ACS (Part 2): Scott Aukerman and RJ Bell


thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla show on podcast one where he got RJ's power rely. We got news. We got some updates on already. Lang which is good and Kevin Hart is well first lifelock security researchers revealed the hackers can access Bluetooth to not only listen to data being sent between two devices but altered is well. Oh my God. This is is a scary future. We're living in this vulnerability affected every Bluetooth device tested by the security researcher so everybody's no one's impervious so there's so many ways cyber criminals can take. What's yours good thing. There's lifelock identity theft protection ads the power of Norton Security to help protect against threats to your devices. You can't easily see or fix on your own. If there's a problem they and their agents will work to fix it. It's two thousand and nineteen people. Let's protect ourselves. Let's get some lifelock Dawson. No one can prevent all identity theft or CYBERCRIME monitor transactions at all businesses. The lifelock Norton security can see throughout you on your own go to lifelock dot com or call one eight hundred lifelock and use Promo Code Adam for ten percent off your first year Promo Code Adam at lifelock dot com or one eight hundred lifelock for ten percent off the NFL is back and you can bet on this. Rj Bell here brought to you by bed nds this is RJ's Parlay R. J. Went to two and our last. This season is too and oh. There's also kicker wade good kicker name says he was good from fifty-five in could not play division one football so talk. There was all the talk about the lady kicker and then. I think I got some crap crap because I was saying. I don't think she could play because there's so many that are so good at that level but good honor. She's took too many steps but fine let's see. Rj's on I'm sorry line six. Rj Hey Adam I call it through faction. You know when this yeah yeah. You are perfect so many can can. Can you answer me this riddle me this you watch you're watching New Orleans. They get the ball with thirty four seconds laughter. Whatever now can't everyone just do what bill belichick would what do bill belichick would check everyone at the line in blitz and it disrupts everything you gotta. DB playing eleven yards off the guy by the guy completes a nine yard pass underneath that kick a field goal. They win the game. What are you playing so far off a guy. What does the preven- prevent and how come come bellichik never does that. He just sends everybody in screw and check. Everyone at the line disrupts everything why don't people just as their game film on on the Patriots People Could Watch Scott first off. I think you've identified a a a real issue in that specific game with the taxes whereas it was agreed is because of the time out situation that time left on the clock all the game details said the odds of them thrown deep here are slim to none on and if they get ten more yards. It's going to be vital. I obviously sixty five versus fifty five yard field. Goal is a world of difference so I agree but here's what I say. It's you too easy to sit on your couch and critique. What's happening in the heat of battle. I mean you think about this. You followed Howard Stern on the west coast. A Lotta people listened and all their stations and said how did I do this. Did he speak there and it's like when you're talking for four hours a day and you've got hard out. It's harder than it seems well. I can promise you I'd lines. It's harder than it seems that said that's why they get paid the big bucks. They should have don it but it makes sense that they don't always match. What makes ballot check different if everyone did what he did we wouldn't even know his name but here's kind of what I'm saying. He realizes that disrupting the play sort of before the play begins is his is vital to his success and giving these guys a exc riding off the receiver not rushing rushing three guys is letting everybody kind of get into a comfortable position and start to execute the play lower the percentage of of of the play working out our raises it so high that I just don't get why everyone wouldn't do this. I know some of it is personnel but draft toward doing that. There's nothing worse I then when you're playing the Patriots and it's like Oh it's third and seven in your guys back there running for his life because they've sent two guys versus set adopt them do they. WanNa do right and here's what I would say is. If you and I've studied ballot check probably or certainly more more than all coaches combined so you know seventy percent of the time. I've read about coaches. It's been ballot check and the reason being I think he is so far in I mean it comes number two right. Some people might say go with us. Then rams coach McVeigh other Andy Reid. He's just gotTa game but as Sean Peyton but there's not even consensus number two well how good you talk about the Serta batters thing. My feeling is is Bella. Check doc is great and when you give him time to prepare re re he's goes to the next level and the Patriots win their opening game. It seems like every single year and I feel like they just got done. Crushing the steelers. I feel like take the Patriots. Give the points or