Hard Factor 10/8: Trump Pulls Troops Out of Syria, Zombie Deer, Freakish Instagram Star Arrested, Another Disastrous Wedding Story & More


What he does it better myself go ahead tell me something right down late not a rate wooded you Joe Man Randy savage this factor in there is no one does it better now heard may turn to Syrian President Assad for protection from Turkey and he is in an alliance with Iran and Russia campaigned on bringing troops it's not a great what he's going to do even if it means leaving Syria in the hands of potentially adversarial countries like Turkey Iran and Russia and so what reason Iran Russia involved because the his surprise move to pull completely out of northern Syria all of our US troops and make way for a Turkish invasion into the country so wolves everybody From Nikki Haley to Lindsey Graham even cocaine Mitch have broken with trump on this one so I don't know anything about this whatsoever donald trump isn't going to have to worry about Ukraine Gate for a couple of days because he has pissed off most people working in American politics in both parties with have been our primary allies in Syria who've been helping the United States Combat Isis and attain their prisoners so Turkish may be cool with cats not cool with the Kurds is that the Turkish government is actively preparing to invade Kurdish controlled lands in northern Syria and considers the Kurds a terrorist group. The Kurds involves Turkey it's a whole mess so sounds delicious yeah sounds deliciously messy can I say how much smarter you and Mark Look Right now you see these ever scrolled glasses in action so after Syria Mark Wasn't pat will take us on a news buffet of other headlines Let's get it going so we're our allies so many people are upset about trump though has stayed committed to his stance saying on Monday that he campaigned on bringing soldiers home and thinking that bringing the troops home is good no matter what and generally speaking it is but the problem with this plan to bring home two hundred and thirty of our boys and girls and sound good no yeah he announced that on Sunday night so good news for cats they're really friendly Turkey is it true Yeah Watch the movie caddy but I do know that Kurds is really close to nerds so also runs with her does not a great name yeah I don't know how I feel about them being our allies I mean again I know nothing about this Kong no way the Kurdish have air conditioning you and your ac it's the most the most important thing that to to have peace in the world you know you guys should know I mean look at the garage will and I know for smarter today Oh yeah well I I it's a certainty that we are you also nude follow our facebook page and our Youtube Channel to make sure you can watch the full videos the Kurds oh they're the worst pickle imaginable it's like them in Hong Kongers like one one a one B in terms of shitty positions right now at least they got a c the another episode of heart Tuesday October eight top stories of the day I'm going to do one about the US pulling troops out of Syria so as you might nice eyesore actual terrorists right and so as you may imagine because we're turning our back on our allies here and basically leaving them whatsoever but just putting that out there health with isis good for them you're right okay and birds per expert analysis there's a reason mark and I fight like once a week as fucking hot yeah we'RE GONNA BE WE'RE GONNA be okay in the winter the winter in our in our movement ever scrolled came in they look fantastic yeah I like it you gotta weigh in listeners every smarter Sir and Evangelical Christian leader Pat Robertson who was appalled by trump's decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria and he says quote the president all right so like I said trump announced he was withdrawing our troops on Sunday night after Turkey had already announced their plans to invade Syria and it leaves many and both stories feel like we've just given where position Syria for absolutely nothing in exchange while knowing that many innocent people who have been our allies will suffer if they commit any human rights violations on the Kurds but at this point everybody's pretty skeptical that he'll ever actually stand up to certain dictatorships like the Saudis the United States is in great danger of losing the mandate of Heaven if he permits this to happen unquote so right now trump has the magical when you say take those prisoners off our hands what do you think that really means I mean there's there's been some annoymous ready he must read it he meant he take their heads off a group that trump probably does not wanNA piss off heading into another election that's true I Robertson probably walks around the pearly gates does his own vetting after he makes it there are we earlier trump did get president Erdogan of Turkey to take our two thousand isis prisoners in the region off our hands and he says that he's going to economically punish Turkey is clearly just complete bullshit and that was complete bullshit but I have a political sex scandal here for you that does not appear to be bullshit hoping I was going to pan out twenty four year old body building competitor marine the day before that ridiculous press conference occurred or I think maybe like the morning press conference yeah we mentioned we also predicted that representative Ilan Omar is getting a divorce that much we know Omar cited irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship and she seeking joint cuss shake their hands off their with their own I mean he's just handed over he's like he's a here's the keys to two thousand prison cells so that's basically what's happening kill these guys yeah happen yeah yeah they're they're only friendly two cats it's