Episode Twenty-One


They brought our good friend and hosts Safadi stugatz along to hype. This thing up below graders always good to have your voice on this show boy do we have a great show for you so get him back on the most relevant one and that's how Dylan found his new director of coffee in just a few days it's still got he's one hundred as they say I got so little feedback on it that I have no idea if it was good or bad like even this was horrible I would take from the ringer he's an NFL writer out there and we get into some NFL stuff maybe so tyler hero joined Chris and Billy Outed Heat Media Day sat down I would say Clayton Kershaw that's a great guests and we came close really tyler hero Oh maybe we thought we were just it's not that kind of drip so China's not coming up China's gun in I'm really happy that we mentioned in the second hiring can be a slow process her ziprecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you it finds them for you it's acknowledged identifies people with the right experience and invite them to apply to your job so you get qualified candidates it requires your feedback so if you like the interviews that we do great you're in luck we got two of them on this show not only tyler hero joining us but so as Kevin Fast Dylan posted his job on Ziprecruiter and said he was impressed by how quickly he had great candidate supply he also use ziprecruiter's candidate rating featured to filter as applicants so he could focus guys actually did this interview damage. Yeah I mean a real winner Chris Cody and Billy Gill went to Media Day and if you listen to salaciously to the last four directors of coffee work with US unbelievable what are your plans I don't know ever really thought about it yet but I did get the cafe Toro's Coo Dila wits needed to hire a director of coffee for his organic coffee company but he was having trouble finding qualified applicants so we switched to Ziprecruiter czar drip drip on the heat he explained to Alison Drip it yeah are you aware of what trip is to get WanNa get that checked out I'm for fun interview obviously this dude is taken heat twitter and basketball twitter by storm it's a crossover event people are onto this huge drip yeah we talked a lot of drip actually is sweet mystery crate you heard their unbelievable interview with Derek Jones and Kelly Olympic people are still talking about it aren't they I gotta be honest with you if we're going to keep the but I was like do I live in a vacuum where like no one hurt any of it was so confusing I never get no reaction to anything because a lot of that was and then there's a lot of people are like Oh this is awful I hate you you're the worst I've talked all that stuff right get any of that whatsoever oh I felt the opposite I got like four people that said that you're saying essentially this anything like just the act felt like I was in the you miss reaction will give us the action because mystery crate is kind of a bizarre podcast and itself GonNa talk to the entire country of China so you thought that was a good place to go so it'd be good get we're going to go to tyler hero ah here's a plan that you guys you you need to get Dylan Moskowitz on the show get him on the mystery correct well I happen to know is director of coffee get pull some strings and make it happen for you the at our web address ziprecruiter dot com slash credit that's ziprecruiter dot com slash C. R. A. T. E. ziprecruiter dot com slash crate ziprecruiter it's like that it's no wonder four out of five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day ZIPRECRUITER's effective for businesses of all sizes trust Ziprecruiter for free the smartest way to hire I actually had the south sessions ziprecruiter copy open by accident and I almost said the wrong web address how bad wow at least I didn't call attention to it here it is an interview about drip with the biggest name in sports tyler hero right really looked at the metrics it's one hundred percent of the people that download last night all four said it was all right and bill you miss the hatred is what you know when you look at all your heat teammates drip rankings of like on your team are you are you in the top three on the right away who else is in that top three A. J. J. J. Jon he's he's definitely he might be number one traffic around yeah all right we're joined now by cassation for the Miami Tyler Hero now four I get into the brass tacks and really hitched with the hard stuff your last names hero it's I feel like a lot of word plays can be happy with the name hero what's like the corneas like I'm sure you get I can be your hero baby like the the worst thing that I've been now we're asking all the guys about this he puts mustard on his philly cheese steaks that's not weird back like it's just like a threat any away and like contribute or do you just kind of on your way and you don't WanNa make any guarantees like that I plan to contribute right away I'm ready so we don't have it you don't have it there's not you can't buy it like I shouldn't have said drippy right that's not drip drip whose number one that I could see that house a house Gordon Strip a little different than Margaret I mean everybody has is like he's player now because he has a show I have a my best friend lives me he cooks for me Yeah your style clothes you wear and how you more of like an oral specific things just like an overall eh everyone holiday talking how they talk trash yeah I had to give back to our yeah now as far as just a hokey basketball question to sneak in right here do you expect to come in right own their own style house lasalle explain that's alison she's afraid of the cameras if she keeps running away from the camera because she's afraid of really really whole bunch you made news at the draft everyone like that the sound bite of most drip here that's Kinda like your thing whether you wanted that too you're not it's like what people have talked about a lot and I'm wondering like my trickiest thing is the brown shoes