That's Not a Knife


Hey welcome back the opposite vaccine. I'm steve join me this week. Got atom morose. We got jay taylor and we got jackie gleason and i don't know man i'm exhausted. I've i've been dick deep in snow for the past two hours trying to dig my car out and also. I thought this was going to be an easy week. You know because we got. We got a request from one of our listeners. And they were like hey why. Don't you do crocodile dundee. I brought it up to you guys. And i was like you know. Somebody wants to crocodile dundee series and we all thought well. That's okay sure. I like crocodile dundee. When i was a kid. How bad can it be. And i think i owe you guys a formal apology crickets crickets. We're a little thrown. Because because you you just introduced all of us at once so people may not know who we are as we speak. And i'm jay kapila. Great the catchphrase. Steve were you outside. And you were saying to yourself. That's not a shovel. This this year is a shovel. Let's here's a shovel. Yeah i actually. We have like five shovels in our garage and none of them work particularly well so i just kind of rotate through them and each one pains me in a different way. So it's been really enjoyable weekend. I'd say so far. But yeah goddamn man like i'm starting to question all of my taste as an eight year old. Is it possible that. I didn't enjoy good things as a small child. I didn't even enjoy crocodile dundee to as a child personal. I thought it was boring. Even then which is saying something pretty much every movie you watch at that age is is gray checks but crack to always a bad movie always bad movie. I don't know i guess. Let's let's start at the beginning so we watch crocodile dundee paramount pictures presenting all get on. My man was up as crocodile. The dish got a night. I'm not gonna let them finish the line not going to happen now. Going to give them that dignity. Yeah that's that's how. I feel about mr paul hogan this movie really fucked me up for a lot of reasons. I think when you're a kid you kind of think that everybody is just old like there's kids and then there's old people and you really not able to easily parse out the differences here. But i think it's important before we talk about any of the crocodile dundee movies to point out that this came out in like nineteen eighty-six. Six paul hogan was in his mid to late forties when this movie came out. He's like a legitimate guy or like he absolutely does. And you know you're you're watching these movies and you're like damn he looks like shit and the female lead who has chemistry with like well. I mean she's probably maybe she's like in her late thirties and she's just looks good for no no no. She's like late twenties twenty-seven he's like forty seven and he looks like a just a weathered handbag or like grandpa's wallet like he. Just has these indentations and is it. Because he's he's an older guy like he looks every day of forty-seven okay and that's fine because it's not like he's a big hollywood star but you're like oh wow jesus man like you're you're no spring chicken. He was a blue collar worker before he was an actor too. I think yeah. It's definitely like out in the sunshine. Like he's been living his life his skin shows he does all he needs like a bulging red nose and from rose a-share. Whatever and he'd be like my uncle or something. I don't know but he like yeah. He worked as a construction worker and then he. He's basically like the australian. Larry the cable guy for a while so throughout the nineteen seventies and into the one thousand nine hundred eighty s. He's got like the carol burnett show. But hey it's me. Paul hogan australian man and he does that stick and then he sort of takes off because in the nineteen eighties culturally. I think americans were starting to discover that like ooh. There's exotic things like. I had chinese food for the first time. Can you believe it like all. This exotic shit starts to come into the suburbs and for some reason that includes australia. And i'm not sure why but americans. They have this weird fascination with australia. And paul hogan is doing the australia tourism board commercials at the time and so that kind of leads to him. Writing the crocodile dundee script which leads to crocodile dundee getting made and becoming a giant cultural phenomenon that grows three hundred million dollars and got nominated for an oscar for best. The oscar nominated script believe i. It's shocking shocking. That paul hogan lost for crocodile dundee. I ended up going to hand sisters which you know and lost to my beautiful lord et platoon salvador and hannah and her sisters those the other nominees and somehow crocodile dundee lost unbelievable unbelievable. But yeah and here. We are cultural phenomenon. Three hundred million worldwide. And i figured at the very least maybe the script would feel like i thought this would just be kind of dated fun and watchable but it barely hits those notes completely just overwhelmed by how much i didn't enjoy this. I don't know jack i need. I need the european perspective was crocodile dundee thing in ireland. Oh it definitely wants. Yeah just sort of strange. That like The exoticism of australia's australia. If we're really exotic. I don't know why that would be case but yeah no i'm cockle dundee and two were big. I remember seeing on tv. Plenty times of the kid I remember join them all. They seem like a lot of great fun. Boy you don't ask what she's like. Why the wrinkly man is with the much younger woman lady Which eight I was sad. Learn i mean are poor. Worn out in research. This podcast foundered. They divorced in like twenty thirty or so. They're they're married can you ask. Is there any chemistry between the two of them in the movie at all like. I thought it was hilarious. It might just be toboggans. Terrible acting ec signing the jerry seinfield factor is like the worst on screen at every at all turns and we got this unique gift in these movies where this first film is. Presumably he'd be the most raw performer. But it's easily the only time he seems remotely engaged with discrete like east. There are times where his physicality somewhat compelling in this film and going forward there are zero times whereas ever even remotely compelling. It's yeah and he does. He has this thing where he's not a great actor especially early on here like crack crock to but he has not even screen presence. There's something just naturally likable about his laid back personality but at the same time there's this conflict because like you said not the best actor in the world not great movies that he's acting in. So what are you really left with. Not a lot. Sorry paul i tried. I really tried loved you when i was eight. I can't deal with you shit. These days concept is really infusing. Because it's like he's an australian outback man. But it's the constantly reset. How much cultural awareness. He has depending on whatever joe. They're trying to hammer home at a given time. So he's like understand you know restaurants. He doesn't understand toilets. He doesn't understand limousines or whatever event at another point he kind like goes like. Oh yeah it's just like the movie jaws so he is seen joel's but he doesn't unsettling new york. He doesn't understand anything else at the whole character is looking out. it's we're he'll fade very offshore materials. Spread out over an aging offered minutes sequence even longer than that. The first sequel soon problem here as well. There are a couple very strangely structured film because the the first half is like out of africa shit or something. Like it's sort of grand hollywood romance of like this city girl going into the beautiful countryside hauling in love this awakening and then it immediately pivots the fish out of water thing with again very very sort of learning the cable guy esque antics and it is jarring and there are times where you can really see why this is a crowd pleaser. But it's hard to ignore the structural problems because there's no conflict in this movie at all like i kept waiting for it to emerge hinted at early in the film that paul hogan is actually a poacher. And he's killing these crocodiles since like a boy this is gonna come back. It's going to be a source of strife in their relationships. No no gone never mentioned again over. The course of three doesn't like it's really obvious to that. It should be because they're like. Oh killing the crocodile post the crocodiles dials. Wink wink. y'all okay that's good to know you're right just never never again. To the point where in the sequel officials have to turn him into a crimefighter for bulk confused. I mean i don't know why that was a direction. They chose yeah. Is it something what is in this movie. Nothing he's a media sensation for. God knows why i'm like. What is this likely. he's nuts. The fact that okay. So correct me. If i'm wrong here. This