whatever whatever it is on opening day every ballot check three months to prepare smash lawsuit of the chiefs. It's the opposite and equal or even more extreme. If you fade the Browns Amazingly Adam last twenty one opening game and that's from the beginning of the new the incarnation of the browns remember they had a couple of years off when they moved to Baltimore and in the new browns showed up since then twenty one years twenty one opening in Games one straight up victory. What are what Jesus Christ. What are the pats since Brady and their own funding for for next week. Irony here is by far Ballard checks worst month is September so I you're right. I buy my recollection. He does well in the opening game but he doesn't do so well. In Game Two three and four relative to the rest of the year which which is because he talks about this publicly a lot he considers the rest of September a continuation of the preseason and extended in preseason. He just can't get ready. He doesn't feel like that quickly and the time they give him especially since the last agreement with the Union in two thousand eleven where they cut a lot time out less hitting etc so in general September is by far the worst month for Bala Chac but opening day as you said seems to be batter. I'll have the exact numbers for next week. Do you Tom Brady's two hundred and eight and sixty but that's probably not N- opening. That's probably not just an opening days because I don't know I wanNA probably now about opening day Max but anyway also a lot of guys arresting a lot of guys and I think there were kind of talking about it on some of these games where it's like. Ben Rothlisberger didn't take any snaps during the preseason are I can't remember who it was and they looked like they weren't really ready to play. I mean you can overdo the rest department right no doubt in fact two of my biggest in fact my two biggest bats this season so far given out publicly on a national show. Oh so this is absolutely true has been under in the first half of two games where they shot their quarterbacks. The most remember on Thursday tonight Aaron Rodgers didn't play the preseason and neither did the opponent trubisky and my thinking is combination. The Nation of rustiness plus the coaches being conservative because it's the first action of these guys makes the first half more inclined to go under went under in that game and then we had the rams and offer the second straight year office had no preseason snaps by the way last season he was the only quarterback of the projected starters to not have any preseason APPS and now this year there was like six of and Cam Newton took a few steps to I recall but then he was is injured from then till now or Guan and he didn't take anymore snapped in the games or practice so to Resi quarterbacks doing my way over in the the game but the first half went under so I agree with you identified. QB's that didn't take any snaps or zero and look for low scoring Warringah those games early Brady's fourteen in three on opening days. Max Pat Best winning percentage amongst the in Cuba's and superliner. Rj a slightly abridged version of your picks because I got to see my daughter playing volleyball off in about forty minutes so you better get your priorities straight at them waiting harsh you're right. Yes your picks for this week. Place yeah all right. I'M GONNA go. I'm a steelers fan. I'm going with Seattle plus for in Pittsburgh. Now the quickly quickly design kind of concept that I've been talking about this week. Is that week one games being more than any other game because it's your only data point at that AH stage but everybody almost everybody overreacts so you might say well. You're overreacting to Pittsburgh getting dominated yeah but when a team looks bad early it's often a sign of a big process one thing to lose a game. It's another to get dominated. I'm getting more field goal. Seattle plus four pick number one and number two. I'm going with the loss Angeles Rams Lay in two and a half against the saints below key number three also the saints deed Homefield as much as any good team the not as good on the road by a greater the degree than most and remember the stat we had last week. We covered that one but the Saints One Saints last five years I two weeks of the season then that's ten games entering this year one in nine straight up one nine against the spread so they started slow the fact that they had a miracle win on Monday night doesn't change changed for me so I'm fading the saints more than playing the rams taking as rams minus two and a half under field goal. It should work work and I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'm not going to go out there because it's too depressing to go to a rams home game. It's like one hundred eighty bucks to park. Percents guys selling ghetto dogs wall. Somebody's writing out chicken ship parking tickets right next to a guy selling food so he's got super angry and depressed. Thanks R. J. Hey Hey Adam. If you want me to put on the soccer on the volleyball game you're semi the only snow prank middle school volleyball. I'll send you all the girls. Heights Jay presented glad that DAS great time of the year beautiful weather and the ball is now back and excitement and make