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Hello hello welcome to the kitchen ending quarter. I am Jeff and I'm Tom. How's everyone doing today today? We are graciously and humbly welcoming Matt McCoy from the head. Sean Project. uh-huh Matt. I already going to mess up your. I'm going to call you creative director. We'll go with that because that's what I call myself. So how you doing today man but works. It's good thank you guys. You have to kind of that intro. We know we just appreciate coming on. Let it be here. Yeah definitely so Just just for our audience alone we. We've kind of started pushing into this. This veteran focus which we didn't even know if that's what we were actually going to be man. We started out like a general royal. podcast it kind of went in some health and kind of went into like mental health. A little bit. Our first episode was on dealing with depression anxiety and and overall stress dress. And things like that. And we've kind of started going in this veteran focus kind of direction. We had Jason Candor on a last week or a couple of weeks ago now. And you know Jason and so that was really cool and we done a couple with boy. Did Stephanie Davis. She's at East Kansas. Va She's our suicide prevention coordinator. She's amazing she's just absolutely phenomenal. And she's Kinda got US hooked in with some some new stuff around around around our area and it's been funny because we just we have we kind of we kind of just stumbled almost into the whole. The whole veteran sign of things which I mean with our backgrounds with our backgrounds is probably the most natural way to go but So now here we are. We were sitting here with you this morning. And we don't have any is. Is that how many people are getting on board with this movie. Yes so recently for a veterans day or maybe not giving Tuesday we had a senator or sorry congressmen Moton tweeting out about us. And what we do you know. Saddam had conversations with a Tulsi Gabbard in. She is very well aware of what we do. So we're really starting to see like people especially when Again Wall of with what. We're doing in Grafton understanding what we're doing how he complimented the Azores been really colder Especially this past year all the people who are kind of jumping on board nearly coming to find out about his shot in our Improv yours. Making you just expand on actually what you guys are are doing it and And I guess what your creed motto basically is absolutely so I mean to keep it simple. Our motto is really just provide cost infre- bureaucracy breath mental health treatment for those in need a really essentially what we do. Is We build the gaps in the market by putting a therapist of in a better than a need together. Make a seamless process so the federal calling went in. We'll do an intake with him in the we will make should get a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist. Once a sign opting opting will lincoln with eight. There is that it's close in of oxygen. Needs where they are and then they can start treatment once a week cost-free ain't thing They don't have anything other than show. Religions Day a plug and play type thing with these markets. Were going into You know we're getting back to go now. Not Right. Now we're about to go to Phoenix in Dallas. Next year the adding those to the city that Ardian sitting state so We're really just expanding in Rodney. What we do of because of work so well of just at a meeting recently in a got back? Some of the feedback from Veterans Program in ninety nine percent said they would recommend and what we do to France. And I think that's the biggest compliment as you can see because that means that newly it works when people are going to program about programming Prince were also a need to come in. Check this out. I think that's the volumes of of any way. That's a late the answer to that you went through the program yourself right I did. Yeah so I went to the Prague myself and that's how. NFL ANTIBIOTIC IN. And so. That's why I'm such a big advocate. Wide came on ordering to work with a how much it helps You know people are getting better bring myself you know. I think it's really interesting especially the way Tom and I've been going with this podcast. And we don't owe bought with veterans organizations than just veterans themselves and I think it's really fascinating to see some of the ways that veterans are really really leading the way on the this This this way. Our Society Kinda treats mental illness now and mental health in general. And I think it's just it's it's really phenomenal and it's kind of interesting just because you know I think that it even ten fifteen years ago you know you wouldn't have thought. Hey this is. This is an area where people come out of the military are gonNA flourish from just because of the taboo nature of it. And they're so the crazy thing is I feel like there's so many veterans out there that are really passionate about this and I think it's for the exact same reason you said you know that it we've been through these things ourselves and we've seen how well these processes work and it's just like one of those things like you know when when you've been through through it you just become the biggest advocate for it. Yeah and not only that but I mean also is such a need for or what we're doing because of that are out there in terms of I mean really you can call it an epidemic of what's going on with suicide numb you know there's the statistic physically April last year is twenty twenty. Two Veterans Lives Day. I guess that's including active duty. But that's an inordinate amount of people In it's it really jaw dropping when you hear that kind of stuff and so when you hear that I mean you understand the need for organization like headstrong what June because this is necessary in his life Changing your feet. That will be able to provide people at a time of need in their life. You know. The people are Communist when they're at the most broken so the fact that we're able to really help them in their time need. I think that's why you have people that I wanted to speak Out there willing to go to bat for Intel earned vice because you know them at the point when Jeff and I put on our first episode we actually started. This is like a creative creative outlet kind of thing just like you're just doing it for fallen