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Little Happier: I Love You as Much as the Salt in My Soup.


This episode is brought to you by the new podcast go and see hosted by Malcolm. Glad well produced by the team behind revisionist history go and see as a six part series focused on Lexus and the philosophy of Janci Jen boot Sou- which means go and see for yourself and idea that stems from the belief that if you experience something yourself you have a better understanding of people and how to create something for them in the series. Lexus invites gladwin Japan discover their unconventional thinking and processes firsthand find out. How a Japanese tea ceremony influenced the engineering of a car window. How the sound of an engine is tune like a musical composition to elicit certain emotions. How Understanding Samurai warriors is led to a suspension innovation? Gladwin learned that no detail is left behind and that a car company can learn more about cars by studying people go inside lexuses headquarters in Japan right along on top secret test track with a master driver. Sit in the expertly designed seat that actually lowers to welcome you into the vehicle. Follow glad dwell on his journey wherever you like to listen visit. Lexus DOT com slash curiosity for more stories? Like these I'm Gretchen Rubin and this is a little happier. I love all teaching stories. And many folktales are also teaching stories. This is one of my favorites and I quoted often when I tell my daughters. I love you more than the sultan my soup. If you don't know the story here it is. There are many versions of the story from many different places. So here's my version. Once upon a time far away there was a kingdom ruled by a king who had three daughters. He knew that he must choose which daughter would rule after him and he decided he would give that honor to the daughter who loved him most so the king asked his eldest daughter. How Much Do you love me? She said I love you more than gold and silver and he was satisfied the next day he asked his middle daughter. How Much Do you love me? She said I love you more than diamonds. Rubies and he was satisfied the next day he asked his youngest daughter. How Much Do you love me? She said I love more than the sultan my soup. He was furious. He'll must not love me at all. He said to love me only as much assault. Cheapest and communist things available leave and never return so the king banished his daughter and cast her out into the world. She travelled to a neighbouring land where she met an old woman who said. Why are you traveling alone? Dear Child where are you going? The princess wept as she explained what had happened. The old woman said. Don't worry my dear. You're loving daughter and soon your father will understand be patient and she said the girl to work gathering flowers and soon the king and all his subjects noticed something strange begin to happen all the salt in the land vanished and try as they might not traders could bring new salt across the border. There was no salt anywhere. The people gathered around the castle to cry out to the King. Save us the king and his two daughters to began to waste away. Everywhere was the sound of people groaning salt salt far away. The old woman knew what was happening. Return home to your father. She ordered the princess now he understands so the princess traveled back to her home and she approached her father who lay listlessly in his bed. Now I understand my dear. He told her what is gold or silver diamonds. Rubies besides salt. Your love is the greatest. Forgive me father forgive you she said. I love you more than the salt in my soup and with that all the salt and the kingdom was restored. I love this story. It's such a good reminder that often it's the most ordinary and familiar things the things that we take for granted that are actually the most precious to us of. All I'm Gretchen Rubin and I hope this makes your week a little happier.

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