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Area Hawaii's MMA show is presented by Delo brewed for those with a fighting spirit. Today's episode of Area Hawaii's MMA show contains explicit language that may not be suitable for all audiences listener. Discretion is advised back in your life on this Friday April seventeenth. Two Thousand Twenty. Hello Everyone Area Hawaii on a Friday afternoon that you didn't expect to hear from me. Well guess what we got a breaking news pod as you may have heard Tony Ferguson. This morning made wait. Yes he made one fifty five. He's not fighting tomorrow but he was supposed to fight. Tomorrow April Eighteenth First Just engage at UC to forty nine. You've been following the story. We've been talking about it all month. Long fight doesn't come to. Fruition gets postponed to May ninth at least for now against just a gay cheap but he wanted to make weight and moments after he made wait. I got a chance to speak them and the interview actually starts kind of funny because he sings the song a little bit the interest that you know in love by now anyhow. Here's my conversation with Tony Ferguson. About why he wanted to make weight if the fight is happening on this crazy months and a heck of a lot more enjoy Tony. There do the INTRO BENEFA- NAH WE WANNA get right into it. I appreciate you talking to me and my man. Thank you and congratulations on making wait. I think everyone wants to know. Why did you feel it was important to make wait? I wasn't just from used for my team. Sponsors in obviously my family and just a commitment to myself to follow through with the way cut We're supposed to have fight here obviously could be. You know what I mean. Didn't make the fight Engaging Bill Dan to me just made math. You know what it is. I like the way my body's adjusting to this Just spent about an hour and a half rehydrating. That was a good practice. Run for me mentally and physically close to wait. I don't know just engage you down to take the fight or not. I don't know what's going on with the fight but we knew that we were GonNa make way Friday so me and my team my team and I we into making sure that we showed up. We did work. We've put it in the extra credit and then even when nobody was here I even did further than that and I had to go with push myself you mentally talk and make sure that I hit this on time me. That says a lot more for my stock saying that you know what I'm make wait. I'm not GonNa miss wait a have. Would it take much let you go through? This fight. Can't be awesome. Do such a great experience and glad I did it. It wasn't hard going through this knowing that tomorrow. You're not fighting now. Why BECAUSE EVERYBODY'S IDAHO? Now I've been doing that thing. Should everybody from calling to you now. But I'm still living the same life I'm still doing. My thing is training bettering myself every single day by growth factors fucking huge right now. Pardon my language literally I feel great I in touch with my doctors my nutritionist. We think tediously train very well with this. I had to get it put in the extra work. Nobody do what was going on us. You know my my needed to when I was sore I had my my sidekick fools to grasp and do my stuff like able to run more. I have my own check to keep you off. You know what I mean. I have my everything just made sense so for me to make way just engaged to make as a talk line right there. That had to talk on the person's any opponent that I have any person that would make championship ways that it was a smart when that's GonNa Compete on that quarter that is still compete but the dog. It's not their fault that's just me. I'm the Kinda do you feel like? This is a moral victory in a sense or a different kind of like you. GotTa w off of him today. Maybe two ws him an copied. It doesn't matter what opponent this continues to be another job in my book for just myself and my team we bonded team came out. It says it came and went into this knowing that we have a fight. But we're GONNA try to make weight so we did our best to get to certain ways that I could have hydrated always heavy man. I was really. I was at seventy nine to beginning of the week. It's fucking crazy but I trust the process and I did. It made it difficult for myself. But I'm glad I did because when I don't have to make it difficult for myself. Just watch out. Did you have a nutritionist working with you? This week. This week I had a couple of yes I did. I had my team perfecting athlete talking. They were very diligent and when I called him. It was more like last minute stuff now but my doctors are clutch. Had to trust in the fact that I kept in contact with the wall. Can't we'll take it onto Trish stop? We're taking the advice and the things that we've learned over time I've been worked with them for very very long time. The loyalty thing is right there man. They trust the process trust and we did it this week. Man There's no I in team in this one man law to support a lot of support with my close circle and today tried to deter you to not do this. Did they try to convince you to just take it easy because you are scheduled to fight in a few weeks or Roy on board with reports every I think everybody I think everybody that everybody in the mom did literally everybody did shale. Everybody wants to. It's not for me I think probably from like I said there's something different. We got anything going on my ship. Your arm and is Still Co. Wake everybody something to talk about the right there. What am I gonNA do with this? I don't know maybe it over workout tomorrow. Something they want to do a live stream on this on the dot com who knows the most fight the full practice tomorrow unless south of gloom my scheduling just because there is no fight. I'm an ultimate