woman is. She's a journalist. Said i guess should be like the new york times or something and she is paid to go to the middle of nowhere australia because she heard about a guy who fought a crocodile. Yes and they pay for her to go down there stay there. And then when she decides that there's even more of a story here she brings paul hogan crocodile dundee. She brings him back to new york where we have a nice little fish out of water. Like whoa it's so wacky that he's here. And they put him up. In like the ritz carlton his definite amount of time and then she just writes a weekly column about the wacky australia man and that pays the bills like i get. The journalism used to be a little different but mind. They're also paying his business partner. They're floating the business was way as well. Yup that's true. That's a different era. I this whole thing made no sense to me. Because i'm like wow. This is not like a newspaper story that would air. It would be like back. Page human interest bullshit. One one day and that it would be gone forever. But i guess it clears up in that. The reporter ends up being the daughter of the magnate. Who owns the newspapers something. Oh it's just complete nepotism bullshit so she'd be like jeff bezos daughter. Or something like that. Which i guess so learned just doing a little background research on this on his I think it's a good summation of the series. If you go to. The we competed page. Paul hogan look the early life section. It just reads at the start of his career. Paul hogan claimed he was born in lightning ridge. New south wales to appear more interested. He was actually born in sydney born a forty year. Old man on the benjamin button motherfucker. Summation of the old thing is like know sydney. I believe australia's most populous city. And it's this guy who invented this character outback guy who just does his own thing. And it's like his entire career teaches founded on this kind of stupid idea of a guy who does not know anything about the outback. Who has kind of you know. Just created this character to carry through and it's really what struck me about this movie and there's plenty weird things in 'em he goes to new york is like a to be lured by the wealth. Is his girlfriend. Whatever its promise nepotism effectively. She's got a rich suitor. Who's an asshole ogan. Just routinely use physically assaults boy. That's not really cool. And it's all the wealth of the biggies like single at the waldorf story or whatever this class dynamic where he's like a man of the people so he doesn't hang out with the rich people he's very awkward. Mb hangs out with like lack people and he gets on really well with them. Because you know he's like us this a cool laid back guy but he also can talk to animals and they're really awkward through this. He's like a guy who's hung out with aborigines in australia and cultivate. These kind of communications. The already can learn. He kind of leaves with nature nature simply become so. How like aborigines in australia. And the working class in america in a very discomfiting kind of gathering like he can talk to both like the bee's and black people crocodile dundee is like he's like the guy that that he you know he he drops the n. Word and then people are like whoa man. He's like no it's okay. I have black friends. And they said i could say it's totally cool like works pretty much when we get down the line to film whore. That's pretty much where ask it's really all we kind of vision of. It's all predicated on a lie because is clear to just some city white guy who you know working class. Sure but like he was never. He has no on relationship with the apparition. People the jobs but the aborigines in all of these things. These are facing actually far more assimilated into white culture than they let on under joan lead onto white people. Leave them alone. It's very funny. But they all have like cell phones and they don't know what else that you passed out arts pretty sure you know. It's a running running joke. It's really ham-fisted thing. It hasn't aged. Well there's lots of elements of this that haven't angel but it. It does kind of laziness to the comedy here and also just underlying kind of cruelty or Cruelty kind of complete lack of self awareness on pogo arctic. While he's minding his comedy from his. You know he's kind of link piggybacking on aboriginal black culture to create this kind of laid back who will white guy character and it is tiny shitty and it's not even you know it's not even funny at the end of it all you might forgive more of it if it was actually really getting some notes but this is really like. This is pretty much watching this. I'm kind of imagine if all organs. Tv work was very much in line with like this sketch shows. I grew up watching the fast show. Harry enfield and friends and stuff like that. We'll just like catch phrases in exactly the thing happening every single week. And it's like funny because you know what's going to happen and a can't imagine is comedy is much more nuance considering. What maple brought him to feature film which theoretically should bring out the best in a really awkward film and this isn't even bring up the fact that s to go out of his way at all times to basically remind everyone that did people make any credibly uncomfortable just like if everything else didn't age well just throws down in as well. Yeah there's a joke and then there's a callback to the joke so there's like this. It's like the big gag throughout crocodile. Dundee is he's in a bar and he's talking to a woman and then one of his his friends like joe crack man. That's that's not a lady and he goes all by any grabs like just grabs the crucial region there and shelagh him. Yeah and then everybody in the bar goes ha. The women's humiliated runs out of the bar. Is like a genuine horrific you she. She's mortified and grab zoeller shit and just the whole bar erupts in laughter dated she for him. The cherry just fucking like pulled loss child out of a well like he just did the greatest human history there. Just yes we love you crocodile man. You did it. it's crazy and then so then later down the line he has to go to some hoity toity party and he encounters a another woman but this time he's he's wise to the game and i thought it i like because you kind of the show like the back of her and they're like oh i bet it's gonna be the same woman and he's gonna have to have like a reckoning here with what he did earlier like no. It's a totally different. One does the same thing. I grabbed the crotch. And then his his His journalist girlfriend lady was just like. Oh it's okay. He's australian australians. Are the humor. Here is at no buddy in. New york has ever seen or heard of an australian before and the australian man has never experienced the city. What do you got a recipe for comedy. Yup oil and water weeds. Denise slaps whole section of the film that they sold this on this fucking outback man in new york thing. But it's easily the less successful of the two halves of the film like when it's in australia. The photography is better. It's it's fine to look at and it's working all right for me and then we get to new york and this would be a fine sort of kota on the hill. We might have a brief thing where she leaves this other guy and we get that nice sappy and where. He's like crowd surfing his way across the subway. Or whatever fine you can have two or three good jokes that you keep your your iconic knife seen obviously and we go home the things cooled ninety minutes go but instead it just recycles the same variety scenes over and over again he goes to the bar like five fuck at times he goes to a hoity toity party like five fuck times it's like enough. We understand the underlying underlying humor. I guess at this whole thing is essentially that it's like a very kind of blue collar masculinity on separate crocodile dundee might be clueless about cultural differences. But he's you know he's kind of self contained survival unison so he'll be fine and he's very common sense like east survives in nature's music all the basic real steals a real man possesses cities urges full of ridiculous people. Cities are full of just ridiculous. People some of whom are gay at antennas like none of them have any practical skills whatsoever and he just kind of wander through there and teaches them a lesson or them. Just be an incredibly self sufficient guy who also find like on. Its isn't great socializing like he. He just hits people at a moment's notice he's carrying a weapon around Terrible things to minority communities. But it's all he's like a really great. He's a great bloke. I need a running tally. We're starting ruddick tally. Here of how many times. Paul hogan foils an attempted mugging slash assault in in a city. In these films. It's fucking absurd. As opposed to perpetrating. The assaults cell. I am to muggings and an assault in