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Idaho Now Constitutional Carry for All; MA Gov Anti-Gun Moves; Video Conference Gun Training: Gun Talk Radio | 4.5.20 Hour 2


Crimson traces laser satellites feature-packed laser sighting solution for Mossberg. Five hundred five thousand. Nine hundred and five ninety shockwave. Twelve gauge shotguns available as a rhetoric green laser by now at Crimson trace dot com improve. Pretty at Tom Gresham. It's gun talk. You'd like to be part of this craziness. Eight six six talk gut. They'll get you in here. We have a lot of things going on. Talk about It it certainly will take your range reports. If you've been doing little shooting or maybe helping someone who's a new gun owner. Discover what he or she doesn't know about guns and helping with the whole safe gun handling Muslim disciplined. How you handle it what you do if you can get to the reins fine. Not all states are allowing that. But if you can that's great if not you can still do as I say you could do it online facetime skype gun safety meeting with a friend. Family member a relative. Just make an offer to everybody. You know. Look if you just bought a gun. I'll help you with the gun safety aspects of give me a holler connect and we can walk you through it. There are a lot of things. You can actually do that way to help somebody who doesn't know much about guns and gun safety. I mean that's part of our outreach. That's what we do we're the good guys and gals. That's what we do if you'd like to join us on the air. Eight six six talk gun. We're pretty much open lines right now. Way Out in the state of Idaho got good news going on out there and joining me to talk about that as the The woman who's been pushing pushing pushing probably push the rope sometimes. state representative Christie's Zito joins US representative CEDO. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me quite an honor. Oh this is great so all right. You've been pushing first of all what we just got an Idaho as we have we had constitutional Kerry we have co Kerry. But you made some additions and changes to it. Explain to to everybody. What's going on what you've been doing there? Okay well what we did is prior to this year. You could constitutionally carry concealed opening anywhere in the state except in the city limit. If you were a non resident of the state of Idaho so with the legislation we passed this year. If you're a non resident of the state of Idaho but a legal resident of the United States you can carry concealed anywhere in the state so anybody in the country can now carry legally in Idaho. No permanent needed. You know wrong as you're a resident of the United States and you don't have any restrictions you can carry anywhere in the state. Wow that is terrific. I know you've been pushing this for a while. The obvious question is why. What brought you to this issue. Well I've always believed in our constitutional rights but those are gone. God given rights that are protected by the Constitution when I first decided to run for office That was the year that constitutional carry with. I passed in our state or tuned up a little bit. I guess I should say and There was some discussion there. Were some Republican. Legislators that didn't vote for it and one of them was my opponent and it was brought to my attention I was simply asked by would vote for it and I said yes I would and ever since then. I've been a strong supporter that I had a little incident in my life. One time where I actually had to raise my firearm to look out for a family member and I'll never forget that because the gun rights are women's rights as well there the great equalizer and I. I showed her sometimes to think what they have happened. Had I not had that firearm with me in that situation and we all deserve the right to defend and protect ourselves and our families. How how long ago was that incident? Probably been ten years ago now and it still feels like it was yesterday doesn't it it does- Tov. There's there's not feeling like that because when you pick up your firearms you make a commitment right then that you will either pull the trigger if necessary and if you are not willing to make that commitment don't pick it up but you have to know that you have a deadly weapon in your hand. You have the power to end a rice. If necessary and I just think it's really important that you know if you choose to carry you keep that in mind but because of that and because then I was able to look at my friends and know that I was able to stay down from some possibly horrific event. I was really glad I had it. I made that choice right. It's interesting you say you have the power to take a life but also you have the power to save a life which is really what it's all that's where it's really about. It's like you're not going to do this unless it's a case of I'm going to save somebody and you had that and a lot of people think of what she idaho is out west and they must not have any problem with anybody. WanNa take away gun rights. That's not exactly true. Is it no? It's not you know we had some The red flag things extreme protectionist extreme risk protection order issues. Come up and you know. We have to really watch for that stuff. Because it's always in the name of safety or to protect someone and really in judicial process and in our law. Is there really anything more important than due process? That's what makes it so. They were not as for lack of better word. Nazi state or in our country in general and the thing is happened. Of course. Idaho is kind of a mirror image of what's happening in a lot of other states. You have people moving in with different ideas in if it's Colorado. It was Denver if it was Oregon. It was Portland. And now in Idaho Boise and the demographics are changing. The makeup is different. The mindset is different and you have I would offer just my take on it a bit more of a left leaning there and it's just something that people in