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#880 RHOA: Tokyo Draggin'


Watch. What happens would like to think it's premium sponsors? She no mascot back glass guard Aaron mcnicoll is she don't miss. No trick lists just saying. Okay. Risky row. Wording. Dougherty. Ashley bony. She don't take. No bologna Kelly Barlow when she goes Barlow, we go. Hi, lo Megan bird. You can't have a burger without the bird and thing like Alison king begging the slayer Taylor Sarah Greenwood, she only uses her power for good Hannah got enough that banana Anderson hot dang. It's Jessica dang, Lisa Wallin's. Now, that's what I call volunteering -ment of Negi la- Weber and are super premium patriot subscribers Suzy go until the Tobin Meena coochie coochie COO, g Kelli grant, the grant master give 'em hell, miss Noel. Let's get racy with mistakes. Easy. Shannon out of a cannon Anthony incredible. Edible. Matthew sisters at Lizzy Drucker, fine mother from we love you. Guys. Much rather? Hello and welcome to watch recor app and the podcast about all that crap. We just love to talk about on Yale. Browse I'm Ronnie Kerem also on the risks bachelor brisk podcast, which is in full effect at the moments. Good check it out in your with my little Betsy and the creator of real housewares of kitchen island, Mr. bed. Mandal ker. Hello byan. Hey, what's going on not much baby? How you doing? I'm great. I'm great. I feel great. I feel great. I feel energize. I'm ready to dive into this crazy week of watcher crap ins, yes, it's going to be so fun. We're doing our Charleston shes this week. So our schedules going to be changed up just a little bit. So don't freak out everybody. You're still gonna get all your damn recaps. Okay. They're coming. They're conning. The only one we're taking a break from this week is top chef because we have an extra episode of it's going to be a live show in Charleston. So but everything will be here yet. We're gonna be for those wondering, yes schedules can be messed up doing. Doing this week's below deck episode. We are recording Thursday evening in Charleston and then on Friday night, which is also coincides with our seven year anniversary. So it's our seven year aniversary show in Charleston. We're going to do a classic southern charm episode. We selection nachos in that yet. I guess we'll should probably choose that later today. We will don't worry. Stay tuned. Just follow us on social media. It's really important that you've always on social media, which is at what crap on Twitter at watch crap ins on Instagram because that's where we oftentimes announce our most important and salient announcements and there's one coming tomorrow morning at ten AM central. So stay tuned for that be real exciting for some of the people for all of us. Listen, we're one big happy family will one person's excited. We're all excited. We're so I was taking pas I'm like Verona. I've just. This is like when you're excited. I'm the news. You know, I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm having. Like nervous dreams on a you are too. I had a crazy nervous dream about you the other night. So I texted you about just a meeting won't whenever we talked to people that we've become friends with from these shows like what was I saying about southern charm season. When a lot of means it so I've got to kind of stand by that. You know, I'm scared. I'm scared to I'm finding this to be so interesting because like I feel like you're so generally fearless. When it comes this stuff and like like. All righty. Well, when it's behind someone's back, of course, I, but then I, you know, how I get I feel like a need to be completely honest. Even when I don't need to be. Yeah. It'd be like, well, I called you a stupid whore for five years, and I meant it. Okay, next. You know, I just like an awkward. It's not that. I'm not going to do that. It's just it's just so awkward, but anyway, so that's coming up. So let's see how we fair there. And we've got a bunch of new show Cincinnati. We sold out. So we're adding an earlier show that day so make a day of it people. I'm calling at the happy hour show. Brandin come to a happy hour show in Cincinnati. Cincinnati matinee, and we're going to show that might it's going to be a Superfund day. We're going to be in Portland. We're gonna be in the Vancouver. Just for laughs comedy festival. We added a second show in Dallas on Friday night where we will me. Not sure what we're recapping because we weren't gonna do believe deck, but that shows going to be over. So we're gonna do. Yeah. This is the crap in style. Yes. We never said we're organized people you shall be so happy that we even have a website. Okay. We're disaster. So we'll re announce what that's going to be soon. And then we're else bent, Irvine and Fien everywhere to Irvine in Phoenix. And then we've got a new announcement coming out tomorrow. So to find that states just go to watch crap dot com. That's also where you'll find tee-shirt shirt links for Ben at the streets running the seats and less, but not least tomorrow, we will be streaming live on TV party our pump rules recap. And that's going to be at about twelve ish. Diffic- time. So come over there and watch that talk to us while we do it k-, so fun. Get your TV