Chris from NC Part 2: Podcast Episode 117


One year got trapped. I like to travel light can make and I like to write where it'd be able to spend more time in the woods. I was losing money. Getting traps out. There is the hardest part I think with leave in the back of Montross earthly for going to no matter. What GUIDE TRAFFIC PARTNER? This is what you get to ask them guys. You know everything this Arkansas China. Learn something from pledging to ask questions without aspiration volume the game magazine especially for her. They're going hurt. Running the whole to fattening radio trapper. Carcelle listened to the most developers system yet working ahead to build the traffic very good. Your impact felt about these big hands. Most of my to coming from downtown. Probably the Best Part Plane Predator Shush waiters and even better fact in the first. This is trapping today cardinals. Those Jeremiah would thank you for tuning in we are brought to you by Cox Brothers lures. Kabc THE PALM SMARTER WORK HARDER ENJOYED. The success follows Casper's have baits lures books. Dvd's and everything you need to get the check him out Ross. Brought to you by for harvesters walk. The world comes five Wild Bir- you can find them at her harvesters dot com. Look THEM UP. For an Agent Commission. Pickup locations noxious schedules in past auction results. Lots going on in the bird industry and there's a lot of options that we pay attention to who he forward all right in tonight's up so we're GONNA talk with Chris from western North Carolina. This is part two of our conversation with Chris. He talks a lot about trapping beaver trapping or animal damage control and a bunch of other topics. I love talking with Chris. Great have him on. And let's get in the episode so that was the start for me the that. Yeah that really got me. Hooked on beaver trapping idle. I'm sure you agree. I mean you're you're trapping under the ice and stuff. I love to trap whatever I can track but there's something about that. I just love traffic yet. Yeah I what I like about. Him is is The regulations in the seasons are are just so much easier than every other species that we trap for here absolutely a super long season. And you can. You can do a lot of things to To catch him so and they're everywhere and at least we're in sounds like where you're at similar. They're all over the place and people want you to trap him. And when you locate an active beaver lodge can you see? Signed the you know. They're not far a hundred percent. I couldn't agree more and Another thing is like there's there's a lot of people in my life either through through my job or family members or just trends that I have are friends from back. Home that They see beaver as these cute cuddly things that you know build amazing stuff which is true but I think a really good Selling point for trapping especially with beaver is that dirt. There are very sustainable resource. You know what I mean. I mean at least here and it sounds like where you are. You know you can. You can feel like you trapped everyone in the whole county and then you're going to hear about ten more places that have whole new beaver colonies. Yeah well nobody else's strapping for him. Obviously no it's it's become like the the local joke we you know we've got A. We've got a general store here that's like looks like it's straight out of the thirties. And you can buy three thirties there. You can buy groceries there. You can buy guns. You can buy work boots. You can buy anything in between. It's like somebody's always saying to me. Oh what are you doing out trapping beavers because nobody else is doing so you went for your still trapping beavers it. Yup I'm a I you know I got once again like this year has been significantly better as far as knowing people because my fiance and I it's a real small town close knit community People have actually gotten to know and trust us even over Yankees you know and And because of that I've had people give me opportunities I had a guy. I'll keep it short sweet because this was pretty easy but I had a guy that asked me if I trap his. He's got a farm that he leases and he raises beef cattle on it. And he said you've got to see the damage at these beavers you doing. It's unreal. I thought for sure he might have been exaggerating. But I mean these. These beavers were cutting down trees. That were two feet around and He said I don't even care that they've made a Dan. This is a flood plain any way of not too worried about the cows don't either. He said that they've cut so many trees that they haven't knocked down. I'm afraid that they're gonNA fall on my calves and stuff like that and based on the dams and the damage that was there. I expected there to be. You know. No less than ten beaver and Had Three thirty in for a couple of days and they wouldn't go near him either. I thought you know what heck with it. You know. I'm just GONNA try to revisit snaring and see what happens and ice near the mating pair Snared one one night and snared the second one the next night and same set. Both of them were sixty plus pounds and then they had one offspring and I I did catch him in three thirty and they had they had six dams built on the creek