Border Wars 6: September 12-15 When Will The Ducking Stop


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Get to old navy's best of summer sale now for the best summer styles at the best prices, get two dollar flipflops four dollar tanks six dollars TS and eight dollar dresses insurance. For the whole family summer, styles are just two four six eight bucks to dollar flipflops Ford. Tanks, six dollar tease at ain't dollar. Dresses in shorts. Can't wait to wear it by online and pick up in store for free in soon at old navy and old navy dot com. Valid six ten to six eighteen excludes gift cards today, only in two day only deals store clearance, register lane items, and jewelry, and see how his experienced was first time in a ring. First time competing in a boxing match. And now we'll be receiving his new boxing chair. He just finally gave us the address where they acts with the address. So he should be receiving that shift from the WBZ shutout to marisha Soula on being a man of his word. But Mike man, Michael gross, what's up? Do you consider yourself a fighter? Now I'm not really under the guy who will try them sit down. Get adverse a decision but it is what it is. Yeah. Man. I'm excited to get that journalists and to see how it looks the fifty. I how rose about take it to the gym tests that out, but Yemen bought award with, with what was fun. I thought I had I had to get time auto vice where entertaining everybody seemed to like show up in and gave their best effort. Yet man had a good dinner at the border war, so yeah, had had a great time in New Jersey that we can had a epic laugh. I chat like a hit two hundred thousand views though keeps climbing. Then it keeps climbing. I'm I'm hoping to replicate that I was hoping we could push board awards for July twenty of just so we could do it again for pack out, Thurman. I think that's a fight that will give us a good immediate reaction. When Thurman knocks out pack Yao, that's going to be huge. But. We've decided on canal, oh, and whoever he's gonna fight around Mexican independence day. I believe, but let's talk new players. I have been told that Eddie. Bowl Rasa will be, you know, he's, he's going to be joining Boorda wars. He's someone that you're not familiar with. But he's a friend of Robert Ortiz longtime ago, many years ago. He was our laws Vegas. Correspondent. And he's been a patriot for quite some time. And you know he. Dabbled in boxing. He loves it. But like many. Andy release sparked the true underdog story and he gave our very own. Mexican Eddie Nevada's either Grasser aka or translated to win, English as a grease the inspiration needed to get into ring because once upon a time, he signed up for Boorda wars. I do have to say this once upon a time he signed up any backed out, so you know, he, he was a guy that is in a heavyweight division, and he didn't want to lose the ways like you know what this ain't for me, the training that it took to get prepared for border wars. But at this point, he's ready to try again. And he's reinvigorated. I mean Andy Ruiz has him motivated. And you know, he's he he wants the spite. How old is he? It was very grand guy. They rains much ways. Not quite sure, but he ways he weighs two hundred and eighty five pounds. Okay. He's a heavyweight. Tally. I'm Texan now, I've, sparred them though, I think he's got skill. I'll call him to go you. He's sparring, I'm taller than everybody. I want to say he's in between five eight two six feet. That's all I can give you. I'm you know what I mean? You know what I mean? It's, it's not. They fix then that's for you to I'm just saying, I don't know. I don't know. How big is I really don't. But. What could I say? I mean. We got heavyweights his size. You know, let's say he's five eight to five ten we got Joseph, we got some theatrical, we got more phone go. Good. Good for windows already found with Joseph is already good. He's good to go. He's got the he's got the, you know, Santiago fight to worry about. I think that's a good test your feet fight. With Marvin going do Marvin as Marlins heavyweight, or these doing and Dan way. Yeah. Marvin wants to fight Gus. He chose gusts. The gusts wanna fight gusts will fight anyone and he's accepted his challenge. Yes. Oh, but. But. Right. But, but, but, but Mike. Um. Eddie bull Gaza he called out. Got them. Sam what's going on? Because he, he, he, he was inspired by Andy Ruiz's. So he doesn't want a Joseph fight or Santiago fight. He said, I'm the Andrew is aboard wars. I want a shot at the top. Now, he's been in there with me, so he's not going straight for me. But he called out who's he called out crews, he called out Marvin. He called out more phone go. He said, give me Marvin. Let me read this text to you bro because this doors. But he's bad as that's why getting shine. He says, look. He goes, he said, Marvin, the modern fight makes my, my mouth Salvi. If he takes the fight, then make it if not, I'll take crews if I'm too heavy. For crews, give me more fungal. I saw the gusts fight. This last Boorda. Was it does nothing for me too easy? So this is a guy that wants to challenge himself. Don't you dead disrespect this man, because he wants to be the Mikey Garcia because we, we didn't know what? Mike do Earl we thought he would get knocked out. He didn't get knocked out. He impressed, some and, and many believe so don't take away. This guy's moment. He thinks he could take out Marvin. He wants to know he wants to know heavy way to make a name for himself. Meanwhile, the to know heavyweight, he rather fight someone this coming off the law. Us. And that's why the title of this show is called boardwalk, six when little duck and stop who more wanna fight. He wanna fight Gus coming off a loss. I mean who, who goes fight them, if negative? No, you, you tell me you tell me shit go, while the should well defying while defy Joe Washington next coming off as well. Good, fight guy ball, Greece. His name you. Well, Bala Greece feels gusting all his level he wants to impress you. He doesn't want to own one fighter. He wants to in old fighter. Negative five eight two two eightieth shit. The he got me. So you treat them dislike Andy Ruis more reason from and that's what he wants. Listen. Might be Mikey was than Earl bra. And you believe Mikey not you. But the public, the public believe Mikey, Mikey was smaller Earl what's the difference? You you've been in rain when we're both guys already said it in a chat. I'm doing it for T V. I ain't doing it for the show. Eddie is better than gusts. Okay. I say I said it. I said it in a chat. How much bidder? Fern gully says, hey Ness. What do you think? I think anyone who applies for the season aboard awards highest to submit sporran sparring footage before being absolutely firm. We've always done. That believe me. We got spun footage of Lauren, you know, is there if you need it like I'm never gonna match make bad. And I just got the tail of the take from Eddie. He's thirty two and he's five seven. Five seven the ball coming at you. Yeah. He's definitely small. Hey, man. I mean. Now. How tall is released though. By sixty but base eighty six two so listen, we ain't the pros and I'm not AJ ice seven, I ain't fury six nine ain't wildest. So. Like five seven is is the six feet of the pros. You know what I'm saying just say, I don't know all I'm saying is. A call them people out man of the people call, it people out, like who, who do you respect? Do you respect the do fight coming off the loss? We'll get into rain. Oh, you take take you fight as a boxes shoes of you. Gotta put your your now say hat on by now. You say to breath competitor, now man. Man, what can I say man be competing nowadays? In Robin within come you ready? Eddie is listening. He's at work. He's on west coast time, Las Vegas do like I told you and the beauty of Eddie is this if Eddie stays motivated is my belief the he will attract Robert Ortiz from escape the fate that's his best friend and Eddie like me. I wonder if he's Gemena asset Eddie, because he gave Robertson shit like bro. Like, what are you afraid of, you know what I'm saying like get in there and challenge yourself? And I think it's you know there's a strong possibility that. If Eddie participates Robert will be forced to in a way, you know, his friends and family are going to be looking at him. My bro. You always spa at a you owe as talk about how you can be Eddie. Meanwhile, you're going to go let any do competition alone, your best friend. I want to that my motivation. Kicking kicking the rain within a seat. To get back in shape. Sin Eddie going to the gym CC. Eddie train might might be a little motivate. Those guys are better friends. So I'm pretty sure they'll talk maybe couple of time the leak so. Yeah. Man. If you hear Eddie, no saying, really, really technical, maybe Robert Wilton, and listen. Robert can make it find though. Rob. Let me tell you. It's my belief that Robert Ortiz could be one of the best fight as on Boorda was it? I think him and Anthony Edwards is a super fight. They both. They look like. Mirror images of each other. Except Robert has tola Robert is one eighty five at six to Anthony is what five eight maybe five Hicks, Anthony. May not think he's six feet. My met five ten five eleven man, you crazy. You see, I got pictures, actually I'm a screen share some pictures right now. I got one to screen shit. And this if I could find it if his hit you up there it is. Oh, doesn't let me do that. Okay. No, that's because I'm John and do video my bad. So I gotta do this. And now this is bull. They get ASA Eddy. Nevada's, right. In the meantime, I'm gonna go find you pictures of both cruise Edwards, and Sal. All side by side. Yo ain't me. I'll tell you end the until you listen. I'll tell them. Yeah. But isn't that up to an because don't gotta take the fight? It wasn't cold down. Saying you say, like five eight five six oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, I, I don't think he's that saw Bo. Check them by five ten Hannah chat listening. Let's see what he say. Let's see what he say. So that is both good Assa. That's who Marvin doesn't want any parts of. But, I guess, crews and my phone go have put in the border wars chat, that they put at nine seventeen they put the day would both accepted so crew said, give me ASA and then mongo said, yeah, I'll take it. If Cruz doesn't want it. So eddie. You gotta fight Chan. You gotta fight. He'll Mepham go was last on his list. So I'm assuming he's gonna want that cruise fight. We gotta see if Cruz wants that. I mean like I said he did say he wants it now, this is crews, Sal, Anthony Edwards, side-by-side Mike. So this is the hundred and eighty five pound division, right here. And obviously cruisers one eighty five at this fight and Bala, Gaza would be having a to then Joan cruise. But it's also given cruise the opportunity to gain weight, he used to be heavyweight. Obviously one eighty five is a healthier way for him. So again, I said, it's not a duck for cruise. He has options and he has the option that every fighter should get which is to rebuild, you know, rebuild, if, if you have the promoter that can help you rebuild rebuild no need for crews to take a tough fight on his way back. Right. Like I said, man, I wouldn't put area. A. Cruise is going to be a tough anybody. Cruise is like one of those guys that just made for no matter who's he's in with them. Sometimes I thank crews, maybe Feist it a level of competition. Let's say you just bought a house. Bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll proudly mow the lawn and give anybody noticed you the lawn till people to stay off the lawn. 