party out on I phone or Android or whatever y'all us. Yeah. I so my anxiety dream about you, I feel like sharing with the world, which is that I had a dream that Ronnie was sitting there on Skype waiting for me to come on. So we could record our episode and I looked at the clock and it was like tw- like twenty six minutes late and I had texted him and it's like oh shit shit. And then it was like suddenly segue to like it was a live show. And I was like refusing to go onstage with Ronnie. But instead like, no, Ron you just go, let's do a panel. Instead, and I on the audience while Ronnie sat up there with a panel. And the panel people included, my friend from college Meribel Flora's. I don't know why she got into my dream. And then I felt bad. So then I like rounded up as to make it up. Ronnie, I'm get a whole bunch of celebrities to come onto watch a crap ins, and I wrestled up Kate chesting and Bill Paxton recipe. Piece. Ronnie, I got Kate and Bill Paxton to come onto the show, and you're like great. And then we start recording it from like nail salon and the ladies who worked there were like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I've got Bill Paxon year. And then I woke up. Wow. Yeah. It was really it was intense. I don't know what it means. But it was like it was a while. That is a while that better never happened. Okay. Also, infinitely more exciting than anything. That's happened on real housewives of Atlanta this season. Oh my gosh. This was giving be so much anxiety. The poor lady in Tokyo's like please don't be. It's so disrespectful in our culture. When you're late. I will take it as a personal affront. Yeah. Is she actually thought that these women would care if you took it as a personal affront, I? Oh, she tried so hard. Yeah. I welcome. Welcome to the so babe. Yeah. Welcome. So this was the episode where they went to Japan. So it opens up with like the women doing various things all around Atlanta. And we see candy and Todd doing sexy photo shoot for her upcoming dungeon. Welcome to the dungeon cabaret thing. You know? And so she just like up on a pole. I thought it would be like a whole big to do because this was like in the trailer and stuff, but it was just part of this opening montage. Yeah. I'm kind of getting sick of watching candy make money in my million different ways. Jealous or I'm not mad that she's making the money. I'm just like a dungeon party. Please. Spare me okay this. Nobody neither vagina titan today like with this. So Eva arrives. And she comes in one of her big hippy dresses and to to celebrate the arrival of Eva the music department's like. C C didn't even take a shower today. She's like hippy dress. Like, why are we? Trixie Monica or poll show, a really intros like okay, hit three one per burn of. Burn of like, so Don, Juan is a little messy here. Whatever trying to get some gossiping. She comes in and candies. Like well. This is why I'm doing this party. I liked to turn negative into something that I profit off. Someone said that I tried to that I was going to try to rape them with a date rape drug. So I'm making date rape drugs. Called candy coated date. Rape drugs. Welcome. Yeah. Jeeze candy-coated rupees. Yes. She's now. I mean on Jan into. Is or any drama just lask? So that's actually the lead song in her burlesque show. Yeah. So yeah. So she's like padding on the back for deciding to like beat like own the idea that she has dungeon, which I never thought was that crazy in the first place. Like, I I don't know why she's the day rape thing. That was I can see getting mad at that. But the dungeon thing. I don't know why she would ever be upset about it. So come more thrown off by the hibachi room on how about you think is more of an offensive insinuation than like, she's got a hibachi room in her basement. Like what she is crazy. She's a crazy person. I would never trust her. Yeah. So basically, this is just an excuse. Of course to talk about who everybody's mad at currently and Avis mad because Porsche said in front of everybody that eve is messy and talk shit about Cynthia and candies like wool. What did you expect? Welcome. Welcome to welcome to the so have you ever watched. It. I felt like Eva was basically trying to broker a deal with candy of like, I'm gonna join your side. If you join if you like join me right now and bashing Porsche, she because she's basically like I thought Porsche was my friend who has friend would do that. But then she calls me and says that I was liking shady isn't basically, she's saying isn't portion of the worst. And I'm going to ally with you on hating borsch the candy's kind of like now. And she basically says that. Like us speak about women one way. When they're not there when they're there, you act, really really nice. So, yeah, you're shady your shady. Yeah. So just own the shade. Yeah. And she's like, you know, if you say something, and you're joking. They're always going to twist it and bring bring it back, and even like what kind of friends do that. Like, the kind of France, you know, that watching wedding storylines are boring as fuck. Okay. That's what kind of France trying to help you. Yeah. Exactly. So then he goes over to portions house and Porsche has already bought bought herself a little baby