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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Lakshmi Singh. In seven to twenty one days New York could be facing its highest number of Corona Virus Cases. That's the projection from health officials monitoring the country's deadliest hotspot in this pandemic the number of people to die from Kovic nineteenth spike overnight to a level that has surpassed fifteen hundred in New York out of more than seventy five thousand people who have been infected so far. Npr's Windsor Johnston reports on the latest update from Governor Andrew Cuomo who recently learned that the virus has hit very close to home speaking at his daily briefing governor. Cuomo said he was tired of being behind the virus and repeated his call for help as the state approaches the apex of the Corona virus crisis. We are planning now for the battle at the top of the mountain. That's what we are doing. Get a staffing plan. Ready now equipment stockpile now. We're gathering equipment that we don't need today because today is not the day of the battle. The governor also confirmed that his brothers. Cnn Anchor Chris. Cuomo has tested positive for the corona virus. Calling him. His Best Friend. Cuomo said he was confident that his brother would be fine. Windsor Johnston NPR news. Shippers are making headway on getting grocery stores restock during the pandemic in part because of a significant push from some trucking companies but as Frank Morris of member station K. C. U. R. REPORTS. Many truckers are also preparing for the painful economic impact of the corona virus. Outbreak word shivers have been whisking enormous amounts of food and other supplies off the shelves and truckers have been pulling out all the stops to help grocery stores resupply cancel of supply chain management professionals President Rick blasting. It's a small agile. Trucking firms are shouldering a lot of the burden the economy slows and doesn't ramp up quickly smaller talking companies. That are GONNA really hurt. In the near term with week's worth of food already crammed into many Americans Pantries and freezers and unemployment skyrocketing demand for products is likely to crater soon and truckers will be among the first to feel it from pure news. I'm Frank Morrison Kansas City in a letter to top navy officials in the Pentagon the commanding officer of the carrier. Uss Theodore Roosevelt says the number of sailors testing positive for the current viruses quote ongoing and accelerating officials tell NPR. The ship with thousands of people on board has more than fifty cases of the corona virus. So far the commanding officer says more needs to be done to quarantine or isolation people depending on whether the possibly been exposed to the krona virus or actually sick with cove nineteen disease caused by the virus at last check on Wall Street. Dow is down one hundred forty two points at twenty two thousand one eighty four this is NPR news. The Prime Minister of Hungary is now running his country by decree. The European Union member has decided that in order to effectively fight the pandemic it must suspend Hungary's democratic processes Joanna Kakissis Kakissis reports Hungary's announcement is drawing sharp rebukes from the European Commission European Commission president or Sula Fonder. Line said in a statement that no country should sacrifice democracy in the name of emergency measures. But she did not call out Hungary by name exasperation critics of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor. They want Brussels to sanction him. Joanna Kakissis reporting India has seen its highest single-day jumping corona virus cases with more than two hundred reported yesterday. India with the world's greatest population has instituted the world's biggest national lockdown. Npr's Lauren Fair reports. This may also claim lives with Indian factories shut and most businesses closed. Tens of millions of migrant workers are left and homeless. Many of them are trying to walk hundreds or thousands of miles home to their villages. Dozens have been killed in traffic accidents. Along the way in India's tourist hub of go. Thousands of foreigners are awaiting special evacuation flights amid food shortages and fears of unrest travelers sent into mandatory quarantine complained government facilities are dirty and overcrowded one Indian state Karnataka is ordering people in home quarantine to send hourly sell fees to the government. There's an APP for it but user. Say It's crashed already Lauren Fryer. Npr news US stocks trading slightly lower. The Dow down close to three quarters of a percent this is NPR news.

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