Wednesday, Nov. 25: Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, and Garth Brooks performs


Subscribe to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon. And while you're at it rate us in labor review grand new view. Darks live right now morning. Joe hosts in news media. Power couple john. Scarborough and mika brzezinski are hidden hot topics with their views on why the outgoing president even bothered to hold his really brief press briefing and having nationwide election results should be a dire warning for democrats plus country superstar. Garth brooks is performing right here and one viewers upping their holiday gift budget by five grand. When we announced the winner of our black friday cash sweepstakes here come hot topics with whoopie. Sarah haynes joy behar sunny hoste n- megan mccain and ana navarro now. Let's get things started. Well hello and welcome to the view. Now we're gonna get into some politics with joe scarborough and mika brzezinski and minute but first america's celebrating a very different kind of thanksgiving tomorrow and the cdc is pleading with people to stay put but flight map showed that. It's the busiest air travel times since the pandemic started and many worried that their relatives aren't being honest about quarantine before they visit. Now according to an article in glenmore glamour magazine. Can you relate to any of this. I start with sarah. The most glamorous of us all i like khalid's any of this well not argue like that the holiday specifically but in regards to the pandemic in general there are four of us kids. We didn't trust my parents. They live in florida and they take this seriously. But we were hyper vigilant. Because of their ages and their health and so My brother went down there to work remotely a few months ago for a month and he was like our undercover mole. We'd be talking to my parents. Were like you haven't been going out right. No we didn't go out. They went to the store the other day like every day. We'd get updates for my brother and my mom's like we're not eating inside in my brother's like they aid inside one time and we were like the phones start ringing. My parents are turning on my so like we were really worried but we. We decided that we'd send one of us in to protect them. So i totally understand why people are feeling this way because everyone's handling it so differently so right and those flight maps people really freaking out about because it you know. They feel people really desperate to see each other. I mean what what what would you say to them joy. I will say that. Sarah comes from a very dysfunctional family. What would be my first thing. You already knew this. I know that arabia. But what i would you know. Here's the thing about this. I can totally relate to it because back in the day in the late eighties. I was trapped in los angeles like a dog along without a husband without a boyfriend without a family. All by myself and there is nothing more lonely than being los angeles without anybody around you. I was talking to the palm trees. I anybody who would talk to me. And i was only in my late forties at that time and i was living in an assisted living complex. Okay and people would walk by on walkers and it was so depressing and so i understand the desire and the need to travel to see your family and if if if there was a corona virus or something like that at that time i would have had steve drive from new york to la. Pick me up and drive me back to la. That's to new york. That's how desperate a dog. I was so i say unto new people out you understand. Feel your pain but you're going to have to live with it. So what's your. Which would your thanksgiving looking like first of all. I think i look like the inside of a planetarium with this dress today but and if you're going to mention joy was talking to palm trees. I'm not sure. Sarah is the dysfunctional one serious for me for me. I i'm doing. I'm traveling tomorrow. And the reason i'm traveling. I'm traveling our to see my mom. You know this has been a very hard year for me. My mom has been near death and in the hospital down there twice in the last six months. I haven't seen her in a year. It's not to celebrate thanksgiving. We don't celebrate thanksgiving and he got. I'm going down there because flights just reopened and my mother's been near death and i need to see her. It is the only thing she wants. I will tell you that the flights the airline requires a covert test within thirty six hours of flying for every single passenger. I went and got the test yesterday. I submitted it last night. And i'm going to be you know i'm going to be in full house matsuda. I'm going to look like i'm flying to the moon. Allah's gonna look the same way. And i i feel terrible about not heating the cdc's advice. I do it. I'm so torn about it. But i cannot tell my mother know that i'm not gonna go see her so that now and i'm grateful for another thanksgiving. Yeah and what about you son. What's your what's your plan for tomorrow. Well i'm just gonna stay at home and follow the guidelines The cdc guidelines and just have thanksgiving with people that i live with in the house. And it's gonna be a very different thanksgiving for us and we're going to zoom with Our our family and friends. That can't be with us in the home. But we're going to try to make the best of it and keep everybody safe. But and i have to say i'm so happy that you're gonna go see your mom because i know how you've been torn about her health and not being able to see her and i think it's times like that that you know sometimes you just have to make an exception and try to be as safe as possible and go see your mom your idea doing the right thing. I think you're doing you know. And i think so much about people who are in the same situation who've lost precious time with loved ones in their life who who are who are in very frail health. And we're never going to get this time back and people like me who who have relatives and loved ones in places where there have been no flights to where the borders