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The show is proudly sponsored by trying to call dot com. The leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes that's exactly how it sounds. I'll teach you a literal checklist so you can take off autumns and be decisive very quickly. Get across to try to cobb dot com where there's a bunch of free content there. You'd have a look at and of course if you're interested didn't having may come to your city. Click register for the live events coming up and feeling fast have a great day visit. Try to call dot com now everybody and and welcome to the club crypto show you having a fantastic david of weather coming in over here in sydney gray cloud southeasterly winds and we've gone from top of about thirty thirty eight degrees on sunday to a much more mild twenty four today so i'm wearing jeans what to do with anything. Nothing at all is the in fact. I've got the microphone whatever comes out of my mouth you. Hey look obvious gone a couple of things inside. I thought this voice you hit. Today is the voice all. I very very very happy man. Why's that was because the markets nodes because of a culmination of events that i have decided to do to make me any happy and one of those events of course as like yesterday. I was taking a break now often. We don't get instant rewards. We love instant. Gratification takes a little while yesterday. I felt okay actually told you i was feeling a a little bit little bit drawn out a little bit on welfare like i was getting a call today smashed out of the park. I'm feeling about as good as one can feel a multi mystic dick happy. I'm feeling very balanced and i'll tell you what as far as optimal conditions go. This man you're hearing right now is in optimal conditions for trading and and doing what i do some absolutely stoked soup pumped and count white to to see what i can achieve today because i tell you what there's not much. It'll getting my white today. That's dame shoreside. Whatever not in the markets was good. <hes> we saw bitcoin continue to move third day of gains. We haven't seen three days of gains nine. Since i lost a random we come back up into eleven seven and to be absolutely you know straight with you guys. We're only saw a once <hes> threat that run that was on the the first of march second third and fourth of march we saw tun and that'll grain one there so we are having a three bullish dies arrive. That's assuming that the candles gonna close the next two hours forty five minutes away diesel roughly the same as it is but it's looking god heading towards nine thousand we have tested nine thousand nine thousand forty six dollars here on my coin bai's jot and it'll be say if we can hold that level above nine thousand says i wouldn't be surprised to see a wee bit of a pullback on the four hours. Hi lo's and higher highs. We are starting to a little bit more bullish. It don't get all caught up brought. Don't get me wrong could still come off absolutely no doubt in my mind that we could see more self however how ev- isn't things starting to come into play now. If i shot the charts is starting to come back around to look a little. There's a few more chicks off of the bullish solder. Things look good to <hes>. There's a little bit more optimism out of china in relation to cryptocurrency currency now with vets fact fiction all unicorns. I don't know but it's good whispers to have <hes> three. There's a lot of things that are starting to come back into the spice that are good good chat good conversation good things happening and the s._e._c. also had some good things to site <hes> basically basically they were praising cryptocurrency and blockchain technology secondly apparently and i say apparently because you know until it's until i've seen the actual who set up on one hundred percent sure but apparently coined base has gotten with barclays bank barclays bank the two big base bir her <hes> there are big big big bank more base for you bravo and <hes> you know that's a big ply for bacchus to be promoting him getting involved lived with coined by studies direct involvement we cryptocurrency and that is a good thing. The banks are starting to look at how they can adapt and adopt and become one with this market which is great also also. There's chat chat chat of a u-turn. In china. The people's bank of china governor cold bitcoin inspiring spiring now. That's not good language. <hes> than nothing is obviously everything can change quickly but we are starting to see that cruise ship that i talk about is no longer in reverse in my view is starting to engage forward. We're not moving forward yet. We've just changed gays only keeping an eye on that on the markets for the next couple of days and they wanna wanna cover post crypto <hes> and bitcoin conversation and news and what not is this the difference between a dream and a goal role big difference there. Let me just tell you a little story right. <hes> i read something just recently. <hes> remember a vendor holyfield. Yes you remember him from such shows. As butting off people's is <hes> and punching people in the face and being a huge man throws big punches. Yes event holyfield the boxer. I'm talking about well he when he was a child had said he's mother. I think his mother who said you could be said you could be the next mohammed ali if you want to and he said yes yes i want to i want to i want. That's what i wanna be. I wanna be the next muhammad ali. I want to be the greatest and the follow up question by the coach was ause great. Is that a dream or goal. Is that a dream or is that a goal because drained and it looks like a very big distinction between the two and i want to bring this into the conversation because it made me stop at a made me think about am i dreaming dreaming or these goals and i've come to the conclusion that yes there are. There are some dreams that i do have <hes> but more so they are goals. They are big big. Gulls also <hes> now the difference between the two is is it a dream you can't get to run. A dream is a it's a fraction of your imagination of figment fig fragment fragment of your imagination. Is something that it. It's almost like you can't get to it. It's a