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It's take her and she was a wicked wicked who spat and swore shoot tobacco puppets at her producer. Sir Muddle creatures of the night will now experience art of puppetry. This right here means on the champ. That runs the cat a while. Talk Radio Network A and good evening. Everyone welcome to a special edition of the rack. Right here on Wild Talk Radio. Dot Com retro friends over at 'em. Bg Films. Check THEM OUT. You come in. Bg twelve eleven. And if you're listening to us over on wild talk radio DOT COM RATIO DOT com or directly on twitch. Thank you so much for tuning in. We greatly appreciate it if you get a quick second. Just like in. Subscribe to this channel and you know what you can subscribe for free. Using which prime all you have to do is click the little purple heart above the screen and well if you have a twitch for himself available you can use it here or if you don't you can use regular sub. We wouldn't mind that but if you don't want to that's fine too. We understand and if you happen to be in a following mood while you can go to twitch dot TV Slash Lynn's Ward Allen Swat which is my channel and you can follow over there. Because I'm trying to get to affiliate please follow me. I want to use my fish but email. You don't understand I'm your host Lindsay War joining me as always the ever faithful producers. Such co host rush Handyman Rockin. Where we're doing here what? I don't know you're driving. One of us has to pay attention. All right we're live for Thursday night would do Wrestlemainia Day too because as we do know what's on Thursday. I said Thursday. He said Thursday. It's Tuesday we're live. It's Tuesday no one of those days it starts with T we're here to talk about wrestlemainia because it's too big for just one night too big for just one show and she talked me into it so okay so the reason why we're doing this and we've kind of already explained this but just in case anybody hasn't heard it is because we went three hours on the full show last week three and a half three and a half we decided let's just split. Wrestlemainia out in its own show because their stuff that we want to talk about on Thursday that we don't want to be rushed to talk about because we have to get through eight matches of Wrestlemainia and there is a crap ton to impact from this one. So we're like screw it. We're just GONNA go live and we're GonNa talk about it and also I really just want to talk about this wrestlemainia because I love the shit out of the show and I've just been like ready to talk about has been buzzing and a couple of things one. We also went two and a half hours. On Saturday night live recap recap day one. So we've already done two and a half hours of rest of meaning review so this is the back half for date to tweet us. Talk Radio Eric. Racial Word Cochran. Show Dot com which we live and you can participate in chat. Don't be afraid to chat even if you disagree with our opinions. Yeah so we are going to open Matt. We're looking at. You called him out on Yup we we know you can. We can trust you. You're fine We're going to start with the firefly funhouse. We are going to talk about that. I because that is the most to unpack and when I tell you there's a lot there. We sat here last night and we took notes on it and we tried to grab every reference every little detail. Everything and I'm sure we miss stuff from that. I don't even want to call it a match because it really wasn't really match. It was an experience that we could get year. We did film study chat. We did film study. We went through this piece by piece by piece. We pause re rewound to make sure we got everything we had made skeletons. We did full on film study. This is the effort you get on the rack on Tuesday because we have to talk about it. So without further ADO. Let's jump right into our wrestlemainia recap brought to you by friends or NBC films to Dot Com Slash NBC. Twelve eleven and. Just make eight perfectly clear. We are talking about the fun house. I we're GONNA take a break and we're gonNA talk about everybody else but the fun house gets its own segment because reasons because simply put you watch you parents. I just don't even with that. So all right. So this match fell as the second Experienced sorry this experience fell as the second to last vitam event. Whatever on the card followed only by the world title match and I just. I don't know if that was the best decision but having seen it. I don't know where else you could put that. I do the end the end but then we wouldn't have gotten titus face. You could've ended the show on tightness face. You could have really could imagine Russell. Millions with Deals FACE STUNNED SHOCKED. Unable to process where he discloses. Wrestlemainia where it with. I don't know what I just saw I'm out and that's that's the wrestlemainia but no drew. Mcintyre deserves to close wrestlemainia. But this was the second to last on the card. We'll we'll talk about what this did to China match when we get there but yeah so this match opens with John. Cena coming out so first reaction was wait. What yeah going into this especially after the boneyard match. Nobody really knew what to expect there was there. Were no rumors or no leaks. There's no nothing surrounding this. We just knew that this was going to be messed up. Because it's bray white right so we don't we don't know we just don't know and this man this match experience. Whatever I'm just GONNA keep calling in a match because that's all I know to do but it was really experience and experience was unlike. I feel like anything we've ever seen. I'm just going to put it like that. So we open in the arena. John CENA comes out. He comes out ten. No no crowd. He's he's looking for. His booze is looking for cheers. They're not there and he's like what am I supposed to do? I don't know where am I supposed to do. He looks at the camera guy. What am I supposed to do? And he does delay. Think he knows how to do. Say welcomed the Wrestlemainia and it all went downhill from there except as Jones saying welcome to Wrestlemainia. We get a messed up little video package cutting back before between me gene ochre Linden. Vince McMahon saying welcome to Wrestlemainia with a twisted dark moments in mixed into it. And then we cut to the funhouse with Bray looking his most innocent in non murderous he has an opening monologue for this match where he gets deep he he does he really gets deepen the thought on this one. So he goes into his conspiracy theories complete with alien music that another world exists were deepest. Darkest desires are no longer secret. Gods Angels Demons and monsters are neighbors. And we've lost you what I'm assuming is Satan holding a sheet full of cartoon images of Gods Angels Demons and monsters and by the way if you look at the Satan the ears on on the same where the one like the ones you would have on devil so maybe I'm just I'm just I'm just pointing out baby. Vince McMahon the scene. I'm just throwing it out there. I don't know how many subtle references getting you get away with before he piss off your boss who knows what's get away with just a thought it's a thought out there anyway. Continue on so in this in this experience. We're going to get to know John. Sina deep inside the historic his wants his desires. And all the things I've ever heard him and Jon husted face his most dangerous opponent. God himself who's member? Remember Short Sean. How the face guide? Yeah that was. That was that wasn't experienced to that. Was the thing that happened. Thankfully it only happened. I imagine if they put Shawn and Vince and God in this type of video type thing Oh God and that's how he would fight God they could never get away with it but imagine what it would look like now. Yeah Chat Matt. Imagine Imagine Art back-off tender. Yeah back off tangent so bray says welcomed to the firefly funhouse and he disappears behind the door exiting the funhouse and John is teleported to the magical world of Bray Wyatt. He's in the fun house. And he's surrounded by Abby and mercy's box no Huskisson. Huskies mercy's box and the cardboard cut alibi and cut in half. What was what was left of the cut out. Yeah I went psycho on when the segments originally the the very first one he cut it in half but it was the original. Yeah this was the original set with the original props so we're believing based on everything that happened in this match this was possibly shot in Stanford but I'm not. I'm not ruling out the possibility that they threw a bunch of crap on a truck and send it down. All right just went in there for the run around the warehouse with this this this this which if there is I want video up. But anyway so Johnny's looking around he's nervous. He's not liking what he's seeing. He's a little scared. And then a beacon of light a beacon of hope our sweet Prince Ramle Rabbit POPs up from behind the TV. And he's so happy John's here he so excited and he you know he asked Johnny looking for braided. Yeah I saw it with Alli. What's He was our? I love the Rabbit. I love Ramblin so much and the last words from Ramblin Rabbit to John. Cena are careful dude dude so john walks into the darkness outside the Fun House and we have to say that honestly this kind a lot of people think comparing this part or a lot of this to the final deletion. I would say that this part here. Moore's minded me of the Christian show. Yes what is like have watched every almost every Show the Tiller Rex. Awesome is available to them like this. Part of the segment was shot. Exactly like one of the scenes they did in the past like completely in the dark type of camera straightforward like it came right out of the show continue so John's in the dark. He's looking around. We have ominous music and then out of nowhere. Don't don't don't we get the boss. Puppet he pops up and he starts to poke John about his lack of ruthless