man to be honest and It was funny. I was telling him we dropped the first step. We jumped the first six episodes together. But we put out our episode worn on like soundcloud. Just as like not edited anything no interim music just like complete raw like go check it out. Let us know what you kind of think kind of thing and we were getting messages from people that were like. Hey Man I'm like super suicidal and just knowing that you and jeff go through like depression anxiety to two and knowing who you guys are in you're able to come out and talk about it. It helped me so much like just being able to relate with you because I would have never thought you were type of person person. That goes through that kind of things and I was like in the whole. Don't judge a book by the cover kind of thing you know people think Jeff. I don't have our own issues and god God we one hundred percent do. We're probably worse off the most people by not well. I mean in literature earlier is like the stigma. Also there's still that stigma Eh. Where people don't want to speak out Aiken about feeling these hidden avoided. They've gone through. What have you so you this you know? People are just reluctant to really want to talk about this stuff. So the more than we have people like you or you know some of these people like Kevin Love even though he's not notes but just making it normalizing for people will understand that you know everybody goes through certain doubts depression anxiety or any of these other things that people deal with on daily so normalize it makes people feel okay. What Hey I'm not one yet no I? It's you're right. It's absolutely about that Normalizing it and then I. I also think of it as almost like a especially when you're talking about Jason Candor kind of right before we started the podcast and it's really a leadership thing it's showing people how you do it and being unashamed of of the fact that you know you're you're seeking you're seeking that help and because that's the that's that's one of the biggest life lessons you can learn. It is yeah being your own advocate and and being able to you know to take those steps even though you may be I guess fearful of Fearful of the process. I know I know I was when I I. I went to outpatient therapy for about a month. And and you know I was like I was so resistant when I went in but like man I came out on the other side of that process and I was like this is worth telling the world about like what ah what happened for me. Personally I mean and I feel like I was very lucky because I I kind of had a very quick turnaround with things like started clicking and And I know that that's not the case for everyone. You know some people's paths with with their mental health is a is a is a much longer longer more difficult course than I took but You know it's it's still it can be done you know I think that's that's the important thing too is you just brought that up actually is the fact that with with especially with our program is that we don't cap number of sessions that will no. It's for as long as you eat right so there's a lot of other organizations. I'm not sitting here trying to do good work or anything that is just you know you can't tell awesome homeowner's it'll take you eight years ten years every sessions like okay. Well what happens if I need twenty right like alright. Eat thirty audience needed for the rest of my life. Yeah no I like you know an organization like ours. I think that's why of there's so many unique identifiers about our program program what we do Because we really are just. We're here for what people need more. We're here to help people in so we don't want I to me saying would make it as easy as process all the red tape rights light note. That's the thing with saying. Fill the gaps earlier. There's no be as where people have to drive to three hours right. That's GONNA make people less willing to going receive help whenever they're like. Okay we'll have the Hours or sticking point now like crepe. Yeah so we matched up with these therapies. It in in their box me like one of the things. We're trying to make it as easy as possible for them taking care so really all better futures Just make one once a week. You really at that point. If you WANNA get better we find that is the case in. We just WANNA make a devious possible. Now how can I ask you a little bit more about like just the the history against the headstrong project. Like how long have you guys been active now and Yeah it'd be nuts. Yeah yeah that's that's really the unique thing in the allow people to understand why we do. We do so Just to give you as history. Two thousand twelve was inception as strong in. It came off the bag Willie of our former executive director. Now how of or Chairman Zacharias Zach was marine news over Volusia in do all the chaos that lose right on with that lost a lot of marines brands over their hands Thirty two in came back com in after that battle starting to notice that a lot of friends and colleagues and people have been with L. Rains. Were we're really struggling. Once they got back home in so be starting to notice that nowadays struggling but you know there was a lot of suicide one within his unit so he was like not to a point where zine he ended up having more people die by suicide in his his unit that died in fluid audience battles. No that we've basis war so that's speeds to the epidemic burnt to career in terms of if I'm facing with the suicide when you have your entire now into that. They did overseas the deal with the mental health aspect of thank me known onto late the things that they went through over here in your life. So it's it's it's it's tough in. He noticed that there's a province that you might want to do something about it. So you sound to Dr beat her. You're a Gerardo Aria. The clinician and he's like I wanna do something about that like you know I just WanNa understand why in business if somebody has a probably go get help. Like what for veteran. It's you you can't just go and see the world class that their heads it's like it's a lot harder for them to get the care that they need to do something about this. So together in partnership will Reforms at some point twelve. So you're now doing this. For seven years we've really expanded the last four years of a bit like a federally who in twenty five five cities states Nine