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I can't say that because it was kind of like the saying, not the same guy, but maybe Jose just thing crews, do you think crews in his coach coach Midi, who if you look at many he relies on speed and activity. Do you think that they will look at that fight with strategically and say cruise, you know, a lighter man, maybe you can put in more shots on both sides? But other glasses. Listen and he says he starting camps in Morrow perfect, whichever one of them wanna take it take it. Mean but crews ain't being over two hundred his laughter looks like Anthony Edwards recorded himself at five nine. Okay, I'm about to go. So you know this guy is right there with them, but that's one division. And air five nine in chat yesterday. He said he's moving up the cruiserweight after he takes the belts in his next. Who I what? Thank you by here. Oh. Because you would've took him out. You would think. Everything and you six three six two three. So you thought you had a high advantage and rejoin our I would have fun with this shit right here, man. I'm just saying, but you can't you can't forget to factor in his Jila. I know you was a ball player. So I'm assuming you assuming you had good agility to but. Fight by fight is showing. Right. And I know he is just showing why. That was explosive in the clinch that, right? Dish showed me, now, say what? Does he got to come with age money in trying to get him? Jimmy Jimmy met signed sealed. And I mean, I've been seeing h money, call in, I mean, we're going to get him on. I know Kareem Esam shit to say. Let's let's, let's take it to the streets, and gets from the public came talk to me. Okay. Again. Would would is a border wars, man. I'm I'm good online, NASA. You'll fight was was great. But that's the best I've seen you look on border awards man. Super patient. You look, you look, you look, good man on that shit was funny earlier. Now all of a sudden. Dive. Now, look good look good. Very, very patient. You know what I'm saying? It wasn't because I noticed a Gus was a little kind of little bit wild. So I thought she was trying to maybe would have went in for the kill little earlier. But you, you stayed back you a patient don't eat through the big shots when they were open in the it was a real good five for you might you though. But had you losing that fight to one, I think wasn't into the third round to when you finally found a rhythm and you picked it up and you digital thing that they're around. So I'm excited to see that rematch though. Because if you can pick up where you left off in that third row be a different story. I think you can take the victory. Midi Powell number one. If he's not pile for pound number one. Then, then both from Bemba's is just crazy. Because Midi I think it real. But look, I think he keeps Midi off the list, because media's semi pro you know he's. Well, he's white collar boxing, but wasn't JD a pro a former pro very true. Very true and may end like Joe JD look I mean isn't he looked like a very skilled boxer. He was very good. I think his main problem was he just did. Let his hands go. I don't know what he was really trying to do. Codes media Midi was letting them shits go pack. He was letting them bitches go fast hands accurate. I mean he was letting them bitches go. And he was I had I had them in a shutout three. Oh, let me JD obviously show, you can just see, by the way, he boxes way, Pasha's themselves the way he moves that he was a pro. He's got skill. I just don't know why he went out there and look, I don't know. It was it was weird. Man. He just wasn't. I don't think I don't know. I guess he wasn't ready for media. What the case was. But he just kinda didn't we let his hands go too much. I don't know. Man, I had to shut out, though for many. He looks really really, really good. I and I saw the footage on voter will on a patriot. I mean when he was sparring style, because I remember watching south and I thought sil- looked like he could be an amateur. So he looked very good. And when he was boxing his media. I mean he was getting stub rose radios down. He's. That's it was crazy. I remember watching like what the fuck like. So let's say, hey, is going. He's he like broad. That's appropriate. Did I'm like. East next level, I don't I don't think anybody really should be calling them in now. Marlin seems man Marlins. Sims got a call out many, we need a protocol, how many Midi one son Marlin. Martin seems chip. We got nice. Need to get a pro a real pro familiar. On that level, we need someone is taking a serious as many because many as train him and Midi transfer real bright. He go via. But that's what he want. My endless mini got a team. He ain't gonna take no fight that don't you know what I mean? He wants to challenge so being on get hurt. And we don't know. I'm just trying to like more fan. Real pros didn't they do for a living? Mamiit like medical, dude. Shift for a live. Word is back. No counter man. If found. Serious talks. And you can't beat no UK guy on don't put them in with Marlon. But he early seven in what a bell in the UK. So you say he does like Columbine. Just wanna Bill any pick him up there. You know, many Mike Berger. Oh my wow. To say is that with to this shit when they can get put meeting here? But he just he just showed the he's on another level. We don't do this shit for a living, Jay. He he was under estimating media, the whole term. Her. With us. Guy who does this for a living, and it's going to get in there and take these seriously. I don't want to get hurt breath. What I'm saying, but first of all, I ain't nobody going hurt. Nobody we got a referee and a good referee shout out of doing that. You know what I'm saying they want. I don't I don't think many will go out there and get hurt. Really? I don't believe that. But could he? I think he won't eat pros. Right. And they get serious on your. I'm just saying it was gang bra you. Right. And just because you a parole on a piece of paper doesn't make you good. I could not answer that. I never pros was using this. Spurs pros amateurs, I spoil all pros five or no one in. No. And whatever comes through the gym, whatever my coach tells me I could spa. You write is spun, but they don't mean not embroi- like anyway. On love fuck that. I'm going to mini man. I'm going, I'm going to mini Midi whatever mean. I mean you got fans, I hit the term pro. That I know I hear I hear with Mike Strange to say, but Mike do those are no, the whole picture, right? And I appreciate you looking for me nice, but you don't have to look out for me. I'm all right. Hook off with saying that I'm on. I'm not saying I'm on the level of lake elite elite pros and all that. But you shouldn't use I definitely agree with you down never to these game. But in the program, they also level so you have, like different type of, of people at different stages of their career, and stuff like that. And in the gym, like a nice to stuff. You probably don't know where in the gym. I do. Small, we've pros that I actually getting ready for about like for my last flight. I was in camp. We've again I was going for European WBO belt. And it wanted. I was probably the way fruits of it was all right. And it was legitimate. It was legitimate. Running. I'm that does my problem. I'm old man. More dot com take the game seriously. 'cause I'm thirty six months of every time we speak to people who say all we want to put you on some things, they how old are you? Okay. Let's go to next man. You know so that. Does my problem you but I've just jump on the show? Right. So I was just I'm not right now. So I was just like trying to to listen in. So, what are we talking to? Why are we talking about the next location and border? We're trying to get aboard awards UK mini with Boorda words, clamming, let's take board awards internationally. Hey, I'm good. We've moved right? I'm telling you, if it's in the UK, I'm happy to organize and that the only problem I don't know if you didn't join the group chat, we had yesterday, right? But we have to be fair and consistent with everyone like the problem with the UK the year, we can make a make it a shiny events. But you're gonna have like a lot of people at least five six or whoever bought spitting from the US, we're going to have to be flight tickets to come here and then I mean, we can try to work things out in terms of accommodation, but, like it's still like amigo expense doesn't go into Canada? For example, with a look like it was going to be free hundred dollars or something like that. So, yeah, that that's the only blocker. But if people are happy with it. I'm I'm happy to organize in the UK man. We can make it a you gave us the US or something like that enough. Yeah. Man. So many what direction are you going? You hoping this someone signs up and gives you a challenge, or are you going to accept the? Call out of JD the rematch, I'm hoping I'm happy to do to another the Rimas we've JD because I told him that I would write. And but. It would all depend. Right. JD going to be able to come back to jersey CT so soon if he can make it great if we come then happy to anyone really likes anyone you got for me. We've in the, the boundaries right? So I am hoping that Mike will look at me if you getting me, a killer, and it was just say, no, no. Evidently, like you know Mike, if you said that none of these levels to that game because Austin follows a year. That's my friend, right? Here we tried would kick mass easy, right? But, you know. Fright but shit. I'm just saying. That we've everyone, okay? We would on people and, and something with me, I'm not like I'm not the kind of do just like we'll do something stupid fight anyone if that guy. No, my level and is way too good for me. I will just tell you guys, you know, I found out. Go to your nemesis, who badly wants to redeem himself says he's going to take it serious this time. But now the questions out there you presented. It will he be able to make Mexican independence day success. Twelve and thirteenth is what we need from all border wars fighters off, Thursday. Gotta land early morning. We're not accepting late night flights like Anthony Edwards. We just need face videos. We need to continue to build Boorda wars in Europe, part of it. So you gotta get here in times. There's fighter commitments. Fuck. No mind. But. I'm sorry, JD. I'm sorry, this do. Marvin is gonna make me lose weight the whoop is as listen to what he's saying in the chat, I'll fight Bola. They get us. If, if more phone go fides Joseph, like, who is this guy yo-you guys need to put that energy on him? But he's like, ducking obviously, like blatantly and people space out fi, if like what the fuck JD man, what's going on redemption? Joe is damn feel yet. Yeah, he did we talked like right after, you know, go to war five. Right. And nitty say that he he'll go right back into it. So I kinda wanna own them to that. I do I really do want my get back because. Yes, I would I would just fallen guy, and I was concentrating so much on, like, like, not taking a step back. That I've been out fight nowhere. I didn't play my game plan. And it's you know, I don't wanna use no issues. I wanna go right back into the median rematch out what whatever you know, but on the outside, I got in people is like, oh, you don't even deserve rematch wasn't competitive be like they like yo you holding up. Many from Sean. And in doing this thing. But you heard career the listen way, the first round could have went either way, y'all Carina. Kareem for Florida said it was three oh sweetie. I don't know. 