aggression and essentially we get a repeat evinces promo where he's poking at John. It wasn't it wasn't poking at the pro. He was he was cutting was the promo he cut on all to all the superstars. This was before they before sailing up where he's looking for. I'm looking for someone with Bruce Willis aggression. Who's IT GONNA BE? That was the Promo and Vince. Tell Sina to step it up or he's fired which I have to say. This spray does all the voices for the puppet. He does a fucking killer Vincent impression he does. I mean he got it like bought on like I was sitting here watching like four times now and it's like are we sure that it's not it's like are we. Are we positive? They didn't get Vince to do this or or positive as you. You can hear his voice. Yeah you can hear brace voice. But it's just like it's really a really really good impression events so props to him Ash The rabbit did not die in this one thing that did not happen is the rabbit. Didn't die he died for this but not during this so we cut to the ring to John. Cena's debut we're Bray is Kurt Angle. He's not in the singlet but he cuts the same promos angle when he's issuing the open challenge. Who's WHO's man enough to stand toe to toe with Bray Wyatt's but imagine Kurt Angle or angle singlet? Imagine Thou with hysterical. I would have been hilarious but I don't think that would have happened side note. I loved that they found Genes that made him look at an ass. I I had to kind of laugh at that a little bit like they finally found him some that like actually fit his nonexistent. But he's cutting the Kurt angle permit to word for word. Just replacing Kurt Angle with Bright Wyatt. Then you hear the generic music play and it's John Xena in his whole tights. Running by the fists might found fish. The giants back down this like the Internet pop so hard for the best. We're like Oh my God there because if you remember when the smackdown live came out it was in the trains. When they went logged with micro like everyone was wanting to come back on the news. It did not but it was like. Oh God there's the fest and so everyone loves a good thing if you're a wwe fan yet. We're all about the fisting so John runs to the ring at all John. Can Do is say ruthless aggression very aggressively and swing at Bray Wyatt with one arm. That's all he can do. And so- brace talking to John and John's like takes a swing at Bray ruthless aggression braid ducks pops back up and he's like well. John I- witnessing your biggest failure. It's actually kind of embarrassing. No wonder you almost got fired. Ruthless Aggression swiping break. And then and then we get it the clip to end all clips. You can't question to miss. We should know bray did it with a smirk on his face. He had a hip swivel. Going on any wiggled as eyebrows. Ajan very very really got into. You'll get much pants. The they'll laugh at the best. He enjoyed the crap out of that. I just WANNA say pausing on this match. If they're out takes of this is I want to know how many times they shoot that without losing their shit. I WANNA see them. I want to see the outtakes I really really do because I swear to God. They exist because these two had way the hell too much. Fun Shooting Nece Just way too much fun. You can tell So after after the final shot break it's out of the ring and runs off and John Chases after him and then then rock. It's too hot to handle. It's too cold to hold. Its sorry nights main event and what made its return to. Wwe screens the old big blue caves. He's part of it part of it though and you can tell the original case because it's so rusted. Yeah Yeah it needs a little love it needs a Lotta love. It's been sitting in the warehouse for Awhile. Now so the brushback whole schools. Sinai's intro and everything's bison with a couple of clips and then you had your announced team Macho mercy and Mr Mc Bosman. Those great awesome mutter. Mercy's got the sunglasses on like the Macho Man Sunglasses on. It's it's fantastic. And we see Muscle Man Bray. He's behind the cage and we think he's doing randy. Savage can't one hundred percent tell who he's doing. He's doing like an eighty southern wrestler savage or Hogan. I'm not sure. Yeah it's it's hard to say but basically brace about his tag team partner the ladies love him the men. WanNa be him Johnny Large Meat where the hell is my shirt. Wwe where is it? I want my Johnny Large Meat Shirt. I need it. I need that in my life. It's probably wouldn't be the least bit surprised. But yes. So Johnny. Large Meet Aka John Cena in his gear regular year should say comes out. He's pumping iron look at his body. It's all jacked It we don't think about the Eric's I don't think it was. The was the numbers now because I thought it might be like vary too but I don't think because of the pumping iron out was the snow so anyway so John Comes in he's pumping iron he's jacked. He's got veins popping. It looked so not natural. Look so weird. It was so gross with the veins. But he's pumping iron man and they're talking about you know basically what you're GonNa do brother what's GonNa do John You know. John does his best Hogan impression. While he's pumping the Iron Abby the witch as they zoom in on John's body her jaw drops and she leans in and then and then the most unfortunate thing ever happens John's pythons just wear out and he blows out and quotations his arms and he can't move his arms all he can do is swing his limp arms at. Bray will brace smirks at him. So what you're saying. Is Johnny Large Meet? Went Limp. He did Johnny Large me went limp absent. Jaffer Joey large meat going on. Yeah such a shame but brass John what she gonNA do brother. When Ego Mania runs wild on you and then he and while while brace asking him that we cut to mercy in the boss puppet and Ceric boss. Man's like dammit keep your hands up adds up got by God. Keep hands up and embrace grabs. Sina and throws him out. The Saturday night's main event in directly into the doctor of Thug Economics. We should stop right here for and just sort of go there for just taking shots that they have and district being creative with the light. They're not the one that you have to say about what we've seen so far. We're they took their. They took shots and they were creative with them in this one like this whole segment may not be everyone's cup of teachers but they were. They were having fun. And you could tell in a scenario were. John Probably shouldn't wrestle. No independent taking bumps now for insurance reasons. He shouldn't be taken them up. Say That will happen. This is a really clever way to get around that problem and I think while I wanted this to be a little bit more physical what. We got in terms of presentation in terms of creativity more than made up for it. Because this is an example of how Barbara Wyatt has come that you can get away with something like this and it completely works for him. And I'M GONNA and I'm going to explain why wouldn't have worked with the ocare when we get there because rocks wish came true in this. I wish came true in this But yeah just just to be able to do this and do as much as they did in this. Because this isn't the end. This is only the middle. This is like the next. There's like a few more parts after this in terms of references in terms of places that they took this but essentially what this is. Joe Is Bray Wyatt. Taking control of John Cena and making John take a really hard look at himself and who he is an essentially turning John into a parody of himself and bray playing a raw along for the ride and being the quote unquote puppet master through this. So it's really clever. It's a really well. Thought out and extremely well executed own was gone they. They took their time and took their effort than they made. Everything can't yep they. They took their shots and they took their chance and it works so we go to the doctor of economic seen as in his mania gear from last year. With with everything the to- the had the exact hat the things on his on his knuckles and the shirt. It was right down to the team from last year's Wrestlemainia. So good callback very callback. So we get. The flashback. Word Life video with the rabbits spliced. In He's wearing the glasses running the keyboard huskisson abby or group into the beat Braise grooving to the be. Seena gets in the rain. And he's he's like you know. I went from six to midnight. And that's when he realizes he can only talk in rhyme. You know it's what you gotTa do when your doctor? He just gotTa talk in in in rhymes to make it all cool and everything like that. So and again. It's that level of psychological controlled at braves exercising where it's and physical control where it's like. When he first starts all he can do is be basic John Cena and say ruthless aggression and do one swing in the next part all he can do is work out and Hogan like Promo and then blow his arms out and then he can't fight now here he is. He's the doctor Thug Annex and all he can do speak in rhyme so seena says I went from six to midnight. You're not taking away my my limelight. He's using rap to his advantage. Unlike Husky Harris. It's a wait. He can manage bray felt the Husky shot. He's like all right all right. Okay Gotcha or does it all right. I see where you went there. Aren't I got you? Hey brave got an idea for your puppet show put my Junkin glove and you can call it. Mr Suck Bro. Oh you've been a disappointment since they brought it to the dance your slut for opportunity but you're blowing every chance. Yeah the real soft Russi huns hands off. The floor was great. I loved it seemed call bracelet to his face. I mean what you call them every night so God damn it's about somebody you know. Somebody had to do it but Tom May. Telvision can't he's a slight rate wider slept. Pass it around. Well well same around me. Somebody else does so anyway. Were Life Ray. Ray TAKES THE MIC. And he says basically seen as wrong. He's had