this one is the pimps that go after him there can the her snatcher and there is the. That's not a knife. Well then he's he's even then because he sexually assaults two women and then punches a guy in the face so he breaks he could be a menace. I just taking albert. This is city life every fucking three feet. You walk someone's like mugging eighties baby. I look the call. This guy who's like a man's man in roque outback. Australia's never heard of prostitution as if that isn't exactly the kind of thing that's going to be probably belief socially necessary in the outback just to keep like along with alcohol just to keep any sort of order on these things. It's funny watching this in light of lake. Australian movies like particularly waking fries and just movies it kind of like focus on the australian outback but on basically being kind of a desolate social socially to cage space. anders authors kangaroo. Hunting seen here is almost like a counter to waken frogs. Which is a great movie if anyone as a as but has like this absolutely horrific kangaroo hunting scene aunts real life kangaroo on the actually weirdly within the film the australian like it's so bad that the australian society for the prevention of cruelty to animals asks them to leave in as much of the crocodile hunting season record as possible just to show everyone how bad it was it. Australians were going getting hammered drunk and just blowing the shit out of kangaroos like for phone and it was just a massacre on. Its you know terrible and in this movie has kind of the same thing. A couple of drunken. Australians show off shooting kangaroos and crocodile dundee sheets them instead harmlessly sheets. They're gone shoots the searchlight stairs when they all driveway. Any like disguises. A kangaroo or something order redressing the balance so it's like this each like the. The whole project is to kind of redirects. The australia that probably came through in the new australian cinema the seventies. Which way can i would have been one of those films along with like ethnic anger. Rock and mad max particularly than all kinds of portrayed stralia is kind of barren and slightly dangerous or extremely dangerous and this is kinda like it is. It's dangerous but it's fine we end ourselves and it's and it's great and you'll be you know we have a good time. It's it's a really weird thing is a whole film just feels like an advertising campaign to really like it really does feel like a tourist for thing amount. Of course it's out into that yeah. I prefer his work in the outback. Subaru outback commercials. Outback steakhouse commercials. I think that's where he peaks artistically also flipper the movie from the mid ninety s honestly old dna outback steakhouse. Advert are effectively. The same thing. Not much of a difference now mike. I got one question before. We move onto the wonderful crocodile. dundee sequel fun fact for the listeners. This might be. The high point of today's podcast will see in terms of quality. Jake would you rather watch the one thousand nine hundred. Ninety seven live action disney comedy slash tim allen star vehicle jungle two jungle or. Would you rather watch crocodile dundee. God i didn't watch jungle the jungle for this. I'd also mentioned we didn't watch Hundred collision course with him called. But i mean. Honestly i would. I would just tim allen is too so talk sic i would just take a crocodile dundee. Even though it's probably the more problematic film to to be fair stif paul hogan say what we like about in so far as we know. He's not focusing. Yeah that's that's that's true. You didn't try to tim out but drug dealers out airport with cameras everywhere. I don't. I don't hate this. Not definitely would choose it over some fucking kiddie. Is this juggles the same movie. Like what's what's the difference here. So that china now brings in the shy giant krak three where we many crocodile like fucking gave a kid off the god any of the dundee sequels steve. I might give pause and give to mountain. But if it's sunday proper. I'm going with that nine times. I mean the calling. All you could say about crocodile. I do think is too high for high points in series. I think it is a bad movie but it seems to move along reasonably well. If it doesn't it's easy it's very easy to watch. I the kind of thing i would say is i get it. I get why this was a hit. I get that it was like. I can feel the crowd pleasing energy in portions of this film. It's it's incredibly problematic today. But i don't think it read that way. Nineteen not no not at all. Listen one more hard sell on jungle jungle. This is actually more you guys ready for my big fan theory. People love this. We can put this on film film. School rejects dot com ready. Somebody somebody start transcribing this and we'll see if we get an article out of it. So here's my theory leelee sobieski. This is her her. I think it's like her role as junky jungle. And she's like the daughter of i think like someone may be timmel's trying to bone or something but anyways the tim allen son. Mimi sikhiu the fucking kid crocodile. Dundee child equivalent. He falls in love with this girl and they're like like just like child spooning in a hammock or something and like they're about to kiss and then i don't know like martin short who's who's leelee sobieski dad sees this happening and then sensor off to summer camp or something like that like just off. You can't be around him by you're gonna do sex stuff with the indian boy who's played by white kid and so anyways what i'm trying to get to is is jungle two jungle a prequel to eyes wide shut which i think is probably the next movie that louis sobieski did. I find that hard to believe apart. What juggle juggle juggle came out and ninety seven eyes wide. Shut ninety nine clearly a through line here where you know. She's she's just trying to embrace. Your sexuality is where i come out with my. You might terrible Admission admission that. Actually i have never seen is what but i have seen the orgy scene on three separate occasions in three different people's houses passing through prior to is why we have deep impact and we have never been kissed. Okay and you don't think any of these exists in the same cinematic universe. You think they're all different movies. Generally that is the case. The yes yes okay. I'm just throwing it out if you could save us from going on a crocodile dundee to we. Yeah up. I just. I just need to hear that. I'm not going to get like a check for fifteen dollars from from. Film school rejects. Is that what you guys are telling here. No i think they'd still publish this. Okay that's good all right. Good right up doing it okay. Let's move on. Hey did you know after crocodile dundee. They did another movie and it was called crocodile dundee too. It's great. The world's favourite adventure is. You won't miss you. That's all i took from this trailer. It's the whole move in some moving on. Yeah so yeah. It's the same thing but infinitely worse old than you did before. Now he knows everyone a new york and everyone knows him when he does things like. Oh isn't it funny. When the crocodile man throws dynamite the harbor in new york and then the cop shop zoo cranky baby. It's fine door. Eerie is broken. All dundee to better illustrates the concept of white privilege. End the safdie brothers. I thought you were gonna say crocodile. Dundee did nine eleven. How do we know he didn't. They saw him. They would just kinda put their hands on the hips. Oh mic has still have evolved into like a superman who can get away with anything like illegally fishing in the east river or wherever he is in the beginning and they say oh it's just mic aegis ease avenue laugh everybody carry on. It's just the one australian in new york city just setting off explosives limits. That's fine well. If he's superman we all know what his kryptonite is right the gays. Here's afraid of the gays. Which is reinforced in this movie. But okay so. We know that we know that crocodile dundee he was in la at the time but Do we know that. He didn't do the world trade center bombing of nineteen ninety-three. I don't do what he did it by accident through just a series of delightful misunderstandings. Yeah just a little old australia. Oopsy do think kinetically he was. He was in the outback at the time so so crooked on the to. What was this eighty nine. This thereabouts. Eighty eight eighty like this is to me right at someone. Didn't grow up in america. My memory i grew up on just like the tail end of the eighties to the early nineties is really works or my original impressions like movies. As i started watching remember horror films on the main thing that just american media absolutely heart gone throughout this period is just basically that south americans are all vicious slithering coke atl fruits. And i think it's really impressive. Is that like crocodile dundee to get in on this. This