Howard Beck on Conference Finals Action and TV Essay


The low post is brought to you by goodyear helping you discover the road ahead goodyear more driven. And now the. Has Slocum to the low post podcast on Monday afternoon after a thrilling game two between the nuggets and the Lakers of a slightly less thrilling. But still interesting game three between the Celtics. And Heat were thanked the basketball God's who you're. GonNa have a series in the Eastern Conference finals in now without any further ado, it is time to say the three most anticipated words in the history of Mitch Basketball podcasting. What back? Zach. bleacher reports Asterix now Howard Beck. Welcomes Zillow Post. I. Hope you're doing well. We will talk about your. Wonderful video essay that you did for TNT Social Justice that aired last night where you look frankly like a movie star, the message is what's important that we all agree any reasonable thinking person agrees with that but I just was like. What should I get? Howard's autograph. I don't know I don't know if I can look at you the same way anyway there was like how many cameras were. There's a you're sick camera angles, the profile, the beard did you get a touch up on the beard? I was like I'm a little uncomfortable with all of this I was a little. More than a little uncomfortable I was I was advocating for more be role. Can we get more bureau? Could we show other other than me? But it was kind of a personal message and so they decided they opted I had no idea Zach trust me trust me on this. Two weeks ago when we shot this in an odd little basement beneath an old church in Bushwick. Brooklyn. I had no idea despite the number of cameras in the room that there was going to be that much or that many angles of my very angular face and my. scruffy three days of growth beard. Also. That's more than three days of growth. They'll like why that you can grow that much facial three days was like. A continuous project there were. No makeup artists on site. So that was alarming to me because I need all the help I can get. I it was. Yeah. Look the premise at the time was you'll read all this. We'll record it all but you know we will use a flash to you and you grab the chair. We'll do this. You'll walk in and whatever, and everything else is just going to be footage. Cool. Great. See missed opportunity for you in that you what you should have done was be like can we have an extra hour or I can just record bad ass movie lines just so I can have you feel lucky. That would have been phenomenal. You talking to me like just just just just go into like go. Go through the Mall May. That's why you should have done either that or we should have had like Deniro stand in Azmi. The voice so I needed stunt double I needed somebody who was more presentable on camera. My face was never meant to be that zoomed in on. Hd in the year twenty, twenty, one people have like sixty five inch TV screens. I am frightened at what what people might have been seeing. I have a smaller TV TV's like thirty, seven inches like my TV's like comically small. I am frightened at what people with real size flat screen technologically advanced TV's we're seeing. I Apologize America. Well, I thought it was wonderful talking about it. We'll talk about later let's talk about Lakers. Nuggets. Where once again. Gets rallied what they do felt like they were out of the game in spoiler they were not Nicoli. Okay. Got Aggressive. And continued his ascension into the ranks of. Some of the greatest clutch scores in recent history period not for big man not for a center not for whatever period he's now ten fifteen in the last five minutes of close games. In the playoffs and I've read off his stats last week on the podcasts spend like fifty percent crunch time shooter. The last two years is plus MIDAS is ridiculous and then. And then Mason. Plumbly. Jeremy. Grant something happened out of what happened. Something happened some three stooges keystone cops level miscommunication Anthony Davis to suddenly open anthony. Davis is now twelve thirty on threes in the playoffs three of seven against Denver in he hits the defining shots. So far of his career, an absolute Gut Punch for the nuggets who now have to face the prospect of coming down from two of which seems like nothing to Oh for the nuggets like we just barely getting started, but it's just really really hard. I mean, this is Lebron James. He could sniff it. Could smell it. It is really hard to see a Lebron James Team losing four out of five of the playoffs in any circumstances that don't involve them playing the Kevin Durant warriors with Jr. Smith. Doing crazy things or something it just doesn't seem feasible. What is your What is your emotional temperature take on this series after two games The number of times that from Mike this is like the weird thing about watching these things from home instead of being in arenas this is the first playoffs. I'll have not covered since nineteen, ninety seven. When I first started covering this league. I find myself like. Outwardly yelping more often because because I don't have to put myself the way I do on press row. So I'm sitting on my couch, the number of times in the last couple of minutes last night was. WHO That ridiculous KCPT shot from the corner that he just kinda heaved with the clock running down. Anthony, Davis has shop for sure Yokich is shot Joe tip in of the drama. Able Yokich is such A. I don't even how he's just like it's just silliness over the things. He does are just silly even his shop with twenty seconds left. He has to shoot it up because he can barely jump and it's it's just so soft though he had it's like the one against Utah Game Seven. It's awkward is yes to shooting leaning back and going and it just he just goes like it doesn't touch the religious go just tickles the twine as they say. but what a fun final few minutes not fun for the nuggets and their fans. But that was just a really exciting fun and weird. Game Two of a series and. Look at this very easily could be one one right now, and maybe we have a different discussion today I don't know what the status on the brain teams up to Oh I have to believe that he's never lost up to. That I look I can tell you that it's whatever it is. It's going to be good. He certainly never know it's it's good. I don't know. Yeah somebody out there hasn't no correct me. If I'm wrong I can't imagine having lost a series of being up to. Anthony Davis. So that was. It was. So the shot itself was fantastic obviously the blown coverage which you alluded to by Plumlee. Maybe we'll find out today what exactly was going through his head. I haven't seen any quotes from him about that That was only t- The Twenty Fifth Playoff game of Anthony Davis is career Anthony Davis has been is legal longtime. Now, that was the twentieth playoff game of his career. This is his first conference finals. It's only his sixth playoff series and that's how long it took to have a defining. Moment. Which tells you something about where he's been in something about what it means to be playing alongside Lebron James. But That wasn't fantastic shot and twenty before that. And the fact that too like. Yoga there was that was a nice shot. You'll get shoot over him when he posted them up for the go ahead, basket a couple minutes before that that Anthony Davis I think people saw these doubts about him. About how he's made up about whether he has that that kind of fortitude him big situations and everything, and it's because there hasn't been much of a track record in. So to to see him kind of go blow for blow with Yokich and then hit that big shot at the end. Yell Kobe. which was cool. That's a fantastic moment in the only thing missing of course, is that that should have been a staple center where there would have been like getting credible explosion of everything from the crowd and. The scene and the whole feeling after it would have been different. It's fun with the bubble where the entire team like it's like some, you know little small school. Division three high school game whatever the divisions are high schools I don't even know and they're all running out to to you know grab him on the court in and. Like that though scenes are fun because they feel so organic without the crowd around. But yeah, years from now we're still GONNA be watching some of these highlights and saying like it just looks and feels weird. This actually funny. You say that because this is the first. Time. In the playoffs. The conference. Finals. where I feel like now watching from afar I'm not in Orlando. It's lacking a little bit of juice like I think because the first couple of rounds like there's just so many games they come fast and furious. There's two games night, three games a day you're just trying to get through the Games. Now it's