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Browse I thought too many bro. Campaign, you wanted that you case scout on your Reckitt bra you let many put his on chat. Listen, the you know you know how I thought about this. They and I thought about how Sugar Ray for with what my guy from Panama. Iran. The I. Yeah, you know how you fought the first fight which wasn't his fight, then he came back. Totally. He can burn yourself to sing. Hey bigger, man. I wanted to show you what I'm saying stronger. Yeah. You know, I was seriously determined to, to show that I would small guy, but I can be the bully if I want to and for some run up. Who? Hey was like he was like pingpong in your head. Be now listen. I know that the rematch back, I know that the rematch is going to be good because you're going to work hard at this time, you, you should have did that the first time. That's what I love about Boorda wars disrespect for the game. That's what I love about this. These these as these call. They sit on the outside. I think this should have game and they get in that ring. And they suffocated in that first round. Motherfuckers don't know what to do now on your behalf. You, you ain't get them hands go because you knew them shots was coming at you like a machine gun. Are there had? What? What then? They wouldn't even have I was just more. I was more frustrated. I couldn't get to them on the fuck in the first round. You got spunk. You would know what works for you before hand. You know, getting on the side, you got a letter. I was barring them either. Golly, the fucking green giant. I wouldn't know you wouldn't know might you would've known range and leverage, man, you would have known you known. That's what people don't count for. That's what they on account for that range of you gotta you gotta new. Yeah. I think too much. No, no, no, no. But JD I look, I will sanction it because Midi wanted Commissioner. Grizz, but I'm gonna make sure to have EMT all hand. Oh my God. My girl said I said, yo Bank Gilgal fight, and she's like, what I said, do she said. Only lay should be fighting. Out. That comeback. Would you. I don't think he did no no training because it was evident. He he did not. He was falling over on Phoebe was so tired. So if he actually trained and I, you know, maybe we can get a different story out of, you know. Listen. I'm being hard on guilt because he going to train with us sea-going turn into a jersey boy. So we're going get him, right? Anybody y'all Santiago come here he wins? I fight Zack from Canada. Come over here, he'll winners. I fight I'm I'm promising that shit. I'm like Antonio Tarver right now, begging to train AJ, I'm telling you, I got and I got the tutelage Mike start doing good when he listened to now. Boom Ness, bottom line, you know what I'm saying ninety nine fighters. Listen to me yelling and that ring, and they do better because I could see a better and you know what's funny because fighters say you'll you always could see from the outside. But then when you get on the inside the total different story, but budget my bad. Now gonna say real talk. If admitting say he can make it happen and September. Hey, just a matter of matching data whenever nine dates. Data set, we need you to come in at twelve and thirteen. You can leave when you want, but I suggest leaving on the fifteenth coming back to the house being the same guy in a red hat getting all the popularity you know, everybody doesn't know if they having correlated JD. He's the guy in the red hat you might know him better as the guy in the red hat. That's how the common section has them on the immediate reaction show for AJ Ruis. But he was the intelligent one from the very beginning picking and obviously we were the ones laughing at him. Could not do it. But JD is the same guy in the red hat, who you think has a great boxing, brain. So you know you know they didn't know that. Yeah. Well, it did make it happen, man. I didn't want that rematch. That won't be sick, timber twelve and thirteen face. I'm their show some data. I'm Ryan with your game. I can't ride cadence. Guy show something I listen to me, man coach Midi just bidding coach mini just put in a chat that you not in. 'cause you got a bum as droid. He said, I will be there dot dot dot jersey is easy for me. Just. Said jersey is not for me. Right. I know I know usually there's shit, but not not it's on man. If if it do I'm Joe men, JD, do you have any novice hundred and eighty five pounds? You could bring because we need a new fight for Matt, it looks like Danny isn't gonna know whether or not he could give the rematch until we know where exactly Cannella will be Jimmy won't smoke. Jemmy. Hundred eighty five any friends under the ninety five keep us posted. If you're not looking into Chad. Jimmy win ace side on us man. He's AJ now. He's like talk to my promoter. Look in the chat, he's like, yo Gill contact my promoter. Talk to my Joe. He's, he's Eisai is look. Look, sometimes you need h money, Eddie Hearn the talks because guess what? I won't lie. I didn't see the value in Jimmy like and what I mean by that is I needed h money to make me realize, yo. He's Mexican he's the Mikey Garcia of Boorda wars. He could be so much more. And it's true. He got this style. Everybody's talking about the Jimmy Gill fight. They talk about else, you know, occasionally, they talk about me, and you, but they talk about Jimmy Gill and how in the train, so they stole the show. And, you know, he does have the possibility chameleon was found go with at the that turns out to be a hell of a fine, my opinion. The finally unite helluva fight of a fight how we also got fern gully possibility coming back. He's gotta get going. Really? Laura though, no firm gunny in Lawrence Lawrence been calling out firm for two seasons. You know, fern you know, he was in available for board awards and Texas on, on, on by the righty want that workman yet furnace pound for pound number one back in the gym furnace back in the gym. It's all about vacation days for him. Now. He did a fucking box kind of lifestyle. He does live the boxes lifestyle. He spars weekly constantly regularly. He's the only do the wind into his first fight with over two hundred rounds respond. So for him it ain't nothing. Another day to do another damaging the probably mcelwain doing three minutes. The only difference for. Well, many, many says furnace, not pound for pound. But according to the last pound for pound rankings. He was number one. Unfortunately they respected the way that he knocked out. Kevin koala from Texas New rankings out Bo. Bo. Let you know the rankings coming out win tomorrow. Tomorrow or Saturday. Rankings. We'll be out Mideast argument is that he only fought one time. Is before him and should be number one. Why is getting all this? Like, first of all didn't get a stoppage his shit went the distance. You feel me. I got a stoppage. And I'm consistent each biggest trying to say I'm on Roy's now when each I'm not gonna do down like I'm the only one the reason. Ain't gonna start getting out of the praise. We've seen crews yet because crews got this already cruise. Fucking a casual now. So we, we know Cruz got pedigree ain't never been down. Never been dropped. Have you ever been hurt? Got dropped. I'm saying crews has ever been hurt. Crews have been hurt. I may you leave it to Jose. He, he never been rob backroom back cruise up. And then when Linda, they're punching and we give everybody in the jail. Uh-huh. Amazing. Damn he real. He heard from river Kadam. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's rocketed the fucking around with Endicott. He the, the way back to that corner was not good that many in between he, he got his, his back on my guy, you'll midday smitty, yo Miniya's like the fuck and of the of the of the of the pussies bre, he's talking about ain't getting dropped his urban legend what the fuck you gave them. Eight count me. He's he did the many pag gallon pounded his fist. You mean the second knockdown when he got sent through the fucking ropes was urban legend yet cause you ain't count, that one like you ain't count, or like Kevin Cunningham, count, my second knockdown that, you know what I'm saying? I'll feel like contacting Kevin I was watching this story on, on my damn. I wonder if he'll let us do it again. I mean he, he would I on. I don't know. Mentors pair that are wholly who's down there. Yeah. Vaga exactly if he ain't training them girl from near mining for this ship. Maybe listening. That is border wars. I wanna see you. I want you to. I'm going to gather here getting this shape, and who? Pain big enough for you and I do doesn't pay. I seen Fred the other day say he ran five miles up the mountain in Kelly. I wanted to tag him I actually commented, but I don't think I put Boorda was, what did put board awards for is fire him. Who always in Chad? But today he ain't did. Meanwhile, he always on Instagram punching bag and doing speed bayside. You're wes. The Harlem gro charter disappeared. And I'm ducking him to chant. That's, that's marvelous mainly van. Right. We weren't to have heavyweight main been will be the main. Minnie's Wayne a pussy facts. Whoa. You know him hit him in