drippy thank you anything can be dripping learnings you own it where I feel like drip is something you can't really do though any decoration some food I just like straights steak and cheese I'd say so you can choose you have a chef already or now junior told us he has a chef imagine you getting him a nice or getting your mom Nice car you have to deal with what type of interior do I want to I want these features those features so what did you end up getting her got her right up avenue with me as a m breakfast and stuff like that all I need to get one of those what's the biggest MBA thing that you're doing now that you're in the league like something that now just drove it to the house and not become outside 'cause she seen it so she liked it yeah here's the thing I struggled just getting like normal birthday presents who would us about myself car car are Kinda just I had it delivered when he got it it when you guys are playing you guys go back and forth a little bit talk who's the best talker on the team I haven't really seen everybody how the Erin select a car seems like a really stressful thing for you to get on there and I'm like you know what let me get my dad like a hat like Polo shirt or something I'm like does he like blue does he laid talking about everyone kind of gets it. How would you describe like just like what your expectations are for the heat culture thing is being on time to everything being a professional and you're going and you know I'm going to get drafted today it's just a matter of where it's going to be so is it stressful because you're waiting to figure out we're GONNA play or is it like just a general fear of cameras let's see having Alison we're trying to talk to you we were talking before we're trying to explain drip she didn't understand it so she said she just wanted to talk to you about drip it we'll get like that's what I heard Jimmy bowlers press conference said that you'd like to say no other than getting drafted yeah did you have any idea you're going to be coming to the heat like that night like obviously your these team so like not really my agent so I mean I was definitely stressed a little bit yeah do you have any good John Stories like just leaks I could just be a turtle like to actually be in the league you won't be turtles I bet it's a sweeter Gig 'cause that guy doesn't have to wake up early right up and go work out he's just like no I'm making oh me that I wasn't getting drafted by the heat they said I was going to draft at fourteen so like it was it was weird and you hear everyone talk about the culture and I don't really know what the any John Calipari story for us this is a whole bunch of the guys crazy can I tell you hold I am I when I went to Umass he was the coach I've been held held to a higher standard and the rest of the teams in the league and just really just hard work what's the draft night for you because this is something you've worked for your entire life okay he will have people come in and it'll be a one and done situation and everybody knows the deal so he's kind of playing with the system so that he knows yeah calcium's just shoot it straight he's like you're here for one year then you're going to the League which has to be a cool feeling cocoa think different from all the other coaches he we spent something crazy like you know what I'm GonNa Lean I gotta get this like a car or something bubble Mama Gar as one thing I always wanted to do so I bought a Mama Car vide because you know like today my dream is GonNa come true I'm GonNa be an NBA player by the end of the night it was kind of stressful for me because I didn't know where I was going to like the twelfth picks did you say what do you think of this car here the keys I gave you the keys like I told her to come out not just gave her the keys she just drove it took post her reaction on social media? That's I know you've been working the phones throughout that entire interview but did you make any time to listen to it while you were not so busy handling director of coffee things yes wont keeps everything real with those players I'm Yuka ask all the players that succeeded what's Kentucky which is a lot you know if if he lied to you have you for one year we're going to try to have a team championship and then you're out of here the next year a lot of coaches selfishly key players around longer than they should and they'll give them bad advice and say you should stay in college a little longer it's like free yes definitely do a lot like there's a certain point where you realize I'm going to the NBA next year like what am I going to be going to you know intro to English for I'll look at all the names of the ways they use my last name kind of funny I hear I can be a hero baby superhero no yeah they have that feeling that you've had so far as a profession being able to get your mom something Yeah Rush Cayenne I just counted as some that I liked it I'll take it you think she'll tell you like it or she eggs tyler hero the best basketball player on the planet Yep die other hero is the best basketball player on the biggest star I mean he went to Ziprecruiter it really the time my life do those he he had a good team they're awesome team what's he like like because most people you know what I mean like was there like that we're like you know what it's eight o'clock in the morning I'm not going to go to this classic because what's the point every single class yeah on Mvp you know Patrick Mahomes in his first season a full play one an MVP just last year however he wasn't a rookie rookie occurred you and they're all saying no so I mean he won I think like I say he keeps it real until he doesn't need he doesn't eat anything for many of us like he he's already saying Zion veterans I on as better than I do Yup Yup the Pelicans made a mistake and you said earlier this week designs the best player in the NBA. I did say that you guys own legacy and so he's just here to help the kids that's all he wants is that why you went there because you knew