like conference finals. This is an event. The teams have the stage to themselves every night Max one game none tonight. This is when it starts to feel in the playoffs like you feel the magnitude of it, the atmosphere starts to become a thing. The number of media at a game increases not to a finals level, but to a pretty heavy level. So this is the first time that I have felt a sensation of like okay. Now it's weird that this is the conference finals like now this feels at now I feel even more just off the unusual I didn't feel that the first couple house because the bubble looks great. It sounds great. It looks like basketball sounds like basketball. This is the first time like. It's cool. Awesome. Last night's game was unbelievable. Heat Celtics has just been a war game four that series is going to be a ridiculous war but it just felt like. Kinda. Doesn't feel like the conference finals. I've had that feeling come and go when the when the when the bubble I started. I thought it's GonNa, take some getting used to, and then we had all those amazing shots during the seating games in the early rounds and Lucas doing things in Damian's Daimler doing awesome things and it. You. You still feel the the gravity of those shots and the drama of them. But there's something missing and and I yeah last night we felt it and that's not why all along like to me the true test for all of us as viewers is going to be the finals will still feel like the finals. And the answer is going to be no it's not gonna be like the finals it. It's GonNa. It's GonNa feel weird. But that's not the same. Let's be clear about an asterisk. No. In fact I think you know I wrote this in May and a lot of people thought it was way too optimistic because in May people were ready to denounce the League for even trying this and I understood why obviously? It's a it's fraught. The whole thing is fraught ethically medically I get it, and that's why constantly said if the any player who doesn't want to go and coach don't WanNa who doesn't want to go like that's their right they should take it. It's a scary thing and we don't know what's going to happen. But I wrote if this thing breaks, right If they can keep the virus out if there is no outbreak on a team, if there is no superstar that for some reason gets waylaid for the wrong two weeks or two superstars. I do think winning this title Could Happen Asterix Asterix could be good. I called it a badge of honor a marker of perseverance in so far knock on every piece of wood insight like I think that's how this championship is GonNa be remembered and that's why I got so annoyed last week and we did a segment up about this. You could like Pablo Tori asked me on ESPN daily. Are you starting to hear that? Well, the Brandon have faced box didn't have to face the clippers. You know are people going to try to say that he didn't decision? This is cal for as much like absolutely not like this this. Whoever wins this Denver Los Angeles Boston by Liberal Wins It. It's it's I think. Would pending if the world is just destroyed the next ten years, we're not gonNA look back at anything if the world is on fire and everything is terrible, we're not going to look back at anything but. I. If the world is somewhat normal in two, three, four years I do think we'll look back at this and say. That Championship. Means something different in a way that is is worth remembering and remarking upon I, think I said something along these lines a couple months ago when they were getting ready to do this when the Astros question was coming up all the time in early July said. It actually is going to depend somewhat on the outcome that if we get a finals of like. Thunder versus Pacers no disrespect either team some it's going to. Act on it you make disrespect. Disrespecting everybody if we if we ended up with Thunder Pacers in the finals, it's going to mean something went terribly wrong right? Like there's the there's scenarios. Or would it have been to against door becomes thirty points per game score locking down everybody in sight maybe it would've that. Howard Beck. This this will always be the door bubble. But that is long as I probably said it this way I said as long as one of the usual one of the the the expected teams, one of the favorites wins and at the time that was bucks. Clippers Lakers, two of the three of which are gone that will feel like it was legit. It will feel normal it will depend to extent of WHO's there. Now that said we're at the final four. Miami and Boston were both teams that you could have could have foreseen making a run. As one who is always in you can now call me a hater, an anti Milwaukee Hater as one who was always saying I didn't completely by into the bucks dominance based on the record alone always thought they were vulnerable I. Don't think it means that much that they're out I don't think that puts a dent in any of this doesn't it doesn't it doesn't. It doesn't an clippers the clippers that are really choppy season. I'm still a bit stunned that they collapsed as badly as they did, and I still believe that the clippers on talent alone listen on paper doesn't win anything that we know this and the clippers just proved again but the Lakers were always a legit title team. And if they somehow were to lose to the nuggets, the nuggets were. Team all year top three team like these are there are no outliers there are GonNa, the Doug It. Have earned respect obscene. They're they're boxed inbounds play from being one at all the talk right now being about the nuggets and how resilient they are again and how they're right in this with the Lakers. Okay. That's the march, and now they got blown out in game one. So the Lakers in the aggregate have pretty much handled the series Boston with Hayward back is legit. That's legit team. That's really really good team. MIAMI. MIAMI. is in different team than they were when the normal season ended nineteen years ago Dave reinvented their starting lineup. They integrated a couple of critical pieces. They are a different team there are better thought they'd be but there are different team all of these teams are real. Shell knows that between every tee up layup and batter up that you can't wait to catch up with your favorite podcasts. So come to shell get three things done at once I fill up with shows V power NITRO, plus to help keep your engine running like new then save up with the fuel rewards program and never ever pay full price for gas again, and finally snack up with in store rewards to save even more at the pump. Okay. Time to wrap it up, make the most of the stop you need to make with Shell engines they continue Shell v Power Natural Plus Premium Gasoline C. full terms and conditions at fuelrewards dot com. Let's get back to Anthony Davis lasted for two summers ago when the Anthony Davis trade speculation was starting to bubble may was not even just started the it was overflowing. The Pot was overflowing the bubbles or boy all over the kitchen I wrote that any Anthony Davis trade has a chance to be or maybe I don't remember exactly I might have argued that it will be the most important trait in the NBA since Kareem Abdul Jabaar traded to the Lakers and that means traits. So No free agency signings I didn't count those no sign and Trades I didn't count those. Just in terms of twenty, six years old. What this guy can do on both ends of the floor and the prospect of whoever gets him. Assuming you can resign him which I think is a safe bet for the Lakers. Yes. You are getting this player from age twenty six till TB you're not getting player from thirty to thirty eight or whatever. You're getting the best years of this guy's career and I think so far what we're seeing is that that's been proven to be true in Anthony Davis. Or. Maybe not that that's been proven to be somewhat true anthony. Davis in the playoffs has been ridiculous and if you WANNA stat. That sums up how good he's been. In the playoffs so far the Lakers with Lebron the bench are only minus for that doesn't sound great but the Lakers have spent the last two years and even this year getting absolutely bawled when ever Lebron rests their minus twenty eight with Anthony Davis on the bench. So they're non Lebron lineups performing better than their non Davis lineups well, I think his defense. In the last two series has been outstanding a totally different way than what we know when that toyed way. But in in Houston he was a rover, he was everywhere he was like totally just flying over the court rotating to everyone running shooters off the line and then running back to protect the rim than running another shoot up here he's alternating between two or two or three different types of defense depending on the game, and he's been just wrecking stuff all over the floor and offensively, it's not just the three