Episode 272: The Lets Read The Book School


The. President I will God for him. I will die for that man. Hopefully, I will die for him. Anyway want to mess with him. You mess with me I he is a hero man. Kim All right everybody welcome to yet. But still. we are. Is Sunday right now Brandon Afternoon Sunday afternoon Where you just heard is audio. Eisley I'm catching up to this right now this is I guess brandon do you know what back is he backed? What just happened? When away more minutes he's out of the hospital is he he did it looks like he did a victory lap. What did he? Secret Service. Okay. So guys. Or. Is he out of the hospital and then going back to the hospital we might be going back to the hospital. Popped out to do like. You Know Ghost, ride the whip basically. Oh. Fuck. Matt think. He's that. He's just going. He's just taking a loop. He's just doing a lab to wave people holy by God. Okay. Everybody knows the news. That's Late are we were going to record this on Friday dude I'm so glad we waited. I know this just speaks to a little behind the seeds in the podcasting would everybody wants to hear obviously with the world's dying here behind the scenes of planning podcast but I mean we talked about doing something about the debate and like we both had separate hunches at different points like dude. I, just feel like this is not going to be even. One day later you know and then. You had that first we change positions and then like. Thank God we did astor's intuition. Yeah. Thank. God because like could it be any less relevant? Could you imagine if we were like dropping debate reaction pod right now? Like oh man. But. Wow what a turn the last couple of days I know that was that was less than a week ago. Yeah. But. I mean I think. I probably mean you had an experience that will probably a lot of people had where I was. About to go to bed. which what was it? Thursday was it. Thursday night. Thursday nights out to go to bed and I just like how we had nine am pod with Janice scheduled. Oh, and then spoiler. Sorry who cares? Fine. What are you going to add that out now? The spoiler Jank. Alert. Yeah. I was like I was prepared to go to sleep early and then I got that that news alert and I was like all will I'm poppin off. I just couldn't sleep I was just like. I just heard it. It was just so funny i. Do like dopamine flying through my veins like for the first time in a year you know just like Oh. What the fuck like this is good. I don't know. I mean. I mean what it is is like dude for four years. What we've just been living under is is just like the exact opposite of what we've been taught our entire life. By. The way we're even taught history through like a narrative structure in school that follows like this is Ni fairy tale structure. You know like there's like heroes arc to everything that we're it's supposed to be that the bad guy something happens to him you know you can't just be bad your whole life you can't lie you can't steal you can't cheat people you can't just be. Bad Boy. Yeah. You can't be a bad boy. It's like taught to us cam you rude from the youngest age don't be a bad boy something bad's GonNa come and happen to you and for the last four years, it's just like In every single aspect, we've been living in a world where it's like Oh. Yeah. Wait nothing happens in fact. Lying is so powerful like I think we've all seen like the the power of lying where it's like. A nasty rude boy who tells FIBS in. Says Vulgar Things Yeah Look. We were taught. Yeah. The last four years if anything it's like, oh, wait like lying's the most powerful thing you could do. All people are able to do is call you out on lying and if you just keep going. Nobody cares they just like nobody really gives a shit at a certain point it's like you're a liar. So fuck you. Kinda keep. going. And it's not just with him. It's like a lot of people you know. I mean, it's also yeah. I just realized he's kind of the proverbial. All girls born after nineteen ninety-four. They can't cook all day knows eat hot chip and lie yeah he's. He's all I, know hot chip he is the hot chip Bro. You think about that. Wow. Okay. There we go. Mr Cheetos. Orange Tito in line. Is Hot chip and lie. But. I mean seriously though it is kind of like exhausting. You know you have to hear about all this stuff and it's just like Oh. Yeah. Okay. Like he did another thing. Cool nothing's going to happen like. We've actively not engaged and like I think for the most part successfully not engaged on the podcast you know well, yeah. Because it's like, what's the point like being mad nobody's GonNa do anything Nancy. Pelosi is you're gonNA like wag her finger at him and then just be like. I do love the Republican Party. We need. We need them the did you hear her last week being like we need? Republican Party to we need to save we need to bring back the Republican Party's they don't say that about you what the fuck are you. But. Well, that's like the thing is Democrats are like the teacher's pet but like who's the teacher even? Yeah, exactly. But. Going back to trump. It's like dude seeing that it was just like a shock and immediate immediate dopamine rush. I think most people felt that because. The the worst year of them. All has been this year where it's like this virus that like we don't see footage of people in the hospital when they're sick we just I mean I. Know people who have been sick. If you don't, you just have to take a raise word and you go through these crazy precautions we've been going through them for like six or seven months now. And, then you just do it. You're just like doing it over and over again because you're told and then the people telling you don't follow the rules. And nothing happens, and then finally this happens you're like. Oh my God. Okay. Good like at least. There's a result for something right? Like, yeah. It's the highest form of somebody who is not following the rules like. The thing happens to them that they keep saying is going to happen. It's it's very, very small and he may already be out of the hospital, but it was just such an adrenaline rush. It's like, Oh, my God session adrenaline rush and it's us. It's like sort of this thing that like you can talk about it with your like parents. Yeah and it's super easy. It's fun. It's like an it's an easy thing to like sort of rally around. Yeah and you have the only true bird brain would be like mad at you for commenting on that. Like an absolute. Rain Freak, which we'll talk about that. It made twitter fun for the first time in years. Yeah. It's just like, yeah it was just like a dog into the bad guy is just like okay. Yeah like he brought himself, he didn't wear a mask and he got cove nineteen. It's funny like you know riot. I don't care I. don't care who you are. That's funny right there. Yeah, and it's just weird I. mean do it sucked following the rules for this long? Right? We both me and you both all the rules. It's Follow the rule I hard core follow the rules. We both have to have a choice and I have friends that I have friends that don't have to like they don't. Like, like people that are just if they get sick, that's it. It's not like they're gonNA infect anybody else. They don't have to worry. It's only on them and they do stupid things like invited over to have beers inside my friend's house with like a mystery amount of guys and I'm like. like I'll get those invites dude like. That obviously sounds fun but I'd like I'm sorry I can't