have been closed. So it's been a painful year for so so many so many for so many folks before we go gonna tell i'm i'm i'm here. I'm here you know the family's been here for about three weeks because six weeks ago. You didn't know what was happening. You know so you make these plans and then everybody comes. They went back. They voted and then they came back and stuff exploded but they've gotten tested because my son in law has to get tested. You know because he he's been ill so between he and i. You know you really have to unzip the house to walk in here. You really need to have all your paper before you come into the house. So it's all we're taking it seriously but you know you have to. You have to do what you're able to. The point is the people who go out and then you want to show everybody that you have sense enough to put on a face mask because when you go out and you stand in their partying without a mask you're basically saying i don't care if i kill you. See people don't wanna see that they don't want to see that but before we go. I just i think we need to mention a kind of a fabulous man leader who made history as the first black mayor of new york city. David deacons who passed away Yes they at ninety three. He was really a great guy and from time to time. When we were actually in studio we could go across the street to the atlantic baugh and grill and see him having lunch. You know he was new yorkers loved him they he got better with age. I think for folks because you know when you're in office everybody's up your but once you get out of office and you do great stuff. It's kind of wonderful and they were quite respectful and loving of david dinkins. I just wanted to say our farewell as fans of his and fans of new york city will be right back do morning joe host joe scarborough and mika brzezinski. Think the republican party. The news media and america will ever be the same after trump's presidency. And how can president elect joe biden win over the seventy three million plus voters who wanted a second term for trump. They're joining hot toppings next next week on the view. We're getting the low down on the best. Cyber monday deals plus the fabulous mindy kaeling author. Michael eric dyson and oscar winner. Kate winslet next week on the view on. Abc can mutate north. And i'm the founder of little likes kids may classic toys with decidedly diverse imagery this time last year when we were doing holiday markets and trade shows but when kohler hit the quickly shift to e commerce strategy by purchasing are bestsellers at fifty percent off getting a great gift for a lehner life and doing so small business. Working really hard to elevate play. Welcome back we all knew that you know who was not going to go quietly. But it won't stop the country and the world from entering a whole new era once. He gets out the house joining hot topics to talk about this. Joe oh my god. I'm so sorry. I just had a had a flash of you all talking about this for the last four years anyway. My bad the author of the new book saving freedom scarborough and co host. Mika brzezinski there with us this morning good morning. Welcome to morning. So yesterday was the tale of two press conferences. Then was that brian. Press conference is first slate of cabinet picks and then you know who would his big baby act who took the mic for an impromptu briefing which lasted sixty four seconds. Apparently what is happening. What is happening now. What's happening is exactly what we knew was going to happen. And donald trump is continuing to perform his shock opera. This is sort of. The finale is not a grand finale with more like a law long maybe so and the comments from the the people in the white house press corps afterwards. Where a lot. Like george w bushes after the inauguration said that was some strange stuff watch asset the word. But but you know there's nothing he can say. There's nothing that he's going to do that. Can stop the inevitable. Which is a emailing people voted for. Joe biden joe buying one over three hundred electoral votes. So he's gonna be the next president united states and i think the best thing we can all do is focus on what's relevant. That is what the next administration is to look like and so forth oil. A lot of the pixel awfully greg biden introduced members of his cabinet yesterday. It was truly a moment that reminded you of what this country was all about. So okay joe are you. Are you surprised so many of your republican colleagues have stayed mute while the president tries to undermine democracy even now there are only a few willing to call biden. president-elect. I mean how quickly will tune change once he takes office. Do you think fairly though it. We once again. Find yourself in a position where we're week. We can be not surprised by what we're saying but at the same time still be shocked that these people will continue to carry water for donald trump. you know it we could go back and talk about donald trump blocking kids in cages and republicans remaining silent we can talk about charlottesville remaining silent. We can talk about the fact that he denigrated a gold star. Parents and republicans remained silent even right before the election when he was asked. I is attorney. Pass is political opponents. Something they do in china in russia in in saudi arabia so it it was just stunning. That republicans didn't speak out then and they aren't speaking out now. Not exactly sure what they're afraid of. Joe biden is going to be president united states. And they're going to have to deal with gel. My husband eight up. I was gonna i was just and that was just want to add to what i said joe. You know what they're afraid of. They're afraid of the big bad wolf. Who will bad mouth them to his base and then they won't vote for the republicans in georgia for example right now. That's what they're afraid. I don't agree with that. But donald trump's not gonna do anything for for the senators running georgia. Donald trump is worried about donald. Trump doesn't care about the republican party. Never