Maria Bakalova, Quenlin Blackwell & Pecorino Romano?


They WANNA know. Pain. Fame welcome to the podcast Mueller and everything you need to know celebrities. You don't mind bobby finger, islands you ever and. Car Back and normally what just a Except Full In was my birthday must have been birthday. I knew you were going to open that talk that I've been watching all evening of the alleyen Aj MOMS at the bar the alienated MOMS Albany New back there back. The funny thing is like I love when and this is more of a visual took a visual medium but I love when a song that I hadn't heard in forever like a song that I'm like, where did this come from blows up on Tiktok or just all of a sudden houses like a meme attached to it within the TIKTOK universe? And you can tell it takes the artist who song that is a good three weeks to figure that out to like it. It really does take a long time for sometimes people to figure out and then get involved. I. Took actually. fleetwood MAC less time to come on and do their Elliott engage with their meaning than alienated you who are a little bit younger and we'd go faster. It took them quite a while to come claim their meaning. You know a little bit younger a little bit. Well, they had to come claim their me, which is when you get on Tiktok starting accountant say, Oh, we're here. We're here now and everyone's like we don't know you. Know your song. But yes, seeing Alien Aj in twenty twenty doesn't like bring back this rush of nostalgia. It's like two women. Yeah, like the only reason I knew was Elliott Aj was because it said Allie J on Tiktok I know we're kind of the wrong demo four alien Aj but that is the song. That's the song. Yeah. So it's back. Thanks a TIKTOK. We love when a song comes back right? Like it'll probably chart I mean are low, but it'll chart while. Wow. A lot of good tiktok slightly I think there's been some good talks. been seeing some good tick talks. I told you I sort of like. fultz with. Just getting. So now my algorithm is like very good like it knows that I want to see people make disgusting food and like cats jumping on things. It's really nice. You only need to give to talk about an hour of your time to like confirm the Algo, and then from there it just like learns more about you and forever like our you waste on there you get like. A good chunk of of stuff I mean I'm sharing this stuff left and right it knows a lot of jokes somehow about my life that wants to like repeat back to me. It's very, it's an all knowing system. It's Kinda creepy. Sometimes you know it's a clever program like clever famous last words. Yeah. It's like Gatica Young. It's like it's a I is like quite good better than Gatica. There's A and GATTACA. Isn't he a robot or is he nalen what isn't a robot? Always Human Lindsey? It's about humans. It's about the human spirit about not needing to succumb to like genetic design like genetic manipulation whatever he's he's he's a I. Oh, you're thinking jude law is a robot in AI. But Gatica, he's a human. In Gatica, it's Ethan Hawke who was like the Yes but jude law is in Gatica as a man but he's a as a WHO's. The smartest. Robot. Ever in Gatica or in a I know like ever in film I'm joking how film WHO'S THE SMART? Isn't it? How? Sure or is it like David from the alien movies which I just watched? Spender. I haven't seen them in awhile God I'm I'm stuffed up it is. I'm like full voice today. Sorry. I'm my sinuses are a mess. The dog anymore Lindsey, foster a dog and it. and. It made her face turned into like Tiktok, filter. It was. Sad he's he's fine. He'll be good. He'll be adopted quite fast. He's very cute. You're listening to, WHO's there are weekly call in show where we take your questions comments concerns at six nine who? Them. We're going to start with some comments. Let's go into this one. Do me a favor. Do yourself a favor stop talking and look. You're not required to write a paper you're not even required to like it. You are required. To consider it. As you're only assignment today when you're done, you can leave. That is Julia Roberts speech about Jackson pollock in smile and what I would say to bobby having learned that he has not been morally smile. Contracts. Avi when are you watching money's a smile this weekend if not, no, I'm watching it tomorrow much more. I'm excited. I will give everyone the much sought after recap of Mona Lisa smile on Tuesdays episodes. I can't imagine you won't like it. That's nice. Should I go ahead just by it? Will I love it or should I rent it? I don't I know know you have thing with buying buying film I guess just by it. I guess just by and you will want to watch it again I think in the future. So just you know, I'm going to watch mentally smile and I will talk about it on Tuesdays episode quite possibly the most important thing that's going to be happening on Tuesday is music. Talking about watching Mona Lisa smile album I watch it again to this weekend like can remember all the intricacies of that fantastic film. I have to go vote on Friday morning that I'm going to come home make some coffee watch. Mile great good day of solid day especially, if it's raining today Nice Day weekly So I'm sure you'll get this call a few times but the former Disney employees I can't confirm that they in fact, do