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Hey everybody welcome to another edition of one crazy story. I'm nate armbruster if you're just joining us thanks for joining me and if you're new here thanks for joining me and if you're a returning thanks for coming back is that means must be doing alright. I hope i hope you you liked the show. I'm open your solo episodes. I'm having fun. <hes> it's a forcing myself to be more creative than work on shit so it's it's very helpful having the pressure and to not be able to blame the fact that i can't find a guest this week to just not boast an episode so i hope i'm hope you're putting putting up with me. I promise if you're not feeling it yet. It'll get good. It'll get better. I promise i'm working on it so so thanks for sticking with me. Appreciate shit you listening. I'm in michigan right now. I'm in michigan. I'm not in my closet recording as i usually am <hes> amend and my mom's basement i'm visiting for the weekend had a show last night. That was fun <hes> yeah. I left coming back man. It's nice. I come back a lot because there's there's just so many places here that let me work <hes> and perform and and the currently that's all i'm relying on so i kind of need it. So of course i'm gonna <hes>. I'm definitely gonna come back. I drive back and forth from chicago to detroit a lot and i left a few days ago. Come to michigan and i'm obsessed. I've been i'm obsessed. Lately with starbucks cold brew particularly that nitro both are good but lately. I've been hooked on that nitro and it's it is behind it. I think taste. I like the taste of it and it just works man that gets me. It's more potent than normal coffee. As far as caffeine goes so oh. I'm happy with it so i find myself purchasing those a lot more and a good for a long drive. If you need some energy keep you awake. Starbucks is interesting. I used to only get the hot coffee. You know just regular. I used to get just hot black coffee. That's it. That's usually what i would get but now that i'm hooked on his co. Bruce stuff. There's a it's more of a it's. It's easier just right on tap so they just have to go poor. There's no process involved. They just have to pour. It and i'm on the road. Let's go. It's nice and quick. There's no blending or whipping or anything like that. It's just it's ready to go. Just pull the tap and you're good. I left at like five thirty or six in the morning whatever they had just opened and it was the funniest thing i'm just i order my my drink and i didn't know this. You see if you're getting the nitro cold brew. Do you can only get the largest size you can get as a medium but if you get like normal cobra you can get like the forty ounce or whatever the biggest one is and that's what i will usually get and i don't even i don't understand this i i you would think as much as i go there. I would understand the size chart and how it works in like what i would know what size to order but no every time i go in there. I've still like hey <hes>. Give me the biggest size you can't. That's literally what i say. What's the biggest size and they're like oh. You're here everyday sir. You should know this so so i decided to try the the nitro cold brew and i said exactly that i said give me the biggest size you can get and she goes medium and i was like what she goes. Yeah she goes the stuff potent. <hes> you'll have a heart attack. We legally can't give out any more than a medium and i was like. Are you kidding that shit's legit so i order my nitro and i'm standing there in an empty starbucks by myself eight employees on the other side of the counter all of them talking getting their day started. She's what's your name. I go nate okay. That'd be ready in a minute so i stand there in an empty starbucks watching them prepare my order and she goes nate your drinks ready nate like as if i wasn't gonna notice that you know like it's not like there's a line. There's not one hundred people in here. Just just put it on the counter. I know it's mine okay you don't have to we have to pretend this woman but i love people who do that. I love people who take their job seriously. I i don't care if you're the only person in here my job. I have to say nitro for nate. Okay thanks got it. Yes i know is mine. And who else would it be for or just people like that. We all have like a customer service voice on the phone. You know hi. How are you yeah <hes> anyway. Ah every it's always like a higher pitch voice to like hey i was calling. I just had a quick question about the it always goes up a notch so if you know any comedians you there's a lot of stereotypical like <hes> i guess questions. Oh tell me a joke or whatever like that. Kinda shit shit but a very common one is <hes>. I don't have a website but i'm working on it but you know who i mean. I'm not really i'm not that well known and there's nobody nobody's coming just to see me. Usually you know most of the places i perform at its is just whoever shows up you know as i may. Maybe i'll run into somebody yeah i know or maybe i'll have a friend in town. That's like a. I'm coming to your show but that's it for a while. I couldn't justify spending money on making a website and a website. That's good you don't wanna just. I don't want any studio website. You know you wanna make it look nice. You want to represent yourself well so i just never really invested in. It and i have to get better about promoting thing my shows but every once in a while someone will be like hey. When are you performing in town. I'll find out the nearest place to them and i'll say here. I'll be here in a week. If you wanna come out and then it turns into an entire conversation about okay well. When's the show what time where's it at who else is