employee Dallas in Phoenix junior earlier. So continuing rapidly expand but that neat. Well well yeah. Even the last twelve to twenty four months for you guys. Social Media Wise has been huge. You guys have been shared a lot of stuff. And then I think that you're the actual stories no worries you guys are posting on instagram and stuff are actually starting to get out to people because for a while you know it was just I would see it every now and then now. I'm seeing a lot OUGHTA veterans than like I was in combat with who are starting to share your guys stories on like instagram. Or like you know a guy says post and stuff and I'm like Oh wow like so that I didn't I guess for me. I had not realized that it had taken off that much outside looking in I did not realize and you guys were like actually a pretty big deal now right yeah no. I think that's been my main focus. Collaborating with France individuals to tell our story when involved in health for we do so. That's really been my main focus within the organizations just to tell stories of veterans people who are struggling because it is normal by people understand that is suggest a one thing for people who have pizzas today are not specific are Jewish group. Like this is something everybody knows it. So yeah that was one of the big things of stories in the video Kanako by terms of like people to understand that this is a normal thing but a lot of listen you know the marketing aspect of it is so important you know I mean I you know you get down to get down to the core of it like you know what organizations are doing is without doubt the most important part of it right but just having that job that that good marketing associated with it like I know like. That's the one thing Tom Tom. Tom Does an excellent job of that for us would just networking with people and and like. That's that's so key to just getting traction and then getting that message out there you know like which which is kind of a shame. Because I'm sure there's probably dozens if not hundreds of organizations out there. They're doing great stuff but but they're just not finding a way to effectively get their message out there and be seen and heard so. Yeah I know I I commend you guys. You know it's it's been pretty pretty cool watching what y'all done that honestly though I think I think really this just speaks to what you know. This all started with word of mouth. All Okay so a lot of women in how important but as we were now and now we're starting to get all these people on board. They're talking about us in helping. Spread the word and I think that's why you're starting to see some of this growth of because we have. These people are speaking out of people who want to go to bat for us in the Notes that are coming up like German company like I said in people were actually going to be on prices December. Twenty second in what. I'm doing now. The way that came about though is like clinical. So you know there is a guy Construction six in connected with him in the nine. Now he's on the show Adviser for them on the show. It's devious the Beneficiary of them when they launched the price ratio in so we kind of connected in the incident. You love to work. It doesn't So I was like it's just unique different stuff like that. That is really I I think now. Is there a monetary element within. There's also that national exposure to it and I think that's what I was referring to like my hi folks. We tried to go now to where we're branching out we're not Internally talking to having people in terms about us now we're having other people other organization Asian other individuals out on the APP. Yeah I mean and that's the thing to results speak for themselves and obviously you guys such a good job that you're getting the word out there you know when we did the podcast with Jason That you got that was like I think I actually on air I I believe so but I was like Hetero projects like the. That's like my number one right at like that two. I Want I've been talking about you. Guys probably have. You're not happy about how we started. Yeah we started on May twenty nine about seven months and you guys were like my number one. I was like this where we need that. I mean that that's the kind of stuff that helps when you have like local. I guess local organizations in people were are passionate and and care about what we do. So that's that's where I want to say that I'm the most. Appreciative is like people who voted back. I at this celebrity in the in. The people speak out what that is so much appreciative but really this grassroots organization we built off awfully everyday person grassroots Speaking out about what we do tell people. That's so predictable. Absolutely I another thing. I'm curious about is Soon you guys that kind of the the demographics the folks you have coming through your doors I mean is it kind of is it are we. Are you talking more a younger. Like say twenty to forty eight g also have our Yeltsin getting getting traction with we'd like say Say older veterans. And that sort of thing. Yeah you know. I think outlook on just be honest. It is younger demographic but I think primarily with that we that we see that is because they're more of willing to admit that they need l.. Absolutely has the older generation. Maybe now they're still not so much I made a conscious thing taste of It on your own so I think it's probably why we have a younger demographic but you also also judy doesn't start out as just a nine eleven organization where you held the white now Extended of we're we're helping a lot of different WADA. Different worse so you know I think but primarily are his younger base and I and I think that is really associated can be attributed to in just being more familiar. Yeah the whole process. I didn't want understanding willing to to speak out full demand. I you know. I think that's another thing in my mind. That especially with the the the older our generation of veterans. Is You know they. Obviously they don't communicate quite in the same way we do. They're they're they're much harder to reach. I think in the traditional so as we think of like reaching out to people as far as social media. They're they're not quite as plugged in there so I do think I do think that they are more difficult the demographics to reach just in general in our day and age. But I just curious because we're talking a little bit about The veteran ski project here in Kansas City. You know in Qalat. Those folks are are older folks from what I understand but it's it's a little different situation and but yeah. I'm always curious that you didn't like I. I think you're also to go about it in different ways through Yahoo these you know these meetings together. What one of those things? It's not alcoholics anonymous. It might be it might be. It might veterans and veterans nuns. Yeah Yeah but you know we will the the one of our got one of our mentor Vietnam and he what he ended up doing And as I think people tried to find the best way they can to help in a way but he started a veterans writing club so they get together right and stuff but I think if it's I think people for a long time trying to do the best they could with what they had and that was the hardest part. 