point shooting at the Buzzer. It's not just a twelve thirty three. He's cooking Yokich in the post one point two three. Points proposed up Anthony. Davis far the series that's a monster number. Yokich can't keep up with this face of game. He's doing just everything at a super high level and. When this trait happened. There was a tendency in the media myself included to sort of marvel at everything to Orleans got right New Orleans got everything. You've got all the picks got all swaps. They got the right. The right to defer a Lakers pick. If they thought, they would be worse the next year like that's incredibly unusual but even in writing all that at the time. It I wrote it really may be all that matters. Is that the Lakers got Anthony Davis because this player for the next five or ten years is worth whatever you gave up for one year. If disaster happens any leaves your now it's complete catastrophe but for five or ten years, he's that good. He's the backstop in the Bronx. Also, you don't have a Brooklyn Nets situation where traded everything and you stink because he did it was good and this playoffs has paid it off. He has been unbelievable in the playoffs I wrote at the time as long as I'm pissing off every fan base in the same podcast, I wrote the time that the Lakers won the trade but lost the negotiation. One the trade because they got the best player you get Anthony Davis. You won the trait that's easy. It doesn't mean that you negotiated well and they didn't they gave up way more than they should have had to give him. The Davis, demanded a trade had all the leverage in the world and only wanted to go to one team the Lakers. But yeah, nobody will give a crap if they win the championship if they win more beyond this and. One of the amazing things to just looking at this postseason. Runs Zach. Lebron. Is Down to sixteen point eight field goal attempts per game in this playoff run, which would be if it holds up the lowest of his career and we always wondering like when is that shift GonNa come and the no-no Lebron still drives US thing. There's a reason. Lebron was even a distant number two number two in the MVP race in a d certainly got a lot of ballots but we all understand that as much as he needed Anthony Davis and Lebron is the engine and everything else of this team. But. Anthony Davis averaging twenty two field goal attempts in the two games so far in this series Lebron fifteen and a half, he doesn't have to heavy lift and we've always wondered if and when the shift would come. Like the brought. When we talk about like as Lebron's window closing we it's because Lebron has number-one option Lebron thirty six in December. But if if this is what we're starting to see is is this inversion. where he is still the ultimate playmaker, he is still the one who drives the offense. He drives the pace of the game. He puts everybody in the right places. He plays defense he does everything else that he does. But if the scoring load is shifted that much more toward Anthony Davis than yes. Then you extend your your championship window potentially for years because he doesn't have to do as much heavy lifting while I think zooming even further out than Anthony Davis. Trade, I think the other big story of this season. For the Lakers? Has Been. Anthony Davis was arrival Frank Vogel's arrival. I think all of that. The brand is smarter than all of us combined about basketball I. Think you looked at his team in his coach and said, we have a chance to be really good on defense this year I'm buying in from one I'm not saving myself from the playoffs now that doesn't mean I'm guarding the number one option every night because I'm thirty five years old on third all time in minutes I'm too old for that. But I'm buying in every night I'm going to be a monster wrote around the floor. He scares there were a couple of threes last night. Jerry grant got the ball open because Lebron was helping him and one pitcher pat of it's not a pitcher pat one thump thump of Lebron's footsteps at Jerry ran was like holy dump passing the ball like I, want I want no part of even shooting three with this guy coming happy and he's been doing that all year he did not do that in Cleveland he did not by indefensibly in Cleveland two point in the fourth runs in Cleveland. And the look when I was doing defensive player of the year and all defense stuff you know one of the things I do is I is I asked tons of people for their opinions, players, coaches, GM's etc I also as analytics guys around the league what is your secret stuff? Tell me about who the best forwards are whatever. A few of them came back and said, you know you might surprise you but our. Ranks Lebron is the best defender on the Lakers did not Anthony Davis to be that didn't pass my pass by test because it I've Seen Lebron play defense. He's been amazing I thought Davis was still better but the fact that there was via systems around the league spitting this out I think that's the other big issue or the other big story line is at the Lakers have bought in front. They wanted what Lebron Bison from day one, it's Lebron James Everybody has to buy. There is no tolerance for dispassionate defense from anyone in we have seen the payoff for that in the playoffs they have been outstanding defensively the against good offensive teams. I mean. You're not going to hold them to like bottom five level points per possession, but you're gonNA, hold him to good enough that you can win and they've done that. There was a possession last night. I think it was the fourth quarter. Maybe I'm not been earlier. Anthony Davis snuffed out to Jamal Murray. Attempts or on Jamal Murray and forced them to go the ball twice in the same possession. Out on the perimeter. Anthony. Davis it was like a little fast fish signed swim around and octopus and the octopus be like Nope I'm over here over here. No, I got eight arms and they're really logging gay bisexual fish. You think you're you're had a great postseason fish you gotta work your Clutch Fish. But you can buy me. Insane shouldn't be possible. Speaks to why Anthony Davis is such a great defender and. You know it's funny. We we forgotten the fact that every Bradley is not there. Every Bradley who was supposed to be one of their key backward defenders and every series I've kind of tried to throw that out there as the clever kind of well is this going to be the series where they Miss Avery Bradley? Well No. Apparently apparently, they're not going to miss every Bradley. No matter what backward facing whether it's the blazers, the rockets Jamal, Murray. I wonder about this too though. So for the last several years here, we've had this like very you know Unicorn Small Forward Driven League, right? It's quite Leonard. It's Kevin Durant. Lebron Lebron's that having to face any of those guys and I wonder if like at least some of this, Lebron whether it's defensively or was just the energy he has for offense like the broad hasn't had to deal with. Some of the big time assignments that he's had in some of the past postseasons because he's not getting Paul George. Kevin Durant obviously not a factor the season. and. Michael Porter Jr., and Jeremy Grant or not exactly guys are going to be testing the at least at the position. Right? Lebron does much more than just guard as position. Well, looming in the next round should the Lakers advanced and I say shook the Lakers advanced I mean it because I am done assuming that the dug out of a series until the final buzzer goes off in Yoga is on the flight back to Serbia for some to bobby. Is Jimmy Butler and her good in. US It's IT'S A it's it's heaven. It's Jimmy Butler Jason. TATUM and Lebron figures to get some time on both of those guys. One of those guys if. If the Lakers events. Yes and none of us are going to sleep on the nuggets ever ever ever ever again. I tell you if you don't Wanna get called out by Jamal Murray, you don't want it to happen to you. Know certainly not by the way, one of the things about the nuggets that I think is a lot of fun and. Just. On the Yokich side of it major mammaries had a phenomenal kind of coming out party and his postseason how I did a feature on. Yokich. A couple of years ago when they made me. Very. Angry because you got all the good yogurt stories and there was. There was none left for any of us. There was one about him eating ice cream from like a barrel of ice cream that may be Perry. Tim Connolly was phenomenal for that story and Yokich was great. So at that time I remember talking to Mike Malone for like a half hour on one of their off days I was out there for a few days in one of the things about his team like was he was really nice team. It's a really nice bunch of guys. Everybody's about the right things. And they're all they get along well, and they got the right values as players