is a ten pull of the entire concept of this film is effectively. That don't get wrapped up in the drug or and i just i cannot understand the page meeting. That occurred to dumb happy-go-lucky idiot. Australian man into an arm of america's drug war against south america. It's yeah so estimating artifact it's this terrible movie it introduces the colombian drug cartel like core shit very early on and it leads to a kidnapping then takes us into after thirty minutes of just fucking around it leads us to like twenty minutes of action rescue sequence and then and then the movie basically comes to its logical conclusion. Like we've completed our story our care and then you look and you're like so i've been fifty seven minutes and wouldn't you know crocodile dundee to two hours long and the last fifty one minutes is they have to go into witness protection and go and go so they go back to walkabout creek australia. Which i think is kind of antithetical to the whole thing. Because you see you're not supposed to go to enter witness protection declines it. He's like better job. Michelle obama joel. So they want to go on their home turf to act as a level playing field against the drug dealers so he just which is pretty insulting. These guys have been letting him away with as said detonating explosives every other day in shit like this and then suddenly as soon as police like we need to help you is like screw it. I'll just leave like yeah. That's not yeah not good so but but then the last hour so the movie rambo first blood right like he's just out in the wilderness setting traps for the colombian drug cartel the showed up at his backyard. And they're just running through the bush and he's like oh look. This guy got caught in a trap. And he's dragged by a bowl and all this other shit. I'm really going to admit okay. Makes to really strong margarita before starting this movie and by the twenty minute mark will get into slu way. The kinda sobered up towards the last half hour. So why the hell do these vicious drug lords bother following him to australia. I know that some photographs taken about a guy getting murdered but like the all already know he. Suspicious drove more. That seems to be clear. So would need you. Stay in south america and just v. drug lord. Okay so i hear a he. He doesn't seem to be living itself. He seems to have like a fucking like cartel compound in new york city for some reason list right. i would. that's where the drug cartels hang out right. Yeah that that makes sense. So if you're gonna make a globe-trotting movie why did we set this. Like fucking some like miami or something that might make sense where there would be some cartel. Cut out a new york city but okay nonetheless. The reason is more personal i believe. I don't think that. I don't think that dundee and wife are necessarily like witnesses in a trial which is again. I don't know why they'd be offered witness protection because the evidence has been has done. They're not really involved. In the case. I think the cartels pursuing them as a matter of pride as dundee had embarrassed the the head of the cartel essentially. That doesn't really. I mean sure but that sounds like bullshit on. It's a really bad movie and particularly that the head of the drug cartel would like pick up to go on an handout to australia. Also if he's the he's on watch lists please able to fly to australia just like hang out there like he's the whole thing. Make enormous medicines have remixed perfect sets. You probably didn't. He probably showed him. Wilson airplane on they. Just let him on you wacky ass ago. Usually ride dingoes. Now i'm riding the subway okay. So this this movie. It's got at least it's got character. Developments got character arc so the beginning of the movie. There's a guy that's about to commit suicide. So crocodile dundee goes out to help him and the i Cut off handedly admits that he's gay and had been in a break-up that drove him to want to jump off a building and when he when he says that he's gay Crocodile dundee so shocked at almost falls off the building and by the end through through his growth and development. he's able to defeat and entire drug cartels singlehandedly. Right i guess to suicide sequence is terrible because it's almost like a kind of a funny little set Seen almost kind of warm artists wanders. He's very laid back. And he's talking to go off the ledge and then he nearly falls off the building. 'cause he learns guy is of all things gay and again it just goes back to this vision that you know that he's just a very regular down to earth guy and then everyone else in the city particularly just gay people are like ridiculous an of speaks i guess to like you. We also you know. I've met so many people over the years who were like you know. I'm not homophobic. I think as ceo gay people should just do whatever they liked. is not my business or whatever and it's like this is the absolute kind of panicled in that. It's kind of like you know it. Like i don't have a problem with gay people. They're just freaks that's what they do. Yeah that's exactly it just like you don't care about the keep it keep it behind closed doors gay stiff why you gotta do in. Which case stuff in front of me you make me feel things. I don't wanna feel like. I guess the pulls it pulls the magic trick of making you. Thank god for this fugger forced nonsense plotline before it kicks in holy shit. It's just some of the worst stuff you got that alleged jumper stuff you got the dynamite fishing mic like a playground and recapping the first film and all of its hilarious. One liners to tiny children for some fucking reason. None of whom is tatyana ali which which was a surprise watching as i know there. No she was in here. This movie has a lot of that and as young. Louis gu's guthman it has on. I was the first film role of stephen root as one of the bumbling cops who crocodile dundee almost cuts the dick off for some reason for any curb. Your enthusiasm fans jeff. Garland's wife susie Ears as a as a civil ariza She's giving new. york tour. Crew is so voice station which is a weird thing to start with and then like a group of japanese tourists who of course take photos of everything but also know martial arts in another exit sequence that is timeless. Anti racist either. Jesus this movie. Is this movie fucking sucks. It's terrible like nah. That's not even in nineteen eighty eight. I feel like felt kind of days. It's just such a fucking mess. In their whole conceit with the script was oh we're going to we're gonna mir the first one you know we'll flip it now. We'll go back to the outback for the back. And it's like okay. I guess what is all yeah walked boomerang structure. The first is starting australia. You go to new york there. Then you've to start new york in the second one and you bring it home no australia. I figured out a crocodile dundee never uses a boomerang boomerang in any of these jobs is like a hood ornament that johnson. Shucks muggers ending. Though this is what baffles. It does try to go for character development. At least teases it like. Oh yeah mixed gonna learn to depend on the people who care about him except the people who care about him. His old business partner at is not wife. I guess they decided that they need to go help him in the outback. Because the cartels gonna get the guy and it turns out. He would have handled it just fine instead because they decided to help him. They just shot him his his his business partner just shoots in so i don't know what the lesson is supposed to be. It seems like we're on okay. This this tough loners gotta learn what family is and instead no he. He was right all along. He's still the super best and these bumbling people are just holding back. Yeah it's it's. I don't know the the definition of an unnecessary sequel which is funny because you look crocodile dundee and you're like oh man like this could have been a kids cartoon there could have been action figures like i'm not saying there's potential for great art here but there's potential for a lot of stuff that's more palatable than any of this and yet what we get is the worst possible concoction that you could create for a sequel to crocodile done. It's hard to kind of reiterate. Free will maybe haven't seen these or haven't seen this since they were kids like crocodile dundee to. He's surprisingly like really video in that like eighties. Super big the kind of thing. It is difficult to pay attention to. It's difficult to like egypt's tedious. In a way that kind of surprise me. This is worse than kind of your typical. It's not just an unnecessary sequel. That just kind of glee slides buying your like. I won't remember any of that. It's like it makes you work to get through. I think i'd say crop. Only two is the worst of all the twix gust each no for sure for sure. I don't know. I three is is bad in a totally different way. I guess but