Episode 161


Soared and scale contains adult themes and violence and is not intended for all audiences listener. Discretion is advised. Have BEEN TO. Please let him go through him off somewhere. What our own sculptures Sydney time just struck. Hello and welcome the season. Seven episode one. Sixty one of sword and scale a show that reveals the worst monsters. A real. Some people have everything they could ever want in the world and they're still not satisfied. It boggles the mind to think about it. Especially when so many of us out there struggle every day just to make a couple bucks? I know I did at the earlier part of my life and it was not a lot of fun but thanks to you. That's no longer the case so sit back and listen to this episode which is a fable in modern times. It's also a disgusting display of just. How atrocious we can be as human beings with our never ending lusts for respect or power or whatever the hell enjoy it On the inside of an incinerator temperatures need to reach between sixteen hundred and eighteen hundred degrees Fahrenheit or your skin to literally burn away. As your hair's disintegrate the muscles in your body will contract and shrivel like a piece of Bacon left on the stove two long chunks fat sizzle and pop and soon your organs will melt. Converting into carbon dioxide. Only pieces of your bones will remain. And if this were a proper cremation. Those two would be specifically processed into ash before placing an urn and given to loved ones for remembrance. But this is not a proper cremation today. The incinerated bodies in question will never be recovered and loved ones. We'll have nothing to remember but pain and confusion for many years to come. You understand your right to choose whether or not to make a statement. Yes I understand that you understand the consequences of making a false statement. Do you understand the fact that this thing won't be videotaped and do choose to give a statement shirt Delon Millar was born into a life of comfort and luxury the third generation of aviation family. That began with Dylan's grandfather. A man who started his own charter airline in the Mid Nineteen fifties that eventually grew into an impressive fleet with twenty one planes. Delon's father had also succeeded in continuing the Delon air legacy giving his son delen anything entrepreneurial. Young man could ask for from a fancy private education to a bottomless piggy-bank for residential properties automobiles and exotic vacations. This was the definition of a trust fund. Baby the future couldn't be brighter but tonight tragedy has struck the prestigious Malarde family and says Thursday sometime between six and six thirty back to the house had been working at our family. Business came into the side door. The door post. Everybody uses the house. I walked to my room and sweater the closet cold day and then I was on my way back to the kitchen to make a snack. I noticed my father's things to be asleep in bed which was odd because it was and so I ended. Something didn't really seem right very still and some blood on the pillow and moment I had to leave his room actually back to my room and my phone and I walked back into my dad's I called my mother and I told her what I was seeing literally said I'm standing in my dad's and this blood overs. Hello stead screaming. Delon is twenty seven years old when he discovers his father with a single gunshot wound through the eye when police arrive Wayne. Millard is photographed on his side in a position that could easily be mistaken for sleeping. Were it not for the stream of blood dripping down the mattress of course? Oh and the revolver lying next to him hours later. Del appears calm and collected relaying the sequence of events to the officer seated across from him as detectives attempt to piece together. What led up to Wayne? Milan's death they get a sense of the most recent Millar family. History were Kurd feminist. Yes they do. Business News Malardier Inc. It's right now being tried trying to be reimagined into an MRI which is a maintenance and repair organization. Essentially a garage to bring air place get faced. How long is this business up and running like well? It's viable to start doing maintenance repair or license about three weeks ago. And it's been over a year preparation to get to that points. When Dylan's father Wayne inherited the family business malarde air had already stopped. Flying planes for over a decade. Most of the money was coming from leasing. Valuable Hangar at Canada's Pearson airport and so- Wayne began investing millions of dollars into a second hangar in Waterloo a city experiencing technological and economic boom. The intent was to leave a legacy for Delon but the family business was never of much interest to him. Delon was after all a rebel. An ADRENALIN junky. Cnn photographs sporting a Red Mohawk Delon in. This friends recently competed in an expensive off. Road racing event in Mexico called the Baja five hundred afterward getting matching tattoos to commemorate the occasion. He was a kid that was shunned and pooh-poohed over at the country club at a lot of people in that world new Delon as the rich kid who throws parties for burn outs and high schoolers. Rumor has it that Delon takes things to another level when he brings out a black and yellow toolbox filled with party drugs whole basement set up for youngsters for parties. Tried to make it look club in what takes place. They solders xbox Diet. Tv's and stuff like that so joan. There ain't drugs or some folks down there to grow it from. The police ever attended there for these couple years. We had one get out of control. We had to call the police