bet decide com betting partner US Bet Diaz is alive betting platform you watch all the events and you bet all the games until the final whistle new members get one hundred percent bonus match with their Promo Code Atom One. Oh one that's double your money everyone paying winners for over twenty years top rated on review sites user friendly as well and easy to interface with the mobile side fastest. Asas payouts in the industry they have the NFL NBA NHL Boxing Politics Reality TV for Gina Grad. E sports parts everything that goes on bet the SL. has you covered but decided that Com Promo Code Atom One. Oh one for a limited time get one hundred percent bonus miss offer It's only game until you bet then it's Bet Diaz I baby. Let's talk to Wade Wade real quick way more kicker yes and yeah. We're kicked in division three and you know coming out of high school. Distance was a little bit under fifty. I've made a forty seven yard. Bill go in in high school and still no recruiting from colleges by the end of college that was able to hit in practice into up to about fifty seven pretty consistently with the normal steps. That's not not anywhere near good enough to play an NFL NFL but go ahead. I was GonNa say you know sort of golf that guy's an eight handicap or scratch golfer or something like that Bowler. You have an average you know kicking. Obviously you make one from sixty doesn't mean you're good from sixty just means you made that one from sixty but I would also ask you make one hundred in a row from sixty sexy. That would be unfair but it seems like you'd have to make six out of nine or something like. Is there a kind of a number for you to say I'm. I'm good from this number for the coach like for coast to put you into the game like the coach was able to put me in a game and try to fifty two in college and I missed it He never let me try one above fifty after that but he was on it was pretty good from under fifty. You know probably in practice with the rush coming out me any lives now under fifty. I'd make probably eight out of ten over fifty. It was about fifty percent about you. I JUST WANNA Dr. He's there and it fell guys. Oh they're now asking a pretty basic question here. which is when does it become? Let's say you started kicking king at the forty yard line and you kept moving back and you're hitting everything consistently all the way but then at some point. You started missing a little too much. What does that it number where you're not good for. I don't know that there is a actual equation mathematically but I just WanNa know like what percentage percentage would you say what you online does that percentage drop start to drop off or who for. That's what I'm saying anybody anybody anybody anybody average guy or like an NFL kicker just to lock in that yardage. How many would you have to get out of one hundred. I'm making the announcement spent I'm good from fifty but if I made it one out of ten times from fifty that wouldn't be an accurate statement. We'll just repeat it but it wouldn't be accurate to make a one hundred times in a row from fifty. What is the equation where you can say I'm good from before before it falls off or not. I'm not asking who yeah now. What's what's the top range makeable. You know what I mean about better yet. I'm not asking who do like. NFL and you know junior college. I'm just saying what is equating that number got you. You got to say about eight or nine nine out of ten so somewhere around eighty five percents so you're not eighty five percent then. You're not you're not trying. I if you're doing six out of ten from fifty five. You're not good from fifty five. Okay I listen. I try things all the time. They rarely were just don't work but I in my head. I'm excited ooh. I'm going to get some answers but we did you got you're GonNa make you gotTa make eight or nine out of ten and to be good from that range are good for Iran agrees saying it's wide right the or the broncos guy of the kicker the broncos kicker is a nice looking moustache kick by the way. I stop playing off the Goddamn dirt top off the dirt. I know it's baseball season. It drives me. That's a professional football fan. Biggest sport in the world is the last game ever on baseball field. I think because the raiders home game I believe is after baseball season good anyway. They're going to try sixty eighty four yarder off of dirt by the way the entire game takes place right in the sweet spot of the dirt of the Infield the way it's laid out but anyway he tries to sixty four yard or in Mrs by six inches. There's right happens. It makes me laugh. Other guy makes fun of it before drills it down the middle drills also the deep back didn't even they put a guy in end zone to return it the poor guy and he didn't even catch it then some a guy comes up and I'm like no you did no Lavaka like you watch it. He does a sixty four a yard. They take a guy and they put him in the end zone to possibly return it. He stands on the back of the end zone. The ball goes over his hat is so buzz closest guests and it was right down the middle and the Guy Goes Lucky Sean slip in a supermarket or not going to mention the David Arquette's gets the kicker what he looks like all right Brandon McManus man. He's my favorite. NFL player with Amos's name. I got good. I mean he drilled that Aria all right. Would you taunting that good or oh okay all right. Quick break then. We'll come back and do the news right. After this Joe we go to seven eleven right now. You can be back in time for the game. I don't know man I don't WanNa Miss Kickoff. Okay but gatorade is to fifty when I use my seven eleven dude but kickoff kickoff but how are we going to stay on top of our game while watching this game if we're not on that seven eleven game. I don't know how keep up dude two for two fifty gatorade with my seven seven eleven AP. Oh okay all right. 