cared about the republicans. He contributed the hillary clinton nine times that suited his purpose. So he's never going to help anybody but donald trump and what's so discouraging to me in fact no republicans were on be have even tried to tell the truth about donald trump s and. They're so obsessed about their base that it never occurs to them that maybe they can move their base along with them some money. Donald trump said himself a young everybody all these republicans want across the country except for donald trump. Obviously he's not doing something right. Joe actually i would. Add larry hogan the governor of maryland to that list with mitt romney. I think he too has been a beacon of truth but my husband al cardenas hello. He was chair of the republican party. Florida when you weren't congressman from the state and you know it it feels like it was a completely different republican party back then and so i ask you where does all of this leave disaffected. Republicans like you like me. Is the republican party to stand any chance of recovering from something like we just went through. The last four years can can make win. Somebody like you back. i can't let me back. I mean you can't have a party that supported a president that was talking about creating a muslim registry a president who was talking about throwing his political opponent in jail Two weeks before the election. Who wouldn't guarantee a peaceful transfer of our told. Bob woodward he knew exactly how dangerous this pandemic was and instead lied to the american people over and over again over. Two hundred fifty thousand americans have died and they keep making fools of themselves. Republican party keeps making fools of themselves by again kowtowing to this guy. So i don't know where i go. I'm not sure where you don't know where al. How's me where people do or used to be criticized and being called nazis for supporting people like mitt romney and jeb bush. I want for those good old days but wearing i. Don't go back to the republican. Barring any donald trump is a fascist donald trump as behaved like a fascist and Again just look up. The definition look at the fact that the men time and again as has called on his supporters to commit acts of violence. Look at the fact that again. He's talked about arresting political opponents undermining our constitutional nord saying that the constitution article do gives him unlimited power. My republican party. The republican party by you remain silent. I can never go back there. So the question is do remain independent for the rest of my life. Do we haven't expanding different party. Democrats welcome conservatives and welcomed Suburban voters that helped elect george are helped elect joe biden descent. I mean i think that's that's the big question. Well keep even. I think. I think we're going to have more questions when we come back for you. Joe so we'll be right back with joe and still held garth brooks is performing on the view and won viewers winning by brand on our black friday cash sweepstakes. We are back with joe and mika sunny yeah. President elect biden is already facing calls from some in the democratic party to investigate and prosecute president trump one of the senior prosecutors in the muller investigation just also came forward and said that the next attorney general should hold trump accountable for any criminal behavior in office despite how divisive that could be for the country. What's the best move for the sake of the country in your opinion. Well joe i get. I get the stage in we disagree. I'm just going to say for the record. We disagree on this I don't think it's enough with many things done by how much a we gonna just let pass five from this presidency which has come so close to destroying our democracy more than any other president and i do think that there needs to be A degree of investigations and also a postmortem on what happened and our institutions where they softened where they didn't hold. I think more of a check on the attorney general in the future that really a think show weakness in our democracy. We need to look us so that we never go through something like this again and i understand you know sometimes doing a party for the sake of uniform. Unity in moving forward. This is different. You can't let all these things go by and just pretend that they'll ever happen again. We have to do something about the many perils that this president who toward democracy. Okay well i. We can't let this slip by either a anniversary the other day i think both of you yes yes laws. Such as i remembered it. Nica the yes. One of us enjoyed our anniversary. Yes yes i i. I totally know how that happened. So i'll forgive you now but we had to call you out now. Joe you called this election with the exception of biden's victory and absolute repudiation of the democratic party as a brand on account of their disappointing results in down ballot races in the house and senate. Now i want to ask you both. If that's the case. Does it make sense. That democratic leadership is staying the same. And how should democrats correct course here you know. The president is states is always leader. The party joe biden is going to chart a center a of more moderate course in in so all the other players in washington. Dc will take their cues of from the president of the united states. And and so. I'm not so sure that There have to be wholesale changes anywhere. Nancy pelosi remember nancy. Pelosi had more money spend against her over the past ten fifteen twenty years probably than any other politician in washington. Dc and yet. She carried her party to big victory in two thousand eighteen but there is no doubt that that there were a couple of messages and i kept hearing from democrats throughout the entire campaign than it was earning them their couple of eggs. Defunding the police. The calls for defunding. The place had an impact at Socialism a brand printing device. Not good i think especially in south florida but you know i gotta say one of the frustrating things to me was the fact