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Uh-huh. Hey there. Welcome back to the truth is somewhere dudes. Did you watch ninja turtles recently? No. I just wanted to mix it up. So I decided I'd try some different. What would you guys think it's been mixed up? It's been mixed. Meghan. What are we radically talking about today? We're going to radically talk about some of. Hunted and conspiracy type places right here at our home state or Washington right here in Washington, Washington DC. No, no, no in DC. So I actually actually I was going to talk about this one place. But then as I was researching it I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough information for us to talk about Nicole episode. So that I started looking for more places and the best part of all of this is that most of these places are within fairly easy driving distance for us. So we are going to go visit them, and we're probably going to make some cool video stuff for our patron. Sounds like a patron contents after visiting those. So keep an eye on social media because we will alert you when we go to visit the places. Without further ado, the first place we're gonna talk about for the one that I was initially looking at a it's called the afterglow vista. And it's in Roche harbor on San Juan island just a fairy right away. In eighteen eighty six Yoahan's Stafford McMillan acquired controlling interest in the rich lime deposits nearby Roche harbor, and he started Roche harbor lime and cement company, which became the largest producer of calcium lime in the west and the largest employer in San Juan county. So then he built rose harbor the town as a company town, including cottages for married, employees, general store and company offices. Okay. And in eighteen ninety two Methodist church was built and also served as a schoolhouse for the children of the companies, please. Okay. It wouldn't be the eighteen hundreds and the United States that a little racism. Yeah. We're all trying to get to something really quick. Right. So there was also a Japan town harbor and on the south end of the cove that served as a living place from Japanese who worked for the company as cooks waiters, domestic servants and gardeners. Oh, okay. Yeah. So. It's funny that we can have Chinatown still. But as soon as you call Japan town, it's racist. No. I think that at that point in time, it was kind of a racist thing because it was like, oh, we're gonna put them over the I think the context of it is what is actually actually racist. Not not the fact that there is a separation because sometimes that's Parisian is warranted. Like, I think Chinatown is a wanted thing. It's kind of tourist attraction. Sure. But I think that initially probably wasn't probably wasn't wasn't. It was. No, no. You guys. Go over there. Yeah. Yeah. I I. Can't apologize for our four. We'd be forefathers. But you know, what? I mean. Well, I guess that term still does go. Yeah. Just normally it's talking we're talking specific forefathers. Some sad thing is those workers the Japanese workers were buried in the Roche harbor cemetery. But they were marked with wooden MERCOSUR's. Also, those are gone and they've long since rotted away. So they don't even know how many graves are actually not cemetery. A while there. How many unmarked graves I'm willing to bet they could take some sort of echo location or radar out there now and figure out how many bodies they have their. I'm sure it would take some time. Yeah. But I'm willing to bet that if someone was very interested in wealthy they could figure it out. Sure. Okay. So that's that's the sad thing. Mcmillan built a twenty two room three storey hotel, named hotel to Harrow after an early Spanish explorer. Okay. The hotel was used as a place to stay for customers of the Roche harbor lime and cement company or other guests of MacMillan, and he attributed his success to his religion Methodist, obviously, there's trivia his family and the fraternal organizations to which he belonged he and his brother were brother were both members of sigma think it's Chee, but it might be by fraternity at university. And he and his son were both thirty second degree, Masons. Mcmillan also became involved in politics and was the chair of the San Juan. Republican party and counted Theodore Roosevelt among his friends fun. Yeah. President Roosevelt even stayed in the hotel. It was room to a the hotels now known as Roach harbor hotel and room to a is known as the presidential suite. Now is it kind of. Silly trivial facts that we hold onto as people. Oh, the presence hidden tomb to a MU. Cares. Like, sometimes sometimes when we go over these conspiracies or you read about a ghost story or something like that. And you're like, oh, well, the person stayed in this room. I'm like great. Interesting to history. And that's all I know. I'm not saying that it's not, and I'm not saying that often times in those ghost stories that the room number isn't important to the story or to the circumstances rather. Isn't it interesting that people are willing to go like dig through log books and things like that to determine that information? And I can understand if you have some sort of stake in it, or maybe you're just genuine genuinely very interested. It's just otherwise, very trivial. Yeah. When there's lots of information that's lost for a long time that we didn't hold onto that wasn't as trivial. So in nineteen thirty six MacMillan built of mausoleum for his family. He