#EERS S8 Ep141: Reaping the Whirlwind


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This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent vent any disease this just in it is big breaking news welcoming. It is eric erickson here atlanta's evening news. There is new archaeological evidence ends that has come out of the middle east today that it appears to show adam and eve were tossed out of the garden of eden not for actually eating the apple will but for drinking pumpkin spice <hes> that that it looks like there's some credible archaeological evidence out of that <hes> so you be on notice that pumpkin can spices what gets you banished from the promised land just just so you understand here all right now. We need to give you a quick radar update. We have of dorian completely enveloping. I ninety five at this moment. All of i ninety five from jacksonville up past savannah vanna to richland essentially the off to at hill for hilton head all of it is inside dory right now the outer outer edge of door in hilton hilton head fully fully inside the outer part of the hurricane savannah as well skidway island taibbi island port wentworth. It's coming for you who <hes> brunswick as well for an indiana beach saint mary's saint simon's <hes> down there all of that inside the hurricane right right now high winds waves the like around the coast miserable. They have reopened. I sixteen towards savannah but are urging people not to go in that direction they have reopened i sixteen because they need to get power trucks and what not to the coast expeditiously <hes> and that's that's the easiest way to get them down to the coast but they don't want you heading to savannah at least until tomorrow or so. This storm is still moving moving very very slow. Now i want to discuss upfront waffle house every once in a while waffle halcion. Also you get these stories of the media like. Did you know this place existed. What is a waffle house. Of course we knew waffle house existed and and so i want to make sure you are aware of this threat of how everything goes. There's a big story u._s._a. Today but actually found his twitter threat to be much more interesting waffle house is not a for profit or non another for a publicly traded companies privately owned <hes> chain of restaurants and they're open if you don't know twenty four seven three sixty five i honest to goodness did not go to my first waffle house until i was in law school. I had a buddy of mine ryan who is awful house. My first experience a waffle house unlike so many other people's versus house. I was completely sober. Subsequently it varies varies depending on who i'm with nonetheless <hes> they've got a reputation for emergency preparedness and the federal government actually looks at waffle houses to try to determine determine just how bad a situation is as far as the availability and sustainability of accessing areas areas waffle house has what's called the waffle house index now. What happens is joke teams of operators from waffle house get ready. They send generators raiders r._v.'s and gas to areas with restaurants. They're probably going to be impacted. They make sure maple syrup sausage biscuits. Waffle rations are fully stocked. They try to plan and ahead of time and again. They're used by the government oftentimes to determine how bad a storm is so for example <hes> state local and federal governments use what they call the waffle full house index is a barometer for how quickly community is going to recover after disaster when hurricane michael hit the florida panhandle last october for example it affected nearly five hundred restaurants restaurants throughout florida georgia in one way or another all but three of them were back to full operation within hours or days of the storm after hurricane katrina it in two thousand five waffle house had to close one hundred seven restaurants in louisiana and mississippi. Some of those stores took years to open back up because so many employees were displaced placed entire city blocks were leveled. Some stores never opened back at all since thin waffle. House is open thirty new store south of lake pontchartrain <hes> so what are the people quoted in this story is edited a pat warner who is the director of public relations and external affairs for for a waffle house and according to two at warner katrina was by far our biggest disaster. Most of the restaurants opened quickly afterwards. Some shut down entirely displaced a lot of our associates. Even if we could get the restaurants back up there was no place for our associates live they had no homes. There was a long recovery even with category five hurricanes. These types of closures does yours are an exception rather than the rule which begs the question. How exactly is the chain of nearly two thousand restaurants in twenty five states able to stay open during reading after storms when most other clothes and the answer is preparation. They spend a lot of time preparing they. They send their leadership into the field. <hes> they have a waffle house stormcenter the senior vice president executive vice president <hes> they go down they campout. They help out now. Let me read you from this twitter. Threat of someone who studies waffle house a waffle house can operate without water electricity chrissy gas communications some cases even without a building a restaurant without water isn't that against health code well yes but waffle house works to get variances france's for emergency operation and they reconfigure so if there's no water they set up dedicated handwashing stations they switched to bottled water and canned drinks. They switch to dubose disposable plates and cutlery. They reduced their menu waffle. Houses are the same and have preparedness designed within so for example <hes> the grills run on natural gas and propane so you can profit pop in a propane tank at stores of there's a disruption in natural gas. Yes the waffle house doesn't outsource unless it has to. It's not that they don't trust their suppliers but they control everything. Ship in refrigerated