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Hey everybody welcome once again to the five podcast. My name is Bon Tito and it's always I am joined by Mike Identity. Mike what's up everybody superstore. Could we'll be here tonight awesome. Everybody knows the premise of the show is that we compete for pointless points. The points in the end are meaningless but the journey the journey through history. That's absolutely priceless book. The way we compete is by comparing articles from from a five year period that we've pre-selected. That's right hundred percent correct. What do you think should I get into my article absolutely? I hope you've got something exciting because I think from last time you brought something. It was a big one so I'm hoping to follow up awesomeness to right after this okay so getting into the article revved up ready to go. This article is from September Twenty First Nineteen eighteen awhile oh it's from the yellowstone news which is a little newspaper out of Mon- DAK Montana and the story comes from Chicago ready for it. It's has to do with a potential ruling from the U._S.. Employment Service and for those w they don't know the U._S. Employment Services would eventually turned into the Department of Labor came so the predecessor the Department of Labor correct the title reads dainty maids may oust solemn and stately Butler Trim Maids with whitecaps immaculate gowns smiles and the alluring court t seen in old English comedies will remind denizens of the north shore villages that the rigors of war may be softened for they will replace the grim visage sage Butler the sober Houseman may have even the chef the Gardner and the chauffeur if the Federal Employment Bureau hands down a ruling such as expected by Harvey Colson Director of the U._S. employment service this at Waukegan and by virtue of his office industrial monarch of the Gilded Chicago suburban residents district. Mr Colson holds at all men engage in household work are in non essential <unk> occupations and should to develop their muscles flaccid atrophied by lack of use in occupations that will add to the national war efficiency. He thinks women should buttle Schoeff Cook Garden and do all other duties that custom has decreed shelby performed by men in the homes of the social elect to this end he has asked a ruling of the state chief of Federal Employment Service and hopes to receive a decree favorable to his contention. The North shore is viewing the situation it realizes is is that it too must make sacrifices and the younger set at least a male portion of it has a hard time in concealing. It's delight at the perspective change. Most of this younger set is in the army or navy anyway and when members come home they would rather be greeted by dumpling smiles on a face read in R._E._O.. Of wavy curls then by the formal genuflections of a Butler who would not smile for fear of eternally disqualifying himself for his profession. That's heavy eighty. Yeah it's really wordy and the little bit sort of awkward to read but basically what it saying is that party Colson sort of has purvey over this metro area and it just so happens that he's in charge charge the industrial portion that affects the upper middle class portion of the neighborhoods surrounding there okay so there's money involved already in this thing these are like well to do people and this guy's ruling that he's suggesting would affect them directly okay mic incense and the general premise of the ruling is he wants women to do work traditionally reserved within the service industry for men and then he wants men whose muscles he says are atrophied and men who he accused of being weak. He wants them do things that will help the war effort caught it. Yeah I'll read that loud and clear. It's Kinda interesting because it sort of reminds me of like the Rosie the riveter type of thing yeah but I feel like that's just half of it right well. I really feel like you can take this deep. You can go super deep. It's definitely a sign of the Times I mean you. You can definitely tell that this is a mood directly reflective of what the nation is going through right now and the AH in that time I mean there's a direct <hes> desire to want to have men benefiting the war effort as much as possible right. I mean that's the obvious so the idea is let's get them all out of these quote unquote non-essential industries and and and bringing the ladies yeah I thought it was interesting like the way that they sort of pre categorize all of this sort of service where like work in the service industry right as non-essential non-essential exactly ancillary if you will yeah I mean and I'm sure that people doing the work. It doesn't feel non-essential at all. They're you know when you're in service. You take a lot of pride in that kind of stuff and that kind of work but I get where he's getting like I don't I don't think Colson is like he's not evil or anything like that. Just looking at like hey you guys. We don't really need butler. We need soldiers. We need soldiers. We need people lease aiding the war effort in some way right right when he tank builders and so he's like hey ladies step up and be butlers. I definitely do think that it really does speak speak to what what's happening. In the mood is everybody now has roles to fill you know we we are no longer in a position where we can try out paths that might otherwise deviates from some use to the nation to a degree as far as <hes> the war effort goes. You know <hes> what is useful. That is the ultimately the question you know. It's a philosophical question and I think it's definitely a really really deep deeply profound article. It's interesting because this Guy Harvey he's like like I said Waukegan and sort of the the hub for like the factories and all that stuff they blue-collar hub right and he saying look these kids are having to go off toward these young set. That's referred to late in the article and we're getting left shorthanded. And so he's saying butlers time to get your hands dirty right. It's necessary. I'll tell you something that's interesting. I think you might find interesting about this. Article is the fact that it happens in September of nineteen eighteen because