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Book Of Karma Are there small and big Karmas? Spiritual Quest


Come TO SPIRITUAL WEST. Riyadh continuing the CD's the book of Karma Today. We have a very important question. This question is on their small and becomes now we have always defined Kerma which is one single word but win a matter off. Action comes into play. You may see that some are Mosk would-be big would be smart so the question that was asked can reconsider any gunman as small or big the example given over here. Is somebody knocking off another person by car? This person is admitted to the hospital. Maybe he has suffered severe injuries on one person murdering another person. According to this world it could be a big come. Latest takes markers small cameras would be just very minute thing. That may happen the word maybe while driving you have gust somebody on the road has got inside so you might have saved some brown words. Odd You might you some expletives. Now when you do this naturally the tarp comes that it is not a big deal. It's not a big Karma. Then what exactly has happened? Have you done some been? Cut Him off and some small businesses. Something which you need to consider very seriously that is neither big nor small Kadema. All Carmona's I'll going to lead you walk his scarred as birth now just a small government lake saying somebody. Somebody is stupid. Why would you want to have a remote and then knocking somebody down on murdering someone you you missed? Save by doing those. Big Girl Moss. Yes deserves to be barking but for US MODEL. Come up maybe or somebody by some mean. Do you think it is important that a person needs to be born again just to go through the store Tillis life. Think about this life man has to be rebound. Lieber means lying in the upside down for nine hole months and then trying to squeeze out in this word. Do you know amount of drama. A child goes through well just taking but and maybe this man is GonNa live for the next seventy eighty years. Do think he's seventy or eighty years are going to be fluked fooled by his word to be happy to autism lifetime on the contrary the button is going to be the most miserable person all because off some silly. Kerma. I hope you understood. This means they is neither one. Nor Small Karma Karma is Carmen. Whichever way you look at it why would you want to even? Does he doesn't see this business. Got Ta is absolutely a serious business. Awfully FAR DISABUSE THEM. It is important. Do whatever possible and our why did in the future CDs be taking off the subject of how why now these are widens of Karma. He's a subject which is scarred but foaming Mishcon. I am not going to explain that subject in this particular video. You may have to see our future videos to come and see what exactly does mean mishcon come this come come up simply says that you do something we don't inquiry in me for the gunman hope you got it. Thank you in from the small big. He's there eighteen beyond it. You may ask. Of course it is neither small. I'm not become but there is something far greater than that. Where now this is never considered when you talk about having a government another. I knew the example where he knocked off somebody on the road. This person got admitted to the hospital. You Miss Okay. I over to him. Maybe I should have taken to the hospital. The insurance companies to pay. Something's no that is not the God be. You know you have done something far greater by just performing that action you have done something which is got all actual what is this collateral Karma go. Lateral Karma is mobbing whereas these individuals concern. He's associate his family members. He's people those who have connected with this person. This person whom you're not down by your car has really associate with him. Maybe is just an earning but in the family so when he is being his income he is being to his family. The Up King. He has to give money so that food is brought on the table. His children are going to school. You understood you already. Then you miss him. I shoulda over to the wife of the children were banning may be of course you know it to him. It is normally these three people in war imagine. This person is not getting his salary. If he were to get his salary he would have definitely pave the way to the bank his bought a house is indeed your responsibility that because you not in down you are responsible policy by not getting paid. How many things that are imported in this. He was supposed to buy some groceries. Which couldn't by now in somebody buys gross ity this particular individual from where he's buying. The grocery shopkeeper was supposed to be infrared Budi suppliers in the suppliers was supposed to pay the farmers and so on and so forth. Do you see how big this gene is today? It is not only concerned with this individual who knocked off. It's his family is immediate surrounding people of people who were interconnected with his life. It's a very beat. Gusting effect that you have connected with now. Thank you believe. That car is such a simple subject to understand. God is very very complicated. Business individuals to understand. He may have predictable life. This is a serious subject and this will not cut my something which can be understood by many beautiful story. Which will give you this story. And the Vishnu pull out. There was an individual his name. What General Mattis now gentleman one be when he was meditating in the jungles came across idea? This deal was being followed by tiger. The type of Judea that did give Bliss Mont baby a soft particular animal. I've tried to protect it. He took the air to his Ashra. Him Seek Your Dad. After the gear grew up but the talk at the back of the mind off Jeddah paddock loss. That the student will come once again. Eat this year so he was very much. Blogger this dear. It so happened that many years later John died just when he was approved. I he wants to. Tinky what is going to happen to this year after I die. This kept him in. Balu awfully book so in the next life he was bomb as of Dea now do you understand that Karma which he did which was trying to see this animal and then getting attached to Mir come back to life once again. Li happened so now team. This is a subject which will tell you that when he let you perform any comic reboots are guaranteed forty. You know this particular issue awfully bud and Goma to another subject which scoring Desire Jeb. Heart's desire et seq. Your dot but particular area was the cause office. Leave but remember this. You may how Menia desire seem your life know whatever desire you have in your life redesigned for it is way too 'cause you a lot of miseries desires of various kinds gives you re birds again and Punky let me elaborate when you have a desire off. Any kind of see it unfulfilling. You have not fulfilled desire of that. I'm not desired. Mcdonnell Batas decided was unfulfilled. Exactly the team when you have unfulfilled desires. What happens to you angry in your own life when you do not have any desire for. Let's US say you want to get admission in particular college? You want to get a job you want to get a lot you want to get. Maddie Poussin one. You want to have children all these odd desires and when dad unfulfilled what happens on for Free Desires Angle. Anger leaves you lose. You'll be contributed. You see why are these things happening to me? I have everything possible in this world and yet I am getting dod and then you have diluted in this world delusion will lead. You put confusion in the right decision becomes extremely difficult for person so and that has not led you of confusion. And then you're confused remember. There is loss of reason. You're not going to be reasonable. Thought this loss of reason lead you compete. Then we dog of talking about Lewin means you're going to get reports again and again and again because remember you have to fulfill those desires and when you're to fulfill those desires it's a comic action. It's a loop. So why would any person wants to get into this? Think or desire so give me. No desire is a must so this is a topic. We have over thirty where WE ARE TALKED ABOUT MIDDAY TO SMALL COMA. Do they did he? Big Comb understood. There are nine small nor become us all got Mosley. Do Ribas got enough. I associated with desires. We have to come this desires and we have also learned the story of John Cod. So please be careful how you in this world. The repayment of Karma off you brought up the Karma is an important subject. And how you get out of. It is a subject to tackle much later and that his by doing mishcon so even stop lower here but before I end this I would like you to right on any comments bill off any questions that you have so that we can take up from where we have stopped thank you.

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