'cause my dad was forty two when I was born. He's Vietnam Bet. But I mean when he turned seventy three this past August and he just now started getting help at the. Va on his own accord. Not Not he just the back from Vietnam and was like I'll never Chelsea government again on never. I don't want anything to do with them. And then seventy three now. He's like oh I think I'm going to yoga and do some physical therapy and maybe talk. Some people are Mike. Okay Dude I think that's that's the That's the gap does win. Yup realize a talking to my friends the Over stuff my battle buddies. That's that's right that's helps however there's a professional element lament to it where you know you need to do things that are maybe a little different than the Professional getting healthy licensed therapist. It can really help guide you in how you understand why you feeling bill nope Kinda give passing. Movements blocks will explore some stuff that you've gone through. I think that's key on a journey of really getting better. A new realize that there's a certain no reaching out and talking to friends. Can it only goes so far right. Our running you're doing all that stuff but there's a element of therapy that is a higher quality that occur bite in an illegal. You know it's okay to to the asteroid though. Well Yeah I mean. I think Tom and I can both relate to that because he actually when I kind of. I got to know Tom and kind of how this podcast got going. In the first place we would just get together in the morning and have coffee before before before we went to class. And you know not not to say too much but Tom was really going through some stuff and I had some experience going through therapy already already and I was very much. You know. Big Advocate for him. Like Hey man the I I love sitting here and listening to what you're saying but I'm I'm limited in what I can do and you need. You need a professional. Take that next step. You know and I think that that's you know that's another thing that we need. We as lay people need to be aware of his. Yes there is. There is benefit you can provide vied to just be there be there to listen but at the same time you know you. Also Yeltsin need to be ready to encourage them to take the next steps in their in their in their journey essentially essentially why there's also the science element to arrive. We do a multitude of different modalities that we use to help people get better but once specifically that we use called MD.. I movement Station in Your realization in so no no we use those modalities to because they're scientifically based in a people process is feeling starts at eight. They have in get passed asking so it's no longer it's almost distribute one time to me. It's almost like a scar right so it doesn't mean that what happened didn't happen avenue. Forget about it like it just means that you've now process it nearly two acid mental Like physically when you have a scar it it you can still see where that happened. But you know you're able to understand that it's something in it's no longer with you. Yeah it in Gno I will say another thing at least from my experiences. You know obviously going through you know through working through the things you need to work through them and can be can be a very very painful experience. But I've found the now that I'm about actually I think I think about three years out from my. You know my major the major therapy kind of the starting starting my mental health dirty and I finally feel like I. I think this year's really been the year like I feel like I'm uncomfortable talking about it. I feel like I can draw wisdom from those from what was really a terrible experience. I wouldn't want to go through that ever again if I didn't have to. But you know it's it's Kinda like accepting the fact that hey you know this was my this was my journey and now like I said you know being able to talk candidly Lee about it and Kinda understanding the the the process. The trip was bad but what came out of it is is good and I'm a better person coming canal another side of it. Yeah Yeah I mean that's ultimately go ride Took point where you can talk about. It think that's what I think he'd been in really awesome too early the stories. That new gets a place that you feel comfortable enough to known started. Tell your story down galaxy they tell people about seven been through because that ultimately helps as well. And that's what I was going to say to that. That's been the most inspirational part for mine. At least east. Is that if you if you obviously. You don't have me personally but if you knew me personally. A lot of people don't think that I had any depression or anxiety issues like you met me. You'd be ah you know. I'm the typical. I wouldn't say I'm typical. MD back. But I'm Taipei Day like I am and so when I when I did the first episode and everything a lot of my former soldiers were texting me and we're like what are you talking about like you. Oh you know and I'm like yeah man like yeah like I'm going through some stuff and they it was just like so mind blowing for them because they saw me as more of a father figure older brother figure to them and for me need to be going through some stuff. Yeah I think it made it easier on them to be like. Oh Wow I can talk to him about this or awhile I can there i. He now feels more acumen to me in a way you know we we have a connection there. I mean listen in my as somebody who grew up in the mid west. I think it's just