but it was almost like too nice and part of that not just whether they needed some nasty as pop would say but also like Yokich was like this emerging star who was this kind of very sheepish about his stardom, right? Yokich like his English was still coming along at that time. He was you know obviously still a bit of puffier version of Nikola Jokic but he also there was no assertiveness about him. There was this a playmaker but not as a score. and. Now you're seeing them go to town on guys and you're seeing them like go right into eighties body last night in I think me you know I'm sure this has been written somewhere but I feel like it has not gotten enough notice maybe just it's it's been more gradual than that. That Yokich, I just feel like looks like a much more assertive star when we talk about one of the reasons I, think that he he doesn't get enough. RUN FOR FOR MVP or other. You know awards whatever the last couple of years is that he doesn't strike us as the typical Alpha dog wants to tear your heart out. Kind of store the numbers are there the winner there? But there's something else missing that he doesn't fit that archetype rest arrested the but but right now, like look look at the way, he's going that guys and I I feel like that part of it has emerged regular season Yokich averages twenty points game. Playoff. Yokich is averaging twenty six points a game without sacrificing any other parts of his game. I said last week on this podcast. He is the true everyone is compared to. Since he came into the League for obvious reasons to to me yoga choose the true heir Dirk Nowitzki as the greatest crunch time scoring big man of his era guy. You can hurt you from every place on the court has is obviously a much better. Yokich is guy there just hasn't been a guy like this but in terms of big man score that you can give the ball to all over the court in crunch time you makes you pay he's he's the true heir to Dirk. I think were we've talked about Last. Week is in the books. Now it's time to review the tape prepare for this week. There is no better place to get on all the action than with draft kings the leader in one day fantasy sports to add to this week's excitement draftkings as a free shot at millions of dollars total prizes up for grabs. If you haven't tried draftking JEN head to the APP store now because you don't WanNa, Miss this draft your lineup and feel the sweat like never before. On tasks and catch means more with draftkings. It's simple. You Pick your lineup stay under the salary cap is important stand of the. CIT stacks up against the competition nothing at the excitement of watching the game quite like having a shot at millions. Plural of dollars in prizes drafting has paid out billions that's with a B of dollars winner since two, thousand, twelve. So they know a thing or two about cold hard cash download the draft APP now and use Promo Code Low L. O. W. E. my last. Name for a limited time, new users can get a free shot at millions of dollars in prizes. This week don't miss out on the week three action enter code low L. W. to get a free shot at millions of dollars in prizes with your first deposit coat low only draftkings make it rain minimum five dollar deposit required eligibility restrictions apply see draft kings, dot com for details. More, broadly going back to the Lakers in their defense and all this. One of the things that was a little maddening about the Lakers pre corona virus was it was hard to know like when the chips are down what is this team? Is Anthony Davis Center is it's super size lineups with Kuzina at the to what is their identity on the floor and I think you know their rotation right now suggests that they have figured out sort of big complete all different styles in you know they they have this nice set in stone rotation, they started their starters. The Davis Center with Lebron Resting with Lebron back. Then, they go. Lebron comes back in, they go with this Caruso Rondo Kouzmine James Davis Lineup, which is done very well. Then second quarter Anthony Davis takes his rest they keep up day. Stay small put Markeith Morris. At Center, the Caruso Rondo Coosa Lebron Marquee Marcus plus twenty three in thirty seven minutes in the playoffs are second most used lineup I was dead wrong about market more. Site did not think you would give the Lakers anything close to this than Dwight ad have been coming back in this series of it. Sort of TV from their vogel can finish out this last six minutes of the half. You can feel it out though I WANNA go back Anthony Davis Center as he did finishing last night's game when the Lakers were in the mud and they've developed. He's just figured out the roster in how to flow back and forth between styles. In in in I think at the bedrock of all, that is, who is, how are we going to remain a sound defensive team, the entire game and they they have gone from a team where I just didn't know who was going to be on the floor in went to right now they know exactly how they wanNA play every minute of the game at at mapped out. Not, only that and isn't it interesting by the way? What was Vogel Their Third Choice? Well. What was I knew who who else was involved? It's all the money, Williams Money Williams and then. Something like that but it it just it just shows you but one. Vogel probably did not get enough respect for what he did with the Pacers. You know however many years ago. That was. and to that sometimes You know team teams don't. The as as as the twists and turns of the search process go on you don't know what you're falling into what you're missing, what you're ending up with just anyway, I think the Frank Vogel story as this because he's such an understated coach and we don't think of him in that way. It's this has been an interesting emergence for him as well. Quietly the the rotation. Let me think about how many times we wondered over the course of however many months. Can they really rely on Alex Chris Lagasse Resents Fun Stories Nice Good Player Great Underdog. Fun Story the way he looks the way he plays all that like it's all fun. They call them to go blah blah blah. But like deplace serious minutes in a at any, it's we're in the conference finals now, Rondo we all every time Rondo comes back with my gosh are they really going to keep investing this many minutes? In Rondo, in year whatever it's been five years since we last thought he really was was still I thought Rondo was a plus player for them all year I wrote about a couple of. December you did you. Just Rondo. Is a basketball player. He knows how to play and Yeah I get all the reasons why he's unsexy some of the analytics weren't good but like the guy knows how to play in that matters it matters in the playoffs and by the way if the nuggets wanted sure ups, one thing in this series that may actually be under control Rajon, Rondo pick and rolls one point six points per possession in this series don't the Raja Lebron pick and roll destroyed them Rajon Rondo, Anthony Davis picket role they just they need to find a way to get under those picks. They haven't been able to do that he's just picking them apart. So go ahead no, no, he's he's been he's averaging like what? Eighty eight assists a game or something and he's averaging I the desists per thirty six minutes in the playoffs in Shooting Ten of twenty one on threes he's been outstanding. So this is what's amazing about Vogel's rotation and it just about the Lakers general because one of the reasons that some of us I lean clippers hard by the way Laker fans but I did lean clippers like a lot of people did before the season because the clippers had more identifiable plus players and options throughout the rotation and the Lakers, all these guys I think vocals using them perfectly with none of them are I think going outside of their own boundaries that often no one's being stretched either in minutes or role. But. All of them individual. You look at you go. Yeah I guess you could get away with having that guy for this amount of time in this, but you wouldn't want to do too many and you look up down the roster and there were too many guys who you had question marks about and none of those questions are mattering right now I think they're being used perfectly into they closed last night's game with the lineup that I've been waiting for them to use. More in Nets Caruso Casey PEA Green Lebron ad with apologies to coups. My might be their best lineup only played it something like eleven or sixteen minutes or something I think eleven minutes in the playoffs and it's because they haven't needed to play because Rondos been very good. Crews was been very solid and their centers are in this series or contributing, and that speaks to I think again how they're gonNA contributions from lots and lots of people that above above expectation and