do that. Like I still have to follow these stupid rules like there's still. A pandemic I don't like it I mean I'm seeing I'm seeing my friends outdoors. Yeah. But. Yeah, but it's frustrating getting invited a mystery amount of dudes inside my house. But I wouldn't do that before covert I wouldn't invite a mystery amount of dudes inside my house, lie that's the that's the best kind of party. The fell mystery amount. Oh, maybe not a mystery mount not infinity of mystery amount of dudes. No. But anyway to circle back like it's frustrating when you get to like when you see people, you know breaking the rules because it was like dude I I'm not mad that you're breaking them but like I wanna break them to just can't. You know like I also don't want to do this dumb shit. I don't want to wear the mask I. Don't WanNa be like. Not, leaving my house. Yeah Oh. My God. I just got a huge dopamine rush when that happened everybody dead. It was so fun. And I mean I think the initial joy has subsided? Oh. He's so you know it's Right because it's like it's Yeah we've still got. We've still got some time left. Yeah. I I. Mean I had the ding-dong. The witch is dead moment, and then you realize the witch is dead the which is just kind of sick for like a day. Right and very soon, he's going to be back like I beat it. Easily the doctors were saying I was strong his patient. I was this strong ever seen in Walter Reed and they have big guys. They have big blind soldiers and they that was a strongest you know like that's that air is coming. Right. But it's it's yeah I mean. Yeah. Like I. Do I, do wonder what? What happens next? I don't know I I really don't I don't think anybody can predict anymore. Because I will say it's so dumb that there's anybody that I've seen a few people at this point be like Well, have you thought about this buddy maybe he doesn't even actually have it. This is all he's doing forty chess and it's going to actually this is actually just Paul Europe pawn in his. Game Forty chess and. Chess moves thanking. Right Lake. It's not that's like that's one thing where I'm like. These people aren't competent enough for that. That's like that. That's a that is not a chess moves what that is. I mean it would make sense if it was something else where he would get sympathy for this. Yes. I would see that chess move but like I mean pretty much the main criticism against him right now is that he's like mishandled this huge crisis that pretty much every country has done better than us. And like that's that's the one thing that's not supposed to happen. He's not supposed to get it like he the last person to get it. It's actually funny or just regular again. Yeah. Like like bad shit supposed to happen to the peasants you know the president is not supposed to get this like it's also just dumb like he he I it's funny in that way because it's like. Like Dude, you're one of the people who has power like you goofed. Yeah. Even by your own rules like poor people are supposed to get this dude, not you like Jeff Bezos isn't going to get rid nineteen. Are you kidding me? He's he said it's because all of the armed forces want to hug and kiss did he really say that? They come up to you. They can't they WANNA. We, respect them so much they they want to. Hug and kiss you. Kissing troops. Hugging and kissing the troops. Beyond parody at this point like. It's so even beyond that it's Ben beyond parody it pass that where it's like, yeah. Oh my God he really said he was got it from kissing the troops. I was kissing because. said. I think he was talking about hope Hicks. Oh. Yeah. She scouted the troops want to give her a big kiss. I mean, yeah you WanNa talk lethal injection bro we. Yes sir I mean hope Hicks. That's a that's a major lethal in just to who who's to say this. Wasn't. All a result of a lethal injection somebody else doing it. You know. We we never specify what would happen in lethal injection. What's what's the? House you know. Yeah, this could be the greatest leader. act. Slow but she's GONNA be she's too hot to dive row now. I've never seen pixes whole pixes too hot to die. MILANIA is too hot. So you think so. What Malania? She's hot. Yeah, she's hot. I, mean I know yeah. I mean, she's not like gross but. No Yeah. But I mean, she's definitely. Yeah she's hot. I'm on the fence I'm on the fence, lead the lead the jury to Seattle. Waited grade like she's supposed to be hot. So I'm judging her based on a weighted great. You agree pixes. AB. Absolutely. Smoke show. Ours. You'll see hope Hicks is like Yeah absolute smoke shows. But I, I love how the night that it happened. I, was I was like. full-on on consuming the twenty four hour news cycle and I. I was I was watching CNN and they kept finding ways to like keep calling him fat. Oh No, that's the funniest part about this. Is that like yeah or Anderson Cooper would be like Sanjay okay, Dr Sanjay Gupta you would agree that You know coveted a lot worse for You know like a man who's old and you know obese, you know a real Heffer oh yeah. You know. So like this disease is really bad if you're a fucking Faddish, Shit Yeah right Dr. Your. Gross Fat Slob. No, I've heard. This having doctors on be like. So tell me again, his risk factors like well I is a is a big factor like, yeah I know that one I know that one. Well, what are the other I forget what the other risk factors like well, he's overweight is overweight yet. That's the one I forgot. A little lions. Yeah. They`re Time Yeah. Yeah like feigning feigning sympathy. Yeah I. Really. I'm I'm hoping for a speedy recovery for the the president and his dump truck. Why It's it's really really annoying. Giant Lord s like Dude, what's this decorum? Like? Why are they? Who are they trying to impress at a certain like at this point like Everybody. Toxic civilian civility but it's like. Dude. It's almost like offensive sometimes where it's like Hillary Clinton posting shit like that. It's like dude. Hillary like don't go ww J. D. on me like you've to Jeffrey Epstein's island many times that you've possibly eaten a child. Like. Don't try to act like. Out here remember when she had pneumonia. And he was like. Oh. Hillary I'm. Like Dude. Hillary, you've probably seen satanic rituals take place on an island like you've your husband has may be fucked a kid like. You're not getting into heaven like, why are you doing this? Just be mean like you're good at it. I WANNA see like Hillary should've taken her shot. At trump? Yeah he made fun of. But it's like it's weird seeing these people like that. You'RE NOT GONNA win anybody over weird seeing people like that like do the civility mode where they're like Oh Rachel Rachel maddow yeah. It's like you're not she was doing high just don't say anything right why yes. Yeah like no, it's it's fucking goofy. You could easily just not say anything at all. Well Rachel, maddow maybe not a great look for her to take like a victory lap and be like you know. Celebrating out in the streets for it. No. You can't do that if you're a journalist. You know if you're a news person. Yeah. But but I mean she's always she's on some. On some other shit man she is remember when Roger Ailes died. Like Roger Ailes was a mentor. Roger Wins. The you know. I yeah. I mean I'm not like over here sitting I'm not sitting here like praying for his death. I don't think that's a good way to live. But no, actually I don't know if I could like legally continue this. Path right now conversation I mean I