Idaho are watching and being careful about right now. Well there's no question and you know in areas like we have boise and then we have Sun Valley area where they definitely are become more liberal but we have our outlying areas in rural areas where the Second Amendment means to watch us and the Constitution does and we have some local Idaho Gang Group That are very active and they watch him for sex for those you know. I don't like here people label and say well you know everybody that moved here from California? You know they're liberal there. That's a very good friend. Who moved here from? Oh yes absolutely right. Idaho has road f where you are. Where your place is it? The same thing here in Idaho Not EVERYBODY THAT COMES. Here is liberal so really very get people move in support. One of my best friends in Idaho just switched his residency from California to Idaho and he has a serious hunter. He's a serious guy second mimic guy so this whole deal of what you. The California's coming in ruining is unfair and often untrue. But at the same time you do have to pay attention to the change of demographics and you have to. You know what basically what you have to do is not ever be complacent and always understand. There is no matter where you live. I mean people say well Texas Texas by God. Yeah except that. There's always an element of people trying to pass gun control laws there as well so no matter where you are. There is an element there and you being the legislature. You see what's going on up there. Don't you accurately? There's no question that there's choose exact chasing what you're saying. And we do have to be vigilant and my wish or more we can do on a national level. I would like to see the second amendment be I can imagine it shall not be infringed period and I would like to see that happen on a national level and I would like to see us work harder towards that as well well. I appreciate what you're doing. And I know all the folks in Idaho. The Gun folks in Idaho appreciate it. You actually got the age for Kerry drop down to eighteen and the state. So that if you are in fact not a minor and you're not prohibited. You can carry in Idaho. Yes we did that. Not The two thousand funny that the two thousand nineteen th session. We were able to get that through right exactly right. So there you go all right Christie zero. Thank you so much for what you're doing. I appreciate it. Keep working on it we. We need more representatives like you absolutely common. If you know if I can help anybody else out there you know. Just let me know all right very good. Thank you for your help. Appreciate that all right. Eight six six talk gun. You have something to offer a comment or you know. What if you're the gun people crazy? Well you may be right. That's whole different odd. Give me a call. We'll talk about it. Let's hear what I'll give you the floor. Get Out of the way and you can have your say fair enough. Eight six six talk gun the Smith and Wesson. Mp Three Eighty Shield easy pistol revolutionized personal protection with it's easy to use design now enter the MNP shield easy in nine millimeter built for personal and Home Protection Smith and Wesson M and P Nine Shield easy pistol features the same ease Iraq easy to load and easy to shoot design of the Peace Shield easy series available at a retailer near you find out more at Smith Dash Dot com visit gun talk dot com slash win to enter gun talks. Carry on giveaway brought to you by F. In America GALCO gun leather and locked down one grand prize winner will receive the new F N Five. Oh three a slim nine millimeter striker fired. 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Surefire delivers the finest and most innovative tactical lighting solutions on the planet go with a proven performer. Goes surefire all right. We're open lines now. If you'd like to join us we have room for pretty much any topic. We'll talk about it for a gun. You want to share information about one or two you just bought one of the people who bought a bunch of guns near bought a gun. Now look I understand if you are an experienced gun persons. You're probably not running out and buying a lot of guns right now because they're in shorter supply. Although what I'm finding. Is that a lot of gun. Stores do have guns if you go into a store that doesn't have any look around. You might even try pawn shops and of course not a bad time to look for us guns as well if you're new to guns and stumbled upon this show by all means call us. Tell us what you bought and we'll see if I can help you go through the whole process of you know how to load it how to handle it how to store it safely and maybe even. I mean maybe some ideas of what to do and you get out to the range. I can't take you to the reins myself but there's a lot we can do here. If you'd like to call us crazy. Hedge him says yeah. This may be also a good week to sell guns and I know people are doing that. They're saying you know I'm GonNa take some guns to the gun store and have them said among consignment. We also had something happened in my locality. That was interesting. I don't know maybe there's no way to know. I don't know if it's related to the Cobra virus or any of that. We had at least three that. I'm aware of so at least three gun. Store break in smash and grabs people took a stolen car drove through the front window running their spin three minutes grabbing guns and then take off in just as you might expect leaving a lot of the good stuff and take the cheap junk there so just you know what we are. I tell you what let's do. Let's go right now. We're going to bring in Florida Representative Greg studious joining US representative Stupi. Welcome our represents tubular. They're trying to get him in. We're working the phones. We were having an issue trying to get him in here What we've got is as I was saying that a lot of things going on in various states. And when it's got Idaho we have Massachusetts coming up and