do in nineteen thirty six at cost thirty thousand dollars and not seems like a lot of money for Muslim the outset. But when you actually compare that to how much it would be now, it's like nuts to five hundred forty thousand dollars in two thousand eighteen dollars for a mausoleum for his family five hundred forty thousand dollars in two thousand eighteen dollars. Yeah. Right. Doesn't eighteen dollars. Yeah. So just the inflation. Okay. Like the way you were saying was like two thousand eighteen dollars. No, no, no. Yeah. It would cost five hundred forty thousand dollars into day. Okay. But it was thirty thousand dollars then the mausoleum has called afterglow vista, and it's named so because of the way the light plays off the beach at sunset afterglow vista is not a normal Muslim because like normally you think of a mausoleum, and it's like. In Buffy, where they're like little enclosed like sheds, basically. But they're like concrete sounds like angels on them or whatever. Yeah. Yeah. More like a crypt? Yes, crept. So this is very open big an open. It's it's actually it's beautiful McMillan had it designed to incorporate elements drawn from the philosophies of the Masons the knights Templar. So the African vista sits upon a raised platform and visitors climbed three flights of stairs to get to that platform. And the first set contains three steps symbolizing the three ages of man, childhood adulthood, and old age. Okay. The second flight contains five steps symbolizing the five orders of classical architecture Tuscan Doric, Ionic Carinthian and composite and the third flight of stairs has seven steps. Representing the seven liberal arts and sciences grammar rhetoric. Dialectic, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. I didn't know a lot of those things rispler it up the way they were. At the top of the stairs is the platform that contains seven thirty foot high Tuscan columns that are put in a circle to represent Solomon's. Temple columns are connected by a ring with flirt ille- worked in seven times into the design. What's clearly? It's a fancy French. Floor life, flourish. Okay. It's a shame the French shape. Okay. And those were put in the arches, you said are put into okay, okay? One of the columns on the west side is intentionally broken symbolize, the work left unfinished upon our deaths, and the mausoleum was initially supposed to be topped with a twenty thousand dollar bronze dome bearing a multi cross murmurs that MacMillan fraternity the dome was either scrapped to save money. Or was scrapped to leave the mausoleum opened a nature, there's not a general consensus on that. Maybe he decided that he didn't wanna almost double with just the top. I mean, it sounds like there's a lot of attention to detail a lot into this. Like, there was a lot of thought and a lot of. I don't know about. I'm sure care was implemented as well. That's that's a lot. That is a lot that that is that just like half a page. You got written there about finished on that yet? More. There's more. So in the middle of the platforms. That's large limestone table surrounded by six limestone chairs this represents the traditional gathering place of a family and as a symbol for reunion after death and each chairs inscribed with the name of MacMillan family member who's cremated ashes are interred in the seats of the chairs or they had themselves. Put in the chairs. Yes, it's a Muslim. Okay. Sure. People can sit on their grave. Yes. So visitors report something the president's of spirits near the table. And those who sit in the chairs feel uneasy. Here's my ass. Deal about people sitting in the chairs and feeling uneasy because I was thinking about it like, oh, man. I want to go here so bad. We absolutely are gonna go there because I think it looks cool as help what I was like I don't know that I would wanna sit in one of those chairs because I feel like it's mad disrespectful. Like, maybe you feel uneasy because you put your ass on someone's. Because it's being hunted. But like you had the audacity to come put your fucking. But. On somebody's final Russ low. I mean, how many times do people lean especially movies and stuff? But how how how awkward it be? If you were to say see someone in cemetery leaning up against a gravestone. Go do that as a tourist attraction and sit on some of attraction but like teenagers hanging on cemetery. No, that's true. That's true on. I think it's I I just think that the reason you feel uneasy as because you know, that you're putting your gun on someone's final resting. I don't know. I think the reason someone might feel uneasy as because maybe you're you're suddenly aware of the fact that you're surrounded and sitting on top of death made. And maybe you become more self aware of yourself for a moment. And for most people have you become a little bit more self aware of yourself. You become a little bit more uneasy. Sure. So jury's out on whether or not I will sit in a chair when we go visit this place. I really I feel like it's disrespectful. But I also like. I don't know taken take an extra an extra as if I take it in the first place beano that day. Yeah. Making sure I got some of that or not, you know, maybe I'm maybe I'm trying to guess out the spirits to get them to communicate. Maybe sure let's go with that. Well, I mean, this seems a little ridiculous. I'm going ridiculous, Cheryl. That's fine. Those who have sat upon the table who felt hands push them off. And I li- I giggled