it's up there certainly with the potential this ad to be a fine on film and the fact that it made it still may two hundred and forty million fucking dollars and it's like you kind of wonder why did a los angeles take so long to get there. I know waited way too long because that thing did not make two hundred and forty billion dollars real hot commodity well. Let's let's let's talk about los angeles crocodile dundee three key cry goes to la deep in the wilderness. Their lives amand living legend. At least most of the time crop air because gobi list. Paul hogan is so old in this. Jake what is this one man. My brain turns to mush mother type. I got to it. What is this is a striking while. The iron is cold. Steve you make two hundred and forty million dollars on a international blockbuster sequel from a hit sleeper film. What are you gonna do. You gonna wait eleven years to may thirteen years to make a sequel. Yeah and that's So we'll we'll do that and then we'll we'll relocate him again. Let's take him to los angeles where he can get into a bunch of crazy shit there although most of the time us either on a movie set or in their fancy hotel room but yeah. That's that's what. I really like about this movie i to say i really like. I just think it's it's incredible. That is just so this is your favorite one conceived No no it's not that we go to the first one also a bad movie like the first one the first two i guess at least understand that they go to new york and they do all all new york stuff. There's time square in the soke way in the world trade center empire state illing a couple things just show up around and they talk about the big apple and yada yada yada this one code los angeles and it's like he feels like they don't know anything about los angeles nothing at all. There's new structure job the evening establishing. Let's go to los angeles. It's like a shot of like the downtown area a couple of skyscrapers and then it's just like a palm tree and then it's just like if Soap division housing. Stay on the show radio jonah. And then after that. It's just like everything in los angeles is artificial Movie set on that. That's angeles that's all it understands is like new conception of which is kind of a phony running joke. Maybe in american media largely is that no one understands fault. Los angeles actually is separate of film. Culture nose jack. I disagree because in my experience of from from spending time in los angeles. It's just a lot of guys in suits talking to me about how they give themselves like colon cleanses with coffee. It's all struggling. They have they have to. I guess they have. The limo driver is actually a wannabe actor and gives him this. You know whatever is his head. Shot and john reciprocates by giving a mature photo in his kids because he has a phone shift them for some reason which i don't even understand that joke works dumpsites. It's fair yeah again for this one many years later it's like he crime again. There's a voter do like about this. Okay so the through line of this film. Essentially the john d wants scratch los angeles and he has a cage now on a basically wanna move from. They started in australia and they go to los angeles because john d. Being a good a good pair and wants his son death the opportunity to all you're going to be like him at basically just raging trans-phobia who bird animals or he could just be at the newspaper publishing magnate gus. His grandfather still owns. Newspaper and nepotism is very real and very fine and it's good thing is any so he decides go to los angeles so he can rural the business. I don't know i mean. Isn't it that sue his. They're still not married by the way in this film even though they've any other for nineteen plus years she gets a business opportunity to work at a los angeles paper because the old person was murdered Which has in the plot later. And that doesn't make in the sun just kinda tag along to go to l. a. in that's there there's a discussion there were were mixed as he's okay going elliott because he wants his son to have to understand those elements. It's it's i mean nothing here is very well developed. But it's kind of like that idea based on its own can absorb american culture and the which one he prefers. Because he's being brought up in australia so basically just hangs out with all of mickey d's drunken friends all day and says stupid shit I didn't checks to given austrailian. I'm don't text ridiculous name. I don't think the surge of course that's not a real of the sydney cocker's yes sony. Would they go to. La and basically jake alludes to those merger and it turns out that there is this. This is the closest thing to fill matched against any kind of like a a an insight or any kind of content. there's basically on covert that. There is a movie studio. That's churning out shitty sequels. No one wants and they're actually a front for stealing paintings and they bay. They disguised their paintings And then they. They burned the products in quotation but directionally they're burning fake paintings of bringing the real paintings swapping them out side. They're covering their tracks. And it's it's nonsensical. But i just do the idea that this film holy lights. The idea of making a sequel. No one wants. And they bring that to the forefront in crocodile dundee movie made in the year of our lord. Two thousand one is just a phenomenal piece of either acknowledging where we are in the world or just shortsightedness on the part of the royal restroom. That they don't really even notice. Yeah they're just like a good thing we're not lethal weapon three That would be shitty worse even want to conceive of this writing group. This is reminding me that we see a key plot limited in two. I've been it's not a key on elba comes to nothing. But all of a sudden they right into the script that the dundee owns like fucking thousands of miles of property in australia and a gold. Goldline yep goldline reaching spirit adam. I mean that's kind of how it works. There's a ton of shit into that is just like the audacity of that script is incredible. There's the other scene where y- okay. He needs to rescue his girlfriend from the drug cartel in the long island mansion. Great so his friend leroy brown who is a drug dealer. He just sell stationery says that he knows some bad dudes punk rock and then rightfully the punk rock. People are like well. This sounds really dangerous. Why should we help you and crocodile dundee basically. Well it'd be cool. It would be cool. Let's go do shit who the crocodile. Man reappoints liked to take america's site in the drug war. That's what is. Yeah that's that's the most punked deposits to back up. Bci and four so he goes from a bushman to suddenly a vast landowner and presumably millionaire owning gold mine. And whatever you do now in this third movie he suddenly live seemingly. The seats are hard scrabble life except his houses gigantic and doesn't understand. What money is we clearly. I really funny. That we learned that he owns a load of land. And it's like again his relationship with the aborigines. It's like oh. This dude owns large chunks of australia. Which famously a land that white people yeah i. I think the first movie had like some ambition toward how it was portraying aborigines and they dress like way more authentically. He has this whole speech. About how no one owns. Land bobble body then in the second one. Is this all cast aside all of a sudden anytime. A average appears in these movies after the first movie. They're wearing like loincloths and yeah. He suddenly owns half a fucking australia for some reason. The third movie though is is so perplexing to be where we start because all of a sudden. He's just a crock. Hunter he like. He's fucking steve irwin or something. That's never been his job. He fucking is also just the world's best croc hunter. Why why did you even fucking watch your own fucking movies for your occas is i. Don't i don't think that he did fairway woods. You no reason. I can't think of a good reason to well. I know we're kind of hard here on crocodile dundee three but strangely roger. Ebert didn't hate it. Not this great quote because i was looking at reviews because how people absorbed crocodile dundee three. Because the first two you know the i was just like who exotic the second one. You're still riding high on the crock fumes. But by the time you get here you'd be like man. Everybody had to hate this but that wasn't the case so ebert said it may not be brilliant. But who would you rather. Your kids took as a romo role model crocodile. Dundee david spade or tom green. It is a melancholy milestone in our society when parents pray please. God let my child grow to admire a crocodile wrestler. But there you have it. I don't know. I mean what gives you better life lessons. The work of crocodile dundee or freddy got fingered. Go freddy got fingered fairy. Crocodile wrestling