not ever do this. in fact, famously don't when they do your initiation and walk you through the building. They talk about like here's where you get to the place. Here's where your date your Disneyland passes. I think you know depending on what your level is you maybe get a free pass for yourself or something for like a day Otherwise, you just get him at a reduced rate and then like we don't have free like carte blanche passes to literally anyone like Ryan Gosling has been calling for years and like we never give him one like even Ryan Gosling get one like you're not going to happen anyway famously do not. Give out. I'm GonNa Disney passes apparently even to China. So, Yeah that's the story live in the middle. So the point is that we got a lot of calls about Disney being. Seriously for not giving out. Pass to anyone I guess in a sense it is them me in that everyone does it but the more that I've sat with this story I'm like, give Shonda her passes Oh. Yeah and also like I think in retrospect with one ended up happening, they should have been given sean to her passes. She had something to hold over them, which was literally her contract which she did not resign definitely, and if Shonda had been kind of disrespected at any other area or like bid unhappy for any number of reasons whether it was like something like personal or the fact that she felt mistreated as like a black woman empowered Disney and ABC the point is like this could. have been like her last straw where she was like you know what I've given them every opportunity and like they won't even do something as simple as this we have a problem and so she was like fuck it I'm leaving I don't care what the rules are, what traditionally do or don't do in China Rhyme says, give me some free tickets to your stupid theme park. You give her tickets to yours even park. She's worth way more than your deem bark tickets. That's all I'm saying I, don't care how they do it. You know whenever Netflix's creates emily and Paris land and Shonda rhimes asks for four tickets. Netflix's will say you know what? We'll give you sixteen. Honest lately, everyone to Emily Harris of as many tickets to emily in Paris. As she as she desires, we'll bring her to Paris a fly Shonda and her whole family to parents to watch Emily Harris Tiger. King village. Just, Be Wild I. Get tickets to Queen's Gambit Villain. I still have no idea what's going on I walk inside Queen's Gambit Ville and I'm like it's chess about S. I know people being like Queens bandit bandit or whatever, and I'm like it's about chess jets. It's about Jess anyways I grid near it's great. I know it's about chest, but it's a really good, uh-huh. Okay. Sure. Next goal. I see it again. What do you harlow? How has compassion for her fortieth birthday? Cards. Punch cry. Love. When he harlow, I had to walk so many mortifying terrible instagram stories to get to the screen shot where she slowly pants her camera over the car. That's happy. Birthday kimmy cakes love. When are low? Did you see her house on her fortieth birthday? Yes. Everyone's making fun of the tweets where she said I did a quarantined and went on a private island blah? Blah, everyone's sent her flowers from like the same person like that though I was on strong. I was GONNA say it's kind of funny because I feel like. While you're about what your aesthetic is use specific people. Then when it's your birthday or an event, you just get like a thousand of the same item essentially and it's like. You'd I guess I don't know like it's it's just less interesting right I mean okay and they're so enormous. All over her house someone her bathroom there's some in our kitchen. There are some like every room in the house, and so she's giving tour of them and most of them are like more or less identical. So you get the idea that you get the feeling that her friends are calling up the florist and the area and saying this is for Kim. Just do what you gotta do like the florists know what she wants right there like it's like you call them and. You're like, how much can I get for fifty bucks and like we'll just add you to like the him flower thing we're making on behalf of all of Kim's people I dunno next call lots of calls about this. This is great because you don't remember we hypothesized that if there is someone name Nikki in your life and I K I that they are probably loads of fun. We got a lot of response to this lot of response to Nikki calls. Here we go. Hi Lyndsay Bobby. I had to show when bobby was talking about Nikki's with two KS and he said if you have a boyfriend Nikki and I don't have a friend named, they keep it I do have an enemy in source niche. and we went to the same high school, and then also ended up going to the same college. He's like the only other person from my high school. With me and she isn't Torius for once the incident where she got a football game, you go to a big football school and she went up to a random man, the football game after. His chicken sandwich and he said, okay, which already is a weird choice and she took a bite of his sandwich and then threw it on the ground and walked away. The total stranger So clearly, she's not boring that supports your thesis. crunch until the one of the balloons. Hey. Bobby just calling to let you