S5 Ep 49 is NO the canary in the coal mine?


His body old zoo a dot known. Bob call a lead the going into the call dot called a in the actor in the house. Everyone around here. Host not censored bringing you would unite is almost three thousand airs whether bike everybody listening and remind you that. His program contains general nation that nation lazy you are encouraged to confirm any explanation of program with other suzies. You're all them out. And i do radically at the geographic in makes you happier also makes you you more optimistic business. And that was reading helen. Keller she's all season long weekend izzo. We gave you so much to get together and spread the word to be. I've been saying for movies. We need to be super predators. We need to be super as long as moving need to do this. This alive now generally. Would you wanna thank you. Were listening to kobe. Data saturday's downloads. There appreciate that program today us about an which is nitric oxide is and is that the canarian the choline others. If you're having a problem. Thank yous as a. If you're having problems can be nicole harvard europe. Something else happen. We're gonna talk about that. And also you made it into the all micro biracial a today. Also remind you that ships though seek because of the water around ships because inside of telling you that. Because i don't want you to what is happening mallya who incited you way you now okay. We'll be remiss. Medicine didn't tell you that the the vaccine are serious adverse reactions happening after the second dose of our lentil vaccine and Warning bay he. fda in america announced either vaccine. Trial of serious. I can tell you that the mta has this because they have to moderate year dale recipient from two years. And they're looking for signs of ray syndrome. Acute seven. Eight elitest transverse myelitis Appalachia's narcolepsy ordered. Immune diseases myocarditis The watching this arthritis in various other side of next was remember. The animals are the animal. So why am i. Keep feeding it out. I know his. Thank you for the feedback. I hope this is better and Is better please. Let me know wise. I can switch transmitting. We have subtle things to say today and so bundy ads houses. Don't let me know as they go forward arizo so have some listeners. They're telling me. Check my mic. And my voice is not clear upgrading in and out and one of the indicators in the studio shooters baio an internet connection so what am i do. Well we're gonna keep going on here and we'll see how this works out and if your fevad nitric oxide nitric oxide and what which is. Why am i talking about today. So molecule started in nineteen ninety two and in nineteen ninety three sciences giving them nobel prize because of discovery of nitric. Oxide is a key molecule. The of was helping regulates rush so definitely has sexual on the tation does help when what else does it do. We're gonna get back to that sexual dacian from them so that they've nitric oxide. Formula is and which means is a colorless gas made up of walmart nitrogen molecule oxygen nitric. Oxide also called nitrogen oxide or nitrogen oxide. We've not is produced by Resell of the human body. And there's to me no acids that will get to l arginine anelle citrin that loose nitric oxide production in the body nitric. Oxide is considered a mediator snuggle cell communications and plays an important role of variety process body including information Your expand transmission of warming pulses is considered to be one of the most crucial molecules when it comes to the health of blood vessels as important basin delegation remember opening or widening vessels that results from relaxing the muscular walls. What does that mean. Help terms of lower pressure major lazer makes like easier to move through your blood vessels. your heart doesn't pump. his heart. Stunning date have demonstrated dietary nitrates into the resulting increases nitric. Oxide actually lowers blood pressure in healthy humans. Remember endothelial dysfunction about imen- is also known do contribute to the development of activist versus which can lead to what attacks strokes twenty fourteen in the journal. Hypertension they founded the administration of some nitric oxides blood pressure improved vastly compliance restore than the real issue those tension it may decrease blood clot formation where it helps erectile dysfunction of loose sexual arousal for men and women insecticide here. It helps who sexual arousal for men and women is the festival mediator. He now actions and increases low flow which is needed to maintain that direction and because of its positive effects. Blood pressure to be the reason why also helps e d they've been together and as also lays important role female email arousal. And how your brain ladies and gentlemen key player and bring out is it important messenger to various organ system but in particular the central nervous system if you were at as a communication between every the grain aids your immune system many immune cells produce responded nitric. Oxide plays a key role in the immune system. Health final disease. And you guys go to the gym. May boost bodybuilding athletic performance. Porton overall health. And why are we talking about today before because nobody's really paying attention to it except beats you see lots of commercials for beats you know. They're over eight hundred. Sonny's have been published on this one amino acid and israel. Two hundred fifty zizou. I'm talking about l. arginine. Why am i talking about our largely because it associated with nitric oxide remember nineteen ninety two lollapalooza the Of the year molecule of beer. Nitric us y- firefly's we were kids. It was nice nitric oxide and thanks of light up fairly prevalent all over me in the last twenty years that we ever held workers for our help so l. Jimmy who talk about that about Is to enhance blood. Low signal outlets signals mawson's to relaxing contract and dilate vessels. And there's some evidence that it may help our artery. Stay free a plaque. 