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Lance Archer vs. Dustin Rhodes


If you don't know Sirius. Xm THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series Xm streaming subscribers siriusxm. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six. Welcome to the busted open. Podcast This is David Greco on today's episode. Wwe Hall of Famer the Greatest Tag team wrestler of all time. Bully Ray and I talk about like we do every Thursday the Wednesday night war between eighty W and annex t. We talk about what was good. What was bad and what was ugly. Definitely was one ugly segment in particular. Also we get into what's going right within steep swerve. Scott I think that a tremendous job with his match and his Promo afterwards. We get into that. We also get into the main event from a w with Lance Archer. And Cody Rhodes a lot to get into. We do it right now on the busted open. Podcast what did you think of that towel spot? I liked it. I liked it I I know. A lot of people didn't social media hated the ending of that match. I thought it was really good. And and if you missed a cody and you know please go on. Demand go to podcast. It's up there at busted. Open radio the things he said about me because of my love for police academy in my hatred of the Lord of the rings movie but bully. You're right let's get into aws from last night. And listen. I I know I get accused of being a w mark and ice. I'll say it again. I enjoy an xt. I really like annexed but once again I gotta say that Awa entertains me a lot more than an xt. And I watched a w with my daughter last night. Bully and twice. I tried to switch over to annex t and the second time I did it. My daughter was like enough already. Watch annex t when this is over all right watching a e w wow and you know what so I wound up watching e w straight through and then I watched annex t honestly. I watched annex t when I got up this morning and it was a good show. There were some things that I really enjoyed about annex t and I will bring those up in a second but do you agree that a e w right now is just putting out a more entertaining product then next day right now what. I'm looking for with any wrestling product in the Times. We're living in a sheer strict entertainment. Just take me on a ride for two hours. Give me some decent wrestling. Make me laugh. Make me care about your good guys in your bad guys. GimMe some storytelling. Whatever you decide to put on a plate for me. Just make sure. I'm entertained by it so I went on. I'm watching both shows last night last night. I did the old flipping back and forth. I make sure that both of them are taped this way. If I WANNA go back and watch anything over again I can and the first thing that popped into my head. I actually tweeted I go. There is a definitive difference in the vibe of these two shows. Vibe VIBE doesn't mean one show is more entertaining than the other show. One five doesn't mean that one show has better wrestling than the other show. Vibe means atmosphere. The atmosphere that is created by these two shows is night and day and the atmosphere is being created by the twelve people at ringside for a e W and Jericho and Shivani. And we've been talking about this since Jericho and Shivani have been doing the announced together and since h.w side as they did from day one. Just that atmosphere is enough. When I'm flipping back and forth and I hear people at Ringside for W. and then I switched back to an extent and I hear nothing legitimately nothing so now only do I not hear anything in the background but now I have the guys that are at the announced physician who we like. We like them but we just don't like what they're saying or what. They're told to be saying I'm entertained by Jericho. Shivani Allah a gorilla monsoon and Bobby Heenan a law Jesse. Ventura and evinced McMahon or. Vince McMahon and Macho man or any great duo that has ever entertained us at announce. I'm not getting that from Malraux and Beth my saying that moral and Beth or doing a bad job absolutely not. We've put moral and Beth over to the Muneer but nothing that is going on within. Their interaction is entertaining me. And that's why I say. The vibe in the atmosphere is so much different and I think bullying we've said this before and I know we kind of start this every Thursday but that's part of our opening segments on Thursday mornings is that we're going to talk about aws. We're always going to start with the atmosphere. That's the way it was even before this whole thing started with. You know the five hundred people in attendance as opposed to the ten thousand people in attendance. So we're we're this size and they never did thousand. I mean he was like you know what I mean. I I the reason I'm correcting us. Because you know you're going to get a bunch of people jumping on Social Media. Who are w hate is going? Oh Dave you're a home or you said they did ten thousand people that he'd never do ten thousand their big houses of five hundred. That's fine and you know. Even though they they sold eleven thousand tickets to the show that was going to be a newark. But I digress when it comes out and then we've seen annex t cell outbuildings to so. This isn't an aws discussion. We're talking about the settings for the show and