plus the two that they had built before that he tore out with a backhoe and It was just the three of them and that was a month ago and he's had no problem sense so it just goes to show you that. Sometimes it's hard to judge. How many are there based on the work that they've done because those things are the machines you know? Yeah that's wow that is interesting. I remember two years ago. I trapped a lodge. It was a really big house and the guy had been having problems for years. And it hasn't been trapped in a long time You know I didn't really know what to expect. Ended up catching we. We caught ten beavers. Outta that one house so this year I went to a place several miles away and the house was the same exact size damn flow was pretty pretty much the same size and I thought well for sure. I've got at least eight or evert here you know and I tracked that for For a week straight and I caught I think it was. I think the reform there isn't it amazing it's like I guess. It just depends on the city. The vigil beaver that it does the amount that they have air. You know I suppose I mean they certainly are hard workers. I know that well yeah. I'm glad you mentioned beaver. Houses or lodges because Up until this property of all now I had never seen one every place I've ever trapped beaver private and public land. They've always just lived in bank dens. Really and it's it can be hard to set the entrances for them which I've I've caught three or four set in the entrances but usually the entrances are obviously underwater. Because that's their whole thing. Is they make an underwater entrance that leads to a dry dance. So off land creatures can't get in there But the the only way I've been able to successfully find entrances especially if the water gets murky for me walking around and stuff coming up. The bottom is just walk around with my my chest facing the bank and I just feel around with my foot for holes sure and then if I feel a whole that I can get my food and I'll take like a long stick kind of drive it in there to see. How far isn't that being said? I'm on property. Now that has Two lodges and when I first saw it reminded me of that picture that you have for trap and podcast where you're like yield down for lodging. I I thought it was like something out of National Geographic. I thought it was like the craziest thing. Ever 'cause I I've never seen them here. Wow that's amazing seeing him here and We see here. We have the most of the the beaver dams have lodges on them. The places where he had banked beaver just the the larger river systems for the most part. And that will Yeah I'm glad you brought that up because that's the connection I was I thought it was so crazy. I called the firmware Biologists the other week told her about and she's like so you know. What are you going on about now? I've never talked lady my wife. She's like I'm like yeah. There's lodges at this place. Traffic even lodges as she goes okay. Well what are you trapping? I said about the series of like Ken Pawns. Over the course of a mile track land and she said okay. We'll what were you trapped in when They all had bank names. I said it was all rivers and she said well. Yeah that's why they're not gonNA build a lodge that'll river right. They can't keep a damn there. I would have never thought about that yet. But you'll see the feed pile. I mean I assume Oh yeah you assume you guys get get feed byles? The you know our pilots are probably a little bigger because winners a lot longer here. But that's a really good indicator of beaver presence. Yeah I've actually use that to my advantage where instead of making like a traditional actually Castro mound sit. I've found their their fee. Paul's and toward the feet piles up and strewn it all across the bank and then just but made sure to find like a slide that they were coming in and out on that were pretty worn down and I tear the feed pile up and screwed around. The bank said a halfway submerged. Three thirty at that slide. Maybe rub some caster like a random spot in that area. So you know. It's hard to think like an animal that you're not thinking by thinking was that you know all he's GonNa come out of there and see that another beavers gotten his feet pile and he's going to get ticked off about it and go check it out of court one or two that way now when you get later in the winter and and you have When they when they're drawing off that feet bile typically. That's when there's ice cover a really good set. Is You can put a three thirty ray on the outside edge of the feet vile and the beavers will circle that pile to go in and grab food off of it and and usually they have a pretty good run. That's worn down because they're moving along the bottom right around the outer edge of the pile. Okay so it's almost like a semi circle or something around that age. Oh that's cool so you just kind of feel like you said like you did with the with the bank Dan. You can take a stick and you can feel for that depression and once you get it you just have to watch out the feed PAS like you got all these sticks pointing in different directions jamming out so you just gotTa find a spot where you don't have too much interference to set you three