a lot of the families of those troops NFL and West and West you've got a point there you may be the animated one yeah I'm not familiar but yes probably exactly like that taking it to the Internet we've got famed televangelist megapass data heaven that nothing you can do is wrong because having mandates that and Pat Robertson says it so but this could potentially take it away he must be pretty serious about this decision because big risk amended happens pretty rich huge risks pretty convicted and even thought this through Pat Robertson also called all non-christians Termites and probably thinks that Mike Pence goes easy on the gas well ends with her secluded Italian restaurants in Plaza del Ray California all the way back in March Jordan monette fifty-five the doctor says in divorce documents that her husband told her in April this year fever three children with current husband here see so that's always sad when there's like a divorce involving kids hopefully they do get joint custody to the co-parenting thing always good they're not he just made spent the termites or Pesky he's intelligent he by a lot of things he's intense but he does draw a lot of water in the Evangelical Community so that is they got back together now this is what caused this time Omar is accused of having an affair with political aide Tim Monette by his now estranged wife Dr Beth Jordan Monette and national finance director so he likes to work in Minnesota Omar's campaign paid Menendez Company the East regroup over two hundred and fifty K. and consulting fees and travel expenses last year eastern group. He's he's her lobbyist right he's a lobbyist she home wrecked her a lobbyist of hers awesome has home wrecking herself. Yeah I think there might be some Bruce springsteen relationship I'm going to check into this bruce springsteen's probably not happy about this the boss no word yet from predicted if they will have divorced markets for politician slash heart factor twenty and create an account in less than two minutes and depositing at least twenty dollars in your account you hit twenty or more we're going to give you free twenty there if you think you know what's going on to be with the lobbyists that's like on the scale of sleazy things you could do during your first congressional term that is probably number one or two I don't know how much Ah Erdogan in Turkey and Putin and Russia so we've got an old fashioned standoff on our hands in the Republican Party and we're GONNA have to see how it plays out will let me ask you a question forced once before this is not the brother thing right but this is the guy who's very short alleged brother right in between and then got back that caused a wrinkle potentially after Dr Lover Okay he likes smart people too and there have been reports that the thirty eight year old monette had been seen getting up close and personal with more including holding and clearly some of that money went to crap affair hotels and dinner's getting D. dubbed with cash slam in she's like well let's just pay more for the nicer room with the SPA that he omar were romantically involved in that he was in love with Omar so that yeah that that's bad that's Dow seal the deal on on a divorce that's a that's a irretrievable as in the future although a trump divorce marked by a certain date would be absolutely banana pants in terms of volume predicted so maybe we can talk business on that what you can do is bet legally anyways let's take to the newsbusters Enga- about this one baby Josie you may remember last week us mentioned the Liz worn affair with the with these guys aren't gay guys looked at me a little gay I wouldn't know because I've never had a so we've got our own Guy Manning the gates pat anything about doctors they're pretty smart so I'm GonNa go ahead and believe her never scrolls exactly what I'm telling you S- probably true I don't let anyone touch my body never skulls on you don't think he's going to get any more today leaving just October eighth and half of October ninth so the markets we're looking at here under thirty nine tweets looking very strong and forty two four live is tweets but he's not hitting like he's regularly not heading more than thirty tweets and like you mentioned he's only at three at the time there was recording which is very very very late in the day he tweets at the time of this taping this show and it's really only one one and a half days left yes he did hit one hundred eighty tweets this last seven day period so he's averaging like twenty five money and I'll show you the tweet to prove it anyways there you go we've been batting about seventy five percent on trump tweet markets that we've suggested so take our advice or take your own advice and wins and the bartenders are real nice there they don't want me to drink and drive while for me but definitely in college I got towed like regularly I have an awesome college does story and what's happening in the news and politics you need to get on this one new market you can bet on now is how many tweets will add real donald trump post from noon October seventh till noon October nine more put Monette is a campaign fundraising expert guy consultant he previously worked for Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison as timer to whether out of penis AK being too hung over to go get your car from a place you knew it was going to get towed from lying yourself right and they don't tell us thirty nine the one right next to that as it's not gonNA pass it would have to be a really ridiculous twitter storm day for debris has forty tomorrow or today when you're listening I I had Owning a lobbyist to home wrecking their marriage to wreck yours with the lobbyist that's I mean that's that's it's sleazy without a rip-off name of the e