to myself. I was I was writing this part of the notes because I remember my mother telling me tables glasses not for little girls asses. All I can think. All I can think is there's like some like awesome mom like pushing someone off the table like your fair share for God's sake, sit on my dead son for God's sake. Sit at the dinner table. Some visitors have reported seeing members of the McMillan family seated around the table in laughing much, happier thing than getting pushed off the table. And supposedly if you visit afterglow vista on a rainy day. No rain will fall on you. If you sit in one of the chairs looks like we live in Washington, we'll have to for a rainy day, right? Just to sit in the chair and get rained on unfortunately. So I don't know what it's gonna look like when we get there. Because a couple of the articles. I read said that there's been some vandalism lately. And let one of the chairs has been completely destroyed in the sue other like missing their backs. So I don't know if they have gone and replaced those things Corentin it off. I don't know. So we're going to go check it out and see what we can find. And that was afterglow vista. And I was right. I could not get enough out of that for a whole episode. So I'm glad I researched other things like guess. Yeah. I mean, maybe next time start looking at poltergeists and what they mean. I don't know. Well, moving on. And we're going just outside of Olympia. Where there are hundreds of grass covered mounds peppering several hundred acres. They are called the Meema mounts. And though there have been decades of research into what caused them each hypothesis has either but proven wrong or is not like super strong. Okay. So scientists know that the type of soil found in the mount developed after the ice age glaciers begin to retreat, some sixteen thousand years ago, the first known documentation of the mountains in eighteen forty one when captured captain captain Charles Wilkes pretty much just stumbled upon them. They're all about six feet tall and thirty feet wide. So they're pretty pretty big Wilkes assumes that they were berry amounts, which makes sense and dug into a few will need to find nothing, but dirt and rocks. The upper sheila's tribe has a folk tale regarding how the mountain came to be actually really like this. So a tribal member named Thrush refuse to bathe or cleanse her face for fear that something bad would happen to earth and people essentially how. Her until she finally gave in washed her face. And after this it rained so hard that the world flooded, and when the water receded the prairie land had taken on the shape of waves. So that's their that's their little legend about why these mounts came to be. But like the people were like, oh, they must be native American period grounds. And like all of the tribes around that area were like. This is what we were told. It is like this is our like Mudgene legend about it. And the most generally accepted hypothesis is that the mounds were created by pocket gophers and the mountains do contain vast networks of rodent tunnels, but the creation of the mounts by gophers has not been definitively proven. And no one is even sure if the mound came for store, the gophers came I like, the gophers were just like, oh, what a convenient place to make a home. Yeah. That would make sense. So today you can visit the mountains national natural end work. This is what it looks like, oh, it's looks like. Goosebumps. It's a lot. So there's an interpretive trail, and you can go on a like a tour. So you're saying each one of those mount yeah. Thirty feet wide that that makes about sensing the houses that are whether those are those are pretty big that's bigger than I was thinking with the trees. But when you put the house that house right over there next to it. And by the way, for our listeners, we're going to put these images in our show notes. So make sure to take a look at those. If you're interested or give a quick search and you'll probably find we're talking about who actually looks like someone owns property with a couple of those mounds. Yeah. Yeah. But a lot of it a lot of it is owned by the government and sure. I would think if I owned property with those mounds. I mean, they've got a good ten fifteen maybe mounts right there dig one of those suckers up. I mean, they've several of them have excavated and they've never found anything. But dirt. Yeah. You know, what it's probably just some crazy by chance natural phenomenon that caused the earth to to do that. Maybe there's some tectonic shifting somewhere around caused the dirt on shop. That is I didn't wanna get too much into this of it. But one of the other theory is is that like when during the ice age one place where shifting it pushed ice up like I was underneath the ground is up which caused the the ground to split. So you'd have these big splits and then when the ice melted the ground settled back down informed mounts from where the ice used to be the theories, but none of that has been proven. And everybody's kinda like. I don't know. So obviously when you go on, I don't know, there's aliens. Well, unlike most. Liquids transitioning into a solid water actually expands. So I think it would make sense that I don't know how dense these mounds are. And I don't know if you touch on that at all how dense these mounds are compared to the rest of the land. And I would imagine over, you know, sixteen thousand years or however long these