meetings. Because he may mid east French heavyweight by plane ticket and then have to cancel Wayne pool. The I got a ribbon Gery in a week before the fight actually three days before the fight say that Dr Clint him. What was that? What that Wayne? But I mean is like this? I wanna see you in there one of these YouTube. One of the. Another ability to be profiling, man. But one day, one day awards gotta get bigger gotta get bigger. So, you know it ain't that they don't want to just got to be worth it like Logan, Poland in chaos. I was hit fighting each other. You know they fought each other when they may sends just like may whether impact cow and, you know, AJ wilder would fight each other when it makes sense to then. Listen. I'm Jay right now in the sense that, I mean that by this one sentence is better for me. I'm just getting better, the more, they let me fight the more I get the train the more. Comfortable I get in an EMMY. Unlike others, you know, that will always have that duck, gene. They always go ahead. Doug, jane. Let me go out h money man in new promote on the scene. He's one forty though. I think I gotta fight for you wage woulda. Oh, I get you, you, right. You right you, right. They'll say you fight disrespectful spots. Your. Like a fish. Base. The day. Lenny money, money team. Hey yo was going on it show. Boy, H money Mr. zone. The box of two thousand nineteen rickety year and this, you know, I just got to talk about my father right now, this, this guy is amazing. And I got breaking news for everybody has accepted. The rematch Ness is fischel that fight was so entertaining. The people want to see it again. And you know me I'm the people's champ. We going to do it again for the people. I wanna thank Gill for accepting the rematch. I would like to compare that fights up so Arturo Gatti versus me. Oh, this is Julie. Hey calendar. What's my morning like Julie's about to have a long day? Ten purchase birthday card. Nine go five try cleaning. Did you just go backwards on sorry? I can't fit that question into your schedule. Nine fifteen cry for days that won't end. Let schwann's help with once you can get delicious meals, like, oh, from freezer to table in minutes, not hours ordered delivered done. That's homemade easy. Visit today schwann's dot com and here is one of the most popular pieces in the gallery. The do -ality of make double its show power. Can you feel the cheese melting into the parties, creating synergy, capturing the essence of double? Guess? Okay. No. But I am hungry. Whatever your taste is. It's delicious. Get to classic McDonald burgers right now for just three dollars on the one one-two-three three dollar menu. Pricing for dissipation may vary. Cannot be combined with any other offer combo meal, single item at regular price Ricky war, Mark. I mean what do you think about there? That was a hell of a fight. Are going to. Yeah. H money, I think that if people would have listened to me, jemmy would've took home, a lot of money. I've been a strong believer that each fighter on fight night should put into a pot twenty five dollars and the fight of the night, which I believe was Jimmy Gill the winner of the fight of the night, take home that pot. You know, jemmy like you said, we just had this highlight he. He gets more highlights than the rest of us that fight has more views than the rest. It wasn't an attentive. And I wanna give you, you know, I want to applaud you thank you in a strategically. It was a good move to go in the direction of the rematch instead of putting Jimmy in there with, you know, more experienced fighters. They call them out like crews and Lauren given jemmy the time to, you know, get really into his swag, and learn sport, a little more learned his craft and at the same time, raises profound build his popularity would fight that the public one h yes. Yes, nice Jimmy. He's so popular right now in chatman. He's definitely a fast favorite and I respect all the fighters in border wars, especially Eric crews, and you know, I don't know if the fight what happened potentially of Eric cruise Jim. But, you know, it'd be a great fight this. And they both got a great fan base. And this is we won't wait for these feisty to give bigger we don't build them up. And that's great. A great fighting with. We give man the people going to love it, and I just like to make the big fights for the people. And also I got to speak on Joseph Joseph Rodriguez. He said his brother wants to fight, Jim. My phone line has been jumping non stop right now. I got different calls coming in for Jim man. He's a big. He's a big time farther into just want to say. If I could be next. I think that's the next fight at one sixty five we gonna do it at a catchweight. So we don't make it happen at one sixty five. I got to line up for my fight already, and that's you. You say you want me to fight in this respect you so much that I will fight just for you. You know, just because you want me to do it. I will do it, but I'm trying to build my father's right now. I'm not is about the fighter in on promoting. So I'm not trying to outshine my fighters at all, and I'm looking for more fighters. You know what I mean? So any fighter trying to get they profile up. They want me to talk about them. I'm I'm happy to do it in, I'm not, I don't want any money or anything. I'd do this for the love of the sport for the love of TB. And this is TMZ promotions. You know, t- TV many, thanks, thanks for giving us a shot we Ness. We are TB CMG is TV in this promotional company. And that's what I'm trying to build my brand up with these man. I gotta think deeds for, for paving the way in making me believe myself, and that's in Mike. Forgiving me aside man is a lot of big has happened with Jim is a lot of big fights. And like I said the Mexican fan base, he got the look, he smartness, you know, this guy, he's dedicated to TB if anybody should be the phrase is to be June. I can't argue with a Mike. I can't argue with them. I mean he's making all the he saying all the right things check all the box is. They between crews and the big five big Bill. Like. Me the opportunity to look a little technically better in this rematch. Then people start thinking about that. Cruise fight. I like what age money is doing man. The man, they call Eddie Hearn the border was already already already. The the biking pipeline. Got wilder Ortiz of fear. He got US Vice it up already, so the shave the lion, king's a Siamese head on over the to the box, voice dot com. Forward slash Boorda wars and sign up champ. Let us know your weight level of experience. We need footage. All that good shit. We'll have plenty of conversations via FaceTime, Skype all that good stuff because we got a vet all our fighters, but shout out to Jimmy making smart move from free agent to getting promoted the does the talking form. I can't believe that h money stole the Gill fight from hope, like Jose is a big name, but somehow h money, convinced Gill, he needed redemption. Somehow, he convinced him that the rematch is bigger than Jose, and let's be honest. It is. Jose zor. He's a thing of the past. I mean his record is filled with yucca built. All right. No, no. He's faking is record spill. With. Inconsistencies and discrepancies. Controversial fights kicking the mouthpiece, you know, disqualifications I don't know what else to say now. Fake injuries this so much. So injuries dude, I'm feeling would think the mill said he got no MRI you're an athlete, you weren't athlete. Could you know of your achilles is ruptured without an era. I don't know. I never ruptured minds, according to people who have they don't understand how he knew without an Mariah definitely not ruptured. But maybe strained not. But yeah, he definitely go get checked out Gail in the chat. I ask for that fight yesterday. So Gil wanted to the, the rematch, and let's be clear. Hit Jimmy and. H money offered this to h money and age money. But offered it to Jimmy. Obviously Delaware is far too far to come train with us in New Jersey. But New Yorkers a lot coasting Gill has decided he wants to train with me and doom. Even if that's on Saturdays and Sundays only makes it better for me because Saturday's day that I already want to train. And sometimes it's a little bit difficult because of the border will show, etc. I got someone definitely day. I'm definitely going there. You know what I'm saying? So shout out to who's really going to take the rematch serious. And this is what I'm saying. This is what Boorda was about now. He's going to train harder just like JD who now has to train harder. Why? Because Boorda was makes you a believer. You can't just be sitting on the outside talking shit. Talk shit sign a fuck up. So we got Robert Boney talked to me going on. Robert, you just listening are come back to you. We're gonna go out to. Roberts there talk to me. Was h doing big thing. I love to hear it. I love to hear it now. Just wanted to say what's up by heard from you. I said, how do you since you've been back? So, you know, good looking, but man, I'm out here in this era Zona heat everyday training, and working. So get me on that September card. I'm I'm at about one eighty I'm sorry. One ninety five right now. So I go up or down. But I'm trying to get out there. I'm trying to get it done. You know what I'm saying? What's your height? I'm five eleven five eleven one ninety five. What's your level of experience? I like I told you before I did some sparring I had a lot of pro fighter friends. So I did a lot of training when I was when I was a kid. You know, I've been in I've been in. I mean, you've watched all the seasons of border wars, what sort of level fighter would you want as your first fight Anthony natty? Yeah. Do you want to Anthony? Or do you need a Santiago? You know, something something entry level. You know, a see where Matt. All right. What? No, because I know that Marvin the tank, who I like to call the duck wants to fight at one ninety five but he is experienced in the sense that he's had to border wars fights. Okay. Well, if that's all his level of experience, I, I mean, I've been I've been in. I've been in the ring with people, you know, of sparred with big spotted with pros when I was a kid. So I mean it's was a kid. As a kid. What's your age now? Margaret only twenty four by the way he's young gang. I'm thirty six thirty. I'm thirty six but I mean I'm talking you talking eighteen nineteen years ago when I used to spark, but four five years ago, but before years ago, I used to train I used to train out in Virginia just to stay healthy with a bunch of pro mixed martial arts guys middle study. Six two shutout thirty six euros is sir Midi Midi that boy, that was a bad boy. But I just want to get in there. I wanna go Marvin, I don't know because marvins goal if we believe marvins duck and ways he wants to lose weight. So for him, he's looking to get to one ninety five. So if you think you're talented. I mean he a day ago he didn't want bowl. They got us at heavyweight, so he was allegedly gonna not allegedly. He did sign to fi Gus. Just fought. So again, I don't know if. If he still wants that, that fight, you know, with someone who's truly at one ninety five. Well let me like the Ducky is, let's see what he takes chats or whatever it is. But you go up or down, so you can be a heavyweight, or you can be a one ninety five would be your fight. We wait. I can I can get as low as one eighty five I work out in the heat. So I switch. Without y'all. Listen at one eighty five you got way more fights at one eighty five you can fi- guys, like crews Jose's gonna need a fight now puts s. 