Why can't Demetrius Andrade get a big fight?


This is sports illustrated boxing podcast boxing. Boxing with sports illustrated's Kris maddox interviews analysis. And everything going on in boxing and now a man who I wish was called the Boston leader. It's sort of like getting punched in the face. Chris we'll come back till the episode of the SL boxing. Podcast glad you could join me this week because we have a terrific episode lined up for you. Sergio Mora the former junior middleweight. Champion disowned broadcaster. Good friend of the PODCAST. He is back. We're both down in Miami for the zone card headlined by Dimitrius. Androids middleweight title. Defense and Sergio and I cover all the topics in boxing right now from Andrew its inability to get a big fight. What's going on there? Why did your mom? Charlotte won't take him. We talk about seven farmer versus Joe Dias which is one of the big fights of this upcoming weekend at a whole bunch of other topics I hit on with Sergio. More a little bit later on to meet your android himself sits down with me and ask him directly what is going on. Why can't you get a significant fight? Despite the fact that you have a title and a lot of money behind you specifically get into the Charles. Stuff and why. That fight hasn't materialized despite the fact that everybody thinks that fight is the best for both stick around for all that on a terrific SL boxing pod quick housekeeping note. If you like this podcast very easy way can support it head over apple podcasts. Post a comment leave a rating. It's simple it's easy it's free. It takes seconds and it is the best way to make sure that we keep doing this podcast week after week. That's it all right onto my conversation with Sergio. Mora all right Sergio Morris. Back former junior middleweight. Champion dissolve broadcaster. Worst morning person. I've ever been a grown to know what is the matter with you like it eleven hours. Why eleven our sleep you know. Let me get my sleep. Go to bed earlier. I'm with you I can't I just. I'm not functioning. Last night was my fault. Yes it was tonight is going to be your fault. You went to a basketball game and then to which you didn't provide tickets. How can you be a sports illustrated senior writer and can get Boston Celtics? Tickets go on stub hub and get them for my colleagues. It's like you can never do the right thing. Ever get eleven hours. Does your wife even like you in the morning. Like how much sleep do you get on an average day? That's not bring up the white okay not to that right. We do have a lot to get into today down here in Miami for the design show headlined by Dimitrius ANDROID. I want to talk about Android for Sergio. He's on his fourth fight of this zone deal. He has a title recognized title around his waist. He's got a big checkbook behind him but he can't get a significant fight. He's fighting Luquillo this weekend. Luquillo earned the shot by beating Louis areas. That was a good win for him. But Andrew is gonNA come into this as massive favourite. Why why can't Dimitrius Android? Get a big fight. He has a self balkars. I mean he He's too good for his own. Good he has that Olympic pedigree and he's tall. He's dark and handsome like he says he does all the right things. He fights at a distance. He doesn't he doesn't he. Doesn't fight out character He's hard to hit. He hits hard enough to get respect. He has that cursed at every southpaw. Had if you look at guys like Winky Wright Paul Williams even go back to Marvin Hagler. There avoided for reason. What are they all? Have in common their cells gear. More Reagan Down South Pole Olympic pedigree. So it's just that South Parker said that if you can avoid a southpaw especially one. That fights like a southpaw and and maintain that discipline. Just avoid them at all costs. And that's exactly why they're avoiding injury. Yeah but I get all that and I get the fighters like say boots. Ennis won a couple of weeks ago on showtime I get why he's avoided at this point doesn't bring a lot of reward to the risk Virgil Ortiz. And other guy doesn't bring a lot of reward to the risk. All the things you're talking about are true but don't they go out the window when you have a reward at the end of it like you fight to meet your his android and you're gonNA get a chance to fight for a middleweight title and you're GonNa get paid a whole lot of money you know. Millions of dollars doesn't all that stuff become inconsequential when you have the opportunity to make a ton of money and fight for a title money changes things if you're at the if you're at the end of your career or if you're not used to making that kind of money but android is making a life changing money. You know what I'm talking about Andrew. I'm talking about the guys that won't fight like the guys that won't fight android while they're making huge money. They're they're making big money and they need to extend their career as long as possible so they already have their contracts if they can avoid the meteors Andrew matter. Let's go to the office. Forget I get. Why can upload US invite him? Canelo has other business this year and Andrey doesn't really do a lot for Cannella. He's GonNa make significant money anyway. Regardless of what happens Lofton we all know the score gluskin needs to get the Cannella when Dmitry Sandra represents an extremely tough fight before that the guy that I'm I don't understand it all is dramatic. I do not get. What Jamaal Charles? Oh is is doing right now. Because last year he fought two fights against Brandon Adams and Denis Hogan that basically nobody watched like it's the equivalent. Nobody wants them with the ratings that he got he has no obvious. Fight coming up with you know. Maybe Chris eubank in a fight that I don't think anybody outside the Charleston Eubank family cares about and then maybe he can get Darvin. Janko down the line. Why doesn't Jamaal Charles jump at the chance to fight to meet your his android for the same exact reason but this one has politics behind it with the with the promotional side with PBC and disown? But they need to fight those who need to fight. They're made for each other because Charles not a superstar either. He's not making that superstar Lofton Cannella money. He's not neither is android so I think they need each other and they're they're the right style matchup also because Charles. He fights southpaws