it comes down to again. I underestimated maybe a little bit the degree to which having Lebron Anthony Davis buying in on both ends of the floor solves almost everything like solves every problem that you have and You know we'll see if the nuggets can get back. In this series. But I'm sorry you wanted to say something else I think. No I think the only other thing that hit me is that we've we've usually seen Lebron teams as being look. They've been all big three's right. It was it was him and weighed in Boston than it was him and Kyri and Kevin, love and this is the first time where we didn't really like the the himself said this right we're not the only ones though. As as dumb outsiders who who wondered, well, who's their third best player who's going to bring it on a night when one of the other guys off a little bit or the just as they need that other that third score and and you know the Clippers Williams and mantras heroism as a one two punch and what are the Lakers have and Lebron himself even said once. We. Was Him if he asked her set that we need Kyle Kuzma to be that guy. And, some nights is so nice. He's not will. Tell you this. He's brought it and I wrote this in the beginning of the bubble. He's brought it on defense the entire bubble if you watch a lot of their possessions last night. The Lakers defense has been beautiful in the playoffs whatever there's a nugget slipping. A little bit to the rim there's always a little flash. Sometimes, it's crews my in from the corner. Sometimes it's Rondo in from the corner, Caruso had a great stunt up to the wing and then back to his guy in the corner and swiped the ball they are covering for each other on a string of it's been really cool. It's been really cool to see and to me I mean. I've I've selfishly want more of this series because I love to watch Yokich and I love to watch the nuggets more specific than that I. Think the most interesting chess match in the series is Murray Yokich pick and roll or Murray Yokich off ball action. The Lakers switching that a lot down the stretch of game, they stay tried to stop switching it because Yokich picking them apart a little bit. I'm just fast but they clearly entered the series saying we are comfortable switching nece or comfortable putting a much smaller human being onto Koga and we're going to double him and work were confident. To some degree that we can rove around the floor and and rotate and reset in and snuff their possessions that chess matches gone back and forth, and we could talk about a little bit but that that is where Anthony Davis has been monstrously effective in the playoffs. So there's a center on the floor, right? If Vaillant white is on the floor that. Ad Guarding Bill Safire Jeremy Grant Yokich starts going to work in the post against the little guy. He can off those guys in just wreck everything, and that's one of the reasons why they've been able to survive to some degree. The degree that they've not just been totally destroyed by Yokich is that he's on the back line. Then rotating out to the corner. Now, things get a little different win eighties at center, and he's the switching on Joel Marine. It's a little harder frame direct stuff but. When they have their big lineups on the floor it's really hard. It's harder for Denver. To get traction to some degree with those place. Which is amazing too 'cause you think Yokich getting switched small switched on a Yokich is it should be deadly and doubling of should be deadly because he's such an incredible passer. To be able to get away with that at all on the Lakers part. Is is is rather remarkable and yes against eighties value and you can see you can see Their Denver is very aware of where Anthony Davis is when Yoka just posting up a smaller guy in that help is coming because what he's on. Uri. So when he's playing center is switched onto Murray, Murray has figured out only two places I either need to be on the other side of the floor so that Anthony Davis cannot do anything to get you just just. Rained terror at the rim or I need to be one pass away where he helps down Yokich can kick it to me and I can shoot a three or a third guys going to rotate to capacity at a big big three's like that one at the end of the third quarter. So it's just it's just an interesting chestnuts to see Denver has the really hard. Clays normally, pretty easy for them. Yokich passing to open shooters, Yokich passing cutters you'll get just picking people apart like a surgeon. He's still doing some of the against against the Lakers but because of the Lakers size and because of how much ground Lebron ad cover on the floor, they've got to think a little bit harder about how do we move the chess pieces around to make it tougher for eighty two just wreck stuff everywhere that's attributed to how good he's been. No doubt what happens if Michael Porter Jr. suddenly emerges in this series is that a possibility? There's a that's a fun wildcard. He's playing a ton of minutes for a rookie who barely played in the regular season up until they got to the bubble and he's had just enough like. Breakout Games that I wonder if he got loose one night with that does for the nuggets what do you have fifteen last night on six nine? So that's that's a decent 'EM PJ game yet. They've gotta get. They can't have Gary Harris I. Think he had one basket last night. They can't have Harris grant at millsaps give them nothing by the way it's a small thing. Jeremy Green had no rebounds last night zero yet four in the first game. If you look at Jeremy Grants rebounding rate in the playoffs, it's like. Like Not Good for a guard like not good for a small point. Guard. And they're getting cooked on the boards here there. But the Lakers both teams are offensive rebounding quite a bit. Look like weaken dissect this series. It's fun at the XS Fun I just can't imagine Lebron being able to see the finish line of the finals losing four out of five to to any team. and. That's no disrespect for the nuggets who have earned our respect and by the way we keep you just mentioned, can mpg be a wildcard. We should keep reminding people will Barton who've restrictions of their seat who for both of their season was their third best player Is Not ear and completely changes everything about the nuggets they're. Absolutely, and another defender to to throw it Lebron and. Another that's more like fresh meat to throw Lebron. But still he's he's a he's an ambulatory six. That's it. I'M GONNA be in front of Lebron. Fair points. do you want to switch gears and talk about the Eastern Conference finals? Oh sure we've still got some time. Yes or do you have any other thoughts and I know the been? You're you're you know you spent a good chunk of your career around the Shack Koby Lakers. We've talked about that a lot. I know that franchise sort of just seeing them succeed. You have a lot of connections there stuff. No Listen I. Just obviously look the when we start going broader assuming that they make the finals assuming that they're on track for their first non Kobe Championship in one thousand years and given all they've been through and Kobe's death and all the weirdness of the season and. About Lebron his first year there was was a WanNa say. But obviously was a massive disappointment and the injury for them to be this close for the possibility of they're going to win it. I. Just think like I it's it's it's remarkable and I know listen to the Lakers near because of the Lakers. That's how you get Anthony Davis and the broad in the first place. But for everything that they've gone through and also just the tumult in that organization in the last several years which we don't need to review. Their on track for what could be a really rather incredible. Offers a vindicating moment or just just just a typical Laker moment where this team is always kind of just seizing the top of the mountain again And and you look the the sentimentality that people might cringe at. It's going to be impossible to avoid and I don't think we should try to avoid it if they can win this in the same year that. Kobe. Parishes a helicopter crash and everything behind it. You don't want to Overdo that and you don't want to You don't want to get happy about it and you don't want to trivialize his death either and start playing on the symbolism too much. But it but it's meaningful. It was meaningful to that team at the time it happened so many people in that in that organization were so deeply deeply affected by it. It has been something that they have talked about as been. You know a a rallying point. An emotional tethering for them. Together. So I I just. If they make it. It's going to be very emotional. I, think for a lot of people and. I've intentionally sort of put that stuff off until the end. That stuff and The brand Jordan stuff. Until. The end because I want to see how this plays out I have enough respect for these other teams, but you're right and. They're playing great though in their half court offense did they've they've largely solved? What was what to be a problem for them is not been a problem in quotes I, mean a, it was a first world problem for them. They're playing well, offensively no matter who's on the floor I would like to see a little bit more when he's at center I feel like with Yokich on the floor, they can get something out of that I wanNA talk about the basketball I'm not ready to. Go the other places yet, but we're almost there two games. The finals last week is in the books. Now it's time to review the tape and prepare for this week. There is no better place to get in on all the action than with draft kings, the leader in one day fantasy sports to add to this week's excitement draftkings as a free shot at millions of dollars in total prizes up for grabs if you haven't tried draftking congestion head to the APP store now because you. Don't WanNa miss this draft your lineup feel the sweat like never before every run past and catch means more with draftkings. 