'cause Gill is in gem, ninety that can fly critic jemmy, Jimmy, excuse me, crews Jose, those are the names of Vella boy at one eighty five now unless they've rematch each other. Now. And knowing Jose, he'll probably rematch cruise because, you know, better, the devil, you know, than the devil, you don't and you're the devil that he doesn't know just blew me just put me on that list. Let me know where you want me to be who wants to get at it, and I'm gonna be there this time either way I just had surgery on my wrist. So. Connects also. Well, hopefully, maybe maybe came could do it. He say he was one ninety five five ten how tall are you? You said five eleven and keeps ten and he's listening. He's from Florida Fleiss, the Florida New jersey and New York or super cheap. You could catch a one way for like eighty nine bucks. Sometimes listen, Robert. Let me get to some other callers, but happy to hear you. Sign up. I got someone in the chat says I'm signing up today after work heavyweight division. Oh, shit six three three fifteen. Oh, that's very that's a fight for Harvey. Big hobby, right? Did. Povey. No boxing experience. But them streets, though. I you. Where we all start it all started did man. You gotta have the heart for this shit. Man, I hope key keen, that sounds like a fight, but he did sound like you got a little bit experience came. I don't know. Let me go out to the chain, the people's chipped, uncrowned chimp, the belts in around in limbo, waiting to be held by this man. But, but, but I and Sal has to say about it, Anthony was was going on. Good. Good. What up man? You know. The first day they got to talk about. My man, give man that is what it is, is I better by life. Me and Mike. The him in the car and the about the crowd and the issue with oh, forty. Levers, a hard I could I could talk whether she was there. I had such a great. So for manashian. I'm in Michigan for working Sutin chilling man. Dan? What is I early on? Hold out of Doug and going on. I know that. Yeah, man, listen, man. Who would you like to see Cruz fight next since you just kinda threw yakuza such a nice guy is destroyed, but dog you destroy them. Yeah. I mean like I said, I was gonna come out as different fighter, bro. Like you see the dog a lot more patient picking my punches. And, you know, I I wanted to try to finish it. But man, I got hit in the second round. I played it off of here me fucking hard. So I was like, because I see over the screaming. Yeah. Yeah. She I'll care if you heard it nine hit with another one in Jonah rights, but crucially, I think they someone Jimmy Jim Jim jemmy signed the rematch, would give man. You know, that was the fight of the night in most people. Is. Good Terry, this isn't working. He's it because I still live in me. Is it because we mates be Scully wives. No. I like your friends is it it's the pirate talk Terry Yar everyone's caught up in the old bay efficient McDonald's. It's the taste locals craven are classic sandwich. Get two for five dollars either. Original or that old bay love. Yoho, price and participation may vary. Cannot be combined with combo meal. Limited time only single pricing. 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So the right Jimmy yielded, I read in ten. But. I don't know. Cruise go find that thing 'cause I thought he was shimmer Jimmy would have been a real good fight. Shun. Jimmy. He got a point age money. Got a point Cruz got a little bit of experience big fight, you know Cruz got a fan base. You know, he was once considered the people's chant. He's in everybody that the people put in front of them. So they think you know, the money team thinks that. They can make that a big fight. He might decide ways money, man, a real promoter should I work the world do Jay from Orlando. But man, hey, working Bearup. She's. Dave. Early. Putting it in. And look, he said, I don't want, I don't want. I just want my fight at a son. That's I'm like, Dan. He's saying, all of right thing, that's a real buddy. That's Eddie her right here. So h money, eighty her bag doesn't shut out the him that's going to be my new promoter. You know, saying that we gonna stampede around doing our ase sash it, you know. So I guess I guess I gotta put has on my do Sal later this year. If that's still Jose, which has he trying to ban, but I told him like she you a bitch, you can't get in unless you either a fight me or be meld them bellsa sell shit. I'll be glad to step aside of that happened. But outside. Hold on a minute. Hold on him. You keep saying that you seriously would rather. In let one ino- sow getting opportunity at all the girls. I would 'cause I know I feel to come out way somewhere, not your but, but you know what I'm saying, but at the time, you know, I was perfectly content with not try outs chilling, but, but, you know, I just wanna see somebody kick Jose at and I know he's not going to risk with me. 'cause, you know, knocking on the first one, you know, in the store, but, you know, Sal take time. Going out of work. I mean listen. You can't even you can't even at this point. Like we did see a different version of, you know, in the I, I complained that he gassed out, you know, his balance was off. He got knocked down. You're holding on Faye. You'd be the man. I I really be. A touch me. But maybe power, he got power yellow Joe types. I. Oh, Jose name, the border war could be unified. Only wanna be unified because he. He'd Ali one. Wars. Faye of legacy. Fake. Fury Brahim fucking. He ain't fucking. AJ. Wladimir. Klitschko AJ bladder McKay. Eric cruising, Anthony. Okay. Wladimir Klitschko, man. That was a that was fucking crews in Jose over. They he play with him three Randy. He played he he I'll ever Macau man. Don't don't even tell him he feary, but that's too much good. Telling me Oliver McCall against Lennox Lewis game cry. I'm just saying his plan. And, and the nature of the fight like the energy was like it wasn't as exciting as your fight. Yeah way. Yeah, you're right. Because I was in this corner and bitch didn't gonna talk about. He got a cute. I had an achilles actually ruptured mind before and you not like you get an MR e even if you think something wrong, I don't know what he's talking about some Canadians. We have to wait twelve months. Though is is reassurance is free assurance that he did post in the chat. You know, the screen shot from Google, saying the waiting lists and Tom, so maybe it is difficult over to on MRI. Let's our no, but it was just all bad. Yeah. Yeah, I know. And that's, that's what I'm trying to tell him people. Don't believe him. He's like, gave me is nobody could believe you when you always little boy to cries wolf in chat. Always. Oh, y'all sound real bitter. I thought he can't get that guilt by. That's the PBC fire. He on that, type ranks shit. Very, very poor man's growing at the fire. Rob Oni y'all Eric crews now. That was left for men that came out the second time cruise done knock him out the second time. I think that's happening. He he. But the, the cover that bigger hails they his thick as accusing help. Way, she might overtired. That's what he lives there. That, that that'll be that'll be the funniest right there. He joined retire undefeated, let me get to some callers, I. Joseph, what such it? What is having what has happening this? How are you just have to? I'm good. I'm good. Shutouts. F. O. G chat. Personally, I Jimmy Mack having, but not one sixty five minutes, Jamie last fight with that. Catchweight. Yeah. Man, you're going to have to build that listen, listen. Listen Joseph, you know what it is? You need to do a little better job promoting because Matt is as popular as Jimmy got mad, his Mexican and that was in the fight. Last board awards with Danny so the same buzz. Mac guy. Yeah. You do that. So but but right now. That's one of the wanna say about now. It's time to promote myself. It's time to promote the debut of the big superman. I've been waiting a long time to finally getting there to finally have finding Bischel and the time has come you know, we've been getting the way down. I'm not allowed to you right now. I'm not talking to me because I was always told, you know, don't talk to. You can back it up right now. You know, I'm not I'm not at my rhythm. I haven't been sparring kick all that in year. So you're gonna hear the top right into the receive a chimp out slightly going in and out speak right into the receiver. How that worse better? Hold on one one second. They're worse. Now's better. All right. So, you know, we're gonna get sparring going, and as, as time 'cause close, let me, let me say, one thing, and I love my brother's death Mahar my brother special, brother meant, but me and that cut from different cloths many famous, minimum same beasted. I am you know, I grew up competing playing sports and I grew and I was in a lot of fistfights growing up as a kid. Matt wasn't people that have messed with Matt around here because of me. So for those, please. We come out, and I'm not gonna feel this respected 'cause I wanted fungal, you know, but I trust you too. You know, you're matchmaking Santiago's, but also feel like no way I listen, I gave you, I gave you the option of presenting sparring and showing that you on the nuggets level. If you own the next level, you gotta do that quick, though, cause we match Megan. Yeah. No. Yeah. We gotta we gotta do that quick. But, you know, we'll take whatever comes our way. Hopefully everything goes plans. Take another fight after that come right back with the next two was. And I you know, I got to look at my Instagram, they nest in, I don't know if seeing I got a picture that Debbie oh, Bill. Mass on me man. And I think I think twenty twenty late twenty twenty I think, I think it might be time for you to get ready to retire in this. Well, I got the w. But if you go snag it up because his vacant we go unify. That sounds like a plan. That sounds like a plan. That's I think I think for me to make my name and take over the division. Let you retire with some dignity. Hey