performing. What's what's the event for. Why who you know is there is there to drink minimum. Only jesus christ man. Just go the fuck and show and watch watch the show. That's all you have to do. That's all you have to do if you're a fan of comedy. It's so easy go to your local comedy club. Buy a ticket at the door. Maybe maybe call ahead even buy it online. A lot of places do that now israel fucking easy. Don't you know i just i don't understand the hand holding the has to happen when people wanna come see as it just because you know me. I don't and we don't even know each other that well. You know it's just it was a facebook message. They saw it was like oh my god. Hey you're coming to town anyway. Give us the details. No go fucking find out. I don't care i'm not. I'm not holding your hand through this. If you can't figure it out you can't figure out how to buy a ticket go show. Watch it. Enjoy the shit out of yourself. Enjoy your nights have a couple of drinks. Come say i after her and then go on about your night then. I don't wanna help you. I don't want you at my show if you need that much help now it's different for people. I know personally right like my mom. <hes> i got you. You know what i mean like my fam- friends fan people. I know people i get lunch with on like a tuesday yeah. I would love to have a conversation about this with you if i haven't seen you in ten years. I'm not i'm not no. We're not doing this so when you want to go to a concert. Do you say you're going to see like i dunno drake. Whatever the kids like like do you d m him and say hey. Where's the show at okay <hes> madison square garden all right <hes>. Where's that where's that <hes> okay <hes>. He told me how much tickets are just fucking. Go to the website. It's it's easy. It's so easy now. Guys you just and you know every once once in a while. I'm fortunate enough to be on a show that sold out but for the most part just show up at the door and by the ticket you know sometimes it's cheaper cheaper if you buy them ahead of time depending on the venue but i can't believe even have to have conversations with people about this. I mean we're both millennials. Figure it out you really want to impress a friend under any sort of creative endeavor art music comedy whatever it is you really want to impress them and make them feel like you care. If you really want to go out of your you know follow them as if you follow any artists that you like find out when they're performing near you and just go go to the show and if it's if if it's somebody you know personally just go say i after and you know what if you're that close. They'll be so thrilled that you were there. I've had to happen to me before where people i haven't seen in a while. I really enjoy. I'm an old guy and thank god you came to this one because it was great. That's never the case so they always come to the shit show. That's like on the middle of <music> nowhere. There's like eleven people is just a real bitch. You know like there's like there's eleven people and their two of them and you're like. I promise it's not always always this bad or i promise it's not always this much of a shit. Show you know and it's usually fun because it's just you make it fun. It is what it is but <hes> so frustrating reading with heads just like. Do you really have this hard time figuring out how to go out in public. I have a personal rule about getting people free tickets. I don't do it. I don't not if i don't know i've done it for friends who have been there since the beginning my mom if she comes to show she's she's going to come in with me. You know know what i mean like. I'm not gonna make her pay but i'm not at this level that i can just get free shit man likud i think i am. I'm busting my ass out here way. As is any comic amac and you have the balls to ask for free tickets. The you know i make the you know. This is how i make my living and we both know. I'm not famous so this venue can you. I need this venue more than this venue needs me. You know so to ask me to ask the guy that booked me about getting free tickets. You better know me well but sometimes i'll do the kindness of my heart. Sometimes i have friends that come. They come every time right. They're always they're always bring a bunch of people. They'll get them to tickets. You know what i mean just as a thank you for like actually supporting me and wanting to be there and stuff like that. I love when somebody has to go to a show. I i hold their hand through the whole process. I send them the website. That's not enough. They still ask me what time the shows at how much tickets are and i go look tickets twenty dollars. This is a special event and i give them all the details. I do all over the course of a week. Also i haven't talked to you in ten years. Then the night of the show i talked to the manager adjourned. He goes oh. You got some friends coming out yeah. We'll just let him in. You know. They don't have to buy tickets. Really that's awesome. Thanks man. It's about an hour before the show. I send them a message saying hey guys. Let me know when you get here. I found out that the manager will just let you in. You don't have to buy tickets and you know what they don't fucking fucking. Show up what you just made me look like an asshole. That's what you do <hes> so frustrating men. I just can't stand it. I'm sorry i'm so angry about this but it's just like i mean and i know i didn't have to ask but i just said. I thought it'd be nice. I'm like you know what these people actually coming and and the particular show i was on could've gone wanted to ways met amazing or awful so i would felt horrible if these folks paid twenty dollars a seat to to watch me eat it but it's a little easier at least have an