armistice which was the end end of World War. One was in November of nineteen eighteen. Yeah really goes to show you that we at least from the public is point of view that war wasn't going to end right well at least anytime soon well the the the well-to-do to do were holding out right. I'M GONNA hold onto my chef. My Gardner my butler. You know as long as I can cause. Let's do that yeah just right up to the end I mean they could. It closed down to like the three month Mark Yeah you figure to. They're trying minded to a degree. There's probably a D. Bond with some of these guys probably going to have to let go yeah. I saw Downton Abbey. Let's write the get close to them. You know right they missed. They missed their underlings. They WANNA have have the they wanna continue that interaction that they have where like I want something and then you get it. Life is good. Life is good. Do you see the balance. This is balance. Colson isn't exactly suggesting that we stop this <hes> this situation situation he's just saying let's shifted over to the ladies right. Let's let's let's shift that yeah. If we're if anybody's going to be doing anything unnecessary it should be the women. That's what he's saying. Yeah I guess that is what he's saying. Isn't it yeah in a nutshell I think so. I don't think he intends to make it sound now way but that's why I said like to degree this to me. Reminds me Rosie the riveter which is a World War Two reference right absolutely you know I'm sure everybody seeing that poster of the woman with the you you know the BANDANNA wrapped around their head and she's flexing or whatever and she's got that that blue shirt on everything right yeah blue shirt got the whole Bandanna thing going and that's like a symbol of feminism like women women empowerment and all that kind of stuff but but that was women sort of on their own taking up their responsibility right exactly but this I mean this sort of beckoning for the same kind of call to action but they want them to. You know to do that lawn do the John Drive people around. I don't know you think that that sort of like it goes toward you know the war effort. If you do the lawn does that count if you're freeing up a Butler while I guess it would have to a degree if you're saying that the butlers directly going to war like you are taking his stead and he is going to war right jeeves is on the front line exactly so if you're doing what jeeves would normally do is that you contributing to the war effort according to Colson right because you figure okay we'll jeeves. Jesus got sent to Verdone done so you're taking his place. You're helping the country I would argue. I could make an argument for that. Yeah that's true. I really could however I I would argue what about <hes>. What about the older gentleman? What about the ones that were not fit for combat yeah yeah yeah I think the age does play a factor because they the article even mentioned the younger set <hes> it kind of the way that it sounds is it's referring to the younger set meaning the the people who live with these butlers there's in cooks in gardeners and chefs everything rain and maids so they're gonNA go off to war when they come back they would rather see a woman in that role then jeeves scoffing at Dimmer <hes> I could understand that it's more of like the <hes> the idea of maybe seeing a gentle face mega warm welcome home right because you've just seen the absolute horrors of war and you know and the last thing you want to see is is Geez banding gene you in your most vulnerable state so go to a degree can sympathize with these guys right right? I mean bed bedside manner. Maybe maybe jeeves doesn't have bedside man. I guess yeah you come home and then you know the butlers just like tending to your wound or something. I don't know he'll flesh is melting yeah I I can sympathize with those guys and on that note. It's time for us to lead into a little bit of rake but we'll be right act with some more interesting stuff. Stay tuned folks. We can't wait to keep breaking down with you. This is a visa from flying blind podcast. You're listening to the five or five podcast munchies. She's thought and Mike describe like love and follow us ads work media at the U.. E. R. C. Media. Did you get good okay. Everybody we are back from the break. This is the five or five podcasts I am bunch Ethan and that over there is still Mike. I'm still here folks yeah. He's not going anywhere these essential to this show we are talking about an article that I brought in that specifically mentions things that are non-essential workwise September of nineteen eighteen September of nineteen eighteen just a few months before for the finished W._W.. One Riley and really important time in history we talked about the fact that this Guy Colson is proposing that women in service of you know like that type of service maids in you know all service roles of that time of the twentieth right for upper class right correct he saying they need to take over the men's roles also within that spectrum right and that that would free up the men to go do things that are more essential and helpful to the war effort right so that means me ask like who exactly this effects because this is now a concept. It's called total war right right. This is definitely the age of total war and I would argue. This is probably next to World War Two the big example of that for those of you that don't know total wards straight up means that the whole country is at war every facet that makes a country is at war with that other facet that makes that country that country. It's a way of life four yeah absolutely right to the utmost so when it's total war like this like in this specific example what Colson is asking for like who does that really affect right. I mean think about this okay so we have people who have the means to have butlers. Risk Right 'cause pardon me. He's like you know what this whole thing's kind of nasty toward men and women in service industry right because he's saying that a lot of non essential things within that industry right but it's total work so what does that mean like what who who exactly is having a give something up for this riot our standards have to completely