is the least problematic. Part d racist overflow like just wants around sock and people in the face. He just people whenever they disagreed with and stealing. Gold mines from native noel corker hunters stuff but this is funny too because it plays into the last decade or so of everts life. He had this weird vendetta against freddy. Got fingered like time. He would panic movie star. Tom green that six skateboarding shift. He really mad and to a lesser degree. He hated david. Spade specifically joe dirt. He didn't like which jo dirt is the same thing as crocodile dundee but with a hillbilly redneck facing his honestly. I have seen years. I'm going to go on record in reckon that show dirt better than any of the crocodile. All joe dirt is is like it's basically redneck crocodile dundee with like plot elements directly stolen from like forrest. Gump that's that's pretty much. The whole thing also. Yeah freddy got fingered. Probably a thousand times better than any crocodile. Dundee movie certainly more interesting like if you if you search through and i would encourage anyone listening to go and do this. Just like search for roger ebert s- through his reviews and just search for like mentions of tom. Green freddy got fingered flips. The fuck out all the time just constantly for basically a decade. He's mad at. Tom green which is pretty cool. I don't know my last question and this will before we move out of the fourth movie is jake. You're you're la guy you're or west. Coast correspondent yes. You're how many times have you encountered mike tyson. Doing like a like better in the park man. I had a move. I just kept running into it. Was it was insane. How often he comes on unloved. That i love this joke. Just the way that one age with with joan de saying that i heard a flaw. He seems like a really nice guy. It's like a joke is clearly that he's a boxer but that don't know that but guess what might be. A boxer is also probably the least problematic part about him to it's really wasted. Prestige tv superstar cast here with janice soprano really goes away immediately. Mike the cleaner is doing like the earth's worse like polish accent or something and yeah win duffy from justified also just boring boring. It's the it's the sopranos justified crossover event that we all wanted but never got. We don't deserve it to be honest. It's an still you know my my general summation this is that this movie i. It's less painful to me than to because it's just a little shorter it's ease. It feels a little unpredictable in large part. Because the film doesn't i don't think they really understood what they were doing. Like the la integration really. Just the what's happening so the just feels a little bit more on ted or which. It's not a good movie at all but it just felt a little bit more. Like legitimately have no fucking clue what will happen next. Hate this one. The most because as a small child crock. Junior faulk that get out of here. Be any like interesting aspect of paul hogan's like physicality and the performance. It's long gone here. He's just fucking grandpa roundabout physicality. The only thing he's doing. These days is laying down pipe. Because there's like no less than three or four women who are in their twenties who just want a up with the five year old paul and it's so it's so bad masonry. They literally introduced a new younger crocodile hunter to be his accomplice. Who as far as i recall. It does not appear in any of the previous movies into but as a different character he was one of the bounty hunters with the villains in the second half of two like tied up but yeah i was wondering why they brought him back to play a completely different character and ally no less. Yeah yeah you could tell. A lot of people died to his his business partner. Guy wally six months is yeah right after two and obviously the the woman who runs the bar must have died as well as all of a sudden big dog gets himself a promotion owns the bar. Docket nugget comeback. We love those characters. Yes classic for the nugget and the third reason why i think this is probably objective with the worst is because there's a fucking scene where they just like. What do you know about. La we're making in la movie which we reference traffic right. So there's a huge traffic jam because he and his son spin out on the highway in order to get a skunk off the shoulder of the highway. It's just it goes on and on and on and it's just so fucking painful to watch. I mean sure. I i will accept all that i'm just saying i feel like there's elements in this. That are just more confusing in terms of like the movie. And just how will that integrates and using profligate court. The ended starts during a weird like affects thriller. Where he's starting to us movie props against his enemies will chase him through the back. Lots of los angeles which apparently just a giant studio. It's mobile again in this one hundred twice twice while he gets mugged a bunch of guys who literally in fine. la form do a dry mugging. They just pull the car out of an alley of very conspicuous car and then like hold holy going at a one of the world's laziest movers and i'm just wondering what happens after that. They reverse back into the alley. They're like they're like a trap door spider from australia itself. This show grab their prey and then just moved back in again very stupid and this icon to liked this movie because it's just Better once you get careful my word i kind of. I think it's just less abrasive. Because it's just more notably stupid at all times engines. Confuses me there's points in the movie where i'm like. How did we get here again and you know. I guess it's something that's the best idea. Let's say you know you probably thought wants. Paul hogan hit his sixty s and the crocodile dundee in los angeles. You probably thought well. That's that's the end of the crocodile dundee saga and we will not need to see paul hogan reprise that in any way shape or form ever again and maybe one day the rebooted. But that's a problem for another day and to you. I say unfortunately you're wrong and so we have jake's favorite film of two thousand twenty the excellent mr dundee in the evenings. He was a national treasure. That's rising to international stardom and then he was gone. Yup that's it so fucking wish you go the fuck away man you should. You should just play the curb your enthusiasm music got about it. I think larry david by a lawsuit. This is yeah. This is absolute. It's sad honestly. Because i mentioned before that while paul hogan is not a masterful actor. He's got this like ability to him. It's charisma you're just like oh you know. And now that. He's he's always looked like he was a thousand years old now officially looks like he's a thousand and one he's he's like in his eighty s in this movements brilliance. Now exactly just really old like that. Fragile like someone's going to sneeze and grandpa's gonna turn into a pilot dust. I push it and so when you see him. He's doing all these like larry. David gergen doozy hasim esque things. But the thing is larry. David is an asshole and we laugh. We laugh at them and we left with him. But you know that he's a dick and that's why it's funny. And he always gets his come up and the end and here. It's like it's just like bumbling wholesome grandpa in curb your enthusiasm asks scenarios where. He's not necessarily to blame for any of the things that happened to him. And it's it's almost two saccharin and good natured. For its own good but does have reginald johnson. So that's something. I'll be has the cameos a great and i. It seems like a labor of love too. Because i mean there's legit people doing cameos in this movie johnny manhattan's like a legit like role in the film and you got the aforementioned reginal johnson and there's just a bunch of anyone with the exception of like gibbs sohn although there's some mel footage but it seems like they just dr france. Yeah that's forty got around but the point is it. Seems like they really cared about this and tried to make it something and it's just it's so cheap and shoddy and doesn't hit the mark and it's almost sad that it's bad like i. What does to be so much better. He nursing home cinema. Like just. it's like a literal. It's the same thing is like those movies. Like judi dench finds her mojo in crocodile. Dundee enters the best exotic marigold hotel hogan hanging. He goes joyriding with john cleese. Yeah she's just a bunch of old people and then i wonder why. Why does this movie exists. Frankly uses made in two thousand eight hundred eighty years old on around eighty to eighty one or does this exist and then again i refer back to wikipedia. I realize at really the almost the longest section of his wikipedia article is called tax problems. Explain everything he didn't pay him. Is that many women. His his protracted legal case against the australian government. I think i