FARGO SEASON 4 - Double Toasted Audio Review


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Now, that is the same structure that started this whole series that was found in the movie. Original Movie Fargo did that movie to come at Ninety four. Six mid-nineties long time ago but that's where it all began. In the coal coal city of Fargo. where? One man, all these different stories. Started with one man who simply wanted to kidnap his wife to get some mysterious. Easy right. Kitten her dad, he's real. Well so why don't you just ask him for the money? These are personal matters personal matters. Jerry I don't know what to do. It's my white we gotta talk. Geez, it's. Terrible. No that was solid tight right there he won't go fuck off. He was GonNa get away with that. You slow, clever. So insanely. Funny Yeah Movies. It's Dark but is. Dark. Yeah I'm sorry somebody got killed. But when somebody's fucking just over and over again is getting deeper and deeper. Yeah. Yeah. When you got the main guy who's the mastermind fucking up but then you got the criminals who with him, who they aren't the sharpest guys either when you get Steve Buscemi the. Dirty you already fucked up and dead I peter stormer. Did. Neither one of not doing. White Trash pennywise. Turtle Nickel really. Hard. Criminals you don't go to dollar general for you don't. pennywise Porn Moustache. Moustache. That's the youngest. He's ever been he. Yeah. It really. Yeah. That's what I was thinking. But In the series. Well let me just say more specifically episode are season four of Fargo and season four things take a turn because that's what's been going on with all of these these these these these last series series, one three, it was following that structure and it was following the theme of the these these people who just dumb ass criminals. I mean, even when you have gangsters in gangster families, you see within them all their flaws even the top people. And some of almost like cartoon character. Yeah. Yeah and it sounds kind of crazy. You pitch it that way because it's pretty hysterical man but in season four. This time this moves more away from Fargo and goes into something else that the creators the Coen brothers did this a little bit more like it's going into Miller's crossing territory three. Fray filial. Do. Shoot his. Looking. Shut Him. Up. Some sleep. Squirrel up give the. Shit. That horse. But. The biggest thing that Pete People's curiosity. With this one. because. There's a lot of different not only we starting to get into more gangsta stories and it does feel like he's gangsters on exactly the dumbest people that we've seen in the past Up in. Fargo Yeah Kansas and North Dakota Kansas City Missouri and. The thing that peaked people's interest the most. was. Damn Chris. ROCK LOOK SERIOUS YEAH This confused people the Casting of Chris Rock and people like well, you know Fargo it is a black comedy. To get attended black COMEDIANS. New. This could use probably more labs. You know the the comedy stylings of Dirac right here. But Chris. Rock saying Nothing funny about me here. Not Today. Today I am. A dramatic actor. Through this whole thing I'm not gonNA crack a joke I'm not running on crack a smile. Hopefully when it's all done, I'll even scare the Shit Outta some people. Going to, be mess. With All laughing all these years. y'All. Laughing at me Plato's over. In this Chris Rock Wisey so serious because he plays the head of a crime organization, they're a black crime organization that hopes to gain territory in Kansas City already controlled by the Italians. The two groups about start awards somehow involves a whole bunch of crazy people including an insane killer nurse. Care Nibbling Ranger. To Lesbian Fugitives Hey, we ain't done yet. So there there's so much more I'll tell you what because you're looking at this and you think in men this is okay. Now the Fargo I know this is deviating. Way, too much away from. What I know Fargo to be. From what made it popular. Some people are saying, well, you know what? How long can you keep the same themes up? Awful one welcome change. Those changes worth. Scare some fans away again, nunes was going to take a look at the trailer for Fargo Season Four. Eleven episodes. I saw nine and these guys saw some. We'll see we. Not have engaging combat. Sure which we will do right after this. Sure about this. You remember what happened in Irish Talion did a pass. Future. They just don't know. Where the Goddamn, Roman Empire. Still controlled trucking US railroad. You met my daughter, your daughter, the one and only. Now a CEO said. We need to move now. Heads on straight. Transition of. Power. Enjoy. Decorative. Warrants, the other. This. Is America Sir last time I checked not Soviet Russia. Teaching how the world works in House that has dog so dogs work. A more complicated Benny's Zimmer's little chicken pattern. I've had a world class day. Holy Christmas. Trying to. Help Myself. For years and years what the devil a youtube are to pay that money has been being outlaws. Do a lot of man's curb. Panel Hey. Man. With this be the place said Duggan. Skip to the chase and. He liked to set up. Along the punchline. Good, you tell. Our Good Man. Always acting so Humphrey Bogart's talk. I'm going to slow pump some babies into your daughter one at a time and twice on Sundays. From Minnesota Land of a thousand lakes. Says April right here. Because it was supposed to premiere in April but. That pandemic came. And they push. Yeah. So inconvenient but. I'll tell you one thing that does. Remain. Intact with this. Is. There are is my it might not be easy to notice in the beginning, but this still are a lot of domes- characters. Dome as characters you wouldn't recognize it just get a little time but right at the beginning those gangsters man. Those. Gangsters that look so tough that looks scary. Don't let this shift for you that fucked up to one. That's one of the reasons why they can't succeed they got. They got the stupid. Ritual. Of keeping the peace where the room, the two warring sides and they do some. The Greek show stumping. And they swap. Sons, they swapped their kids youngest son the youngest son has they swapped the youngest sons and after exchange and go live with families. Why? Because they feel