the settings of the show right now so I think if I was on a different night or w is on a different night. Wouldn't be so glaring because bully where you just said it's one hundred percent true. I actually enjoy an ex team more now. The way that I watch it I watch he. W and then either afterwards or the. Next day I watch annexed. Because when you're jumping back and forth to the two shows it's glaring. It's very glaring. It's glaring in the commentary and it's glaring in the atmosphere and it's glaring in the sound of the arena. You hear yelling and screaming on one show. And you're hearing echoes on the other show. I don't care if people complain and Bitch and say well. Wwe stalled aws idea. If did this week one. Nobody would be talking about it anymore. The wwe needs to do something they have to do. Something bully either. They have like we talked about with the NFL. Draft had the pixellated fans on the screen or can crowd. I you know or do like what? Aws is doing with wrestlers and staff around the ring. They have to do something or now. More than ever bully. There's no distinction between the three shows other than the color of lights. There is no difference in atmosphere from raw to annex t the smackdown on Fridays. They have to do something to change this. It was good to have Beth though it was odd at the end of the show during the main event. Keithly it was. It seemed a little odd seemed a little off. I don't know what happened there but technical things are going to happen. So I'M NOT GONNA kill annex t but they have to do something about this atmosphere. It's too cold and there's they still bullied with one exception that. I'm going to bring up in just a second with one exception. They're still playing it out like as if there is a crowd like when the when the wrestlers come out there looking to the left into the right as if there's crowds there. Why stop doing at we all know? There's no crowd you know. Stop going to the second rope and doing poses as if you're posing to an audience because there's no audio you're just reminding us of what's going on. I gotta be honest with you. Bully when I'm watching a w I'm not even thinking about the fact that there's no crowd when I'm watching annex t constant reminders that. They're doing it in an empty room. You said that they're going to have to do something to change right. Yes they're not going to do anything or they're not really thinking about doing anything to change. Do you know why why because from its inception? Annex T on USA was a defensive move and as long as they're playing good enough defense and taking six or seven or eight hundred thousand viewers away from. W that's all they needed to do or wanted to do that. Was the original plan. Let's not give up the night and I see a lot of annex t fans go. Well you know annexed. He was originally on Wednesday night so they didn't really do anything defensively. They were on the network. They were on the wwe network they weren't on USA so yes. Annex T to USA at eight o'clock on Wednesday nights was a defensive move and it's there to make sure that e w cannot swallow up the majority of wrestling fans on that night. Wwe's knocking allow to happen. Their programming is what it is but the VIBE and atmosphere is like I said it's night and day and you know when we come back Dave I'm GonNa give you an example that I think you and other fans might be able to understand when it comes to watching two different shows at the same time in front of sports fans out there. I think they're going to understand it. Soccer is a passion that goes beyond the sport and Sirius. Xm podcast more than a game brings that passion to you you in each episode. Fc's panel of experts take a deep dive into club mysteries. Iconic GROUNDS JANITOR rivalries. And so much more there's nothing like adobe diametrically of new episodes are available weekly by downloading the Pandora and searching more than a gain. It's funny that he's talking about you. Know Knuckle draggers when he's talking about like these like Frago Bilbo Baggins have like feet. That are like ten sizes normal than the normal human being does and their their knuckles are actually dragging on the ground as they walk the thousand miles to get the ring the dump into a lake. We're GONNA have a watch along with me. You and cody watch when this is that this is why cody's and let me tell you. Why because bully and you heard it. I was willing. I said you know what I'll watch. All three of those Shitty lorded ring movies. If you just watch the First Police Academy Movie. Now the Lord of the Rings Movies. The average run time is like two and a half to three hours for each movie. Police Academies Eighty minutes long. He wasn't even willing to bend to watch the First Police Academy movie and I would watch off. Three of the Shitty lorded ring moves. I don't think cody could himself down to watch? Police Academy actually think he would learn something from the academy movies. You know what you learn and you know being a buddy relating to other people you know. Are you want buddy? He relates more to the Lord reigns because he thinks he's like this. You ran out of you stranded island and you can only have one buddy there with you. Do you want it to be cody or Jericho? Jericho wow he just