know that in. Middle. School a girl named Nicky was really really popular and I really really fun. But she's also my fully she's a terrible bitch now that we're adults she goes by the name of the call because I guess she sucked now. So Bobby, your theory might be true I Donna. Cuisine crush crunch CH-, talented Ati Responding to your call about your hypothesis about people named Nicky with. two days are really. Buff, yeah I dated this on Politics Very, briefly whose name nicky with toothpaste. Really really. Not. Very. Nice. But not. At. All the boring and you'd see them play this. Just wanted to let you now I don't want her to know that I, thought was really boring but Yeah. Oh Yeah. Hi. Lindsay, lobby I called yesterday and in response to. We're talking about how all people named Nicky with two ks are like really crazy and fun to be around, and then I said that I dated someone in college who a he took his but wasn't turned out she actually tells her name Ck? So I was wrong and your theory still Sam. So I just really wanted to let you know is important to Okay Ka guys. I did get permission to play both calls even though the first call said don't play this I did get permission just so you know Bobby I think I think people confirmed that you're correct Nikki with two KS fund person. I think more people call them send there are fun Nikki's and not on Nikki's note, you can read my study it's peer review it'll be a nature ally. All Nikki's with two KS are fun. That's the name of it. This. Well, this is say why I'm not getting into the why I'm just saying that it's the truth. All Nikki's with two KS are fun. Yes. Speaking of listener feedback Jansy does or maybe does not know who Fergus Lindsey? Bobby. Thank Chen concern that John d doesn't necessarily is. they're delicious with a very big song still they wasn't trying like. A couple of months ago on track of people, their gend Z could they're trying to do the wrath and or one part at the wrath for groceries like double speed? And like. The basis was like everyone knows that wrap because everyone knows that Song It was very. Like a played it all not like middle school and high school dances like there's definitely. So really big thirty songs and barbecue from. but I can't confirm that. Probably most people don't know much about her except for those songs and they definitely know about her infamous. version of be. National Anthem, the All Star game 'cause it's definitely still mean that goes around every once in a while So yeah, besides those two things I don't really know her but I, still think Chelsea definitely knows she is. entrench tie I just pause the podcast. Because there's a question of hall about if. We know who I is and I was personally offended. Jersey knows who celebrities are. I was born in Ninety Nine I think I'm intensity I know Molly Shannon. And I know who Charlie end dixies. I feel like Dempsey is the perfect infection of modern how closer and culture of the past. So yeah. I. Was insulted when someone asks them, you know who fergie it very like, Hervey? For. Yeah. Okay. Good form belts on high. I just called. Pause. Oh. Sure I know who I don't know who I'm sure he's The types of responses to this question really ran the gamut because it was like Jen's ears being like I know the difference between Fergie actual royalty and fyrke of eyed peas I between Sarah. Ferguson Stacy. Ferguson and then some people indignantly being like. Excuse me. Of course I know who forgives but they were only meaning black eyed peas Erkki Joshua Fergie then Gen Z. being of course, I know who Sarah Ferguson is because they make jokes on friends. Hi Robbie I was just listening to podcast. You're saying that jazzy doesn't know who he is, but I think that they do because they all our friends and for had a really connick dessel on friends when they're all in London and women do belong invalid. Okay. But most people knew black eyed peas Fergie but didn't know Sarah Ferguson that was like most of the calls hey, guys remember when Caitlin for still launched her. ICONIC SCRUNCHY line. And it was significantly hi Frenchie. Well, she's back with a new venture. and she really video talking with her with her. I don't know if they're actually engaged. They live together whatever boyfriend Jason. From Becca season of the Bachelorette. And she was like I'm so excited. We finally get a collaborator to companies. have one eight to collaborate. and you know her her. Her Company is scrunchy. And his company is like. Like personal financial advice. So how they were GonNa really tie in. Collaboration I mean. What a feet But. They announced that they did it. His company restart and her scrunchy company do. came out with. A new collaboration called. Call to. Redo. Just course. crunchy. Okay. I'm sorry. That's so funny, right Do Love You. It's so funny. You're right. It's so funny are sold out. Also, this country's are you can't get anywhere scrunches on. Redo. It's like the most unoriginal combination of to business ideas. It's like one WISCON- cheese and one was financial advice. How do we put these together? Let Sell hoodies scrunchy with like a logo on them. That is like the that is the worst combination of when our powers combined it's like to be. I can't even think of a business