like that would store that would keep the peace even though it never works. Showcase said at the beginning of the. First ten minutes of the show and just show you how no matter what. New Mafia rule. A Mafia syndicate comes in, they trade their sons and they just used as a way to like on another family going there shoot each other Trojan horse. You'd think that after the first time it broke down, it'd be like all right. Well, we're not doing this anymore. That's done. They're not GonNa do it again I'd. Done. Shit is stupid man. The reason why it doesn't work because this is supposed to be a code. A code that they follow to keep the peace but that's why the fucking criminals because they don't follow code they have no. They don't follow anything. No honor among thieves at some point. Somebody's GONNA decided like Shit by the LOT WANNA do. Everything, all that about honoring codes. That's just a myth that was built up by the Godfather exactly exactly romanticized. And it's I mean. It's really ridiculous the levels that they go to. 'cause. I'm looking at one thing that they. That they do here. So the when the black mafia comes in led by Chris Rock is characterized is called. What's his characters call Loy Cannon? Yeah. When he's scared to comes in he traces. His son go live with the Italian family. That's like what the fuck major thing that was going to work at all. Attallah's at least these Gangsta as Italians don't even have in black pets. Black cats and dogs, but you're going to go ahead with a black human house. That was never going to work at all from the beginning and they do them dirty. But I, get into that a little bit and how do you look your kid in the face? Like. Yeah I'm. Telling you got traded to another team, but you'll be back when I don't know what I decide when things work out. Yeah, exactly. Man. This shit never works man. You know. They they keep going with this tradition on. So whatever you know never it's never been proven to work. So I'm just Kinda like okay. So maybe the not as Goofy, some the other characters that we saw, but they are completely stupid i. mean the moment shall keeps us going is never worked for decades fuck Mickey things they'll start working today. which is most hated enemies. They never interfaces. They've never addressed the mess. Sir. Now, our friend, they always say what's up spook? Like just saying hello to somebody. But the the biggest question is. How's Chris Rock and this? Another everybody like okay yeah. Yeah I've Seen Fargo just. The wildcard. Cool Yeah and then some people he was how bad Chris Rock come on man it'd be real now domino's have been trying to protect your boy. I'll tell you. It was weird for me because a completely serious Chris rock that's almost like talking about an exotic animal. A completely serious. Chris. Rock I've never seen one of those. What are they like? Those are only in stories. Yeah. It's the big foot of acting. Yeah Man. You know. If a little out of place. To me if I, let me get you guys and your opinion because thing is is his voice man. You know he's got that voice. It's just really hard to take seriously because you just heard him to be funny with them for thirty years. For. Thirty. Yeah maybe he's just told too many jokes. With that voice. But you can't let them and grow. I'm just mounted you what I hear. You're waiting for that punch line. Look you can't let Superman, Sherlock Holmes. Don't come. Also From, less than a week ago. Like what you say you are. You asking you see what you see I hear what I hear. You. 'CAUSE I. Hear it man this is. The voice that makes you wanNA, laugh man. I mean, look. y'All know it is like even with the. The bank with with him here is that. He's just He's out of place because he's around people that just better than him. And really coming out about Chris Rock and movies where he's been. Even trying to be serious there. Even Chris Rock is about to die. People Laugh ask off man doesn't know about it felt for his crackhead ass new Jack City at all even when he was begging for his life. Oil started killing. The building gone. Crazy. Tom, I see him I mean I really do I expect you expect a joke and every time I know I'm laughing but I knew exactly what you mean because I've felt that way through a lot of his performances and other yes. When he's trying to be serious and it's just like, yeah, I'm just so used to hearing that voice tell a joke. S. It's that way with some comedians who just nailed the dramatics like in a way you go. Wow I can't believe you did that and there's some who every time they try to get dramatic. It's like Yep. I'll wait for the joke. Yep Wow. I. Guess. Odd Man. Out I didn't think he was amazing and then a couple of episodes I saw but I thought it was holding his own like there was never moment I was like, Oh, I don't believe in for a second like I felt like he had some emotional scenes that really worked from his debut when he was like I'm a serious actor. Yellow put. Maybe. Guys like shook. You See. Is like, okay no, it is like when he? When he scouting like that? I'm fine. You know we can just keep that scowl up then I I'm good with that. But the moment like he star smiling in this like I'm trying to find a scene because throughout most of this, he he really is very serious. Yeah and I think it works better when he is that serious. But airtime mannered teeth. Time I hear the voice and I, just feel like. I said we. Just never crossed my mind when I was watching him in those in those first couple episodes I I was like, wow, I was actually kind of impressed that he was holding his own some of these other people who are yes or better than him but he I didn't think he did a bad job any of those things and I thought he he be sold the dramatic elements, the dialogue that he was given. You you'd let me finish I'm sorry I apologize. As I was trying to say I felt like Corey with Chris Rock's dramatic performances up until this one this is one where I was with you where I was like you know what I'm not feeling like he's about to tell a joke. He's being more serious and I buy him. This is probably his best performance as far as that goes and it is with him being stern and. Keeping, held in. Now have a lot of range and whenever he's when I go like Chris Rock Keesa, he's