bed. She's just like like, she's barely out of this trimester. And she has like built a nursery put in a bed like on like ten different mobiles mobiles mobiles. I don't know how to say it. And like she is plunging into baby. Mommy, DEM immature. Ben, which is the way to do it. You know, which I respect get that turban going. Yeah. Get that my door Niimi, meaning ox, and like why the already have a baby bed stupid. Why is it smaller than your doormat? And that's pretty small. Find the ACA baby baby says welcome nobody makes fun of it. Technically. It's a hot dog bun, but okay, we'll call. So she's decide portions decided that she's past the danger zone. So she's ready to tell everybody about her pregnancy. And they made this way shadier online, which is why you cannot trust online gossip while the seasons are sheeting 'cause everyone's like Porsche is such an asshole and now facing her baby during Eve's bachelorette party who does that like. Come on. Yeah. We live about Harvey. Yeah. Like. They didn't they needed to do something to make it exciting. Okay. Again. She's helping you and Eva basically said as anyone have anything they want to say, so. Door. Yeah. Exactly. So they're talking about like, oh my God. How how's Porsche gonna get along with candy and Porsches like listen. I think that's gonna be like I we can laugh and up on. I won't fuck with you. You don't fuck with me? And then everything's gonna be fine. Like, okay, cool. Yeah. Pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. But then there's like a fun thing where like neon Porsche act out like needy pretends to be Porsche and Porsche pretends to be can the initial like act out. What would happen? You know? It's funny so airport arrivals. Yes. Just like the battle of the stupid, hats K. Everybody is wearing a big stupid hat much. Sure. But felt passer really winning this here on Bravo. Yeah. I love Tanya arriving and like she like gets out of her Uber. Thank you. Thank you for your my my own driver about you grill. The backseat. We are going to go on an airplane. Girdles? I'm very excited because we're not only doing on an airplane. But we're also have shrimp toss the tour. All right. Who's gonna take my luggage? And who's going to get some eggs thrown in their face. Wants rice. Yvette shows up. She's wearing she's had his huge braids. She's like channeling Linda Perry meets Jane child's. It's like very like nineties earth mother hippie hipster thing going on. There was like so much happening. I didn't even know how to process it and Meany shows up with nineteen suitcases nineteen Louise and Reagan taking care of all of her luggage. And I just laughed because only knee would be like, oh, you have you have really bad cancer. Great take nineteen of my bags to the curb, please. Thank. Yeah. Exactly. So they'll get on the plane that time. Yes. Build all over her first classy to excited, I thought I was thinking this terrible dream where I was on the who I woke up girls, and I was like, oh good. I'm in first class. Go. Good news. I taste delicious days. Good that she was. So maybe so I actually sweating ever. Oh, no. I just spilled my water. Hashtag company if your watering my right? So then. Candies. Like, I guess we're going to be faked out. It's it's called having manners. Yeah. Come on. Yeah. Hate this idea that like, you know, like this idea, you know, like, oh like, I don't like you you don't like me. So we had like we have to be like our hourly cold and rude to each other. Because we don't like each other. Or you could just be polite because that's what people do in civil society. You just like I don't like that person. But I I can be nice be polite and like like smooth this over. Yeah. It's how the world works. You guys. Also works also how what works karma. Of course. For Marlo Marlo be nicer to be be nicer to service people. Okay. And she's not because she has service people karma where everything goes wrong. Like, my mom, sometimes read the waiters and her food always comes last and incorrect, and I'm like, no, you gotta fix that. I don't believe in karma. That's a sin, and I'm like, well, you gotta get on it gay yet. You don't have to believe in karma. But you can believe in you get what you give which is karma login. Okay. I see what you're saying. I guarantee that some PA took Marlow bags and ship them off to Omaha like they are somewhere thing in Nebraska airport. I don't care if I get fired. I don't care if I go to jail 'cause I violated some FA regulation. It was worth it. Yeah. They're like. Yeah. Marlow needs to pay. And she's not giving the season's just get rid of eggs. Yeah. Do they have a connection? I wonder if they had a connection because I feel like normally you only lose your bags when you have a connection. But I mean, you could you could lose your bags easily enough to just takes one one Ashley at delta to throw your bag on the wrong plane or being extremely light. Did we see Marlow show up when everybody else was showing up at the ass? She did. She did. Yeah. Yeah. Darn I can't blame tardiness today. Everybody at. At one time. Party. Yeah. So. Yeah. Marlow bags didn't make it and everybody's cracking up. She's taking Kennedy's credit card and going to the mall, the mini we get there. Yeah. I