thirty and make a few put a few guide sticks on either side of it. Oh that's awesome. There's this place a matt now has a couple of feet piles of. I can definitely do that. Yeah I I went out. Check out this property and this is another example is kinda stumbling backwards into a good situation. one of my coworkers. Fred's songs is a avid bass fisherman. The kid you're mentoring no different kids. Forget okay good. We'll get into that one. Yeah I know it's a lot to keep up with. It's like I could. I could talk years wooden Indian but Yeah so anyway I this kid who fishes these bass palms that are stocked by this land on this landowner. Basically made millions of dollars in stolen cable television in California like the nineties or something moved back here to western North Carolina and built dislike these huge. It's like ten pounds and each one like slowly less elevated than the previous so they all flow into each other wildlife. Resources Commission has put duck boxes there. There's resident east there. I mean it's just it's perfect habitat for anything that lives in the water and This kid fishes these pawns on. He happened to be at a holiday gathering that I was that he was telling. I heard you physician. Stuff's we're talking back and forth. He starts telling me about hobbies. Beavers are all set up in his paws and stuff long story short. He gets me permission to go out there. And trump awesome so I go out there. I see these lodges on like in all you know thinking I'm having visions of grandeur and I went down to the general store and bought every thirty that they had and I I made sets to. You couldn't fake sets anymore and I checked empty sets for a week and realize these things were probably trapped shy So I said okay. There's a lot of that going on. Do you need a layouts to trap for beaver there? If if you're a landowner the way the regulations read I would I would feel that you do I talked to people that have said. They've tried and been pretty confident that they didn't have a license. You have that situation a lot of times you. You tend to get educated beavers because the land owners are just constantly getting after him and might be the only beavers. They've tried to trap. And in the last twenty years right. I ended up getting confirmation from landowners that a guy had previously tried to trap them without much success. That's the way he put So whether the guy who they had trapping was even a licensed trapper. I don't know but So I figured okay no big deal. I'll pull all three thirties. And I'll make your honor sits and stares aid the only sets that I had any activity at work. Footholds at ruin drowns at rewind sets where I didn't do job putting the the trap in the right place and they probably hit it with your chest and fire off but even the snares anything that had any kind of castor or anything that I put out. They wouldn't go near Boston. Yes so I reached out to another guy who's kind of bent toward me even trapping since he's nine and he's like his fifties and the guys just machine a couple years ago he's a couple hours east of me a couple years ago. He caught like one thousand forty eight beaver on year. Geez guys animal but I reached out to him in a Mike. You know this is probably a stupid question. House like but can be be caster. Shot was like Yup absolutely. He's like I know it's counterintuitive. It sounds counterintuitive. But A. He's like yeah they definitely can and especially if the previous trapper is heavy on using castrol his sets. He's like the best thing you can do is Paul you're set for a week or two and bake them think you're out there and then go back in and start blind setting and So I got really fortunate because in the inner oh This landowner. He's gotten nicer by the week which I wasn't expecting. He's a nice guy to be gabled. Yes he yeah. Pick the cable guy will call no affiliation to the movies. Nobody's tries to sue you own hair but he he's name is Larry. No fortunately not That's funny now now. I've got derailed. He's getting nicer. He's got When he first asked me to trapped like. I've got the impression that it's like. I want you to get these beavers and get them out of here and they're tearing everything up and they've to down trees that have been here since I was a little kid. Babol and It was like two days and he calls me and he was like let me ask you. So did I be called any BIEBER's yet and I wasn't about to tell that I've already determine their traction because there's only two days anyway I said no not not yet but it's not. It's not uncommon. Not Catch right away. He's like well. How's the firm market right now? Right I said Sir I said I don't know if that's a loaded question and I said It's not as good as it once was. I said but It's still in existence. It's had helps. He said well I tell you already said autumn when she out there wasting your time fuelling. Like you've just gotTA BE OUT. There catch beaver. He said you know the regulations you know the for Bears. You can catch. He said how about you. Try to catch some beaver. And in the meantime you catch anything that you want to catch and I was like you know stolen. Because I wasn't expecting that the MIC. After if you're good with