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Uber announced plans to acquire a majority stake in the grocery delivery Startup Corner Shop Cornish up currently operates in Chile Mexico Peru and Canada and Uber plans to help it expand these villi headlines for Friday October Eleventh Twenty nineteen I'm rich drop Alina us. UK Australia New Zealand Brazil Canada France Italy Spain Germany Mexico Japan and India as the companies can feature at dedicated office and Emoji the office key replaces the right hand windows key and can be used as part of a shortcut to lodge office. APPS using the office keep plus w launches word which is popular in large parts of Africa Amazon announced that Amazon Music is now available on Apple TV's running TV OS twelve dot O. or later in the US June Uber's deal is currently pending regulatory approval the autonomous retail startup standard cognition and the acquisition of deep magic a startup developing Adam is retail kiosks the deal will see standard cognition pickup deep magic's intellectual property and technology as well as bring on co-founder Burn Schoener as a consultant but will not take on existing pilot contract from deep magic standard technician works at retrofitting large retailers to do cashless checkouts while deep magic specializes in letting customers he pro for six hundred ninety nine pounds coming to the UK October seventeenth the pro has a larger six point six seven Q hd Ola screen that wraps around the side it's awesome Mendy announced on twitter that he is leaving the game streaming platform the news comes a week after mixers other CO founder James Bomb announced his departure as well the platform was manufacturers all parts of the phone itself including the motherboard and even the packaging it's the first smartphone manufacturer they can claim it's are entirely made in Africa the Mar FPU camera is available for preorder for one thousand nine hundred dollars and ships October Twenty Fifth Cigna claims it's the world's smallest and lightest full frame murless camera just to add grips hot you viewfinder headphone and Mike Jack and other accessories Microsoft announced the Ergonomic and Slim Bluetooth keyboards that now which includes an option to delete Siri voice dictation history as well as an opt out for sharing audio recording data with apple the Beta includes a splash screen at installation that explains how apples the payment card when entering a kiosk or micro storefront then using cameras to track purchased items Apple Release the Public Beta of thirteen to you to play nice slash keep antitrust regulators at bay apple's upcoming TV plus streaming servers also includes availability on fire TV Sigma announced that these signal weighing three hundred seventy grams for the body the camera is signals I modern digital camera to use a traditional Bayer Sensor offering twenty four megapixel resolution can record six gigabytes of storage for seven hundred ninety nine pounds arrives in the UK November Fifth Rwanda's Mara Group released to android smartphones this week Marin a bit fourcade video and uses L. Mount Lenses the camera features of three point two inch fixed touchscreen a USB port and hd report with a modular Google Cloud tensor processing unit support Pie torch mobile for quantifying a model for infringing on IOS and Android and the Krypton tool for encrypted machine learning otherwise it's very similar to the specs of the non-pro one plus seventy a McLaren edition of one plus seventy pro in black and orange with twelve gigabytes of Ram and two hundred fifty is wasted and gives the OPT out option at that time the opt-out is also available in the privacy section of the settings app one plus announced the one plus seventy fifty nine dollars and ninety nine cents while the Slim Bluetooth keyboard is forty nine dollars and ninety nine cents both available October Fifteenth Mixer Co Founder Bytes of storage and sells for one hundred seventy five thousand seven hundred fifty Rwandan francs roughly one hundred ninety dollars this puts them a bit more expensive than the Chinese brand techno says sixteen gigabytes of storage and sells for one hundred twenty thousand two hundred fifty Rwandan franc's that's roughly equivalent to one hundred thirty dollars the Mar- Z comes with thirty two really founded as being an acquired by Microsoft in two thousand sixteen and finally facebook released version one dot three of pie torch it's machine learning library the release the release also features the captain tool that gives better visibility into why machine learning models make specific decisions by looking at the importance of specific neurons layers service to other markets including the US Walmart previously tried to acquire a corner shop in two thousand eighteen for two hundred twenty five million dollars but the deal was blocked by Mexican antitrust regulators for example the EMOJI key launches the EMOJI picker in windows ten but can't be used to trigger specific emoji or for shortcuts Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard all these headlines there as well thanks for listening we'll talk to you next time and from all of us here had the tech headlines Remember have a super sparkly day affect predictions made by the models for more discussion of the Tech News of the day remedy subscribe to daily Tech News Show at tech new show dot com. 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