pretty well. And he has a hard enough punch week and ended with or you can get the respect with one punch because you're gonNA need power to actually beat a guy like android and Charles has. That has that lettuces and he has a speed and he has a chip on his shoulder to. He brings all that to the total. So I I the step up with you. So you think Charles Ducking Android yes duck android. Android is the Boogeyman of the one. Sixty pound division. The only way Andrew's going to get a big fight as if he moves to sixty eight. Okay well I don't want to fight. Daniel Jacobs friend. But they're gonNA THEY'RE GONNA. I'm just GONNA boy them at all. I'm at this point. I'm ordering Charro versus Andrey t-shirts there's just like. There's no reason for those two guys not to fight you because android. If you win this fight against Keeler and it's not Charlotte it's probably be somebody like Liam Williams in a WHO cares type of fight? There Charles Fights Chris the other guy. That's annoying me is Durban Chanko. Dermot check goes out there. You talk to Bella. He's looking for an opponent for Durban. Janko nobody will fight urban checkable the android sitting there by Janko. He can have a shot at my title in three million bucks as well like. I hate seeing fighters like duck. Because I think there's always reasons not to fight but not fighting's meters. Andrew at this point is flat out ducking avoiding him at all costs. Is there another word for DUCKIE EUPHEMISM FOR DUCKING? Is there something else for missiles? Probably the wrong word. Is there something else other than because duckings really harsh word is a hardware? We're quitting is harsh words. A harsh word to retire. So what's another word for? I don't want to have a softer word. I asked you if Charles was ducking injured. You said yes. No another word not ducking whatever that other word is. That's what it is we can. We can rebound the tape you said. Yes that avoiding avoiding. I don't think I've done. I asked if he was ducking convincing. That's just like word but whatever it is. We want to avoid softballs at all costs. All right that's it well. We don't WANNA FIGHT THEM. Especially we fight like southpaws Abdo amateur pedigree. They're dangerous and they're confident you don't you stay away as long as possible. Look Cannella did with with With the latter he didn't he didn't fight him. He pushed him aside for as long as possible until the public demanded it. And then when the public demanded what Laura do you almost beat them in. Some people thought that he did reinventing history that I don't. The public was demanding. Lara CANOAS ONE. That said let Lars viewed at the top guy at one fifty four. I WANNA fight of golden boy. Didn't want to fight Komo's pushing against that heart like it didn't bring a lot to the table so I think I think may because the public was saying what can I wasn't up. The the the the hardcore purist boxing purists the people in the game they were bringing that up with Andrea no he's being avoided even by the writers. If you're the only one that sticks up for Andrew Tell the truth I really am only one beating the drum for this ridiculous miles away. But I don't I'm not a senior writer at duct android. You I you duck absolutely and I'll duck him. I don't circumvent and I ducked purposely absolutely duct Tantri. That's true one of the problems with putting android pound for pound is because he doesn't have a depth of top opponents of beets. I mean there are a lot of people out there and I've talked to Shawn Porter about this. I've talked to Terence Crawford about this. I've talked to Bowman Turns Crawford's trainer about this all these guys put android at or near the of the pound for pound list. But it's hard to put him there because you haven't been any on the list. I agree no. You can't be on the list unless you beat someone on the list in order to beat them in and look with all due respect. I'm praising Dimitrios Android just like everyone you just mentioned when you're fighting guys like Walter Contin Dong-kwan Archer and these type of fighters and magic celebrity. He's just beating the people they put in front of them right. But that's not enough so you need someone with a resume. Someone with a background someone. That's like Oh wow okay. That's what he does against this guy. That's when you actually a turn heads. Everyone's has even the haters. I'll legitimate criticism though of android that he doesn't go for knockouts enough. I mean I thought against Dhakhwa. He went for the knockout. Just wasn't there. The guy just kept like rising from the canvas four times and that fight but if you look at the celebrity fight that was tough because he had so lucky hurt in the first round. And then you heard. His father is trainer in the corner between the first and second rousing. That's not our fight like that. You were sitting there with that. I I love hearing that. Love is love hearing that because when you out of character which he was doing going for the knockout. That's when you get knocked out and then guess what your record becomes blemish. Lose your title all because you wanted to chase something. That's not you don't do that. Man Get the win. Get your head out of your ASS. Get the win. Let's move on. What are you talking about like you get? You can get a win. But when does winning by decision move the needle at all? When does beating did beating macek select for android? Do Anything for his career. In fact I think he lost momentum because of that he had this guy hurt in the first round that I couldn't see left hands coming. He was buckled up in the second round with the same attitude maybe get a stoppage and then you have some momentum to get a canal oh fight or or Charles download you are a critic and I respect your opinion. I am a boxer respect mine. He's pitching shutouts. You know how difficult it is to win every single round thirty six minutes of a fight and he does it in. He pitched shutouts. He doesn't let you hit him and he almost gets you out. He knocks down opponents. He knocked down contract. We knocked down so lucky. He can't take them out not that he doesn't have power just not in his character. I've problem was. He didn't try after that first round. He like maybe like if you go for it in the second round and selected a couple of shots all right back up and fight more of a defensive takes one shot it takes one shot and