think he beats the tax fraud charges. Oh maybe eventually. He like in the australian tax office to the taliban. Yeah so so. The whole premise. Of this is a paul hogan is gonna get knighted or something and also. There's a movie studio. That wants to make a crocodile. Dundee like reboot sequel of sorts and he crocodile dundee gets cancelled but not really because he the studio wants to make crocodile dundee with will smith and then paul hogan's like oh no that wouldn't work because he's black and i'm not all they want will smith to play his adult son adult son. There you go. that's it. yeah sorry this one. I'd just watched three hours ago. And i'm like i don't. I don't really know what happened through most of this. But he does that. And then there's another gag where he's supposed to go to some fundraiser and he thinks it's for like dying children but it's actually like the black excellence awards or something and he walks out the red carpet. It's just like just here to help unfortunate people you know people who need help and you know no good babba feels like you know answering to charges of racism in all his previous work and it's like can't be race. I'm just a somber. No you know happy living fella. I just made a wolf. Yeah okay we we get it like you you are naturally affable misunderstood and it was a different time and it's not like like literally no one cares. I can't. i can't emphasize that enough. That like when when people seem to think that there's just an entire generation that's like rising up to cancel crocodile dundee or whatever it's like now literally gives a shit so you watch this guy fuck. That was that was in poor taste but like i. I'm not gonna lose sleep over the fact that like crocodile dundee sexually assaulted a woman on screen in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty six at a bunch of people laughed at it. Like yeah. that's fucked up. But the guys eighty no one gives a shit like paul hogan doesn't have a fucking career. He's not cashing paychecks. For that at this point. I don't think that he didn't already paid to the australian government for tax fraud. So no one's bending over backwards to cancel paul hogan but this whole the whole thrust of this movie is yet. It's like curb your enthusiasm situation. But like jack said we're just supposed to forgive the fact that he made. Some missteps is prior films because he's a bumbling old man and that's it no you you you made poor taste shit had jokes. But they're old annoying is a fuck about you so you can just die and people probably do a memoriam thing at at the oscars nets it like that who fucking cares ride the grandest most confusing part of this whole movie is the fact that it's like just like ten percent of the entire movie is like made up like entertainment like e celebrity network footage of people giving a shit about hogan. Yeah yeah which never happen. Hogan doesn't need to be cancelled because he has systematically cancelled himself over the last thirty years. Who the can't cancel crocodile dundee. Exactly that's it. He's embarrassed himself to the highest degree. What what can we do to paul hogan at this point. I m augier jesus. I don't know but this is not a total catastrophe. And it's it's just like i said it's too saccharin. It's not as funny as thinks it is and it's entire premise. From the beginning is kind of flawed. It's if anything it's sad it's what it's not even ninety minutes still feels like double the length it can sustain. There's a chase scene like about fifteen minutes into this movie. Which is interminable. And it's john cleese in hogan apopka rodzi guy who eats tagging along and that asshole just won't stop fucking screeching and it is. It's a nightmare to sit through. I this is my least favourite film for that reason. I wanted to kick this movie down the stairs in collect Eat is definitely. It's not a good movie. I kind of the only thing that kinda keeps us one along is that there's a two things i guess i firstly. There's a lot of celebrity cameos and it's just like you just never know what will happen next week will pop up on. It's kind of like that's enough to at least injects doubling. I had to keep looking at the screen and beyond that though it does feel interminable for long periods because it has that element of having no real structure. The it's all over the place in terms of event in weird goes is no overarching kind of like narrative to join seasons. It's seems like it's large in just under comprised of wouldn't it be funny if it's it's kind of a sketch comedy feel and then after that everyone in is like jake says like screeching everyone is like dial up to eleven. No one is like wonder selling their performance. Here like everyone is like basically like it's a big patent Everyone is like just running around the place. Like isn't this wacky. What we're doing and it really is severi tottering exhausting to watch this movie. There are there are few gags the work but most of them. Just don't like everyone is dialed up except for the celebrities themselves so so when you get way night happen in his segment might not be like especially funny. But it's still the like find the way night. Good to see and i suppose the chevy chase one might be the most successful like purely on a from a comedy standpoint. Like some of the jokes are funny. Ish like the gag about him winning an oscar. I was like yeah. That's that's what's sold the movie and by all accounts. He's he's a total asshole so just wanted like. Are these like people who would be cancelled if anyone gave a shit to reexamine because john cleese also quite a problematic sort. Rachel bell johnson is pure. You can't cancel him. Johnson and way nighter in the clear. But i think has some skeletons alongside guest. John schubert every time he he log onto twitter. Like here's here's what also works music. Yeah there's a lot of cameos but even worse is at. There's a lot of name drops in this movie in in their off to use his punch lines. I don't think there's anything funnier than a namedrop and it also comes at like the worst one. I think comes at the height of the chasing where they hit somebody on the freeway. They look at each other and go. Oh no i think that was harvey weinstein. Who is the king of canceled people. It's just terrible and that is preceded immediately when when they quote unquote rundown harvey weinstein. It is preceded by a fucking wilhelm. Scream i thought that might be the happiest joke. I've ever seen a movie. Franklin easer nothing pure in all of this than you know just just letting them go with this like the people scream. The most about being sold are canceled because no one actually gives out more. It's impossible to cancel them on this just the whole film fun of a a wonderful tribute towards that kind of misguided nece. It's ridiculous you're looking at it just going like who could care less about this. Like what the hell is even happening here. Paul hogan was cancelled that he made a fourth crocodile hunter. On top of the fact that like a running joke in this movie is at crocodile. dundee is so bad. No one remembers us. Insulin okay fair. Renault threats that you. Now why're you making food dracula. Exactly you know what this reminds me of this kind of speaks to the same level of equality but Do you guys remember the hit. Two thousand three film pauly. Shore is dead never sought worship. Well that's the correct response but it's it's. It's the same vibe here. It's kind of short joking here. Where he's back. He makes successful return. That's dry as asked polishers still in law two or something. And he's like he's back some recall that at all. This movie must have broken. I think anytime like the fucking entertainment tonight. Screen popped on my goal right. I don't wanna fuck and watch city. Why does i think. I think son-in-law to would work though. Like what if. What paulie shore made father-in-law now. But he's he's like the wacky father-in-law there's a. There's a way for him to revive career. Sure yeah it's only like the fourth best pauly shore movie couple years. He's a tv show and he was displaying himself Version of himself or show was that remember. He's pretty big on cameo. Like if you pay. Paulie shore two hundred dollars. She'll schill anything for you so something to think about. We got to save up all of our patriot money for that. The other thing that almost works about this and is not utilized and again i guess it factors into the end of the film which i just i could not talk about saccharin. I it just takes like buck in an episode of curb your enthusiasm and all of a sudden it turns into like once or something like what is this fucking. The fosse musical at the end of the dream sequence. We had folk montage of paul hogan skipping all these events and instead going to see his granddaughter and it's like the most painful fucking thing i've ever seen it fucking sucks. It's so god damn