buried cody. No get Chris why Chris you know the say because he I guarantee you text them right now. I guarantee you that he would take police academy overloaded or I just want to know why you want Jericho on the island with you because he would take police academy overlord Ray all right enough about this stupidity. Let me ask you this. I want to get back to a e. W Second Annex T and comparing them back and forth with divider. You're a football fan. Obviously used to work for the NFL channel. Your huge sports fan in general a lot of our fans sports fans football fans if your team is not playing and you're forced to watch another game normally. Cbs has game on and Fox has a game on at the same time correct. Yes if your team is not playing. Which game do you watch the game on? Nbc OR CBS. Whatever or the game on Fox. That whatever whatever's whatever's the better game whatever has the two best teams playing for something. Okay what if? What if? They're two really strong games. Which one which one do you wind up watching? I probably I would probably go for you. Know being a cowboy fan everything probably to hear. Romo with the commentary. I probably kind of gravitate towards CBS. Because I know that Romo's like very entertaining and informative as commentator so I probably gravitate towards that sure you're going to go with the show that's going out of way to entertain you a little more just by what you get then getting on the field correct. Yes you're going to watch the game. The game that grabs you. You don't know why the game grabs you. Maybe because it's a close game. Maybe because it's a you know it's it's a it's a strategic game. Whatever the reason is you're watching something that interests you more because of the intangibles. Yes and that's the same thing with w an annex T it's the intangibles that keep me hanging around. I can only listen to canned commentary for so long. Moro is a big fight. Big match announcer. When I WATCH MORAL CALL. Boxing on showtime he brings so much to the table because he's meant for that role morrow when he's not calling a big fight or a big match is almost to me unnecessary now. He's he's a big match me. He's like he's like a jr where it's like. This match needs a Moro. But I don't need to see I don't need to hear Morrow Pauling the interim cruiserweight classic to me. Just a disconnect especially because. I don't feel like anybody's going out of their way to entertain me or be allowed to entertain me recalling the action in the ring. I'm not quite sure I'm totally invested in an interim championship you. I don't know man anybody as a professional. I'm just talking as a fan all right so this is good because there's a lot of layers to this so this is a really good conversation because you know to. All five live wasn't exactly a show. That was knocking them dead. In the ratings. I don't know if there was a lot of interest in in two. Oh Five Live now. You see that cruiserweight championship. Now you could say one of two things that hey this is going to bring more is because there are great athletes and there's wrestlers that may be a lot of people didn't see that should be seen or you can take it the other way that again. This is from a show. That didn't have a lot of viewers and didn't Garner a lot of interest in it and we've kind of seen a lot of wrestlers from two. Oh Five Live bleed into Monday night raw. And they've been used as I hate to say it. Almost enhancement talent as far as being presented as major superstars. So if that's the case why would you be? Why would you be so invested in a tournament for that championship? They're not many people there that I find myself emotionally invested in right now and I understand with the black plague going on. They have to do the best that they can. At any given moment to put on the best show great that doesn't mean I can be emotionally invested in these characters and you brought up to five live and as a reminder to everybody when was two. Oh Five Live. It's most successful Dave. It was when Enzo was a part of their roster and today but that is the truth. Too Bad it's the truth. I don't care whether people bitching and moaning about Joe. Screw ends this and do that too. Oh Five Live did its highest ratings and was the most watchable when the character. Ngo Amaury was on there. Because you wanted to see. Joe Get his ass kicked with these guys on two zero. Five Live with the interim interim cruiserweight championship. Yes I get it. It's exciting in ring wrestling right now. If I'm watching and inciting in ring wrestling match give me one or two with them. But then give me some other stuff throughout the show Tony Ferguson. And Justin Gates. He faced off for interim lightweight gold at USC to forty nine Joint Sirius Xm fire nation this Sunday at noon eastern proposed five reaction and analysis from Jimmy Smith and RJ. Clifford will not derail. Ferguson's chance to face the undefeated puppy Maeda undisputed champion. This is this is my find out on your home for him. May Sirius. Xm Channel. One fifty six. You know we're going to get into a lot of what we saw last night on both shows and you know again bullying. I start off about the overall shows in the atmosphere. We're going to do that every Thursday. Because you know we're we're