the next thing you know trying to please. Chris Mannix just ruined. His career gets a blemish on his career. Is Not me by trying to please you? Okay it's not me. He didn't get a big fight. He fought that fight June and fought nobody else. The rest of the year was not even mentioned in the conversation with Cannella work does not have Charlotte so clearly. It's not just me saying that really didn't do much for him he knocks him out. I think that does a lot for him. He knocks Luke keillor out. Would you admit that knocking Lou? Keillor does not more. I think he's going to stop. Okay would you like if he beats Luke Keillor twelve round decision? You're going to be like good job like if he goes one. Twenty-one wave it's a shootout yes this is no he's GonNa stop he needs to stop keillor. I agree with you. He's going to have to stop a fighter like Luquillo one because he has been stopped before and he's been stopped by who thom durant or something like that. Yeah so he's been stopped before one and two. He's not on his level. So this is. Let's get it clear. It's a stay busy fight for Dimitrios android. They throw a bone. This is a stay busy. Fight strictly for that and he needs to get that impressive win so yes for this one. He needs a knockout needs. He signed a four or five extension match them. Those need to be big final coming up and that Charles should be front and Center for both those guys all right. Let me talk to you about Conor McGregor and the box out there now chasing Conor McGregor McGregor you know came back and UFC. Two forty six one in spectacular style reestablished himself as a top. Ufc Guy and in the immediate aftermath. You had floyd mayweather on social media teasing a rematch against Conor McGregor for weeks before you had manny Pacquiao and his representative saying I wanNA fight Conor McGregor. You have bud Crawford and top rank saying we'll fight. Conor McGregor in boxing will move over to the to the UFC and a UFC match against Crawford. What do you make of all these huge boxing stars fighting are looking to fight? Ufc's biggest star. They're chasing the money. They're chasing the easy money because beating Conor McGregor in a boxing fight. It's easy money. I think any top ten contender can beat Conor McGregor. Have you seen him? Warm up with that arm wing thing. Can you imagine punching? He falls off balance. He can go the distance. He got tired halfway through the fight with mayweather. He doesn't have the legs to to to box thirty six minutes. You're not on your toes and the UFC. Your wrestling can take breaks. It's just apples and oranges two different sports. That's why every boxer including myself throw my name in the mix. I'm celebrating a fight that that man I mean. He's not a boxer. Stay over there. But he's popular. He's a he's a caricature he he's like a an Irish mayweather. Everyone wants to see him get his ass kicked but it's not going to happen because he's a really good. Mma fighter but he's not a good boxer. So yes everybody. Everybody wants to fight him for the money that easy money. So is there any boxing match that you'd want to see Gregor no zero? I LOOK? I don't disagree. I mean I think especially when it's on paper view. It's just an unbelievable money. Grab like I didn't go to Mayweather McGregor the first one. Because why would I waste a weekend night and August to go? Watch a fight. I know how it's GonNa end like that doesn't do anything for packy out might even more violently. Mcgregor's about Pacquiao fights the one thing I would say with I don't want I don't necessarily want to see this but if they made like a to fight thing with Crawford. Okay because you look down the pipe. There's nothing for Crawford in twenty twenty top. Rank has major problems making any kind of a fight of any kind of significance for Crawford is another one in the mix. And what did you have in common with? Every with android southpaw amateur pedigree. His his problem though is more politics than anything else and he won't fight Sean Poor. That's a big problem too. But if he can't I don't care if it's like if he can't get a fight against one of the top guys or even a top ten guy at welterweight. I can see Crawford going in fighting a to fight McGregor and getting something out of it because Crawford Crawford is not as big star as Pacquiao and mayweather you fight Conor McGregor and Connor McGregor. Never Fight Crawford ever. Are you kidding me for money? No you're nuts. No that's another one. Money doesn't solve everything. Well if it Kinda does or if it goes over to you see people who watch now man. Look no no no that. That's the wrong style match. Four horsemen wrong for anybody. Some of stupid. You find someone. If you're if you're conor McGregor you fight someone that people know but that's very limited not athletic not fast not powerful not a pound for pound often. Mcgregor should be nervous about fighting Crawford in any in any sense of the word taught all men look. I just stay away from Crawford. Don't don't even somehow that man would do something. Great Emanate Woods because he wrestled middle school like I played a musical instrument doesn't mean that can play at the Boston pops. You know when I met Terence Crawford at Staples Center you know. I went up to him. I go up too many boxes but I went up to him and I said hey man I got to say. It's amazing to see you fight. Man Watching you. Fight is watching a black Bruce Lee and he started laughing. I command amazing. What you do from southport Orthodox I go. It just comes natural. I love watching you fight and he just need granny smiling because I appreciate it. He's that special. So I I mentioned Bruce Lee thing because if he goes into anime somehow he can kick. If you've practiced three months in kicking that man we'll probably kick and it's not that I'm telling you practice to three months kicking and you can become a good. He's athletic I mean look at Bruce Lee he's the study Mohammed Ali tapes. He used to do the. Yeah a very good one. What do anything I was? I sat cage side was when James Toney went over to fight randy couture at that point like ten fifteen years ago and that was an embarrassment. Tony got in there and there was another one for his legs. And there's another one. There's two boxers I went into them and May I think it was It went well. Hell you never goes. Well they're usually a fighters at our past their prime