trucks gas propane water cash. There's people volunteers from affected areas or flown in the volunteers include the executive vice presidents the c._e._o. Or the c._o._o. Their direct reports could all go where waffle house executives actives during an emergency there at the site of the emergency. They're not in headquarters so if somebody needs a decision i used to write a check. If someone needs to authorize cash well guess what there's a waffle. We'll have executive there to be able to do it. They have food trucks. After michael hurt panama city waffle house food trucks and gave away two thousand thousand meals a day also affected workers. You don't have a restaurant to go to where they got personal or family destruction. They get paid weekly and cash. It's a fascinating look at a private corporation in this country and what they can do in natural disasters or a canes big events waffle house dutton get a lot of credit or notoriety nationwide but it is right now because of a hurricane <hes> it knows how to stay open during storms and it knows how to recover quickly after storms and and it is a georgia success story worth pointing out but there is a side angle to the waffle house story that is also a georgia success story it is what are the groups that i i oftentimes give money to and that is the the southern baptist mission board. The southern baptist are typically <hes> inside disaster areas before the red cross. They do not brag about it. They do not get credit for for it. The media does not focus on them but i distinctly remember in two thousand five with katrina and it is very much the same <hes> that waffle house house walmart and the southern baptist beat everybody else into south louisiana in south mississippi and you can say well. They're already there well. Yes they are but it was outside. Groups lined up ready to go in while the hurricane was still passing through the area and bad and they figured out the perimeter areas where we're the hurricane wasn't going to approach and then went in from the side angles and got into the area quickly waffle house walmart and the southern baptist. You cannot underestimate the willingness this of southern baptists to go into disaster areas where no one else does or at least where everybody else plays it. It is just my numbing to me to learn the red cross. Get so much credit from so many people in every time there is any sort of major disaster so many outside groups recommend you give money to to the red cross and nine times out of ten. It seems like it's the southern baptist shaw and by the way i'm not just talking about in the south across the nation southern baptist just tend to show up and participate and engage in levels that others do not and it is impressive to see and they as well coordinated here out of georgia georgia <hes> just like waffles walmart of course being the giant giant corporation <hes> able to get supplies in in use <hes> use the free market cricket and use its own resources to be able to show up and help people and stock stores and oftentimes give things away for people elenita major disasters in south louisiana and south mississippi again walmart was very very <hes> key in getting stuff back up and running down there and getting supplies to people. It happens all the time waffle house. Though is the gold standard in handling disasters it really is a fascinating operation and it's one of those that because because it is free market because it is privately owned because it's considered southern the media oftentimes ignores it in the same way they ignore. We're the southern baptist charitable efforts to their mission board as opposed to say for example the red cross and other groups <hes>. It's just it's it's something worth focusing on particularly tickly at a time like this where storms rolling through that it will be the private sector that beats the government in it'll beat the christians that beat the non-christians in no. I don't mean listen. I don't mean to offend by putting it the way that that's just the truth of the matter is a mission aspect to the southern baptist as to what they they do what they do and it's also with waffle house. There is a family element to office. I got to tell you i i know a guy. He's not a friend of mind but i know him. <hes> we were in wedding together. <hes> one of my best friends in law school was one of his best friends and so we got to know each other and his parents were going through a messy ac- divorce and he ate at the waffle house every night he did not want to go home. He did not want to be anywhere near his parents. <hes> and he went to the waffle house all the time and he ate depending on the crowd size. There was one of three different waffle houses he went to and when when he got married read those three waffle houses gave him and his wife a complete set of waffle house sprinted china <hes> they had enough rate people <hes> eight plates eight cups eight saucers saucers eight side plates eight nine eight four eight eight foods all from waffle house i it is a very family atmosphere when when you go to wal plus if you've never been to one you really should <hes> this is not an extended commercial for waffles. I'm just telling you it's an impressive operation. It is one. I regrettably did not get introduced to until i was in law school school. <hes> missed out on all those nights in college where i would have really appreciated the waffle house <hes> but you got it in law school. Now we take our kids there. It is a it's a family outing to go the waffle house. They're good people and what they do. In disastrous is genuinely impressive. It is ear hearings in here. The full number four zero four eight seven zero seven five zero one eight hundred rid w._s._b. Talk this is really rich. So you know the the the outside supposed public interest group bunch a progressives came into the state sued the state over the voting machines and the judge said you know what we're not going to get rid of the voting machines for this election and the state has new voting machines coming in for next year well