was. GonNa Goals and I'm like, oh. Wait I. Think F. B. Would Come over to my house if I continued. Collect Yeah I've already had the secret service at my home, but it wasn't even like for my own shit. No because my ex have we told that I'm not GonNa ask you know we were told that story that we've told that story at some point behind the pay wall. Yeah I mean twitter twitter saying they're GONNA ban people for like just want like wanting him to not survive the virus like that's kind of ebb. Thought it was like. Right illegal to like personally say you're going to kill the president parody on even like having that sound. Like right the timeline would be like a fucking tumbleweed. Yeah. Is it you? Want it generally to happen you know. The Sad. Yeah man there's nothing illegal about manifesting. Yeah. Manifesting is not a crime. It's absolutely not even black magic sending. Yeah. Sending out vibes is not a crime. I'm doing black or white magic to make something happen in the universe perhaps is that yeah, there's laws yet. Well, it's called it's called african-american Magic Oh my bad. Yeah I'm doing a black magic ritual actually. It's a, it's the third kind. No but seriously, it was like a little weird that they said they were gonNA crack down and people just like. You know rooting for the virus. Right no I don't think they have hockey dude everybody's a cook. Let's just have this moment. Right. Like yeah. Let's root for Corona virus come on. Right. Now it's now is the time I mean I feel like. Kovic got a got a real bad rap few while and said, now this is kind of this is cove. It is kind of having this like redemption Ark Right now I, mean. fuck who is the WHO's The star of the wrestler? Mickey Rourke. Mickey Rourke. Rourke that fucking Oscar numb. The. I? Mean it the the virus took John Prime from us So I mean I have A. Real hard beef with this virus No also two hundred thousand taken. But Yeah you know some good folks away from us a lot of a lot of folks maybe how it could gotten to know. Get into some right places. Some Some Of. You saw the list of who else got it right Oh. Yeah. Am I mean it's a real life murderers row spread it around baby. Let's fucking who was it oh, it's fucking yeah Malania. Rudy Giuliani Ivanka Jared Kushner. The we talked about. Talk Greg. He looks like who was a? Oh Tall Greg, who's told Greg. On a succession causing greg. Cousin Greg, WHO's taller? Well he's tall. Nobody Calls Greg. Hey looks nothing like cussing greg either he does look like cousin Greg we does any gonNa people are GonNa fucking agree with me I think I. Think. If you fucking searched jared kushner cousin Greg Not Tall Greg whatever you knew what I meant. No, I didn't. If you search jared Kushner. Cousin Greg I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me. Oh. This list is just people who recently traveled with hope Hicks. We don't Yeah I. Was GonNa say he does not have it either yeah. Old Great does not have the coronavirus They look alike I. Think probably I would be willing to bet anything. Cousin Greg is like loosely inspired by Jared Kushner. They've definitely got the. They've got similar vote I think the trump family like very much inform- surrounding of that show hundred percent. Yeah It's about the Murdoch's. A mix of a few you. Oh Yeah. I've I've is searched jared Kushner cousin Greg on twitter and people agree with me. Okay. Yeah. You found somebody ninety twitter a place. Many people many people are saying this is a place known for for. Good. Opinions. Goodyear. This is I mean these. I would not include this among any of the bad opinions on twitter I. Think this is. Their you'd think they look alike or are they just two white guys that are tall and where a suit? Maybe it's just the vibes. Yeah. Because I think based off jared Kushner. He's based on the will I think they act like they're similar in spirit. Right, I don't think they look alike jared Kushner looks like a weird snake he looks like an actual weasel. He's A. Like a pasty to him where I talk to I talked to somebody who said that that's her lethal injection. You talked to somebody who said that Yeah we can. Yes. Dude I don't know about that. I really. Is He. I mean. Yeah That's questionable. I know about if he wasn't well, that's the fucked up thing is that is the thing about height is because I will say even the ugliest. Even. The ugliest tall guys still like hot to a lot of girls because he's tall. Yeah. But I mean like that's like some weird. Yeah. Focusing tall privilege man his stance alone just like how he stands I just can't even imagine it. I mean you know jared Kushner's laying abysmal pipe obviously just like he's stands obviously jared Kushner pipe game is. Horrible he looks and acts like one of the people that's like infected by an alien men in black you know like his head. Cracked open and there's going to be a little guy in there with controls yelling at Wilson. He just acts like a little off I mean do you think there's anybody in the in the the administration with good pipe game ooh. Really thinking about this, I mean their spending people have been fired that it's hard to keep track. Honestly yes. Scare Mucci like early SCARAMUCCI. Yeah the Mooch is yeah. The mood has. For sure. He was moved. Muccio. Sure Yeah. mouton on that. Pusey. Under percent I, think he knows that take some time and please a woman. I think yeah. I. Mean that feels like so long ago. Yeah. Yeah. Like scare MUCCI feels like that. Feels like some like. All in this stall dishes where you're like, oh, remember rugrats no well yeah, I mean that's the FBI. So long ago that's the other part of this high right now is that the high has faded but it's like Oh we're at the end of like. If not the story then at least like the chapter or we're approaching the intermission, you know there's like a bit of like Oh my God like the four years, i. In some ways it feels like it's been a long time longer than four years in other ways it feels like it's just blasted by. But to at least know that like, oh, it's almost November. Right, no matter what happens like I'm not saying that the world's GonNa get better at all. It's just like It's a date that I've thought about a lot. It's finally here and especially at. Even like this year I'm like I'm excited for this to be over even if it's just in the calendar and. covid still going on, it's just been fucked fucked year. It's been a lot. so I think there's like. That type of high you know. Who would there's? There's like I mean that was that was big day we we had the. Borat to trailer dropped. Yes and. fucking. You know. Trump Cova. You worked on huge one DON Borat to. You can finally say it on the PODCAST. Yes. That was I mean I will say that fisting joke was that fisting joke in the trailer that was me baby was he's not joking you wrote that was literally. Sasha was like, Oh, I was the only American in the room that week. It was all me and British guys twice my age that have worked with him for years and so very intimidating situation but he was asking for American alternative cy fives and I mentioned I was like a fist bump he's and he asked people to fist him or to fix them, and that was in the that was in the trailer and that's and that's my if I died tomorrow. That will be. The that'll be my greatest cultural impact. I'll put that on your gravestone put on the Headstone Brennan fisting joke in Borat to tr-. Yeah. Wrote wrote a joke that was featured in the borat trailer. It's