this guy not lying to me this guy yeah definitely layer around one sixty nine nice who wes unseld and it wasn't just him both on sell an Wilt Chamberlain won the MVP award in the rookie of the year at that year's will help given Clark from the ringer is an NFL writer them on this week's mystery create here is Kevin Clarke from the Ringer Feeding Your Nfl addiction and hopefully we actually ask him some NFL questions now but you're willing to call it a now I'm sorry I'm sorry to bring that up any rookies that's the only way right have any rookies rookies I can listen to it but I have someone that I'm a big fan of online right now you may know him from the ringer and is slow news day video futures here behind the scenes in preparation for this interview Kevin and I found your Lincoln Okay did you know that you had Lincoln because I'm a little suspicious of the Lincoln that winning rookie of the year and you can win MVP as many times as you want that's an incredible way to look at it we could win both know you can only win rookie of the year one ever or have any rookies ever won the MVP as well probably not here yet rookie of the year and the MVP no we'll call it no maybe in the NFL should look at it just wasted time going to try something a little bit different on this week's mystery crepe usually what we do is kind of evergreen so you can go been on that program before Kevin Clark is on the line with us and we want to go through some NFL stuff and we'll get to all of that but we've been doing some research Chris Broussard and it says that he's an NBA analyst for Espn and we know that's wrong because he's not an MBA analyst so we have Kevin Clark now on the program because you know how they have like other suggestions on the Lincoln there's like a tad here where I can click Max Kellerman according to this he is a TV host telephone You know what I am going to say anything that she loves it what caller as all black I love it was nicer than say this is yours I think I tracked him down the Lincoln and it says to interesting things for US number one you hail from the Dell he's from the Dell they were hiring the best basketball player on the planet and they tyler here that the rector a basketball honestly I'd rather in rookie of the year then Mvp I think because you only get one shot what was your friend doing who cooks for you now you class like was he prepping for us to like what's what's he cooking for you and your at college you know we we had our own doc nick zone the Randy Shannon Zone I saw a lot of bad football and I I would say it was even worse than most people who went to school at big program that's a lot of people that do that I don't WanNa be argumentative but a lot of people do not know I mean like in Orlando it was like a thing different nicknames that we have a lot of people use area code for seven a lot of people use and this is a stretch and it goes back to the nineties well I will use Jam Landau for some reason Blake zeal your turtles do you ever see entourage like the Turtle Friend Years Man I need to I wish I wish one of my friends made champ Landau I also see that you attended the University of Miami during the glory days of two thousand seven through two thousand ten so did you witness actually heard that before finally he's biased because you grew up in the dough so jam Landau water is the water yeah the what was it fifty five zero the Virginia blowout game at the Orange Bowl Yep I went up to Gainesville with high hopes and then we never cross midfield I was into Patrick Nikes because I think the local stations to call jam Landau and so now ironically there it is not uncommon to hear the term jam Landau when you're in Orlando and they went through some bad years because not only was there for like two thousand eight recruiting class it was supposed to springboard to number one but people like her three years watching some awful football but mix that with hope Kevin Clarke from jam Landau here with us on the mystery APP people talk about the water in the door I did and here's what I think I think dial a hero great personality but here's what I also the better player he is going to be the rookie of the year he is flying under the radar in terms of I know a lot is it as bad as they say because I've been there a bunch of Disney and stuff and I've never really noticed it's terrible but everyone claims that it's just the worst water water worst water I've never the ship cool all right well good luck the season thanks for joining appreciate it thanks so much different type of wet if you know what I mean it it tastes like home to me terrible bad water tastes like my and I'm a huge fan of his I think he's got such a unique delivery and a unique style of delivering his NFL takes and I'm really proud to have a to Orlando to Disney or universal whatever you're going to do in Orlando the water just has like a different taste I guess and like even feel like it feels a st were still hyping it sounds like a really big program and so there was constant belief that we were ready to beat Florida ready to be Zantac whenever it was and it just never happened I spent but if you're always eating in these videos how do you decide what you're going to eat we just happen to stroll upon you all you're eating or is this very calculated the whole premise started to be believe me unless I ended up working one day in twenty years at the New York Times or something one of my favorite parts about slow news damn will probably get to some football at some point with Kevin Clark here that we were just going to read the newspaper much starbucks even though starbucks pass to do this and we were just going to talk about football and then it turned out that you guys are water elitist came to Miami did you finally realize this is there's something different about this why is this so crisp yeah that's that's the thing I realize it's different about Miami damage transit of property that's how good tyler heroes of what I say is better than Zion Williamson wins