endless the big thing makes us coming. There's nothing that I would want than to lose to someone that actually got the balls to get in the ring at least Texas is showing the someone in that state got balls. You know what I mean? But I tell you this just don't Spar me before you fight me. Because all those that talked about beating me sparred me run from me after the Spar they rather not fighting found. Good. Let me tell you this. If this, if this border wars thing like the way we all hope is going to be gives vest, Rodriguez headline, my first big event, we're going to unify the division. Let's go Netflix. Hey that's my goal for next year. But listen, but don't put it all we're gonna we're gonna put it out there. You need you need to hang with cruise in mauve, and see if some of the Hugh rubs off on, on that side of Texas, over there, man, I don't know, I guess they build them different where you from. Let me see that too. Now man team, Texas. We come in the show. That's what I've been saying. We're gonna come and take New Jersey over. I think we have it looks like firefighters 'cause I got that guy from on, I put its let me actually how we look into go five. Now how far are you from crews in Marvin? Like four hours. Dan, that's going. I mean, I'm actually, I would I would win it actually headed that way. Yeah. I would definitely plan shit at least one time throughout the can't. Maybe since his eight week can't maybe two times throughout the camp once every four weeks, take our trip and really mix it up with some guys that are not going to hold back. That's my biggest Mondays recommendation to anybody. You know what I mean? When you spun, don't just fall, what your friends because your friends are going to hold back. See do me a whole bag on. I do me I had to take on your right. Like I said. I hate to do it because you know that way worked out. But we you know we had learnt we learned a lot from that. I fight. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But like I said me, and that, you know, he's not the killer that it's big bro, and you're gonna see by the end of this border was the real biggest border were stars. Live right here in playing. You live right here in Texas. They have matched. So get back to work fellas, but we'll see off soon. I would love for you to you know take the heavyweight division by storm. Because let me tell you Marvin the fight you before he'll fight me. So, you know, maybe you can knock him out the word the water and, and get that, that status, let me go out to info, Joe info. I even contact alexan- like you think you could do it again. And. He cannot because right now he's working extra hard. He just got a new spot. You know what I mean? So he got a new crib. And he just can't man Joe. But we gotta find you. Some odd thing, Joe is itching, Mike. I think info Joe wants to make his return. Portion of the stove. Call. Jail. Yeah. This is the oldest voted ward sham info, Joe in the building, y'all I'm thinking about making the comeback man find somebody around my age man. And if I got the shed, I'm gonna try to make it jersey y'all I wanna say this man, this was the best border wars out of all of them in the production, commentating the uniforms, the ring that Jim was perfect. I let me say this, the most improved out of, of the previous vote awards, spiders out had to give it to answer near Edwards, Cincinnati Cobra in Santiago the the, the one. Man out of all the new fighters out. Have to give it the doctor clunk. Oh man, I was shocked to see how good he was his very first time they want it now, we'll say Santiago versus MMA phone go. I called it a draw thought the they eight count was a little too much. I don't think Santiago was still in the fight our letter. See that rematch, mini, first of all power power rankings that got Midi. I got you nets. Number two. And I got Anthony number three Gill versus Jim. They need a rematch, my suggestion, the book you guys won the may run the mouse. Very entertaining fight Jaydee. I wanna see that rematch with Midi. I think that it will be it want to me. That was the best fight on the card man skill skill. This shit shit was bomb. They need a rematch our like. See, scientist, DR Congo rematch also at got money on fern gully against anybody. And who else? Oh, mike. And therefore, I thought that was a draw brother, I think you'll need to do that again. Shut out to both of you guys. I think this next Boorda was going to be titled redemption, because it's like three rematches. 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Or online, Saturday only it'll maybe an old navy dot com. Valid six fifteen solid color. Only limit ten in stores, five. Online free offer valid before noon PS t from last board awards, and Texas on the limit. Except that Danny now is saying, if Cannella FAI happens in Vegas, he can't be because, you know, he doesn't wanna miss the Cannella fight. He wants to be out there. Which think about I think Anthony, I think he earned their right. Because the man he needs to take on the Canadian Jose, Jose. Jose doesn't have. Okay, vacated, Sal, and Anthony is signed sealed delivered for September for all the bills. Okay. Beautiful. Your fight man, Jose. Linda Hogan's Jose as champion in recess. That's what he is a marital status. He he gracefully bowed down on he's acting like a bit of a bitch. So we don't know if he doesn't live up to it. He won't get his shot at the winner of salad Anthony. But if he lives up to the if he lives up to the agreement that we had in place for Boorda wars five he supposed to step down male, the belts. The belts are on the line for the winner of sow and Anthony. And that winner faces Jose who was America status champion similar to Sergio Martinez whose job is. That's a barn burner me Anthony out. Hard to pick a winner with that one man show. Don't. Man, you maybe should think about coming in, because listen, if me and Mike fight it makes it hard to compensate. And I know everybody's liking the compensating, but from a production standpoint, either few things that I would like to be corrected, which means we need more manpower. And you know the fight game you know what I mean? So sands better and you've done it with us in LA, but I know that's pressure answer pressure. So if things work out if they can just remember, if you don't get a fight, you could always be part of the production, we could use you as a commentator. You could be a judge. Not so many things. A most definitely may shut out me all the work. You put in full awards, man. This one man was the most impressed with the whole overall in the fight to this was best man. But I think this next one Pfizer lineup is going be epic. Man. You'll most definitely man, I got to shut it and make it better make it out there man. Because I actually may I want to bring win needing appreciation night. Man. I miss New York City. I miss the east coast, shot out your maybe we could while since we doing this for Lewis of Cannella, maybe we could do while door tease appreciation. I if he does come to Buckley's, you know, 'cause I don't know maybe LA we could probably do LA. But we need we need a contact person in LA man. Yeah. Most happening, we do need that. Man. I wanna get all the TV. Oh man. That was epic night in why Joe is for me. Tell me if I'm a hey, to hit because a mauve and his is like in the chat, he's like all these rematches, but I'm the only one getting shift for rematch in Cantu. Did you feel that Marvin needed to rematch Cantu after the first fight? Yes. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes, I do. Yeah. I do. I do I do. I do I do this the year. The Cantu in the I remember that fight. That was a pretty good fight man. I, I would agree with that man rematch would be good for that, man. No, I ain't no, no. They had a rematch Joe Joe show in his age. They had remember they had the first fight in LA then they had the second fighting. Not you needed move on you, you need to move on. That was the conclusion right here. Yeah. More of a need to move on. So, so you wanna hit it latest mauve inside the fight. You want to at least five. Who Gus the bus Russell from North Carolina? The who I just fought. Good fight. Go fight good fight good fight. I like that fight. I like that fight. That's a good fight man. So you wanna hit a lady Ingrid deem itself. What's up? Member, Eddie, Robert Ortiz's boy. Yeah. He called out Marvin. He wants mauve, and he says that the Marvin fight makes them salivate, if Marvin doesn't wanna he'll fight crews if Cruz thinks he's too big he'll fight DR Congo. He's ready. I like that, too. Man. I like that. Eddie, Eddie Morgan is better fight, man. I like that. The walks. Dr these the fight man did he do do ger doing need to fight man. If he lifting we may come on. I know you brother, you need to take this fight, man. Find somebody man he leading leading the skills go away. We hope Eddie. We hope. And we hope and now that his best friend Eddie is, is signed up and ready to go. That's going to motivate him, bro. And I've been in the ring with the rockstar he's good. I mean, I think him and Anthony Edwards is like Anthony keep winning and rockstar can be as good as I think he is improve it. He and Edwards is a super fight like that's under the lights night, down matchup your date night. Anthony man. Anthony now. Go ahead. Now is gonna stay Anthony. Men was so I do it wasn't swinging while he was pacing man. Anthony has improved a lot. Man. I was real impressed on how he games that fight. But go ahead. I agree. I agree. I agree. Listen, we got our he'll on. So let me know if you wanna come back Joe, you know, you alumni, I'm gonna get to Canadian Jose, Mr. forgotten. Shaved pain. Vay chain Norway forty one. No way. Go. What up miss the forgotten? Hello. Hey, do you need me to fill you in? Or have you been listening because a low taking place? No soy broke. If you could bring me up to speed right now on Skype. So if it cuts out, please call me back, but, but I can hear you perfectly so go ahead. Let me know what's going on. Well, bringing you up to speed you've lost your fight with Gil, he's officially signed for the rematch, h money, somehow lowered lured him away from your fight and made us all believe that the rematch with Jimmy is much bigger. It was a fight of the year candidate. People did love it. It's one of the most watched fights and it makes sense Gill one in redemption. So they decided to go that way. So you are being frozen out, essentially, unless you do something crazy, which I dunno rematch. Eric cruise wiz available. I don't even know who could you would think. Well, this is this is what's going to is Mike on the light or not. Mike is not very stepped away from the microphone as well. Well, this is this is for oggi's like, like info that are listed. Everything