to GET PEOPLE. People usually usually. It's twenty anyways that night. It was more or something was something posted on. Facebook just one. That's the new airplane hangar in Waterloo. Well sometimes a source of tension between father and son slash president and vice president of Malardier was generally a pretty sweet deal for Delon until any contracts were finalized. It was essentially a place for Dell in the store. His hot rods jeeps and jet skis. It also gave access to mechanics and engineers who would gladly tinker away at whatever projects Dylan through their way. All you had to do was keep the place clean and organized. But he couldn't care less about that. More toys were stored at the sprawling. Millar to state. Police I arrived the night of Wayne. Millar it's death. They noticed none of the fifteen vehicles parked on the property were missing. Most of the mansion gave the impression of a messy. Frat House adorned with airplane memorabilia. Save for Wayne's master bedroom sadly smelling of multiple cats and unchanged litter boxes but in the interrogation room when the conversation turns toward Wayne's physical and mental well-being being in the months leading up to his death delon casually hints at what life had been like since he moved back in with his father over a year ago. Yet depression him. He carried some pretty sadness within throughout life. I never really never really wanted to share it with me. The death of Wayne Millar is eventually ruled a suicide albeit a strange one as the coroner suggests he's never seen someone kill themselves with a shot through the eye as the interview with Dell includes. It's clear they've taken. Everything is told them as absolute truth but for grieving son gives the impression of a tired traveller being mildly inconvenienced by the TSA. Of course looking back on it now knowing the full story at all makes sense because Dell and Millar is a master manipulator the new CEO of Millar who will quickly closed the book on his family's legacy and throw it into the fireplace one year later it's February twenty eleven and twenty six year. Old Sean Learner is throwing a surprise party for his then girlfriend. Laura Babcock also in attendance Dylan Millard. An ex boyfriend of Laura's that Sean does not personally know as the party ends several people including Sean and his girlfriend. Laura go back to Delon's apartment. After limited conversation. Sean describes his impression of Delon as sketchy at a certain point. Sean Witnesses Delon giving Laura a pill unprovoked as a birthday present ecstasy he assumes which makes him a bit uncomfortable. Laura Babcock who has felt lost in life since graduating with degrees in English and drama at the University of Toronto has begun seeking treatment for mental health issues that have taken over her life undiagnosed and with increasingly more erotic behavior. Laura is asked to leave her family home after an incident where she threatens her mother with the wooden spoon sometime during the next year. Sean and Laura break up although Sean still loves and cares for he watches from the sidelines as Laura moves in with a new boyfriend eventually ending that relationship and having him arrested for assault as well as the sexual assault of a friend still concerned for his ex-girlfriend's wellbeing and realizing that she's headed towards a downward spiral. John makes arrangements for Lara to stay at a local days. Inn Motel they convene at a nearby food court. Where Sean Learns? She's recently began working at an escort. Service he loans her an Ipad to help her find a safer more permanent living situation. It is the last time they will ever meet in this same period of spring. Twenty Twelve Dylan Mallard is secretly juggling relationships with at least three women including his ex fiancee and the eighteen year old. He was cheating on her with Christina. New Christina Nude Ga is friends with Laura Babcock. Well I guess the more accurate term is frenemies as much as it pains me to use that word. Both of them have slept with Dylan at one time or another and Lars Birthday Christina decides to text her something along the lines of happy birthday. It was a year ago that I I slept with Delon to which Laura replies. That's fine I slept with him a couple of weeks ago to which an upset Cristina remind. You is the one who started. This mean girls exchange in the first place texts back. Did you miss your medication? Today you're a crazy psycho bitch trying to get my boyfriend. You had him and he lost him give it up Christina. New is a delight a role in all this is far from over but it begins in April of twenty twelve following the birthday text. Meltdown now. A flustered Christina texts her permit skuas Boyfriend Delon whose bruised ego once again for every turn of kindness you showed her. She took it and threw it in my face making me discouraged. Fuck she's like a virus like herpes always there but only shows up once in a while with a whole lot of annoying lesions. There's a difference herpes. You can't really get rid of. It just feeds off you until you die. I. I'm going to hurt her then I'll make her leave fancy myself something of an undercover doctor. I think with the right treatment. These herpes can be gotten rid of well. Dr Millard. How do you propose to remove the infectious disease? I think we're being harmed in irritated by toxins released by a parasite removal of the parasite should alleviate the irritation. I will remove her from our lives. Delon reaches out to a friend of a friend and purchase a wooden handled Smith and Wesson Handgun and on July third twenty thirteen. The day of removal has arrived. Want to just do. This