when no legs. If you're going to go into the better have a spring in your step when you get your legs but doesn't it this sport. The crop couldn't learn in a matter of months. There's no way you could learn that no matter what I just said. He can learn how to kick. I didn't learn who just Jesse McGregor should stay away from him. Yeah you should literally getting a headache listening to you. Talk it circles here. Wash that that you should try being knee for once. Yes that's exactly what it's like but look I'm telling you right now. Up Mcgregor should stay away from Chris. They get easy money. Yes I think I think it's it would build crop profile thing if he fought McGregor and I think he'd win in boxing and lose badly but he's pro would built in two thousand twenty one and it's not going to happen probably not gonNA happen either. Real quick McGregor. Ufc does a great job of building stars from not from scratch but you know one star fades the next one comes in you had Rhonda Rousey Huge Star in UFC. When she you know separate from them yet McGregor come up. They just had two guys with like you know double digit losses or something on their resume. Madrazo fight for the with the baddest motherfucker belt or whatever that was. Yeah they just they. They did a great job of building stars Wise Boxing. It's such a problem at that and people would say it with you. I've seen a problem so you already. You're already rubbing me the wrong way by saying it's a problem. It's not a problem. It's no it's not. It's a different demographic you're hitting a different demographic in the USC you're hitting that that wrestling WWF wwe demographic what is it. It's young white and in boxing. It's it's it's Latino populated with the pay per view. It's older and older and White. So it's just a different demographic you're not gonNA you're trying to get pulled that crowd but no. I mean who's buying pay per view is going to be the young kids that want to watch. This and Conor McGregor is very popular and he took a page out of Mayweather's book He. He he He's doing something that most most fighters most fighters don't do any carries himself with Swaggie and he does what mayweather does but for a WWF MMA audience. Well there's a simple answer though that is often repeated in the UFC the best the best consistently like the top guys fight all the time whereas in boxing. We spend more time talking about guys. That's because they're all under one umbrella right. They're all under the umbrella you agree. That's the biggest problem in building stars like furious fighting wilder but one of the reasons. I think that's not going to do as well as they hope it doesn't pay per view is because neither one of those guys has fought a lot of top competition prior to that so middle America. Those guys are you know the post you might hardcore boxing fan. Sure do but that's a major problem in depth opponents at boxers. Top boxes don't have is is a problem. I agree with you. It happens occasionally. All right good fight this weekend. The best fighter card this weekend you have a different opinion but I think the farmer Joe Dias featherweight title fight ten far putting his hundred thirty pound title online against the back and forth with these two kind of building up for the last six months to a year with their social. Media's farmer has had kind of an android type run since he signed with his own title. He stayed busy but he hasn't had a marquee win. Joe Joe Dias. He lost his toughest fight to date against got Gary Russell. Now he's moving up two HUNDRED THIRTY POUNDS. Take on seven farmer. Let's start with WHO? This fight is most important like who needs a win in this Joe. Joe Okay Hands Down Hands. Down because he was supposed to be the next big thing for golden boy out of the Olympics and He came up short Gary Russell. Another Olympian. No no shame there but then the Rojo's fight. I believe it was where he didn't make weight that that's a sign of you're not respecting the sport and discipline and once that once you start losing titles or or he wasn't even a champion but once you once you start missing wait for a championship fight or losing your belt on the scales. That's when that's when your your character comes into place so jo Jo Needs A. He needs not only four for his future is is reputation but even even if he wants to become anything in this sport because he has the goods he has the backing. He has a promotion but he hasn't had that big win. He needs that against seven farmer. I just don't I don't think it's going to be very difficult for him to get it because farmers been he farmers the good for once and he's another softball would that people avoid but He's active so activity. What is it his fifth defense in in a little bit more than a year? That's incredible for a champion. So he's he's he's not only really gifted. He's athletic. He's experienced he's smart. He's confident he he's he's lethal in the South Pole stands but he's active. He's dangerous I. It's going to be very difficult to to beat a former in exciting fashion. If he beats them it's GonNa be a twelve round distance fighters so expected to go the distance. But I I just don't see him boxing farmer and if he can do of course he gets. The victory is going to be very difficult to know. I agree with with all that I think it is important for D Az to win. I think farmer though not only needs to win but it's got to be entertaining with his win and it's not going to happen entertaining. I look I hate to say that because we're calling the fight but neither of these fighters have proved in their in their career that they can be entertaining. They they they are very good brings a fight. That's why I think it could be. I think it could be Kinda. John Carroll was against seven farmer and we were giving why was always giving John Carroll a lot of credit in that fight. Because I like. That's how you beat a southpaw farmer. And a lot of people gave me heat including ten farmers saying that you know. I didn't give them enough credit. No Man Carol broke. Records of of the punches. He threw. That's what you need to do against a fighter. Like of seven former or against an android. Do you need a smother them needs suffocate them when punches? And if the credit if you're not going to get credit from the judges for doing that then you're not GonNa win against these guys and Joe Dias. He's not he's