'cause we had inadequate nitric oxide. Your of coronary artery. Disease relief increases backyards. Thank you buddy. I'm sorry about the uh the audio. But i think it's getting better out there. You hear me better. thank you. Give me some feedback. I appreciate it looks from my enter. Things weren't whether it's not real. It's luquet you talked about the canary or about the canarian. Full lines who there's lots of He also is still having and that miss a radio might be nitric oxide. Glad guys in the gym. Better overbook Luke device thing who earn nitric. Oxide envy the field and relaxer any has molly. So if you're having a wretched man needs and a half flow s and if it's not working right. It may be a harbinger of coronary artery. Disease in fact erectile dysfunction may present waiting for any observation of ratio readings or art. Is steve harvey disease. Now the latest straw of your nascar is one study right now. This function was also show to do armory artery disease. Our nation's necessary and coronary artery disease wong because they share many of the risk factors factors saying partner are the the day sedentary lifestyle wait. Ibp smoking hypertension metabolic syndrome for you. Eight atlas i agree. The most people know they don't increase in. Oh they do help with. Some athletes do not directly optional. Blazers order be fully functioning outside the mental. Guess what we're all hygiene comes. You are using at washes. Only the role microflora needed chain your dietary intake ever very guys have to carry out ryan face much at walk using ranger map and you too much antiseptic. Mouthwashes to counter has three should hike oxide. Disconnect nicole line. Andy treat it. You can make a recent by your your diet by eating dr leafy greens and beaten a high cult of nitrites and nitrates. All finding it will be very regard that amino acid l arguing nutritious raw material were nitric oxide. Studies have shown those who've never been percentage of men with happened though l. Arginine level's so they have that disease what christly is on us. Also a record else. Reading is a is a slightly. Just us you need to have wool thinking and you'll have to become a minimum of three grams. Kirby having record on her adequate superficial uses its little issues by the virgin any addition to argentina jordan in h. e. a. is too much on this program that it's really important guys is at heart diseases. What are those that are rich in nitrates. High-protein get you more argentine. Original arginine raise a beef wild fish each free eggs dairy products culture yorker yogurt wrought cheeses sees like arkansas season some power seats seaweed and spirulina. Repeat as okay. So you can increase our janine by meeting high achievers foods which include grasping beef while collect fish age free aids dairy products. Yogurt keefer raw cheeses and sees like lower sees also see redon spirulina. Guess what watermelon is also rates versus the situation and it is also a nitric oxide supplements you see them advertising a little time. Do work when you eat. Beets nitric oxide levels naturally increasing your body remember. Do alar janine. You'd have to take a bit about three grams. And there is not much side effects. That i have to talk to. You don't want to inhale nitric oxide. Yes the incident story. This is talk a couple of be resentments. It could make your urine or stools picker young. You gave your babies. And then bee's it'd be overdue on the alleging you could get some donald loading. And so that's why he needs someone to vomit to this treatment. Today was just to advise you of the of the association of inadequate nitric oxide and this may be affecting other parts of your body including your coronary arteries. And if you're having trouble with correction guys you might wanna get this check because this will be a precursor. Do art coronary artery. Disease you know in all of this has inflammation as basis as i tell you in most every disease. Five matscher inflammation is. That's that's what happened to you. So you gotta care for your own mobile have hurry donald disease. You don't want to have the bacteria in your circulatory system need a to take care of that if you have teeth problems or if you have root canals you wanna read western price. Act in western price. Who really won't be root canals and service. After west race mouthwash is avoided facing. I've been telling you Zedon see and co q. Ten are being tastic suppleness intake. I think by now. I don't have any denison using mercury. Mercury always okay so the canary nicole life. You guys nitric oxide. Thank you have a problem that check. You need to get also. Need to check your. Is that taking care of and just remember. I thought once and muslim their microbiome because eighty percent of our immunity is in our. I really have to remove all about the all hannity relationships nanny not only all rosy but diabetes vascular disease spectrum disorders guest. Today was not talk about that. You see me stumbling a little bit. That's the reason why that halley health actresses then account Instigating i d- Best Take if you're having a problem you're out you're donald of z's while the root canal late vehicles of your systemic everyone our today make sure you stay safe control not to watch so much. Television have so much year remember role death rate. This year is no different than last year campbell educate yourself on these vaccines and to detrick district. Today and the fact that the are the guinea pigs are the animals an experiment that was left out. Aren't you situating. There's lots lots of snow visits as a gentleman nitric oxide. There's also you can take if you really wanted. You can search the internet for something called a nitric oxide Acura colo dismal positions. Big this as a way of doing certain high intensity exercises need to make his own nitric oxide. A high intensity exercise and waiting to the promoters get a tremendous amount of benefit and evolves do swats arm raises his arms maintenance shoulder presses. You can look that up. It's check it out on the internet not will tell you how many times how fast exercises like everything else is warm up period and certain number register shines rate will think i won't be give three. Today is a problem. Let's check beena disease. Sorry about being microphone problem early on. They may have been corrected. See you saturday for bitcoin agenda. Because by then passed the emergency declaration are at may prove accedes for this country. Personal opinion is to wait. But make of your own or would you wanna do is vaccines i have problem with. The vaccine is funding. Help change by d. n. eight. I really would like to know what's going to happen a year from now into in three months of all of slow see on saturday. Four basin gentlemen. Thanks for tutoring again and co saturday. Hey everybody got the rise finish for the day wisdom. The man and his the man had lab more answers for you tune. Inmates when these in a win is Let us bob who dot is is how no was bobby source. What is in. Let the doctor know. Was bobby win the down. Is the house pain call. Dont mistry call. The the data was bothering a winless. Data is is oh.

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