rookie of the year through all that great water here that's what I said now on your twitter bio it says that you're a Wall Street Journal alum is that like the new Harvard email address I just make fun of movies on Delta flights and I just needed everyone to know that at one point I wasn't serious journalists before I started just drinking coffee on camera so yes that will probably never the water it was it wasn't just like the incredible cultural experience and all different people and you know the great nightlife it was I said Oh my God Orlando as the dough and it's the first time I've heard that I've heard it referred to as Oh town is this the first time you've heard it referred to as the first time so there's a couple of days nobody ever wanted to eat the starbucks play the only people who have Arian foster I think was the first person to ever and that was like nine weeks into ever eat the cheese now we just learned this we learned this on the local hour we have like a really dushi caller that calls us his name is fa I mean that lovingly he referred else so I I just sorta midway through just start popping the cheese my mouth and sometimes I happen to be eating during a moment where where something funny is happening and that's so in Atlanta and it's weird because I know I know it's like a mid nineties picture Max Kellerman to it could be coincidence and then I found what's up with the dolphins and this tanking thanking him all right well yeah so it's a great question I think that they are fishing I wrote it the America there's no Marisa about the water we all know how bad it is we can't tell anybody I know I've never heard that maybe refused to it that's the thing you lost Angeles ends or the dolphins has just gotten massive difference obviously the dolphins are building our strategy around this I'd rather be the dolphins right now than the redskins are the bengals because they've got the apiece today on how on just the the amount of awful teams in the NFL and then how the Gulf between say the Patriots and the Bangles or the reds that's just going to stay there all the time is it yeah so I put that in there because I started to do some less serious stuff like slow news day where we basically like today Ryan I'm open to selling out if that's graphic yes I'm open to like some start out coffey being like here's a massive check yeah uh of this season's narrative against Brown's seems as though the media and fans alike to and the team itself spent an entire offseason sort of hyping the Cleveland Browns Heisman like for instance will one day they're just be like lunch ables on the set and that's the cheese played or are you open to maybe going to a different coffee product shape Toronto has done it before but it's mostly it's there and then halfway through I realize I'm a little bit hungry because of the time we we take like eleven with between can take advantage because I think that so much of the modern nfl the idea that you can get these guys for cheap one or rookies if you go beyond for years there is up and now everyone's absolutely reveling in the results and all of a sudden we're unsure if Baker Mayfield's good quarterback even though he is a rookie passing touchdown record everything come together in two years I you know I think that NFL rebuilds a really risky because the contracts are short careers short there's really only two or three year window and I don't think the water is not great here but maybe immune to bad water you grew up without water so that's water to you like you don't realize what the waters like but like when you're a tourist and you they were GonNa start kind of two and two to three maybe three and two because it's really hard now to get everybody on the same page with a lack of training camp practices lack of offseason training especially with the coach tons of company faces in Cleveland so I knew it was going to be a slow start there's this weird narrative going around now Baker Mayfield if somehow Johnny Mandel two-point how did it feels as though it's like bath water that I'm drinking off of someone like body job this guy's from Orlando he doesn't think it's bad why the water's fine was I mean the ability to show that much talent over half season you can't do that unless you're good there are certain mitigating factors that are like get injured or you know you know the cert- leading that just get to me no you shouldn't so first of all we kind of knew this is going to happen as far as the slow start I talked about this a couple of feel my own podcast but I predicted how it happens it is and I want to stress the dumbest show on the era that so anything happens fair food wise ones tend to notice no is this up for adverts I think there's probably a lesson to be learned in the fact that the forty niners we were hyping them up last year they didn't show much in in a couple of games than Jimmy Garoppolo gets hurt and they have a totally I'm a browns fan myself should I start letting some of these doubts that are affecting the the the take that is sort of get up and ESPN daily programing should the guys are expensive so it's really hard to turn around a rebuild like the NFL but if anybody can do it right now the team it's really really committing to it what do you mean athlete everywhere restaurant and it's like oh there's there's Shawn Marion that's boy bands in Orlando we work at the Cleveland occasionally there'll be a pro athlete here but down about it being from jam Landau so what is the best boy band that is not in sync or backstreet boys there was a litany of them in the nineties Oh boy I mean town which was manufactured out of that if you remember them right I've watched the show and even ah timken completely screw up around you but normally if you show that much talent you are a good quarterback I think at some point he'll show that form again so I think that this is oh soo gods what is the biggest interview we could have in sports right now on the mystery Craig O. on the crate for the craters they've got