they. They've decided these paper ballot lawyers have decided that now they want five point six million dollars from you. They said they were representing you. I bet you didn't know you were being represented by these liberal lawyers from washington but but you apparently were according to them and they've gone to court and said you now need to pay them five point six million dollars from the state of georgia because of this lawsuit by progressive activists this is that lawsuit. The democrats backed <hes>. They don't want to raise your taxes. They say they want you to pay a bunch of liberal lawyers five point point six million dollars for not getting what they wanted in court. They claim they actually won because the judge said <hes> that the machines are bad but the judge didn't actually tell them them to take on the ballot. Get rid of the electronic ballots for this election paper ballots no. She said we can't get rid of the electronic ballots this year. They got new electronic machines coming next year so we're not going to give you the paper ballots that you want and yet. They want five point six million dollars of your money. That's where the <hes> secretaries braff workers fighting this in court lot outside lawyers say he's probably going to lose <hes> because does technically they won by the judge say they had validity in their argument even though they didn't win because they didn't get rid of the electronic machines means a you know what's going to happen next year. They're going to sue again. <hes> the electronic voting machines the more likely than not our. I almost wonder you notes. The secretary of state's office has an office down in macon and the judicial selection in making his actually much more conservative <hes> <hes> more bush and trump picks than obama picks down. There almost makes you wonder should they should someone sympathetic to the electronic ballots. Go on and file a lawsuit down in macon. Notre probably be before conservative judge so the conservative judge can say okay yeah the these new electronic machines. They worked just just fine. We're not going to get rid of bi-strategic because the left sure is try to pick out judges to hear cases and get their way in charge tax payers five point six million in dollars the outer edge of hurricane dorian continuing to impact the coast of georgia. I ninety five from jacksonville will all the way up to savannah now impacted <hes> actually the pool area right there at at sixteen and i twenty is spared right now but you get into savannah and the outer edge of the hurricane actually goes straight through downtown savannah. It's actually kind of bizarre to see on on the radar map that <hes> you got down savannah and just that lying of the outer wall hurricane <hes> go straight through their <hes> wilmington island taibbi island completely inside the the outer part of the hurricanes getaway island as well <hes> heavy heavy heavy rain and wind down there right now they have reopened. I sixteen toward savannah <hes> but that's to get emergency crews down there. Don't go down there yourself. <hes> it's it's a mess. The wind is really one of the worst parts of this thing right now is there's a lot of win and there are spun off outer storms that have gone further into georgia <hes> if you know where hazel hirst is is down in south georgia near mcrae that area of ideally aligns the the very outer band of the hurricane <hes> has has swept through there with some really really really powerful but small clusters of storms. <hes> keep those folks in your prayers. Oh we need to move into local politics. There was a special special election last night in house district seventy one and this is turning into a very interesting race so philip singleton was in third place philip. Singleton is the conservative in the race who he he's a combat veteran. He's been awarded. Two bronze stars very pro-life and he was in third place. <music> democrats and republicans were working together to keep him out of the runoff in the reason they wanted to keep him out of the runoff is because he's been rather upfront that ease not a fan of the speaker and things the speaker is doing more harm than good and that the speaker needs to go david ralston <hes> and so you got a bunch of democrats and republicans volcker's rallied to keep him out we we raised this. Put this on people's radar down in <hes> in fayette county. Most of the district is in coweta county a little bit spills over into fayette. Hey it county and he went from third place to first place and he won. He won the initial election but remember. There's gotta be a runoff for this. It's a jungle primary all the candidates for piled up on the ballot <hes> and so he's going into the runoff now thirty six point eight percent <hes> marcy sacriston thirty four point two percent now what they're really really interesting thing here is that democrats suggested given the dynamics of this district. It is suburban ex urban. It is a women voters will turn out more women voters particularly in these sorts of various they don't like donald trump and so that would give jill prouty the democrat a fighting chance when you combine their disgust with donald trump with their disgust over disgust over the fetal heartbeat legislation this would be an area where democrats would be able to make inroads. These sorts of districts are the district's. The democrats need to win to take back the house. That's what the democrats. That is what the democrats said. It's not what i said. It's not with the media said it's what the democrats it and what what did they do. The democrat lost the two people who support the fetal heartbeat legislation one <hes> so marshy saxon philip singleton they will head into a runoff singleton. Singleton is not supported by davison sacriston issue got money from david ralston. I think he just assumed she was going to win because she is. Lynn westmoreland started the former congressman <hes> but him giving her money was a blight on her candidacy and dragged her down. She was ahead. Well ahead fact if you go out to. The seventy