that de fund the place. I kept hearing that for my friends. I can be hearing that from other people who've said they booked to the democratic party. While i have nancy pelosi who had nancy pelosi on the show saying that. It was a stupid idea we had. Of course al sharpton on all the time Saying that was we need police reform but defunding place at made absolutely no sense with young kleiber. Time and time again say is a bumper sticker. And it doesn't do us any good. Labor also said talking about socialism doesn't do as well it. Also i think democrats just need to be a little more aggressive over the next several years letting americans what they do know what they do stand for and what they don't send for him right now. americans what. They voted for divided government. They wanted more centrist government. I think going to be the responsibility of both parties to look at the results and respond accordingly. Forgive me laughing. I can just see mitch mcconnell looking and thinking the way that you just described but we're gonna go and take a break and come back. We'll be right back. Staying informed has never been more important. Get information is coming in faster than ever. So how do you make sensible start here. Hey i'm brad milkey from abc news. In every weekday we will break down the latest headlines in just twenty minutes straightforward reporting dynamic interviews and analysis from experts. You can trust always credible always solid start here from abc news twenty minutes every weekday your smart speaker or your favorite podcast app. We are back with joe. And mika joy yes so let's talk about your your new book. Joe it's called saving freedom. Which is about president. Harry truman who liked biden. Face a world in crisis. When he entered the white house truman may have had the toughest transition until until this one given that. Fdr died in office and left him with world war two and spreading a soviet communism threat to tackle so what tips should biden. Take from truman. When it comes to confronting the crisis we face today well. I think you'll binds already starting to do it. Surround yourself with the best. And the brightest people can harry. Truman had george marshall whose organizer of a allies victory in world war two we had dean aitchison perhaps the greatest a diplomat of the twentieth century. Who really are truman's truman's foreign policy. Which we still all basically a live under today. He had april. Harriman as ambassador to the soviet union and he listened to experts he was constantly learning. He's a guy who graduated from spalding commercial college in kansas city that was was the highest degree retained but he was learning throughout his entire life. He was reading throughout his entire life and most importantly ask he understood the senate he knew how to work the senate he added to work. Republicans took control of the senate and the house for the first time. I in in fourteen years When when truman had to move on the truman doctrine and the marshall plan and nato so he just work with republicans he found republicans who would with him and he they created a partnership that moves us away from isolationism and created a world stage that really not only restrained the soviet union and pushed back solid and soviet communism and kept it out of europe but also really helped create the american century and helped us thrive for decades. Joe you point out in the book. Truman has always been underestimated. He was underestimated by the public by his party and even by his own mother-in-law tell us as you wrote this book. Did he ever win her over. And by the way how did you do with yours she. She's said nice things about the book. So that's good lem now she she sees one. No you know having trimmer was always underestimated from the very beginning when he got elected to the united states senate in a shocking upset. He was dismissed by the new york times as a room. Six years later. Fdr what even endorsing. When he gets elected as vice president he was mocked as a second missouri compromise a time magazine called the mousy little man from missouri and of course there the famous sayings to areas truman. And i'm just mild about. Harry fell throughout the presidency and when he laughed he left with a twenty two percent approval rating but he left with a twenty two percent approval rating. Because he took one courageous. Move after another weather. You're talking about desegregating the armed forces whether you're talking about confronting stalin. A win win. A miracle is just absolutely exhausted from four years of war. He also is a very patient man. He knew who he was. He wasn't upset by the fact. His mother-in-law told him early on that she did not approve of him. He was not good enough for best he let her live in the white house and she still was telling him when he was in the white house he wasn't a suitable replacement for fdr and yet he kept his head down. He loved her and when he left off with his twenty two percent approval rating a lot of american studies at failures and president of course decades later historians would reassess that same great president but winston churchill of all people said When truman left office he said more than anybody else harry. Truman save western civilization so didn't have his mother-in-law on his side but winston churchill rodney donald. Pretty darn good job. And i gotta say joe you know history will always tell us what we what we thought we knew. We always find out. History has the four one one on everybody. This new book is wonderful. Saving freedom truman. The cold war and the fight for western civilization. It's available at all find booksellers. Pick it up. It's really insightful. And we of course will be right. Back country superstar. Garth rug is giving you up. Pre-thanksgiving performance on the view next. Welcome back tomorrow. Maybe thanksgiving but we're going to start at a little early because with thankful right now that this man came to see us for a visit please welcome back the one the only and the quite fabulous