else. Here's the honest to goodness truth guys, this is been an attack of on my character Nestor Gibbs been, my friend for eight nine years, every single event that ever anything of me has been needed. Be trophies beat awards be. It be anything you can think of man, I've always been there. No matter what never let the never let the brand down. Always warned the, the fucking jersey on my chest. Always I offered Canada for people to come in expended expenses, all covered. Everything, minus air was going to be taken care of. And then people say that he couldn't trust it. I was gonna follow through with my word man, that's salt. They didn't say they wanted you to go follow through with your previous agreement that you were going to send the belts Cape. And I told the guys listen, I'm not about to spend three hundred dollars ship in a bell when you guys come. It'll be here and then guy, the guy who's supposed to be my friend, the guy that's met my wife, my kids, my fucking family. I've been to his house. I didn't the same for him. Like Gill who supposed to be my boy says, who's as not trustworthy fuck you Gill. What Gil I wanted to teach that boy a lesson, I wanted to smack his fucking teeth out of his mouth, so that when he saw me and sees me going forward. He knew that. I was fucking daddy. He knew that I had to be respected as a fucking man. That's why called him out because I gotta teach kit a lesson and Gil is pussy fucking pussy, because he knows. I would fuck in hurt him. And that's what I wanted to do this fight. I wanted to fuck and hurt him. That's it. I wanted to teach him a fucking lesson on friendship, and he doesn't learn, he'll never learn because a guy like that will never. Learn man. So you know what? It's too bad. That's why he was personal for me. He doesn't want the fight. I don't blame them because I was gonna fucking hurt him. You know what? And that's what it comes down to man. So leave you now, though, Chan that leaves me this man, at least me, I'm the champ who's been fucking done wrong by applying for Meredith status, I'm champion for life. Get beat. I got I got I beat the guy that no one wanted to fight man, and what Anthony goes in and beats cruise what more convincingly than me, why. Because he gave them a shot. When crews wasn't looking when they're in the clinch, give me a break, man doesn't matter. He beat my leftovers. Wow. UP good for you. And then he made up all the AJ Vlad all over again. You're Tyson fury Vlad, he's AJ Vlad. Exactly man. No, differences, make man. Exactly. Then he goes in and he's gonna lose the thing is this my appetite to, to, to bring my stardom to the table is really is really starting to fade man. So you say duck in this border was because you because you don't find it. Very you watch crews criminals elible, Robert Boney said he'll sign up he's available. He's in your weight class. What you're scared up this people out there. The truth is this. I have like a very, very serious injury. Now. So again, so. You could only cherry pick if you can't get kill your out. Absolutely. I could beat Gil with a cast on point the point where. The point where making so since gills off the table. You're gone. I'll see man. I'll see what's for me. Why am I going to why am I gonna fight a guy? Why am I gonna rematch guy? Coming on two losses in your coming off an injury. Sounds like it makes sense to me, the thing is this man. I gotta fight a guy that, that either a is a total bum or be is like the classiest of all, Jensen, and maybe one of the same maybe maybe that classy Gent, and that in that bomb is Matt, bro. Going sound you sound like a true cherry picker. Hey man, you won't get one rematch that a guy you had a controversial win over coming off losses. If you tell me if you tell me right now, as a man, that was a close fight that you believe that Eric could one. Then then I'll tell you. I'm not a you know with Jose. I'm not the Endo Bill. I had I had energy is the same. But it doesn't mean that I am everybody public didn't believe that public did. Okay that here's the thing around. I, I don't know. I'm. To see how injury goes right now, it's been almost four weeks, and it's not gotten better, right? So I don't want to rupture my. You're rushing, the promotion and production of border wars, six to now, come today in front of the world and say that you don't even know if you can fight nor no I was saying I could one hundred percent fight Gill, because gills a cloud, so you share you saw hear what you're saying. You can cherry pick. Oh, yeah. You know what? Maybe my satisfaction is that is the world knowing that Gillers. The absolute worst fucking ever, buddy. He was in a fight of the year candidate and side of the real man. He was a cloud. He signed to read he signed a rematch that people want to see his gonna get his ass beat so bad by jemmy, Manitou, Larry. I wanted to be the what to humiliate him too bad. I wasn't. Has made an offer to fight you with collateral, you take her T's rubber teases pussy, man. He's that's why collateral are you taking it? Listen you know what you guys can see what you want. You can call me any. I am the biggest fucking predators of border wars. Man, I am whoever gets my fucking planet last, I checked Jimmy got better numbers than you fam-. Of course, check that everyone wants to jank last. I never I never met a Bolivia and champion. I met Mexican champions. Jimmy has a bigger fan base than you fam- last. I checked. You're only as good as your last fight your last fight. You sat out Jimmy was in the fight of the candidate. Fight of the year because his opponent was comical, bro. Come on. You say tomato. I say tomato gills training with jersey cruise Tom guilt, train, with, with, like his Seuss himself in that will make a difference man of easy for you to say that, now that you ain't got the fight while bro. That's why I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed in Gill, Matt. You don't be disappointed in Gilbey disappointed in. Isn't that what you go by because there's a new kid on the block core. TM G, and they took over. They took your fight. They took your fight you busy. I hear Lalli gagging playing champion emeritus status faking injuries. You've been losing fighters. You lost more in a Maserati now you lost all Ori match color is we go. Lauren is doing because you know what? How do. Geez. Knowing people that are down that are down that are going to be loyal that are gonna ride with me that need anything and you know what? I'm riding died. That's how I do man. I got my guys back no matter what and Lauren, I found out, he was he was fucking, you know, he was talking shit behind my back, so Laura. That is what's the status so you bring you come over here to get his ass kicked by law. I would love to fuck and do that. There you go. Man, what I'm gonna do this Boorda wars is I'm gonna fucking get people's asses kicked to Morin. He's on the list. Lauren is Friday night. Sunday brunch. Does not match her backs our backs Queen every cigarette can cut your life short. Find that hard to believe then Testa Abana from all this free life freedom to be to beco- free. Get to old babies best of summer sale now for the best summer styles at the best prices. Get two dollar flipflops four dollar tanks. Six dollars. Ts in eight dollar. Dresses insurance for the whole family summer styles, or just two four six eight bucks to dollar flops, four dollar tanks. Dollar tease at ain't dollar dress in shorts. Can't wait to wear it by online, pick up in store for free in soon at old navy and old navy dot com. Valid six ten to six eighteen excludes gift cards today, only in two day only deals store clearance, register lane items, and jewellery Seon, my topless man. I'm gonna bring down down. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna fucking pay from us. I'm. I'm Laurie manager as I told you right under your fucking nose. I soldier fighter. You're this guy even try to argue yesterday. I know Lawrence loyal to me. I'm like, all right. Chip next thing you know, he's cursing, Lauren out, somebody wants to bag and all this bullshit. I said he could keep it. But here's the thing because I didn't think Lauren was that guy. Man, I didn't think was the kind of guy to be a hypocrite and talk shit behind my back. But he was you sit on gyms and not get them fights the duty listen. He's signed to you for two Boorda was, and you got him zero fights would at gun is gonna come and teach Lauren a lesson, and then Lawrence going to realize how it innocent this. This. The best manage in the world if I could secure that hood come by the him that'll be beautiful. Have a good manager. You're just you're, you know what I'm being fucking spiteful dick, and I'm gonna hurt Laura and the beauty of this youth, think you're being spiteful and to me, and the border wars family. They're going to look at me as the best manager because I've been able to solidify fucking cherry Canadian by the name of Hoda com. Morin is gonna kill as a g guess what? The only be hold a gun is every cruise. So Lauren again, looks like a g sign Mia bre sign Mia yoyo I'm down for that. I'm gonna go and I'm gonna get to fight him. And that'd be a beautiful fight. It'll be a good fight more than anything to it'll be a high level fight. I, I think I think personally Angeles gonna make easy work of him. But I mean still a kid. He's not that strong yet. So I mean Lauren is learn definitely has some, some strengthen that fight. So it'll be a beautiful fight man for sure. But if if I were to bet than I am a betting man. I would absolutely one hundred percent. Take Angela one hundred percent hands stuff. Stop so promoters, bro, or you fighting. Yes. And no, you Chung. Well. Like I said, man, I you know what I thought you were I where's your options that, where's my what I thought you said you were in ace side where are your options? I have nothing. But options have many who's been calling me out. I'm considering Minia rentals. Listen champ. I don't know where where you've been at the mini signed, sealed delivered the JD rematch even on this call. They both solidified it again. The world is urban on without you who or what abortions. What about, you know what, I'll pick a cherry picking cherry bomb who out of at a Texas, whatever his name is who's Marvin fighting Marin already got a fight with Gus remember what about Matt then and he's got options, Marvin has the option to fi Robert Buni. One ninety five also Edi, Bala Grasser cold out Marvin, and Marvin took the Gus by so Marvin doesn't need you and Marvin Marvin. Always, you know, be a true warrior and try to step up and fight me for the Altima glory, so he doesn't need it. What else what about Matt? What about Matt Rodriguez in Texas Garcia's, Garcia, he yes Rodriguez Garcia's? He needs a fight because