a better actor I think he's GonNa be, alright. Until he's in a scene with Glenn termine. What I was GonNa say when he was a real actor like just put the two of them together and it's like yeah okay. Wow. The differences that's flaring exactly. We're going to say when he's there with Glenn term he steals every scene from him because he's a better actor Glenn Term Plays Dr Senate in is he has to play older wiser gangster here and he's trying to actually keep everybody in line. You know he's the guy that's running really run the business behind the scenes you know and And is just that kind of character combined with that kind of that. The character has combined with a season actor. Yeah. I'm just like all right. Yeah. Man You know your weaknesses really show when you around him now that being said. Chris Rock still has a lot of work to do, but it's work that I truly encouraged man because he is he this like you said, Martin he this is the best he's ever been. You know I. He shows Great Promise. Great Promise Man. You know I don't know if there's just like. I don't know deep down Assad Chris Rock is just the angry person because when he? Because when he serious in this he is. He. Really is that when he's at his best, there's even points here where he he gets pretty intimidating and he he gives some great speeches. As a as as it goes on C. You guys you like them here. I liked them I'd have a problem with them but once you start getting because you saw what to episode to have two and a half nine episodes. So I was able to watch on nine of them. When you start getting episode five stuck in episode six when he has to go in and start telling people to fuck with me, he has he does it to. People that Oh, him money he does it to his family. There's a great speech here. He tells his wife straight up take that Goddamn coat off you don't pay for Shit around here. What'd you get that cold from WHO pays the food around here? What you think we're going to get rich stay rich by being nice. Ain't talk shit to mother-in-law to the mother talk about. You like Oh your Highness. You GotTa Room with a view. When you take that came from you. Know I was like God Dow. Chris Rock is laying down. Okay. I look forward to see that because I can tell you that. You talked about comedy I mean there's little bits of comedy here was like the biggest the funniest thing to me so far in these two episodes I've seen is that The head of the two families, the Italians and the and the and the and the black gangsters guess rocking, Jason. Schwartzman. The least intimidating guys I've seen so far. Chris Rock. He gets later on down the line. I don't want to spoil too much. Let me just say this he lays it down mentally and physically. Okay stuff fuck us. Okay. It. I I was thinking the same thing I was like that's another reason why when he's with Lynn termine you, you'd think like this guy, he doesn't one really pulling the strings around here because Chris Rock Leila's doing shit oh no. No Chris Rock. There's points where he walks into people's houses and tells them straight up you owe me. and. If you don't, you can pay what you life are. You can get more money some other way, and I was like fuck I believe this. Well, it's one of these things where I'm watching it and to episodes like. Two and a half episodes in. And, of course, the the black gangsters are the underdogs. So you kind of. But as a point I had to stop and go like wait. All these people are criminals don't don't any don't know don't don't do that and. Ruin for anybody I'm rooting for Chris Rock in this role because I was like I'm impressed by the end of it still has more work to do but I was really impressed. Now it could be I just saw a picture him fucking hooked out and got ads and everything. You know maybe maybe that affected me. But I I bought into. This is crazy all these over fifty comedians getting all swollen up and strong. Thing, but you know it it I'm sure it's nice to be able to afford a personal trainer. nutritionist everything else does that nearby this we just. Let carrot top PUCK. He didn't turn pets. Wants carrot top got strong by. Get the program to you can get yo ass by carrot top. Well I. Think it's probably more of like all right. We're getting attacked more stage for the jokes we tell. So we gotta be ready to. Year Yeah. So a lot of people even know that that was a dude. People thought that was a chick. Nicole Bass, or something she worked out so much. disappeared. I tell you and plus. I've always. About that Chris Rock at the potential to be. Somewhat of a more serious actor because I know he's kind of spire to that. You know he did nurse Betty and even said in his bed out I was. He said, I'm not really ready for this I could tell when he did top five which I liked I enjoyed it. He directed that and he wrote it and there are moments in he's being Chris Rock. So he's being funny but I can see glimpses of where he's like I really don't want to be a black woody Allen right now. I don't feel like doing funny movies anymore. I don't feel funding some of that stuff with your towns interview. I just want a decent story. You give me a couple of really honest things. I will be more than fair just as Chelsea Brown, she's doing a story on me. No snitch it. Was a I thought it was a pretty decent lead man net to not again not perfect, but you're not great but you know decent. No I'm with I'm with you on this man I think Chris Rock is actually pretty good in this. Yeah. I mean even because they do present the the the blacks, a criminal syndicate as underdogs but you you do feel for them especially because unlike dishman character who is I mean? Yeah, he's. He's kind of Goof as well. You could tell us like you should not be in this position. Of Power I mean I think they make that obvious but I but they do present Chris Rock's character in a positive light especially how he interacts with the son of the when he gets them like like before they go to the house and we're kids see his mother again when he gets on that kids level and like speaks to him as a human being. So that was the warmth. I really bought that they show two different sides of him as actually three different size the businessman we actually cares about his family and community. The father