what I liked was that like in an effort to feel like she fit in you know, they all had like mounds of bags. They had those little baggage carts, and they all like tiny. I can't see over my bag. This is amazing. It's like a giant unretire my budget rule. And Mike Marlow just like puts like her. She has a full luggage thing. And she's like puts like her two bags on it. Just to be part of the luggage caravan. And force. It tells Marla. Onto the bus. God you ask with this hilarious coming from Porsche Marla, like flicks back her hair it hits forcet in the face. And they're just pulling together. And I have to say I like portion Merlo's friends. Yeah. It works. We're does work. So Cynthia has a boring announcement, of course, she's like Chad. I'm to get a tattoo in Tokyo tattoo, the kitchen island now that can stand around myself. Then anyone can feel free to clean it. When they meet some busy work to do during Z. I'm like are you going to get one of their matches with Chris? She's like who's Chris. What your math name? They're like, how dare you? And she also ruined cynthia's chance to say hashtag he'll. With you know, that's going to be that damn tattoo. Yeah. No gonna be chill. Yeah. It's going to be hashtag Chile could be so annoying. Yes. And then the Porsche start showing up her she's like at one at Banus. And so she shows up her tattoo. She's like it's crass a high end dollar sign which has like, yes. Emoji neck. Yes. I just love it. It's Jesus loves money. Like come on. And then candies like now. Think Porsche Williams is full, but you ain't no fool considered that man's name on the back of our air. She's smart. So I love how excited they are about really everything because they get to the hotel check in and everything and the the hotel people lead them to where they'll be eating and they have like pull away wall. And as they're pulling the wall away, Porsche agus come on. Loved it. Yes. Wow. Yes. I'm looking up air police in Japan began. I'm sorry. Air policeman Tokyo because. They walked in to the hotel and some goes that fresh air fresh Tokyo aware with cracking up his building nice pretty huge city. I don't think I've ever heard anybody say, wow. That fresh layer into Chio the Pollution's been tidied up. So. It's like this pollution-sparked joy. It did not very good part. Metalized? I've got a box at the container store and I put the pollution in there. So there is pollution is just been organized. Green cloud is. I folded the green cloud, and I put it vertically in my drawer. Yeah. Easily stackable in. I think that's pollution. We all get behind, by the way. We're getting the Netflix, which we just talked about on our boomers. Yeah. We always talk about temptation island. Yeah. I think litter would be much more acceptable. If we littered in an organized way trash cans, the trash and actually yeah. What actually throwing out trash is really tidying up, isn't it? Yes, literally organizing now we have three colors of trash cans K. But we're literally organizing our trash that midler. Finally, someone gets it. The freeway called us. Thank you, finally condo. I've been doing this all my life. So they go into this dinner this dinner place Marlow, like take notes at the this is very nice take note for next time. You're hosting. And candy is hang -gree apparently, no amount of food on the airplane. Good Sater because she is handy. And and they have this beautiful. You know, high end menu tasting menu that has like a charcoal salmon Tartari on it. And she's like now Lee. In you experiment. Oh, candy. It's like not even gonna have any of this. And she says if you give me up when you start with charcoal. Tar tar that's a nine hour killing for that single dropping. That's that's an. Going out with Durrell's. That's man. Flu phony. I just kept leash. She's never had sushi. Like, why sushi so weird doesn't seem like charcoal part? That was turning her off. I think she was. But like, no. 'cause she literally said they're like, oh, yeah. Tadaaki she goes that is that cooked or raw and even now moats and means like growth, they're all grossed out by. I know I'm like candy your restaurant on our this is a bad luck with it even say, she's like excuse me. But this is oh, she said it in the later sushi scene whether eating see she like you guys. This is my Lanta. She okay, that's called fried fish sticks or some colleges like that's called a basket of fried catfish and Scindia's like for the first time candy doesn't seem that excited about eating out about that nine over there. It does my tattoo, and then we'll just wanna fuck mail though. Don like. A great asset who's gonna lead us. She's little straw. Oh my God. Is it going to be Marie con Condor herself like Mari? Condor is going to be like condo. What's her name? Condor, Condor, whatever. I mean, I thought it was going to be like the frigging prime minister at that point. She was like who is going to be like, Wednesday, Fonteyn or girls. Like I was getting so excited. It's it's. And it was like perfectly demure lady comes out like high like like she's like a just like high high. Oh love like who this like who is this who is this? I liked the Tanya says, well, I had to get somebody to help us because either sold us how she got arrested over a cultural