doesn't mean a long three, four hour watering to get an inch of water on the lawn. That's not the point at this time right now, and it's always best although darn close to impossible for most people you WanNa get some moisture on the lawn at ten in the morning two in the afternoon between the two oil the other edge of the hot spot in the day. Well, okay. You still don't WanNA use a big splash A. Rotating sprinkler like I normally use or well, whatever kind is throwing out a water droplet to get seed going it is best if you can turn that hose nozzle or sprinkler or whatever down to literally a missed, you want to keep the top aides to quarter inch of the soil moist to get germination going you will then well, I'm just going to tell you. You've gotta be doing this for up to the twenty one day period in order to get the bluegrass going others will come along. Other grasses will come along nicely because of your catering to the BLUEGRASS, but don't quit too soon especially, if you've had an annual or perennial Rye it's going to germinate in three to five days and people will tend to quit watering in all regards at the point when those less expensive dresses come up and get going that's not what you're after because they may not even be alive come Spring Ghee keep going with the missed type watering. Just. Just a minute or two or three sometimes in any given spot with a missed no big droplets you don't WanNa Splash Heiko mud or soil down onto the seed and cover it too much so that that is one of the the admonitions. To you've done everything else you you spend good money on the bluegrass seed and at Cetera and you spend good money on the fertilizer I like to put down at the same time and You can even waste the whole thing. If you don't follow through with watering of a missed type four, twenty, one day period I know it's a little grievious after the fourteenth day to have to keep going for another seven but when you win the game, so that's that's what I wanted to go back to just to to have people understand that they're dealing with different wreck well, different recommendations, different causes for germination and different kinds of grasses.

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