first district did that. I did the other day. Her signs were everywhere unit thought she'd win without a runoff signed her everywhere but man ralston gave her money and a republican should be all notice around the state eight. David ralston gives you money. You're going to have a tough time right now and we're seeing that all over the state. Perhaps they should consider. It's time for him him to step aside but i doubt they will. Republicans republicans just aren't bright when it comes to stuff like this the they they wanna protect themselves goals and they think the way to protect themselves as to stand on the status quo even when it is clear that the status quo is taken on water and going to sink. That's what they're doing now. The democrats are trying to learn some lessons <hes> from what republicans did in the six district special election <hes> remember that raise with jon ossoff against the the the two thousand plus republican candidates karen handel one that on the republican side ultimately beat off in a close special election where the democrats poured board in as much as they could to win that district in in ossoff could not pull it off well now. The democrats are getting together in atlanta in a crisis this meeting with the national democrats. We're they say they're not gonna let the democrats pick. Who's going to be the democrat to run in the isaacs a special election and yet some of the democrats are coming out of this say in <hes> sounds like washington wants to pick our candidate by the way at the top of the hour. I want to talk to you about the georgia four hundred expansion. It's kind of funny to me that george warrender was for the longest time a toll road and now they want to build toll roads on torture four hundred. We'll get to that a little bit. Okay so democrats are meeting in atlanta with officials from the democratic senatorial campaign committee and the d._n._c. <hes> these groups want to pick who the democrat democrat is going to be to run the isaac since they're really really concerned about a situation where the governor pick someone to replace johnny isakson soon that person is able to serve january to november build name i._d. As an as an actual senator raise money as an actual senator and then you have three thousand democrats who all wanna get advanced to show up and try to beat them and what happens is the democrats divide themselves up five ways to none and the republican incumbent senator is actually elected. They're deeply worried about that so what the national democrats want to do. Is they want to come down and they want to pick the winner in advance. Now i gotta tell you i am at least intellectually consistent on this. I think primaries do a good thing. I think primaries series forced candidates to do a better job. Take the sixth congressional district. There are a lot of people i know who are mad at me for backing karen handel again in the sixth congressional district considering. She lost against lucy and i get it. I do not think it was her fault. I think there were external factors at play. I think that the outside groups abandoned the ground game. <hes> the race was very close. She would've won. She was let down by outside groups. It was not her fault. She did everything she could in a waiver for the democrats and she lost and not by much. I say give it another another shot. She knows the district's knows the people she has the name i._d. Go fort. I understand that the people they're concerned the other side but <hes> i've had several friends ends of mind say you you know you should also if you're supporting karen you should be browbeating the other people and trying to get them out of the race and i have no intention of doing that and the reason i i have no intention of doing that is because i think a primary makes a stronger general election candidate. Now there are people who say well. They're gonna spend all their money in the primary and they're going to have done for the general i get that's a valid concern but i think it is far better to vet the candidates through a primary process than it is to have them run without a primary and essentially that's what the democrats want they do is they want to deny someone to clarify in process of a primary and thrust them into what is essentially a general election without having been vetted in excuses that while you're all going to be on the ballot together so what i think what will happen otherwise is let's. Let's be honest here. The democrats do not have strong bench right now. That's just the honest fact name measure with the exception of stacey abrahams name a major democrat in the state you there really aren't any there you can say michael thurmond who who is is how old and been wearing and done what for how long win john barrow same situation <hes> becoming rapidly perennial candidate who were the prominent democrats in the state eight of georgia there really aren't any. You're having to go down to people like jerry boston the d._a. In dekalb county who by the way super sharp and would be a formidable candidate it is she decided to run but she's not exactly someone with high statewide name i._d. So who are you gonna find well. The problem is let's. Let's see you throw in <hes>. Let's say you were to throw injury boston. John bureau <hes>. Let's throw in michelle nunn and jason carter as well because those are the james democrats are really really pushing <hes> jay jason carter and michelle nunn. This is sam nunn's old seat by the way you throw all those people in and what what happens <hes> they all have to pile on each other to try to distinguish themselves because the republicans only one person in the race whoever brian kemp picks and if those people aren't tested in this election through this primary process the democrats have no opportunity to grow their bitch so put them in their foursome to fight it out that each other author opposition research the cream rises and they find good candidates and start rebuilding their bitch now. Maybe i shouldn't be giving them this advice because this is sound good advice