is the last footage of Laura Babcock taken by a friend. Who Finds Laura's private joke of meowing and public amusing and wants her to see? Just how silly she looks. She's been telling him about an upcoming trip to Las Vegas. And when he drops her off at a bus station. July second he feels like she is excited for life while. Nobody's there to see it. The signal that Laura Cell Phone Sends Ping's off nearby towers explains what happens next the following evening July third. The map suggests that Laura is very. Near to Dylan's location. The information won't be revealed for many years data records then trace Laura and Delon's phones as they travel to Delon's home. The two phones move together the next day as well until suddenly LAURA'S PHONE STOPS RECEIVING MESSAGES. Delon's phone continues moving until he reaches another one of his properties a one hundred Acre farm that he purchased the previous here for nearly eight hundred fifty thousand dollars in cash. It's here just outside the only standing structure on the entire property that Delon uses his cell phone to take a disturbing picture. The image is of a dusty rolled up blue tarp concealing the thin frame of what could very easily be a body. Delon's dog stands off to the side sheepishly looking back up at the camera. The photo is timestamped two forty pm on July fourth and Delon then sets a cell phone reminder for three days later that reads barn. Smell check after all you got to keep things clean Shawn Lerner. The carrying ex boyfriend who laura an IPAD during their final exchange is the first person to report. Laura Babcock missing as her. Normally active. Social Media. Accounts have gone silent. But because he isn't a family member. Police initially. Brush him off in the meantime. Laura's father Clayton Babcock had last heard from his daughter in the cell phone call days before her disappearance. She said she was dropping off her. White Multi S- dog in a shoebox full of cash. When he returned home his daughter was already gone on. What he assumed was an extended vacation. Laura's parents who meanwhile have been hoping and praying that their daughter is just on some kind of an adventure and will soon return home. Notify the police a few days later but the days continue to pass. And when Laura's parents receive Laura's cell phone bill they share the information with both police and Sean Learner. Curiously the last eight phone calls were made to a person they know. Delon malarde again. Sean reaches out to police this time urging them to contact Delon but no further action is taken in fact the more Sean tells them about Laura's declining mental health and erotic behavior the more convinced police are that she's just another runaway and she's probably out there somewhere just fine nothing to worry about nothing to do here. Go eat another doughnut. Frustrated by the lack of Action Sean then takes matters into his own hands and reaches out to Delon himself. Hi Don. This is Laura's French Sean. I'm not sure if you've heard but Lara has been missing for the past three weeks as wondering if you've been in touch with her at all heard about that don't know where she is thanks. I'm looking at her phone bill. I see she spoke to you a lot around the end of June. The last day coffee made before disappearing all to you. Did she mention anything about where she might be going? Or with. Whom for what it's worth? I'm not looking to get anyone in trouble. Just really concerned for her safety. Several minutes pass with no response not trying to point a finger just wondering if she might have mentioned something in passing. That could help us find her. More time passes still no response if you don't own anything that's fine but kindly reply to confirm receipt nearly twenty four hours later. Delon finally text message received Sean Presses Dylan further eventually getting him to agree to meet at a nearby starbucks during this conversation Dell and suggests he hasn't spoken to Laura. Until Sean finally shows him. Laura's phone Bill Delon then changes his story saying that Laura has been looking for drugs implying sheet devel- to cocaine addiction and had gotten mixed up with the wrong people before leaving. He tells Sean that he should have no reasonable expectation of ever seeing her again. Despite all of Shawn's efforts to keep police motivated eventually the Laura Babcock case goes cold. His last request to the officer in charge is to trace the IPAD. He had loaned to Laura before her disappearance. Sadly this action is never taken a critical mistake. One that undoubtedly would have stopped all further tragedy and tracking the IPAD authorities would have discovered that on July fifth just two days after her murder. Laura's IPAD was sinked with a computer at one of Delon Millar Properties had police followed this trail. Which again they did not do. They would have also discovered a very curious changed. The status of Laura's device starting July Fifth. It had been renamed to mark's ipad. But who the hell is mark? I know we've thrown a lot of names that you already but you're GonNa WanNa pay close attention here. Meet Mark Smith which Dylan's former drug dealer turned best buddy even though their backgrounds couldn't be more different. They share a joint together one night in the early two thousands and bond like brothers by twenty eleven to our regularly rounding up a small crew of friends for late night missions as they call them in the beginning. Their heists are small-scale. Like stealing plants from a nursery. But over time the loot becomes larger the stakes higher and the take itself harder to get away with a concrete floor polisher. A Wood chipper a