earned every chance every opportunity he's been given. John is the golden goose. He's untouchable. He's not a hero. He's a bully. Oh snap he's a horrible person. You take the weakness of others and he turns it into a joke. Do Anything for fame. You're you're the man. John Poor Lonely John Zena. I'm me those weren't lives. Those weren't lies where they he's has reputation for being there. There are some stories. They're come in the lie. Us ask Alex Riley go so bray steps back into the corner and says the floor is yours John Goes. You're in the doctor's house getting up in my face. All you'll get our these nuts little bag of Nazi hills literal bag of almonds on the same. That's from last year in your face. Tosses nuts at bray. John runs brave brave vanishes out of the corner and reappears behind him. He's got John's chain around his neck and he's very slowly wrapping the chain around his hand as John. Very lightly touches his chest and realizes the chains gone. He's confused it basically. I think it's that's like what such John Free Is. The chain around his neck as it were Is that weight is lifted. And he's now back to being him. John Turns around and brain knocks him right out boom then pass then. Okay so if you listen to the show last week on Thursday not on Tuesday on a Thursday. I told you what I wanted to see in in this match. One thing I wanNA see. I wanted to see the return of old school bray. Wyatt what we get we got the slops swamps lot. Y'All over in in his formal slut pants. If you don't know what those are. The former slept pants are the white pants. He got dressed up for John. He had the black other hat and then he had on one of the Hawaiian shirts. It wasn't anything that tied anything significant unless it was something to do with the bracing. A feud I didn't go that deep into it. But he did have on one of the Hawaiian Pants and he did have on the original snakeskin shoes that he wore when he debuted And they were also the pants incidentally that he went toe to toe with against the rock. Now there was a lot going on in this background because they basically recreated like Bray Wyatt old school background behind him And we had to grab all the references out of this because there was a lot of stuff in there that it took a couple tries to to actually get payments. This took US ten minutes to figure this out faithfully. Wwe was very nice to release still shots from this match for sale on wwe shop so we were able to grab quite a lot of the references out of this and we didn't even go look at the match pictures we didn't have to because they gave us a nice wide angle of everything going on in the background. So first and foremost chair. Actually both chairs were there Interestingly enough there were two rocking chairs there He was seated in the chair. When you cut in on him you saw ruins sheet mask. Some of them laying around Around him behind him is mercy shirt and I think on to one side is mercy. Shirt to the other side is that I think a stuffed rabbit stuffed animal rabbit. That's all dirty and abused and kind of shoved up in a corner in like the chain link. I think there's also a stuffed pigs of the same nature somewhere else in there but I couldn't make out what it was like. A pink thing in the background couldn't quite tell what it was but I think that's the pig and then I think like Abbey's doll face is in a black box at his feet so I think. All the puppets were technically present or at least referenced in this. But they weren't actually there so I think this is the start of the puppet personalities is where this all Kinda ties at in. I don't know though so we have that. We have the Lantern Room. The original answer. Not THE FACE LANTERN. Creepy is also one of the old school dolls from. I think not only the House of horrors match but also from the original promos that they did for the white family when they debuted. Now this is where this gets a little interesting because everything around him is white references right. We have ruins maths. We have melted faces. Slush SHEEP MASKS. Maybe that are from the burned down house When Randy Torch the compound? But there's something off on the floor in the forefront that you have to look to see but it's there and that's the undertaker's it's there guys. He still has it. It's there you have to look for it if you watch if you're watching the match and they do a wide shot is on the floor on the left hand side towards the front. It's very hard to see in the match in the match itself but when we looked at the picture it's there you can very clearly see it. There is also a casket lid a Pine Casket Lid in the background behind everything and then in the forefront on the right hand side. There's a mysterious wide-brimmed black hat that is not a fedora. Knows so there are multiple references. What I believe are multiple references to take her the earn for sure the earn is one hundred percent. A reference to his match with taker. So they're very much could be clues about the future the future which will get into. We'll talk about that after we get through the match but that was all the references that we could find in the background around. Bray if you saw anything else please tweet us. Put it in chat. Let us know what you think. So then we get to the Promo and Oh my God old school Bray Wyatt in his purest form. Full of fire and Brimstone of Jesus. I've missed this is made me so happy so bray. He was a color red and a world full of black and white. He had the whole world in his hands. And as he's talking their inner cutting Shots his debut and shots of him directing the crowd singing and shots of Wrestlemainia. Thirty in the whole build Wrestlemainia thirty and abigail spoke of the state his entire life and then we see the physical shot of Abigail from one of the PROMOS and John. Good sorry John John. You're supposed to be a man of the people that why weren't you listening? And we have more flashbacks to Wrestlemainia. Thirty in bray directing the crowd again in them seeing. He's got the whole world in his hands. Though hear them now John. They wanted me. They needed me. It was supposed to be a prophecy fulfilled but instead it was my grandest failure. I've heard for so long. I don't remember how to feel now. I'm going to rewrite own story. That's really key guys. Hold onto that. We cut back to the ring raise in the chair. He's glaring at John and he goes run throws off his hat. Yai Bursts out of the chair. He tackles John in the corner and they have their dance backroom resume. There were the head unless little dance during her brain. Does his waltz seen as unconscious and bray goes for the Sister Abigail? And by the way CENA's wearing his shirt either from wrestlemainia. Thirty or in the bill wrestlemainia thirty. But it's that same shirt and John breaks free sister Abigail embrace starts to starts to drop to his knees as he looks John Goes. That's not enough to end the superman but this is an holds out the chair or H-share to John. You get all these flashbacks wrestlemania thirty like do it do it do it. John Takes the chair embrago six years ago. You made the wrong choice cowboy. John You can end this. You can fix it fix it John and brace screaming at him fix it and John makes the right choice and he aggressively swings and as he swings for Bray Bray disappears and once bray disappears. Brace hold on John Disappears and John Takes Woolen. Look at the chair. Looks at it in panic and discuss throws it down and backs away from it. He's confused. He doesn't know what's going on. And then then we have to go a little nitro in a complete left. Turn the NITRO intro plays. We've got the black and white stuff going on and there's breads and wwl. You'll Monday nitro that when they took over Monday nitro for a night. There's Bray in the ring in his leather jacket. Doing his best. Eric Bischoff impression which Eric Bischoff had the strategy of the he's like I was fired enough Tober and I may have entered Wrestlemainia. Nobody's ever done that before. Like Oh Eric Troll Goddamn troll eleven so braves like you know what I WANNA do. You know what I really really really WANNA do. And then he introduces Hollywood's Sina with the N. W. O. title subdued. Shit right here. Yeah and that's where the me was born guys Mr Mc boss Man. This is some good shit some good shit right here. This is such good shifts. Such good shit. Yeah which is Vince. Mcmahon like everyone says. That's what Vince says. The really like something. This could shit. Let's go pal. It's interesting. How many Hogan shots they took. Hogan Shawn's been shots. It's just really funny. So so the two sweet sweet in all the trademarks. You know John's using the titles guitar. They're they're laughing. They're having a good time. And then they flash to win the IN W attacked and John John Turns on Bray Bischoff or Eric Wyatt or you WanNa put it where Maria easy easy easy be works and he attacks him and he starts to Pummel Bray. Stop you're hurting him. Abby and rambling plead with John. To stop he continues to Pummel. Bray says this angle light is like. Oh Oh and we see in as John is continuing to Pummel. What we think is bray. We see shots of signs of Sina. Wins. We riot here. Sina being booed we get the scene. Sucks chance you know. We see shots of punk leaving with the w championship taker of tubes. Zoning him I was all what we saw. Were Bisky seen as Piggott's failures? Sina losing one stance who lives in the punk scene losing to the undertaker wrestlemainia things like that. A lot of his big failures and John just snaps he continues to Pummel and he continues to pummel until Bray becomes hospice the pig and we just see a lifeless husks laying under John and John Stops and he just brakes. You just see him break right there. He's in his regular gear. He's himself he's free of Bray Wyatt spell for the moment an all olive raise magic. Olive RAISE MIND. Games have worked except the. Something's