which I really enjoyed, and also the criminal element. So it's that was a good balance. So far of a of a pretty solid performance Nah Nah if you like what you saw. In the two episodes saw. You're going to like him a lot more. Grown Fargo is never let me down. Yeah. He grows into that. He actually grow to that character kick Chris. Rock is is very strong when he actually has to, you know be very intimidating which he does get to a certain point. Now I don't think the writing is a strong. Later on as the other. Series before it because it, the things you didn't see yet is that What you saw a glimpse of it episode one maybe it was episode two. There's a long as Fart, joke? In there. Did you see this? Yeah. So all right, you know whatever you know let that slide it was therefore particular reason but. As it goes on. There's another. Ten Minute Long Gag. With nothing but farts, well, there's nothing but fars, there's a little bit more to it, but it could probably work but it's every far that you've heard from. Every sound effect catalog. In every show on TV, they went through all of them it wet far draft far squeaky farts with this one care to WHO's having some stomach trouble I'm just like all right you know. Could this be done without all of that and it could, and then you even think like man, I know the Coen brothers are not really involved in this I'm sure producers and whatnot because names on it, but you just can't help but feel like. They wouldn't sink this low with that. You know they did a really does feel out of place for something like this you know these. These these these shows are so good because of the bizarre characters that come in in the situation they get into a lot of humor comes from that. You know a lot of it comes from the very dark humor in the absurd. Yeah. And so for them to put it in a long as far joke I'm alright. Well, you didn't really need that, but it's done. Go ahead. Tell you I was intrigued though. Because they constantly keep introducing new characters in the new characters they keep introducing, but first of all, start out. Crazy. Characters come in out crazy that last one. Is like. Because, that's what this show trademark of this show is to have some really funny characters some clever characters catchy care for in some very bizarre, outrageous, Karen. And I will say that maybe this one runs the risk of having too many because it can be a little overwhelming because each new crazy character is. A major character then not some you know they're not like a quick cameo in a one off. And they get introduced almost in every episode there's always a new one is there's another one coming into this guy dowse to dealing with this. I gotTA deal with show craze coming in now and for anybody WHO's watching this. It could get a little overwhelming in a way. Because you haven't got to a lot of those crazy characters. The most recent new character is Timothy, Allah Font as the the Mormon Marshall. Yeah Yeah you know and that's see. That's the thing about it though I will say this win the story does start to feel like has been. Overwhelmed with all these wild characters bringing in. These crazy characters still have great performances man that that that that is a hallmark of this. It's the COEN brothers or no holly is that I mean, you know you got the crime in the humor but how beautifully and well, it's shot the attention to detail on the costumes and the sets and the great performances by actor. Yeah and that's what they have here. They got a lot of great performances from a lot of people men even when they seem may maybe like a little too bizarre. I gotta give give it to the actors and actresses man they do a great job and I always fun to watch if not the now if you're not interested in what's happening, you can't help but like continue to like be glued to characters man than a so insane This girl Jessie Buckley Man. I love her she plays the kill nurse. I was talking about Oriana. mayflower where we seen him before. Really. I mean seriously like really I mean I. Know something about I'm just I'm blanking you school me on her man. But you know what? Oh Shit Oh yeah. Yeah. Okay. I didn't realize I was her was rated. Cuss me. To me? Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. No. All right. Sorry but you know what I was. She she she looked very different because she's doing that thing where she's Crookham out. Well, she was she was in a she was just in I was thinking of ending things thinking of ending things which was on Netflix. plus she was in, she was in a tournament. Yeah. That's yeah. Totally different cameras and I don't blame you. That's why I say island you off the. Hook you. You figure out who she is, but I, don't blame you because this girl is such comedian. I mean chameleon. What you be comedian to at this point because she's so good. She's such chameleon man. I gotTA. Tell you. It's just something that's in Yemen go. Here's something completely hot about her with this character that insanity. The craziness she got an. Accident she has his minute that Minnesota accent. The know how you're sure. I thought that at first. But some of the things she's up to that little. Walker, hurts you. Know. I don't know but that will walk Bismuth. Thank man she will just unleash show. In the right place. Like. A praying Mantis as she. She's got their red hair and it's something about. Something about she's got that weird that by attractive she's like like she just had a stroke. Sammy Davis Junior. That mouth that mouth stays on the right side of things. I know he's always talking. About, it does not move. You got a Mr Potato Head, and you just put the mouth over here I'm going to wear. Plus she has some of the best dialogue no. Yes. Yeah. You're right I mean it is. So, often in these the characters. Always, like cartoon characters that somebody breathes enough life into that they become real. Yeah and it works man again you know what? The cool thing about this and I think what attracts people to this is that These. A crime stories that a very violent. Moments where they do have. Drama deep drama that works very well, and they match to come in and fitted with these characters like you say are pretty much cartoons and they walk that balance very well in. Jessie Buckley