trailer filled with core veterans and more recently a film producers Harley Davidson motorcycle the relationship between Dell and the Lord and Marks Mitch becomes what some may call symbiotic mutually benefiting to them both when Dell and expresses interest in purchasing a gun for example mark as the count. A guy who's got a hook up and when mark wants to pursue a career as an up and coming hip hop artist. Doan has all the means to build them a recording studio. Yes it's like a free south session with no lesson question. Killing you went possessions is Martin. I'M GONNA kill checkmark bizarre mountains climate though you opt to dangle you from the roof true mother fuckers know what? We've you blacked up and Blue Bruce who blues close tell the cops anything you die on the nose and peace bitch. Good deceased kit for me. Say ten the genius. That's say ten like S. A. Y. And then the number ten mark has a catchy nickname for his rich. Buddy Delon as well delon the felon on the night of July Third Twenty twelve Laura Babcock's final outgoing call is to check her voicemail at seven to three pm and even though her phone would go on to log hundreds of text and phone messages from worried friends and family members. Delon Millar who received the last eight calls prior to disappearance never reached out once. Marks Mitch doesn't really know Laura but it's not hard to place him hanging out with Dylan pinpointing the exact manner in which Laura's isolation and execution occurred will likely never be known but there are a couple of notable details that point to foul play First Delon and mark are constantly in touch with one another though curiously on the night of July third neither delon nor mark use their phones to contact anyone from seven thirty pm until almost one. Am The following morning. Something has been keeping them occupied all night and second later that day. July fourth now Dell drives to a local store called sleep county the largest mattress retailer in Canada and purchases a King sized mattress for twenty five hundred dollars rush delivery the theory being that something must have destroyed the original mattress the night before. It's a small price to pay to cover up a murder but delon's funds are limitless and his plans are far from over in fact for the last two months Dell and has been investing his money and energy towards obtaining an incinerator. No I'm not shitting. You initially Dow in taxes favorite mechanic to build one from scratch presumably preposterously so delon can burn his household waste but after several near disasters and failed test runs Dell and ends up dropping over fifteen thousand dollars on a professionally manufactured. Five hundred pound propane behemoth. It arrives July fifth standing it over ten feet tall painted black and branded with red stenciled letters that read the eliminator when asked why he wants to purchase a livestock incinerator after all there are no animals on the Millar Farm Dell and tells his friends and family that he wants to get into the animal cremation business with his veterinarian. Uncle in the meantime demonstrates his mechanic to make the recently purchased unit mobile so it can be towed wherever Dylan Watson think about it. A mobile body disposal unit ready to go on tour cross country after nearly a month of back and forth with the manufacturer and an additional eight thousand dollars in custom modifications. A six hour test burn is long last successfully completed on July twenty third delon texts mark barbecues run. It's warm up. It's ready for meet later. That night Delon uses phone to search what temperature is cremation done at then takes a series of photos. Most notably one of Mark's Mitch proudly standing in front of the eliminator holding a Rod. Iron Ashraf like a pitchfork in grinning like a morbid undertaker. There's another photo closer to the incineration chamber something out of Focus and burning that looks unmistakably like the bones of a human arm. This brief and eerie video is also taken of tiny orange numbers floating into the night sky while the incinerator hums in the background and then a new document is created. On Laura's ipad that is now marks ipad their rap lyrics. Of course here. He is say ten himself performing the track in house reading the lyrics on his newly acquired ipad bone out of its ashes stone. Last time I saw outside the home. And then you a bone by bone was if you go swimming. Find a poem fun. Phone can if you go swimming to find a fiscally. If it's not clear from the audio he's delighted with themselves mock swimming and resting his head on his press together hands like he's peacefully sleeping. Mark will be so impressed with his own lyrical wit from that night that he performs the track for friends at a party months later he pulls a couple of them aside and brags to them and it's more than just a song. It's a true story. The friends who hear it think it's a joke and chalk it up to mark trying to act cooler and tougher than he actually was over time. It seems that Laura Babcock's parents are simply too grief stricken to push the matter with police further the little white dog she left behind it constant reminder of what they lost and also somehow it comfort life will go on. And so it seems Dylan Malaria and marks Mitch of Gotten Away with murder. A we were living in the future. People technologies improved in just about everything phones cars shopping yet. Mattresses have more or less been the same. Since the invention of sleep we deserve better and finally the mattress has evolved thanks to purple. The secret to purple is the Purple Grid. It's a patent comfort technology that instantly adapts to your body's natural shape and sleep style. Purple is designed with over twenty eight hundred open air channels and naturally temperature neutral. Gel. You'll never sleep too hot or too cold. 