mounds of been here, they are probably about the same densities everything else, you'd think you'd think right because over time gravity is gonna pull those suckers back in but with some irregular freezing. And with the ice age retreating. Well, yeah, I guess retreating okay form for that. With glaciers retreating north. I can't imagine that maybe there is some freezing and thawing and freezing and thawing that could cause some some points to expand. And maybe there's just something particular about the soil in this location that isn't in most other areas, maybe there is. Other occurrences of these mounds, but they're in forests, and we just aren't ever. Nobody's upon them. Yet. An even if we do stumble upon them. We're not going to realize that even there because it's covered in trees and bushes. That's true. Yeah. Right. Yeah. That's not. But what's the what makes this? Are there ghosts involved to know? It's obviously aliens, obviously when you get stuff like this. It's not obviously an Indian burial ground. Right. Like, if you're not going to go with that trope because the native American tribes are like, oh, yeah. That's us. Just isn't them. And no one can really tell you to finish. Really? Where they came from or how they came to be. People automatically assume any LIAM's aliens. Yeah. Absolutely. So that's why this isn't including one I think is kind of interesting. But also because people are like, oh, it must be made Bailey. There's no other possible. Shen because there was not yet a. A definitive this is what caused it people. Go wild and go. Okay. Well lands. Well, you know, maybe there's some alien ship and some dad teaching his son how to how to drive and use the tractor beam. And he's out in the middle of the field, and he's like being up like point year up. No, okay pointed here, not no point here. They're raising the earth from down below to stop just enough. You know that the dirt gets lifted up right there creates amount. And he's just like all right? We're gonna do this one hundred times until we don't have to till I feel comfortable that you can do this without me sitting next to you're gonna operate that tractor beam. And I don't want you to practice on any cows because those are precious, and we need to make sure that when you pick up a cow. You don't pick up half a cow. Yeah. Fair. Okay. I like your theory. I like it. Yeah. Yeah. I like it. Okay. So that other place we can go. Visit. That's that's a little bit further for us. We'd have to probably probably wouldn't be a day trip. But it's doable. It's doable. We're gonna go back north because I've parenting. I don't know how to stay in the same juggle geographic region because north for this south against the next one. Do you do Washington Washington? It's now nineteen twelve. The northern state asylum in hospital was opened on six hundred acres and Cedra Willie Washington into this. We have been to them we're going to go back to it though. In the early days. The hospital is known to provide excellent care and therapeutic work programs, including farming. But in nineteen fifty Dr Charles H Jones took over the asylum and everything changed. Dr Jones was a big believer and techniques being perfected by one. Dr Walter Freeman the inventor of the trans orbital lobotomy. Oh, the bottom are great. The real good for you. So Jones learned from a master so to speak and lobotomies and electroshock therapy things. We now know today are are Barrick were performed at northern state hospital and make no mistake. Like, this isn't something that was unique to northern state hospital. Like this happen it if you're going to talk about asylums in the nineteen fifties era in the United States. You're going to find the bottom using you're going to find electroshock therapy done. Just that's what we did. Then and it sucks in it's awful. But there won't be you can't talk about an asylum from that era and not your things talked about that whole. That's a that's John rope its own now. Right. It'd be asylum's. That's thing. Yeah. That's one of my favorite like book Shahnawaz reading about like creepy. Creepy asylums making make video games around them. Yeah. Orders in them. And it's crazy in their locked in the figure how to get out. Yeah. Similar hospital was closed in nineteen seventy six. That's a long time. That was around for awhile. It must have been successful. Yeah. So we aren't sure how many patients died while at the hospital. But we are pretty sure there are on fifteen hundred unmarked graves in the hospital cemetery. Asylums unmarked graves are practically synonymous with haunting at make sense. Most of the hospitals buildings are now used as a drug rehab center for the job corps, which is why when we went we couldn't get to the hospital because if you actually if you do the research, and you're reading about it before like, I don't know the last three four years, you could get to all the main hospital building. And they were like decrepit they were abandoned, and you could get in there, and you could see like they literally just like left shit there the lights that people like they pulled down to do surgeries and stuff still in the building and like take in the building. And this is all these crazy pictures like people going in the building graffiti everywhere in the trash everywhere, which is fucking cool. Which is why originally wanted to go there. But they've sense the job corps since bought those buildings and remodeled all of them are