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Boston rallied one game three almost handley and then almost Gallo scary for them at the end because the heat I feel like if every game were sixty minutes long the heat would be undefeated flanking the heat in the nuggets would both be undefeated? Yokich Yoga's at Ironman you can play like sixty minutes a game. But anyway the the Celtics got a little scary toward the end. They figured out some stuff about Miami's zone hayward getting back up was huge for them Jaylen Brown head. You know considering the circumstances, maybe the best game of his career I mean these like you can take all your regular season games. They're great. A must win game three against a really good team that was a monster performance by Jalen Brown. What are you looking forward to as we enter game four, which is not told Wednesday as they have this weird three days off here in which I think is. How did that happen? I think they might guess without having s anyone in the NBA 'cause I don't care that much that they want the West in the east they want the West to catch up to these. Every other day but I think. We can argue about with this benefits who inherits but to me anything that gives hayward a chance to find his legs and recover from playing came out play thirty one minutes he played more than I think he thought he was gonNA play maybe. I think that's big for Boston. Boston is now outscored the heat for the series. They were right there and games wanted to game for. Ice I just love a good game for two one now obviously, if if Boston wins game for its to every game after that becomes enormously important, pivotal pivotal elimination games but I LOVE A to one game for because it's going to define how the rest of the series feels if Miami wins that it feels like a fait accompli that is going to the finals if Boston wins at its best of three so much feels at stake in a game four like this Boston played game three with like our season on the line urgency. I think gave at Miami thought very hard I. Don't think Miami played any less hard than Boston there is a difference when you're season is literally on the line I think game four is going to be an absolute war I can't wait to watch what are you looking for? Well by the way and quick aside because this is something that we haven't. We haven't said the words homer away this entire podcast and nor nor should we necessarily but I want to take a step back to note because one of the reasons that you love a game five is that it's is pivotal game where every every both teams have had their two home games in of it's tied game five is often determinative of the series and a lot of that has to do with. The home away rhythms of normal series and like right now like Denver doesn't have that comfort of stupid cliche of well, they just held serve, which is, of course, the cliche that most and we're going home and we have the comforts of home. No you you didn't have any discomfort necessarily, but you have no comfort either so nobody gets the emotional crutch. Or. Boost of of the home crowd or of saying well all right. Let's put that behind us. We're changing scenery were changing. Venues will be sleeping her own beds like none of like none of that comes into play eventually someday while we will not be fixing asterisks I think we will at least. Be. Curious about how some of these pivotal games these moments were you know the Celtics are down to two one and they've got that one more game if that were at the. Gordon. We would think that that would be that much more. Of a boost for them what if they lose it? Will we say well, if they've been like I, don't know there's all these. What if that in the moment right now nobody cares the basketball has been great and there haven't been any real massive anomalies in this post-season. The only upsets, nuggets clippers isn't that big of an upset. They only separated by three wins I think in the regular season In. MIAMI OVER MILWAUKEE. I'm I'm going to say it was not as big of an upset as appears to be even though it it will go down that way anyway. I just. I'm curious about how we will ultimately look back at how the psychology and the lack of travel and all that affected the way these series unfolded. and. This is one of those moments because he'd Celtics game four is is huge I. WanNa see one of the fun things about the heat. One of my favorite things about the we we talked about this team being defined Jimmy Butler but Jimmy Butler is averaging like I dunno twelve shots game in the postseason or something. He's fourth on the heat and field goal attempts right now, and he's the as the eighth most field goal attempts in this series because Jimmy Butler is different kind of start to build around and I love what it says about him I, love what it says about the heat but I'm also curious because he's had a forty point game within the last whatever two weeks I'm curious if there's going to be like Jimmy Butler game where it's not the couple of defensive positions at the end that went as he has. In this series but whether whether there's going to be Jimmy Butler putting a stamp on it because at some point. You do need guys who who, who, who can be those takeover individuals and the Celtics now with Hayward back in assuming he's up to speed between Hayward and Brown and Tatum and Kemba, you've got four guys who can all do a ton of stuff with the ball in their hands and he'd have a little bit less flexibility that way and I, do wonder when this comes down to to Jimmy like. Doing what we are used to seeing the the lead stars Nestle. Do see I love the Jimmy thing because you know he commented after the game it's getting old now w to come back more deficits and there have been all of these public calls for Jimmy's got assert himself to be can hear Mark Jackson and Jeff, Gundy I on the broadcast talk about how Jimmy needs to you know get involved earlier. I'm very interested to see how approaches it because those are easy things to say and I don't think they're raw. I think I think there is such a thing sort of waiting too long for the game to come to you but I also wonder given the way Miami plays if he goes out there and tries to force it if it could backfire on them because it takes them out of the rhythm that they've been in authentically it takes them out of their system in you know he's being guarded. By tatum smart. I thought smart ongoing drag. It was a huge adjustment by Brad that was a very good call in Jalen Brown. I mean all three of those guys are all defense level defenders of died. I only voted one of them on my to. Because you only get ten as much as people think he should be should be on HBO and. Not a crime, you only get ten spots we need. We need a third we need an old offensive third team NBA. It they're all better than anybody could throw at him other than Janas who the bucks barely through it because the bucks just they just don't do that. It's just not. It's. It's in the bucks bylaws apparently that they can't do that very often. Plans Zero Council decided that. So I think I'd be r.i.p to the leadership cancel it was very effective in its day. It was it was a really good governance. So it's easier said than done for like Jimmy, just go out and get thirty against those guys. Right I mean it's just it's not that easy and I'm interested to see how cowie approaches the game I do think the Celtics smart on on drudge in hiding Kemba on Jae crowder about Brad was a little bit late to do that as much as he did but it but it worked in I would suspect that we will see that again from the jump in game for. Gordon Dragons by the way. Since. I was jotting all that