that combined scrunchy crunchies on end and financial advice but maybe the it would be just financial advice had not too many scrunches because they've gotten very expensive you know. It's very much like the pineapple pizza of fashion I think or like is this choices? There's bound to be someone who's like, I love this idea this is amazing I don't know what? Passion on both sides is what I'm saying like extreme passion on. Radical idea crop till the and scrunchy nobody will take you seriously as a businessman unless you're casual and cool enough to put on a Hoodie. Wait what does this? She made a song. Yeah it's not good. I think. It's not good it just it's just crazy that these bachelor people they just. They, just try every avenue. You know it's like. It's honestly borderline inspiring. It's like if there's a road for them to walk down, they will walk down that road. You know if it says, hey, open a restaurant. Hey, a slap your name on a vibrator. Hey, US be a financial adviser. Hey, have a podcast hey, make a country song like. This woman has never said never not said sure you know. Yeah. To roads diversion, the yellow wood and sorry I. could not travel both and be one traveler long I stood and looked down one as far as I could to wear bent in the undergrowth and meanwhile Kaitlyn Bristowe is like zigzagging across both roads and it's out of my way old man I was gonna say I was like I feel like she took both roads less traveled which was Both roads. and. The country's long knocking Robert Frost down. Caitlin Persona Robert Frost get the fuck Outta my way. I don't even know if she southern. I'm doing laps. I'm going down both roads. Honey I'll be right back to take the other road. got. My Air POD pros on. SCRUNCHY. Convinced. Maybe, I. Don't know why she sounds like that. Maybe I need a scrunchy for my hair literally I mean I know I don't recommend you buy one of her expensive scrunches but I do love scrunches there a spare. They're good for your hair. They're good for your like a silk scrunchy yet keeps your hair from breaking. As opposed to like a, you know a an elastic I have an elastic your. PULLED OUT CLUMPS of hair every time I. Know How it is that a problem does that happen to you know that's why we're scratching. You took it in last like clumps affairs continuously on US Open case because it avoids avoid break. Hey guys. I have a tip for game, Judi dench Ken resuscitate a fish, but it's not through massive amounts pinching. Could you get by the tail? And dragging it backward in water to get the waters being verse kills. Me Inside by. Wow grabbed the fishtail, drag it across the water. I guess. Gill. Okay. Okay. You know the the fish does not need the kiss of life last comment. Hi Movie Bobby. Did you guys know that May Whitman and Meg Whitman? because. I didn't and I was imagining the girl from arrested development and the girl. Filing a bunch of people that cloudy. Until like ten minutes ago. Okay crunch crunch I don't mean to brag but I didn't know that Meg Whitman and may women were different people and I. Imagine a whitman firing people at qube. But now I am mentioning they wouldn't firing people equity and it's pretty entertaining to reminds me of the arrested development plot where she gets a job and she's like the vase member she. Stakes her way into a job and she's like. Anything whatever. Oh. No Oh no, you're right. It is laid. The Hollywood executive with Mae Whitman who played egg? Egg. You're going to be really confused when Meg Whitman like gets a job in the cabinet. If Meg Whitman this until you're going to be if you're going to think that's May Whitman it's still it's still. Bobby United last night. Shave your legs with billy okay. Yes. But I I drew I put in Lavender EPSOM salt. Have you ever done that like put taking US episode? Told you about this. I'm sorry I tried I tried dubbing wants. Because we moved into this apartment and like last year and are for the Parliament Lipton before this, just like a normal sized tub. But this apartment, it's slightly smaller where I didn't really notice it until I got in it and I was like because when I shower and I don't notice that it's smaller than when I was like I need to take a dive I'm stressed and I got in the TUB and I was like I feel crazy I feel like that big man who's in the Volkswagen, the simpsons WHO's too big for the Volkswagen I've crazy. So No, I don't take lavender EPSOM salt tub took an absence bath. It was amazing. I was reminding myself like Oh. It's so nice to do these things for yourself to like take time to like whatever you're using to get ready for the day or like after you're done with the day, should make you feel amazing. I mean you've met Billy before we've talked before they we've met believe we created everyday essentials by delivering premium or? 