but <hes> it's it's ridiculous for the outside national groups to come in particularly because they live in a bubble. They don't know georgia. They have no idea <hes> what georgia values mean even to democrats and they're going to try to hand pick somebody from washington. That would be the kiss of death in yet. That's what they're trying to do not smart. You guys know the difference between a grassroots in an astroturf of group don't you the grassroots group is authentic. People on the ground who care about an issue get fired up and try to take action. Astroturf group is typically a group at a dc that comes comes in and pretends to be a grassroots group. It's astroturf. An astroturf group has sprung up going after georgia power. I actually support towards power on this. This issue <hes> they wanna raise their their base rate from ten dollars to roughly seventeen dollars. Oh it's going up. It hasn't gone up in thirty years. Actually i take that back up two dollars and thirty years <hes> and the problem is you got a bunch of rich people who are putting solar panels on their roofs and and they're not paying into the grid they're forcing georgia power to buy power off the grid from them if they have excess power but they're not actually paying to maintain the grid and that that's kind of what the base fee goes to if you have a house and you want access to power even if you don't use the power in your house well you gotta pay something to maintain contain the line to your house and maintain the power along the way and it's divided across all power customers and it hasn't been increased in a very long time and this is one of the problems europe is having this problem <hes> with people with renewable energy. They never contemplated this. They forced power companies in europe to buy back thanks so much power being generated by windmills and solar panels and whatnot that aren't connect to the power company <hes> that it's causing all sorts of havoc and liner degrading the the power companies. Don't have the money to fix the infrastructure look. I don't wanna pay it either but it hasn't been raised in thirty years and now this astroturf group is coming in and try to make you be convinced. George bowers bilking you out of a bunch of money which actually isn't true and it still more reasonable than the other groups out there. It's just it's very very interesting to see the saudi. Listen i support solar power says solar wind you name it a unit burn cow dung and boil water and and twister binds from that gopher and i'm okay with it. Finds handsome unicorn farts to do it go for it. I don't think george bauer gears heck down near me. Either building a massive solar farm but you know what happens is these companies. He's come in like elon. Musk has a solar power company now and and they rent your roof space. Let you get power from the solar panels and then they hire a bunch of lobbyists go in and and demand that the legislature forced the local power company to buy power from them whether they want to or not they got their own solar power companies and then they take people out of the cost which just causes the rest of us to pay. Hey it's kinda like all the rich people who got their tesla's with the tax break and then they weren't paying the gas tax anymore so the roads. We have less money to pay for the roads that all of us are using using because the rich people got the tax break for the tesla. I just i liked tesla's but lord that company. I would want nothing to do with that company when we come back speaking speaking of roads and traffic. Let's talk about george four hundred with d._o._t. Plans to do with it and the rest of the toll roads hello and welcome it eric erickson here atlanta's evening news on w. w._s._b. The phone number if you wanna be part of the program four zero four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred w._s._b. Talk talk. Hey by the way just to keep charlie on his toes. You can call eight seven seven nine seven eric in the morning although i think he's going on vacation so yeah absolutely if you wanna talk to low t. in the morning sorry okay. I got to talk about before. He disconnects me from the radio. <hes> i want to talk about george four hundred from it because this this is turning into a thing up. There <hes> is so there. Is that a road. What is it he oh encompass. Wh what is it encore encore the bridge over the pretty bridge basically one lane in each direction right there on the other side of top golf in alfa reta. Was there this weekend and <hes> so they want to put a lane. The alfa reta wants to put an on ramp to new toll roads and then let me pause here and just say i find it really really really funny that we are considering putting tolls on georgia four hundred for those of you who are new to the area georgia. Four hundred was a toll road. It was the most bizarre tollroad road you would ever encounter in your life in that you could ride on the entire course of the toll road and as long as you got off before lennox road. If you're headed southbound southbound you didn't have to pay it all and if you got on a just north of lennox road and drove north you didn't have to pay till it was the craziest during thing so they put the sole undoubtedly they put it right at lenox phipps eight. If you wanted to go shopping at one of the big malls you had to pay the toll and the rich people from north salona would pay the toll <hes> and in coming in and out of the city through four hundred pay the toll toll paid for itself in the way the road was designed is when the toll paid for itself would go away well they kept extending it until finally people i think they started threatening lawsuits and whatnot and the toll had to come down and this hasn't been in the last six years or so they tore tore down the toilet if you if you're just north of lennox you got that huge area that expansive area with buildings and stuff that's where the toll plaza was well now now now they're thinking of turning the toll road into a toll road again and they wanna put lanes on both sides unlike the reversible