be reevaluated right <hes> nonessential according to whom and for what purposes right so this is this is people with money these people with that can afford to have a driver. They have breakfast on silver platter literally right correct. We've got a made or two or three. They've got a jeeves. I mean it's Downton Abbey. Guys and Colson is like guys. Give it up. We're in total war and it's time for you guys to pony up right. You Got Twenty guys at work for you. That's a platoon yeah yeah. You've got the fifth battalion in your kitchen homes like come on. We could've taken this town. Had it not been for your driver's. Yeah help out right. Please yeah so I I feel like these are the only people that are terribly being affected by this relatively speaking and then these men I mean I don't know they're coming getting a little bit the shaft on this thing rate because I mean they're used to away way of life than there in service right and now they've gotta go DU munitions in all those other things that we talked about right the leaving the cushy house they're going to the battlefield if they're of age of the right age range right there trading in their suit tales for you know uniform fatigues and a rifle yeah yeah. It's it's crazy though because I my mind still thinks about those who aren't young I still think about those old Butler's or had to be a ton of them. Yeah I feel like maybe some of them would have gotten disdain Colston's plan. I'm not positive that he's like I don't know I don't really know too much about the guy at suffer that he's proposing this thing yeah <hes> I tried to look them up you know and obviously this didn't happen happen but especially with the fact that the war ended like a few months later like two months later yeah like I feel like maybe the rich people knew something yeah. That's where like hey no. No you can take my butler. Just give me a couple months to straighten things out strew right. Maybe just <hes> you pay him sixty days in advance on the hang out right yeah something like that yeah I mean he kinda even do anything in boot camp in two months from from the time that that even gets passes a law right. You can't even get war already in that time rain. Oh not at all see and these guys are used to carrying trays polishing shoes making sure that the car has primed for cranking. I think they're the ones getting at the worst in this story because the people who own these houses and stuff they're just gonNa have to get used nice to lady driving them around or a lady trimming the Gardner cooking dinner or something like that these roles that are traditionally reserved for men right right but these men are. They're getting the worst of it right for some of them. It's a complete change in their purpose purpose because for some of these men they they they they found purpose in what they did. It was the reason for waking up in the morning. It was their reason for doing everything because they found purpose in that and now he put a rifle in their hand. These men weren't prepared for that but the other thing that's interesting though is that the re he refers colson refers to a lot of these jobs is non essential that is really important. Topic to hit on non essential is such a awkward thing to talk about right according to whom right according to whom because at what point do you say you know. You don't need this and you don't need that or whatever is not really your your place to say right like Colston's Kinda. He's a little out of bounds on this right. I'm not tripping. Am I it always this goes back to you know any time right. Something is being declared as either value or not a value well according to whom yeah let's let's think about in the twenty first century context right. I've worked for a few companies that have had people who sold jobs are to just stare at a social media post. Okay okay now. Some folks might say that's extremely valuable. Okay I in my opinion. I think it's a good example of kind of comparing what a job that might be considered non essential today versus comparing to what might be non essential back then according to whom right right is. Is that something that you could really say well if we remove that person from this position. We'll this company continue to flourish yes or no you can assume that somebody that's like in this powerful position is going to be okay if nobody serves them afternoon tea right by they should I'd still be able to function in like do business. Even if nobody like you know fluffed or pillow right I mean I know that sounds Kinda simplistic but I think that's what causes going for with this whole thing right absolutely i. I don't think it's simplistic at all yet SORTA undercutting dry. It's almost flat out what he saying right right because you know the idea is total war. That's another thing to bring up his what would it look like like. Let's say modern-day Chicago and we're like in a war and just for the sake of comparison. Let's say that we're in total war. I just don't see that really being realistic thing now. These wars aren't really fought that way no but just for the sake of bringing up right right. Let's imagine in that world for a moment yeah yeah we're in total war for for whatever reason with whomever but somebody like Colson comes along and he starts pointing out everybody needs to be all in right yep you wants total by one hundred percent and so he's going to go after like what he considered to be non essential in this this case it happens to be downton right. You know he's going after jeeves he wants. He wants those guys to step up yeah but I'm like who's his non-essential target in today's or right right. Who is that like who is that guy hi like girl and you know right if the girl if if if we're going to go down that nasty road of it's gotTa be a woman replacing that guy so the guy can go fight the war like what is what male occupied roller what predominantly dominantly male occupied roll like right? It's difficult to like explain to to reconceptualise it to us in a modern yeah since I don't even know there's no analog law great I I I the only thing I consider as well. Are you a man. Do you work at a theme park for children then you need a gun. You know what