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And why is she living with forty one year old diplo. Take Talk Drama spilling over into popular culture, and here's the thing I like to minds about this where I'm black. I'm very much like, yes, this girl is nineteen but I'm also yes like if you've been online and paying attention to dip blow in popular culture, you know that he's creepy like. And it's hard but you can hold both in your mind you know Yep. Anyways, what happened? What is the story? The Story? Is that this woman Quinlan Blackwell she's nineteen. She's really funny on. Tiktok, I. Think she was a viner dog she was viner I yeah. So she was definitely big on vine when she was in high school and she was big enough on vine that like compilations of her from several years ago exist it's like the best Quinlan. Me and you buy like Quincy Dea Yeah Tick Tock comes around she joined like many of them do or did they successfully transitioned to tick tock stardom accents like it's the same sort of thing she goes into ticked shoe comes an adult I. assume after she graduates from high school she was in outside Dallas Texas and moves to La, and then definitely was like I'm moving to La. To pursue to take my influence or stardom to the next level, whatever she wants to do music, and there's been like throughout her feet, I followed her I've been following her before this. But because I I saw some funny thing of hers and I followed her on top like she left her family and boyfriend where she was living in like move to La and all of a Sudden was like Ella Mayo I live with Diplo and it was everyone was kind of like what you live with Dipaolo and as it turns out like she was kind of playing at one way and he was kind of just being mysterious about it in general she because she was like putting it in she was kind of like making content either being like L. I love with Diplo. As kind of like a flex but then I think what an up happening, which was like maybe unexpected to her is it kind of got out of control and people were like, why is this nineteen year old woman living with? DIPLO DIPLO who was a grown man? He's definitely over forty. He definitely has kids he definitely like someone asked her don't your neighbors get mad at you for making so much noise like what we'll act. With dip blow and he's not complaining I always see all saint in my comments like the. Filed noise complaints like wise. No, and every till you to shut up, I live with diplo right now and he. Supports Mind Evers and then people were like wait what you live with dip blow and then that goes viral on twitter. I just think it's so interesting because basically when like blew this up for content basically being like what's the big deal I love with diplo and then diplo had to kind of be like I'm like her landlord. Properties and there's a studio in there and I use it and we're friends and kind of take it back museum with because he was getting called out and she's still keeping it funny even though she did also have a moment where she was like I'm an adult I'm not being groomed platonic relationships exists Blah Blah Blah but I'm still kind of like. I still feel very weird about this even though they both gave these of statements because I don't know like we've heard the Steph about diplo with younger women for a long time I remember back in like our tumbler days we would hear things about Diplo I'm just saying it's like not you know like the dude is like on the precipice of getting canceled via like all of these rumors like for a long time. Now for like as long as he's been around, he has been the subject of people saying this guy's creepy my interaction with them as creepy he ran women very strangely all Taylor swift was very weird. So I don't like I looking at this old famer story and says. The latest reason despise diplo is probably also the most substantial effort. Same Rebecca mark complained on twitter that's meant for work in Houston in a diplo performance without consent or credit his response was atrocious. Here's their exchange. This woman Rebecca mock says, Dip Lewis shared one of my hips gifts as a background art for his music without asking me my work isn't your clip art do don't sample my gift and he goes I credited her what do you want me to eat her out and massage her boobs at the same time as well? So it's like, okay, this guy is just like. And I believe Quinlan here and I believe that she does not feel threatened by this guy but there's a reason hey, people are likely i. feel uncomfortable about this because he has a history of being uncomfortable of course, people are coming up to like protect her first of all. She's like a personality that they've grown to love on Tiktok they're like being like what is Going on here do we need to step in because it's like you develop these kind of like virtual close relationships with people and you know what? This is what you get for being an influence influencers people really care about you and then when you make decisions that scare them, they're like what the fuck is going on I. Don't know I feel like it's hard to. It's hard because she is one of those people that people feel like they grew up alongside because she started vine when she was underage when she was like a teen, she's nineteen. Yes she's an adult and yes, she can do whatever she wants. But people are still going to be like worried about her in this way. Yeah. But she says everything's fine. She says, they're making there is actual evidence of the music they've made together and guess what the song sounds. Pretty good. Yeah diplo he's talented. She's talented if Dipaolo and she actually make release music together I wouldn't be surprised if. The popular like what I heard was very