misunderstanding and even got arrested there with a bunch of other models because they thought they were prostitutes. Yeah. Futile. You gotta be careful with those cultural misunderstandings. You wouldn't wanna go someplace it says high end clothing, only, and then you bring your swag teak. Outfit. Right. Right, right. Let's think of this is more of a high fashion point. Hi is in high Bochy. She's like their customs to tackle so forces like. Stripper over. So they're all applauding and she's like, I'm going to be your guys. And look the most important thing is be punctual if you're late. I would think you underestimate me and me is like oh Honey being late is disrespectful. That is disrespectful. Yeah. She tells us these girls are known. Late nurse. Then we. Extended montage of the women being laid over the years, including that time, they all went to see ni in Los Angeles, which I can't believe already six years ago, and she scolded them in her driveway and sent them back because there were so late, and she was saying, you know, she was just like really being the thority on why you should never ever be laid. And I was like, okay. Okay. We'll see this works out. And then you had like five clips of people being late for Niimi events. Yeah. That was really a funny thing to happen the Kaman. Yeah. So either then is starts like apologizing doing this like apology speech for not inviting any or any of them to Miami. But especially needs just wanted to make it up to everyone. And she wants everyone to get something off their chest. If they have anything that's on their chest. And she'll just start. Why not she'll just start Porsche? Why did you call me? Shady. Yeah. And she's like, but how could you do that? You put me on blast for everyone. It's a character. Sesame CIN Porsches. Fancy nation. I don't feel that the. Oh, and you know. Yeah. Who? It was. Eva is pretty much trouble with everybody for doing this. You know? And like, look you talked you literally talked about Shamir like a dog. And then when you see her you're like, I'll make some food for years and even goes, oh, so I'm supposed to yell. It a pregnant woman is that what I'm supposed to do since like, I think which means is. There are countertops. And their lands. You can't use. But you're supposed to use the island because it's bigger, and that's what you're supposed to use. It's like you're using a brace of scrub on a beautiful kitchen island. That's what it's like not the end of the world. But also like why would you do that? And then Marla goes. Yeah. Well, that scares me because it makes me think you speak on my back, and it'd be nice to me, and you're gonna you're gonna talk about me like a cat cat. Cynthia who's like the translator for everybody to us. That means less than a dog. I was like excuse me, Cynthia. That's not what that means in my world. It's high praise Motte world. And even like nobody said I talked about like a dog. She's like, no cats. Okay. W Sunday talked about you like a cat. No, no, okay. We're just going to farm sounds now Marlo or orange orange. It's gonna cat. Okay. Marlow? She has like one of those things we pull the cord in different animal comes out. It's time for commercial. It's time for crap in commerce show. So mar port Marcia, Marcia coarser takes Meany out of the room with her. Like United gonna talk about something nothing to do with AB base. So the go out out of the restaurant. Okay. I asked her I said, how do I say, I pray, man. The cutest waitress ever, by the way, she's like. Mentioned chew. She was so cute and scared at the same time and confused. Yeah. She's like a Jew. Jews. Two. I had an announcement. Ladies Choo Choo train. So I wanna take that gone. I'm like, you just got a lecture about like respecting the culture, and you're pulling gong off the restaurant wall. So she in knee walking back with the ladies with the gong and Boras like now can Elaine mean chain. They're like, okay. It means. And then everyone liked Nina's banging on the gong probably driving the sound mixer nuts. I'm a mimi's not the person to hand the gong to. She's like gone on all on. Okay. Yeah. It was also her audition for a reboot of the gong show. Yeah. It's also heard going out on stage for the gong show on. So everyone's excited, and then Porsches like, so I thought in acting a little crazy. It's. Amens? They're like ri-, right, right? How long have you been pregnant for how many years now? Cynthia's like see? She can't hide it at this point. 