as. As that insane killer nurse, she's one of them, but again, you just you were so. You were so that the her performance and when you know. When you realize all the other stuff that you've seen her in. It's like Jesus man is this actress Grayton Benny's Zuma's slow chicken powder had a world class day. Holy Christmas. Totally out of fucking mind Oh. Yeah. Yuck I mean just so far stuff she's doing like why? Because he's crazy. Yeah I mean maybe there's a reason why I don't know yet because I'm watched all load even got two more episodes left but yeah man. Well the show is also very unpredictable. No behind to that point where I really do appreciate like, okay. You see all these characters interacting with each other but like, okay, when's it all gonna come to ahead once they're gonNA finally coalesce like this is the final conflict or explosion and figured out and that's what Fargo I think just to such a great job doing all the previous seasons to. Again I think they could get on people's nerves with so many loose ends going about not knowing how they're going to get together. But you know like I said, the characters will keep you there you know Jason Schwartzman. Now he is more along the lines of those Fargo characters the traditional. As. Fargo. Characters. Because he actually carries a little bit of authority with him, you know you see him and is like, all right you know he. As. It goes along. He's trying to run things and you believe he could if he wasn't so obsessed would other bullshit and plus the other thing is that I, don't care how much authority he got. Jason Schwartzman just continues to look like a little boy. Yeah. Look a boy, a little boy in his daddy. Daddy Daddy. I'm the boss. This is my town. On, helping put them out there and play in the playground with even a fucking mustache she got. If they even that don't look real. overcompensating. As they put him in the bag is close to make it look like. Yeah Yeah. Man also got that brother who's undermine their own. Little brother. Brother a little bit. Yeah Man. Yeah me this man ain't grown CPA made it premiere as a teenager Rushmore Deal Know he never changed. Like somebody put a fucking, retina? Sue. Rates. I talk about rattling Jason. Put Him a little. Fantastic. Mr Fox. Yet Timothy. Man. We were talking about him. and. I like his care to let that. He's GonNa play law in for the rest of his life. He says man. He's good at it. So what you GONNA do. Yeah Man. Oh. Where did I put on man because he's a? He's really good. Slips I've gotTA pull. them, up. Oh here. Let me see here. Forgot to pull some of clips up 'cause 'cause they actually really good. when you see them in their performances Timothy Man, he's like. He's like A. He's one of the the more moral people in here but it's discourages fun. He's like A. He's like a bugs Bunny Mormon in here he just goes around. Comes up keeps chewing on you guess you missed he keeps tuna carrots. Yeah. Didn't notice that. Yeah. The way the he doesn't more just going around offering people carrington spitting out proverbs said, but he gets the job done and dusted thing menace it's a I think it's going to be A. Because as Fargo, it's going to be incompetent character and he does say a lot of stupid shit that gets people laughing at him. He's subjects considered armed and extremely dangerous Alpha team Leonard through the main doors Beta team penetrate through the rear. View. No I'm in I'm GONNA fucking by. Nasr. Keep playing. He's He really is one of the. He's one of the the the the few care in here that is really trying to be on the side of Lorraine even though he doesn't. But see that's the thing that I like about this because he says some things he does some things and they even those things seem like on fuck this cop maze pulling net he's pulling neck cops it on people but. When you realize you're dealing with people who all somehow even the most innocent people. Have a small typical. Dipped in criminality. Yup. Is like you have to rule you have to root for the the. The the less of all evils. You can't help but root for this guy tell you why a little bit. Because for one, he's chasing. Chasing these lesbians? You. These. Two fugitive lesbians that escape cons escaped cons. One of them Amber mid mid thunder who is that Anchorman Thunder? Yeah that is actually she's in a lot of no holly stuff. She was on one of the main characters on Legion and she's been in Fargo before okay. I was wondering yeah. That's hurt. Okay. Didn't look like as she plays turtle all her native American girlfriend and then the other person niche recognize is crazy us. Oh Yeah. Who is still fundraising crazy. To. Con- you said You sir. Let once wanted caps. What kind of cockeyed names are those Money prospects what kind of prospects. Nothing organized about our time 'cause crime is free down. What are you up to their loved you know? Look at. This and you see how people interact with them and it really makes you. WanNa root for certain characters. Yes. Should. But when you're dealing with people like this. No no they they come in and it's like. Yet. You guys you too much of an element of agent of chaos. They really are men tell you that the reason why you? They made me they made me angry man first of all, they make them angry because the pieces of shit they know they're gonNA they're to do what they WANNA do, but there's a another. person who was sort of the. The The true moral compass of the show. You know the the the person who has a good heart in that is the character at the Rita Crutchfield I'm. I'M GONNA. Try to girl's name emiri crutchfield. I should I guess other related I'll put up on. Anyway. She's a she has a family in in the show. Did you see this part when when the when the two lesbians escaped and they went to the family? and. The cops are you talking about when he interrogated her? Well we interrogated her in this family that's related to them. Is this like you know I want to actually root for her family oh? Yeah. I want to It's nice seeing A. Nice in the love and family, and this is nice seeing people get together. But that's the those one of those craze as. She is the sister. Of this girl's mother and it's like you know what? Why L. in his people in your house why are you dealing with them? You know