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That's up to forty five cents a gallon on your next tank just download the free gap side APP at the APP store or Google play and use Promo Elbow Code next save money on gas on every fill up just download the free get upside APP and use Promo Code next. That's an xt gene graft break gain via all those crazy truck to grab crat Lucia the the news with gene a grad some good Artie Lang News. He's announced. He's seven months sober. After receiving long term treatment in Rehab he even tweeted. We're looking at a picture of right right now. Looking good please planning on announcing a new two or soon lang has also included a current picture which we're looking at shows them happier healthier looking than some recent times times the fifty one year old comedian check back into Rehab earlier this year after testing positive for cocaine twice he was arrested in May he was held at the Essex County Correctional Channel Facility in Newark. He also had been arrested in January for drug possession. A month prior. Lang shared a shocking photo which we're all pretty used to now of his collapse snows which is caused by over three decades of drug abuse. Well we all love. It looks like his weight is down mastic. Yeah Yeah let's it's not overdo it. God that is true. everyone loves them and everyone route sorority and hopefully hey. This is that sort of last last chapter for him in the addiction part because he's always been funny and comeback. If we could stay stay out of harm's way with the drugs he he will he will be great. Everyone always routes already. That's right well. Speaking of that Kevin Panhard expected to be out of the hospital by now. He's been hospitalized since last weekend's car crash that left him with three spinal fractures. He'll then move to an inpatient physical physical therapy facility for a week or two sources. He's super eager to get out but this is the really interesting part because this is another crystal brain moment from New Atom Kevin's Nineteen Seventy Plymouth Barracuda will be taken apart by the California Highway Patrol according to TMZ and could result in the CHP recommending a law ought to quote require that car companies that customize and restore classic cars must install safety harnesses well. I was yapping about this. I think on car casts as I did earlier today Arizona Friday which is I'm not a big fan of regulation but it's it's weird thing. which is there's so much? Regulation involving automobiles like for instance every time I see a new concept car. Everything looks great. Servers got the big fucking Mir's on the outside of it and it's like they have cameras. They've mini cameras at backup cameras. the new. Toyota Rav four has a switch which I just saw it you flip on the rear view inside the car and it goes to camera yeah and cool stop. There's no reason we need and it's like the rules are the rules or it's a mirror on the outside of the car. It's it's how they hypothesized that they got light into the center of the Pyramids at two billion years ago. We don't need me glass mirrors on outside the car we have cameras but yeah but that's an old rule but it's still a role they. I need the rules and this other rules rules rules rules and more rules or you get a shell of a seventy Barracuda drop a seven seven hundred and fifty horsepower. Hell cat engine into its and no real yeah so it's like this weird. It's not a big problem because they're not going to be a lot of the people this way but I was saying. Maybe there should be a roll cage. That's built into that vehicle or a harness. That's built into that field. I would say I was saying on car cast that I have had conversations with and we probably all have with lawyers or doctors or whomever's and you go. Hey can you just do this and I can't really do that like I'm a lawyer. I can't really just say that or do that or write a note for this or I'm a doctor I can't just Blah Blah Blah like I'm a doctor. I'm a lawyer as a car bill there. I think you have to say talk to whoever you're building that car for we're dropping at seven hundred twenty five horsepower health hat engines got. We're putting a Cajun and someone go. I don't WanNa cage my car. It'll be nice. Thanks one and it's not gonNa cost that much and you're you're spending three hundred and fifty grand for the car anyway. This'll be an extra nine grand and we're just going to do it and that's just what I do is a is a car constructor. We'll put harnessing yeah or you just call it. Your mobile coffin well couple of stories from the penis desk care men suffering from erectile. L. Dysfunction may be facing a bigger problem than that