that I'd love to and So is this your first foray into land trapping no I. I caught four Red Fox last year trying to catch coyotes in very quick succession. I called were Red Fox in like a week and a half and it was true. Dude I'd only I'd only made four sets I thought Fox's and everyone of 'em Nice but Last year in my county legal to keep Red Fox that has since been changed so once. I land trapped. If I catch up you'll have to keep them. Okay so you release those guys okay. Now you're told me awhile back not to d really too much but you'd you'd said something about going to the commissioners the county commissioners to advocate for Fox trapping and it W- people probably don't realize because your state is pretty unique in that county's control counties have some authority on trapping as opposed to most other states. It's the state that that governs. Yep Yep you're exactly right Basically the issue was is that of all the ferber's that were All the ferber populations and species Mur under the jurisdiction of North Carolina. Wildlife Resources Commission Except for Fox Fox was a a county government issue and any idea where that came from. We know exactly where it came from. I WANNA make disclaimer on that too. I've got some great friends who are Housman that are you know they hunt bears with house. They don't coincide with Hal's rabbits anything in between and Actually one of the guys that meant toward me with trapping and sold me a lot of my first traps is a guy who he sold me all his traps because he wanted to help me out and gave me a good deal because he wanted to pursue hunting with his dogs and so he's very supportive of trap and he's a huge advocate up it basically. It was like some really archaic stuff where I don't know if it was forty fifty years ago or something. At some point there was a there was some kind of disagreement between trappers and Housman regarding foxes and Basically what happened is some some political people's pockets got lined to keep the Fox harvesting in the favor of the House has been. This is back when there were a lot of trappers and helmsmen out the for was actually worth something correct. Yeah exactly and So that that was the issue L I can't take much credit for getting that changed There's a lot of people that gave me information and stuff by biologists and I kind of broke the ice with the county commissioners but due to stuff I going on the other trappers and guys from the trapping association that actually seal the deal and put the nail in the coffin and got us the season again so this year you can keep them. Yes sir. That's right all right so back to the cable guy. So Larry the cable guy. He said he basically contacted me. And Said Hey if you WANNA trap and you know you're into trapping. I'm not expecting you to be out here. Try to catch these beaver for me and not focus on anything else. He said there's a ton of stuff out here he said I've got no problem with it and And the other thing. He said which has been a huge relief. Since I've found out that these things are pretty educated beavers that he said I just wanted to let you know he said if you catch two or three and you can't get rid of whatever he said. I'm fine with that too. He said anything. You do helps me out at Anythi. You catch helps you out so I'm good with that. So He's been he's been really really nice he's been great guy And Soon as he told me that. You know I- I loaded up. Everything I had in the trap. Shed went out there Started setting for Muskrat started setting for mink which these maker a lot smarter than I caught last year. Apparently but The highlight I think so far regarding what I've been catching I mean I would I catch. I'm happy with it. You know how it is. It's the Chore Being Out. There is what's important but catching something just makes. It makes a little better but I ended up catching my first officer and I was intentionally trying to catch that. Otter which made it better I've got a ten year old lab mix and He's the type of dog that he'll wake up in the morning. You feed him. He goes outside. Does what you need to come inside. Sleep on the couch all day and never give up until dinnertime and I figure you know what like. It's not fair. Maybe I should be more involved with. Kiva have active. Let me start taking them with me. I won't be hold. This dog is like a tracking machine as far as As far as animals are concerned him. Yeah did you hear? Yeah Yeah He. He knew he knew he was talking about him. He all jokes aside if he hears me. Say The word traffic. He Starts Allen Joan crazy he probably her dot kidney. Probably heard me But I took him with me and it was like he would go over tall. Fresh beaver slides. He was finding all the cast around us five all the trails and he ends up like running out into the middle of this beaver pond. And I'm getting all upset about it because I think he's GonNa you know hurt himself or something and he goes over to this one and he just starts howling and I go over there nursing huge otter toilet covered and fish scales and I'd never seen one before. People had always told me what they were what to look out for but I had never seen one. I thought well you know what I'm just going to set