argument when i say well. I got you tickets so you know if it sucks. There's no investment in the evening okay but if it's great you're like holy shit. What a great night. We got free tickets. The show is great but nope. You didn't show up now. I look like a moron and you know what the show is great. You would've had a goddamn blast. It's so annoying but any artist to tell you the same thing and i'm not. I don't even know if i'd consider what i do art but i you know any sort of any friend of yours. It's in any creative endeavor. Don't ask them for free shit if you don't really support what they do. That's all just if you want to support a friend support a friend by their movie we buy their c._d. By the painting by their t. shirt whatever they're making by it and where it and tell your friends about it. I guess this might be a good time to mention that. I don't know how you're listening to this. If you're on i tunes stitcher and all that stuff but it's available everywhere. The show is literally everywhere. Please go download it. Tell your friends about give it a share a like on facebook one crazy story <hes> at nate comedy at one crazy story. If you wanna email me one crazy story I love to hear from you so i've been on a huge bourbon kick leeann. I've been drinking bourbon omos. Some people would say too much but i don't think i have. I think i'm doing okay. You know it's this is not a problem yet but i'm definitely on a bourbon kick for sure i found out that yesterday at the time of this recording was national bourbon day so so of course i'm drinking bourbon. I am into the i like the flavors the tasted eh i just i've been trying to. I've been trying to all sorts of stuff and it's like it's. I'm it's growing on me. I like it a lot. I've always kind of liked it but now i lay i have a whole different perspective out and you don't get wasted it. You know i can i can pound three beers pretty quickly and then it's like well. I better slow down. You know but like a bourbon your sip. You're not chugging that you know so. It's like it's. It's it actually if anything it makes me more more responsible as far as my you know how i'm gonna act at the bar over the course of an evening. I'll drink significantly less alcohol. If i'm sipping on a bourbon you know what i mean. That's my that was my argument last item but you know what if i have to these i'm good over the course of like five hours. This is great. You just slip them. You're safe. It's all how good you don't get to dry. You're fine but people get funny about bourbon lego like it's this classy. They i don't know i. I don't think i'm particularly classy in any way so he did a show on national bourbon day and <hes> it was awesome. Wait a blast my friend gary madera fellow machine comedian and bob phillips were on the show <hes> if you don't know either of them check them out <hes> gary maderas awesome. <hes> gary's been friends since i started bob same way i've known him for a while actually should have been helping him and sailed million another comedian edit and produce their podcast. It's called the silent bob show so you can. You can definitely check that out as well. It's very funny so yeah so as me as gary myself and bob show last night and gary gary is like my go-to guy for any sort of gig like if somebody goes. Do you know anybody that can do that. I always say gary just because he's such a great dude and <hes> he's so funny. Just it's always a pleasure you know what i i mean so gary gary and i went to taco bell after and <hes> we went to the nearest taco bell <hes> and we dined in which you no i mean it was like eleven thirty. Maybe so you know it's gonna be you know. It's just like it's it's taco. Bell were dining in which which sounds like you dining in taco. Bell is a is a funny vibe because you don't know what you're going to get could be could be a nice by but you're still dining in in a fast food restaurant. You know nobody does that. It's always sad but now when you're with gary we actually had a blast honestly hands down the best customer service. I've had any taco bell like this. Woman was so excited to take our order and she was so nice so shout out to taylor see that's how good her customer service was is that i remember her name. You know she was great. She was upset me and she at which is easy at taco bell <hes> the thing that made me laugh the most is we were gonna leave a review you know like because she was so nice so helpful kind. You know whatever you just always want want to help somebody out like that. You know she could easily be an asshole and get away with it. 'cause she works at taco bell. She it's eleven thirty at night. Everybody that comes in here's a piece of shit so so she could easily have been rude and ben legua. What do you want come on. Let's go come is taco bell. Everything's say no she was she was so engaging unkind five star customer service for juggle belfer scher so gary and i were talking about leaving her a review and i look up on like apple maps or whatever and turns out people leave yelp reviews at taco bell did not know this. If you go to any locate lake so you can look at any location on whatever map app that you use there are food. There are reviews people. Take time to review this shit and i got to read you a few of them because these are ridiculous. I just find it hilarious that so many people need to share their opinion about taco bell. I thought it was like common knowledge that you're probably not going to have a a good time. You know i mean the food is what it is. I mean that's it's taco bell. You're just you're gonna get what you're going to get but who's taken the time to review this shit. Listen to this us. The most recent reviews i i looked up the location on apple maps