little frustration according to CNN E. D. May predict your risk for future stroke or heart attack and the way they come with this conclusion pretty interesting. That's the takeaway from an analysis of studies on more than one hundred fifty thousand men published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine so compared to men without the symptoms symptoms of impotence. The analysis found men with e have a fifty nine percent higher risk of coronary heart disease and a thirty seven percent higher risk of stroke. meanwhile there's there is a good reason that they're sort of making this correlation this particular. Oregon it's a good predictor of future circulatory problems. According to experts it serves serves little canary in the coal mine since the penile artery that delivers the blood flow to the penis is a very small diameter and it smaller blood vessels which show the first are signs of disease canaries an apt description of my honcker just in a little yellow well. I'm just saying wouldn't WANNA pick like PTERODACTYL or power Kenner bird of prey yeah you're having if you can't get blood down there then you're having issues moving artery and that that will then be the proof. That's interesting meanwhile meanwhile it's more hot. Ed Talk NBC News reports that Head Trauma informed NFL players may be linked to low testosterone and erectile dysfunction later in life. This is according to a new study out of Harvard shout. Head traumas never good no benefit. Is your watch Gilligan's island when I was a kid. I thought head trauma was good for him. Areas Areas Get hit on the head of the coconut. You lose your right and then the way to get it back. If you get hit on the head of the `nother Coca Yeah and then you get your memory back. It does the first coconut who pitched jokes in early days. How come there's no one in the room. Going what the fuck you talking about Stan. That's not funny and it doesn't even make sense more so met an old boxer. That's how it works. She's remembering and remembering more than three sorry thirty four hundred former professional football players were surveyed investigators as part of this study on football players health they found that players who reported the most concussion symptoms had nearly twice the risk of Ed as those that reported the fewer symptoms and one possible explanation for those results could be that the injury to the brains pituitary gland causes hormonal changes like diminish testosterone e all the stuff is linked. any issues good for you. Yeah I you know on on all the you know a lump in with the people that are about heartburn acid reflux and bad stomach and whatever like speaking the language I was talking to the dentist the other day and you're discussing my high threshold for pain and I said Yeah you know I don't. Let's just get stuff and I I did this hot wings show or is this a eating the hottest sauce and world. I it didn't make me feel like anything he's like yeah but the next day right and I was like no zero firehall zero nothing. It's confuses me when happens to the people and they say oh boy now that happened and I'm like I didn't it didn't it was I felt like nothing I could feel. It was hot when I was eating right on hot ones and then two minutes later when we're done it felt like nothing as later on that day it felt like nothing and then the next day felt like nothing and you can sleep on your right side and not feel like your sophocles is coming out this border problem up my bone. there one of those rabbit traps type string around it well. Hey I wish I the way I wish there was some sort of information buffer before this next story but it was about ten year old girl she is a hero in Arizona she recorded video the of her mother driving while intoxicated Saturday and then called the police on her according to the Maricopa county here Benedict Arnold more line. Welcome home so thirty one year old. Stephanie Davis was arrested on September seventh on suspicion of aggravated Dui. I feel like we we had had a Lotta. These kids dropping a dime stories like like in two thousand seven or eight a lot of I don't know that we had a rash of these stories where they reported reported their own mom to the kind of went away while they're back on the ten year old showed Glendale police officers in Arizona. The video over mother in which three children under fifteen years old could be heard yelling at the mom to stop. She's GonNa get in an accident. Officers say Davis was staggering around the car. She was bloodshot. She smelled like alcohol. She was slurring. She had mood swings. Davis refused a standard sobriety test the field test and so then they have to do the blood sample sample. She is scheduled to appear in court September Twenty Third Way. So how did the filming park so the ten year old is in the car with her and they're all the all. Three kids are screaming at her to stop the car before she hits. Somebody and the ten year old just started rolling Sir Rowland film right so they're pulled over anyway. Then then the ten year old called nine one one oh okay so she had the proof and then called nine one one four gotta be careful relationship like could some point you're at home and you want to crack natty light sweeties it okay. I have a beer at home