using them as drug we had the willing would agree. Turn around for the Bill. No. But seriously, it's like, it's it's excellent that that could be used for this purpose. So now, that's all blocked off. And you can't get to it anymore. That's fine. But what is still there is the old farm buildings which we've been there. And we've seen a big thing about the asylums in Washington state. And I don't know if this is true for other places, they were like, oh work thing. So you would go to an asylum, and they would have like a farm attached to those asylum, and they would farm their own food. So they were entirely sustained like they had their own food. They would milk their own cows. They Carter their own vegetables. And then it gave patients sense of purpose, and like a sense of calm because they had this routine, and they were doing something for themselves in for other patients. So what you can now go visit is the cemetery at all of heart buildings and they've been preserved as northern state rep. Creation areas of their state park. Like, I said we've been there before last time. We didn't go to the cemetery though. 'cause I didn't know where it was. No. And it was pretty rainy and it was raining cold. It was Tober because I was doing this whole Halloween. Can't get it was it wasn't. It wasn't the best time to go there. But my they're I mean, they're covered in graffiti, just like, just like hospitals. I imagine it's fairly similar experience. Maybe some of the hospital stuff isn't there, which would make it creepy. But my my favorite piece of graffiti was in the the grain silo number. What what was it Shrek has low? That's right, Shaq as rep is love life. So anyway, I was gonna talk about huntings favor. Look that up online video with it. You should like I said most of the hospitals buildings are now used as a drug rehab center, but paranormal investigators who have been allowed into the buildings have documented the apparition of a nurse personal pushing pushing wheelchair and some visitors have reported seeing shadowy figures in hearing screams. I would love to just go into a crazy abandoned building. And just start saying stuff when I come out of it like, oh, I saw this. Oh, yeah. I saw leprechaun. People believe me, people might someone will someone someone. We'll damn sure someone believe you. So that is northern state hospital also known as northern state recreation area, and we're gonna go back out there, and we'll do videos and stuff. Okay. So now, we're going to rewind back in time and go move back south. We're going to an even older asylum now another asylum another asylum, so forth style of whom served as a military post from eighteen forty nine to eighteen sixty eight and the federal government pretty much abandoned it. Okay. So the Washington territory purchased it with the intentive turning it into an asylum and the insane asylum of Washington territory was opened in eighteen seventy one at it at that time was home to fifteen men and six women patients when Washington officially became a state in eighteen eighty nine. The name was changed to western state hospital care. They ran the usual gamut of crappy psych Africare practices, including hydroelectric therapies lobotomies and all about they typical Silom. Sure, the original building is still in use as western state hospital. They're just hopefully updated there. They've just updated their practice will. We'll get into that. But they were building still in use as a mental health facility asylums anymore. No. But there were other buildings that were abandoned and one of those buildings was called hill ward, and they make the circuits and paranormal websites, and it used to be again, like I'm just a few years past when they decided to tear all the shit down or like renovate stuff, which just bums me out. 'cause I like. If you were gonna do something really big and cool for my birthday. Find me an old asylum building that we wander around I'm coolest only be able to get you an old abandoned hospital. To what I can. So. It used to be that the ruins of these buildings were still standing in. You can find videos on YouTube, and some pretty awesome pictures of the abandoned buildings like really cool, but fort style Coon park, put in a bunch of work to clean up the area, which is great. It was attracting a lot of like. Yeah, it will not even homeless. It was attracting unseemly things gangs. We're going out there and using tagging practice makes sense. And the there's claims that there were like devil worshippers going out there. Those are my favorite the devil worshipping. They tend to be everywhere and nowhere this time. There was there were concerns about safety too. Because these buildings had been literally abandoned does like they they just walked away from them and didn't up keep them anymore. So like things were crumbling, and they were concrete buildings that were like falling apart. And so there's a lot of safety concerns. So the park puts in all this work. And they dismantled whole ward and left only the base of a chimney a retaining wall and a few pieces of rubble they chose to keep for an interpretive trail. Yes. Just like, interpretive dance. You have to dance while you walk down the trail. But I'm disappointed because I'd love to see like the actual volume down building. But we can still go see like the the items that they've chosen to keep ochre. And it's now part of this this park experience. It's really cool because what they've