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That's purple dot Com Slash Sword Promo Code Sword for a hundred and fifty dollars off any mattress order of fifteen hundred dollars or more terms apply go to purple dot com slash soared today and experience. The next evolution of sleep next on the list is getting you a G ONE SAN EQUIPMENT FOR RECORDING NABET. Dodge thirty five hundred salvage. Nab A knack great teen sailboat. Fucking hungry natural mission to and I know. I've been slacking on that lately. I think he could grab that truck. I need before I go to the states next their common enough though. It doesn't have to be that one. It just has to be dodged thirty. Five hundred Red's just a bonus. Yeah we need a proper plan. So let's work. That out. Can't make any mistakes. They say money doesn't buy you happiness but it sure as shit helps many of the time the bills come in and it seems like every dollar earned spent living paycheck to paycheck is tough when it feels like you're hemorrhaging money. Just to stay afloat. Sometimes expenses have to cut in the case of Tom Bosma and his wife Charlene. It was their two thousand seven. Dodge Power Ram thirty five hundred. That had recently been the source of a major financial headache after replacing the transmission brakes and several other internal parts. It was time to let the diesel four by four pickup truck. Go and try to recoup some of the losses in the spring of twenty thirteen. The Bosna's place their sale by owner add on Canada's popular classified website could G G DOT CA. The truck has been online for weeks with no serious interest from anyone but after they update the advertisement in early. May Tim at long. Last has a buyer willing to drive all the way out from Toronto to take the vehicle for a test drive on the morning of the appointment. Tim Reaches Out via text to see if the buyer wants to meet them half way but the message goes unanswered by seven PM that evening. The original scheduled appointment time. Tim has grown frustrated by the lack of response. Assuming he's dealing with yet another tease of an offer but at seven twenty two PM. Tim's phone rings and the man on the other side of the line says he's on the way and will be there within an hour as tim and Charlene tuck their two year old into bed. Tim Wonders out loud. Who comes this late to see a truck just after nine? Pm CHARLEENA's outside smoking a cigarette with a downstairs tenant when she sees two men approaching their property on foot they haven't come in a vehicle which seems odd but the taller of the two men explains that a friend has destruct them off and was grabbing a bite to eat. The shorter of the two men says nothing at all. He hangs back hands. Never leaving the pockets of his red hooded sweatshirt barely glancing at the Dodge truck. They driven all this way to see. Charlene watches as her husband and the two men get into the truck. Tim Sitting Shotgun the taller of the two men in the driver's seat and his antisocial friend in the Red Hoodie sliding into the back as they drive off for their test drive. Charleen can't help but speaker thoughts out loud. That was weird. She says to the French. She's been smoking with to ease the tension. The friend makes an off color joke saying that might be the last time we ever see him. Girding Missing Person Timothy Bosma on April twenty. Eight th two thousand Thirteen Timothy Bosma. Posted two thousand and seven dodge. Ram pickup truck for sale on two different websites on Monday. May Six a male party arranged by telephone to view the truck Mr Bosmo residents in an Caster at approximately nine twenty pm. Mr Bosma went for a test drive with two young males in this pickup truck. Mr Bosma had told his spouse that the males stated that they were from Toronto. Mr Bosma has not been seen from or heard from since this time. Police were notified a Mr Bosma disappearance immediately by his spouse in the mountain criminal investigation. Division Begin Investigation late on May sixth due to the unusual nature of this disappearance the homicide unit will now take the lead in the investigation as per our policy from Hamilton. Police Service. On the day that follows this press conference by Hamilton Police. An Emotional Charlene Bosma asks for anyone knowing anything about her husband's disappearance to please come forward. This is not your way through this on. Tv movies happen. Washed my husband right away just after nine o'clock on Monday night. He's my teasing he'd be wrecked. My husband Tim is looking father for years year. Old Girl dancing sisters brother. We look forward to being able to put the Arms Reynolds Avenue. We open today in the last few snag there when kids the other day city has been stolen from world revolves around number one right now. I hate to please let him go. We drop them off somewhere. Please alert talk three nights earlier. May Sixth again just hours. After Tim Bosma is murder. Tim's thirty five hundred Dodge Ram. Now Delon's thirty five hundred dodge. Ram Is being stripped of its blood-soaked interior in the center of the Millar Airplane Hangar Marks Mitch. Works with a box cutter blade to remove the seat belts and carpets afterward power-washing the fragments of glass. That have fallen from the shattered front passenger window. The eliminator is turned on and Delon and mark. Lift the one hundred and seventy pound corpse of Tim. Bosma guiding his body through the eighteen by twenty four inch opening of the