GonNa talk about these shows so we want to give an overall vibe of how we felt about the shows when it comes to annex t and this happened right off the bat bully. I really love what they did at the start at show and that is with the tournament and Shane Strickland. Swerve Scott exte- first of all. I think he's extremely talented. I'm glad that they're finally kinda utilizing him and even more so than how talented he is and how much I like him in the ring. I loved what he did last night and annex t raw and smackdown needs to do more of this if you go back and watch when he was coming to the ring coming down at entrance ramp. He wasn't doing it like everybody else has been doing it the last two months instead of like doing it like as if he was doing it in front of a live audience or of a full arena. He was looking into the camera. He was playing up to the camera and then when the match was over and he won. Kudos TO ANNEX T. They interviewed him right outside of the ring. Kind of like the conversation. You and I had bullied that I thought they would should do. More of what the NWEA does with having the interviews at the podium or commentator table. That's what they did with. Shane Strickland last night and he was looking out at the blank walls. He was looking right into the camera and I was like wow now. They're starting to learn and now they're starting to take advantage and evolving in the current situation. And unfortunately that's the only time they did that the rest of the night. All the honor other interviews were just like they normally are back stage and all the other wrestlers that entered the arena. We're looking out as if there was a live crowd but Kudos to that opening segment and Co and Kudos to swerve Scott when a wrestler is talking right. Now there's only I'd say three people. They should be talking to three objects. One of them would be the interviewer the other person. So if one of the backstage interview is asa question you talk to them if you're if you're having a conversation with another wrestler you talk to them and then if you're out there and you're not addressing anybody you should be looking down the barrel of that camera because you're playing to your audience. Who's at home? There is nobody in the arena. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa see people playing up to People that are not there. I don't WanNa see the use of microphones anymore. I don't like the microphones. I want the wrestling products that are on. Tv Right now to acknowledge the Times that we're living in and you don't have to acknowledge the times by acknowledging corona virus or anything like that but may give the product a feel that's representative of what you just brought up the Nwea you with the NWEA on power. You have the people there in the background. But everybody's playing to one another. Everybody is reacting and reacting to one another. And that's what I want from an X. T. and W. last night you know there was. There was a shot backstage of Johnny Gargano. Kansas Laurey Kansas and the two other girls the girl that Kansas beat kc Cannizzaro and the interaction was between the four of them and the medical assistant. That was there. That's the way I want to see the interaction amongst each other. I don't need to see you playing to anybody else. Because there's nobody else there. And this is why. Go back to. The microphones the microphones to me and I know Dreamer said the other day. Well you know with technology and the sound better on TV. Yeah I get. It clipped microphones. To people's gear the microphones and the playing up to new arena when when wrestlers come out there to me comes across as a bit insulting. Because we know there's nobody there I'm right here. I'm in my seat. I'm in the three hundred section right here. Play to me. Look down the barrel and cut down the Ba- cut the promo to me at home or like drew. Mcintyre did the other day when he looked at he said. I'm talking to you. So and so whoever the hell he was talking to. I know you're watching the back so this is for you. I WANNA stare into that wrestlers is. I want just concentrate on his face. I don't remember Kevin Nash. One Time said to me why you wear glasses out there. I said I didn't even I didn't even. I don't remember what my answer was. But I remember Kevin saying if they can't see your eyes they can't see into your soul. Damn what a lesson to learn. Nice Kevin. Thank you for teaching me. That they can't see into your eyes and in turn. I wound up using that exact promo on hope. One time daring him to take off his glasses point being I wanna see into a wrestler's is because that makes me feel emotion when you say you see the look and somebody. Oh my God did you see the look in his eyes. Did you see the look in her eyes? The eyes are the eyes of the windows to the soul. You could tell by looking through. Somebody's is if that Promo really means something to them. That's why I want them to look in the camera. And that's why I love Isaiah Scott last. I actually tweeted like this guy. I want this guy in the main event. Why because he talked to me last night bully he all right interesting. Talk to me. I love that. Yeah he right into that camera with emotion and with fire and with passion. I saw his eyes. Like you just said this is like I didn't even think of that until you just mentioned it. You're right. That is the window into the soul. I saw that is as I didn't see that from anybody else but I saw it from him and I love that they did. They did it later on in the show with Drake Maverick but I love to Isaiah. Scott took advantage of that and he did it not just in an interview after the match but before the match the way he approached a ring by not looking out into this vast wasteland of just emptiness that's that performance or or the full sail. He looked into the camera. He looked right into the camera as he was going down that entrance. Ramp gotta give Kudos to to impact wrestling. 