not quite right. Things are a little gritty or a little grainy their little de Saturated here. And we see the fiend laying in wait behind. Sina. Who's just broken. He doesn't know what to do he I think he's realized his everything is screwed. He screwed an everything. Bray Wyatt said was true. And that the fiend does not rely on fear or confusion or chaos. The fiend will take you apart and use your flaws against you at beat you with him and somebody came with really good theory that we're GonNa talk about after that but essentially Bray Wyatt and John. Cena are the same person. Just two different presentations if you look at whether they came up on the main roster different points ruthless crushing. Johnson. It didn't work Husky work. They had to be repackage to work. I Will Continue. So the fiend strikes as seen it turns around. He grabbed Sina with the mandible claw. And as the. Fiend IS MEDICAL CLAWING. Sina down we. They overlay seen as promo his final promo from smackdown. Which is the outguess. Okay he says sister Abigail and he goes this natural. -CCOMPLISH what should have happened six years ago. And in the existence of the most over hyped overvalued over privileged. Wwe superstar in existence. Bray hits the Sister Abigail but he's not done. The fiend goes for the kill with more mandible claw and he's got seen a down. He's got him on his back. Bray Bray appears in count down one to three winky face in a laugh. And the fiend wins Fiend Beach John Cena and stands tall in Triumph Sina vanishes and we get the let me in and that is the last thing we see of the firefly funhouse before we cut to titus. O'neil's face I. I don't know what I saw. I think it was everybody. I think Titus O'Neal was all of us in that moment because I think we all sat here for a minute and we're like Holy Shit. What did we just watch like? This was a train wreck in all the best ways I mean you just you could not take your eyes off. It was positively hypnotic and like I said I watched it four times in the last forty eight hours partially because I was trying to do research for it and partially because I just wanted to watch it again because there's such beautiful storytelling in this and it shows like I said how far Bray Wyatt has come as a character and I'm going to use his real name and if it's offensive. I'm sorry and it shows how ungodly talented windham Rotunda really. It's that boy is gifted In terms of being able to do a character and act and do voices and everything else. Oh by God I hope. He has a career after wrestling in terms of acting because he should. I mean he did what Four or five different characters in one. Match not to mention he voiced all the puppets. Which the puppets weren't that much. But he still every week he does the voicing for the puppets and they all have different voices and they all have different characteristics and everything else. It's just insane. How talented talented he hits. He's very tone. He's very charismatic. Very entertaining he has something that could draw you to the television screen which is why he has the following that he does and here this this ill experience whole segment this whole batch in quotation where he got his wind back from Johnson. He the phen- ride the wrong from what happened with very wide and John CENA resume thirty showed how the range of very wide as the person the character can do again. We said this top. This may not be for everybody. That's fine but you look at this this whole thing and you go. They told one Hella a story from top to bottom. They showed you all the falls. A Johnson other showed the flaws bright Wyatt and they went back and told the story like some people are like. Oh they just do this together. It's like if you look at it. No there's a lot of hidden details that no one will really get. Unless you're really fan of John steeler Fan of Brian the Oh yeah that makes sense in that all it all ties again. Gather because there's it's very subtle points. There's little things that are just so so beautiful and while I was thrilled to see the swamp. Original version abrupt Y. And hear him in his pure form and see him really be all that we ever felt he could be this. You could have never done anything like this with him. Never it never would've worked in this context. The fact that Bray has come up with a character that is that universal that can do this right which is just complete batch insanity going from one thing to another it all ties together because it's all a story and it work is amazing and not only just work with the one character work with the fien too. I mean that was that. Just amazing to me the big props John. Because John didn't have. Oh Yeah they could've gone out and now it's just a little quick match in the Ring Bing Bam boom you beat me. Yeah the fact that was Sealer who as we've seen his movies are is willing to take chances and not look like a fool at times. He was able to poke fun at himself. And that's the best person you compete is when you can poke fun at yourself. This is the best characters because if you just keep to yourself and you keep your character and you're very protective of it then nothing's ever GonNa get -CCOMPLISH and John knew that John knows his place right now. He's not here long-term he's not in w to be the guy inning where he's here to help get something over. Despite his promos were saying he came into Wrestlemainia. Thirty six and got the fiend over the theme he got bright wide over. He ride the wrong. In what the fans thought he got he reestablished bright after Bright Lost Goldberg. Which is the funny story about that for with Thron? Because apparently was driving up in Wisconsin. He was three hours away from. Wisconsin had to be after driving. Twenty one hours that was told. Hey you gotta come back to work. So if they flew back in on jet the same he was there for three hours. It flew him back in the jet so he can work wrestlemainia because they were in trouble because a Roman. That's why when we reviewed it on Saturday. It's like Whoa. What was he wearing? What was he doing That explains it all good on Bravo number on for doing that. Flying back after driving. Twenty one hours man. That that sucks but I what I really liked about this is. This wasn't all the fiend. This was the they held the fiend back until the very end and they let they let funhouse bray shine which is what I feel like they needed to do because we get so little exposure to Funhouse Bray just essentially what we see in the promos that to actually get to see him do everything that he did where he did the impressions and he did the funny skits and he did the the rap battle in the insults in the promos and everything else outside of the fiend was absolutely wonderful. And then you get to the end. And he's waiting. He's waiting to come in for the kill. Like funhouse. Bray does his job he strips seen a down he breaks Sina and the fien comes in and finishes the job. This is just embrace hotline. It's Ju Yeah. This is all embrace head all of this. That that's where this assume this takes place. Is the fun houses embrace mine? The puppets our voices embrace head. The fiend is something a braise imagination and funhouse brace how he sees himself which is again. It just absolutely incredible but I wanNA bring up those we talked about it and I have to bring it up a couple of things one since John. Pummeled him is huskies dead thus killing Husky Harris once and for all. Maybe we'll have to see on that one but I found that interesting that out of all the puppets houses the one that gets it And to talk about. Take a references. We have to 'cause braces the jaw. He's going to right the wrong. He's going to rewrite his own story and it doesn't he doesn't follow that up with John he just says. I'm going to rewrite my own story. And there's a lot of references to take her now. Brea had a bunch of big feuds when he was the swamp version but if any very interesting at all the props that were selected there were like three Three references to take her. At least. That's very very interesting to me because there was like nothing referencing randy. Nothing referencing Matt. Hardy the references ruin nothing for Harper. Who's really cute for harbor? Yeah well I mean you throw in like a plaid shirt or Bandanna or something in there in that could have been him But all the big feuds taker is extremely present makes you wonder is some ticker next on the Hitless. I mean he could be a in terms of doing a cinematic match in terms of doing something else like this now now is the time. Let's all be completely real. It's all be completely honest. They are not going to have audiences back in. Arenas anytime soon. So they're going to have to find clever ways to do empty arena matches and clearly. The cinematics are hit. They didn't excellent job on both. It's the way it is the best way at least for taker to be shown because you can show him in his best light and he looks phenomenal and Bray looked fantastic and phenomenal as well. But Bray doesn't necessarily need it but if you need the smoke mirrors for Brian Taker. You have the smoke and mirrors and just imagine the mind games. They could play with each other but they could really really do something. Go and Bray just rakes. Takers passed over the coals because for personal and professional Because AJ opened the door. You can go there with him now. Now Willie do all the stupid silly skits. Probably not but I just invite you to think about it. Bray Wyatt doing his best pallbearer impression. Ooh I mean he could. He could do best. Drc impression just just think about that. Y'All I've also seen a lot of people saying take our staying no please. Don't I mean maybe cinematic you need a story and just because of too dark heart doesn't give them a story at this stage of the game. Yeah but I mean you could do it if you really wanted to. This was this was nothing what anybody expected because we didn't know what to expect but this was beyond satisfying in terms of how they did this. I was expecting something much more physical and it wasn't But you had bray playing mind games. You had bray controlling. Sina through the whole thing where it's you know. Bray Challenge Sina to his match right firefly phone house where he has all the control. So brave was able to win. And you got to see very Wyatt at his most powerful which I loved. I'm here for And also we got the swamp slut which was on the thing on the K. in all his glory. Oh God it just made me happy like I. I love the feet and I love funhouse spray. But I'm a purist. She is and I never. I always felt like the swamp version of never really got his do because he lost Sina and he never ever really got that same momentum back is what he had was seen. He came close but he never got that full momentum back and nobody really ever took him seriously after that but I think with that we take a break. Yeah so we're going to take a quick break and when we come back we are going to be talking about the other matches the other seven matches on the car other eight eight all right the pre show so you'll soon the record here on wall talk. 