not a smothering punch like that he's A. He's a boxer punchy as good. Poppy has good experience if he can get combinations together then he can beat you. Farmers stand in front of him for him to get his punches off. No he won't but if armor wins in the same way he'd beat Fran Oise in the last fight. He's GonNa have a hard time getting another one like because I don't think that you know disown would want is going to want to keep putting on these types of Kevin farmer fights despite the fact that the title. I have a hard time seeing you know. Top rank put Jamel herring in with them or Shelton with him. I won twenty six guys. They have moving up. He's tried to get a tank Davis fight. Maybe that's something but if he goes out there and Kinda just out executes Joe Dias and makes it just boring the South Pole curse. He's going to happen and he's going to have do you agree. You'd have a hard time getting fights in the future doesn't fight win entertainingly. Yes yes. He doesn't need a knockout. I think ANDROID IS GONNA needs one in seventy to knock larmer needs to fight like he did against John Carol I think there's upside to him. Yes it's just like what? What are we doing here like? We don't need another one. Hundred and thirty pound. Titleholder is not worth the kind of money that's being invested in tech and farm. He's got he's got to come up big I I'm I'm fascinated that though. Because it is a significant fight between two guys near or at the top of their respective divisions and I think the winner in the ranking certainly will take a big step forward. Everyone's looking forward to this fight including look whether you're boxing aficionado or not. You're looking forward to these two guys. Because they're in their prime you got an Olympian. You gotTA fighter and farmer. Who's an active champion and not that many people know it's just the right time for them to fight. Yeah no question. You are big fan. Though of the opening bout on the main card remond value. Yes one hundred twenty two hundred twenty two pounds right. Yes yeah. It's interesting because this is the kind of role models the champion. He is a unified titleholder. Coming off one of the best of the year against Tj Donnie. And he's coming in. I think Sergio as an underdog in some of these against the guy that only has a very limited resume. What do you make of that? Put Him as an underdog. I the only reason I think. Ron is taken. This fight is one because he thinks he can beat with. Only what eight fights that? He's going to seven eight fights that he has but to the money you know. Roman hasn't made this kind of money is is the biggest purse of his career. So you know. He's not taking the easy. The easy fighting wants to he wants the big money now and I think that's the biggest person his career I can pretty much say it is. Yeah I have to check on that check check on this but I'm pretty sure it's the biggest I don't see him. Yeah but it doesn't matter even more for for. That was a bigger flight. I can pretty much guarantee he's making more for this. That's the only reason I can see him fighting. Knock modality of. Why would he fight this? This Olympian Southpaw. Another southpaw. Why I do not have a southpaw phobia. Mannix I just did they. Give me the creeps especially if there Olympia INS and knock. Molly is both any strong? And he's fast and he's athletic and he's Cagey and and any fights compact and he's a scary fighter wide. You just picked up these two beautiful belt that you worked all your life or why won't you? You know take calculated risks. This is a huge risk. And I just think medallion. I'm not a sports book but I put them as a favor to which makes me wonder why he's taking this fight because money. Well money money on hold on. There's money in it but there'd be equal if not more money in a rematch. With Donny. They'd be equal. If not more money in several other fights all he'd have to do to get out of this fight is basically dropped one of his belts he could drop the WB belt. He could still keep the IBM belt. He'd still be a world champion he could go on to fight less less challenging and less soundbites with more of an upside than what he's finding this one. This is just a big river. I I'll have to check how much money's actually getting off this might but unless it's absurd amount of my absurd but it's it's definitely the biggest of the open the opening fight on a four. Fight telecast this is a unified champion opening fighting a four or five telecasts in a fight that he's an underdog guest a complete a no. You don't see that I can pretty much guess because the money I don't see any other reason it's it's pretty crazy for me too. I watched this man. I mean I called his fight. I think he's very impressive. He's a pound for pound or I think and and a unified champion. And if all you like to get to this position why are you gonNA fight a guy like me? It just doesn't make sense unless you're getting paid the big bucks so I mean it. It has a potential to be a great fight for sure and if Roman lose I if you'll think back I mean when despite was I made one of the first things that came to mind was celtics decision to go back to one forty seven and defend his title against Earl Spencer. You didn't have to do that. Is coming off a fight against Google off and he could have stayed said. Look I'm going to go to fifty four. I don't want to fight this young lion that not a lot of people know about and it's just basically coming to the UK to kind of use my name to make some money and win a belt. I think Would have been better off in his career. Sergio if he had just passed on the belt because he broke his face again in that fight. I mean that was that was a career damaging fight for that was. That's why matchmaking his key as a fighter you have to pick the right fight because one fight can damage you that much. You only have a certain. A fighter only has a certain amount of fights in them. You know we have mileage and and and and I just think that was wrong fight I mean colosseum was a huge that was just a mistake and even polly. Manasi touched on it. You know th th the weights exist for a reason. That wasn't a fair fight. The Gulf can fight aerospace was a fair fight but by that time he was damaged damaged already or an intern. Shrink himself back down to awake last exactly and and that that's never a good thing. Let me finish with what we