trying to get report in here. And what's going on in in Florida as well? We'll see if we representatives to be in here just to work on that phone system. We're kind of fighting our way through. Here's one that popped up speaker states. This is one of those. Shake your head kind of things. Out of South Carolina South Carolina representative window. Gillyard sent a letter to the National Rifle Association. He wants the NRA to donate funds from recent gun sales to efforts by combating the spread of Corona virus article. I'm reading says. Sales have increased five hundred percent of the last two weeks. Gillyard suggested that the NRA donate funds toward obtaining medical equipment. It makes your head hurt to think of how dumb this is. This representative guiltier think the NRA is selling guns that it's has prophets from gun sales the NRA does not sell guns the NRA is a gun owner group. It's a bunch of us who got together to have an organization that would hold shoots and manage competitions and teach hundred safety and certify firearms instructors in Yes with a separate branch organization called the Institute for Legislative Action to lobby our government for our own interests but at no time have they ever. Do they now sell firearms? One wonders where this possibly could have come from now. I get it sometimes people I think. Maybe that's the case here. They just don't know much but they put out a press release just to get some attention. The problem is that look politics. You GotTa have facetime. You gotta get something out but when you use your megaphone to call attention to yourself and you are as the saying goes dumb as a bag of hammers and you just are simply wrong on everything you might want to take just a moment to verify what you're saying is true. You might want to actually ask one of your staff members to check on this for you or if you in this very well maybe the case if you had a staff member who brought this to you then maybe you want to verify that and find out what's going on just crazy stuff. This makes no sense that is South Carolina Representative wintle Gilliardi to use the money. Hits made off a gun sales for supplies for corona virus victims. That's just nuts. Let's see her line to John's without Albuquerque New Mexico. Hey John you're on gun talk on your mind I just wanted to say that it's more important now than ever before that. We guard the Second Amendment. The United States particularly here in New Mexico is getting a lot of people coming across the border. They're not here to work. They're here to bring drugs and take money across the border and bring a legal immigrants in and our city has had a tremendous Downturn in our police department and we're inundated here with Criminals Atwood just shoot you right in your own driveway and take your stuff and we have had two things in the past happen. We used to have a fleeing felon law and the state itself doesn't have a citizens arrest policy so you do use your gun and it has happened. They come down on you when you're trying to get your stuff back and it turns into an altercation and it is more important now because we have had the highest year in homicides last year people take it seriously. Let me jump in here John. I'm asking because I mean I think what I hear you saying is you can't shoot people for stealing your stuff well. You can't do that anywhere. There's no place in the country where you can shoot somebody for stealing your stuff. You can basically. They're really only a couple of reasons that you can legally shoot worst defensible and that is to protect your life or protect yourself from death or from grave bodily. Harm you or someone else if someone is picked up your TV and they're running out the door. There's not a place in the United States where you're allowed to shoot somebody for that. No but if they turn around and confront you when you want to step back and then you're put on trial and convicted. There should be a lot and it used to be a fleeing felon law where you could get your stuff back under the Republican and were. That's what do you mean by. Get your stuff if you're if somebody takes your TV you're running on the street and you catch him and he's not giving it back and he turns on you to attack you and you pull out your gun and defend yourself against the guy has got your property. Well heck that's that's only getting your stuff back. I'm just going to throw this out. This is just trying to be practical. Okay it cost one hundred thousand dollars to pull the trigger period every single time if you pull the trigger on somebody. It's one hundred grand it's GONNA cost in legal fees even if it's perfect even if they put a metal on you so what's your TV worth versus that if you have insurance. I here's my thinking if I have insurance I'm GONNA call them. Don't have insurance. I'm GONNA suck it up and get a new one by him not going to shoot somebody over a TV. And I'm not going to chase them down because at that point I create a situation where I might end up having to shoot somebody. And that's a bad thing. Now if somebody comes into my house and tried to hurt me or my family Alan the street and they're doing that that's a different deal but I'm just going to offer this. I'm GONNA suggest this is not what you wanted to hear now. It's not what you thought you're going to get here. Suggest you go take a concealed carry class and learn what the law is about. Self Defense learned with the realities are. Because I think you're working from some misconceptions out there and unfortunately that's all too common where people don't really understand what the law is and they don't really understand what the obligations are other spots abilities and more than that they don't understand what the smart move is like. I appreciate your call Sir but I think you're working with a bit of a misunderstanding. What the realities are and. I'm not making this up. One hundred thousand dollar mark the people I know who do this