lanes anes on seventy five. They wanna do woods do it. What's happening on eighty-five and have lanes in both directions which isn't a bad thing considering the amount of traffic on four hundred now listen. I'm kind of ridiculing this because they probably never should have gotten rid of that told to begin with but this isn't a bad idea. They're doing that massive interchange overhaul at four hundred and twenty-five is going to screw up traffic for years longer they might as well go on and do this the amount of traffic now i should tell you oh i get hate mail every single time i talk about toll lanes people call them lexus. It's only the rich people can speaking speaking of. Did you hear about eighty-five earlier today this morning. He was mark arum who noted it actually <hes> the toll the you know it's an adjustable toll as more and more traffic. It's bad on the interstate. The toll goes higher. They try to price. It's to keep people out of the toll lane so traffic keeps flowing in the tolan at forty five miles an hour our that the toll got up to seventeen dollars seventeen dollars marker and put up a screen shot of the of the toll at seventeen dollars. Jamie jamie dupree for washington replied back and look at this one. He was to get into washington d._c. On the toll in washington was forty five dollars forty five dollars dollars so at least seventeen here. I like the adjustable toll. I like the free market principle. This is why i'm opposed to the anti price gouging outing legislation <hes> you let the price increase you keep more and more people from buying gas and so you ensure the supplies always there you increase the toll. Oh you ensure that the forty five miles an hour as pretty constant on the road at peak times <hes> but they want to expand these people send me hate mail all the time when i say good idea because they think it's just it's a fancy way rich people to get around well the poll the tolls ultimately pay for themselves build the toll roads and you're allowing the rich people to get out of the major traffic and free those lanes to for the rest of you or cheap today. It's not like it's super expensive except at times like this where it's was seventeen dollars frei brief period of time. It wasn't even a long period of time. I think it's a good idea and i think the d._o._t. Should be commended for this but but but but there is a but here here's my but on the toll lanes <hes> ice techs go to texas go to florida go to other states. I think they still do toll roads better than we do. In georgia i think there are still opportunities entities in georgia to allow in companies preferably not owned by the chinese to build some toll roads and the in particular. I'm thinking of of the golden i'll parkway and i'm thinking of it in particular because of the hurricane and the evacuation out of florida <hes> so you've got a u._s. Twenty-three it leaves macon in it runs through cochran and eastman mcrae <hes> and it goes all the way down to the coast it gets it ends and brunswick essentially the golden. I'll parkway and you can bypass the ninety five sixteen interchange going down that way <hes> and the goldenrod parkway. It's a combination of roads starts at highway twenty three and then it becomes three forty one <hes> then then it becomes u._s. Twenty-five goes all the way down to brunswick and i just think that we should have private the toll private tolls in georgia or leather d._o._t. Do it but i think we've got the capacity particularly in the southern part of the estate. They're building an inland port in core deal and the way the interstate is structured right now for example <hes> you gotta take from savannah you from the port of anna which they're also deepening and widening to bring in more more tractor trailers more cargo. You go up sixteen eighteen. The macon were there relaunching re changing the interstates and then you go down seventy five core deal or if you really want to you could take u._s. to eighty from corneal through advil mccray and the like and all the way over to pin broken in i sixteen there. I don't understand why we don't turn some of these into big. Tolls big highways now. There's not a ton of traffic down the right now but i kind of think the if you build it they will come approach works for these sorts of situations <hes> with tolls particularly if you're letting the state in a public private partnership do it in the same is the augusta to columbus route through making taken now they've been building forever expanding u._s. eighty and the like but it just seems like there's opportunity <hes> with a lot of land down there a lot of farmland to build some private tolls in speed people around you know the other thing is forever and a day. They've been talking about an outer loop from two eighty. I five. You've got to eighty five now around the city but it just seems to me at this point. We need another major highway that wraps further around. Maybe connecting acting woodstock alpharetta johns creek lawrenceville around conyers down two stockbridge fayetteville douglasville marietta roswell again make a big loop it. It seems like now some of this stuff is contemplated when you get into those areas. There's still a lot of cluster in those areas. It's land would become very very expensive but i just think there's more opportunity for tolls. I'm excited excited. That georgia is finally embracing tolls the way they are. I just wish we would do even more of it with more gusto. We know they work now. We know they've improved traffic. We we can see the measurable benefit of having toll lanes in ease not just easing congestion on the non toll roads but also expediting traffic africa on the toll roads. I wish they would expand the toll road on the south side of the city all the way up past the airport <hes> but there's a federal law prohibiting you from repurposing using existing lane of interstate existing lanes of interstate for other purposes and that law probably needs to be changed but these they really should be commended for this and i'm glad add. They're doing four hundred. I was