good. I'll play a clip here. It sounds good. Hard to ignore kind of the institutional knowledge that I have about diplo from years and years of being online. That's all that I'm saying and like that's even coming from me, I like a lot of dip- lois music to like. So it is one of those things where you just like keep it in the back of your head. It's not fun to Google Diplo. Rumors because a lot of things will start converging anew this will make you feel uncomfortable. So yeah, it's one of those situations as like impossible impossible to really like put your head around because you're totally in two places with it but this is what sucks. Is that diplomats suck the life out of this when actually Quinlan seems very talented and funny I watch him. For Youtube video she tasted and rated lunch ables she showed off her boyfriend she made her boyfriend put on a wig did his makeup and like contoured him so that he looked like her no videos are fucking funny and also she's the number two January seventeenth birthday when I went to her famous birthday unlocked the most chaotic birthday grid on famous Dot Com I've. Never seen a grid like this. I've never ler ever seen such a grid. You Have Jake Paul at the top Quinlan number to Michelle Obama at number three Jim. Carrey at number five Betty White Ninety eight years old at number six. We have Mohammed Ali. At number seven Steve Harvey at number eight. Let me skip a few Calvin Harris clocking in at number twelve, dwayne. I'm sorry I'm not done Benjamin Franklin guests the Benjamin Franklin at fourteen ray J at fifteen ending with ray J at fifteen and the numbers that I skipped were all people I'd never heard of kind of like you to be people that who cares. That's just an at screen shot. If you scroll down a little further, you will notice who clocked in at number twenty one. That's right. So we now are you so she didn't even find problems. Ben Franklin is laughing all the way to the bank although. Ben. Franklin edges outraging. then. The Underneath Zoe Chanel is similarly chaotic because it's a little John at twenty five. A Tick Tock who sixteen years old named Dante Number Twenty Six then Kid rock at number twenty, seven and James. Earl. Jones at twenty eight it's just a mess of a day. January seventeenth is a powerful day I. Think I think this is what we're trying to say hi, Lindsay Bobby medium time medium time. Why is Kelly Ripa everywhere right now, like she pops up I swear in my inbox my feet every single day. I feel makes you them maybe. But she's exhibiting very who we behavior. So please. Thanks crunch crunch. This is a great question. I also feel like maybe of recent Kelly. RIPA. Has Been Quote Unquote everywhere she's of them but we're GONNA take this call because I think it's interesting mark. Consolo says a WHO. But also, I, want to point out the timing of this is pretty funny because we skipped and I don't know if you left it in the episode but we skipped a mark consumed Kelly ripa story on Tuesday and it was a story about Martinsville's yeah. Yeah. But it's great because I actually at first when I looked at this, I was like I've no fucking idea why Kelly Ripa is. But, then as I searched Kelly Ripa I came across a feature written for variety by luckily our mutual friend Dan D. Dario. How Kelly RIPA has thrived for twenty years on live means live with Kellyanne Ryan and I text him because I was like actually do want to have this conversation I said we got a call that says, why is Kelly Ripa right now? Do you know the answer to that and he actually was like, yeah, I think I do know the answer to that and he said. I'm going to quote him a little bit but also kind of summarize as I go. He said live TV live the show live as well as a show on live TV. But specifically live live with Kelly and Ryan is extremely comforting. TV even more than most shows in the first twenty minutes is just her talking about her life and so with nothing else going on, it feels like a little bridge to the outside world I. also think she's capitalizing on that by doing more press her kids are. Legal adults. So she can talk about them more freely under unsocial. She just puts a lot out there and I was like Oh and her husband is also you know semi famous and hot, and she's also generally really non-problematic throughout her entire career and she and he goes yes, she's basically a political but somehow she never gets called out on that and she was trained to be really good on camera. Somehow she's able to push out the message that she's very freewheeling, but she's also actually not freewheeling. She's very protective over her image. I'm like, wow, that is chewing food. Yes. Clearly chewing food like she's out here being like I get Bo talks like I do this I do that but she's also like behind the scenes somebody who really does like pay attention to what's going on with her with with my career you know, yes and talks a lot about this also in his piece if you want to go read it as well and variety remember whenever there was the whole big like snafu between. Her Michael Straight hair and Michael. Strahan and she goes photograph more than usual she was. For a minute leaving. Yes and she was seen leaving her apartment holding the Book David and Goliath. Oh. My God. You're on my guy