saw. Last weekend Danny Garcia one. Whatever I we you know Garcia. That was kind of just a throwaway sort of fight for him. I was more just to see what jared heard. Look like you know. In his first fight. Since losing his titles Jay Rock Williams. He made the decision to change trains going away from his longtime trainer signing on with cake aroma who's a terrific trainer out of the amateur ranks. There's a lot of good work with the USA. Boxing folks I your thoughts on herds performance and I my thoughts on the trainers how much I dislike. Trainer CHANGES YOU. Besley and especially when it happens when a fighter. I loses every single. That's a sign of hate. Say this word mental weakness by a fighter where you have to blame somebody for your first loss in your career. When it's that man that trainer that got you to the Promised Land. Gotcha the world title. Gotcha the big money. Got You in front of everything you've ever dreamed of. And then the first hiccup you have professional you fire the man that help you get there. That's a that's A. That's a flaw in character but heard I really respect him? I like him personally. I think he's great for the sport. He has charisma. But he's not a boxer the only success he had in his fight he finally started hurt him when he finally became who he was. And the pressure fighter going inside getting hit but that's will make he's like Paul Williams. That's exactly what he is. He's in order to be effective in order to be a aggressive and effective aggressive. Is He needs to get hit. He can't be a defensive guy and say at the at the end of Jab and uses the advantages. It's just not his style. He's nine and be successful. He doesn't have the head movement the footwork and the defense to do that. He's an aggressive active volume punch. And that's how we get the stoppages and that's how he finally was successful. In his last watching that fight it was it felt like a sparring session it felt it was a sparring session and it was a small a smaller sparring partner as well. Yeah he's a lot. Santana showed heart going in there banging with them a little bit but I just I couldn't figure out. Is this going to be the way jarod hurt fights for the rest of his career? Because I don't think it's going to be all that effect I agree with you. I think the way he fought you know the fights prior to this Arizona Law and that was one of the was that the fight of the year or one of the fights the year in two thousand eighteen. I fought on the UNDERCARD. What two thousand eighteen. Yeah that was my last week. I fought on that occurred online. I just interject myself in my career. One time this podcast just to remember. Call it. Yes I thought on that undercard. And that was the fight of your. Yeah I mean great fight. And that's like bad. Hurt him like that. Guy's a star like that guy is a potential star in the making and I seeing him fight. That way like can't change his stripes. He can't change his stripes cake. Romo Watson to change him and he'll be able to do it for half a fight but he's not GonNa do it for twelve rounds. It's GonNa Happen. I tweeted Jay Z line. And that's exactly what what jared hurt. Is You do what you got. You got you there. You know you are who you are before you got before you got here. So he's not going to change. You can try to adapt to a new game. Plan stick to the strategy but ultimately character wins and his character is aggression. Yeah well temperament win that. That's the word I'm looking for. His temperament needs to come out. I think to peace faced with somebody that is at a higher level and Santana. You're going to see kind of the old jared comeback because it's one thing to try different things on an opponent that can't hurt you. It's another thing when there's a guy in there that's close to or equal of your talent you down to your opponents level definitely. I mean you need. You need that screws up though like if you're trying to change a guy in the way that K. Looks like he's trying to change him kind of in mid career. That doesn't work off. Like I'll use an example. I remember when Miguel cotto jumped over to Emanuel steward that didn't work like Emanuel Steward tried to incorporate some of his teachings intimate Koto Miguel was already such a formed fighter that it just didn't work. They broke up after a couple of fights. Beguel went to Freddie Roach afraid. He's like Miguel. You're going to do what you do. I'm just going to be kind of a strategy for you. Maybe tweak a couple of things this seems like watching jared heard. It seems like we're seeing almost attempt at a reinvention of what kind of fire is I don't know that's that's good for him. It not this if he was twenty one or twenty two maybe but at this stage of his career when he's been as successful as he has aged twenty nine. I don't I don't see it working out if he if he tries to fight this against top level guys. I think he's trying to extend his career. I think he's trying to say so. Mileage in the tank because all his fights have been very physical. And you'RE NOT GONNA. You're not going to last very long even if you win fights and not physical so if he can actually just be defensive for half fight and fight the later the second half of the fight you know normal physical self that right there could save them some time and and some some physical strain. I guess but I don't see him doing it. For for the entire fight in boxing guys and being slick and using his advantages. I don't think I do like about the division is that you have the potential to have like eighteen months where the great fights. Jason Rosario bursting onto the scene and knocking out Jay Rock Williams and hurts back at one fifty. How enough to see Rosary on heard because there are two huge junior middleweight? Yeah yeah that was back when I want see McGee and that would be. That will be a great fight. I think they'll do a rematch with Jay Rock. Maybe heard fights Charles. Oh that's a big fight Tony Harrison. Getting back into the mix. I can see picture come over to because it's not a lot for him on the golden boy side of the aisle at. He's not such a huge draw that they want to keep him there so eventually he might join the mixed. It'd be a lot of fun at one hundred fifty four pounds Before we go is a boxing podcast but someone that grew up in L. A. Round the same age as Kobe Bryant. I know that strongly affected you his passing