some traps here. Sure enough I call it my first daughter and Just the other day twelve days later since I caught that female And the same exact boring said I caught male sweet. Yeah I I told a guy that I told the guy who caught him towards me. I told her that I really enjoy skin and honors and he told me that there must be something wrong. Yeah he was like he's like Bhai Four. They've got some of my favorite for God's name you enjoy skin it up. Yeah I just told him I said you know boss Kratz. If you pour too much you you can rip the belly open. I said Beavers are just a chore. No matter how you cut it at least they are to me. I don't know what it is. I just I guess off the one thing I've found that I've gotten somewhat good at doing compared to the other to the thing I hate about otter which I don't think they're that bad but they're they're wicked greasy when you you know their appeal a little hard and then the worst thing is once you go skinned and you get them flashed. You still got to do the tail. Yeah exactly Eddie. Get Out and Yeah it's it's a work but it's fun I in any of US catch a whole pile of offers you know. I'd probably catch an order for every ten beaver so when I get one. I'm pretty happy about it. Yeah I mean it was. It was one of those things where I was like okay. A dog found the sign for me. The science here just need to set on it and you'll still be in a relatively new trapper. You always had doubt in your mind. Well I'll put this year and even if I make it perfect on every catching this is the first time I call one. And it was a pretty decent size I was like dumbfounded and then when I reset it. I thought there's no way AL catching other ones and it was really cool. 'cause we took tracks the. I am a little trap and partner with the. He was an hollering and jumping around splashing around. He thought it was the best thing ever so it was great. So so you were the youngest trapper in the county. Probably and Now it sounds like there's Someone that's Beach. You beat you out to that. Yeah he's he's got me beat by twenty years up thirty three and he's thirteen It's a pretty. It's a pretty beautiful story. I'll try not to get too long winded with it I guess I should say this. I so that original guy that I tried to trap beaver four where the am blew out. There was no beaver that he turned to his father in law. That guy is now my boss. Okay the father-in-law made no the Oakley. Brother-in-law was the old old old timer. Correct his son in laws. Now my ball right on I was in between jobs Why wasn't in between jobs? I was working on. Java wasn't happy with I ended up telling the father in law about it. This guy was always a matter of fact about everything whether he was saying something. Nice weather. Say it's up to the fence. Just own fact he says Just please call my son in law. He'll give job and I'm like well. Yeah I don't like what do they do for a living? He tells him like aren't really have experienced. Don't matter all you need to do is just telling me a job. It will give you up for about two months later. I was at my wit's end with the job I was in and I called this guy I say hang on. This is going to sound crazy. I don't know have you anything you guys do. But YOU KNOW MR. Lionel told me to give you a call. And he's like Oh yeah. Sure I'll give you a job. So he's currently by employer to this day and His brother lives right down. The road from me and his brother has recently adopted a thirteen year. Old Kid And I will air that kids dirty laundry. Because that's his story not Marv but I'll tell you you couldn't pay me to go through the things that that kid went through and I. I've already told you that I've been through some stuff. But this kid has been through everything I've been through ten four and Essentially the stars aligned to where? My coworker ended up crossing paths that this kid and ended up adopting and I see I see a lot of myself in this kid and I mean a good way to where he's thirteen years old. But sometimes when you're having a conversation with you feel like you're talking a seventy year old age. Yeah he's he's super engaged. He's always thinking and just the one day I thought I thought God I feel like this kid's got the the grain of a trapper. He just doesn't note because he's always thinking and asking questions and analyze and stuff figuring it out so on a total with him. I said to my coworker. Hey would you mind if I took your son out traffic with me? He might enjoy it. I can always use the help. It'll be it'll be cool and you know by to be one hundred percent honest. I honestly expected it. The kid is such a sweet kid. I expected him to agree to go in order to be nice. Did Not say no to me. And I figured I'd taken at I ever hear about it again. It would be fun. We go about our business and I took him the first time and they would five minutes down the road from me and after the first time I took him I dropped off at his house and before I could get back out. You texted me and said Hey Tommy picking me up tomorrow. I guess we'll see where this goes. Yes he yes. He did have a little bit of trapper in them. He's got a whole lot of trapping and he. I mean he with permission from his dad. You know we're