'cause that's the same way that the wrestlers on impact wrestling are entering the ring on. Tuesdays. They're not looking to their left or the right as the wrestlers. Come down the entrance ramp. They're looking right into the camera. It's amazing to me that a w an impact are picking up on these little things. That is really kind of driving their product home and the wwe. That I guess so. Used to the big production bullying and the pomp and circumstance. And the bells and whistles are really lagging behind in adjusting to this new world that we're living in. I wonder if there's just too much other things to worry about within the world of. Wwe right now than the nuances of the product. They know they're going to put raw on USA. They know they're gonNA put smackdown on Fox. I think the wwe might be in a holding pattern. I don't get that feel with a e. W I get the feel that W is still trying to go out there every single week and knock it out of the park where this fans there are no fans. That's the VIBE that I get. I'm not telling you that you have to feel that way. People that are listening right now as a fan. That's what I as a professional. That's what I see. I know what going through the motions looks like and I know what going for the jugular looks like. I'm not saying talent is going through the motions and the wwe. I'm saying that it feels like the storytelling and the product in general is in a holding pattern right now. I don't see anything. That's knocking my socks off. That's got me really invested. Yes I am excited to see the money. In the bank climb the corporate ladder ladder match at the Stanford at Titans Tower that? Because that's you know it's going to be interesting. I've never seen that before. I WanNa see if there's a fight inventors office I WANNA see if somebody gets their head stuck in vincis toilet. Were some kind of chicanery like that. I want to see if they shoot it like a movie like they did with. Aj and take her. I'm emotionally invested in that. I know that's going to be entertaining in some way shape or form when it comes to that match right there. Do I think they went through the Mo are going through the motions absolutely not. There's some outside of the box thought put in that when I watch W I see every single week that they try as hard as possible to absolutely win. They are trying to win win win with Annex T. I get the feeling that they're trying to prevent a e w from winning and I can understand that vibe and listen. Some wrestlers have taken advantage of it. Some personalities have taken advantage of it. We talked about on on on Monday about or I'm sorry on Tuesday with Selena Vega like how she's kind of being the MVP of Monday night raw because she's taking of the situation and she's knocking out of the park. I just mentioned swerve Scott. I think he took advantage of this situation. Any knocked it out of the park. But it does feel creatively in the whole vibe of the show that it's just going through the motions almost like you keep saying like a holding pattern until we get past this situation. Well we don't know when we're getting past the situation so you have to take advantage of the situation that you're in and aws taking advantage of the situation that they're in and the wwe machine is so big that they can stay in a holding pattern. It's like one of those giant seven forty sevens that has enough fuel to circle the airport for two or three hours before it lands. I'm not quite so sure with a. W If if that's the same thing they're big jet but they might have a smaller tank and I'm not talking about money wise. I'm talking about what they need to do. Perception Wise Awa is still a brand new company. They need to go out there and knock it out of the park every week. They have to stay on the tips of wrestling fans tongues. Awa can't sit back right now. They're two new. They have to keep slugging away. And I think that they're doing a pretty good job. Even when they're giving us the stupidest shit you could possibly think of an e w gave some stupid shit last night and annexed. He gave me some stupid shit last night. And I know stupid shit. I like better your home for all things. Combat Sports is Sirius. Xm fire nation. Start Your Day with Hall of fame. Pro Wrestling talk on busted. Open these men and women that bill the business. Then the Aachen barracks keeps you up to date on all things boxing. Boxing is the fear of young expect. Loop Thomas has you covered for mixed martial arts. Joe Rogan is the most important influence all the fight name broken down like nowhere else only on Sirius. Xm FIGHT NASCENT. One