Incinerator Especially Difficult Chore For Mark. Who's recently somehow dislocated his shoulder in these early morning. Hours of May seventh as Tim's body is slowly being burned delon texts casually with one of his multiple girlfriends about pets. In the meantime mark gathers everything taken from the dodge thirty five hundred into garbage bags and throws them onto the bed of Delon's other truck to be disposed of later when the eliminator cools down and his moved back to Dulles farm and at five fifty five. Am Delon Sends One more text? Only this one goes out to all the employees at Milad Air. It reads quote airport politics. No one goes to the hangar today. Not even just to grab something. Why is it all these rich white kids wannabe gangsters? I don't get it another press conference four days. After Tim Bosma goes missing. There has been a break in the case. Not only has tim. Bosma phone been found but the phone delon used to contact him. A BURNER. Phone registered under a fake name has also been traced yesterday. Investigators working on this case received the results of a production order for the cellular telephone of the man. That contacted Mr Bosma from the cellular records in interviews. Police have found that these same individuals that attended Mr Bosma test of similar type of vehicle in the city of Toronto on May fifth in the middle of the day. The owner of this vehicle was not harmed. The owner was able to provide a description of the two males. This description of the two males matched the description provided by Mrs Bosma. The gentleman from trial described and added to this description on one of his wrists. He wasn't sure if it was a left to right where a person wears a watch was the word ambition there was a box tattooed framing the outside of the word ambition and it would have been the same direction as one whereas a watch. Police have researched this tattoo. This tattoo itself. It's not uncommon. Many people have the word ambition tattooed on their body however the location and the around it is unique. The gentleman is from Toronto. The one who identified Dylan's ambition. Tattoo was not supposed to live to tell the Tale Dylan had contacted him to arrange a test drive of his diesel truck in the same manner as Tim Bosma but when del Mark arrived they realized the man selling this particular truck was in fact a six foot four former Israeli army officer by the name of eager to Monenco on their test drive together. Mark meekly asked from the backseat. What ebor had done in the army ebor looked at him and said quote? You don't want to know what I did there. It got real quiet in the truck after that it seemed eager may have been too difficult. A victim to overpower which is why regular Guy Tim. Bosma had been such an appealing target the following day and indeed Delon and marks. The latest mission had been a success. Mark's girlfriend would later recall watching Dylan and mark happily celebrating the morning. After Tim's murder and incineration Delon now has the diesel truck he feels can go the distance and save on fuel costs as well. I mean that's really important. When you're killing people the next steps will simply be swapping the license plates replacing the windshield but dusting the Vin number and giving the black truck a red paint shop to match Delon's decidedly insufficient tow truck furthermore Delon and mark have once again seemingly perfected the art of destruction and deception. Mark must be swelling with pride for all of the admiration. He has for his criminal mastermind. Blood brother when delon sets his mind on something. It's like the laws somehow. Don't apply to him but now a police investigation is in full. Swing an everywhere you look. There's nonstop media coverage Delon's inferno may have scorched the earth but with it a charge stench has wafted into the winds. Every fire is eventually extinguished an every structure touched by its blaze is eventually reduced to ash. If our cat Piquiachu could talk he would say Pep Me there. He Pat me now. Pammy they're not gonNA BITE YOU. That's what they do. 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Thirty five hundred as the one he'd been seeing on TV. Not only that the mechanics father in law had taken pictures of the truck including the Vin number and reported the information to crime. Stoppers Della knows that he has to move Tim. Bosma truck but emboldened as ever. It's just another obstacle to overcome and so for his next mission. Delon enlists the help of his girlfriend Cristina NECA. You may recall her as the former Frienemie to the late Laura Babcock but she's about to prove herself as Delon's number one girl once and for all Delon picks up Christina at her house in his red dodge towing a large trailer behind it. That in reality is carrying tim. Bosma truck the to drop off the trailer at Dylan's Mother's house. Ignoring at avoiding her questions about the impromptu visit next stop delon's farm. According to Christina the drive there is what she calls a quote sexual expedition with Dell and driving while Christina performs Felicia when they arrive at the farm the pair put on gloves and move the eliminator once again this time into hiding on a secluded path away from the barn later. Pristina plays coy about her involvement. In that day's events saying for example she thought the trailer contained a tesla that Dylan was going to surprise his mother with and that they moved the incinerator because Delon said the barn floorboards had been creaking on the drive. Home they make one last stop. Dulles reached out to another one of his mission buddies. Be Says he's been quote feeling some heat and wonders if his friend