'cause she's puppet front Amtrak at this. It's true. I mean is the good you're blunt back there? It's crazy. She's has twins in her. But yeah. So then the next morning, and we see candy, and she has like a Japanese iron, and like she's just trying to figure out how to open it and use it and understand it. And I just like watch an hour of Andy of candy fiddling with an iron now. Try to turn it. Ooh. Just Lloyd turns into a robot. I like when she finally figured it out, and like crashes up she goes. Are selling biz too. You know? Oh, so let's see Eva announces all the rooms of the same. So no one can find she's got sweets. Okay. And Marlow do. Us like. Aware carry me, and she jumps on IGA. They're like the cats your back. So funny. So let's see here Porsche calls Dennis. But he doesn't answer warning. Yeah. When the hotdogs away the bun will play. Hope you're relegating your time off Dennis. I hope he mustered the strength to call your baby, mama back collar back. It's getting a little chilly in here. Don't you want to catch up on everything that's happening in Japan? Listen, if you're going to cut the mustard is my fiance. So candy and Eva are still low level unexcited on rally. Like, okay, I'll do up on you. I'm officially done with hot dog. Fine. I'll resentfully another pun there. See everyone as yeah. The sausage is made. So even comes over and she saw Bing because her she spent her grandfather had a heart attack now is on life support. Which is so sad. And candy is candy. John. John. I can't he's like do. You want me to iron you. And can't be gives her some words of advice. Candy Lahser brother when she was really young. And she's like, yeah. I've stopped crying when people died after that. Because I realized that it's just time for them to go and even like, thanks take your champagne. Yeah. I I mean, I thought they were gonna bring up AJ. Remember candy had a boyfriend her first season on the show. And then after that season was over he died, he gone to fight in a parking lot and died in that in that fight. And they talked about it on the show, and she was crying for that. I'm not trying to be like, hi, you did cry out someone died, but I'm just maybe think about that. I was like man that was so long ago. But we would children, I know. So anyway, can't consoling her and it's really sad. And we all feel bad. Very no one wants to get that sort of information. So it's sad. It's a sad time. No kidding. It's like we got a break from cancer this week. And then this happens come on show. I think he's like, well, it makes you feel any better. You want to hear something? That's funny. I haven't brushed my teeth. He was like, okay. You were the wrong, I'm taking booze. And then we see like candies. Japanese toothbrushes like a diamond shape robot. It's like I opened up your brush them. Can't intact Japanese technology for the last ever end. So let's see here mext. They start going to van. Okay. Now, it's I is time to stress out. So it starts up. Well, ten AM and like like a good handful women come down like oh, wow. Look at this. It's like we have time is obviously there eve as their we got like we had like what candy was there. You know? It was there. I mean, Porsche ten minutes early. Yeah. There was like oxide. Wow. I I worked magic on them. They are listening. They are listening and then no no more like thirty minutes late thirty five minutes late forty five minutes late. They mean, he comes out with like like a last hair. I'm like. Will you be aiding a hobbits on his journey this afternoon evening? So Chamari Mike Schmidt. A your new you don't you? You're not allowed to be this late. And you haven't said anything for the whole episode. Why are you why are you so late wire so late, and then can't be of course, she's like I had to stop at a Chick-fil-A. Actually, I read that on the Facebook. Facebook threatening was cracking up when they were talking about how people are late and some with a member that time candy was three hours late because she went to chick fillet. Probably about that. So thank you Facebook. Yeah. So yes, they all arrive like very late. And and basically they are tomorrow doesn't show up to eleven forty seven tomorrow is the last one they're all waiting for her. I'm like girl, you can get fired from the show. You get your. That. Yeah. Exactly. So so they're all talking about what should he day? They're having his knee was gotten a fight with Greg because whenever they take off or fly somewhere. They always call the other one say by and she's like, I couldn't reach him. But then he said I'm over here doing shit for you tonight, which is kinda true. And I'm sure that she could reach him at me. I mean, it sounds a little bit too much stock in Patrick's fight lassie's on Venda paroles. I'm like this is bad of Nina's following the tips of Stotts Schroder. Yeah. But that's like a cute couple five to have when you're like when you've been together forever. Like, you didn't call me goodbye from the plane. Yeah. It is kind of cute. So I am meanwhile, sitting there in her seat light just trying to do relaxation exercises. She is like she's doing this like big fake smile. And she is so furious. Like, you just know she's going to bitch about these in with her friends, very politely later on you know, lightly, but make sure that's compartment license to a different part of the day. She's going to open up a little package, and then like show her friends rage and ask them to all touch it. Does this does my rage? Bring joy in like. Yes. Like me too. Let's always remember this. So Marlowe comes on. And she's mad at everybody came in while Mimi talking about her husband with cancer, and even talking about her grandfather who's on life support and nude even call me ask you a rubber band or Yoda rent means like you want a rubber band. There's a front desk. Like, I like how defenseless are you hotel? Okay. Just call the front desk. Go down to give shop. I'm sure there's like like a Japanese EVS across the way adorable DOD with the Hello kitty on it. She's