the CAP space they're trying to be bad you'll get a team like Washington they're not even trying to trade Trent Williams even get a first round pick there's rumors the bengals wall trade we shouldn't do this cancer culture without up and running back then so I completely agree with you we we we would not have I think that it's really interesting to me you mentioned the boy bands thousand eleven when the CPA happened so I don't think that there's there's a lot to go on with overly hype teams bring in kind of superstars overnight but you know I think the one that we or something you know just another bus on the browns you know traps heat and I think that's ludicrous if you saw them play last year and how good is released was and accurate now fishing in sports bar moment as I was walking upstairs I'm like I think that was Chris Kirkpatrick and I told everybody I told everybody guilt go downstairs and like pretend like you're going to the Susan and now before niners are breaking out like I kinda feel like the media kind of hypes up a team one ear too early maybe this is the year they're going to go nine and I felt like what are we doing here I mean the dolphins fan of the get to I remember Tunsil helped Pakistan with makeup fitzpatrick so I think that I don't necessarily know because those guys are just around in Orlando and it's kind of weird like you'll see just and it's back when I was in Orlando more background lived on the East Coast show made me uncomfortable because in twenty nine hundred show never gets me because entering the show we kind of already knew about Lou Pearlman a little bit but not enough for T. V. executives yeah no and I walked upstairs marinating on it because we locked eyes and there was like a sort of like I recognize you in ice maybe sort of walk past few out of immunity you would just c. j. all the time or like Chris Kirkpatrick there's just around it's just it's in the same way you know in Miami you just end up seeing it avenue in Cleveland and the next year they go thirteen and three maybe that's how it works out in the NFL remember nfl we don't have a huge sample because it's four basically changed overnight appears at the Cleveland or there was we had a run in with a famous boy band member I went downstairs and I locked eyes with somebody that kind of looked like someone used Kevin Clarke from jam Landau with us now being from the doe you are born into boy band Phantom knowing your age you probably know all the about their head things like number five okay range think I'm number two golf is good as it was and I think that we know their talent so I think that they figure out the line they can get to a productive season this year but maybe we're looking at twenty twenty for them Atherton confirmed this four six believed it to be capable is one of the creepiest days here like by far because there was like a steady stream of people like it was a parade if people going up and down the stairs to go to the bathroom and it was like nonstop and then when people were unsure they'd go down like three or four times in the poor guy is just like sitting at a table paying attention to Russell Wilson Anyway and should we be concerned about Patrick mahomes highlight Kiana read where for like thirty years it's been a really cool station as the MVP favourite while he's just doing the same stuff that he's done since they started having to pay him instead of other people so what do you make of now the nation at large finally the on the money so Patrick Mahomes got injured the last game and it kind of made me uncomfortable watching it because he looked genuinely hurt but then is on but because of that bad performance and they were held it's really back to back like non Patrick mahomes performances now Russell Wilson has sort of entered the jack or five with the F. in five replaced by the actual number five I would say five what was the ban that had when the rebrand as a boy band member like a lot of it was wearing like sweater vests with no shirt underneath there was a lot of that amongst it on his instagram page that he goes around with Nicklaus Shea performing instinct songs I mean Nicholas say what is he yeah you can look on Joey fatone instruments people who went to my high school before I got there because they wanted to just sort of latch onto an old town type ad I was angered the other day seeing that Joey fatone post not everybody generation above me so they'd be like I don't know like if they were in high school and Middle School I would say a good sixty percent of them and you have the added Bonus of Oh we'll dip into the ninety eight degrees catalog to such that it is I've got Chris Kirkpatrick being the one with the android that screws up the group text making green does he have tattoos on his ankles because the guy downstairs has tattoos on his ankles confirm though he did have tattoos on his angels and the Google Image Search confirmed all of that so lights go out was that take five or five ooh baby when the lights go I think it was five okay yeah when the lights go out with five but with the number five and then Jalan just sort of jumps out and it's like okay I think I would take an Patrick Mahomes if he were actually on crutches but could still just throw the ball and yeah he doesn't respond everybody has one person in the group tax it's just sort of checks out but they need to get their money and they own the royalties this song so like why not go out there and perform it food and then like the last five years we're like hey check out Kiana read like people just didn't appreciate him until just short while ago and that Kinda Russell Wilson I thought the sink trying to get their money you know every year someone fires off the Group Tax Hayes this year that we get back together and justice just adding it in the group that now he's there he's the only one that doesn't respond food and wine festival and they had a surprise appearance by Joey fatone who came out on stage and performed by while the rest of ninety eight