this is going to go, and if you saw that in the first episode are the second episode and what they do. They make seemed really dumb decision. I can tell well, it feels to me like even though they they appear more competent like the family unit. Some William H, macy in all of those people where it's like they're not as dumb but they. Made some dumb decision over there. Yeah. Yeah. Cleveland clearly well, the. Her parents. The. The pretty and pretty stable and maybe one is dumb and the other. But the but the mom you know she comes across as a strong woman who puts a foot down for the safety of a family and and they just make some decisions which actually made me go in and even questioned the writing in this. I got to a point where like I, don't even I don't believe these characters would be making these decision plus there's no lead up if you would love to talk to you about this. Like a when you're done with all these, we'll have to have sort of A. Spoiler conversation because. They make decisions that happened out of nowhere. That, there was no up as why would you all of a sudden decide to do this criminal act when you had no hint of that before at all and that's what Ha- that's what happened with his family and it just kind of yeah. It bothered me a little bit I I will say that when you when you have the the to lesbian couple. When they when they enter I felt they were the most ridiculous characters introduced so far in where just the dynamic between them just feel natural to me even when they're by themselves like when they when they finally escaped prison, it's I mean it really is some looney tunes type Shit they're doing with them where it's even even like the the the the other one. Is Very corny accent and I wasn't really buying and you know what else about them like I I enjoyed them for a little while until it got to a point where. They would you could tell that they here just so they could be used as a tool for something else. Okay. Yeah. They opened on. These. Lesbians Right here. This. Bearded Harry Lesbian. No they'd there is something that has to happen. There's a plot point that has to happen is something that needs to know they need something so that it can be a solution of something else and these characters are introduced just for that thing as far as I see right now. Okay. Yeah. Because they're the one element that I've not like so far. Yeah. It's not that don't like them. I. Think you like the more when you see them because everybody's is at first introduced something as you know almost there they're weird ways. A quirky bizarre ways introduces comedy. Everybody's getting a little bit of backstory at some point everybody getting a little You know everybody's given something to make them seem a little bit more human, which is why I was kind of disappointed with the Italians. The Italians to me in the beginning. They. Will be let me see if I can find the Italians here. They kinda are introduced as just typical Gangsta. Types. Going around and I guess all the gangsters here in certain scenes. They're just doing male posture. Getting up in their faces can you know showing no empathy or sympathy thing can't wait to shoot something right? You know I'm taking over this just because I'm on show you you know I it's all about power, and so that's I think that's one of the things where people might be disappointed with this because. Fargo was dealing with just kind of everyday average ordinary people and that's why they were really just dumb as unless they just again try to get over their head and that's what happened there. Everyday ordinary people who have no business trying to do crimes if they just as a kiss they stayed in their lane. This, these are true gangsters right here man and with that, you get more the gangster stereotype with them. You know. Which is fine at some point. Some who better than others I really liked the character and I don't know if you know. The the the equivalent of Glenn Term Doctor. Dr. Senator, they they had. There's which was this this actor writer who I couldn't believe fifty five Jeez this Guy Francesco equil-. Akwa Rowley hit defy. Many aged him up I guess I hope because he yeah because I looked at him as a God fifty five unless I read wrong. And let's just. Put a Turkey and best rates. Puts a makeup on them but. I thought I these gangs. I wish there could be a little bit more but they're just being typical gangsters right now and that brother were talking about wasn't named Salvatori Yeah. Oh, man. that. Guy. That guy was they got. Big Ass Italian in here man. They call them the Bull Salvatori. esposito's at the characters name was that. s mosquitoes the actor's name. There you go. To a Procedo that's actor. He's a big as Italian now and he's actually very interesting because he's the he's the wild card. Fraud He's The wild card. His is booked every time he talks. Everything is like these was. he's like a big is out. PSYCHOTIC Mario Mix. Because everything is like this is is always and there was one part where he was doing that way to yeah. Yeah it gets a little cartoonish. Does. Does he was like A. Like a man Italian craziest season. The Howard. Yeah. There's a point where he actually has a long I. Wish I could show you couldn't but there's a scene where is about five minutes and he's just walking around all the characters not saying anything is. Heavy breathing. Doing issue because it s so big. Acting. Should we shoot him as? Soon. As. You wait on somebody to say cut. Lets you can do. Lose going. Around just hooking people. God did you just help some paint on his leg man is? The thing he does gets a little bit too much. To. Get to that scene. So I think as episode four. Just had a drank like diet coke. Drinker low-slung he took a sibling. Because he comes over from Italy it's almost like he can't believe. America. Yeah. Skyscrapers, it's like God Damn Andy. We try to say simple things. Stay in America. Accurate. Just. WanNa. Breathe. I'll tell you he's there's a thing with him to this a see what some of. These stories where they introduced to many of these eccentric characters. That the criminal part of it, they start to just do things. That don't feel natural again, like with the family that was talking about earlier. You know there's a lot