Danny is unsecured. Danny wants the rematch, but if Cannella fighting in Vegas, Dan, he's not gonna be in jersey or very go. I can I can fight Matt. That'll be perfect not onset. Are you? Are you saying that your option or are you saying you want me to solidify that fight for you? I'm saying put it out there man. Like if he wants it. I mean at this point man, you know what I I've been? Said fight. Because I, I got gotta secure these things. I told you Robert Ortiz, has asked me to try and get, you know, you know, you don't want or tease. I know you're ducking forever, or teases a bomb. He's not on my level. He brings in at least Matt's father borderers. I can't bring an entire fan base of seven fan base of fucking Loor tease verified on Twitter and Instagram. So what man so as fucking, you know, Mr. Rogers, who cares well Rogers brand. Yeah, it robbery to Harrison. Maxi pads brand to man. I'm not going to put that into my legs and bleed on him and fuck it. I don't care about Robert. He's a bum. I don't want that bum. So put Matt Garcia in there. If you want got nominated for fight of the year, you know, maybe maybe the cruise fight. I don't know. Man. I gotta see like a to be honest. I can fight a guy like Matt on one link. I can't find a guy like crews on one leg. You know what I may be era getting brash? But I'm not stupid. You know, I'm not gonna fighting Eric with, with a hobbled leg, but I can fight beat Matt with a hall of leg. No problem. You know. So I mean I got to consider that. So, so. Yeah, tell is the sign of page up because people are acting left and right. Have you finished? Who you're about finished? Yes. I have actually I just got a character. Can I screen share it or knows not lie? I'm at Safeway right now man. So I gotta go home, a laptop, and discredit publish it. But it's it's good. It's ready to go because people already to sign up. I got boxing therapy, ready. Sign up. I gotta heavyweight that is six three three hundred fifteen pounds, ready to sign up and listen to just want to say one last message to all the potential people that are going to sign up. Everyone wants to go just know. One thing all of you guys all of you guys. Roll you guys off in a big baller shit. None of you guys will ever fucking be as good as me. Just keep that in mind, not ever do that. But it has anyone that's all. And must submit footage. This is not a in the dark thing. That's, that's what you can deal with the they're just going to sign up. And then from there will will will go will you, you set the requirements that you need. I'm just saying just on based on sure entertainment. These guys will never be me man. Nobody will ever be me. That's just what it comes down to. I'm waiting, I'm waiting to see the next superstar emerge JD bomb many boring. You know cruise loser, you know, aunt leftover eater. You know, all these guys, Sal fucking disappeared. You know, all you guys bums Nestor cherry picker, you know what I mean. So there's nothing they're out there man. It's me. It's local. You know, that's what it is baby. Anyway. Let you. Let you get back to your thing, baby. I'm just gonna buy a couple of groceries here that I'll go home at all that page goes life. All right. All right. Well, there you have it met in Joseph, we might have found through fight info. Would you think man what you think about what's going on? Hey man, I think we've been a little larger on day man. Let me take these off my bed. Hey, we've seen fighters get hurt man, and Jose. He, he needs a comeback fight man. You know we all heard about five just being hurt before, man. And we need to cut a little Jose. Little slack, man. He's been down with board awards from day one. I don't like him. He sitting beat speed down to the bottom of the barrel, though in finding new because he has been doing this before, but he knows somebody mid range. He needs to come back fight. You know, I wouldn't even mind seeing him in Marvin, you know what I'm saying or him in? Yes, I don't think it was a ones that Marvin fight. Why are you so low? You hear me now. No, I hear you job. Oh, my mind was gone. Yeah, I'm listening. But yeah. You know, you know, you know Anthony remember he had an injury to and he was, you know, he had to make a comeback fight too. So, you know, I might cut Jose some slack, though. But he does need to fight, you know, to restore his name I will say that. But it's looking good man. I'm looking forward to this man. I'm going try to save my money man. Make it out there. The jersey man. Early. I, I wanna come your hometown, man. The work come out here, most definitely. Oh, we're gonna have we're gonna have a great time. We're going to do some dinners. We wanna ask some schmo, causses gonna be great. Most definitely. But if it happens to be in their late man started growing, again man, we had a good, but I got some good cushioned some good indoor growing right now. Listen. I think I'll see. I think I've seen JP and a chat saying that he would be the LA contact. Like, that's the reason we don't consider leg. We don't got a person that could solidify gem make sure that everything's good. 'cause you know how you see how it was last time he was in LA showed up with thirty forty people that gym owner owners I now head. So, you know, we don't have to work on to is well man 'cause I had to fight. I couldn't concentrate on that, that he a LA. So we give me enough time. I can search around I found actually I'm finding my son up to a box hand and I'm looking for a gym for him too. So I'm going to be out looking for some. For sure. For sure. Well info, man once again, wanna, thank you for calling in, and participating and board awards appreciation ice and all that good shit. Man wanna thank everybody tuned in this was another border Wars Episode bought awards. Sign up page, we'll be live today at border wars, excuse me at the boxing dot com forward slash board awards, once Jose gets back shot out the DJ and a chat Jimmy, h money notorious. J. P. ADB AD. JD who else up in Dr more phone go or fungal, Dan? What's left from a fungal now phone kids? Oh, yeah. Because Marvin ain't take the Eddie Feis on fungal, Eddie fight, and we're gonna have a big ass card here, man. He's going to be nice dice, man. That's some fights. I gotta write that down. And a lot of fades. A lot of fights. I let me see off top. We got should be made event. Sal versus an. And then you fighting. So you could be Komen event, I'm, I'm gonna start off again, so I can come into is. So you got. I mean, we say no odor. But just remember if you you versus. F. O. G Midi, JD, and Midi, J D. That's Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy Gill four Jose Matt five. What else we got? Joseph Josefa in Joseph, Santiago, six more. Versus bala. They get our seven Marvin versus gusts. Eight. I got an opponent. Every let you want from me, ain't my. So is my day sign-up. They gotta sign up at the page. Come out six three three fifteen. Who? You know what's funny? I'm like, wow. The I I'm twenty five fights and I give respect because I'm the only do that keeps fighting undefeated fighters like and I mean, I don't mean that undefeated. I mean like unknown is the word I should've used because. Jose for Enrica. He. So he was unknown the first time. But then he rematched him then he fall cruise. We seen already fight gung, you know, and spa numerous people Marvin against same thing for cancer, the first time it was new. But then he rematched him now. He's about the fight Gus also knows. Media's like me he fought. Dumi Dinnie, four JD below ninety by the fight someone again, familiar in rematch with JD. Cruise same thing. Hold a gun. He fought three people. He for four people four fights. He got he for. Hooda gung Zach Jose and recre- and no not every day and Anthony. So he's like me, but. Four hundred gung unknown, then he seen Jose fight, because he seen Jose have two fights Enrica. So he's not like me. Nobody's done that I'm just starting nobody's done that, like so again, I get the three fifteen. They'll just like I get Harvey, if he ever size up. 'cause nobody nobody's gonna nobody's going to take on the due date on 'cause they pussy. I'm just not. Yeah, I don't know about the guy right here. He just been duct duct. And but yet man, y'all catch us late on the night for the flag. Put no pressure wise, Marvin fighting heavyweight, not name, this title marvel bath. And again. Oh, he five five. You you've ever foot on the energy to be the same man. They duck so so so AJ. Have a foot and a half. He's eighteen to say, no, I'm saying you either you either good. Or you not. I feel I feel I feel good or you not man. Like eight fame, these chat shit, and I fly around and shut they mouth, that's you went. You went AJ the same height. But Marvin nowhere near the height of Hindu. Now, Marvan EMMY or closer to hide than any reason ages, Sameera either. Fame. Hey, no AJ like six seven. No check it out. Let me look it up. Crazy. Really? Hell no man, standing next time, he waits on me, bro. Like out here which we which of them. Got great pasta. Yell. Somebody called other show say he was fabricated in the lab. He said laboratory. Crazy. AJ six six on bikes rate, you right here. But yeah, man. Not going to be a great car man. A lot of fights lot of lot of thing. I think. Number seven and they're not all still some people. They crews still ain't gotta fight got up to. Oh. There's going to be a lot. It's going to be big. This was going to be big. Well, I'm from instruments would atvs E T O catches for Thursday's flagship edition, which is tonight at seven PM eastern time, where we go over this weekend's fights preview and predict then you for your call in Sean Puerto can import have Mona night, you know, to say. Catch us on the untitled in a few hours. I guess if Mike available. Follow me geographic, nineteen eleven or on Twitter at grows to want to catch me tonight at the, the flagship at ten thirty for the NBA final game chat, so Pete that out, and there will be on conflicting, ignorance channel conflicting, ignorance channel and the. Yeah. Man, could just nine hundred flagship seven o'clock. They they. Basketball after boxing, while you're. This Saturday, only old navy's famous flops are one buck plus get free flops. When you spend twenty dollars or more in store or online, Saturday, only it'll navy and old navy dot com. Valid six fifteen solid color. Only limit ten in stores, five online free offer valid before noon PS thi this, Saturday, only old navy's famous flipflops are one buck plus get free flops. When you spend twenty dollars or more in store or online, Saturday, only it'll navy and old navy dot com. Valid six fifteen solid color. Only limit ten in stores, five online free offer valid before noon PS t.

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