different in certain pockets of of the United States. Senate is another so I say that because like out here in New York it's more formalized normalized Maybe back to their is. The Dog. Hasn't therapist like wonders ended a little bit better whereas like in the mid West Farm. You a people it's ten more on. Hush goes back that stigma like people. Just don't understand it or wherever it is like it's just. It's not as formalized Understood though I do think thinking what to my friend back home I think they probably have like really That are like they'd be more taken. Backer may not understand like what I've gone through. This is just were not as a so and you know it's the same thing with the military to man for a while for years. People didn't talk about it because it was honestly affecting promotions emotions like they were guys e six can go into e seven and then you know obviously a can't actually come up but once that once that gets put up like once they go to a board and they know that you're on medication or you got some mental health issues or something like that. They're like yeah man like it's kind of like a black a black ball this almost. It was really weird to no one talked about earlier. A little bit about like making sure that leadership in order at bats will start to see right now house leadership recognizing understanding. This is a real problem in a you Dumper Joint Chiefs Chairman of Scout speak out at our gala this past year it is a year him. Talk about. You could tell that like really understands. Recognizing is this is an issue and so now that you start to have some People leadership position amount by helping one one and the amount of people you guys come out to that gala to was insane like yeah. Yeah it was our big gala evidence that we had a nine hundred. y'All uh orders from all across the United States about so. That's one thing that we do really wallace as has like the gallows in organizing people to To kind of for the word about nine what we're dealing with just mental health journal. So yeah you know we we have a I eighth annual gala in your city but now we're starting to expanding do those uncle or so. Were you have one in Washington D C next year that will be the second one. We have one in in San Francisco which year second one GonNa have something. Beatings woman So you know all this is really just. It's it's crucial in letting people know because not only about why it's important what we you also like. Shoot a storage from people who have gone to program. PEOPLE REALLY DON'T A. That's the hardest. Part is the privacy a a concern an issue that goes with therapy In so it's hard sometimes until the boys are come forward because he wonders. Thank thank you privacy. no-one make people divulge anything they don't feel comfortable during but luckily had people have gone through a lot of people who've leaving willing to speak out and so when you go to these cows and stuff like that you're able to hear these stories like oh my gosh this is why would give one it you know and and it takes a lot of courage to get up there. especially if you're at a very public event like baton and share that story I remember we were at a was the PTSD ESP symposium for the East Kansas va about probably two months ago and they had a gentleman Get up there to share his story. I mean it was like it was. It was so moving moving from my side. He could tell just how emotionally charged. It was for him and difficult in in some ways for him to be up there but I mean Neela. There's a there's a lot of very raw power when to having people share like that. If they're willing to do it I think is. It's so so strong it's in a non. The person that actually does a lot of interviews for basis Right and So I get these stories powerful Time has been moved to almost tears because yeah talking about what they've been through Struggling going along with that in in it's it's it's moving to hear these stories and it's impactful just this validates why I love being toward Headstrong Annetta Organization. Where we're doing something to help people deal with those things Is really interesting to do a lot of the stuff that you absolutely. So besides the price is right. What else do you guys got down coming down the pipeline liner now? Yeah you know outside that. Like national about to be on a CBS of unity. A profile on second-story very nice nightly news that will become now on next week Right at the end of the year in in really going into this next this year we got so much stuff coming up. We have so many events really trying to sit down and collaborate in it is but this is what I do. I'm interested in doing is really collaborating with individuals and organizations next job sending home with Kevin Love Fund. That's about ways that we were together on some sure you'll be able to find out like we can be got somebody to some national campaign. I'm working now Arizona cardinals within the We've been in saw. Then they want to start working with us so really really not a thing. We're going to start the off of all over the place. Yeah we did it in Jeff and I were talking about this yesterday. was that you know one. One of our big things is is. You know we've been at this about six months now we're at close to fifteen thousand downloads. Overall and the more we do things like this. Obviously the more the words it's GonNa get out but our big thing too. Is that the cool thing that we like is that we're we're starting to kind of like link organizations together that we support you know so like we have you guys coming home. We have the veterans project we at the Green Beret Foundation coming on and And that was our big thing that I really liked with with doing with you guys that I I really like that. There are veterans like actually out there helping other veterans and like trying to put the foot four like we're talking with VCPI about it and they're like you know we're they're about to blow it nationally as well as far ars getting Some popping up Dallas. DC late last five cities payments city. Saint Louis coming up and so I really feel like as much progress as veterans And better and based businesses and solutions agents have have come in the past ten years. I really think the next five years is going to be huge. I know I I completely agree with that. And the other thing is I look at it not only only from the fact