Los Angeles Times 7/6/20


It's Monday July. Sixth I'm Mary, Regalado and here's your local news from the Los. Angeles Times. Today will be mostly sunny and very warm with a high around ninety one and a low tonight of sixty six. Our top story residential fourth of July fireworks displays led to a surge in both air, pollution and emergency service calls. The fireworks caused levels of Fine Particle pollution to skyrocket leading air quality to be ranked as hazardous in some areas well into Sunday. Meanwhile. Officials said that L.. A. Firefighters responded to thousands of emergency calls Saturday and extinguished at least one large blaze that consumed half an apartment complex in northridge that fire was sparked by fireworks that ignited several large palm trees, then spread to a neighboring apartment complex, destroying several units and displacing about fifty residents. In. Crime News The Los. Angeles Police Department. Responded to more than a million nine one one calls last year, but relatively few of those were violent crimes. At least that's what a times analysis found of the nearly eighteen million calls logged by the LAPD since two thousand ten about one point four million of them, which is less than eight percent were reports of violent crimes. The Times defines violent crimes as sides assault with deadly weapons, robberies, batteries, shots fired and rape by contrast police responded to a greater number of traffic accidents and calls recorded as minor disturbances. The figures underscore the possibilities and challenges of redefining the role of police as it comes under scrutiny in the wake of Floyd's death. In other crime news, according to advocates hate incidents directed at Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders also known as a API are on the rise in California. This year they have documented eight hundred thirty two incidents across the state in the last three months alone with assaults and verbal tirades becoming the norm since the pandemic started. Counted in the eight hundred plus incidents, taking place at retail stores, work school and Online, our eighty-one incidents of assault and sixty four potential civil rights violations. That's according to the group. Stop A A P I hate. The escalating number of incidents has triggered outrage among the public and elected officials as well. And advocates are pushing governor Gavin newsom to boost funding for programs fighting bias. In local news, the city of La has postponed plan that would have resumed ticketing vehicles during street sweeping starting today, lawmakers voted last week to extend La's relaxed parking rules, which took effect in March when the pandemic stay at home order was first imposed, this means that the city will not take it vehicles that are parked in rush hour and anti gridlock zones, or in residential areas during street, sweeping until August I vehicles with expired registration will also not be ticketed, Los Angeles is still enforcing some parking rules. However, including ticketing vehicles left at expired meters. And finally dodger stadium missed out on hosting the MLB ALL STAR game this year, but it will get another chance in twenty twenty two. The start of the twenty twenty season has been delayed to July twenty third, and the All Star game was officially cancelled on Friday next year's All Star game had already been awarded to the Atlanta, braves. Though so the League gave the dodgers the next available game fans who bought tickets to the season's all star game can get a refund starting today, or they can get the amount spent on those tickets credited to their account with a ten percent bonus. For these stories and more visit LA TIMES DOT com.

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