the last joke in the trailer that will say that, but but I but I digress we're not. We're not here for any of that. We're we're not here to discuss this while we're here to We're talking we're talking about a WHO has the best pipe game in the trump administration we're talking about that it did we hit it off quite a bit from what we settled. We settled on we settled on Mooch I mean I. It's hard to think of other people. Yeah you're talking alum but I mean I feel like Steve Bannon probably. weirdly in like a weird way in like a surprising way I don't even know if he has like normal sex. So I might give you that a technicality you know on some like on some freak shit where it's just like Oh, yeah, he he does sacrifice a rooster really well, like he's great like slicing of a goat because he knows how to Shit on a glass table like. Never mind. Right. It's a different metric. It's a different metric. Yeah. But anyway. God Dude and it's been. So that night was awesome. Loved it ten ten for that news ten ten for that initial breaking news and I'd say the follow like it lasted the that high lasted a little. Quite a while before. Dude I. Don't know if anybody's even ruined it yet like I'm used to things getting ruined there have been people and aspects that have like tainted it I'd say. By just yeah. But generally just being funny. Like it is I can't believe. He's he's not even getting out of the hospital just taking the fact that he just took a laugh. So funny and. One. Thing I wanted to talk about is the crowds outside of Walter Reed like there's these magazine people that are like gathering to like. Do like get well Mr President signs. which is rarely like all like forty five year old men like. Men that should be home with their. You know that you presume they have and it's like. Why are you out there rallying the president? Like don't you have a family too tend to what are you doing like all these guys have about them where it's like you'd definitely did not get custody of your kids like you click. Are Actually. Probably not allowed to see them. You have that look about you or it's like I know that you have kids somewhere that you don't see like you should. There there are kids that aren't with their dad right now because at Walter Reed. I can't see my kids because I, respect the president's whom I know. Yeah. Well. Like. It's weird because there's they keep showing these shots and all the usual suspects are like tweeting these like you know like, Jack What the fuck is that guys name Jackpot Sayabec or whatever. Oh My God, what a cock that dude yeah. The fuck and like a like he's like a pro-trump reply guy. Yeah. But like it's also weird, he was like a one of the pizza gay guys and. Sort of bums me out because like some of the original like crazy guys the like all right like racists mind you. But they are at least like kind of amusing they're going to be shitty at least they're like sort of entertaining. Like like Jacob Wall like. We talk about, we'll get to him. We'll get to him don't work convicted to him but objectively a bad person like he does bad things but also friend of the Pie. Paulie entertaining let completely entertaining. There's no denying that he is a showman and honestly he's charismatic like talking to them like even though consummate showman very easy very easy to talk to I will say that was like. A, very easy. I mean it was we might have to unlock it. Oh we should have one. For the freeloaders once he's once he's behind bars. Yeah. One day but in the meantime once he Can Be unlocked? Yeah. In the meantime, highly suggestive paying the five dollars and getting behind their. Yeah. That being said Yeah Jacob. It's like if you're going to be a villain at least be the joker like be the joker be the ridler have some pizzazz you know have some pizzazz. And Jack, how do we say his last name Brennan Do you know? Dude I do not those. I don't I'm not here I'm not going to learn because I don't like it and he's too boring but he actually had like some teeth back in the day. He was like did pizza gate stuff and like was a free. But now he's just like turn into one of these weird guys. That's just like in trump's replies just like you're doing a great job sir. You are the strongest boy like, I, respect you so much and you're great leader and just like you know nonstop saying there's just like dude, you sound like such a pussy, your thirty six years old. Why are you talking like that? What is wrong with you? It's just so fucking weird. It's like. It's just so far beyond like if you like trump fine like, but what are you doing? You're talking about like a seventy year old man like that. Dude go start a family what the fuck are you doing? Can we respond. To trump. One Hundred Times a day go do something with your life. He doesn't care about you. When you GONNA learn, you're not going to get a job in the administration. It's so weird and it's boring and for years it's just like dude at least at least walls like chaotic. To be one of the guys, it's just like supporting him like Bro. What do you? What are you going to get out of this? It's not even amusing. Yeah Jacob at least he's like fucking like. You know he's got like a suicide bomb strapped to his chest. Like detonating it like on you know he's like. Book, ruining his own life. Yeah. For for the for like the the cloud. No. Yeah and I mean I listened back in like I mean, he knows he can acknowledge that there are things on his side that are dumb like he's make fun of Charlie, Kirk and stuff. Oh Yeah he had some Shapiro jokes. Yeah. He he got him in there were there were some times were the horseshoe theory was in full effect? And the lake there were like a couple times where Jacob bull was like making was like making pretty funny jokes about like. Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro and Shit Yeah. Well, he there were times where Jacob will was like would make a joke and I was laughing. Lake with him one hundred percent I mean most is we spend a lot of time laughing at him in that interview and it is you know we were not we were we were not going so we did not go soft on Jacob. Wool but no, absolutely the yeah, there is something. He's charming. He is charming. There are times when I felt so insane that I started laughing, and then we're all like joker laughing together. We're there was no joke where it's like. Yeah where he wouldn't stop lying until we're all. And just like, okay. I mean that was like, maybe maybe my proudest core POPs lutely the proud proudest anything I've done this year isn't that was maybe yeah that's maybe the best thing we've done this year I mean, it's I listened to back to a good chunk of it like when I saw that he's actually being indicted. Which I do still WanNa talk about after I wanted to talk about these freaks that that calls into question like what the fuck is Jack Berkman doing yeah, right. You lies like. It. Would Jack? Berkman is like fuck and fifty two Jacob is three his brain isn't fully developed. He's still like young dumb and full of Cum Jack Berkman. He's he's. You know he's all he's supposed to be old wise in. Dr Come you know. I just know what they're doing like like why they're doing this. They all claim that they have these clients, but I really don't believe that they exist. take. It's like dude, what client is paying you to do like federal voter suppression efforts in the middle of Michigan like, yeah in like one zone they get. A big enough crime to