of these things where these criminals all of a sudden they change allegiances. They changed the feelings of even after just get to somebody's as next scene is like. I, my life two. Things happened. So quickly, characters flip. So suddenly and I think it's because they have so many characters that they have to. work with that, they don't have time to actually make these natural transitions where these characters change. If that makes sense. I can understand if occurred wants to change their allegiance to understand if somebody all of a sudden decides to do something criminal where they show no inkling of that at all before. But you gotTa have time to develop that and they don't they're going so many twists and turns they got so many characters in here. Yeah. I'll tell you that but like I said man. You know. You Watch because not you know characters change. Are they flip or whatnot? It's not convincing but you watch because you have you have. Fun With these characters. and. Because if they do it, right if they catch US care at the right time, they have enough time to do with that character, they'll give them some background jack. Houston's character in this Jack Huston's character. This guy that had the he was in Boardwalk Empire Harold Richard Herald. He was just an antebellum. Processing has gone before him. You recognize mostly mustache utilize a mustache he does not miss but he plays like a cop take who has this weird tests on we're all seniors. Yeah he's got some OCD I. It's played up for laughs in angle is funny. You don't have to. Just turn off. Opening for. Open the. At the window. that. Got Me at first I thought what he was doing I. Thought Somebody was in the bathroom. To take me. Away. In. A. Chest. But. He's got all the other cops and they're going through a house. He's the primary on the door. Scale. He's trying to get a car. If. You don't eat as Lee but you know he's given A. Later on is played up laughs early but later on, they definitely give him a some backstory about what led up to his condition. What is childhood was like? So. I do respect that maybe they don't always. Define these characters well, by their motivations, they do manage to go in and make them more human whether it just seem like we're characters at first and they always do that man even care does that you hate and laugh at in in some the other Fargo seasons this something more going on with the serve. You know, and here's another thing and I don't know if y'all have reached this part yet I can't tell you what it is but shit starts to get very weird. They always like to open up the show saying this is based on a true story bullshit bullshit. I'll complete bullshit unless UFO's actually because. We've seen. Fargo, the series takes place in a complete fantasy. ALMOST SCI-FI TYPE WORLD And the barely comes in and did you guys see any of that here? No. There's a pointing here. Where is like okay I don't know what the fuck is going on with. That is a whole it's like A. Character from another genre just walked into Fargo Okay and they lost they don't. You Actually Wanna ask them like. Do, you need help. You know where you are because I think you lost. I can't say where it is but you're GonNa, you see it and I don't and I have yet to see. What it has to do anything once to connect. I don't know what it connects to mad at all man in one episode. They had a UFO dish showed up out of nowhere and they have. That here. In the UFO showed up because it's a throwback to a Coen brothers movie they do that with dialogue and everything even here one character says you got a penny on your head that's from Zona Yeah. So Yeah. Somebody chats it is some x men, Shit Art. xbox. X. Men to. Some some ex-spouse type should have interesting and it's just very small, right? They do it and you forget about it, and then they pop up again and I'm like what the fuck man is happening. But I. Tell you men a between the weird characters and the strange things that happen in this. There's You need to watch this man really because there's something that happens later on where. Do. You wonder what's going to happen with these two characters who are. Really. Just kind of caught up in everything that it adds. There are small part of the machine and everybody treats them like that, and will something very curious was when the second season we have boop Boqing Woodbine and he keeps saying his name is Mike Milligan. Throughout that and say you didn't seem actually related to anyone. But now here you have the black kid who's living with the white gangsters and Irish gang somebody there and S- name was Michigan Yeah this going to say man would all like people if you get frustrated with all the crazy characters you can you know all these weird shit happen in. All the games to stop that's going all the violence. Keep going because as you start getting the late episodes say run. Six and seven. That character Rabbi Michigan. He starts to play a bigger role. And that's been wind shaw plays him and that's when. That's when the real heart of the show starts on me. Okay. No He's a he was one, the one, the kids one of the sons that was swapped. He's Irish guy that was swapped when he was doing that whole thing with the tradition with the sons and he's forced to do some really horrible things at a young age and he's looking for some redemption and ways kind of doing that is with Chris Rock's his character son the guy that Loy. cannon are. Gannon. Protective of the kid. Yeah and you root for them man because first of all the Italians treat them both like shit, the the the little black boy in. Rob Milligan they got them locked up in a dusty dirty room and meanwhile the Italian downstairs eating a big ass Turkey dinner and upstairs they PB and J. Sandwiches. I'm sorry. The one even though Jalen. Just straight up peanut butter inbred now. and. It just makes you angry because over as you said earlier. Open, Chris Rock, spam they're treating Italian. Son Dignity I liked the dichotomy between the two households. Yeah. But the you know you really root for them because he's very protective of Chris. Rock's character son. And he's doing that because of the cruelty that he sees, he doesn't want be there. And they form a partnership does almost like a small family. And