fifty six first of all really good job by Shivani and Jericho. Abo- tional and you know and obviously playing up to both sides adding to the story that now is like hey man should have through an F freaking towel. You didn't and now it costs dust in a bad beating at the hands of Lance Archer. Abacha was probably going to lose anyway but also to your heard the crowd and what I say the crowd. It's the you know dozen people that are around the ring but she here. You heard noise. You're heard you know you heard shouts like throw the talent idiot like you. You know that adds to the vibe of what's going on in the ring so think about that. You're hearing crowd now. Is it a big crowd is it? Auroras crowd is like you know five thousand people at once chanting. No but you heard like something like throwing the towel you like. What a fan would yell and scream from ringside of an arena. It adds to the story it adds to the match it adds to the environment. I think that sound that we just heard coming back from break kind of sums up the vibe for eighty w they were able to create in the finish last night that same kind of vibe and feel that rocky and Apollo creed created when when Yvonne Drago was about to destroy Apollo and Apollo and rocky had that moment. Where do I throw in the towel or don't I throw in the towel and the look from Apollo creed to rocky? That's what they did last night. That was good storytelling. I liked it too. I think they missed a beat absolutely and I'll tell you what it was. They missed the same damn beat that they missed with. Mj FS bloody scarf last night when that towel when when when Dustin dragged in the towel I'm sorry when Lance dragged Dustin back in and Dustin how to hold of the towel that's where land should've took the white towel and got all of the blood on it and threw it right at cody. Here is your blood. Your brother's blood now. It's on your hands. Then do the finish. They missed the opportunity with the towel. A great storytelling point. A great moment time something that they could've replayed even if they just replay it next week or whenever we get the finals of Archer and cody. They could've slow motioned Lance Archer taking the bloody towel of Dustin Rhodes and slow motion throwing. It took cody. And Cody. Having to catch the white towel and look at his brother's blood and then the one two three or tap out of the one-two-three with the With the Iron Claw on top. Another tiny missed moment in time that I think could have meant a lot. More to the final between cody and Archer and I like it and they set it up perfectly because land starter. Lance Archer grabbed the towel from him. Saying you know what now. I'm you know there's no decision for you to make any more you hesitated. You made the decision now. You don't have that decision anymore. I love that Lance Archer. Did that but that would have been a great exclamation point that he would've taken that towel and just shoved it right and cody's face that would have been a good visual that you can played again and again over time. And I love that Lance Archer used that iron claw I mean Lance Archer man. They are doing wonderful things with Lance Archer rights right now and. I'm really looking forward to that finals of that. Tnt Championship tournament. Because I think cody Lance Archer. The story is already been. The foundation. Was set by Jake. The Snake Roberts. But I think we're going see that final match. I think it's going to be a great one. You are emotionally investment invested in that final match. Correct yes is it. What is it more about right now? Is it about archer destroying Dustin and Cody's involvement or? Is it about the championship? No it's about about the championship right now. Not To me while the story is now trumping the championship that they came up with in this interim because of corona virus so they would have some legs on TV some matches some story for but the issue between cody and Archer is now. Listen when Jake I debuted he cut the Promo on cody? There's you're beginning. The middle was last night. And now we're going to get our end. What is any any good story has a beginning? A middle and an end to cohesive beginning middle and an end and now I'm more interested in the Codey match against Lance because of the personal issue then I am the championship and much. Like cody has done. Since all in it's it's about the the personal issue actually all in as a bad example because it was about a road rage regaining the championship. All other cody's all of Cody's other angles and stories have been about personal issues and personal issues to me trump championships. Yeah and I'm an old school championship guy bully and you know what they're showing you can have both you want this story it's K- it's like it's you know what it's like it's like ric flair and dusty Rhodes. Yes it's about ten pounds of gold. There's no doubt about it. But you had to polar opposites that were clashing together in the story that they were able to tell like you said ultimately the goal is that championship. But it's the story that they're telling that gets you to buy in and I'm buying in right now to lance archer. In Cody Rhodes. Let's go back out to the very busy phones in the busted open nation. Let's go out to dusty in