checking traps stern school days and everything he you know he's he's into it he's he skipped his muskrats out. I mean it's been it's been awesome. That's cool that's awesome. Would he? Would he happened to take size? Medium T shirt. I think he would. He's supposed where one of those got skunk cutthroats shirts. He would love that. All right. We'll get Email me his address more than that. I got one here on the shelf. Okay also I appreciate it. So so that's That's you see you hear a lot of guys get into trapping and and it takes you know. After a few years. They want want to help other people get into it and stuff. But you don't waste any time DEA. Though it was it was it was just one of those things. Where because I you know. I've got to say this like my family. My my younger brother. He's a couple of years younger and My Mom and dad hunters trappers. Not Fishermen Lose hours away. My brother lives of the country. But they're very supportive of what I do You Know Daddy. Daddy came down for Thanksgiving and they ate some beaver meat that I had made in a slow cooker. And they're all But I tell my mom and dad all the time that I think that There's a huge disconnect with kids to where I I saw it a lot growing up because if I if I look at all the kids reduce US outdoor stuff as kids and as they got owner. Most of those kids didn't take say road that I took right. Some of them did but we were the minority yet and I think it's super important to get kids in touch with the outdoors on any capacity but I've seen what I've learned you know. I think the biggest thing is if you take a kid who's twelve or thirteen and teach them how to heart or teach them how to fish your team of teachers try. They'll learning curve so fast for someone who's younger. Yeah their brains work quick and they can remember things retain them and yeah. It's it's amazing. I'm just seen it with my kids. And they're four and six but you know their their brains are way faster than mine. Yeah exactly and it's like you know you can. You can kinda say something off the cuff. Like you're almost saying to yourself like I'll say something out loud about well. I better not sit this year. Because regulations of all the law. And I'm saying it for myself more than anything not even thinking about the fact that he's there with me and then three days later we find ourselves in the same situation now. Say Hey I'll say hey. We should probably not set this trap here. And he'll say well. Yeah I know. 'cause regulations says Paul. Well you know it's like they pick up on stuff you. Yeah so so this young fellow. You know you're you're thinking you can help him avoid or the dark stuff that you had to go through when you're his age in and get him on the right track here are certainly hope so and I don't you know I don't try to play. God I don't. I don't think I have any special kind of power but you know I just feel like kids that The have the opportunity that do this outdoor stuff it gives them. It gives them an alternative to like going and getting in trouble in new and all the other stuff that you know. People are home to do I remember my best friend who originally got me into the outdoors. I talked about the Craig interview I remember. He is said to me. He said you know being I've thought about it. And and he has his own story with some events that I don't be at all you'd said to me he said you know man. I've thought a lot about why I never went down the same road that you did. And he said I really think. A big part of it was being outdoorsman. He said because when you have these choices to make and summer going summer bad he said when you know that feeling is to go out and kill a deer or go out catch a fish or go out and catch a beaver. Whatever it might be he said that stuff is always in your mind. Whether it's in the back of your mind the forefront and he said there was a lot of times where I could have paid really bad decisions and I didn't and my reasoning was all not going to be proficient deer. Hunter if I start doing that I'm not going to want to wake up before school when you go. You know track an animal. If I do that. That makes a lot of sense to me. Yeah I it it kind of Develops into a priority in your life that you know a lot of the things I think that gets us off track in life or are just You know decisions that we make because there's empty holes to be filled. Yeah exactly and when you've got traps to check first thing in the morning and then you've got a job to go to you. Don't have time to mess around with with with l stuff. You're exactly right and I told my I told my dad one day he said he said you. Know Ob- super supportive. My Dad's the type of guy. Where like you know. I tell them on a beaver trapping. He's like online like reading up the ARC in the other day you know he's he's telling me about how there's there's like each market for these hats that these Jewish rabbis were appear for Yup we could be making millions and all this but but that's because he cares you know yeah just the other day he texts me and I I. I'm glad I remember to bring this up. Oh you get fired up about it. But he texts me out of nowhere. He goes well. I just found this really good website that I