fighter. Chant in the interim champion. Still have my belt. What am I gonNA keep adding thoughts arc? Yeah this though. I think there wasn't any kind of thing I'd be trying to be another three sport athlete. But I can't do that what I'm doing is I'm better my craft but in my home and my team a lot stronger than what they used to quash. So you're GonNa go through the whole process tomorrow. What are you gonNA do at around nine thirty PM when you're supposed to fight? I don't know if has some ICE CREAM. I got the gun. He real really just mellow out. Day was like the fight for me. Art is difficult. I did it. There was no bullshit. People got to see it. Some people did it fun man. It was really really really fun. I had a great time doing it. I'm glad I did it. I hope everybody's listening right presents a couple of calls. It was smart. I had to scale real. I was kind of skeptical about it but I used it. I monitor my my water weight and I saw my body fat. Go down like I hope this Louis. Like a shadow. If you pay attention to your stuff little you can do a lot man. It's just a lot of willpower homeless. Willpower is over. We're now we're now approaching a month since all. This started a little over a month to be that. Could you describe what the past month has been like for you like you've maintained the same routine you were? The one constant goes back. The fight is on to fight. His off. Gay Cheese in the fight is on. The flight is off now. It's off may night like I the the emotional roller coaster. I can't imagine what it's been like. Could you describe what the past month has been like for you The past month is in busy. Are these tell you that and you can see my physique. I mean you can. You can't tell us strong. I am right now. I just started sparring again. So that's what I'm patting up. Everybody they got the plastic face masks on they got everything and I haven't supported like this and like years. I'm having fun again doing what I love. You don't first second third and have fun because a lot wasn't doing too much but I started worrying about all the bullshit. I see that the people that are working and doing that stuff they they're gonNA take care of business. You're going to get the job done. We're GONNA fight. I had to do my part and make sure to make sure I'm an entertaining and I go out there and I can entertain the right way so I'm being prepared like I've been. I've been training since December. I don't know how many times I got this thing down. Art and so what was your? I know I saw that article. You were talking to Brian Martin and you found out while you're on the phone with them doing an interview last week that that to forty nine was eventually off the the the new fight. Gay fight when reality sunk in after everything that you've been through that this wasn't happening team. There's no reality bullshit happens. It think about the flight or fight in the house man and the ultimate fighter eating know who? You're GONNA fight when you'RE GONNA fight. You knew that when your name was called you had to be that a lot of people they take so much. They think too much in the hotel man. I'll talk too much. Sometimes he just got a fucking do it like get outside. Start throwing some punches. Some shit then he kinda understand where a fighter comes from much different. I can't explain. Why do I do this because I'm going to do this thing that this is what we do for a living if she'd happens in fight and what you do to stay ready? Don't fucking like pissing Moan about it. What the fuck again and do have as of right now. Are you scheduled to fight on? May Ninth Against H. e. for the interim title. I haven't so sitting between me and my management. I'M GONNA BE RUTH I ain't nobody else was fucking business. Somebody's gotTA question. Make an action directly but if you want to read everything keeps strolling. What you hear from me is what it is here for me like the gates. You fight interesting In order to meal without contract okay. They haven't sent you about agreement yet. Nobody but you did sign to fight each April eighteenth right and it was for the interim belt. Did you try to make it for the official because when we spoke last time you said you thought Habib should be stripped campaign for that or were you. Okay with being for the interim title. I think he knows it's not about. Ucla compete knowing. I told him down. Walk away that do basically did that. Shit you Dogwood hills between the legs but a lot of things going on in the world so I hope you save. I hope he's being happy with his family. I hope he's training. I mean I really hope he's training not just over there just doing his thing. Just talking Shit. I just let anybody in his family and they say like I said no anybody man. Nothing like that. It's always handled Chin down there. It's a doggy dog world. I'm ready here. I'm fighting for my fucking meal ticket so I made wait. I don't have a fight but I'm ready tomorrow. I got practice do interview with you after I just started realization. I also half bad right now. I feel like I feel terrible. I feel really good Sunday. Palm Sunday was really good to me. I had a really good day my family and just the role and seriously this whole week is it's been incredible. Modest seventy nine to one fifty five. Bro. I know how do Shit fucking Shit on Amen. But Tony incredible because for a while it felt like you were sort of living in the shadows of other fighters. You know you talked about this when when your body Riverdale here that fucking nobody. No no nobody control but this is my point you have been the biggest star in the sport this path past month like you have single handedly kept the new cycle going. You have been the constant you have been the guy so I'm sure part of you has to feel good