or you're going to film that. Toss it up on the Internet hassle ads yeah. It's it's weird thing yeah. There's about seven thousand little piggy jokes at the at the Alec Baldwin Lake Griffin. That's the one they're showing right now. That one was gold platinum gold. Oh which one wasn't we. I think we have it but we'll yeah they. They just put out just a little taste for us. Waiting for the Rose and Blake Griffin has three zingers in a row for Caitlyn and one of them is It's a little piggy joke about Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn completed her gender reassignment in two thousand seventeen finally finally confirming that no one in that family wants a white. Dick the AW that's US coming out from you there for a second Caitlyn's Pussy is so young Alex calder route thoughtless little pig Perot I. I know we're all here making fun of Caitlyn today. I want to take this moment to publicly. Thank you as an athlete. I want to thank you for your bravery and as a as a human I want thank you for the doors opened and on behalf of the entire NBA and half of the rappers on the billboard charts. I WanNa thank you for giving your daughters daddy issues. There was one of the jokes wow and Alwin didn't seem super happy to hear it. Oh he got thousand piggy. Okay Ireland came up there. Oh Yeah Oh oh my God I was in the news. I I've been sort of sheltering myself from a but that was one of the more uncomfortable sure she laid eight into an for ten minutes very starting a bad dad okay yeah. Let's hope that never happens within the town all right right. Let me hit castrol edge. Stronger under pressure engine can lose up to ten percent performance and that's why you need cash alleged transforms under pressure. It is three times right not impressed three times stronger leading full synthetic risk AC- breakdown. It's castrol edge. Get The ads get castrol edge. Gina Grant Right well. There is a lot of talk of WHO's going to be at that halftime ofttimes show super bowl fifty four and everybody's talking about Jennifer Lopez. An insider told US weekly Jaylo is at the top of the list quote Jennifer and the NFL L. have been talks for a while. It's in Miami but there are many factors that go into the deal before it's official but Miami is her home and she partnered with Fox TV to kick off the hundredth season of the NFL L. The Super Bowl will be broadcast on Fox. It seems like that will probably be the deal was she. kind of like the Tom. Cruise of I duNno females emails or performance like I just feel like she's never out of shape. She's never ticked off. She never eats she she. She never has a piece of cheesecake with a meal or something. It's like it's it's always like I don't know does anyone go. I love her music. No like I love her. She just kind of constantly. She's it bowl of. I Dunno so or something pit bulls kind of the spot of the super bowl halftime shows like no one you love but everyone can kind of agree like also speaking if if a body of hers and I'm sure Bryan will tell us all about it. She hasn't new strip movie. Hustler's coming out no Cardi B. and well yeah she just. I just feel like she never i. There's no never picture her sleeping in eating ice cream out of the container it doesn't you have twins. I mean to kids and what's your cheat. Day like shouldn't have cheat day yeah her cheat days only four hours a pilates or something like I. I just feel like she's just out there. Yeah I'm working. It's like Tom. I always say to somewhere. Tom Cruise's somewhere doing a push up right now. How like just yeah stand relevant staying on top yeah all right. God bless her not interested but God bus. Let's bring it up you. You got it. I'm Gina Grad and that's the news right gene gene the news with Gina Grad all right. Let's see live shows everywhere. We talked about Lexington. Kentucky probably a couple more tickets for that laugh. It's coming up September twentieth and Uptown Dan Theater Napa. That's me doing stand up so you can see me on the twenty seven. We're doing West Palm Beach Doing Improv October third. That's live pod going on going on a cruise. Maybe still get tickets you got to cruise is cruise by Parker. Dot Com are good. Am Carl traveled. Parker got an Corolla Comic Brian's show lasts with BALL BRIAN DOT COM still couple tickets left of that but that's going to sell out November for second at the Avalon Adam. Dot Com all live shows coming up in Valenciennes Santa Monica in Torrance doing stand up there. I'M GONNA pop into one of those bad boy Brian GonNa host check out Oh between two fern ferns between two ferns the movie was Scott Ackerman Directing chicken as well and until next time for Scott Ackerman and grandma brines lines eight Mahalla folly out on twitter at girlish. Oh always on twitter Adam Corolla even at his voice mail at eight eight eight six three four one seven four four for tickets and Info on everything go to Adam Corolla. Dot Com Financial Hugh is complicated. There's the you with debts and bills that never stop the you would like to put a few bucks away the the U. Who'd rather buy a place than pay rent forever. All of you need apps and advice that work for all of you. BBN The N. T. all we see is you member F._D._I._C.

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