that you know. We're this this services going forward with veterans and mine. I mean but we're really providing the not we you guys. The organizations organizations like you are really providing the model not only for veterans and active duty military but also for our society. As a whole. We're you know we're opening up conversation and it goes it right now. You know the focuses is there but it goes well beyond the bounds of just that group of people bill. I feel angry. Yeah I think that's what you start to see the military like leaving the final line so we like our organization is so unique the model on in what we do. How we about treating veterans that not interested in it could be replicated a month's society job because like the honors is like this mental health issue crisis not just solely relegated to better no not at all? It's something that civilians can understanding sanding. Go through as well and so really. Our model is easily Didn't replicated you down to the bare bones of it in terms of what we do how it works in how else people in no. I think we're really laid it out there in terms like this is a way to treat veterans in people who are dealing with some of these issues that are you know life so I really think that Whoa people come to find out about what we just continue to spread the word on health that you know the more that we're going to be able to inflict a suicide epidemic distorted orange and that's erase another really good point there that you know the fact that it as it is veterans. Yeah that are you taking the lead positions in in Kinda this This deal is that there's best. There's kind of that military mindset the comes within there's a lot of just strength and power the justice. Simplicity of the way that that. y'All WanNa go at the problem you know. There's you guys WanNa get you guys WanNa do it as efficiently as possible possible and there's not there's not kind of all these other ideas had dangling off it's very you know sing. Very singular type purpose in so you tend to get great results with that. Yeah Yeah and you know what we do is is You know we're helping people doing. I'm doing it in a way that it just hasn't been done but when you think about it I mean it's really simple in right. It's easy like you said you it because what we're doing is we're just or partnering with what class the Niche all over the United States. And we're we're giving them their market rate to treat treat and so we said we uniquely figure out which they're back with veteran coming through our doors and leaking together Able to get treatment once a week so I mean think about it like there's a lot more of what we do and go and turn the arches Rutley look at it firm is a rod you. It's actually pretty simple. Overdoing like our healthy. The people in in something that like you really feel like is changing landscape bettern from people in society. Jim that I mean we talk about basically That the one thing that stuck out to me with what you're saying that you basically you guys look at the veterans that are coming through the door and then you say okay. We had this therapist and we think this would be the best suit for them. Is that kind of how it goes exactly. So you know these therapists all have it bring on accreditation ripe on licenses ince's specifically well In so when people come through our doors whether it is at the with disease with his nose to sexual trauma whether it's More injuries that who started CPAP of more Mike example by germ so why they're not directly in combat. You know there have youth that are new inside of them they feel like this term struggle trying on right to mind rain so the there's a lot of different things that people suffer and then you help and so when we make them up with therapists with one of them up with their best suited to to help them get through whatever it is young. Yeah an APP in the other aspect of that too. Is You know therapies a very personal experience and you don't always always jive with the with the first therapist that may you may come across the ninth or yeah And so yeah. I think that that's really powerful. Fool you know the fact that you guys get. That's that's where we are. We do such a good job in the betting Rises adjourned of linking people together really like a we highlights are high like that because that's why thank So much attention to details but into you know who to link them up with what's best for the letter that militate all that in consideration it's not just a one size fits all type solutions. Yeah and that's that's like the only downfall I will say about and I think the VA is wonderful. But I think that that's that's the only downfall. is they kind of just sticky with WHO's in your area and I had a wonderful therapist. She was a very very nice lady but she was a I would call her more. Ah a positive psych kind of person so I would say things like super rational like yeah. It's a mill semester. I think this Friday. I'm just GonNa fly to Peru and dude. DMZ in the jungle. And she would be like. You should do that. And I know I need you to tell me not to do that. And she guy no. That's really what you WanNa do you. Thomas do it and I was like no. I listen to Joe Rogan podcast. And like I probably should not do that. And she's like you should do it. You should do it right now. I might do Jesus Lady. She was so sweet but I was like this is just not working for me. It was just more fun than it was therapy at that point. You know so. I think that's where we're so focused on the of each individual In what they need. I think that's where we can separate ourselves thousands Delegates attention. You tell did not every veteran saying not every veteran's You know the same issue So when they come into our program we really tailor what we do toward what they need in. I think that's where why do I say our program could essentially be equivocated I'm not sure that anybody else is going to put the attention to detail right. Really share about the veterans coming into our program. Saying that I I was just gonNA say again. It's kind of that personal touch that comes from having been through the process yourself and knowing you know I guess you know being it's one thing to know about something is another thing to experience something and I think that's a yeah that's important distinction to make especially you know when when