can hang onto something forum. The French texts back. You tell me what these toys R. I can prepare myself. A toolbox bullet guns delon texts back three dots arriving later and exchanging laughs as he hands over a padlocked black and yellow Stanley toolbox. One that's familiar to his friends as being filled with party drugs before parting ways. Delon gives Christina a dvr of incriminating security footage from the airplane hangar. From the night of Tim. Bosma 's murder which Christina tucks away in her closet with all loose ends apparently tied up Dennis prepared when police arrive at the Waterloo. Malarde air hanger. They ask if they can look around to. Which del and smugly response thought. You're going to say that they find nothing out of the ordinary but the fact they connected. Delon with any of this at all meant the game was already over. Even though police didn't know at that moment that they were standing feet away from where Tim. Bosma 's body had been incinerated they did have their man with the ambition Tattoo. Police leave the Millar Air Hanger without making any arrests but they keep is on Delon but the remainder of the afternoon. While waiting for the official go-ahead a surveillance team trails him to a nearby bank and then to an apartment complex. That's later revealed to be where marks Mitch has been laying. Low Delon is out of police site for roughly an hour. No doubt helping mark get his story straight and figuring out the next steps for a mission spinning out of control by the time. He's back in his truck and driving home. The officers have their orders to make an arrest surrounded with guns. Delon steps out of the truck and is placed under arrest when he's handcuffed and searched. Police find three nitro black gloves in his pocket when tested later the gloves reveal DNA? From Delon. Dillon's girlfriend Cristina Nude Guy and Tim Bosma and although it won't be connected until later it's discovered that the key ring left Jingling and Delon's ignition also carries the keys to Tim. Bosma Truck Delon Malarde twenty seven years old from Toronto has been charged with forcible confinement and theft over five thousand dollars. It is believed that Delon. Malarde is also the driver in the truck incident that took place in Toronto previously. Millard is the suspect with the ambition. Tattoo. Malarde was arrested without incident while driving on Contra road in Mississauga Tim. Bosma has not been located. Our greatest priority is the welfare and locating of Tim. Bosma anyone who knows where tim is. Please help return Tim to us for those responsible. Turn yourself in Del. Malarde is a narcissist and he has quite an imagination. This is an Brocklehurst author of dark ambition. That twisted packed of Serial Killers Dylan Malarde and marks Mitch. Dallas Willard was the first one arrested and part of the reason. His arrest was so shocking was because it turned out he was an air to an aviation company. As a fourteen year old. He broken flying records flying a regular plane and a helicopter on the same day and becoming the youngest person to do that so he had the sort of rich Guy Story and made. You wonder why you do this. And there was just more to dig into. As more information about Dylan comes to light dillon's girlfriend Cristina now. Staying with Dylan's. Mother thinks back on her afternoon. Sexual expedition with Delon and the trailer dropped off still sitting in his mother's driveway fearing now that she may be linked to Dylan's crimes Christina gets to work cleaning her fingerprints off the trailer using wipes and dishwashing gloves. Provided by Dylan's mother and this last minute tampering of evidence happens without a moment to spare things are moving quickly now and there's been another break in the case. It has been exactly one week since Tim. Bosma disappeared while taking two strangers on a test drive of his truck in Ontario. Investigators think they may now have found the truck. But there's no sign of the missing man. Christina Stevens has the latest on the Investigation Christina Donna Hamilton. Police say at this point. They're concentrating their search for thirty zero. Tim Bosma in the Kitchener Waterloo region. Yesterday however police were at this Kleinberg house seizing trailer containing a black pickup truck but say further investigation is required before they can confirm its Bosmo struck. The house belongs to the suspect's mother a neighbor cold police after realizing the connection and says the trailer had been there since Thursday. It's actually very disturbing I really hope and pray that they find You know alive I. I really hope it works out. Positively but the awful truth will soon be known the eliminator which Delon and Christina moved into the woods surrounding Delon's farm has recently been discovered by a dirt biking neighbor police are unsure of what they're looking at when they first approached the iron monstrosity parked on the overgrown path a rednecks smoker attached to a hundred pound propane tank. It's large enough to crawl into and once inside the modified incinerator. Detectives discover too large pieces of bone within the main chamber. Both of them are curved. As a result of damage from the fire a forensic anthropologist is then brought to the scene for further analysis and over the course of the next several hours the specialist painstakingly examines the seven concrete tubes contained within the incinerator as she carefully removes one bone fragment after another sergeant from the Hamilton Police. Forensics Branch takes exhibit photos and delicately stores them in the end. The specialist is able to identify pieces from fifty eight of the