matter like you're not in the coke brothers, right? Like they're not like nobody nobody's significant is paying you like maybe some lack. At, best like some guy that has some money that similar to them just like. So Weird CRACKPOT WHO You know maybe got like a big car accident settlement like he you know he got hit by like a Walmart truck. Or something and they gave him like two million dollars to like you know because he had like. Yeah, and then it's just like that guy it's just like some crazy guy got two million dollars and he's like our guys I'm going to pay you ten grand to do this like crime. They're like, let's go dude five, thousand, each Lens. Yeah let's. Yes spending all your time. Trying to get hit by a Walmart truck to say that you're an associate of the coke brothers. I think I think. My to them is that like they're down to do anything. Like it probably doesn't matter what money they're getting paid. If you paid them like a hundred dollars to do something like political thing, they would take it just because they like the idea of getting hired to do these political escapades. At least for Jacob that's the check out. if you really you paid him like. Below minimum wage would probably be doing stuff, right? I do want to reiterate if you have not listened to our Jacob will interview give behind that God damn paywall remain. It's so it's so worth. Br I mean what are the episodes? It's a dollar twenty, five and episode pretty much you added up When you added that in that agenda. As we did a prequel episode about his only fans and everything you know leading up to it if I if I had to put a price with tarp price on like the that the listening value of that interview I'd probably say. Thirty five. Dollars. Is, absolutely like like. If you consider the season a DVD for a season of a TV show is like twenty three years something maybe nineteen, ninety, nine I tunes like like it's better than like a law and order season like it would have more entertainment value. Oh No. That is that is a box set quality like a box set quality episode probably and some old timer lines. I'm I'll be honest. There's Times where you know I've I've really phoned in. Here but that's that's one time where I fucking your alert I came. I. Came Correct. We were firing on all cylinders. Yes. That was a good. If anything it's worth to see us like in our prime like really latest interviewing. Versus. Element I felt like we we started this podcast just like not knowing what it was four and like in that moment I'm like, oh. We're meant interview Jacob All. Yeah. We missed a leading up to this. Yes. That was like we're doing like an NPR style plug you know. Like It's a PBS. You know how they do like PBS will have like the pledge drives sledge drives where it'll be like a one hour commercial for like a Jerry Lewis. Jerry Lee Lewis be like great balls of fire all the classics. Whole lot eleven, you love this music. We love this music, and now you can experience it in crystal clear HD in his twelve. DVD, box at Jerry Lee Lewis Live at the Birmingham Auditorium here on PBS, and if you call now, you know that kind of bullshit. You'll get a tote bag. Yeah. You'll see it'll be like in the guide if the TV and you'll just see like a program called like John Denver and you'll be like, yeah, John, Denver like that's the name, the show and you click it and it's just like Don John Denver like Videos FM mental eventually revert to that you know. Yeah. That's the best. I could ease TV has gotten so weird but I don't want to get off topic. Have you have you. Watched, cable. Not Not really no oh, it's just like, I feel like they're just not making shows for it anymore. So it's like there's entire channels world just be like shark tank only. Yeah it's just like they're making. They're making shows again now though. Kind of Nopal people are people are back at work. I know I met like they're making streaming shows and stuff, but they're not like cranking out a lot of like TV, only shows you know. There's like, oh, just like flipping through basic cable Oh. Yeah, and and. I mean I want to go on the TV tangent, but we'll do that another episode. I have some I have some thoughts about just. Cable TV general. It's pretty funny. Go through but we gotta stay on task. We gotta stay on task. Tests I was talking about the freaks that Jack Dude the Jack do outside of Walter Reed. And those were the funniest Oh. Yeah it was. That's why I brought him up. Yeah. The. Guys ever. I Mr President, I respect you so much you. I. Would I was somebody else but do you think that was a joke we never addressed but I wonder if that was serious or if that was a guy goofing around I think that was a real to those are real dude it's so funny. It's just like it's sad. And exhausting and funny at the same time you know but I do think that like. I do think that people are getting tired of it because. It's it's pretty funny and sad to watch. Walter. Reed like that footage there. Posing like proud clips like students for trump, all those people, the usual suspects saying like twenty minutes ago. The usual suspects are posting footage of me and like, wow, amazing to see what's happening outside of Walter Reed right now you know and it'll be a by shot of like one hundred, sixty people like not many people that I think like I was saying earlier that's like that's like a good amount of people for like the Grand Opening of a frozen yogurt place or that. Like. That's not even a good amount of people for like the Kohl's black Friday sale like if you go to one of those like, I mean one. Yeah. One hundred, sixty people. What is this the the ticket sales for one of my shows at Nashville Zanies? Oh, I was gonna say like let's like even less than like a live pod. Still Alive yeah and it's like. It is weird to see 'cause it's like on one hand. Those people are strange for going out in like standing outside of a giant like Walter Reed isn't like one building its campus. It's a huge hospital. You can't like even like like it's strange to say standing outside Walter. Reed. 'cause that's so vague. It's like saying like Yahoo standing outside of Ucla like where where UCLA has like. Five miles long? Part of town? But like standing outside of Walter Reed I. Guess. Unlike to wish the president well, and it's just such weird optics because there's not enough people for it to be moving like a moving visual it way better if there's nobody there, it just looked sad it's like yeah, it's It's easy to forget that he's like. The president we haven't it's been four years since we've experienced like. The opposite. Thing where it's like, do you imagine if Obama this happened to Obama there'd be like fucking leg right throngs of people out there doing like a candlelight vigil like it'd be annoying in like a different way it'd be like Okay Azer fucking Corny like he's not even dead. Why are you singing songs? Murals you know but it is. It's easy to forget that like if this was like any other president, there'd be like huge crowds out there. Huge. It's like massive and there's like. One hundred sixty people like. Pocket change like lint. Like that. Just like. Like a random amount of people on the sidewalk it's really sad looking. Right. Now. I know man it's. Yeah yeah and it's like I. Don't know. Are they do you think? I'm not I. Don't know how his brain works like. Do you think that he's like? He sees it. He knows that it's pathetic looking or is he juice like other here for me? I