you're talking about things like mix matching people with therapist matching people with appropriate programs that you know that there's no Tom Mature. There's no Woah. Yeah there's just there really is no substitute for that having not experienced and and I guess kind of knowing how to how personally like on a personal level how oh difficult back in the navigating that so and that's I that's I think that's really important that you can take those experiences and translate them into the experiences that people or walking through your door are going to have an how your higher shaping those experiences site and also to. I think that each veteran while different you know they all want to be treated as individuals right like the all wants to be we all. We all want to know that people care about people have our best interests at heart. I think that's what we do. That's that's it really is the foundation of just one veterans. Were here for them to net. o- aw so when when you started I because I know you're in prints all over this stigma series. When how did that come about when you started already doing it? And because I I've read a few of them especially the one you guys just posted and they're very personal to be honest and I mean obviously very interesting but very very personal I i. I read the latest blog post. I think it was what two or three days ago. Now Yeah it was extremely well written very very good but very personal and I was like wow okay and so yeah so I would be remiss to say that this was Some idea that I can give a media a partnership with brain the same provision of New York WanNa see three or four years ago in a series in how backward wasn't how people like drawn to that so I was like you know I would love to replicate that except for just only better and Are People that are in the veterans face like I did want Veteran but Iraq stuff like that. So our 'cause I really wanted to. I really want people to hear these stories of better because you know everyone always says thank you for your service or follow down. They truly know whether thanking people for oil why we should be grateful. And so you know I was like what's the story until I had a replicated agreements model of using your with the thing. Brennan's is what makes I think that when I'm I'm doing different. Is that a lot of time to just kind of a highlight of a problem that they've had or an issue that they're dealing with it whereas line of our I should say Sean it's the Arcus they're still. I want people to understand because especially when it comes to trauma trauma or when it comes to know. Somebody's story in things that they're dealing with like only solely just one event thing that happened in Indonesia Pakistan. Change Your Life like a lot of time you see will be. Gold wound drove against New England. So thanks from your childhood or things that happened to you early on in your life in our pounded by not being after young. So now I really wanted to argue these people stories and let them know like that starts. The beginning are starting to beginning the middle and then whether at now in I think that's been. There's obviously been a lot of information information that comes out with these stories right like gone through it. Sounds like a real util. I'm never I think I feel like that's really the impact for part of it is just alley. Got to the point that they were there now. Yeah it I I think the other thing is people people want that complete story like. Oh you don't want for there's something about taking a snap shot out of the story. That just seems some in some ways almost authentic and I think that I think when you do oh you do show that whole arc. It tends to at least at least for me personally. I feel like when when I know the whole when I see the whole picture it it turns out a lot more power for me for some reason so understanding no right so like I'll say my stories are visually aren't want to speak about mine late Ni- I've profiled myself early on. Because I felt like I wanted to. I felt like in order for me to be able to ask other people to tell her story. Like I hadn't seen in what you said in terms of intensity by seeing more authentic comedic field to reach out. Nah people to do this about data myself. So I'm only GONNA speak to mind but for example you know with my story like when you hear about. It's a thing that went through early in childhood. It makes more sense as to know why that was compounded when I went through so the military stereo after the fact with dramatic Like that so y that ultimately led me to therapy right so that's why not. Only their authenticity. Pissy feasts also It just tells a wider northbound version of why people get therapy. Why the suck it gives you your own personal journey men to to highlight it and that's Definitely that Super Important Jeff. And I've talked talked about that before. Four I mean my dad was in my life but I was raised by single mother. You know and as I got older I believe that a lot of things from my childhood I was raised in a not. Not a poor your household but definitely lower the middle class and you know going through a lot of those things that society itself push dressers on you and trying to overcome come that and then you start compounding it with things when you get older and no and then you know anxiety starts creeping in and stuff and it's hard to deal with especially when you just never dealt with it before you know ages ages. It's really the whole monkey on the back kind of thing and it. It was hard for me. There were days where like I wasn't getting out of bed like at all lie rough. Well I think the other really good point you raises you know. It's it's a lot of times. It's the combination of these things you know. It's not just oh I joined the military and something happened there. It's it's you know there's there's factors beyond just that and like I said I that's interesting that's actually not something in my ignorance that I've actually really had anybody speak about before so I I think that's that's really fascinating actually the night. So it's interesting bigger Thomas. They wouldn't said about not being a bit. You don't tell that story say that right now podcast. Maybe or if you didn't know what you know if you would feel like oh if I only want like this going through this. It's funny because I'm let's say that in