I mean. There's a rifle for you off to war you go okay. Are you know what it is. Is Mrs Fields. It would probably be something to do with like entertaining in more. Maybe would actor something to do like in the distraction industry right like the guys running like the laser tag arena yeah. That's Kinda Yeah Okay okay the theme park yeah like this dude owns like a panic room because Lord knows we need panic rooms right. We need men managing them right. Yeah all men managers of do things like panic rooms and laser tag an air soft arenas. Don't need don't need men at the gas station right the gas station exactly yeah but I mean you have to be careful like considering you. You know what a male a male dominated role is. I don't think we have any of those left dewey like Oh yeah no no there still are there like what though so typically a male dominated roles physically would be a soldier ooh statistically see 'cause I'm thinking the perspective of like you know. The woman woman can do it right. I'm seeing like like that's where rat nowadays like you know ninety nine percent things are going to be like well. The woman can do that right right right if your ties us. You're seeing straight up. Statistically seeing a soldier is still pretty much Ado yes and statistically doctors are still male but the rest of the staff are predominantly female statistically see. I can't think of anything where would shock the like this was would have been shock to the upper class right to have to see jeeves gone yeah like to see to see fee in Jesus uniform. I got one for you know you would shock you would see in today's Shaq was how you would shock today's folks. I think to some degree I'm not even saying like crazy. Shock imagine going discount Tire Okay and you've got to and you've got a wheels and tires put on and it's nothing but the ladies doing it they you can do it for sure they can okay look no no no. They can do this right. However were just uses dudes doing <hes> yeah? I'll give you that usually the guy that's you know he's working the tire changing machine or whatever yeah any seem like he does that thing where we dip the oil brash scrubs tire really barrel and yeah the barreling throws it on the machine gets that tire wrapped around the rim. That's a dude and folks. I'm speaking generally right in my head. I'm not yeah I'll I'll go without. Go down that rooms if you general in my head yeah I imagine a dude yeah yeah that I think I don't think it'd be shocking but he he like Oh that look. She's just through that rim right up there. I think that's a twenty four inch wheel while let her go. She handled Allegra Champ Man. She's fast fast yeah yeah but I mean do okay so in a war effort nowadays because modern war it'd be a ton of technology and things like that and and that's what we would have to do on our end is like support on over here right in a total where there'd be lots of lots tech support going on back home right right a lot yeah so. I don't think you can't have women doing that like doesn't matter who's sitting in the keyboard as long as codes again done right right. You know what's what's interesting. Is that you will. What is it really like forty five to fifty five years of really just true integration what I would consider true integration of the sexes in the workplace sure and you know what I mean because it's just like okay like who's who's out there fighting? That's my question into twenty-first-century context number. One is in all the men that's true see you took a one-step deeper because this assumes that only the men are GonNa go nicely like Colston's whole effort revolves around the premise of dudes going to war right the boys right. I think we touch on that a little bit first half but it is way dependent on that the guys are going but in monitoring war total war in a modern context it could be anybody right correct. I mean we might even have service dogs. I don't know you know what I mean. Oh that's good. That's a healthy looking lab. There you know she's now part of the army innocent elite lab elite Lanta. He's joining the Marine Corps this dog right there. Official dog is a bulldog. Oh that's right. The official dog is a bulldog. That's right think bigger threat and on that note we should probably move onto the scoring. What do you think in my God I do? <hes> I think you killed. It knocked it out of the park indefinitely racking my brain here because you oh you deserve I score on this. This one came really contentious right dead but I think it was overly contentious by any meal right. It's you know what it's a sign of the Times type of article absolutely I mean that's kind of why we do this stuff so we'd take snapshots like back in the day and and compared to what was going on now definitely highest for worthy. I will say that what do you think she again to the scoring right after this yep after this break votes were definitely GonNa hit you with scorn. This is Evita from Flying Blind podcast. You're listening to the five five podcasts and she thought and Mike Subscribe like love and follows at work media breath as the W. E. R._C.. Media as you get it good we are at the point of the show where we do scoring is an exciting. Sometimes it is it always is before we get into the scoring. We just WANNA make sure in remind everybody that this is our fourth episode and coming up. Next is the fifth episode in this series of five for five years that we chose right. This time was Nineteen Fifteen nineteen twenty right yeah so we're going to select a winner on episode five. It's GonNa be the winner for the whole thing folks. There will be a grand champion and that champion. We'll get to read one last article next episode be ready. Folks stay tuned but for now on this episode. What do you think Mike in my ready to? <hes> get my score now ready and worthy all right. Let's do it worthy of twelve doctor who tortoises wow okay for going back in time for going back in time yes. I don't even like Dr who I love Dr who not a fan. I'M NOT GONNA lie the Daleks and the Oh man all of those crazy stuff yeah then that's for you man. Thank you for that yeah all right folks. We WanNa thank you for listening.

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