for that and she's smiling holding David and Goliath. Book. And this was at the time when people hounding her more than usual where they were like following her the photographers were like camping outside of our house because I was so huge she liked pays attention to the details I. Guess is what I'm saying as it entered the details, right? That was a great moment. No I. Mean. I think that's could have been really bad for her but she she figured it out and I think also he also wanted to get past it. So he could make continue and made his career stay really big which it has remained very big Michael Strahan and. Like it is interesting to me though that she does feel everywhere I think it really is a mix of her having a daily show where she talks about her she puts a lot of stuff out there. So tablets easily can pick it up like no problem. Let's just get some Kelly Ripa Shit on the on the on the docket as well as husband being also in the spotlight and being like hot guy on Riverdale. That's also. Compelling to them as well. They really have like a good thing going in terms of getting press. I just Kelly Ripa have like Kelly ripa stands. That's my other thing is I don't really see that my mom likes her I know that my mom has said like Oh Kelly look yeah it's very I. It's first naming. Do you think do think Kelly Ripa Sunday by Kelly Clarkson as like another Kelly into inland daytime TV? Threatened by her yeah, we've talked about drew and like drew sort of a disaster like I don't think anyone's really threatened by the. Sad about that Jones threatened by Drew Barrymore. Sorry at this point, I don't watch these shows I think that they're very outdated i. think the only reason Kelly is so good at it as because she's been sort of grandfathered in like the show has been on so long so it doesn't feel old dated, but the moment you introduce a new show into this format, it's somehow like it feels like an acronym strange and you're like I know that it's really sort of following the format, but we don't need a new one. But of all of the new ones, Kelly Clarkson. Because she's a singer because she's just got the sweetest personality, it's like the one that would be threatening if anything but I. Don't. I don't know that Kelly Ripa. By Many things. Rano. Apartment like more existential things like time I. Feel like Kelly Ripa feels threatened by time. But Then we all but to answer your question I, don't think Kelly Ripa feels threatened by Kelly Clarkson because they're kind of doing different things. So I don't really think they're competing with each other because they're not really competitors. It's just so funny to me that. Daytime TV is full of women and they're expected to talk about their personal lives like watch drew barrymore like she's definitely like talking about our kids and data late night tv all men mostly men they never really talk about their personal lives. They don't. They're not expected to do that not part of it unless they're announcing embezzlement scheme. Unless or less. They like sexual favors intern or whatever. Yeah. I mean. But there's no like like opening monologue like Jimmy Fallon isn't like my wife and kids. He's like here's some jokes about the news meanwhile Kelly Ripa at the top of live is like today I like did the laundry t to get to get to that point just fucked up how we have that kind of laid out for us like that? That's the way that it's supposed to go interesting. Interesting just saying it's interesting but the perfect storm I think what Dan brought up that I really wasn't even thinking about was that her kids are eighteen now and so and they are I've known that independently they get a lot of coverage because they're extremely online the daughter especially but I didn't realize that Kelly talked about them that much and so that sorta just like opens the door even further because then she gets the entire angle of like look how happy and pretty my family as I mean remember. How happy and Prettier family remember how often Kathy we talked about code son. Like the fact that I remember his name. I DID WATCH I'll probably I'm going to save it for the train but I finally watch then came you last night. Oh, boy. Oh Boy We'll talk about the nature and I've also is all talk about on the patient. What I will say now is like do not spend six, ninety, nine on then game you please didn't realize that's the Kathy Lee. Written and starred movie in which she lives at fantasy and Scotland Craig Ferguson speaking of late night TV. Okay. We need to move on okay next call next call I can skip this. It's so strange it's visual I don't know I just don't know if there's much to say about it. The bobby and then and I am. Crying at. The stealing mail article. Entitled Denise Richards Forty, nine vigorous join Joan Collins Acre Jane Seymour Sixty nine out of photocall. For TV series glow in darkness in Madrid. Okay. First of all, why at a photo call in Madrid, in the middle of the Especially Joan Collins she's fucking eighty seven, not not a masking site. Knows those distances having here it appears to be in what looks like the Hilton Ballroom? With the junkiest a step interview, I've ever seen. Is the blank. Apparently. This. Movie play I'm not sure it takes in twelfth century. In Colin They. I live