think he's guest I mean he did the drive by and like to go to them. Yeah which is so funded. Beatle mania do that. So fucking funny. Can you imagine like well, ninety imagine being the fucking Guy Driving Oh. My God. Yeah. Getting possibly getting cove it because the president wanted to go waiting over a hundred and. because. He wanted to wave to wave to. One hundred sixty people or whatever do like it's just so funny that even wanted to go out there. It's hilarious. I mean, it's awesome. would be like. Two guys outside of our live show and this is like a scaled comparison, right? It'd be different if there's like two guys outside of our live show and like Mya backstage and you're like, do you want to go talk to the fans maybe like wave? What it was like two guys. It's so. Yeah no that's like a one on one conversation. There's. Nobody there yeah. This is not beatle. Mania? He did a quick pass by a small crowd nights and he risked where's where's where's Milan and all this? That's the one conspiracy theory that I can't believe is that like maybe she doesn't even have covid. Oh? Yeah. Maybe she just wanted to fuck off and like. I mean you have to like she can't not have like. If she didn't, it'd be you don't kiss your wife. Doing. I don't know when when's the last time you think they they fucked passionately. Passionately never. Yeah I think early on probably may do you think he throws like any type of pipe like besides tried Janke I think is his pipe game is not strong but I think it may be was at one point or no I don't think it actually ever was not i. don't think he ever had strong pipe game but I'm sure that like. This is something you decide handed. He did you decide to have or not like you know. You can choose you. Please woman like I don't think he's choosing. Yeah. He's just getting one hundred percent. He's not taking his time. He's not putting in the work. No kidding me. No no way. He's not. He doesn't. He doesn't. He doesn't eat it. Doesn't eat box. No. Way. Why we? To us out of what's that? Again. Yeah. You. Know. Yeah. I don't know why my wife my brain is stuck on that setting. Yeah. I'm just like on such autopilot that I even know. Like how brought up I'm assuming that you're just like piping in every once in a while like, do you think he's good sex and then I answered before you even thinking about the question you know. Yeah I mean I've definitely just been. We're I I was in like A. I was in such a weird state this weekend, but I think I'm. In. California you know. I said it was in a weird state. Oh there we go. I was like. Holly Weird Hollywood California. But. Now, I definitely like it made I I am. Yeah me too. I feel I, feel optimistic. It's good. I mean BIA. It feels good on many levels. It's just good I'm. It's crazy an unprecedented to. On precedent if he dies though before the election, then that's that's no good. It's going to be a situation by. I think McConnell will Be Like I first of all, like you guys need to. You. Know we can't. We can't. We got a delay, the election and then. You know Mike Pence's in power. I don't know if that would happen but. I'm pretty sure. I don't WanNa like go walk or would Mike Pence just run instead? Yeah I think he would be. He would be presented the opportunity to run the incumbent and and another running mate. You'd just be fucked riot. Like and he wouldn't win quickly because you're pence pence doesn't have the juice no, he's not. By Kamala Harris unfortunately the that is one thing about like the the whole lake. You know. Q. Caulton the just the whole trump called as a whole is like I do feel like Mike. Pence gets no love. No, absolutely not he's not even a character in the queue universe. It's so sad because he's not he's not he doesn't have the Star Power No. I don't think he wants to. He probably hates US Life Dude. Yes. He's a different type of bad guy like he's like really religious like he's the real right? He's does not like guys like trump. This is like a dude who does not pray like he likes him dislikes him for very simple reasons like trump doesn't pray for eats that type of stuff. Yeah. Just very strange. He's not like celebrating Easter properly like trump let the he put like a witch decoration up in the White House on Halloween. Religious like trump. You know that pence has some very specific ones like that. You know. Yeah This here's pence says shit kind of it bury the speaking of decorations really buried the whole like Melania Christmas then. Oh Yeah. Where people mad about that? I let's new and I was like. I mean, it's funny that she said foot Christmas yeah. It's pretty funny. The first lady said Fuck. crispy. I mean it's one of those things where it's like. It. Just becomes like forgettable. Nano course I mean because nothing matters like. It's just one of it's like, all right. We're just going through this routine like. We're going to put that out on MSNBC A bunch of libs they're going to hear it and like yeah, no trump supporters will here at if they do they're gonna be like Oh, it's fake. Yeah it's made up right it's just like, okay. So it's just a bunch of Democrats listening to Melania trump like. Just, continuing to not like her it's just completely pointless. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, this is like the first. The first big thing that it's just kind of like undeniable. Damn. He got sick right. Yeah. It's pretty cool by the way I've really enjoyed the pictures that they putting out of him like. Like. Working. Quote Unquote were yeah. Where it's really funny picture Kinda will I will say he kind of. Looks the I know that he's like Pale and they don't I know what you're about to say hardy agree with you. He. Looks better. He looks better than normal because he is nervous bronze or on. Yes he's bronze on he's just like. Skin. Know exactly. He literally like. Has He he like he looks you mrs a glow up yeah. He looks way better right now. Yeah. And like you know this is kind of he literally looks way better normal fitting shirt he had like unbuttoned. Yeah. Look like his SAM. I normal guy he looked less reptilian he literally looked so normal Yeah it was weird to see but also I was cracking up because they're like. Lip Twitter was like. Like diving into the Meta data, the pictures I don't know if you saw that like like Russia gate type people, they're like looking at the Meta data, the the photos and I was like, all right what are they trying to prove and they're like these were taken ten minutes apart he wasn't actually working. These were just staged photos. It's just like are you kidding me? We need to look at the Meta data to know that. Of course. I think he was just working all day in the hospital. Are you fucking out of your mind? Like you those pictures did you see the pictures? Brandon no of him like working in A. Presidential Suite. visit their hilarious looking I mean, he's like. Signing a blank piece of paper and just like two folders and a pen. And it's like, yeah, I mean just because it's like nobody's work has not looked like that since one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, five, or something. Like how do you even like eighteen ninety or something just like We're working as a businessman. We've just like literally like doing grow of calligraphy looking at I'm looking at Donald Trump's a twitter right now. And he he he reads tweeted a diamond and silk tweet from last year. I just now. Of Him Hugging Diamond and sill. And it's like