through there the through there on saturday <hes> labor day weekend and it was a mess. It was an absolute mess on saturday. All the way up past alfa reta <hes> those toll lanes would dramatically east commutes in those areas and i realized alvarez got problems with what the d._o._t. Is proposing they wanna change some of the entrance ramps and the exit ramps. They want to put them in different locations. I think the the d._o._t. Has it right where they want them. <hes> even though i get alvarez concerns but we should be applauding the georgia bartman transportation for doing doing this and expanding this infrastructure in the state in a novel way to expedite traffic because there are only so many more lanes of traffic we can build we might as well build them in a way that allows people to pay the privilege of writing on them to then help cover the cost of maintaining them. That's that's money. Well spent all right lucy. In sandy springs. Welcome welcome to the program lucie either on your show on twitter earn an avid listener. Thank you <hes>. Can i ask questions okay so i'm new to this any springs area within the last five years and young professional in my early thirties and i came north carolina so i've been trying to keep up with upcoming election and i'm hearing hearing a lot of things going on in congressional six where i live and i just i guess my question is why is it so important for name recognition in that district with in candidate. I hear yeah okay. I you know this is. This is an excellent excellent question. Thank you for it. Lemme lemme explain why name i._d. Is is so important <hes> because voters particularly in urban areas are bombarded with so many candidates for so many races at the same time the people people with the highest name i._d. Tend to win <hes> we. I mean just take that rage. Take the sixth congressional district race. You've got a three or four candidates running now on the republican side but then you've got state house races state senate races. You're going to have to senate races. <hes> people can't keep up with all of it so the higher the name idea of candidate in each race the better they do. It's all about boosting your positive name i._d. Not negative but positive name i._d. To cut through the noise of so many candidates running it is there here except here we wanna be part of the program four zero four eight seven two zero seven five zero one eight hundred w._s._b. Talk hurricane continue swirling around out there stirring up the sea along the georgia coast savannah inside again poor old hilton head my beloved hilton head one day. I want a house in you. See pines i just do. It's the one place on the planet where the moment i crossed that bridge. I totally relaxed. 'cause i've been going there since i was in college and he was always where i went on vacation. I was in college buddy of mine had a house down there long story <hes> but man i hate for hilton head to get pounded by the hurricane <hes> it it will recover though it always does now. Let us get to the phones. I want to go to brad and locust grove brad. How are you all right. How about you good good. What's going on. Hey i just wanted to comment on the <hes> the toll roads <hes> as you were talking about and <hes> i lived in houston houston for three years and houston has three perimeters the third was almost completely finished now and the the the middle one and the outer one which is almost completely finished are both toll roads for the most part and it they really relieve congestion so so much compared to not having him like you with atlanta only having one <hes> i in my opinion. That's the best route to go is adding more another parameter as a toll road. You know yes although i gotta tell you. There's a big scandal in dallas because because <hes> one of the toll roads dallas <hes> now has so many people using that toro that it's actually slower on the toll road that it is the regular road and people are livid livid <hes> so you do have to do it carefully. Yeah just just compared to you know what i've seen out there and what i've seen in atlanta. It's it's just yeah. That's just what i've seen so but i mean there's there's numerous ways to do it but i yeah i understand what you're saying. I need order will not be surprised to learn and thanks brad for the phone co. You'll not be wrestler and i'm already getting hate mail from people who hate the roads and consider them a a tax on the poor and insult or can i be like rudely obnoxiously honest with you on how i see this and i'm going to offend some some of you who are friends of mine regular correspondence with me and and the like and i don't mean to but i'm just going to tell you exactly what i think. Who do. I even say this yeah okay. I'm i'm gonna say it. <hes> yeah there are people who can't afford to be in the toll lane there are there absolutely absolutely are and they can look over and be jealous at the people in the toll lane or they can look at the people in the lane and they say you know what one day i want to be in a a job where i can afford to pay the adjustable toll there are people who are in the toll lane who can get to their office quicker n. b. very productive and it sucks for the people who aren't in the toll lane but i see no reason to punish the people who can afford the toll lane to be stuck in the lane with everyone else particularly particularly when you're in situations where let's marta only goes up and down into the side <hes> oh in one little branch out <hes> the bus situation is crummy in atlanta atlanta. I liked the toll lane <hes> you can be jealous about the people who get to ride in the toll lanes in envious of them and say well. What about the rest of us. Well you know what go get a tick. Ah sticker and drive in the tolling and if you can't afford it don't drive in the toll lane but i think the toll lanes are good and they get people to their jobs productively and efficiently and allow people to pay extra to get there and if people wanna pay the money and get their well. God bless them for doing it. <hes> many of them are people