just this past week. Just give me your thoughts on some of the grew up in the area what Kobe meant and how that affected you well. I'm glad that I was able to use. Drop on on your interview with With Ryan Ruko earlier because I think he put it in perfect words. I mean worth. I couldn't even think of how much he meant and Rubio's a New Yorker I mean I'm from L. A. Born and raised I mean he he stayed loyal to La for twenty years which is a rarity in any sport so it showed his loyalty. I mean Kobe. Bryant's work ethic his his mentality I mean a lot of a lot of Mexican Mexican Americans Latinos. I mean there's not that many Latinos in basketball well. We related to Kobe. Brian we really did we with a passion and I was there for the Laker parades and and it was majority young Latino Kids and looking up to this this This star is just way carried. Himself is is is very. I mean my brother my brother Peter a younger brother. He's as tough as they may come in and he every time he sees Kobe and they're talking about him he tears up and watching. My brother Thira makes me tear up and I'm about to run out so I just rather stopped all right. Well we'll send a no it's Some that's felt across sports not just boxing basketball but football everywhere. He saw mainstream news coverage. So thank you for putting that perspective when we come back my conversation Dimitrius Andrea Art. So we talk about physical fitness a lot. But there's another side to the game that's just as important. 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Better get started at Com dot com slash sports forty that's COM DOT com slash. Sports forty are two meters android. Is here middleweight champion. He's got to fight this Thursday against Luquillo defending his title as it looks to bigger fights into twenty twenty. What's up to matrix during salary feeling about this fight? I know it's not what you wanted. You wanted a bigger fight but here you are getting ready to defend your belt against Luquillo. Then today Mac of find another to do in climbing a the people's you know skin if you like no you don't and if you don't know now you know so that's why now is. The most important thing is to get everybody to see that. The media's Andrea is being active. He's out here. Vocal about fighting is and WANNA do it. Any which way when you won your title. Did you think it was going to immediately? Open the door for bigger fights. Yes for sure you know. I mean Machu Mattie Hind. They wanted me to have to tune up. Fights or mentioned having the tuna fight can coming offline. Oh two months maybe less to show. Kimiko can't go back. Go back that far right now. I was. I've been doing this for a long time. Billie Joe no problem. Those go sma habit was the was the we we need to know for me. They are you the habit I don't at this time and I'm not going to waste any more time. I know where you've got to get there so just go straight to the goat. How would you describe your two thousand? Nineteen defending your belt. A couple of times. You didn't get that big fight you've been chasing. How would you describe what it was It was good great year. Actually you know on everything we we did to turn everything around to be where it's at right now was because of last year Renault. Guibert of Reno. Some lucent made some good decisions from past decisions in now here Super Bowl weekend. Pungent off what are some of those good decisions those loose ends that you're talking about You know just stub things. I can't talk about you know unfortunately but just know like I'm here. The team is good and everybody around me is doing everything to make better and you know match them doing a great job as far as you know moving me and put me in the cities in the states. That need to be so people can see great box. You signed a four fight extension with match room last week. Why did you decide to continue this relationship with match room? With any hunt. Dwells is it for me to go as far as like that makes lucrative sense and make sense as far as getting fights and know what type of again you know. Who's going to change my life when I step into the ring versus. Migo on showtime top rank. What are you going to do and how much money they're going to put up for me to just fight L'Aquila's if that's the case. So I mean I think disown does have a great deal of interest in me being here especially with the world title match of course as well. Because they don't want to lose a guy that has a built and bring it over to you know showtime in the child and now is just you know? It's not as many people over at a showtime in the military division showtime which got the Sixty Eight. That's really high up there but You know right now. I think the sixty and sixty in his own is still doing it. Because I get you know still cross the international market when you talk about Billy Jo scientists You know Mongia and stuff like that versus you. Know who else is over there you've been avoided fighting for a long time but now not only have a world title but you have the money behind you. Eddie hearn behind you the reward for you is worth the risk. Why do you think guys are still avoiding? You mean seems like my last pony. Thought that they're willing to get in there. Then the day in the most popular guy out there and play in the Hog. You this guy out there saying you know guide as in the APLOMB beneath the they not at my level. But they're in their prime. They're hungry they're trying to make it happen. You know And so therefore I'm not fighting rocky filled in and in Lima Smith. Say at this point right now. I'm fighting leukemia tough gate. You know I don't you know it's tough game. He beat Lewis Areas Water. Tough Kid Art. Those tough kid. Who for on Billy Joe Saunders gave him how and So lucky gave Jacobs how for twelve rount in. Look what I did in that case but at the end of the day those those guys that I mentioned WanNa continue and take the chances in the wrist to become a world champion. So they're going to say yes before Cannella because here they have just signed a great deal in to China to protect investment. I believe wet end of the day is like you sign for something already. You losing a fight. Dmitri's who never heard you because you can do if you're that good and you're that type of person has that following behind you're still going to be able to go and fight somebody else can no loss against Floyd