think more people need to see this autism and it was the the truth. About for website And he like I think if more people saw this they wouldn't even feel the way they feel about trump. I I totally agree totally. Yeah I was talking to dad and he says you know he says one hundred percent supportive of you do whatever you're doing if it's keeping you on the right track and making you better person. He said what do you think it is that you know was trapping hunting fishing but mostly trapping because that's really what I obsess on A. He said what do you think it is that keeps you in that positive pattern of behavior. I told the outdoors is taught me one thing that I was ever ever able to learn or listen to anybody else about my whole life and it's personal responsibility You know and why. And whether that's following regulations or whether that's making ethical decisions about how to dispatch now all that stuff. Those were just concepts that I would have ever been exposed to. You know. It's like you said if you can no matter what you've been through in your law if you can get up and check traps at four o'clock in the morning when it's twenty degrees out and they're sleet and snow coming down and you're about to be the process deep in a beaver pond. If you can do that you can convince yourself to wake up at six o'clock jaw yet. You convince yourself to you know. Stop and get gas on the way home. Even though you've got enough to get home on empty it's like all this keeps you in check a lot and I just do it. I need to do now. I don't have to worry about it later. And what do you think about this? Just run around my head so so you're out there in the woods and you know they always say that freedom Freedom comes with responsibility. So you're out there and there's really you know you look over your shoulder. There's nobody watching you. You're free to do what you want but you also have responsibility to do. Do the right thing to do what you need to do to achieve What you're trying to get at whether it's a trap a beaver a fix problem for landowner. Whatever so maybe just that that whole idea of getting out into environment that like the mountain men experienced where you have your outside of the the boundaries that modern day society has. And it's kind of up to you and you have that responsibility. I don't know feels like it puts a little bit more weight on a person to To be more responsible for themselves. Yeah Yeah I you know. I wholeheartedly great because it's like It's like the whole thing about doing the right thing when nobody's watching you know and You you make a great point. I don't even. I don't know how much I can even add that others like it's something that trump has taught me that I ever had in my life prior and it's like if I did stop all hurling up all the exploits and all the stuff is doing. I wasn't even really concerned that I did something role as much as people find out that I did something wrong. And then how? He has no sure as an outdoor as outdoorsman. It's like I want to do the right thing because I wanted to do the right thing. Did you don't like it doesn't matter it doesn't matter nobody else's around take a badge on or off an animal or they said not supposed to be doing like. I'm still going to know about that's not so I wanna live and I I've made numerous mistakes. Just add ignorance. But I've I've never since I've started trapping I've never said to myself. This is totally wrong. And I know it's wrong but I'm going to do it anyway because it might pay off bycatch now that's been the big difference you know. It's it's held the adjustment moral compass that makes sense. It does absolutely. So what's next for Chris Bell Being a little buddy we went out there and we bought all arse all today. 'cause WE THOUGHT. I didn't like sixty seven degrees right now We got full moon. Thank kind of phasing out We've got a lot of rain ahead of us. Ed Honestly of just a little bit worn down because being him just been running running running and you know I I work long hours in slight job and like you said with that personal responsibility you know Mother Nature Trapping regulations. Don't give a crap how many hours you had to work with time. You get home or sleep. It doesn't matter when you gotTA check through straps. You got checked in its tracks. When you've got skin something to voice oilers you gotTa do end up. We've been going really hard and with the incoming weather and be wanting to make some adjustments on our traff lies swap out some traps and stuff. I made a deal with them. I said. Hey you're gonNA do because here's the thing if I don't tell him how and just keep going and going and go. Yeah as long as I tell them. I'm picking you up. He's GonNa go. He doesn't care he's he's all about Ed. This is outside of him being a full time student aid. He's on the wrestling team so I don't really have any excuse. 