Saint I'm like Oh yeah I've been there was Better like Nah. I can remember two years ago. I didn't get advantage so it's thirty. PM Up in the house like what is wrong with me. Why my sort of crashed and I really felt like it was just a issue that I was dealing with them? So that's why I think what you guys are doing. So orden Because you're normalizing this for people letting them know understand like okay. You've been through this as well so that we can play to. The the other thing is is just that idea of isolating in general I mean is that such a huge. I mean I think what we interview the Suicide Prevention Coordinator at East Kansas via. You know that that's one of the things he said that. That's probably the most common flagged for just about anyone with mental health issues. That idea that you're isolating in yourself and that's the that's the staying in bed. That's the I'm not gonNA leave my house or I can only go to the grocery store. You know. Eleven o'clock at night when there's not going to be anyone around that those sorts of things and I know for me personally like if the isolating aspect is such as I track my mental health. Moving forward Yo if somebody invites me to go do something just for no particular reason. I'm like I don't feel like doing that I i. It's really one of those things where I have to step back and say okay. What what Nelson going on then right now? That's making me feel like that. That's definitely like for me one of my big things that my other ones like not taking care of myself. That's like not eating right not not not working out not taking my medicine that that sort of thing But yeah like like you said. I think that that's such. That's that's a really huge one for most people that that the idea of isolating themselves. We have a podcast coming up with a say Casey filmmaker and a director of I I don't I don't know what she's director about both for autism and she is a huge myth thing a Advocate and they're doing like these whole webs nine the web series like an actual film series called this. This is me so I think this is music or something like that and and I have to look it up. It's our notes and the issue was texting me and she really WanNa come on and talk you guys and I'm going to bring the the film director on and we're GONNA talk are movies releasing in January and I was like yeah. Sure come on in one. She was she was texting me. She was like yeah. You know I've been there before without me. Even town counting. I've gone through and she was like I was. I was the one that like couldn't get out of bed days and she was like an. I would forget the last time I showered and stuff like that dino real that is like you you know you know we're just taxing like it's normal because it is you know but like if somebody else read that that like hadn't talked anyone they'd be like where there's other people that do this to this. It doesn't. I'm not just like this one person who in it's not meant so many people you know it's crazy so it is so important share stories. Oh yeah the woods. So people won't so I sleep and I think that's that's a great thing about technology burs much as people wanna say the negatives what about technology like it also helps us to kind of come together and understand what each individual's gone through. And so even I mean I'm from broader view like I can understand what's going on now a little bit with China progessive without that technology accessible You're absolutely right that that I feel like me personally. Probably out of the boat. We we talk a lot of trash on social media and the Social Media Age but like you think about this. You know probably ten years ago. We wouldn't even be able to do what we're doing right now. The fact that you're halfway across the country and we're shooting a podcast and we've got video of each other it's like there's there's definitely for all the drawbacks. There's there's just as many there's just as many positive things about it. I think that's what this was intentionally. It is a lot of this stuff was essentially you know wanted to be used for good in the queue. The dolgin the step we obviously league too far. Yeah I mean we tend to do. We all have dualistic approaches lighting. Like yeah like is just it is it was it. Would I think initially we use us for stuff like this where we cannot relate to one another like that earns thing well Matt. I know you're busy. I Man I know you have to go sue you in closings or anything else. You WanNa say about Headstrong Maybe rapid force artist say is Gauntlet Program. Outside of the fact that I'm right now let's speak about some money where this is life changing What we provide all people The carrot which were in we each individual person Or change in life. And I know that because I hear these stories not talk to people and don't do it myself. I could say that anybody who is maybe on the a fence about getting health. I wonder reach out our really worried because or will we do. They saves lives in testing Martian unity. In outside of this. Look we're always grateful. Reform or BOOM WANNA get involved with our program financially or start awareness stuff like that but at the end of the day foundation is. It's only been about veteran while helping people about you know acting that inside so it would like to know more about what we do. Go to head Shonda or You follow us on. Is Agreement. Edstrom twitter at had shrunk Faraj in had trump project on facebook. And I think you'll have a better understanding of what we do. If if you really look into the what we do you hear these stories and you get to know the kind of level who were up. I think it will help. People understand why this is so necessary in tackle. Yeah we just want to say thank you so much for taking an hour out of your day to come on with us this has been really Enjoyable for US and your we hope guys continued. You just great things absolutely Yankee Guy. Some appreciate no. Thank you so much I appreciate it. And hopefully we can collaborate in the future man. I I really enjoyed this lot. Absolutely guests are all right everybody. Hey that was Matt McCoy from the Headstrong Project. Make sure you look them up. The website and social media gave out always you can find us at the Kensington Corner and the Kensington. SINC- one on twitter Aguinaga

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