Mayweather. You still doing his thing you know. I mean so I don't see where is the problem is a win win regardless when Lewis a Georgia win win for everybody but Charles Fight. Why do you think fight hasn't happened? Could control myself in what I can lay on the table for what I can do being here with zone. You know in doing the deals matchroom now. Yeah he could have wet. We're showtime at the end of the day making that fight to go over the assignment showtime for you know maybe modify Dale just for one person didn't really make sense when that person child brothers however they got their promotional company. They can come here for one fight and if in a and then what? I'm hearing is this Eddie or zone is willing to give him a multi fight deal on top of that because they claim they own Omotoso. I mean the in court is point. So you could've gone over to showtime I mean. That was the only the only reason to actually go over here. That's it is to get that fight. But I think if they I want to fight this this reason for me to have to go over there for that for you when they say they have the opportunity and they can come over here. But that being said if showtime gives me that offer or gives me that type of offer I'm allowed to go over there and go make that happen and still come back to his own so is for us to go and he said you absolutely can go over to showtime or Fox if they bring that kind of might say so if that's what they weren't willing to do then let's do it so I'm just saying back doing I'm doing you know Capitalizing on these moments here super bowl weekend getting the fans behind me and let them understand that. Like the Canal de but Dmitri Style speaking of style. Is this the kind of fighter you can look good against Keillor? You had a good win over Lewis areas. But you're going to be on a totally different level than anybody who's used to going in and take one round at a time said you know I mean I don't know until I get in the ring with him. You know. Testing scene was capabilities are and what they're not in what? I'm going to be looking forward to hit him with some some hot shots. I am looking at it. Though you know vicious shots like I always always am and Just put on the show man you know I mean people always say now. You know somebody not knock. I was not cool. It was cool out early but Chris Jab in your face onate in picking somebody pie and beat them down. They remember that they're going to remember that. The person the fighter Luquillo is gonNA remember that beaten. You'll remember like I did. Do you think is more to gain though with a big knockout than beating up a guy for twelve rounds? I mean that Guida remembers as always say Dmitri? It's an injury is great. He's always gonNA make. He's going to be like that guy he's GonNa always continue to say. Yeah for Dmitri. He's a bad boy. Bad boy now guy hit with a lucky shot. You know You know he caught me. Slipping caught me cold. You know now. He beat me down and he got he got it. Can you look good and really be impressive? In a fight that goes the distance. Yeah did that play times again. Brian Rose against I did. I did against Willie Nelson. He no doubt I didn't get founded is on but how's the to-to-to fight me event as US Celeski. He's crafty guy. Go back wars to fight. He's crafty guy he was. He was always moving. He was in the stationary target. Who So lucky. That was the one I thought that you could have finished him. And it would've been a big deal if you finish. That was after that first round a lot of people wanted to knock out. Yeah but you know. He's still crafty. Only I know that you don't I know if a guy is really hurt or not versus somebody else. Because I'm in new somebody I can feel it. I can see I can see going on on the outside and might look one way by an inside. You know there's a lot of guys that got put down and got back up and I'm running after him and then next thing you know I'm put down happened with social more. Dan Jacobs Andrea Bertone. What he's it's not happening with Dimitris. Injury. So I'm going to work the way in master it and if I feel I can get them about it. Get him about is just the crappy enough and have the experience survive to making one sixty. Still Good for you. Oh yeah me I mean. Cheese pizzas donuts off from hopefuls cheese pizzas and donuts at whole foods vegan style. It's definitely not a building into a more. Do you feel more. Like a middleweight. Now this is your fourth straight fight at that way but yeah it was laid off Ho. Yeah actually it was. My last one. I think was how told were and I for him in October. That was my year layoff and so I did. I did what I can to build into it in on but you actually have to fight taxi. Really get the feel of things and take time and I think the three five Senate had. I'm definitely signed a one sixty. When you sign the deal with Eddie. What did he tell you? But what kind of fights he can get. You know we just put names and numbers and if something doesn't happen and you know something you think Charlotte Waiting I can't get too much into you my contract but what does that tell you about? Charlotte? Now I haven't personally talked to him about it. You know I mean if he if it happens in Israel result comes to be what is supposed to be then mono I mean he has said it. He's daylight one minute Patriots Dimitrius. Oh He's not worthy. He's not willing to fight. And then next if I have to fight Dmitri. It's to get away with this guy or if you could be so. I mean they don't know what they WANNA do. Do you like that fight. I mean either one of them either one. Just both of them be blockbusters to my our like engagement with each other conflict. You know what I'm saying. Either one of them you know. I both of them. Law Lord Tug. Lash it back in the days in Ohio. He beat me up in other stuff. You know I mean that's one fifty four Javard. He had come. He got come up to one sixty eventually. You know so I mean I mean. I'm here well to meet you. Think a lot of people want to see you in big fights in two thousand twenty test yourself against the best. Good luck on Saturday and hope you get those big fights at some point this year for sure man in they keep me active and keep flame is going to be more trouble for them. 'cause man I'm coming just coming into my own more everytime getting into rain so thank you.

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