who commute into the city and provide benefits. It's to the city of atlanta and elsewhere with their sales taxes where they go out for lunch. <hes> when they're working downtown they go home to their suburbs. They want an efficient way to get downtown and this is it <hes> or hey let's just dig up all the private land and shudder all the businesses on the sides of eighty-five and take all those businesses all those lands and put those people out of work so we can have just more general real access lanes. I'm totally fine with the tolling <hes> and frankly yes. Is there a little bit of snotty. You can say there is but by god if i can afford the toll elaine and i can. I'm going to take the toll lane. It saves me in the mornings when i have to get the w._s._b. Of gotta go up in the morning. It can save me twenty five to thirty minutes on some days. Why because some idiot in the regular lane is texting and driving and causes a wreck so i'm perfectly happy to pay for the convenience of avoiding the idiots were texting and driving in the regular lanes and i can hang out with the idiots in the big cars and the toll lane who are texting and driving and there's less room for them to actually wrecked for everybody else now. You're you're building the toll which means you're taking and tax dollars away from the general purpose lanes no actually the toll lanes typically or funded by bonds and some of that money goes back into <hes> refurbishing them and keeping them open and it's not like they're taking money away from the general purpose lanes. That's an urban legend to say that they're taking money away from the general purpose lanes <hes> because they put in the toll lanes. That's not really true and they're adding capacity along the way that pays for itself overtime so it just it's a number that people really what it is is the people who don't like that all lanes that kind kinda chalice aren't they. That's why they call them. Lexus lanes because only the rich people right in the lick sisley but that's not really true and by the way either better cars for people to drive than just your standard issue likes us call them. The mercedes lanes because mercedes is headquartered here now but ultimately is oh oh why can't afford it so he shouldn't be able to drive in it either <hes> just just get out of your covetousness. Let people who can do it do it and understand that you're you're avoiding having to bulldoze businesses along the sides of eighty five and seventy five and taken private businesses away to build more capacity. We don't have the property and the amount of taxes you would. I need to pay to take all that private land away to build general purpose lanes for the interstate. No just build the toll lanes there good. We need more toll lanes not less toll lanes listen. I i did not intend to spend an hour talking about toll roads tonight. There's plenty of other stuff but the amount of hate mail. I it's amazing. It's like the chick-fil-a issue you talk about chick-fil-a and you get a bunch of angry. Three people emailing you who who passionately hate chick-fil-a probably never even been in one of the stores with the toll road you get a bunch of people who were stuck on the interstate seen people apple is passed on the toll roads and they get jealous and angry the number of people emailing me right now sued suggesting that their tax dollars built the toll roads and they don't get to drive on them and that's not fair when it simply not true. There's nothing different between new emailing me angrily saying that you don't get to ride all the toll road in your tax dollars paid for it when that's not true as it is a bunch of progressive saying that chick-fil-a discriminates chick-fil-a does not discriminate chick-fil-a does not discriminate <hes> i it just just it's crazy to me. The amount of people who get so angry about stuff like this <hes> steph is and you know one of the things is conservative. You know my conservative frustration with the toll roads is that we're not allowing the private businesses to come in and build the toll roads it's d._o._t. Projects and the funded by bonds and i get that <hes> but i think we should open up lots of georgia to private businesses to come in and build toll roads and then charge us for the right to ride on. I am totally fine with that. As long as they do not have ties to china. I am totally fine with that. The more the merrier a build roads all over the place with private dollars not tax dollars <hes> funded by bonn's. John's led the private companies. Take care of it. We should have giant toll roads like florida has on the way to disneyworld but i didn't intend to talk about that today. <hes> i you know i didn't even get a chance to talk about the emroiled professor <hes> who she's on <hes> the there's a professor roy professor who who is calling hurricane doreen a manmade hurricane claiming that we used to not have category five hurricanes except once a decade which is true and it turns out. She's not a scientist into she's a creative writing professor. I'm gonna have to save this audio in play tomorrow. You guys have a good night see you tomorrow. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you and the life you want to live cd medic targets your pain at its source. It's fast acting relief with active ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free hemp oil. Get back to your life with c._d. Medic available online and that c._b._s. These statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. It's cutting into your exercise time. It's stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind. It's pain and it's getting in between you in life. You want to live cd medic targets. Your pain <music> added source. It's fast acting relief with active o._t._c. Ingredients plus the added benefits of t._h._c. free hemp oil. Get back to your life with c._b._d. Medic available online line and c._b._s. These statements have not been evaluated by the f._d._a. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease.

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