more two hundred bones that make up the human body. She concludes from this that at some point the insides of the eliminator had been cleaned out. Adding bone does not disappear a day after authorities officially announced they're convinced the remains bound. Are that of Tim Bosma. His widow Charlene Bosma Knicks. Another public appearance yesterday. Reminding me knows your own your own home. Who Now he turned on me more than ever to hold it broken. It's Sunday may nineteenth less than two weeks since Tim. Bas murder and four days. After Charlene's heartbreaking press conference marks Mitch can be seen living it up partying at a sister's wedding and a series of pictures that let's face. It probably didn't make the photo album. Marcus scenes squeezing his girlfriend tight and smoking a cigar and cheering on the groom. Who's in the back stroke of a staged golf swing and all of them? The goofy self satisfied grin behind the scenes. Mark has taken possession of Delon's black and yellow toolbox and breaks the padlocked to reveal. The murder weapon stored inside a Walter P K the handgun made famous by James Bond. Unable to sell it mark briefly hides it in the washing machine of his mother's house ultimately deciding to bury it in the nearby woods. He's deleted his facebook page. He's been using his girlfriend's phone to make paranoid calls out on the balcony and he snaps at a friend who asks if he's involved with the Bosma case everyone's been talking about mark soon goes into hiding and his girlfriend's sister's apartment bringing exactly what you think a sketchy drug-dealing murderer would have on them for cellphones. Police observe him for a week eventually arresting him on his. Bmx bike for first degree murder as he's put into handcuffs he shouts out to his girlfriend quote. Don't tell them anything babe. Don't tell them anything. The four cellphones upon closer examination are all missing. Their SIM cards. Mark suggests there probably inside of another phone somewhere. In fact many of Mark's digital fingerprints during the early spring of two thousand thirteen have been wiped clean but say ten himself has now been put behind bars along with his preppy Buddy Delon Ba- felon just to tattered up white boys from Canada about to go to trial for three different murders. That's right three murder trials. I hope you haven't forgotten about Dylan's father Wayne Millard. We opened the show with his unusual. Death shot through the eye in his suburban mansion in ruled a suicide. Well we'll talk about that and a whole lot more regarding this case on next plus episode but for now a network of willing participants wannabe gangsters and lovers alike will quickly retreat and duck for cover soon. The public will learn disturbingly. Just how many people allow themselves to play dumb or otherwise be indifferent to the unnecessary deaths of innocent strangers at the hands of a pair of psychopaths once again. Thanks to an Brocklehurst. Who's excellent book? Dark ambition the twisted packed of serial killers. Dylan the Lord and Marks. Mitch is the primary source for this audio story. She'll join us again on the next plus episode as I mentioned and we have a whole lot more about how this insane case went down in the courtroom. If you're not a member yet you're GONNA WANNA sign up for plus just go to sword and scale dot com slash plus. It starts at just five bucks a month and you'll be able to hear not just next weeks plus episode but all plus episodes. There's over sixty of them with unique stories. You won't hear on the regular fee until next time. Stay safe and stay away from anyone who has a mobile incinerator. Hey Mike Dame's name is brandon. I just wanted to give feedback on this show. We've been listening to it for about two years And we love every single episode. We've probably listen to it about three or four times and we absolutely love it. Thank you very much for doing what you do. And keep it up when you let the first time man. It was tragic listening. Because it's the only podcast we listen to They so much Mike Anything that we can do for you now. Do you need something to listen to next. We'll check out this other show from cast media. Jake Tula. I'm Jamie and we're your host of circle talking if each episode. We're going to bring you a new stalking case covering the INS and outs of each stalker. Their victims and their shoulders any weapon. Yes what is he did? A gun ninth. She hated me so much. She found my stepmother Brendan her and then was caught making a plan to attack meet with my stepmother he shows up to my gallery and he's wearing a space suit. He looks at me and he goes. You look like Jessica Rabbit and Lee from the Fifth Element and then he looks at me very intensely and he goes and I'm GonNa Stalk you we hear about the cops not really do anything or not really caring about the Crime Stock. There's a lot of shaming doctors. The Predator who'd been stalking me for forty years was starting to really interfere with my life and my freedom a lot more than he had been one of those random messages on my damn it was like. I'm coming in all see on this date. I was like responding today and then it was like verification of offset all of a sudden I hear a knock at the door so I opened the door. And they're six something gentleman standing in front of me with a backpack and he looks at me and he said. Are you Erin kind of panicked? Because this isn't Larry. He followed me to my work and he grabbed me. Push me into the dorm. I'm blocked unblock May. Why did he bought me? I'm Jacob Tula. I'm Jamie BB. Strictly stocking mayors on January twenty eighth. 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