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I have one Chris in them of this match because I thought it was a solemn match not great not not think about it. Sued sauvage. Live is definitely improving and being in the ring with now helps. She needs to be more nine. The it'd be more vocal and expressive in the match. I mean that's not thinks she's used to doing. It's not true natty form but we need more of that especially to add to the Elbe. Enough no crowd. We'll talk about in the next match where they were the complete opposite than the very expressive in their match. Yeah this Wrestlemainia was very much about acting emoting playing to the cameras versus playing to the crowd and I feel like the people that are very very good at doing that. Rose to the top in this Wrestlemainia Because there were a lot of people who pivoted who understood? There is no crowd so we have to be loud. We have to make sure that the cameras and the mics here us so that way the crowd. Here's at home. 'cause they get the crowd is not there but they're watching they're listening. They're they're so they WANNA make sure they're heard and there was a lot of banter. There was a lot of insults. There's a lot of back and forth throughout a ton of the matches. This one didn't have as much they tried. They tried really hard I know that it's not Nazis Forte. No it's not. It's not really what she's used to doing. She did try but she's emoting. Acting is not necessarily a part of what she does. So it's excusable it's fine Live like you said is definitely improving and being the ring with. Natty certainly doesn't hurt. She's one of the best wrestlers in the business But yeah this was just okay. This was this. This wasn't necessarily anything to write home about but this was this was fine. It was Capriccio match. Then we get to the main shown kicked off with Charlotte flair challenging rea- Ripley for the NFC women's championship and say these two girls were allowed. These two girls were really really really loud. That's a good thing because they hit hard all day all night and they came in and coming and coming after one another and then fantastic. They didn't just hit hard with their fists. They hit hard with insults to like. They were hurling. Insults left right and center. They were screaming at each other. I this this was great. The only thing it makes me cry about this match is that you know. They both had special entrances. You know they did because Charlotte came out in this absolutely glorious. Fantastic the jeweled robe. Rhea had new gear made where it was blue and white and gold which is a throwback to her first original gear. Apparently and she looked great. She looked fantastic. Cayenne wrong but you could actually finally see her assets. Yeah you could. She had a top. That was not just cut out t-shirt But she looks fun and either. Yeah but it just showed that she had stuff scarlett. She had Iraq. Anyway it's doing moving on so yeah. This was fantastic. This was absolutely fantastic. Love the crap out of this. This was super hit hard hitting like rock said. This was the best match of the weekend. Yeah Yeah and I think a lot of people were disappointed with the finish because in the end Charlotte one. And she's now you're annexed he women's champion Alabama. I was one of the people that just because it's like Oh. Ll Charlotte wins a title at Mania. Woo But apparently. Ria is having to renew her visa supposedly. There's a rumor going around. That Ripley has to renew her reasons headed back to Australia. Whether or not we do not know. We cannot confirm. Confirm it but if that's one of the reasons behind it then there you go number two. There's talk about it being for innings and help try to spice up the annexed earrings. And when you gotTa do what you gotTa do and let's be real we if we exchanged Charlotte for rare right now or another Charlotte Bianca right now on on brands. It's fine because now going forward. You have the opportunity to gift. Charlotte knew matches. And that's the one thing she hasn't had in forever because she's been wrestling Becky Lynn for so long. It's been Becky Becky Charlotte And asked that's about it. That's all we have really have. There's no real new opponents for Charlotte. So her go to. Annex T as the champion opens up a wide variety of new matches new challenges for her 'cause Charlotte's athlete and she loves competition than she steps per game when she faces New People. Look what she did with Ripley resume. She was with Bianca. Bel Air and imagine what you could do with the rest of the roster Dannon and exceed right. Now you have six women tomorrow night on T. competing to fight Charlotte flare not just real rippling out Charlotte flare you have the women you gotTa Fight Against Imagine Charlotte flare versus teagan knocks any yeah Charlotte versus Yoshahara. I mean let's be realistic. Goes on and on and on that you got six talented women in a lot around smart and you can get in the ring with Charlotte flare. Have a hell of a match. I mean that just says something what we got. And that's just six of the women say so. You have the possibility to something interesting in new for a little while with Charlotte until it gets rolled. Then you have. The next woman. Beater weathered remain when she comes. Back or one of the other girls Beezer and in Charlotte House go back on their own. I mean this is simple it is. It's Harry simple but great match. Probably one of the best matches on the weekend right here. I would say the best that's the best actual match. Yeah a fun house experience or vote. Your flight. So what's next. What was next on the show? I'm trying to do this off memory now and I can't remember owes a Alston Black and Bobby Lashley. Yep Alston black on when when Lana goes. Hey Bobby spear him spear him and then that didn't work he face. Who did he ever side? Note it's really interesting because I sit in here as like because you know what's mania right and you know people have gear made for many or they have special items may for Madiun it's like wonder who all's going to actually wear their special stuff in who's GonNa save it Alastair blackhead stuff made for. This guy is very horny. He had these two giant horns on this like leather shredded leather rogue. That looked like it was decaying. It was ultra cool was super cool but yeah he he just walks out. And there's these two giant horns on his shoulders and you're like okay all right. Go Kuku so you got his win. Bobby Lashley had pants he did have bins. London's Ginger now. She's back toward natural hair color. Yeah no more blonde. She's now like an Auburn Sort of Brunette. But then we had most heartwarming. Moment of the of the night it was Otis versus Dolph. Stigler doff comes down with Sonia villainous corner and they're having a file match right. Nothing crazy it's Otis in ziglar. They're having a bad. It's it's getting involved than she gets involved. One too many times. Ziglar gets kicks wrote US at the balls. One of US gets kicked to the balls outcomes a- diggers got. What are you doing? You're ruining everything? Then she gets in the ring. She goes low on doffs Naegler OTAS gives the Caterpillar off. Otis gets his wrestlemainia win. But more importantly otis gifts girl he picks a picks up Mandy carries around. They cast. He's so pretty. She's pretty. I was very happy. He got the girl. This was probably the weirdest payoff. I mean it was satisfying. Don't get me wrong. But it was so weird. Because they just went ahead and revealed this on smackdown really randomly that Sonia set up Otis and Mandy four Dolf for some unknown reason that I am sure will be revealed later but it was just really sort of bizarre how they did it. And then it's like okay. All right so you had otis one. You had to get the girl you had mandy smack Sony around a little bit. I mean I just. I don't know there's just really strange like it was a good match. It was the most serious that we've seen Otis. I was a little. Sad Tucker. Wasn't there. I really hope. They don't split them up. Though he was injured on for on smackdown which is why even though on the on out there he can stand there and look cute. I mean he was so okay. So this was the one drawback from from no fans the pop that will he owed us. What a guy with he kissed Mandy but huge oh it would have been absolutely massive like just. Yeah it's it's it's sad. It's really sad that we didn't get that but I guess it is what it is at this point but he's still got the girl all that matters he got the girl then in a match the probably sliced about ten minutes off of it and everyone would have been okay. Last man standing headdresses randy were. There was some weird sexual tension going on in this. I mean