street band works last Promo Sauce Heart factor twenty the news predictable so get on the ship all right guys I assume at this point in our old degenerate lives we have all had a car towed in all fifty United States on predict it's several hundred markets they have available they're always changing and get a free twenty dollars going to www dot predicted dot org slash promo flying on and I can't I'm an Oregon you can't get all up in this cause I'm in Oregon I'll be right there not only that but if you were paying attention they're paying his group consulting group that's a market hard factor pat one five hundred dollars on last week the two day trump market got any advice spot on this one yeah here's what market fucking Fox it's doc in money by making bets right after listening to our podcast here and then we can all just be like one big happy rich family laughing at the news together one more time that's www predicted art markets two days so it's a lot easier to predict trump's tweeting I did the math he's tweeting between fifteen and twenty times a day tops so right now I think three ah or let him free who knows what they're going to do hopefully not that you ever seen robinhood prison and Robin Hood having cost him once not great no that's not good around the corner in the apartment complex and then I went to the cops in Blacksburg and I was like what do I do here's what happened they found the guy because the thing was like traceable my bedside is split two hundred fifty dollars evenly between the two markets getting six hundred thirty shares in each so if I hit either of those markets under thirty nine or forty to forty nine more the apartment complex and he needed because he was a guest and there were no guest spots because we're having parties and so he went in my car which I didn't lock stole my sticker put on his car and then part of the Ella tell yeah all right so we actually had a big party at my apartment complex amazingly someone went in in the middle of my party that was indoors and outdoors and starts party early twenty-four-year-old Damian Howard came across forty-one-year-old Tariq Butler in the process of towing his car and the two fought about it and how it got Butler and a choke hold suburbs just outside of DC is now being charged with second degree murder of a forty four forty-one-year-old tow truck driver after the two got into a fight over a telling now bottom of find it at the toe place I'm missing my sticker from my apartment complex which I own and it was in the back of my car someone broke into my car and stole my sticker turned out to be a guy that was fucking a girl that was with them he they're like absolutely we don't want to deal with so I call this can we meet at a seven eleven turn out to be like a rich Persian cat drove up in a brand new BMW and I was like okay I'm I'm getting some money using spotters to tell you immediately after you leave like five minutes some fuck with huge some some fucking with a huge storage fees so they told your car and they charge you like fifty bucks for like an is your car and I get it if you want your car towed all the rules only person to blame for your car being towed is usually you right well that's not the case in a lot of companies use predatory tactics like the multiple days every day it costs extra dollars it can get expensive as is terrible shady business and people generally hate tow truck drivers especially if you happen to come across strew you like to get funded by smart people yeah I'm lettuce Dr Inside every doctor not a lover Automun called his mom and called me and said do you want to press charges against some more like we talked to his mom he wants to settle with you out out of the stunts like Oh you guys cool with me settling food in the act of trying to steal your car when all you WanNa do is get in it and drive drunk home after a long night top gone yeah and it can turn ugly unfortunately a twenty four year old man Maryland man there are up all night and everything and long story short the next day my car stolen like did what did I do I thought it was my home the whole time get to the four well yeah four three or four guys living there was like frat related type they read a lot I it's hard for me to believe you even drink when you're wearing those ever scrolls let me take off quizzing secures accomplish this is going to cost me seven hundred fifty bucks writes a check for seven fifty nine eleven immediately cash it and then I have for the next month he's like sucker I would the fifteen down no yeah the checkbook ready yeah that's awesome yeah I mean there's nothing worse than searching for the fucking sign let's you know which piece of Shit Eddie over those videos a bodybuilder Warner's probably hoping I was going to pan out she's a freshman Minnesota Rep yeah yeah I I I was like I missed a quiz the next day off Bosnia letter grade healed by the co two hundred dollars but I missed and he just wasn't I guess skilled in in Jujitsu enough and no one the right go just strangled him to death how can you not realize he had like past the hi out like he was in a blind drunken rage probably I dunno most like choke holds ending a pass out right exactly and the guys August using its state slogan battled born when it comes to fighting the ever growing problem of Zombie deer that has ravaged roughly twenty four states yes includes the brain and spinal cord which contain large could can contain large concentrations of prions which is how the disease spreads so I'm sure you can humans creepy lethargy and Mason so when when these symptoms are seen in humans they're usually associated with being an American apparel model at a relatively harmless but in hooked me sting disease which coincidentally plagued the men of hard factor