'cause he's just as busy as May blessed. Hey let's take a break. Let's pull everything it's work on some traps. Let's adjusted stuff I've got an order in for some subdue Predator traps. So basically we're GONNA take this week off and If all goes well this upcoming Saturday Were GonNA sit heavy for Otter or start trying to snare snare beavers blind sits ab set some foothold survivors Rinky or after muskrats. Because we've been doing ought to put some more. Gp's out We put to dog proof traps out and within three days be called him as I could and ended up in a triple X. cone all he was really fired up about that he took care of the dispatch. He did he did everything. So we'd like to catch a couple more. Koon and then we're going to try to start catching some coyotes. That's good so it's good. It's always good to take a break. Re-energized and resupply and get back at it. So yeah well. Hey Chris this was awesome. I really appreciate you coming on anything else. You wanted to talk about or mentioned honestly. I'm just relieved that I was able to regurgitate all this under four hours. I thought I was going to hold you hostage here. And you're going to have to like a six part mini series. I was feeling kind of bad about it but my fiance like I said she's A. She's a godsend in the she. Always shows picks. Follow me saying that. I never get too excited about anything. But you know as you both know you get talking about trapping. Shut up but Really Man I just. I would hope that anything that somebody could take away from. This is You know there's a lot of the lot of programs in doctors and psychologists and medications that people use to seek help and make themselves better. I don't I don't discredit any them but You know I would strongly recommend that people don't out now the great outdoors. Yeah he cuts off. You know the stuff we're doing not only. Did it. Help build this country but knows a different different caliber. People back then. People didn't have to worry about what their problems were. You know I don't. I don't say that to be sensitive towards anybody I say to myself I was always so consumed with myself and what was going on with me when in reality is like our country was formed on some hardcore people. You know do some hardcore stuff especially the outdoors. I mean even Teddy Roosevelt. If you're looking all let me and said I don't think people should out ruin the great outdoors as a way to you. Know figure out what's wrong with them and figure out a way out of it. Yeah and it's absolutely good medicine. I think absolutely and if and if people that are listening say will. I don't really have anything wrong with that. Need to figure out you know more power to Ya. I would suggest you find somebody that might need some help. You take him trapped in or get them to a free class. Just get them turned onto this stuff. Because I don't I can't say enough about it you'll I I said to you in the email if if it weren't for what I'm doing now I hardly percents either. Be Dead or in person completely convinced that wealth makes you feel any better. I think all of us have a little bit wrong with us in so trapping would help. Probably every one of US could could be a whole separate podcasts if you went back and forth to talk about what we suspected was wrong with well and the thing is you all. It seems as though you just mentioned it. People who don't have enough problems find problems and when Jeremiah Johnson was out there you know set beaver traps looking over shoulder. Make sure he didn't have an Arrow about to go through his back You know he didn't have to worry about you. Know Board. Or what am I gonNa you know? What am I gonNa do this evening after supper right? Yeah Hey man. I don't. I'm not going to go on a whole tangent. That brings up a great point. I think I think a lot of this stuff. It comes from lack of stimulation. Y- you know people people stare at TV people you know give their kids smartphones and say here. I all the APPS you want. Just leave me alone like it's no wonder that we ended up in these predicaments. I mean you can go out doors and forget that a cell phone this you can for me I can. I can go out trapping and forget that I had a bad day at work. You know I can scan critter and not be thinking about like my stressful schedule. Were these bills to pay. And the difference is that I can forget about it for a while but because traffic has taught me responsibility that when it's time to know back from honor society and do I need to do. I'm able to do it because trap and teaches you. That responsibility end the other. The other coping mechanisms to forget about that stuff. makes a lot harder to wake up in the morning. You got that right absolutely bill because check this out you. You not only have regret about what you did. You hurt in order to do those things but you sit all those feelings all day and by the end of the day. Chances are go out. Do the same thing to get again. Forget about you feel yeah. I've I've never wants felt like that. You know set the beaver trap. Yeah it'll that's that's a good perspective. I enjoyed I enjoyed talking with you about it and Again great to have you on and Always awesome to get emails from you and updates and questions and everything else. So thanks for that. I agree we appreciate your mind help more than you realize. Oh keep moving foreign chemo. What we now sounds. Good Chris. All right we'll take care and we'll talk again. Her taking his all right thanks bye.

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