I just going to throw that out there like there. I feel like at some point. This went from like edge and randy just fighting because randy took out edge and betrayed EDGE TO IF ROMNEY WINS. Edge has to stay with randy but edge wins. He gets to go home with Beth. I don't know that's just what this felt like. It was just weird. There was just some really weird sexual tension going on in this match but I loved this match. Let me tell you why. Tell me why. So the match opens with edge coming out to the arena. It's empty and then they play. Randy's music but randy doesn't come right. He's just he's nowhere to be found in edges around. He's like where is he? Where is he ritzy? I'm sitting here screaming the entire time behind. You Use legit screaming at this. Because I know Randy Orton and sure enough. What happens randy? Orton comes up from behind our Cao's edge out of nowhere except well. Randy's sneaky devil. He was there the whole time. He decided disguise himself as a cameraman. We don't know what happened to the other cameraman. We don't we don't we. I'm hoping he just got paid off and is having a lovely vacation at his house but I her house. I shouldn't say to just be a man could be either or neither But yeah we don't know what happened to the camera person we don't but anyway randy shows up the camera and he takes off this like Hoodie. Thing that he had onto conceals identity and the first thing we see is ready Ordinance Pants and for Second. I freaked out because it's like. Oh my God is randy going to fight in pants which again. It's a context thing. Rainy were wearing pants. Means Shits about to get super real because that man never wears pants on television ever he just walks around in his little man panties all the time if he shows up in pants. You have a problem. Because he couldn't even be bothered to take his pants off to kick your ass. He just took his shirt off and again. It's so real that rare that it's usually he just gets super violent so anyway randy strips right there in the middle of the ring pants. Come off everything's fine. Everything's normal and the to proceed to fight and they proceed to fight all over the PC and we're gonNA talk about the one thing. That has everybody in an uproar. But I think my favorite part of this match was the random. Wwe personnel that were there that inadvertently or advertently ended up in the shots. And also the two cameramen that got taken out in the process or no one camera guy and the other one was chasing them around the PC like wwe known for their high quality production values. One camera guy gets knocked on his ass and he's shooting the ceiling will edge and Randy. You're fighting in front of him in the office space. The other one when that one gets knocked down is running through the arena. A running through the building trying to find them in the back somewhere to catch them fighting. Here's the thing. This was pre taped. They could have cut that part of it. They didn't they left it in intentionally which I love. Then we're in the back right. We're fighting in the back with throwing things at each other. We're in all the equipment everything like that. We get to the backstage interview area. We find it which it stuck way in the back corner. And there's a random camera guy with the with the standard with the stand up camera right adjusting it messing with it. Just casually chillan with his camera. Renae ORDEN EDGECOMB rolling through guys like whatever walks off. There's another guy sitting at a table back behind everything where he's like. Ooh What's going on air like he's watching the fight and he's a little scared because he's like took me. Don't come near me. Don't come near me stay away. Stay away from my tables. I have tables. God I have tables. I think he got run off. At one point when they're at ringside. There's the cord the cord roller girl. That she's trying so hard in so desperately not to be seen on camera and she's like pressed against the wall and she's like Oh God stop shooting me. Please stop shooting me. Don't appear in the shot anymore is like that was the best part is was not even the match itself as the rhythm personnel. That ended up in the shots or affecting the shots like it was just. It was great. So they battled in the arena. They battled backstage in workout area. I wear in order to hanging little bit and everyone in the guy can't believe doing things. Calm down calm down. They intended to be what it was what you think it was intended to be. But I understand why everybody is hyper-sensitive. Everyone was very sensitive about things will be a documentary that up. Yeah so the fighting through the hallways three office areas into the posters. And everything like that. You like this. Bill got need to be scrubbed down. After they're done probably going to get a whole new building so they'll finding everywhere and doing all these different things. One point they get an area with red lighting. Oh my God the female but then they get backstage and then the parking area and then they're finding I think the red lighting was behind the WRESTLEMAINIA. Sign yeah it was or yeah as I said so then. They're finding on the back of someone's pickup truck moves on the back of a pickup trucks. Who are poor pickup truck us? I'm sorry but the love and concern when edge gets dropped headfirst into the back of the pickup truck was so sweet does the rep is like are you okay? Are you all right checking on edge? He's holding his hand. He's making sure he's OK. An ordinance believing Orleans bleeding. No ORDINANCE STARTED. Bleeding edge jumped on him through. The tables was like you see. They're checking on on orange bleeding. You know I spent some spears. Dvd's are Cao's then again on top of a of a semi truck and that's where they end up finding to the end and yeah we had a concerto and the match which was very well acted by edge where he showed the anguish of having to do this to his former best friend like ultimately. He's not ashamed to do it but like He. He did it anyway because he could write because he had to. That was whole. That was the whole point. I haven't early tweeted the week because it is Relevant to this match if I can find it real quick. Yeah so Beth Phoenix. I think either right after this match or during this match tweets out. I'm changing my style. No more ladders. And it's a photo from the match of edge standing on top of a chain link fence like cage slash room slash holding area next to a ladder jumping off of it and onto Randy. Orton UNQUOTE was from edge rated R superstar. That is a good wife right there where she just like. Tam. What you've referencing is the edge special where he goes down. You Never GonNa see me going through flaming tables and barbed wire in thumb tacks that the first match back is lessening signage. Just just saying but yet this was super good. It was a little long. It had some really weird sexual tension throughout it but otherwise it was good is a really good at first batch back for edge again a little side. It wasn't in front of a live crowd. But there's absolutely nothing they can do about that. So on Day. One MOJO won the twenty four seven chippy chip on day. To crank does trust fall onto a bunch of people and get the twenty four seven championship. My Dad brought this up to me. He's like wrong Gronkowski title in WWe. And I'm like yeah. He won the twenty four seven title so line. So what's the best part about? All the sports people have to had a tweet about it like the NFL people which reading better than like sport sports reporters which like Adam. Schefter was tweeting about it. Because it's football related kind of news because former football player Rob Gronkowski won the twenty four seven championship at Wrestlemainia. So Big Deal Adam. Schefter had to report on it. Just say we then had. They're all tied team. Tony Match Street. Prophets introductions versus an agent. Cars solid swallowed a match. The big thing was bianca. Bel Air showing up. Yeah the match itself was fine. The street profits. Were having lots of fun. Finding the camera people missing with the camera people and Zelina Lote Amazing. She had on her gold halo crown with like gold disc gold top that was like filigree and skulls and everything. It was really super cool except got a little head of herself. She tacked Street prophets after they won the match. And well somebody took exception misspell layer. Who'S MARRIED TO MONTAS? Ford took exception came out and basically whooped Selena's but and the the trio stood tall in the street profits and beyond Belair at the end with her aloft on their shoulder. If you haven't seen Kaz months twitter. They had their WRESTLEMAINIA party at home. They're all dressed to the nines and everything is perfect side. No get you someone that looks at you. The way that Montana's Ford looks at Bianca Belair because Holy Shit. When he liked looks up he realizes she there. She's there he's like. Hi It's so cute. It's just so cute. He also knows he's in serious trouble because she's there then Tennyson now the the host because well reasons took off. We told you next parents but as Bailey Sush Maksimir relationship. It's it's fable highway match for the elimination match for the Spectators Championship won. They made immunised. Seemed like she's the biggest deal of all biggest deals because everyone had their finish or high risk maneuver onto. Meena to eliminate her and then they all had to lay on top of her. I felt so bad for her because they just got her out of that match. I think she hit like a few moves. And then they're like yeah by Susan there for comments and then they owe me was going after that was booked on a Sasha Lacy Bailey. They'll last week on on the Thursday show. We talked about how you have to Save Bailey in foster from actually fighting. Because you know there's a big match their and whatever and they didn't really fight in this one because it was a mistaken. Bailey