kind of work do legal defense work. Who are the subject matter? Experts the expert witnesses. And these things. They'll tell you you're going to spend fifty or one hundred one hundred hundred fifty thousand dollars to defend yourself. There's no form of math. That makes a five hundred dollars or a thousand dollar. Tv worth not to mention the fact that by chasing somebody down you. Now we're in a confrontation. Forget the legal fees you may end up dead are blind are in a wheelchair for the rest of your life because you try to save your freaking TV that makes no sense none whatsoever all right. Welcome back Tom. Gresham show is gun. Talk our number's eight six. Talk Gun before we get our guest on here. I want to get Jim in on four out of town Arkansas. Gm you're on gun talk what you thought here. Hey thank you Tom. just Wanted to make a quick comment. I love your suggestion. Your idea about the Teaching New Gun owners How virtually over the phone or whatever I used to. I'm a former marine. I thought marksmanship that Camp Pendleton and also taught so I was in health class in college and the professor realize to guide some Interested in Guns and gun safety and actually taught a college course when I was in college. What don't you think we can cover those of us? Who are gun people? If we hear of friends or relatives or neighbors who bought a gun if we can do a skype connection or a facetime connection where you can see them you can see their hands. Get sit up and you can actually talk them through how to pick up a handgun. How to handle it? Safety do muzzle disciplined. Maybe even how to operate the mechanism at the very least I agree totally and like I say When I was teaching the marksmanship of the key thing Decisi and then marksmanship with secondary but anyway The other I also had I had a question I've got an older Ruger single six right. I've offered that oceanside California back in the sixties or good stuff. It's the river. Came out with the thing that said it needed a modification because when the hammer is down and miss dropped. It can discharge. And that's kind of what the bird that came out with a free Modification right and it's still good and I never sent my in. I'll just thinking would that be values Would that be value by Down in Anyway I well. Here's a here's the question. Are you own that as an investment? No would you like to have more safety in it. Yes I would send it in. Have and they'll send you back your original parts that you can always put the original parts back in. But they'll put the transfer bar safety in there. It is a much better system now. Let me just close. Who are wondering. Why would ruger make gun like that because it works exactly the same way as the Colt single action revolvers it? Which is everybody back then knew that you only load five rounds and you put the hammer down on empty cylinder with no ammo underneath that Hammer and so there was a six shooter but you only loaded five shots. That was a safe way to carry them. Unfortunately that some that knowledge got lost on. Modern FOLKS. Didn't quite get that. And so there were accidents with people loading six rounds so ruger came up with the transfer bar safety so it has. It is now safe to load six rounds in the Ruger single actions if it has the transfer bar safety system. If it were me I would contact ruger. I would send it in heaven. Put it in. They'll send you back your original parts. If you ever want to put it back in you can but it just makes for a safer gun. That's what I would do Jim. Also I've I had. I had a magnum cylinder for it. Which is misplaced in a move I'm wondering if When I send it in if I had the match me up with a new Cylinder for the Magnum. I don't know but you could certainly ask. But yeah that was one of the fun things about that as you could swap out the from twenty to twenty two magnum with that. So there you go. Hey Jim I appreciate the call. I gotTa Scoot. Let me do this here. Jim Wallace is not going to be fair. And Right now. I want to take an early break. We come back talk with Jim. Walsh from the Gun Owners Action League out of Massachusetts because Y- you just aren't going to believe what the governor there has done a like. Slap yourself side the head and go. That just doesn't make sense. I don't believe what's going on there. Number eight six six talk gun this gun talk. Since nineteen ninety four Crimson trace has defined built the laser sighting category through design innovation and performance. With an obsession to create best in class electro optics Crimson trace now offers a full line of lasers lights reflex sights. 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Face for more information and to support walk the talk America please visit walk the talk America Dot Org when someone leaves you there gun collection you may want a few. What do you do with the rest? How do you sell them? Who Do you call? Well high call Johnny Durie at Dury's guns whether you're selling one gun or five hundred. They'll tell you what it's worth and write you a check. Simple quick easy fair. I trust juries guns. Give them a call. Dury's guns dot com. This is congressman. Steve scalise. I really WANNA wish time. Congratulations on twenty five years of gun. Talk Radio thanks for all the work you've done over the years defend in our second amendment rights back with eight six talk gun as I say it's crazy what's going on. We had a number of states where the governors have kind of flip flopped and basic. Come back and said okay. We're going to have gun stores listed as essential. But you're not gonna believe what just happened in Massachusetts joining us right now. Jim Wallace from the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts Jim. I don't know how you keep your head on straight these days partner. I'm pretty sure it's not like he kissed. You know anger is you you get. You just have to have a sense of humor so you can keep working on it. But I mean first of all congratulations