Louisiana. Dusty. What's going on with happening sellers. Last night wasn't just great shit from E W it was fantastic. I mean from everything from those two Texas Bulls Dustin Lance Archer to Don Nelson. Promo of call. You're damned grandmother but there was something mess I would've loved to have seen 'EM J. not favorite superstar. I would have loved to have seen more from his rats house and speaking of which speak as long as you and later the Greg I've been married. Divorced should be a letter. How in the world did you not know all these years? She's owned another house. What did he talk? That's that's that's fricking rude. What do you mean that she owns another house referring to your wife as a rat? That's focused on Justin. Because he's still there that's the I said Justin Dusty. That was terrible. That's not cool Dick. Let's go out. Let's go out to will in Long Island. What's going on well? I don't even know what that was. But whatever simply say hey you know what? Hey really quick. Will you know bully you and I kind of like the bring the personal stuff into the show because the nation's family and then you're going to get people to kind of ruin it for everybody but go ahead buddy anyway know? It's so funny that you were talking about how Jericho and Shivani are really carry. The Brca I tell you I don't even know why it was. Why like it so much but when they abuse Pineapple Pete. I just think it's hysterical. And what he calls them ski of own. I think even better. I don't know why like it's so ridiculous but it's it's it's hysterical especially the Pineapple Pete. I want to punch him in the face. The shirt I hate that guy. Whatever it is. It's it's comedy and it's just. It's so much better than what the other that. Don't go ahead. Bali Jericho is doing right. Now is very campy eighties stuff. But because it's Chris Jericho doing it. It's working the goofy year. He is the more works last week. I told you the moreover you are the more stupid shit you can get away with. Imagine somebody else. Who wasn't nearly as over Chris. Jericho saying and doing all of this Chris Jericho stuff. It's not gonNA work. It's not gonNa work at all one. Should remember Dave. I was telling you about the ozzy concert when Ozzy botched an entire song and then he said that was horrible. We're going to do the song again. And the entire place popped. Because you're is that you can get away with anything you want. If that was a younger ban an botched oh my God you up you up even younger guy. Botches they get they get killed an older guy botches and you know what he does something in the place gives him a standing ovation and will. Thanks so much for the phone call. But here's where it's like a double edged sword. Thanks will here. Here's where it's a double edged sword bully because you and I both like what triple h. Vince McMahon did Shawn Michaels at the end the smackdown. This past Friday life thought I loved it like you saw something that you don't normally say. They made fun of themselves. They kind of took advantage of the situation. The way the show signed off I thought was perfect. Everybody hated it and everybody should on it. It's it's just like I guess I go back to what you say. Aws has a lot more freedom to be able to do this stuff and get away with it then the wwe way now what they did with you know with the that newlywed That newlywed family feud game from last night. Newly throw show who libro show like. It just wasn't funny to me. It just went on too long. It wasn't funny. I thought the atmosphere of it was terrible now. Not Everything's going to be a home run but it to me. That was a swing and a miss but what they did on Friday night. I thought was great but nobody liked it. Nobody appreciated it. I think in a lot of ways A. W. has the freedom to do some things creatively and the wwe. It's almost like they're damned if they do. And they're damned if they don't I know with me. They're not damned if they do and damned if they don't 'cause I will never. I will never be harsh with criticism. Unless you've done something that makes me be harsh with my criticism. I know what I like. I know what I don't like as a fan and I know what works and what doesn't work as a professional. I've been around stuff enough stuff that worked and has not worked and I've been involved in a couple of things that did not work despite all of our efforts when I see what I saw last night with what next he tried to do was be goofy entertaining like a e w is doing with like inner circle stuff or any of the other goofy entertaining stuff. They might be doing it. It didn't click with me and I'll tell you what we got about. Forty five minutes left in show call right now. Eight seven seven three four four four eight nine three if you liked the newly bro show. Please call in. We'll put you right to the front of the line. Tell us what was entertaining about it. Tell us what you like. We want to hear positive responses from fans. We keep putting people on the phone that I love. They eat W I love to eat. W great where are fans calling and saying they loved annexed tate? I want those people onto because even though like aws kind of dominated the ratings war between the two shows you would have to say bully more than ever. It's neck and neck. Annex t after