dream that the very use of the word dream. It's inside your head. It's it's not real. The dream is not real. Do dreams come true. Dreams can't count show dreams become gull so i wanted to just get the distinct shame because a goal we can plot out we can structure. We can laid lead the yellow brick road to an outcome. We can plan that outcome out. A lot of people do drain however and that's why they don't achieve. He got all he's such should drama dream. It sometimes don't do people that are motivated by their goals are do as the people that are structured. They know what they want and they go. God damn get it. A gull can be shaved. A drain is a flushing little bubble that you might not ever reach so i challenge you to consider this big time tonight sedates and not when you get a bit of time whether it be on the train whether it be at home in bed whether it be during a meditation whatever it may be. I wanted to ask yourself. Are you thinking about dreams or are you planning talking about how to achieve your goals because differentiation between the two is striking. It is big and it may just change the way you view things. A dream is aw jeeze. I'd love to have that hundred underfoot yacht but you know i mean at the moment with the job that i've gotten. He's another excuse and he's another one. He's another one and he does. It realistically probably won't get it so it's dream ninety five win the lotto. That's a dream whereas the other way of looking at it is this. I want that hundred foot yacht and i'm gonna get it and if you're in a job you're not locking recommend shitty job right now but that's okay cause. I'm going to work my way out of that. Auntie defined something. That's gonna work for may now if that happens to be trading for you. Obviously you're in the right place. We can help you to get there. You're gonna take steps plot and plan and you know what if it's taking thirty years to get it who cares who cares i mean i know one of the causes. I listened to us from gary. Vague i._v. Talks about buying the new new york jets. He wants to buy the jets. He's a mad jets fan. I think they're i think they're basketball team or n._f._l. Audit i sorry sorry. I don't know that but he wants to buy the jets but the thing is right. It's not actually buying the the buying of the jets would probably be an anti-climax for me the journey it's the plotting it's the planning it's the it's the journey on the way to achieving that goal how the successful and the fun part of doing the end result is not what you're after often it's getting to the end. Result is the satisfaction it's the confidence is the ability it's the feelings that you get as you tick little little things along the way to get to that outcome outcomes <unk> dream stott set your goals and structure and break them down and this is what we do with trading as well now my prentice her. You'll be introduced to in the coming wakes. I've chosen my first apprentice. My friend is will be working through. He's got access to all my content augment martin so a mentoring him and pushing him through every single step that i know takes become a successful trader. Now he'll be the first one to get the new fibonacci causes coming out before a sta. He'll be the first one to do the video that's gonna come out to everybody subscriber list so that they can actually understand what's going on and i'll interview him on this podcast as well and then he's going to be the journey of the apprentice series and the journey of the apprentice series is running rotting at his plans and then executing together me empowering him with the tools and him than him then executing what i'm going to be is not so much a whip to crack over the back of him mm-hmm but i'm going to be a support member of his. I'm going to be there to help him and guide him. He will be the one who is doing. I'll be the one who is providing the tools and experiences variances and lessons along the white. It's going to be fantastic series and i can't wait to bring it to work on his first video at the moment the very beginning of that comes with goals. What does he want and how. How is he going to go about. Getting those gaza doesn't make a difference what industry you're in water jacobs. You've set yourself. If you brought your goals down. You can then start to learn how to achieve achieve them if you're dreaming dreaming but you will be a dream of ever if you're sitting gulls. You'll get there if you plan it properly guys at don't forget that this is free content that i put out every single day in my office very early every single morning pumping this out full. You guys my free. Listen on the podcast again massive. Thank you everybody who's there and who's been giving me reviews. I'm gonna ask you one thing. I really mean this really mean this. If you haven't already given the podcast i review a written review. The podcast is great because la la la or craig is awesome or i don't really like it or whatever you want if you haven't done it already. Can you please their. You know a punch hape. Subcontinent socials like facebook youtube is heaps. Their almo- website tried to call dot com on those plenty of free stuff. I just keep on committing myself to putting at free constant. I put more free content every day that i do any other content an oil ask all they ask of you is to please give me a review because it helps boost me up the ratings and gets out to more listeners and continue to spread this fantastic message so so guys please. I would love it if you could go. Now and roger of you on the podcast have a fantastic dialing gentlemen don't dream stop planning a goals and let's win together. The show is proudly sponsored by tried to call dot com. The leaders in checklist based trading strategy. Yes that's exactly how it sounds. I'll teach you a liberal checklist so you can take off autumns and be decisive very quickly. Get across to try to cobb dot com where there's a bunch of free content. Their feud have a look at and of course if you're interested didn't having may come to your city click and register for the live events coming up and feeling fast have a great day. Try to call dot com now.

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