degrees Kinda sang in the featuring Chris Kirkpatrick and Ryan Cabrera Wow I once saw Ryan Cabrera Dj set at the Bellagio and grab night Joey fatone situation Kevin if you're interested so it turns out ninety eight degrees was performing it eat to the beat the concert series that's going on at Epcot background and by the way if you're back at Otani at any point this concert series sugar ray was there who else is your Kenny g's their oud they're doing shows where they're doing by its Nicholas Shea up there it's like what is going on that's happening in Iraq too like liquidating to has the guy from alkaline trio no with Otani but I was so bothered by probably their biggest hit because they rhymed all with all no you can't Ryan there were a lot of problems with the boy Van Eras but I I will say are nice is Mardi Gras at universal still going on and that's one of the underrated one I saw I saw Mario Lopez he's he's definitely a one a one B NBC candidate with mom I don't mean to veer away from the football talk but I did some research on his ninety eight degrees band now and it's just easier things two thousand two that would have just blown my mind and now it's just normal everyone's just trying to get paid time well you can't fault the other members of is named for tone and if you break it up it's fat one what is your being from Jam Landau Kevin what is your favorite seasonal theme park attraction is at Halloween former broncos defensive end Neil Smith having a leak time it was like nineteen ninety nine he was riding high and he was just having an amazing they have a food and wine type festival going on so like even when food and wine is done right Christmas time they have like a Christmas festival and it's Ah Man October Eighteenth through October twentieth I thought eat to the beat would just be the name of Joey fatone store he has a hot dog chain called fat ones 'cause a lot of these guys in the Seattle team and you didn't get enough individual credit because there were just too many good players and guys like Bobby Wagner it wasn't until they were alone probably hot right but the last two weeks that's when everybody goes to the lines are insane so flower festivals basically food and wine except there's lots of flowers lots of greenery there's a gotTa get the annual passes and let it fly right but then epcot trots out like that flower festival here's the thing that I've learned about at no matter what time you go to epcot during the year todd rundgren dot com genre would always cap it off the Mardi gras was good Halloween harness as good the Christmas stuff at Disney always late I mean it's real murder as well Marino went on Lardy gras universal studios the king of Mardi Gras one year not not like the unofficial king the guy who was just having the best time I've ever seen is act on earth is minimal at best because they're in the cocoon and then they become butterflies and like two weeks later that's it they're dead thank you appreciate your life I mean party girl he was he was really living up I was dead Mardi Gras is also in the epcot food and wine zone as far as just random acts like you'd see your smashmouth it makes me think I'd actually be more productive like I've lived probably I'm thirty two I've lived close to I'm not even to do the math let's just say like six hundred if you wait like two weeks there's another Christmas themed food and wine going so like if I go to that flower fast it's like a low key secret food and never been oh yeah no I actually I lower festival because food and wine now the way things are it's so hot for the majority of food and wine that you really only want to go like the last two weeks of food and wine or it's like unbear- The people realize how good Bobby Wagner was once going to boom was gone so I think that that's so hard to isolate those teams and now we're starting to appreciate how good Russell Wilson is I is the The master of ceremonies Mardi Gras parade there on your you know that was a huge magnet for NFL players because it was in March and so I met Dan Marino there and that Oh okay so I actually went to Glorious Stefan's Nieces Kenyatta and John Cicada was the one performing that night wow Wilson I thought I sent him quarterback in Twenty fifteen and you know that ebbs and flows and I think my home says more talent now but I think that he should win the MVP mahomes has exactly the same as who didn't want except there's maybe like ten less kiosks but there's still the same lines it's still the whole thing so everybody goes to food one like I need to go to food and wine before we one one time enjoy Lawrence Joey or Joseph Lawrence remember he wanted to be all professional yeah are you hold on are you familiar with Kingston yet does they pressurize it and then you go in you've never been like now but this is this is like what he's describing this is kind of like I'm not exactly like that so there's little change and stuff like that so the butterflies fly garden that's delightful that you can go to a butterfly garden but if my name immediately changing my tune on this one out that's a tough hypothetical but I'm glad that people are appreciating the talent you know it's funny I I I talked about this a couple of years ago he said that he thinks that the little like they have the two doors now it's like it's like chains that go down like like metal beads needs to be like outbreak where one door down here in Miami are you familiar with that show the fat guy in the skinny woman is the name of the show it's a show that kind of A Christmas Carol or something like that and you go I saw John Takata do it when when you start seeing the seedless ones I've heard rumors that some of super famous people like Paul McCartney and John Bon Jovi they will tell people when they go to weddings and stuff like please don't make me go surly suit him we're putting maybe the best situation for young quarterback ever with Andy Reid giving him the schemes to get guys open out Smith Tutoring Lilia Stefan is should be Lilia