down and and listening this garage leads the heat in field goal attempts in the postseason by a lot. Mean look the story of the heat, Jimmy and Bam could all the attention and I mean I've not very many people like Bam out more than I do outside of his immediate family. It's very well deserved. But the story of the heat has been crowder dragged hero outperforming expectations and big reason why the heat loss game three was crowded three point shooting finally fell back to Earth epic you was to of ten in interestingly he took a few off the dribble. which is a sign that it's is a win for Boston. So one of the reasons you put Kemba on crowder you say, okay is probably not gonNA postgame up that much a tribal twice. But if the he redirect their offense to getting Jae crowder in the on ball action is a screener in a more high volume sort of centerpiece scoring option. That's a win for us because he's GonNa take some shots that are outside as usual shot that that happened. That happened in game three, they also played. Their five players Boston they're super small lineup with Simon that small but Kemba smart tatum Brown Hayward plus thirteen seven minutes with Jalen Brown mostly starting possessions on Bam. Tough sledding for Did you did a great job? We'll see that lineup again. So Boston unveiled some cards in game three that work now get to see what Miami doesn't in response. I love that lineup I. I hope we see more of it it did it has has death death lineup potential. ooh ooh. I don't mean defensively clearly I just not. Being able to be that small and that that versatile. I just think that they attack you from so many different positions there that I shouldn't say death lineup that's addicted. That's just that's like hold. That's like invoking some kind of like holy. Talisman that just like it should only be used for specific situations. Strike from the record your honor. I don't judge you for a a let it go. Who was kind of? Judgy though. I mean, the death lineup is there's only one can see your face 'cause we're doing this over video so I could see there you were judging. But it is a very good lineup. One of the things I think Miami can do is Kemba still has to hide somewhere and he was often hiding on tyler hero down the stretch and I don't think they went at that enough tyler heroes capable as a shooter obviously and a ball handler that use them screener use him as a ball handler don't let Kemba off the hook if he's on if he's on tyler here and he was for a decent amount of crunch. So, one of my favorite things is especially this point of the season I wanna see whether teams can conform a new path to to the title or even to the finals and. The this is this is why by the heat of Intrigue Me Since Day One because if you look at the the Celtics have to emerging young stars and they've got you know an older star in Hayward older star folder ish in Hayward in Cambe. In it is it is much more I would think not in terms of positionally but just in terms of profile, the traditional way forward, the heat the reason everybody's slipped on them was because we you know they looked at Jimmy Butler certain way Jimmy Butler. People. Spend way too much time over analyzing the last couple of years of his departure not spending time thinking about why he was moving on and who he was moving on from and I think he was. You know you can disagree with his tactics or is his demeanor at given times whatever but Jimmy Butler been a bad ass the whole time and he's really great and he's as we know a perfect fit with Miami. But I just think that it's interesting the way that they have emerged because. The heat if they can get to the finals whether or not they win the championship, this is the new way. This is a new way forward this is a different profile. This is not a three star super team. This is not even a traditional to star team 'cause. Bam. Doesn't fit that profile even though he is a star Jimmy is not a takeover star. Jimmy's not the twenty twenty, five shots at night. I have to have the ball in my hands the time he's not by the way along the way here. heliocentric has has. Taken a big blow to the chin. The three highest usage guys I had looted to this in a rocket story back in July, the three highest uses guys in the League. Hardin. Who are in the in in these plans actually this season period in the regular season. Hardin Janas Luca. All out by the second round. Or. Before the conference finals, so like these teams that are more balanced. which the Celtics are, which the heat are, which the nuggets are. I also just think is worth noting for a minute that it's interesting that that if we're looking for new paths forward especially for smaller market teams or nonglossy market teams that cannot just collect. Superstars and free agency. Can you build a little differently and what Miami is done in a combination of Yes free agency signing trade with Butler but mostly player development and? Smart Trades and even some not. So smart trades and the drugs trade was killed for a while because the the two picks Phoenix anyway I I love what the have constructed because it is very unconventional. Any any huge contrast to the last finals team that they constructed a back in two thousand ten? Three Bam centric things that I'm going to be watching game for. Number One. When the game was Outta hand the other night. Bam got a couple of posts scores over Boston's wings. It wasn't over Kemba was it was over there stout wings Jalen I think was Jaylen was hayward. If he can get that in the a play. That's a big deal because it limits Boston's ability to switch input, they want smaller wings, they want Jaylen Brown obviously to switch everything I want to switch as many things as they can. They don't want Bam rolling free for dunks like he was Tyson a moat, the whole game game to get one. That was interesting to me. The second thing John Shuman wrote array piece about. We all love bands ability to switch one to five like you cannot isolate against. Bam, you just can't Jason Tatum can't Kemba Walker. Camp you just devours everybody but the downside of that is is human it I don't know that it's the downside that's the point is that Bam often ends up at the top of the ARC defensive defending away from the him because he's switched onto a guard and so Boston, was okay bands up at the top of the key. Duncan Robinson Jason Tatum just drive fans not near the rim anymore. I just don't know that John suggested maybe this switch a little bit less Bam hang on the rim. I get that. I just think the value of taking away you're picking game and making you play. Eyeso- over and over and over again is so high and I do think Bam can do things like if I've switched onto Marcus smart I don't have to hang that close to Marcus smart I can come back to the nail to try and shut off the drive dare Marcus Smart beat you with threes which he will be more than happy. To try to do and the last thing is. Bam Kill Bamboos Dunk Parade in game in game two. And game three if you watched some of the clips. BOSTON, was on him with the help defender a little earlier in a little more aggressively than they were in game two in wasn't just helped defenders off Derek. Union. Andre with WHO spent a total on factor even a couple of Times Duncan Robinson Davis side we can't just blew ourselves to Duncan Robinson on the weak side can band is killing us we're going to try to get away with it. There was one dragged through a pass and as soon as a browns sense, he's passing. He's sprinting Dunkin Robinson had actually swats away the lap. There's another where Marcus smart comes off in early. I wonder if the he will see it film and say, okay, that's that's interesting. Should we look for Duncan Robinson a little the ways to explain that those are my Bam centric? Battlegrounds for game four. I can't wait for him for I can't wait. I Love I love to watch both these teams play I think they're both really, really fun to watch. Lasting? How did you? I Wanna about the social justice video because it was beautiful the message was beautiful. How did that come about? Obviously, you wrote it yourself you wrote the essay yourself. How did this come ballot and you know I just congratulations on it went. Viral I guess it was all over my twitter feed last night. Thank you. So, Turner launched that show the arena as they were. Creating the bubble, right. So this was this was a acknowledgement that we are restarting the NBA season under very unusual circumstances both the social justice apart of the pandemic part of everything. So you know I think they intended the show to be a a you know a broad thoughtful discussion of everything both on and off the court that would be different obviously than inside. The NBA at the time that they launched it, they reached out to those of us who worked for VR MAG, Beer