done with the park because it was a four originally as they've like run avait all the fort buildings, and they do on weekends. I think it was looking at it 'cause we should go do this sometime they have like. Like war reenactor like simple Oreo after holy kind of thing. Okay. Do lobotomies. No don't do. But it looks like they've put in a lot of work into. And I think that's really cool that actually doesn't pretty cool. Yes. Like in the Tacoma area. Okay. Oh, yeah. I was going to get into. It's really it's really hard to find historical information beyond that because western state hospital is still in operation. It's still located in Lakewood, and it has had a pretty negative run the last couple years so in June of last year they failed to pass muster for federal certification in fifty three billion dollars in funding. What that is tone of mullets Hon money. The state had to like it was either it was going to close or the state had a pony up. Fifty three billion dollars funding in the state. Did they ponied it up because like there the state? What were we going to do without western state hospital? Yeah. Because it's it's involuntary commitment for the criminally insane pretty much. Okay. So why quote where we can do without it? And the reason that it was like they've been having issues since two thousand fifteen and struggling to come in compliance with federal regulation and they've had three years to try to come into compliance with it. And basically the feds were like you're not there yet. And I don't think there's anything you can fix fast enough for you to be there. Wow. Yeah. With fifty three billion dollars. I think you could maybe take a billion of that off to fix your problem. Right. I guess. I guess a lot of the problem was they they're having trouble staffing. It. Why? I don't know. Maybe you need specially qualified people. Maybe they're having a lot of trouble staffing. It. There's not enough. Staff to patient ratio is not very good. They're currently facing lawsuits from four her patients who allege that they were not properly cared for even faced a salt from staff. Another patient like there's there's this article I found secure there in a couple of different places were like this one woman literally said that going to western state hospital is going to hell, and this is this is a mental hospital, and it's not just for criminally insane. I I know I said that, but it's not just there is a ward for criminally insane. And then there's it's it is a mental health acidity for people who need help. Okay. And this woman literally was like this did not help me. It was going to hell, and she that woman. I think was claiming anything her son's helping her bring the lawsuit, but like she was raped by orderly. And and that's something you hear a lot about Blake mental health facilities is. Them taking advantage of of patients who are not mentally there, which just just the fucking shittiest esus gusting Sony. They're facing facing lawsuits because they're just not taking care of their patients. It kinda like it's still sounds like an old school asylum. Fucking shit. I can take you there. There you go. Yeah. I wanna go what you just banned places. Oh, not sure. It's like, hey, you know, what it is federally abandoned abandoned. It's true. He goes. So that is not as western state hospital. Okay. I mean that sounds like a real five star hotel. Well, the reason that I put western state hospital on the list, again, asylums and everything synonymous with huntings. Embiid people before all the buildings got torn down and everything people talk about like being creepy in the devil worshippers there, and like so the devil worshippers were there. That's like adding an extra little bit of a Colt beyond as being like this miserable place where a lot of people were mistreated than died where if you're going to believe in ghosts that makes sense for people to remain in. Like, I fear is to be trapped in a place like that that kind of is logical. So there you have it. There were two asylums weird alien thing and creepy mausoleum. In a Partridge in a pear tree. And it's all in Washington. So we can go see all of that. We can't. Can't happen at once it'll roll out slowly the easiest one is going to be northern state hospital. I mean, cool. Maybe we'll get some information about it turned it into a real a documentary. You'll maybe we'll see what happens. That's what I got for you. So you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at TI podcast, if you like what we're doing. You can jump on over to I tunes. Leave us a review their elbow them sucks helps other people find us. Oh, I guess they color himselves apple podcast now on over. I don't know. I'm really annoyed with apple for a lot of reasons. Right now. If you listen to it on ova podcasts. That's okay. We still love you. Anyway, really like what we're doing? You can come on over to patriot where you get maybe ios and you'll get to see the upcoming field trips that we are going to take to these cool places in Washington you can buy merchandise the somewhere dot threatless dot com. You can find our show notes, all the pictures and everything at the truth is somewhere dot com. If you have questions comments concerns, you can Email as the truth is somewhere podcast at g mail dot com. And that is absolutely everything. I have for you. The truth is somewhere guys. Keep looking. Truthful stuff about swear.

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