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CarePredict adds Covid-19 contact tracking for senior care facilities


Your destination for gadgets ungeared. I'm Fred fishkill. A company called care predict is using a high tech wearable device to be able to monitor the context of people in senior care and similar facilities that enables faster tracing for exposure to corona virus which has proven to be deadly in many nursing homes and such care predict chief. Business Officer Jerry. Wilmington says with the residents and staff equipped with a wrist worn devices if an individual isn't facts infected. They can actually go to that. Individual's profile in our software and the staff can then identify for instance the residents and then it simply goes through all of the exposures and the interactions. That person had made a wearable also monitors health and there's a version for home use as well for more go to CARE PREDICT DOT COM. You can find us at text. Nation DOT COM. I'm Fred Friskin now. This how many companies out there have continued to innovate when it comes to building a better radio. I'm red fish skin host of TEX donation. And I'm here to tell you about the new. Cdc Sky Wave SP radio from the wonderful people at sea crane Baba and his crew really loved radio and it shows in this new compact model. That is packed with features beyond great. Am FM reception. Unsound you've tune into shortwave signals. From around the world. Listen to Ham radio station and more. It's the radio you'll turn to every day and in emergencies it will run for nearly three days on just to double A. Batteries hair the sleep timer with a new soft speaker three. And you've got the perfect radio for your nightstand. Of course it can wake you up to click on C. Crane at text nation dot com and put it in the code text nation for free flashlight with your order. They Love Radio and you'll love secretly.

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