coming at a Wrestlemania one two weeks in a row and then annexed got back on top. But they're pretty close in the numbers so as good as he w I think has been annexed still win the fight so there are people that are choosing annex t over eighty. W now is it because they're used to wwe product but there's gotTa Be People Act out there that just prefer an xt over. W So I WANNA find out why and you know. I love what they did with swerve. Scott at the beginning of the show but nothing else on that show really resonated to me. Tell me why am wrong. I I love to hear it easily. Pay keithly and Damian. Priest was a big man mattress. Right was it was a good match shorter. Wait and it was a good match right. It was a good match any any. Was there anything else very memorable from last night? That you like wow. I can't wait to talk about that on the show today. Now the the only thing was and it didn't even have anything to do with the match was just swerve. Scott with the interview and the entrance outside of that there was nothing that really like grabbing. Like boy I can't wait to talk about this. Would bully even even Drake Maverick from last night? Now I loved the story with Drake. Maverick and I love the fact that you know it sounds like and it looks like he's fighting for his professional life and unless there's some kind of big swerve that's going to happen at the end of this tournament It's it's not the same drake WBAP that I saw on social media because the trait maverick got social. Media was him doing ham and not the wwe doing him left to his own devices. He got himself over more than wwe could just back to the stupidity for one. Second the Manitoba Malay Lou regna was on a e w last night dust McCain was on a e w last night I know there was a bunch of other stars in that in that in that segment that I probably didn't know but they took the don't rush challenge. That seems to be the hot thing on social media right now. And they put the inner circle spin on it and they come up with the Manitoba Melee and all the sudden. Here's the incredible hulk. Lou Ferrigno at a fricking tasers during the melee. Give me a break people. That's that's such good shit. Corey Taylor was corey tale from slipknot. Like it's like I'm looking at the blue for it. I mean it doesn't get any better than Lou Lou Ferigno you're like Holy Shit sloop rigged. Oh peppering peppering these. They peppered in Corey. Taylor they peppered in lieu freak. No they peppered and Duff Mackay Gin. It's like you see your holy crap. Was that Lou Ferigno and before you know what he's done and you find yourself caught up in the incitement that. Oh my God. The incredible hulk was just didn't matter Topa Malay. They're not overdoing it. It's not like hey we have loo- we're going to try out him out here and he's going to be a big star and challenged for the championship and then we're going to release them three weeks three months later. I'll octane Velazquez both Jay and silent Bob as I mean like you know I mean. Come on like that if you didn't laugh and you didn't pop for some people that you saw and then the way ended with Vickie Guerrero and and You know Jericho covering his ears. Like that was was just fun and again making fun of what's going on right now with everybody doing the things on social media and the again the word is fun. They're having fun. They're not ignoring it. Just feels like annex. Let's ignore every it's almost like they're having like a big meeting before the show and like somebody's saying let's ignore everything that's going on. Let's put on. We're going to do us right now. We're going to do us. You know. Forget about everything that's going on in the world. Don't acknowledge it. Let's forget it you know. Come on guys focus. We need we need all of you to focus right now. Let's do us and that's what they're doing but I'm sorry when you're going through what we're going through right now. You can't just go through the motions. You have to have some fun with it and when it came time to being serious we got cody and Darby Alan. And we got Dustin and Lance Archer. Regatta are serious matches that had a story and meant something. The finish of cody and Darby made sense. The finish of Lance and dusted made sense. I know we got one or two other matches last night but those were the two that stood out to me the most. Yeah we're getting a great like I always talk about the buffet but I want my buffet to have different items. Not just different dishes. You can only prepare chicken so many different ways. It's still chicken with E W. I'm getting a little bit of chicken a little bit of beef a little bit of Franken pork pork. You gotTa have the pork. That's where all the flavors I you know what? I'm GonNa miss the buffets 'cause after this is all said and done I don't think people are GonNa go to phase anymore not a big buffet guy. Oh I love dreamer big buffet. Trimmer big big dreamer. Eight pieces of Sushi one time almost got dine poisoning. Yes it is. That fascinate eighty eight pieces of Sushi. At an all you can eat Sushi. Place went home and he started to turn brick and salmon pink because he ate too much iodine. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty. Six busted open podcast.

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