that's all I'll say just just watch it man with because it's a lot of times would all the crazy characters in the criminals is hard to really attach yourself to somebody like someone and they are the the and like I said, man, this is nine episode. So that's probably something where it might be too late for some people to go that far if you're not like him, would you see early but? I I was really loving this story. It was. I really think that that is. When when it gets down to it, I haven't finished it yet. But when you get down to these, this is going to be the sole of this series right here I will admit like I didn't recognize Ben Winch at first when he's playing that character league even like his his body language you can you can tell just life is this weighing on and look how slouched There's performance. So off the on the Italian side of the show thought he he's he's he's by far given the depth Al's characters. Yeah. Go see what they do with him. And I you know and before done man I love. I gotTA. Tell you besides being one of the. Most Beautiful TV shows onto still is Fargo has some of the direction. Fargo has summoned the. Best Cinematography for for TV series. Go. Hey. What do you other shows doing this? Yeah Man. The director. Of Our, whoever the directors on every episode is different directors every night, but they're consistent man the consistent. and. They are able to tell the story not just through beautiful images but manny told they told so much this through the moving camera. Following characters you know tracking them as a going different places set up things just through their physical actions this Th, this is still if you don't want to watch for the story watch just a few episodes because it is it looks great and even though they're not Fargo, anymore. It's kind of Nice that when does finally come around because they still they're able to capture some of the feeling of fargo that way and Fargo does make somewhat of a cameo. Okay figured it would. Not In Fargo but Fargo happens to find some kind of way another. My last point is something that you said. Is that. All these people are criminals may Alma assholes. That's what kind of liked about it because they do. Stop to make a point that yes. America. Was Very Shitty to it's people are calling. You know and as There's shameful past four. How black people. Were treated as second class citizens. But at the same time, it's like man that's cool. But. Assholes an Aso Hilo Yala just. Anybody. Who would trait this money? Yeah. For power is that person's not that good man So it was really hard to roof indies people but I do like that. This is kind of commenting on the state of America right now again was shot before in this stuff went down. But there a message about all these like we said at the beginning all these criminals man, they can't they do this tradition of trade and sons they haven't learned a fucking thing about that you. Know they never learned. They never stopped look at the children and learn how how can we learn about different culture in maybe work together so that we can make one big criminal empire here. Yes. True. They just constantly just no one. No one keeps power because they keep undermining each other and it's kind of like an analogy for America's like, wow, you know if we all just stopped bullshitting. And just learn how to get along. Yeah. This country really could be this great thing that everybody. The myth hit him. Yeah, exactly. So. Yeah. Man I it's but it's I. Don't know man what if you guys can even give a rating after two episodes I don't feel like I can but I'm liking what I've seen so far as a matter of fact, with the second episode I was like I'm like I don't I like it as much as the others, but then just my little bit getting into the third episode Hemi going. ooh, Shit. This is getting good. Abbas. Hated that I had to tear myself away from it. What do you think about two episodes episodes in I'm really enjoying it but like Martin said it's It feels like the weakest but even though I, say that it's still great television I mean brought before it's shot beautifully. No no holly he he directs the first two episodes and you could tell because he has he hasn't he has an I. I like most the character so far there are a couple of I'm like, okay I don't really see what what impact you're. GonNa. have in the story except to annoy me at this boy. So I'm going to give the benefit dominancy it all connects together because like all the previous Fargo, all these characters do eventually do cross paths and he comes to an end for a lot of them. So yeah. No, I'm still looking forward to check out the rest the season when it's all. Yeah. Yeah Man, I have I have two. Episodes left it might change hinging on what the ending is. It might be some crazy at first. I didn't know I thought it was nine episodes. In here. dysle- Episode because right now in something really crazy. The always have some sort of act of God that comes in that's insane in into right on that allowed, and it's almost like a wizard baas episode to. Get up. It's a Lotta experimental crazy stuff going with this but like you told me ahead of time. Yeah. But you have to see for yourself. It's it's it's a strange show that has gotten stranger. By again, introducing so many elements mainly the characters and that that's the thing that Kinda funny because the performances help out a lot that's what keeps you in there, but they having so many of them context away from the story. Still I was into a man by the time I got near the end of the episodes that we got and I give it a give it a matinee. I enjoyed it man. If you like this like the previous episodes just be prepared to say. Is Not as good as those possibly but it's still. Still better than a lot of bullshit does on TV. Yeah. Tell you that right now. The one and only. Now, we see it. We, need to move now. To Street this is what you call transition of power. Decorative. Warrant As a pro keeping your business moving and saving money is more important than ever. So don't miss lows just propose event now through September twenty fifth get great deals on three of the biggest invest names in tools Bosch to wall and Matab OH HP T packed with power. 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