accidentally hit Sasha and you know that caused some tension between the two women and Lacey took advantage of it. She went to to to attack us. Sasha Bailey shove they're all the way but then Bailey shove into than nail. The women's right on stock knocking her out on the ground watched the one two three happen and then bay leaves Bathing Lacy Finding out the final two and Bailey like super uber aggressive and she ties lacy up into with the tag rope in the Corner. And just be on her beyond our eventually. Got Out of it But as we watch this whole beatdown going like Sasha's still on the ground what is Tasha gone onto so as Lacey got control. She did her salute mood. Saw got near fall. She's getting ready to the women's right toss. It comes in backstabber. On icy the Bailey did her finisher and got the win. Sasha's stood by her friend at the end but even now in his celebration. The endless courageous. You just yelling at. You can't beat me. Jbl You can't be me. My nobody can meet beyond the best. Ya Ya. This was a good showcase for Bailey. I think one of the things that I really liked about this was the story that they told where Bailey the whole night is in her own head about Sasha because in the end Bailey no Sasha and Sasha knows Bailey and Sasha knows she can beat Bailey anytime she wants like a Drum Bailey can can return the favor but Bailey. Still Not as confident about it as she would let you believe so they did this really great storytelling the whole time between them. They did this really subtle tension between them where Bailey's nervous because Bailey knows out of everybody in that match. The one person that can meet her is Sasha banks. Now they worked together to appoint when Bailey. Pseudo saves Sasha but then conveniently shove lacy into Sasha knocking her out and getting her eliminated. Well I wouldn't say that was coincidental. I would say that was purpose on purpose. Happenstance if you will Bailey. Got Rid of her biggest threat not to say season. Big Threat Lacy has improved quite a bit. She looked really good in this match. I liked her gear except for her hat. I don't know what was going on there. Please never wear it again But our gear was cute or gear was ultra cute. Everybody look good. Naomi looked like fire She had this little light Whip thing that was a little strange but yeah. Sasha looked on polling liked Bailey. Skier like to meet his gear. Jacket on Bailey was weird though. The jacket on Bailey was weird but yeah like Sasha like Sasha's husband is so talented but the match itself the match was good. I feel bad for to me. I'm sorry I did like. They set her up especially on smackdown to be this bad ass. They're talking about how she is. She's like the wild card since she's like you know you don't know what she's going to do and she's the first one gone and she's gone within the first few minutes of the match so. I have to do like that. You really have to do like that. I mean come on in for her so probably going five six minutes prize long. She can go. Yeah that's true and I and I know that but still it's like y'all y'all come on so yeah this is good. This is really good success to the firefly house which we just recapped then take supermen event for the WWe championship Brooklyn. Drew McIntyre. To say was an afterthought we were watching the show it was an afterthought no snow fence to true or brock. It was we were still. I think enthralled with the firefly funhouse I think everybody was still absorbing it. I think everybody was still coming out of the shock of it and this match was just not long enough to come out of that shock and really react the way that you should. I think some people absolutely did but a lot of other people were like wait. What what just happened. What did I watch weight? Drew one white. Who THROUGH ONE? Four minute match in a four-minute match where Brock Germond and FBI. The crap out of drew drew kept getting up in three claymore. Kicks later and he is your new. Wwe champion it was. It was fine for what it is. As mentioned it needed the crowd the moment neither the crown like they work the match like it would have been in front of the crowd. There was no extra behind the payment tried but there was not enough wall behind it. It was just a match. It was just a quick little rock listener. Fight that in front of a crowd of eight thousand people you could have got behind but with no Kreil. The attraction known sparkler really doesn't work because he's he's intimidating. He gets a crowd riled up here. You couldn't rile up anything. It was just enthroned drew around Andrew Fighting Back and there's no big comeback with the crowd. Just this matchup of the mall neither the crowds to make the finish and it didn't have it but your champion it just felt underwhelming one coming up the firehouse and to. It wasn't long enough to get you away from that moment because the match was four minutes long yeah it was drew absolutely deserved to close. Wrestlemainia and hold the title aloft and celebrate his win. He's worked incredibly hard to get here. He came in he was. He wasn't ready for the opportunity that he'd been given he was shown the door. He went on the indies again. He busted his but he came up with a new character. He worked different promotions until he got. Wbz'S ATTENTION AGAIN. And then he went to an xt reproved himself an annex. T not that he needed to but he did and now he's rose to the criminal crop in in the WWE for raw. This is again like rock said. This is one of the matches at suffer because it didn't have the crowd and while you had drew doing his best to vote and be loud in talk crap. Brock is not. That person is not an actor. Brock is not really. I would even say necessarily a performer. He is a fighter. He's attraction prizefighter. He he shows up. He does his business any lake leaves. He's not necessarily there for talking during a match although he would if he wanted to. He was just there to do his job and leave. And that's that's the character that's what he does and so this match suffered because of it because it was like you said it was all only four minutes long. I had to go back and rewatch this match because I was still so in shock of what had happened previously. That it's like you know that's great that drew on. I'm super happy for drew. He's definitely earned it. But what what the what the F. just happened with Sina embrace and we called that we call bed on Thursday. That were whatever the fun house was going to be. It was going to overshadow anything around it. Anything including the championship match. Because it's just going to be on that side of bizarre that is going to overtake everything else behind it for at least a few matches and I don't WanNa knock drew but I feel like this should have been last. I understand why wasn't Andrew deserves to close the show. This should have gone last just because there was that initial shock that sorta ruined the drew brock match for me. It's my only criticism was it was just. There was so much to process. My brain was like going into overdrive. Smoke was coming out of my ears and all I wanted to do was watch the funhouse. A match began to get everything that I missed the first time. And that's what made watching this final match really really difficult because it's like my brain went one way and it's like no you have to go this white right now. Worry about everything else. Later and for the record I did rewatch at that night after wrestlemanias over But all in all a satisfying wrestlemainia for sure for me. It was very it was very enjoyable night. It was a very tonight's I should say. Do I want Wrestlemainia. Tonight's ever again. No because the experiences Wrestlemainia as day as a whole the thing is what has happened in the last seven years or so is they have felt the need to get everyone on the show. Because I would say in the last three or four years it should be more that six but it was like I went from like four hours like eight matches including a royal battle royal. But it's like you slowly went. We have two brands. We gotta get everyone on. Everyone is a big match. We need to make sure everyone has their fake set. One shining my whip and it. Just STACKS UP THE CAR. Now you because you have two world champions to mid card titles two sets of tags to women's titles so it's like you're already ranking of the matches there and women's tag and then you have you know the big grudge matches that you have to get in that sense so it's like you've already you're starting to add up and that's ten matches there just injected just off. The South Rip starts like what you need to do for us. It means you cut down the matches because back in my day back Monday kids. You had earn your spouse wrestlemainia. Just wasn't that my God. Everyone gets on Wrestlemainia. You have to earn the spot. And that's what they should probably go back to is limiting the amount of matches they have on the show. Get it down to five hours. Everyone can handle five hours seven midnight. Everyone I know. Oh my God is fiber has long. That's enough like you don't need it. You can go for hours like you can get ten matches. I'm for our seat. You did it back in the day with Wrestlemania. Seventeen though the the Wrestlemania everyone love and you've got all the matches in it. Just it worked but because you extended with two hours over pressure with three pre show matches than five five and a half hours rustling so you. Now you're up to seven and a half hours. It's a long day understand it but it's also wrestlemainia. It specialists different people like the fact that you went to days. And you want to days for US mania but then you're now you're unofficially takeaway takeover because you cannot run takeover on any other night so like either your sacrifice exc- takeover Russell many which everyone considers the beggar show in terms of rustling peer. Rustling for two nights wrestlemainia. If that's what you WanNa do then find. Let's go with this format but everyone loves takeover. So what you can't do it the week before it can do with the week after makes them especial. 