on twenty five years In in today I'm actually celebrating my double nickel birthday so happy birthday. That is terrific. All right so I gotta start off and tell people what happened where you everybody got whiplash. What the governor did well it? There's a whole series of things that have happened and I was just listening to your last caller about virtual training One of the most recent things that happened is the state. Police said the letter out to all certified trainers to immediately cease all trading including virtual train We believe that. This order is only for the so-called approved courses in mass non. Just if if you WANNA skype with somebody and help them out. One we've asked for clarification and haven't got it yet so yeah because they're saying now we're going to catch the virus over the Internet. I mean how dumb is that? Well see here in Massachusetts in order to get any firearm license and they license everything here. Time doesn't matter. What kind of gun it is. It's licensed in also I mean they should. You can't even buy empty. Shell casings without a gun licence in mass. And you have to buy them from from a licensed retailer. You cannot even order. I mean dishing components through the mail Massachusetts but let let me. Let me back up to the beginning here. When you're when I started we knew licensing would become a problem because the new licenses are you know they have to be fingerprinted and all that stuff face to face issues. Renewables Could be done by mail and most of the chiefs are really working. Hard to make sure that's done but we tried to goal. Try to help the police stations And I actually worked with the head of the major city chiefs associations great guy and I said she. Why don't we approach the state and just put a whatever an extension moratorium on the need to renew licenses right now until this is over because their manpower is starting to dwindle because their officers are getting sick and we haven't even hit the peak of this thing here so and the chief said absolutely let's petition the government and I'll talk to the Secretary of Public Safety? Let's get this done so we don't have to worry about it. We were denied. Virtually every other license in the state that the state issues is being extended except ours. Now we do have protections in law that goal got past five five ten years ago five years ago That if you at least put in application they give you a receipt for renewables that you're good indefinitely until they take action on it. So we the renewal part is for the most part okay but we were trying to help the police and we got denied so Then we move onto the bigger administration announced an emergency small business loan program to help small businesses get through this and continue to pay their employees right. Five industries were specifically excluded from this in the firearms. Industry was one of the Along with marijuana shops recreational marijuana shops You know. High high risk market people but the firearm retailers were specifically excluded from the small business loans. So then they put out the first essential list following the first federal guidelines right so let's jeopardy because that's the Department of Homeland Security came out with this list of essential businesses included gun stores and shooting. Range is among the list under law enforcement category. So that was the the federal guideline right but that was the second one. I didn't have that and it was. What's the the agencies name CISA Saturday So the first one was a little vague in the retailers works shore because it didn't name them but it said if you are supporting public safety agencies Yada Yada Yada and I mean what comes story doesn't sell the police officers. Emt's you know not just going to them but other other equipment so they all said well. I guess we're okay. And they were asking us and we hope guys. We can't tell you I mean it's so big it's not funny now. We moved to the second advisory from the federal level which specifically said that they are all essential. Fine retailers shooting ranges wholesalers manufacturers are all essential it we said. Oh Great Okay Guy so we put the word here you go. This is clear as day and with about an hour putting out the news. People started calling US texting us. Whatever and saying you guys aren't telling us the truth. That's not what it says. Wait a minute what so I went back in. Within an hour of posting it administration went in an edited out. Firearm retailers shooting ranges. The State Administration did did so the state put out the information. Said we're basically we're GONNA include the language from the feds so that gun stores and everybody. They're essential businesses so they put that information out. So you told everybody okay. We're good to go. And then within our they went in and took it out basically once again discriminated against the entire firearms industry. Yeah it's I mean we. I actually personally call. The governor's office I've contacts in there and I asked him. I said did you guys. Just edit this document because that's what it said and our go and they said yes we did and I say why they you know. They gave you the stand in line about trying to reduce the risk of viruses. And I said well wait a minute. I can still go down the street if I wanted to. Still get my favorite cheeseburger. Get My iced coffee. I can still go out and buy a pizza shops which are a direct connection to exercising civil rights but not essential and all I got was the same. Well you know. We're just trying to reduce the risk. What are you going to file suit? Well we're looking at right now because there's a bunch of different issues. We have to look at one is the retailers and that probably would have to be done in federal We're also looking at the licensing even though The chiefs of being good at renewables KNOB. They really can't do or at least they won't for for public safety reasons do in person fingerprinting and things like