Stefan is also glorious Stefan's niece and she's the Co host of guerrilla block I don't know if you're familiar with that and and I did not anticipate that being a previous curriculum bring it up next time I don't even answer the full question he's going to ask you just say hey will I heard about the Kingston. Tonight's gotten elite wait hold on hold on a second hold on a second where on November twelfth through fourteenth at eat to the beat Joey fatone and friends tape butterflies by the way Kevin I don't know how you feel about this data live very sad lives because they only exist well they only exist for such a short time like their impact cam getting to sit for a year like Russell Wilson were put in that situation he would do the had the exact same numbers homes and maybe a little better I I can't fan of the northern and Western European I think that the Norway ride with my favorite thing in all of Abkhaz as far as that circle goes and in your times are there I will say they used to have one Disney underrated thing is they used to have really really see pluck celebrities read did you ever do Grad Grad night I did not graduate was wild I think you're I was there I forget the cigarettes I did not do it start in Mexico or Canada but someone told us about the special back entrance that just drops you off in France which is just like when it started in the ninety s was more appropriate at that time like they interviewed people in hot tubs I get crazy Spanish Tele Vanish TV ten ordos drop some pounds not GonNa be a fun experience for you but billy part of this whole attack strategy is you have lunch at the Hibachi plates in Japan and it soaks up all the booze and then you can go continue throughout and what you I'd like to start with the Basic Tequila early in the morning because you know you you can't start from beer liquor before beer you're in the clear had a catalog yeah or you can go back to the mystery archives I believe we spoke to him only about that for like twenty minutes before we let you go Kevin Clark of the ringer and Slow News Day in England where it says like no team colors outside the pub Oh wait a second maybe they're just trying to be authentic I last time I did this for my wife's thirtieth birth yeah that will cain used to run at Kingston Empire there's some confusion he claims that he didn't actually plan them I claimed that he does but he ran a magazine slash catalogue of like Kingston Yeah so that's reaction we're looking for Kevin I I was wondering that same thing to be honest with you I'm like come on this is your needs and I don't know if you're familiar with Lilia stuff the band I've I've heard that like secondhand sometimes it's just like really really famous musicians I tell the band and people getting married like don't don't do that the world and really attack the UK because you KS one of the more fun ones although a Satan no chance whatsoever no sports team chance and try not to wear it like Philipson nostalgia for that so I'm just going to drink heavy heavy beer from those sort of Scandinavian western European countries I only drink beer and that's my point of attack what about you yeah I think I thought Gary sinise on a calendar there one time and what I saw it on the calendar too I never actually saw him though I think Jodi sweeten was doing what's your favorite I'm actually a fan fast have ruined this whole notion and the entire things been devalued but I loved waiting in the line and having to watch a special programming dedicated to those people waiting in the line because I think it really gets your mind into you are writing the movie so like in for example yeah a when you drink around the world at Epcot and this is very this is very important where do you start what's your tax strategy you know I'm a huge any like UCF because they don't want any like fight starting at the bar and if you start talking about sports you're likely to do so what that's like what they have it yeah he has but he's going to be the thing where he started ballooning back up again sort of like the Rex Ryan did you ask you I don't think they've changed it they can't change the name of show I think contractually he has two ways tip you have to remember Wolf was put in a pretty bad situation yet Brian Shaw members off coordinator Pete Carroll had coach they they wanna play their brand football doesn't free tickets so yeah they're not aware of that party that thing where you tossed the coin over your shoulder in Italy for the mount because it can't be a lock right precisely your thoughts I think this is this is great I've heard by the way why Gordon may not have performed like you have to suspend disbelief because if you're in really long line you're like wait a second this is supposed to be a live news program and I've seen this part already yeah I really it was awesome because it smelled great somehow I'm going to bring back dueling dragons because I never understood why the line was just so quick well it would because to roller I'm not sure if it's true it's never true also is wondered why the same new cycles like they cycled through multiple times in line yes sometime yeah that would really things are like suckering you'll they can go to theme parks for free if I just paint my faith Joe Gay jokes on them I get content for a lifetime of them dress like a panther princess and you also get they were doing so rad I know but they got lazy Kevin they got lazy though because the whole appeal the dueling dragons was that at one point Mister Toad wild ride perhaps really I also yeah I also kind of like King Kong which is now like what the fafsa furious or something yeah kin ars we're excuse I mean it was not this was not the high point of music history so you're gonna you're gonNA come through all the lyrics melodies there was a really bad crap about are you going with bb I am because I was like wow Johnson's Andrea there. Laurie was there and Amelia was there all the stuff yeah no she didn't perform lasting on continue this before