this is from July twenty nineteen and he re tweeted it like today. And it's it's just diamond silk saying a period at Real Donald Trump we wanna say thank you for being the best president ever. Thank you for being. Best, president paving the way. Thank you for being the best president ever. Thank you for being our voice and thank you for paving the way for all Americans have an opportunity obtaining the American dream. We love you so much more God. Bless you. Oh, my God he like he just he he just popped in. He just popped in to be like I gotTA I. GotTa re tweet This diamond silk. Tweet from last summer. Here's an audience back. There's a new giant. We Watch one together just for fun yeah. Let's watch this. We're getting great reports from the doctors. This is an incredible hospital wilt to read the work they do is just absolutely amazing and I, want to thank all the nurses doctors everybody here. I've also gotten to meet some of the soldiers and the first responders and Water Group I. also think we're going to pay a little surprise to some of the Great. Lakes. To speak. Out there for a long time and they've got trump flags and they love our country. So I'm not telling anybody but you but I'm about to make a little surprise visit. So perhaps I'll get there before you get to see me. I just when I look at the enthusiasm and we have enthusiasm like probably nobody's ever had our Putin's those the job we're doing we have more enthusiasm than maybe anybody. So it's been a very interesting journey I learned a lot about Kovin I learned it by really going to school. This is the real school. This isn't the Lynch read the Book School. and. I understand it and it's Very interesting thing going to be letting you know about it in the meantime we love the USA and we love what? He's absolutely losing it like that or you listen Minson, let's read the book school. You know like this is the let's get cove school. That was. Like the fuck around of no doubt he's losing it man like he's really losing. Like. I? Don't know it's actually hard to describe. It's kind of every. It's completely dark. Like when he started getting Giddy, it's like he's in his own little like world. where he's just like. Like the fans he's like the fans are outside I'm GonNa go give them a little treat. Don't tell them. Santa's coming down there little present. It's me the presents me. It's like, yeah weird. It's like he's posting the main twitter. It's right. It's the he's completely talking to the heads. It's like only his super fans now. Yeah he's doing it for the culture. It's like it's almost like completely forgot he's president you know. Yeah, it's like. He's just a famous guy now. I mean I'm not gonna I'm not one of these people that's like a pretending that you know like during the debate there there were people that were like Jess Biden said shut up man. He called him a clown, you'RE S. They're both so unwell but yeah, he's he's like he's gone. He's not. He's I mean it's just like not even like what he's talking about. He really used to be so sharp for us to be so sharp. Yeah. But it's like it's close like he's not even like talking about anything close to what's going on like. The president of the United States is like in the hospital incapacitated pretty much and like Mike Pence should be in charge right lack. Normally the way the news would be talking about this. If it was Obama would be like this is a major national security risk like our country I mean I don't really think we're ever really at risk like, but they'd be talking about it as if like Russia was gonNA like launch a missile in the president's not going to be to fire. The laser lock it or whatever you know. That's how they'd be talking about it and like. Like there's not even acknowledged like he's just like only talking to his fans right now in the weirdest way fans just straight up like an only fans update. Yeah and like it's just very weird. Really Eerie. Is the way I describe that Val. I WanNa go USA yeah and then just I'm learning a lot about covid. Like I know like some of this stuff like it feels really. Like I know you're supposed to like. Talk like this. You know it's like obvious criticisms, but it's hard not to sometimes. Right. This is this brought me in. This is like I I think we've been avoiding of the Zeitgeist for the most part on this past. But yeah, this is this is something where I was like, yeah, we can't record until we got a we got to see how this plays out for a little bit. This this sort of marinate I mean it's literally funny listening to say like I'm learning a lot about covert like cut bragging. This isn't this is a real school not like the books just like. A? Disease Getting the disease is how you really. Think. Bro It's seven months too late like you should been learning about this. So long ago he's he knows how to flip the narrative maybe he's flexing that he learned about. I learned a lot of the ends you. Literally Gate Kovin Mba I'm I'm learning I'm learning so much. I mean school with soldiers. Yeah. You guys aren't Yeah. Built like this this. That's so sick. That's so funny I mean. Oh. My God is just it's hysterical now that it is really really funny and you know what's the sad thing is that like by the time this episode comes out in. Like a few hours, probably more things will happened. Tomorrow Monday morning people be listening to it. It'll be stuff we don't even know about. Go farm farm to table with this one. Yeah. Just like crank it out. Why not? I mean I'm excited to see what's next. I. Cannot get over that video. It's like of those things are up to watch it a couple times like fully sink it. Like. Like what did he put this out for? What is the strategic value of this video? It's a minute and thirteen seconds long and I like lays just like proving that he's not dead I guess so like. You know I didn't think you is going to die. I never really thought so. But it is so funny a drop that like. There's no way that scripted. It's so obviously not scripted and he does so poorly script he's just like it's a minute and thirteen in like one minute of him is literally being like I'm not saying I'm going downstairs but you might have a little surprise and his second. Directly. Speaking to two hundred people that are outside. This is not a big crowd. Down there. Yeah. It's like two hundred guys. It's like two hundred divorce guys and a couple people our age that are out there right like just tweeting to how many million followers does he have? he's got. He's. A. Six, six, nine, million people that the video has nine million views. It's basically a video that should have been texted. From his campaign to like those two hundred guys that were out there thanks for coming I like you. He's supposed to get to the entire world is seeing this and it's just literally like him teasing I'm going to you want me to come wave you. Just to say, thank you for yeah that's all he just wave. Oh it just so he Yeah. I mean, this is just such a bizarre time beal I've man like I don't. Yeah, no I know it's just really. And it's strange. that. We've been podcasting this whole time. It'll be interesting like you know if Biden wins like I don't really know what's going to change but. At least just like removing I, think it'll. Yeah I think I think it'll be like a nice return to. The Times yeah. I might were miss some of the lake people want feel the need to like pretend to be wonks. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. A hundred percent. and. Just like the barrage of craziness you know. The barrage of crazy and like. I hope that like. A lot of the Maga- people could just like go back to doing what they used to be doing. Like I actually do. Hope that for these people because it seems like a lot of work and it seems like a lot of time wasted. Same with Russia Gate. I want them to have good lives. I don't like them but for your free yourselves of free yourselves of cue for yourselves of Russia Gate like I don't know what these people were doing before exactly. But. Yeah. I don't know they might not stop but I think they deserve to stop just like, yeah. put down the IPAD. Get off a Chan and just get off get off twitter for IPAD. Go do whatever you used to do. You know I mean I think it's yeah. That's the thing. It's. That's the best argument for The Biden Administration is We're GONNA. It's GonNa be a a normal pilled. Time. Yeah. Then our country. Yeah I mean. Yeah because just like it just weighs on you no matter what it's just like to have something just completely insane dropped on you and lake. Twitter can one side three can finally get back to people being like, why don't they call jetskis motorcycle? We can finally we're going to bring Save Star Back BRING BACK G FOUR TV WE'RE GONNA BRING BACK SPIKE TV. We're going to bring back maxim on print in print. Oh Yeah. We're GONNA be print bring back. fhm Is Back Yourself magazine is back. Let's go internet porn is banned completely. No no no no. No. Not doing that. We're bringing it back to SD. You have to pirate it pirated only yet no internet porn will still continue to thrive, but we will have maximum imprint. Everybody gets a yeah. Everybody's GONNA get a maximum subscription and stuff magazine fhm although Lad mags the American lad down with that going to have a renaissance yeah. I'm with that I'm with. Ya. I'm just trying to think of well I. Guess It depends on which era of time you would want to go back to you know. Taking this back I think we're I think it. Will you know they'll be going to? Oh, eight this early stream. Yeah I think Oh eight Oh eight oh eight Oh, nine barely like pre porn up. Yeah you're going to like maybe you're getting some weird streams. It did porn up. No none. I mean I. This is something you're you're supposed to know. But yeah, this is definitely your area of expertise two, thousand eight. I think maybe maybe maybe maybe I, think like it was early. I think more. So you're going to like some weird like website that doesn't have a catchy name you know. you're getting virus like you're getting your more. So you're more likely virus like going to the site you know what I'm saying. Like, they may be existed but you're getting some Mauer you're getting weather bug you're getting Banzai body like the. Those. Who is that? What was that one like? A motor con up. That was just a virus basically was it bonds I breathe Maybe. Yeah. Were you doubt you'd be like, Oh, I can use all these fun Emoji or I think this is pre emojis like they were just emoticons and they would like dance around and stuff, but you would have like so much malware on your computer. Thinking was bonsai buddy I'll text you bonsai buddy right now I remember like, yeah, it's going to be like that it was like. I remember my grandma getting bonds everybody and just being horrified like I, don't know if he ever actually my bad remember. Email eyebrows I. Laugh I tell facts. Do you remember him. The. Now I remember I. Remember Him. I mean it's like I don't know of Bonsai Buddy specifically virus but if you manage to get bonsai buddy like in the process, you for sure got virus you know yeah it's just like all right. If you have this like, what else do you have you know? Yeah. No. Absolutely. It's just like it's more of like a canary in the mine type situation. Yeah. Absolutely, but you know bonsai buddy we're not bringing him back. He's not coming back. He's staying He can yet. He can stay dead stay dead. Yeah. But Yeah I'm Andrea Buddy otherwise I. think in the dirt going back Coney Coney two, thousand, twelve coming back. Yeah Kony twenty, twenty unfortunately. Bernie's going away. Like. You know for better for worse we're going back to two thousand twelve thousand eight ish, right. So like Bernie doesn't work. That's like to clear like the ideas make too much sense we need. It'd be like more more abstract like we need to be doing like a coney type mission. You know it's like. To capture this warlord and the way that we're going to capture him is you have to share this youtube video. After donate donate money to these two guys in San Diego but. That live Pacific Beach Party and like make music us like that's the only 'cause like this is you know we weren't thinking about like, Oh how do we like? Poor healthcare making people not. Poor. That stuff's too confusing. Let's do growing. We need. We can't play highway out of black and white video. Oh that's also coming back. We're bringing that back to will I am being political pundit where he comes on In the future, just instead of a kid there should be an IPAD. Instead of having. You should have an Apple Watch and yeah, listen it's not. It's IT'S A it's not called. Let's get it started. Yeah. We're going back. We're going back to the. Original title we're bringing that. This is the. The Biden campaign platform that they. said, this is the debate they fixed it with a delay though. Out. When he? I'm going to change the song title back. Oh Boy oh boy. Yes sir. Well well fun for today. Is that what you're thinking? Yeah, I think I think we've had we've had enough. Had enough laughs. We had enough laughs for the day. I do WANNA, get one extended plug off before we finish this episode. As most of you may already know I have begun work on the third annual yet, but still Halloween special. So I wanted to plug a couple of things first of which if you have a paranormal story something scare even happened to you non paranormal I'm taking those UFO. Anything weird anything that happened to you or somebody that you know. I'm dead serious please email me but still prodigy. Mel Dot Com. If somebody happened to a family member or friend, just make sure to person that you could get in contact with and they'll be down to tell the story. I am still taking some more stories So send me a summary of them that being said. I do already have quite a few good ones recorded I'm working on this episode. So I'm really really excited for this year's Halloween special I do need a couple more. This is a this is a real ghost have a year last year and the year before that were really all over the place we've had if if you haven't heard I've had stories from all over the world submitted from people that listen to podcasts. So. If you haven't heard those episodes on patriotic I, highly recommend them. With full competence I mean. I it takes way too long to make these episodes by myself so. Please you know get back there and listen to them. They're they're really good. I. Could say that with complete confidence But yeah email me your stories I want to hear them especially if it's a non ghost story because I want a little bit more variety for this year so. Yeah, send him and stay tuned for the third annual Halloween. Special you have is still part of G.. Dot Com sign up for our Patriot on listening in dot com slash gs still just do it folks All right. Thank you for listening everybody.

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