like people are dying, and you have loose hair. So. Raw is like, okay. I just wanted to say again that it's very important to be on time. Please be respectful of other is immoral just rolls her eyes. Like, we're going to your timing. Via. Not now not now. So then we cut to commercial and the best thing ever happens. This commercial for Mexican dynasties comes on. I didn't see the commercial. I'm excited that is going to be amazing. When does that start March, like worry twenty-sixth, really don't even know him? Amazing. Okay. And you wanna talk about bad accents. Wait. You'll just you. Wait people so excited to open up a new can of accents the the preview ends with a made in a full on maid's uniform, which I love when people are like still using that black and white made uniform from the movie ends with her and a confessional. She goes this family is not normal. And I was like, yes. I'm excited. I'm excited. Okay. I'm we need to show that we need something to to galvanize do, and we also just need just for us. It's like so fun to have a new show. Yeah. Like new good show. Hopefully, yeah, looks like it's going to be pretty good. So. So they so now the women are going to this temple, and is like I told him on the bus where we're going to be a sacred place. So please try to be quiet because it's we need to be quiet tourists. And so they have the bus. Napa. On his guy. I'm so excited. We're here, but we're supposed to be immured to orient a temple. We're going to be an inside botchy not an outside about you. Right now. You know what I'm saying? So then they go see the fortune teller, and basically this fortune fortunetellers on Bravo. Have the best record out of any fortune tellers anywhere in the world. I have to say. Automate some truth. Yeah. This one was like an automated fortune thing they had to shake thing and pulls them out and put in thing. And I I didn't really understand the process, I trusted it. But I didn't understand it has a number on it. And then you read what number you are off the fortune teller menu or whatever. Yeah. So then they all get their fortunes, and it was kind of funny because the producers presented the fortunes like it was the end of the season. And it was like Eva now walks around her house, you know. So so Porsches was like land spring comes willows are in bud. Just like flowers. Bloom landbranch is something happy will come. You will poop hat back that will cry. Mommy one day. She was like, oh my. Let's go out to the movies. Let's go to the me us. Let's movies in hammer seldom fun. Okay. Back in summer. Oh my God. Of course, it's like these sticks knew who was coming. You know candies is like, your Sexton jn will be prosperous. Your skill will be developed and don't people in the capital in a sling. Don, Juan is not to be trusted, that's oddly specific. And then what was tenuous? I don't even remember it was there were like there was something like a burst of many of them very quickly. And so there was something that I didn't even. Attention to marriage and employment are good because Marla was pulse. Going to barrier seats as marriage and employment or good, and well, what if you wanna marry somebody else? Yeah. So which I thought was like I thought I didn't think there was anything to that. I was like not really attention evening town do that either. And it was ready to jump on Niimi. But she was making a joke like. Yeah. Marriage and employment or good you can marry anybody. It doesn't say him not being mean. Yeah. And then gets one says the request will be granted the patient will get well building new house in removal are both fine marriage marriage employment or while I think that was whatever it was. It was a certain point at did feel a little bit like like like some sort of like automatic fortune generator was like marriage and blossom do will future. Happiness prosperity. I was like, okay. So they they go, and they even still very touched because. Because you know, it's like crates, but she got a fortune about a patient getting better on the same day that got news my grandfather's they go into the temple. And they all you know, they they they get prayers. It's like, very nice. There's like this weird like every time one of them give a prayer. They would like cut the stock footage of clouds in the sky. It was like a Claritin commercials like trying to burst through the scene, which I think is supposed to be spiritual. It is spiritual. I felt fond memories of Joan London and balloons Claritin. Yeah, Joan Lunden which leads me to out Rooker when he was still fat. How my God piece. You know him yet. I think I discussed Joan Lunden zehr. These days is crazy. I think I discussed that last week that I have to reiterate except seen that commercial few more times Joan London, please don't get it together. Police coat please see see professional right now. This is this is out of control. You cannot be appearing on camera with that crazy hair. Like, you cannot be doing this Joan London. Okay. You need to have a waspy little Bob like the lady who. Used to be on the town. All commercials. Okay. Yeah. Give more Tylenol London. So now, they go like after the temple they go to like a sushi restaurant, and they're they're they're just like talking. And this is what