hokey and about one of the things he skipping is is one of the more successful elements of the film. Which again you stole it. From larry david but the crocodile dundee musical is one of the very few jokes and actually hits in this. Yeah that his ass for like the only section this movie where i was actually like a happy to be your I would love to see a crocodile. Dundee fosse musical. Like i would. I want the jazz hands. I want the chorus lines. Everything give it to me. I would pay good money to watch. That certainly would watch that before. I'd watch any of these movies again. So all right well. I think they pretty much wraps it up really productive. I'm sure you guys enjoyed this whole week. It's been good for you a lot of a lot of great stuff on tv screen do it for fans that's right we do. We are men of the people. That's that's exactly it. So you know week. I'm going to have you guys put something over. But if you have a special message to send to our fan dustin who wanted us to crocodile dundee series go ahead and put something over and then attach a nice little message for dustin so jacco had what he put over this week. I'm gonna put over a early nineties. Movie called arcade directed by albert pune who will feature in some subsequent episodes. We're going to be entering the universe. It's hard to describe this movie. I really enjoyed it. Essentially imagine an or rated episode of. Are you afraid of the dark. That's literally the movie. It's very weird vibe. Starring ralphie from christmas story among several the people you might recognize from other tv shows. It's basically about a very addictive video. Game of virtual reality video game at all. kids are getting hooked on turns out actually malevolent. It's was delayed. Its release was delayed several years because disney threatened to sue them even the early nineties disney still a goofy silly movie quite a lot of phone just almost smart enough to make you know kind of make you think but then not release us martha you feel that you really have to dedicate too much to kind of a perfect perfect way to spend your time. So i'm putting over arcade by our appeal and as a message. Dustin walk you. thanks jack. Marin pretty putting over. I nothing to put over. I'm sitting here. Fill it out focused college applications all along. They are gonna put over a university of michigan a school. Just you know scrape school. Let me in S for dustin. You know we have. We have a tear for people who would like to dictate contents. Consider this a bill. A you always in one dollars motherfucker. Yeah they go. Can we like add an extra tier. It's like two dollars more than i won't tell whoever if you pay you. Pay twenty seven twenty five dollars you can you can dictate a movie that we watch and we won't roast your ass on air. If it's terrible shake we put over this week. Yes so my put over has been a long time coming but now i can officially endorse this back. In august of twenty twenty. I made a purchase from a website called hong kong rescue for two films hard boiled by john woo and peaking off a blue opera blues by soon and they finally arrived early january. And if you don't know what. Hong kong rescue is. They are at well. It's basically just one guy who lovingly restores on kong movies out of the comfort of his own apartment in portland oregon Sometimes he gets access to film prints sometimes takes all versions available and let's together and he does color correction and make sure that these films basically look the best it can be. He also takes every source available and extracts all audio tracks so that at all Subtitles so that basically you have the most complete film version of these movies available on along with two. I've mentioned he's done several films by jackie chan at the time of this recording. He's currently putting the finishing touches on the killer by john. Woo which he hopes to. He said the drop at the end of this month. Which is today when we're recording. So hopefully that'll be out soon. These many other. Great ones in the pipeline. He's been working on but not only that he also collects every bonus feature from every edition. You can find these movies. You basically makes the greatest package ever for each of these hong kong movies and you might be asking yourself all. This probably costs a fortune. Like maybe eighty dollars per film. How what are you. What are you paying here. And the answer is no. It's actually sixteen dollars per movie if you want to get it on blu ray and eight dollars if you wanted to get a digital version. Extreme online The only word of warning is as i mentioned the it would take out Wanna know how he says. He's improved system but it did take me five months to receive the movies. I ordered last year But eventually you get him eventually. And now that i have watched both films. I can wholeheartedly. Heartedly recommend hong kong rescue. Check them out and support them so we can get more stuff than those good to to set. A dustin yet does not want you to watch all these movies in no less than twenty four hours and give us your complete thoughts in a written two thousand word essay on each film. That'll be eight thousand words total and then our way and we will read it on the air. Yeah we'll publish it on film. School rejects pocket the thirty dollars. They give us for those articles. Saw us the before we wrap. I just want to mention. We forgot one important aspect of the very not so excellent mr the at the end of the film a woman twenty years younger than him falls in love with him because he's still the pinnacle of sex appeal important that we note that that's right. There's a little wallaby still works. You know that that's that is the perfect way for him to end his career is just. That's that's the life that he lives all right. Well i'm going to put over the over some music. There's a band called shame and they got a new album out called drunk tank pink and it's really good if you like Kind of anxious sounding post-punk jack. I think he'd be into this one. It's a great album. The best thing i've heard so far this year. I know we're a month into the year. Come on but it's it's really good so shame. Something dustin zik should be feeling right now. And that's that's pretty much it so if you enjoyed today's episode please do a big favor. There's a couple of links in the description and i link will take you to our i tunes page. Why is that important to you dear listener. Good question well. when you're there there's a couple of things you can do you rate us which just gives us like five stars or whatever and that's an easy thing to do but there's another little button below that says write a review and here's what you need to do. Hit the five stars. She did that already. Took a half a second now in the reviews You can write whatever you want. It's right you know. Paul hogan's a fucking loser. That's a mean thing to say eight year old but i think he can handle it right. Whatever you want. it doesn't matter. Just write something and the reason you need to do. That is because i tuned says a complex algorithm that for some reason favors written reviews over just star ratings and blah blah blah blah blah. You doing a written review. It helps us get more visibility on i tunes so please take two seconds and do that. The other link will take. You are patriarch page and you know if you become a patron of optimism vaccine you too can dictate content because if you do that twenty dollar twenty five dollar twenty something dollars here. What that does is that gives you the power to dictate and say you have to do this. Optimism vaccine you have to watch this movie now. Doesn't who suggested crocodile dundee. He was not at that tier. He just he just suggested is recommended. And i being the full that i am so i'm going to take some of the responsibility for this. I said you know that sounds fun. I enjoyed those films. And then we all have agreed it and here we are so but if you want to dictate and it could be anything you could say. Hey here's his twenty five dollars watch the entirety of empire and then talk about it for two hours. We'll we'll do it. Sure why not we could do that. It's an option. So if you don't have that much money you can donate stuck a couple of bucks and that'll get you into our all of our paid content. So we have brand new podcast only available to paid subscribers and we have all kinds of pass pay a podcast and written content all kinds of good shit. So if you've got a couple of blocks away if you don't that's cool. I understand tough times but you know podcasting is expensive so with that if you have any questions. Comments death threats marriage proposals out of his vaccine. myross standing by hitting refresh on the inbox. Or you can tweet at us at optimism vaccine and yeah that'd be cool. Go ahead jake. Lasts words yours. Yeah the way debbie.

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