about this right like every moment people are wondering what is Tony Thinking. What is Tony Doing? You're getting shy and you deserve that. Everybody will try to double dip opposite. Whatever gets shit on do it for the media I do. My supporters is just anybody out there. All of these victories and my lowest. Now your shit about anything else. The entertainment comes from all that bullshit. No Man I'm cool. It's whatever it is what comes with. It'll handle professional but I'm not like anybody else trained for me. I changed from my family family. Friends real people can understand the move the FUCK I. It's funny that you say that because Connor just tweeted you moments ago. Did you see this now? I did it but I guarantee it. That's what I'm saying. Is this different people follow soup? Follow my Super Long Time. So you know what is cool when you know your cooling everybody fucking doing you sit in front of He said you will be the absolute nucleus of Pulp Asus. When I get you kid probably jar about what he says. He wants to fight now. Because I'm a value guy not wait. I can't count on me. I got engaged. They think they can get in line. It seems like you have a good relationship. Though I I saw you guys tweeting back and forth like it seems like there's a mutual respect there. Is that accurate? I zero disrespect for the guy disrespect. So I'M GONNA go into this fight if I take it. If things go right you know what I mean. Just everything goes right the works. We're GONNA have a great fight. The He'd be awesome does go walking and walk out mugs. Fucking by fucking rounds. You're going to go in and do your math. Do you have any idea where it will be? Even ask me that okay and so can I ask you as far as the actual idea of making white today and then having to make weight again in a couple of weeks. I'm sure you've seen some people say like. Why would you WanNa do this twice? Right your body. You'RE GONNA come down and then come up and then come down again. What would you bruce? Who's asking the questions? Somebody's sitting behind a desk very unhappy or any other person athletes like. Hey good for you. Good job this is great so it depends on. Who's asking for real okay so so if I asked you like. Hey are is there any concern about having to make way twice in the span of two weeks? What would you go out and I would go after an athlete? I'm okay we have to be wife fucking no not for me for you. How about that though I just D- was there any concern or was this the plan. Always you without a doubt always. We're planning on making wait on April seventeenth eight. That was what I signed up for. And that's what we've got making way I do my thing and it's just completely different. Not For anybody also. Ucsd honest it's just because okay and did you hear the quote from from Justin when he said you know he's got eighteen minutes or so of health give you event. He doesn't know what's going to happen after now that the fight has been extended a few more weeks. You expect to see a different than you were expecting to see. On April eighteenth in other words he has more time to train now right so that probably suits him is your mindset different. As as to which just in case you're going to see on the eighteenth opposed to the May nine fight. You lost me with your question. Asked me a different person? So do you think that it benefits him from a training perspective now that he gets three more weeks to prepare for this fight better? That's better no you don't think it benefits him. Not those changes okay and has it been hard to get training partners in the midst of this. No I got a lot of okay here. We got about two more questions. I gotTA get your trainer. Okay so what? Do you WANNA say to people who have been supporting you throughout this time. Hey keep working. That's it should only bullshit. I got work to do. So I'm excuse myself Love my supporters call. Us Fans thank you guys for boarding his victory today without work a couple more weeks. We're GONNA take this fight but no matter. What so. There's a date where they're trying to make weight. But yeah follow me on my victory. That's only Ferguson. X T on itchy and a little tweeting aerial. Thanks very much for your time enough. They say you're the man guilty Tony off later guy if you got there. Is Tony Ferguson? The top contender at eight hundred fifty five pounds and the man who has right now scheduled to face just engage on May Ninth. Parts unknown location. Tvd But as you can see. He's ready to go and as you just heard he made earlier this morning. One hundred and fifty five pounds on the DOT. He will not be fighting tomorrow. But the plan is for him to fight on. May Ninth and Clearly he wanted to go through with it even though you have see to forty nine isn't happening tomorrow night. All right a little breaking news pod for all of you guys on a Friday afternoon. I appreciate everyone checking in. I appreciate everyone downloading and Rating subscribing reviewing commenting and all that stuff more. Thank you very much a Tony Ferguson for doing that impromptu but I like it you know I see all the bigwigs over at. Espn doing news pods. We don't get do it off it so perhaps this is a sign of things to come. Yes thanks to Tst for making this happen as well. Tony Ferguson just to gauge interim lightweight title may ninth. Will it happen? We'll discuss that and a whole lot more on Monday. I'll be back with another episode of DC and Halawani Daniel Cornea and myself. We discuss another busy weekend and what should be a very interesting couple of weeks as well much discuss now. Though I'll say goodbye and thank you very much Tony Ferguson. Thanks to all of you have a great weekend. I'll talk to you on Monday.

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