and it took me over to yelp and this last guy so this was six months ago and all it's it's one star one star for a fast food restaurant should have taken lap and looked around before ordering. Place is a disgusting mess tables dirty food on the floor. Drink dispensary has spills an ice all over at condiments or a mess food prep floor area disgusting yeah as every taco bell who walks in like you know at these tables a dirty gonna guess at the food's probably gross come on another one one-star one-star john m every time i go here. I specifically asked for extra sauce pack with my meal and every time i do. They give me one packet per item i order. I didn't know it was hard to grab a handful of sauce so this guy gave it. A one star review says he never gets the right amount of sauce that he asked for but he goes back every time so he gives the plays one start but goes back one a loser who does that who who lives this kind of life. You know i mean even if i've had have had bad experiences at taco bell bottled talk about it if anything i'm online right now talking about how great my experience various was who does that one. Just go in and get it sauce man. Just get over here one star. That's it and it's fast food. Okay if you expect anybody anybody in that room to care if you expect them to actually give a shit you're you're going about life all wrong because it should be the opposite. I expect them to not give but when they do you even if it's a little bit dude the experience is amazing. This is a good one dakota. Two stars time of closing online has two away. 'em pulled up at six a._m. And they were already closed. This is the second time it has happened if you close it to post that time don't close early just because you feel like hey dakota. It's taco bell. Let those people go early. Okay who gives a shit. They're not gonna stick around for your eight dollar order okay and then chris g. I la oh man these people get if you enjoy wrong orders brown water from the soda machine due to a root beer bleeding into the water line then this is your place. The water has been an issue for at least two years his and recently the accuracy of orders have slipped greatly so this is another guy that hates the play so much he'll leave a bad review and give them one star yet still support the business people are so dumb. This is great. I love the hell of that. People get so mad about like wrong orders yet when they get somebody else's food they just drive off with you know ooh. This jenner s one-star all caps with eighteen asterix. Excuse either side a must read drive-thru. Wait time confirmed thirty minutes on a tuesday at eight fifteen pm. What are you doing with your life chen. I wish these as people would care this much about their personal lives if they're sitting at a drive through for thirty minutes at a taco bell you know how much food you could have made in thirty minutes. If you just go to the grocery store. I really hate to experience peak hours. I've never expected five-star food. It's taco bell well then. Don't you would think though says the way was thirty minutes you could only i assume that they are behind which means at least your food will be hot yeah not so much first time ever my lukewarm taco bell stuck like glue to the rapper. The employees seem to be enjoying themselves though guests. They don't realize who base their paychecks. I made that very clear. They may want to refocus and add a bit more urgency. See to their day lucky for me. I won't be back to see if any of the suggestions resonated. I'll take thirty minutes and cook healthy or real to see. This pisses me off man this. This is how people live their lives one suggestion all right back to the review one suggestion i i forgot to add in parentheses. Hopefully they read this is this location chooses to continue ignoring the true meaning of the fast food gimmick and at least remodeled the food drive through layout for those of us who want to bail out giving me that much time to think of all the healthier options shinzo should be choosing from this is a positive but again let us out of hilarious so she got trapped. She couldn't get out and she just sat there thinking about how much of loser she is. I guess that's the best you know. This woman should give her should this woman should be giving them five stars if she had this revelation while in the drive through paid paid full price was given an auto response. We're shorthanded as said. Wow looks like you've been short handed for quite some time then directed them to yelp. When will we be able to pose zero stars. This establishment doesn't deserve any well john. I hope you decided to make healthier choices. Because you are psycho holy holy shit. I love that. She sat in the drive through so long. She decided that she was a piece of shit. You know what i should be eating healthier anyway but the best part is when she got that food after all she thought aww was eating healthier. She's still aided. She could've just said now. I'm good so i hope you out there. Listening to this <hes> next time go a fast food restaurant read the reviews hilarious. That's <hes> that's really my take away from that so anyway <hes> basically listening guys. Thanks for putting up with my stuff. Thanks for putting up with me. If you guys like the show tell your friends about libra review on. I two stitcher all that stuff. Tell your friends about it. Listen everywhere shared on in facebook shared on twitter tweet me instagram me all that good stuff at nate comedy at one crazy story an easy to get ahold of one crazy story gina dot com lebanon's. You think that's it for this week and i'll talk to you next time <hes> <music> <music> <music> <hes>.

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