that for a new license so those people are being cut off right now because the state has ordered that all training ceased means in Massachusetts. You have to have training course in order to apply for license so no that's system shutdown so we have a whole list of things now that we have to go through and figure out how the heck we're going to address this but this Tom. This is all great lessons for for everybody around the country. Even here in mass. Because I was a bill. There's still bill and this year to mandate live fire for training. Now we certainly encouraged that. We don't want the government mandating anything and I even had some gun owners. Don't know that's you know that's probably a good idea. And I said okay. Now what did he shut? They training then. They shut the training down. They were saying we're going to have licenses for the time being. We're not actually going to issue licences which means you can't get anything and it's just that odeal. Ah when you have to ask permission. It's no longer a write in. It's longer right. They can shut it off for a day or a week or a month or a year or forever and clearly impotence. You always been been under assault for so long now and for those who are in Massachusetts about to run out of time here and they wanna stay plugged in and understand what's going on and maybe join you in the fight. How do they do that? Yeah I mean the easiest way to do it as just to get up on Gold DOT ORG DOT ORG. They can sign up right online. We're still in full operation I've had my staff ready for something like this for years. So we're still in full operation working from home Being safe and you know if you join you get up on our news feed which if something happens immediately we'll get it out if will send out a Friday news to show to all right perfect Jim Wallis from gun owners Action League Massachusetts Gold Dot. Org Thank you so much for everything. You're doing it is a heck of a fight there yeah the the AG Massachusetts Gun shops and shooting ranges are not essential businesses. Really eight six six talk gun so I got a call yesterday from a friend. He lives in Detroit. He is still have a elevated heart rate because of what had just happened to him thirty minutes before he called me. He thought he might have to use his fire in. He wanted me to tell them how how did to basically great him on his choices as performance. Here's what happened. He's up parking lot of a condo. He sees a man beating on a woman a domestic violence situation. The man I mean. He's Wayland on this woman. He's yelling. I had a gun at kill you. My Buddy calls nine one reports and then start rolling video and he altered the guy. Stop my friend. Doug make sure he has a car hood between him and the guy. He's thirty feet away. Maybe maybe not that far. He is carrying a thirteen. Shot nine millimeter. He knows how to use it. He's videoing this guy beaten on this woman. The guy does not is not impressed with Doug. Yelling at the woman goes down to the ground. And Doug saying well I had already moved to where I had a good backstop had a wooded area back behind the guy so that if I had to shoot. He was working on his background. Know your target. What's beyond it? But it didn't want to go to the gun. And he had something between him and the guy. The Guy couldn't get to him quickly he said but I was thinking if if he comes at me then I'll drop the phone and I'll go to gun and I can still move. The thing is Doug has been through a fair amount of train. He works doesn't work with police departments. He's not got but he goes and gets like twice a year training us into video systems that they use where you could shoot your gun life fire at video screens and they do these scenarios. What was interesting. He said well first of all everything slowed down just like they said since everything's happening in slow motion he said when I when I went down and the guy turned and looked at me as if to say. Is that guy over there still shooting video? Doug had this moment says I've been here before because it triggered one of the many scenarios you've been through with this training and there's a calming influence there. We call it stress. Inoculation you go through force on force training or video trading like this you go get training not going out to the reins at shooting. You go take classes in this stuff. The Special Forces Guys Swat people. They do this every day and they get to wear going through threatening situations with multiple attackers. It's just a problem solving exercise and they just go through it and deal with it. It's not easy to get there. But they are able to do that. And that's what the training does for. You allows you to react with things and problem solve and make decisions and recognize what's going on without losing your mine without making stupid choices. And of course Doug said he's also think I've already called the police. I don't WanNa be the guy with a gun out when they roll up. I know what's going on. In the end. The attack of the man who is attacking. This woman got his car and drove off but they had to video license plate. The woman did not want to press. Charges said Yeah. Well that's going to continue until he kills her duck said Yeah. That's exactly what I told her but they don't have to have her press charges. They HAVE VIDEO. They have on high witness. Police can the CAN press charges. They want to compile charges. If just one of those things and I guess the question to you is given that set of circumstances. What would you have done because Doug wanted to ask me? What do you think should I have gone to gun which I've done? Well I had my answer. I want to know what you think situation like that man beat this woman knocks down up. Waylon honor what would you do? Have you thought about that? Now's a good time gallery. Eight six six talk Garner. Tom Talk Gun. Choices are not easy but we have to make them right back.

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