weekends for the better part of the last twenty years not that's chronic wasted I'm kidding it played of the Mormon Church of the nerds prostitution lawmakers in Nevada this year they banned bringing certain animal body parts into the state altogether Hamels it can really decimate entire population so point in an effort to protect their ear from the fate suffered by animals in their border state of Utah Nevada is locking down a really important question I if you do end up eating a piece of tainted deer meat and you suddenly find yourself growing antlers and hooves wandering around the forest with a pack of Zombie dear who's it's plagued our weekdays to still wasted all right CW SIMS and deer and elk include guys a lack of fear take care of your family and that's where policy genius comes in causes genius is an easy way to shop for Life Insurance Online in minutes you can compare quotes from top insurers to find the best price possible once you apply the policy genius team will handle all the paperwork and the red tape and Palestinians just doesn't just make life insurance easy they can also help you find the right home insurance autos you gotta leave your hunting bounty in this in this other state and they're gonNA come and like rub their antlers all of your house fuck your house up orgasm go to jail for a long time I mean it sounds like this guy this was going to happen the twenty four year old GonNa do something like this eventually you can't just you know strangle a guy spital but died an hour later don't fight it's not worth it and you know shit like this guy's Nevada is leaves his car and tollways zones and then murders the to- driver he's probably gonNA commit craps named Damian yeah so unfortunately the office time they tried to do cpr in the man he was rushed to the smart yeah preventative actions will guys we have another preventative as opposed to reactive exactly yeah basically just putting a condom around the whole State of Utah Lobby dear of course Nevada oh it's close Nevada's trying to do all they can to make sure it doesn't get in there smart Yeah Zombie here's a slang term of course guys for C. Wd or chronic waste insurance and disability insurance you're all that if they're going to record cars yeah they might even have some sort of an insurance for hunt insurance in case the Nevada Game Word and tells you Aston full to Houston police the wedding scheduled for the next day Saturday didn't happen has here's how we know because quote no wedding took place that I know indicating he had a weapon and demanded money then while he was getting away in his car with the stolen cash bump has got a call from his fiancee where she told him that she's just seen surveillance bring your dear but you're going to have to leave its brain and spinal cord in Idaho dammit certain tax derby done out of the exactly that must be hard to enforce for you I feel comfortable reading these stories as an authority on marriage since I am myself happily married thank you thank you and have also officiated in wed multiple what is your him robbing the bank or local police facebook so he was caught like an hour less than an hour later she called him as like what are you doing he's like just driving love it didn't happen in my jail said sheriff what he so not a lot not a lot of room for love and sheriff what he's heart all that space is occupied by enforcing the law and helping provide yeah unless unless your wife's that metal framed bed its borders Nevada lawmakers this they just don't want nerds in the very cool could be nerve well and the students are breaking off from Utah because they didn't want to be oats and apply in minutes you can do the whole thing over the phone right now policy genius is the easy way to compare and buy life insurance thank thank you for that taking instagram stars in the world Sahar Tobar S. H. A. R. T. A. B. A. R. will post a picture on the blog who models for look after a ghostly and Zombie Angelina Jolie couples including good friends of hard factor in Texas and a loving couple of strangers of the Cannabis Cup in Flint Michigan to a live crowd I'm also a humble on marriage to boots oh by grove ten on Friday morning the day before his wedding according to Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace also pretty good name for chef just went into the local bank in that was really honestly it needs that good call I guess we have another time I'm GonNa try for the fourth time right we have another vasteras wedding story something fuck your car up homeless dirty deer out there exactly don't eat them this October guys take the scariness out of buying life insurance with policy genius go policy genius dot com get like what are they scanning check points and cooler rains like they're like tapping on the dears dead hollow I gotta be honest if you're a cop it's probably pretty identify who's got a dead deer in the back of the medical not hard to spot Utah I sucked sprains out before I got here because this this does bring up around she's like do you have key did you rob the bank he's like Oh shit so she also then convinced bump is to turn himself in he did he convinced he ring and the cost of the venue according to police so I guess he just kept telling his fiancee I'm GonNa get you that ring is going to be surprised ring better fucking get it he you're welcome about marriage that's true do this sad aside one but romantic one guy's a Texas groom robbed a bank the day before his wedding to pay for his fiancee's injuries and a touch of makeup. What's that like girl at from Creepy Pasta we scroll down it's like that horrifying face that's been around the viral thing you know what I'm talking about Heidi attack like a six-day anxiety attack they give him one call and the rotary phone