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AP Headline News May 23 2019 22:00 (EDT)


We love camping legal has used sorted for summer with more from our festival camping range with our handy checklist. Camping equipment and all the home comforts. You need to make the most of your camping experience. Hurry, down to see our full range on offer in store or search legal summer online, while stocks last little more for you. Eighteen radio news. I'm Tim McGuire. President Trump tells intelligence agencies to quickly and fully cooperate with attorney general William bars investigation of the origins of the multiyear probe of whether his 2016 campaign colluded with Russia press secretary, Sarah Sanders. In a statement says Trump has given bar full and complete authority to declassify documents, relating to the investigation bar earlier asked, John Durham, the US attorney in Connecticut to determine whether intelligence and surveillance methods used during the probe where lawful inappropriate a person familiar with. What's going on, as the attorney general's also working the CIA director, Gina hospital director of national intelligence, Dan Coats and FBI director Christopher Wray, house, speaker, Nancy Pelosi questions, the president's fitness for the job telling reporters at Trump wants the house to impeach him question. The White House is crying out for. That's why he flipped yesterday because he, he was hoping Trump called her crazy Nancy at an event at the White House, and that she doesn't seem to understand pending trade deal with Canada, and Mexico is a mess luckless face it. She doesn't understand it, and they sort of feel she's disintegrating before the rush. She does not understand Trump says he'll sign a nineteen billion dollar emergency Bill for areas hit hard by hurricanes and severe weather. Democrats were able to strip some four billion dollars from the border for the border out of that measure in the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer's, warning the president of wanna point out there is no transfer authority in the disaster. Bill, the money's going to go, where it's intended not to anything else, a wall, or anything else, and the point to make here better late than never. The Senate has also passed a Bill that aims to combat the illegal robocalls, not clear. What will happen in the House Democrats in charge of their own proposals going? This is AP radio news. The mayor of Jefferson City, Missouri, Kerry, Terron says there is a lot of damage in the capital city trees, down, power lines, down homes and parts with roofs and walls missing. Leash McLean talks about how she and her family survived a tornado as their home came down around them in the city will be hit with breaks. The room. There are no reports of any deaths in Jefferson City, but three people were killed when another tornado hit a small town in another part of the state to barges carrying fertilizer broke free and slammed into a dam on the river and Oklahoma. Both sunk army corps of engineers says they did little damage, but are blocking some of the dam's, floodgates serial killer, Bobbie Jo law who admitted to killing ten women, the Tampa Bay area was put to death by lethal injection this evening. I'm Tim Maguire AP radio news. This new need to describe in detail every inch of the new Range Rover evoque with its unmistakable Coupet like silhouette, you recognize quiet, refinement, when you see and with the new mild, hybrid electric, engine an intuitive technology, you have a car that handled superbly both on road and off. So if you're looking for a compact, SUV that takes city driving above. Book your test drive today at landrover dot delivery and related charges apply.

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