we go back to football whatever did luck in the fake fountain I mean it's never done that I've never done that you consider yourself lucky person could be complete honest with you I do I think about the if your local at cotton might be the worst place to go to like I want I am a bigger fan like islands of adventure if you're a teenager is by far the best wait because go straight to the front I thought Eddie Murphy on doing dragons like twenty years ago you did not no yeah it's an affront before channing Eddie Day and I felt really embarrassed dizzy employed doing this but we got escorted out by people that work in civilian clothes and it wasn't my fault it was my brother-in-law he was out of control and I also did the thing hey I'll pay for your ticket if you're letting me paint your face in any fashion that I choose from an princess often do you do that because you told the story yesterday that you did that to someone addresses a leopard like it seems like your friend East coaster that's not uncommon I remember I used to go to espn the weekend because I was obsessed with with the when I was a teenager and you see all the thing the thing is though if you started candidy catch the Marty short flick that they have going on and it's very dizzying so if you're too drunk by the time you get there it's is was the best one ride would innovator here they would just have like a fake long island news cats being like there's been some sharks but everything's GonNa be fine and Pluto's autograph and then you have someone waiting in line for Chris Berman's autograph yeah and then they had a bunch of like random people like Eric Dickerson just there point both rollercoasters with time out and you'd see the souls of other people's feet and then they just like we don't care anymore we've checked out on this we spend way too much money on the whole line no one even gets to enjoy kind of ways you can go about it and if you have a passing go and certain things I don't remember being with my friends and seeing rapper Stewart we L. Ravages name and he gave a very nice hello don all of these guys all the anchors and stuff skipping the line and you get all jealous remember Carl Ravitch gets the line can skip any line really that's just matty rolls it didn't happen water flies by now but I'm sure it feels like a long day it's a lot more well no I think it's like two weeks Kevin I didn't work it's thanks reporting out just said who would you pay I think the answer is out Aaron Rodgers probably a themed things that you can get I don't know how to respond to this I've got under Wilkin show a handful thirty totem pole though running into Eddie Murphy Dueling Dragons one time I saw the Indiana Jones stunt spectacular and Mr Yagi from karate kid was just answering there were you on the same hand we were waiting to get on and he was he was in the front row going forward Eh crushing vacation clothing during his Glenn Course Raymond's great button down shorts I remember that much over there yeah it was Kinda like that I was just I watched so much. Espn God look at Brian. Kenny I think you have the top of this don't you I'd imagine that that must have been so weird for people that were there because obviously Disney has like these like Disney wasn't shut down for the weekend so you have the little kids are getting in line to get like did he have like a cardboard Kevin did win Sao Paulo was walking around I imagine he had a cardboard cutout of the Philadelphia Eagles Training facility behind them is the only way that I can picture be espn the weekend I do I would like harrap store in front of me what line to skip I don't remember I just remember there too. Tabloids got her coming down splash mountain and it became like the biggest photo of the year because they one of the photographers like they're hiding Disney's hiding princess di from us but we nations yeah yeah he was like they had them up there and they always have the plant and it's gotten so predictable especially now when you go watch it because no one wears Hawaiian shirts and obviously anchor my brain was so broken back down that I was more excited to see anybody who's ever appeared on twelve I was just like whatever it was sixteen seventeen and I was like Oh my God God Linda Conan more famous than Eddie Murphy you're right He was at the pinnacle of the start of back then so like the big thing when I was growing up with the princess more and the plains always like dress tourist but a tourist from the mid nineteen ninety s that's pretty good I'm trying to think if there's anything else even for family members I don't know I mean obviously did sing at all if that's considered I don't remember that happening I just remember Johnson hot at the time he and many so why don't you ever see mice it would be a hotbed for mice at Disney how awesome are they at eliminating vermin and the rumor is and coasters I mean that's my and that's got to bring a lot of time he hasn't to adults who enjoy the alcohol and apparently the butterflies wherever you guys are into is put on like a hat that said Florida why is that because you can't ruin the magic of Disney when all these other mascots around there you can't they have to be real all the very important to them it's just like if you watch college Game Day right did you notice what happened with Lee Corso when he made a selection he picked Florida right he didn't put on the cater head Ba key I see there you go Chris Aaron Rodgers did you see any. ESPN employs walking around that giant like Turkey leg I don't think so I remember Sal Paol has I've Seen Ryan gosling speak on this he sort of obsessed with the Disney cats that at night Disney releases like sort of like these mutant cats that are just absolute killer. I'm doing a standup outside of the mushroom kingdom looking like training facility yeah I I I'm trying to remember because it was what it was the first one it must've been like thousand I went to Disney and her children

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