happy holiday. Welcome back happy holidays. Listen it is something you usually on the road. You spent five six years on the road. You're performing all the time and then suddenly hit comes cove and now you're not on the road you've been home. How how's that has been. And how soon after your realized it was gonna be a couple of months patricia. Say now look you need to just relax. She told me you need to get a job and get the hell out of the house is eddie close since we do the same thing for living. We always traveled together anyway. So we're just together and pretty much just stayed here on the farm these a. She's got a new cookbook that she just rope on. This one is the the bible of all cookbooks. And she still. She still does some things kind of like what you guys do with cooking show. She doesn't like the assume and stuff like that. Well garth same way to do it. Thanksgiving is tomorrow. We know that miss tricia is quite the cook even as her own cooking show What is thanksgiving gonna look like at your house this year will. It's it's going to look. It's going to look the same size except the seats are going to be emptied. She's going to be so. This might be the best thanksgiving yet you spend about a month and the gym after this. But i'm really looking forward to. I miss her cooking. I really do. I love when she comes to show that i'm telling you those i don't cook but i have used that book. I really had this man. The she's everybody's household during the tv or in the cookbook. I swear we go to the store. People pull her over. She walks them to find ingredients stuff. She's see such a doll. You just lover. And do i do and now here you go again. 'cause you just can't sit still you release not one but you release two albums last week. Now one is called fine and the other is called. Triple live deluxe some. This is a lot of fun. Because it's it's it's like throw everything and the cherry on top of it and it's got everything from historic rhyme auditory performances. All the way up to eighty five thousand people in the stadium singing along. It's it's a beautiful thing. And i gotta tell you. It's kind of my favorite thing right now. Because when you don't get to tour least you can put it on and you can Hear those voices again. Because you know you don't do it for them you do it for yourself. It's it's such a selfish thing. It's a great thing live performances. Nothing better and since thanksgiving is tomorrow. I know you have a special song that you are going to sing for us. Just thankful for and we kind of call it the thanksgiving song but the truth is i think the seed to happen if right now if you're sitting there goldman why am i not happy with. You're always check the gratefulness level right. Always check that thing. It's like president. Carter said you go to sleep with a roof over your head. You're spoiled so that level of greatness just check into that greatness and when you do that when you look around your baby's healthy all those other things that you worry about that bring you down. Maybe artists so now before us sing we wanna to tell people that you interests have a live holiday tv special. So look out for that. And don't forget god's new albums fund and triple deluxe are in stores right now and we please take it away. Yes happy to Thing nola for it only for time me under the things. I can hold a four. Our children here this sprayer little around every childrens children. No the one from home. English is some thankful for the lord. The gift of his unending love province. There is something moyo these are things. I'm thankful animates. These gifts in presence we receive this holiday. maybe take just two fold our hands rating. Here's something for the lord. The give his on being the problems that there is so much bowl these are the things. I'm saying hopeful. Happy thanksgiving happy holidays. All my love you guys sure. The views here can get hot. But just wait until you see what twitter is saying. Twitter is going nuts over so grab your bone and join the conversation even reading. What's on and don't forget to like us on facebook. Follow us on instagram. Subscribe to our youtube channel. And of course what is every day on. Abc it's time for our black friday cash sweepstakes and one. The lucky own viewer is about to win. Five thousand dollars. I my friend. Sarah gerbeau shopping and trends expert from our sponsor retail. Not is here to tell us how we can save this black friday. Welcome back sarah and please tell us about your shopping. Tips hi sunny. It's hard to believe but black. Friday is two days away but not to worry too easy to remember tip that are going to help you save time and money. The i didn't most of us are going to be shopping online these days especially for black friday. Don't forget you should install growl. Jury tension that will automatically apply coupon codes and cashback offers right at checkout. My favorite is called deal binder. I love it because free. It saves me time and it saves me money at all of my favorite store may second tip. If you do choose to go in store to shop they leave this black friday. You have to remember to install the retail me. Not it free and stay up to seventy five percent on all of the holiday gifts and decoration. Everything you need to get you in the holiday spirit. It's really a win. Win for shocker. How really really. Great tip sarah. And now it's time to announce our at home winter. We're going to scroll through some of our entries and see who is going to win five thousand bucks. So let's go there. We have a winner. Congratulations to research. Knee ball from audubon. New jersey congratulations. Teresa banks so much to sarah's gerbo and our sponsor retail me not happy thanksgiving everyone and take a little time to enjoy the view with so much at stake so much on a line. More americans turn here than any place else. Abc news world news. Tonight with david muir. We have made it through another week together. America's most wanted program across all television.

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