magazine saying look this is going to be you know a of Turner personalities NBA TV and others, and and some guests that a commend Hilden Essay. I think on the very first show but they said we want to use the writers from BIARD MAG. If you guys are interested. It was an option for us and so several of US stepped up and said, yes, we we'd be honored to be part of the show for sure. Of course, it's a great opportunity to do something. So master to fashion had one the other night that was also on the social justice issues. There's mind David Gardner has one coming Jonathan Abrams has been coming. And of course, as people know several weeks ago, there was a decision made that magazine is not going to be around much longer. So I was concerned the time we'll we're going to do this because I I very much want this opportunity. And props to Turner and everybody in. Atlanta for immediately saying, no, no, we don't WanNa do this and if you're still willing, it's up to you and I said yes absolutely. I'd had this thought in mind from the beginning. You looked at all those jerseys and I alluded this the beginning of the video I think most of the focus was on the ones that are very like they're the various supportive messages that are obvious and you know exactly what they mean. You know black lives matter enough. Say their names, some of these are very evocative and and and clear, and it always just hit me that the ones that were you know listen to us here, us. As I said in in the video essay it that was about a specific audience like. Black Americans don't have to tell the black people listen to me. They all know exactly what the the issue is what the concerns are. What the challenges have been. It's the rest of us. It is it is it's white America that has not been listening not paying attention that is responsible for the system that we have. The society that we have. and. So it's up to us to fix it and so. I just I just thought that there was something play off of their to speak up in the way that and I will say listen. I've admired the last few years how emphatically how passionately and from the heart Gregg Popovich has spoken on on these issues as a white man saying I have a responsibility that Stan van Gundy has said that Steve Kerr said that Kyle Korver in that phenomenal essay, he wrote for the players, Tribune. I think Zach you and I both probably feel a kinship to them in that in that same sense of responsibility. But we're not in those same positions to stand up and say, listen to me right like the coaches have a standing their their their sports celebrities in our Culture Kyle Korver certainly. So Steve Nash others who have spoken out as white people in a largely black sports saying it's my responsibility to those that I that I work with and. You know. I I don't I am not in their in their in their plane. I am not at their level of notoriety of celebrity of anything and so I was a little bit. Hesitant to say how do I how much do I want to put myself out there on this for media I don't I don't like the idea that I wanna be preachy I. Don't WanNa be lecturing but I also do feel a responsibility and I do feel passionately about this and these are discussions I've had with a lot of friends of you know of of you know across the you know. Across the spectrum of every race and identity. So. If I can say that in conversations with friends can I say it on in a video essay? Can I can I? Can I put this message out there and I wrote it up, send it to the folks at Turner they liked it. We didn't really change much of anything. It was a minor tweak here and there So props to them for just the support for. For believing in it and for for creating an incredible video with all the be roll and the score and everything else to go with it turned it a fantastic job. And I was just honored to be part of that show and into to be able to do this I am I am happy and relieved Zach that. Eighty five percent of the response last night. Over twitter and otherwise has been positive. There's been the usual scrape. Yeah, the the the the usual nonsense the usual racism in ignorance and just stupidity or insane people whatever. But I'm happy to say that that the majority of of the feedback has been positive. And I think people. Understood it and it resonated in that That makes me feel good. Glad. It did it did resonate. And you know I. I credit the players because the players have. Have I think four. Media entities sometimes not enthusiast on the part of the median cities to essentially declare what they stand for. In the players who have said you know were at eighty percent black league. You guys ask a lot of us. You know you make your careers because our skills aren't the entertainment that we provide. You ask us to do interviews. Yes. Because to tell us about tell you about our lives how we feel after big games. Big Moments. You got you got to be with us on this. There's no more. There's no more neutrality. There's no more like wink wink neutrality where you play it off Laker neutral but you really are not afraid to save where you where you stand. You want to be partners with US talk about partnerships with us. You know you have to you have to show where your cards are. You have to support us and I think this is all happening because the players just said. Enough, enough talking around it. Enough enough whatever in day have led all of this. From the beginning including the bubbly you went back in. You know talked about the messages on the jerseys in the bucks leading what became a seventy two hour wildcat strike basically. The players have the players have done this. The players have changed the parameters of discussion and I think that's Whether or not it was inevitable or not the accelerated, and that's GONNA end up being healthy. Absolutely all that and I think for us who cover the League look there's two ways you can approach this you can. It's a new story, and so we can take our usually our typical emotionally distant quote unquote objects. That's about what I met Bhai Wink Wink neutrality like I'm just going to cover the news. But listen if I were still working for the New York Times that's how I would have had to approach Zach. I wouldn't have been doing a video essay because the Times doesn't have that option anyway. But working for traditional media as I have in the past in the newspapers and special times, I would have covered this as a new story. Maybe I would have written some some other analysis, the story that I did about Lebron James in July about how he has. Made. Possible. A lot of today's NBA player activism through his work the last ten years and I think he's made. It's kind of more comfortable for everybody else to come along when the face of the League does this I wrote about that back in in July I could have written a story like that for the Times as well. What I could not have done though is to say, I'm going to step out of my. My emotionally distant cutoff journalistic role where I just I just cover what I see in front of me. I convey what's there and I've I've fulfilled my responsibility a journalist and as a human being a little bit just making sure that people. See and hear the message as I translated or as as I. Describe it or conveyed in my writing, and that was fine for for much of my career to are in a moment here, and I am fortunate to be in a place where I don't have to to to play by the media rules where I have to lock myself within certain bounds. So. We all have a responsibility we all have to. Carry that out in the way that's most comfortable for us, and where can people working people see your video but the other than go through your twitter page where can Easiest way for people to see it. It's on MBA DOT com. I saw somebody linked to it. There I. Think the TNT's website must have it as well. It's definitely on NBA Dot Com it's in my twitter feed. In it's on it actually the NBA The NBA on twitter feed is an easier place to find it because there's just not as cluttered as as as with other stuff but NBA. Twitter feed, which is a stat at NBA. We're MBA, DOT COM under their video section with tickets there as well. Watch it. It was cool to see it last night and Howard Beck obviously your work needs no further approbation by me. Whatever is going on at bleacher report is whatever of the people will continue to read in consume you. And I look forward to seeing where life lands for you in the next x months but you are always welcome you're on the low post podcast we will always say what up back in thank you for coming on to discuss the conference finals and everything else. Appreciate you my friend. Thank you. We will do it again soon. I'm sure and maybe back on mind before mine disappeared Scott. GotTa do it gotTa? Do it right? Thank you. Got Him.

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