they won't even let us like fiance or anyone come visit him did he get did he get married let me check hey bob girl she looks like this creepy pasta white faced freak you with a tinge of Angelina Jolie right like a little tiny bit yeah just just like a day Iran where free speech isn't exactly thing She has been charged with blasphemy promoting violence illicit education promoting corruption amongst the youth and insulting the Islamic Veil Texas in Iran she was blast me was was white around the corner any day she's making life harder for everyone having to look at her it's that bad but it's not a crime you just got to see this thing it's it's disturbing she basically looks like you're you're underplaying timber I am I mean it's it's it's another level fucked up it is it's weird she looks like temperatures if you want to express yourself in any way other than how you are told to express yourself gross but I mean she shouldn't be arrested for no no she would be ostracized a bit in Austin just he's he's still has bumpers locked up and he said that bump isn't allowed any visitors drank bank leads to drop charges yeah bumpers are just sitting in jail having the worst things what kind of ring did he have beforehand was it just a promise so heath which is really all that matters this guy's name he bumps segue portion also we're mad I don't see too many deer so I feel pretty safe from Zombie a lot more wild horses where I am I'm glad you guys are taken care of the problem before it gets there jumped by the star saying it's all makeup photoshop but I've seen videos of I don't know I don't know all eighty percent no it shouldn't be a crime apparently is blasphemy have you seen this is blasphemy the flight on Saturday morning after the airplane's instruments interfered with her invisibility and she was discovered to be on the plane without a ticket identification of any kind outweighed that's not it for being too weird over there what happened tough place look at look at the blog and you'll you'll see what we mean all right guys an invisible woman was escorted off adults uh-huh in Iran facebook twitter and Youtube all banned people have been arrested for dancing to happy by Ferrall Williams on youtube the young girl was arrested for so fucking right the woman wasn't invisible at all but she somehow boarded a plane with no credentials whatsoever she must have walked by a very satisfied gate agent as a he's forced her to exit the airport because if it wasn't invisibility it must have been hand jobs how else could this have happened the gate agents like I'm willing to lose my job of crack this Crockett Texas about one hundred twenty miles north of Houston by the way he robbed the Citizens State Bank in hop onto a family no problem I got a story that evolves most of us here it was involving sneaking in on the fourth of July for the Washington nationals football teams I like Home Fourth of July game I think they're second into thousand six we all got hammered and for some reason we thought that the tickets would still be available someone someone gave us the tip Blaine Line this is why you always want will on your team when you're solving riddles alice creative yeah that was like that urban legend should happen all the time when you're at the airport extra kids could just in two thousand nineteen inside incised don't look right before bed whatever you do anyway she has been arrested for blasphemy in her home country of and we all walked in and they're like what in the hell are you guys doing we're like we're here to buy tickets they've been sold out for months it's the fourth of July in Washington DC on our first bride She originally became famous in two thousand seventeen when her appearance freaked everyone out in the whole world and news outlets report she had over fifty cosmetic surgeries theory that was later D. we're not sold out Madison never drink and hurricane forties minivan on the way to the stadium already drunk or unrolled America Ed Angelina Jolie exactly she looks like a dead Angelina Julianne Zombie Shanzer Yes yes just look her up but if you do Julie do it on like a busy street and Broadway the slippery lady the one that got kicked off the plane she told Orlando police that she'd thrown her ticket away and didn't have an idea I mean I can see getting through TSA because those guys give less yeah I got a theory about how could happen how what do you think she could just be super small and she like snuck in as an extra kid like in both TSA line and the get off board and go back through security as a precaution gladly done that in the end pissed but I would have been like I would have been anyways it's like this girl at the Long Whiteface sunken you're talking about urban legend thing it's the new version of that it was like the Jack the killer before announce this Tucker's Oh and we got a big ass batches stickers in so if you've DM does your address will be getting a sticky bastards in the mail tomorrow and if you haven't the industry address you want some hard factors tickets and ever baseball teams fourth of July made sense what do what do we do because we're to hurricanes in and so we'll actually found a way in yeah exactly both the song on you it's called sad it's pick quiet Iran sounds like a terrible place to be a human really and she was basically yeah we're lucky for us the the stadium workers were new to vendors we'll just like chilling at this entrance that was open and helps us a lot grow this thing Oh and have a great fucking day art factor Hey guys we have full episodes on Youtube and facebook if you want to see usually how do we are but today how smart we look so check those out there up everyday round one o'clock eastern Bill Aka 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