you've is like, okay. I'm your want real sushi is like not like cat fried catfish in a basket. So can't be so mad that they're there. She is. So mad is hilarious of Samara goes do you guys have a deep fryer? Yeah. She's she really wants it to like inspire her to write her neck song briar so tanya's making small talk with Porsche. And she's like. Yeah. You know, if you if Denison needs any advice on readings he should talk to Paul because Paul did a great job grades imports. You know, we were having a great time. And I said so Paul are you guys married and pasta? Yeah. Since he's like soup. Are you married married fielder? Are you married to you not married and trying these like do we have a legal piece of paper? No. This is this another fake marriage. Why didn't happen and win does happen before? It's like the scandal. We'd never knew we needed, and we actually still don't. It's like a scandal. Just like has lead troops in like came around on the conveyor belt, and we're like no you can keep going. It's just like oh, typically, married. No. Are we legally married? No. Are we spiritually married? No. Do we have a botchy grill? Yes. And story. That was exciting. Unfortunately, I think that this secretly married like, okay. Like the secret again. It's like, okay. Like like things that we have very little personal investment in his weather. Not time yet is equally married to God. We saw once on the show cares. And if they are she's smart for getting married in the wedding to have a big wedding. You know, yes can still have a big wedding. So she's like we Paul as my partner to the end until we run out of gas botchy room, naturally, then I just have to leave him and the Niimi said well tread lightly to the end. Meaning I think in her own. She was putting I took it as needy putting her own situation saying trust me towards the. I'm it gets really hard. I didn't even really I even really know what she was saying just saying like, Greg like tread lightly to the end because Jesus that's, you know, don't make that promise or like making kind of joke. You know? Yeah. And then he gets mad. It's like what does that mean? Because you said at the temple maybe I should marry somebody else. I mean, what are you saying? Your act like you're my friend. And then he sees nasty things. It's just a rude. It's rude. And he's like, no. But instead of just defusing it and saying lick I'm making jokes about myself. I if I've offended you and another way and you're getting two I'm sorry. But I wasn't being mean to you. You know? Yeah. But she's not she, and she does the typical ni where she's she gets offended that somebody is offended, and she starts just getting rude. Yeah. But then tanya's like not clear what she's really mad about. She's like anybody to joke spiritual temple like you were filming a reality show in a spiritual temple. So really who's who's really committed the worst defense here. Yeah. I mean, I don't even care if you get married or not do I want you to be happy. And I thought she was going to say, yes. Of course, you're my friend. She goes, I don't care. She's like bitch eyebrow. You onto the show. Don't turn on me 'Second time. Okay. You're not gonna get a moment from me at this. Sushi. Restaurant already got I am at me. And for some reason, I feel really invested in that. And he's like I've been married. A long time. Don't tell me. I'm not serious about marriage was like didn't you get your husband before it wasn't your husband married, divorced for awhile, and you have a whole wedding special like three or four years ago? So funny. I love to memory. Yeah. So they're fighting they're having random sushi bar fight. And then almost juvie continued. We what are you really? Are. We hanging cliffhanger on how the knee the Niimi Donya fight comes out. The most low level to be considered. We've ever seen on this show. It is. But I think that they're going to really make it worth it. Because the clips from next week our Dini just losing her shit. And I think she's going to stab us out. And also I'm so excited for next week. Because it's the revenge of IRA is like you were late one day. But no, you're not gonna be laid a second day 'cause they apparently they leave knee behind because she's late and I'm like, oh, see I'm I want. I joined the show I want make her the news can new cast member because I just wanna see her getting mad at people being laid all season long. Yes. Like kind of an interesting to reet. Like to read that lives within her means. I love punctuality storylines. They really they really speak to me. Well, we're perfectly on time to end this episode, which is really are. They ask so much for being here. Everybody we will be back tomorrow. TV party up streaming live our pump rules recap. And it will also be available on audio for everybody. And as a crappy video on demand. Everyone patriot. If you wanna watch some of our recaps instead of listen to them three you'll find them also go get tickets for our live says second show Cincinnati second show in Dallas. We're all supposed to Hoover just for that. Go get George tickets. Hey to more shows to more cities are going to be announced. Mom yana. So stay tuned for that. We love you guys.

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