'cause you're just coming off. Rusmana and they're not gonNA turn it's WWe. They're not GONNA go. Hey a week before. We're doing this big event that going to happen to the week. After we had this big that it's not gonNA happen it's going to be an afterthought so either takeover does not get the Russell meetings week treatment like it has been the last five years or we keep takeover and have a wrestlemainia day and you just cut back a little bit. I mean that's my thoughts. That's my opinions. I would just say I wasn't necessarily a fan of wrestlemainia being onto days. Just because I wanted to see everything and buy everything. I mean the funhouse and the bone yard in one night while you know having the excitement on the Sunday all day Wrestlemainia was cool at the same time. It was a little annoying. Because it's like I really WanNa see what this is going to be because I was so excited after the bone yard match. Whatever this is this is going to be good. I know it's going to be good now. My fears have been assuaged. I'm ready for it. Give it to me. Show it to me wait. I have to wait twenty four hours for it crap. Am I going to be this excited for tomorrow? I don't know I was slobby real. I was but to me. It's like I would just rather get it all done in one day then too. Because here's the thing about the pre show you can take it or leave it. You can watch it. You don't have to watch it. I typically don't sit through all of Wrestlemainia in the first showing 'cause I have to get up and move around so it's like I'll wait for the matches that I'm not as into in all kind of get up and walk around and I'll have it on in the background and I'll hear it or I'll be sitting here and watching it and kind of do something else to distract myself to reset my brain. But I'm still hooked. You're still enthralled you still have you still going on around you and that's what matters that's what counts when it comes to else man's like it's Russell May Day because it's so mania that's it's a one day event. I know new Japan too but new Japan could done one night and it would have been five because they did. They had the same talent work in both days. So that's that's that was pointless but I know they're trying to tell a story or whatever but I don't know I mean if it if we have to do two days now I it's fine but I would just prefer to do takeover on one ninety wrestlemainia on the next just to allow next to shine star. Russell made six. I don't care who early I mean to me. It's like you could reduce the pre show or count. The ratio is officially estimated. Start at six o'clock and go boom. Here's Russell Managed Sixty six eleven. Five hours will think people I think people would be okay with it starting early. I don't think that that matters. Yeah but I mean either way. It's not our decision but wasn't a fan of the two nights because also it's like a head to make sure which right now that is not a problem. Okay let me. Just put that out there. But I had to make sure that I was around and I was ready to go for both nights now when this is over and we are all out to go back out into the world. I can't guarantee that every every year and that's part of the problem it's like I can usually set aside a Sunday night and be like okay. This is Wrestlemainia for me. I'm going to do nothing but watch wrestling all day. And I can occasionally get away with takeover where I do takeover mania back to back. But it's like sometimes it's not always guaranteed with me so it's like I don't want to nights wrestlemainia but can't guarantee unite. Because here's the thing me. It's like okay for Russell. Yuki cured up. You're GonNa say oh probably order something. Cool like a nice meal for us. Amanda have your meals. Yeah Kid do that two nights ago. Yeah as I was conflicted because I usually do barbecue. Wrestlemanias like crap. What do I do for Saturday night? I have nothing for Saturday night. So yeah I mean it. It's stupid reasons like that at least for us If you were a fan with the with the two nights. There's nothing wrong with that like I said I can do two nights if I had to like if they make the determination. Hey the show is just too big for one split it too big for just what night or they feel like. They can get more money by selling. Tonight's thing go ahead sell it. Do It do what you feel you have to do but for me. I wasn't particularly fond of it but it wasn't a dealbreaker for mayor as like. Oh my God. This is terrible But yeah definitely would have liked to have seen the two cinematic matches in the same night that being said I kind of want my my all my wrestling in the Senate matic setting now. I know that way more work but God damn it was so good. Well then you'll like the K. Project girls apply on. Because that's going to be all cinemax type thing so maybe they'll be up your alley. Maybe we'll have to see but yeah. I thoroughly enjoyed how they did. The funhouse match how they did the bone yard match everything else in front of the cameras and not the live crowd in the PC was fine. It was weird I am but they warned us and we knew it was going to be weird but I don't think mania was necessarily diminished. Because it didn't have a live crowd. Melvin like it hurt it because you don't get the reactions and you don't get a chance and you don't get the rocket snus but it was still mania. It was still good. It's still six and a half hours pause of yeah and that was that's entirely what it was intended to be was escape like you had. Stephanie McMahon get both nights in enter the show. Basically be like we are happy and proud to do this and we hope you enjoy it and I have to say thank you. I did enjoy it. I enjoy thoroughly. So yeah and that makes great point. We all needed it. We all needed the escape to get away for two days. This was great because it gave I know for me. It gave me something to look forward to. Now it's like FRAPP. I have nothing to look forward to accept my birthday which will probably be at home because nothing will be open. But that's okay. We'll make it special somehow sonal Saturday by the way I know so trust me. I know when your birthday is because your birthday and my birthday on the same days does that mean we can be noxious on your birthday. I have to do a CB radio my birthday job but don't don't start with them. That's still start with them yet. Rob Anyway we got some planning to do couple housekeeping notes. Abo at five and eleven or if ww two K. One five eleven eight Boeing seven. At night I went eleven. Seven thirteen and five gummy. But I think that's four and a half hours of wrestlemainia recap on the. It was a long show but it was well worth it guys. Hope you enjoyed it. I hope you had fun Again I would like to extend my thanks to. Wwe To everybody on the roster to everybody in their production apartment to their video production department everybody outside of wwe that contributed thank you so much for doing the show. It was well worth it. It was a wonderful escape. Keep keep going if you can. Which I think they're going to keep going. We'll have to see and we're GonNa talk about that Thursday on the rack right rock. Well all the news you can handle tweet of the week and it's T- RECAP NFC rundown because you've got Jenner gone to muscle in an empty arena match in. You have six women battling for the number one contender ship for the world championship. Eleven match before we go. Who you gotta Johnny Tomasso. Who'S GONNA win? Who'S GONNA win? The WHO's going to end. It will be John Air Tomato. I want Moscow to back. I don't think you will burn title-match who's GonNa win Johnny Tomato. Who's going to end the feud Johnny Tomasso? I don't know I feel like maybe Johnny. I'm digging Johnny ends it the giants and then in the women's match it's Teague Inox Chelsea Green Mia the Cobra Kai Yoshimura. And I'm missing another person in the massive. I can't think of so. He goes to the annex t twitter. Hold on stall stalling. Oh by the way you can listen to us. Live Thursday ten PM eastern records show on facebook twitter and instagram? Yeah we're also podcast Google. Podcast you name it were there can this. That's the other one. God How can you forget candice anyway who you got in that match? Who's winning? Who's number one contender? Oh Shit I want candice. Candice deserves a shot kindergarten. Charlotte I mean. I wouldn't complain. I WanNa Complain. I give Gimme Oh and Charlotte vehicle that because that Saturday night midnight. This seat DOT com rather great debate dot com. So if they WANNA talk on an Easter Sunday they'll talk about wrestling on these Russell Talkradio ten. Pm Eastern we're back rush eleven P M eastern while Talk Radio on twitter facebook dot house rave reviews to- belsice episode episode one of season. Five now will will work on episode two so just stick around for that. If Amazon Trips Council twits Ram you can subscribe for free by taking their money on the screen just do the thing at the Buzzer and follow subscribing to deal also filed Switzerland. Tv's Leslie Ward. Use Credit Card rocket sock in the fortnight ad. Because we're hashtag partner also means four now with French returns. Yep Yep so we'll be doing with friends on Thursday and you know what you can check that out which it slash Lens Ward. You can also follow me on twitter and the INSTAGRAM's under the same name Eliana. Wd check out our very fine sponsor NBC films Youtube Dot Com such MPG twelve eleven. And everybody thank you so much for tuning in. We will see you Thursday for the rack. But till then he's Rock. I'm Lindsay and you've been listening to the Radio Show Special Edition. Wrestlemainia partout right here on talk. Radio DOT COM. We'll see you later. I Talk Radio DOT COM.

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