of Miran Atoll Country Cleaner France. please. Please Lindsay I'm bobby. Go. Look at this and Joan. Collins. In costume. Of what is supposed to be Tall Century Cleaner France. So Gloria. She looks like A. Mother of the bride. From two thousand. I it's beyond. please. Can You please answer? What is this? What is the series? What the fuck is slow and darkness. And how did they get these? I mean I Denise Richardson? Time, going on but. It still seems odd there's money coming from somewhere and I need answers I see her as you guys 'cause i. Love you crunch crunch. How do you even describe what's going on here have never heard of this show have these three women come together why is Don Collins in Spain? Why is she eighty seven? Eighty seven year old woman in. Spain promoting a movie I've never heard of alongside Denise Richards who cannot be trusted and Jane Seymour. I don't even know how she got involved in this too. This is so weird and the more you re there actually isn't I was I was the more you read about the stranger it gets after this caller called and I was like I I got us through the photos and the photos are bizarre as the caller set and the. Lead photo under Denise Richards Forty nine cuts glum figure she joins Joe Glum Not Glam as she joins Joan Collins eighty-seven Jane Seymour Sixty Nine photocall for TV series glowing Dark Madrid truly is hysterical. It's Denise Richards looking miserable at a photo call as the caller said, and what looks like an Airport Hilton and none of them have mass on occasion. There's like one part where they kind of do it's in a different part of the area that JC more has amassed. Point is there like giving this press conference I looked around find footage of the press conference I. Don't know what's happening. So I was like, I've never heard of this show. There's this period drama. Is it going to enter production soon? No, there's a trailer a lot of it's already been filmed. They pause during the pandemic, but a lot of it's already been filmed. And yes, this is the cast and yes, it's based in Spain. I think that the show is in English however, it's a Spanish financed show about twelfth century. France starring American and British women so like the thing is very Right, financed it's financed and written by this trio of very famous Spanish men at one of them is like a very like esteemed person in Spanish television named Jose Luis Moreno and so he's like based on a variety article that reading he's mostly known for comedies, but he's like writing this show and then another fine answer is this guy whereas at Ala roamers and you're like I've never heard of these people maybe it's like Spanish TV like I'm just not familiar with Spanish td but they seem like important. You know like they seem like they could be like a Shonda and a Ryan Murphy or whatever. then. You scroll down and I watched the trailer and it looks cheap like it looks like soap opera like shot on video like sorta cheap like BBC something. The cinematographer has photographed almost all of Almodovar's movies. So it's like what like you actually have like a very famous and really talented cinematographer involved his name is Jose. Like an international play like it's just like it's just like a like a purely day don't even have. This is the weirdest paragraph. Notably, the series does not yet have distribution which according to Moreno is by design quote we hope distributors see our work value it will start speaking with us. So like money showed up somewhere and they got enough money from somewhere to shoot like. A season of this show, right doesn't have a TV station yet like this show is in limbo. It's so weird why did they get their doing press for it like either doing press for it, but I can't find video of the press can only find photos of denise. Richards. Cutting a GLUM FIG. You're doing the because he's frowning the whole time. She's like, why am I here? You're photos of her on the Daily Mail like shooting and they're like shaming her for not wearing a mask well, like out in public, which is like spot on. That's good. But like yeah, you don't actually have like even the trailer doesn't have dialogue. It's the strangest trailer because it's just showing scenes but no speaking. So you're like I can't get a sense of the tone of this show and asked article points out both Denise Richards and Jane Seymour were bond girls which suggests to me reminds me like these women. Yes it is kind of weird but I think Jane Seymour and Denise Richards especially Denise Richards is like a version of like bigger in Europe you know. Now, for sure, it seems like they just like chose three quote unquote iconic female accuracy kind of. Like international taste, it's just so weird because this variety piece that you were quoting the only one that has any information on it at the bottom he says, I can't give you the exact budget because we're planning three seasons and they will be a massive battles. VF Ex, of course, that's not set in stone because we were shooting for six months deal everything goes wrong it'll be my fault because we have the. Means, he half joked slick where are they getting money for this without any sort of like distribution there must be some big producer or they're all rich but also like something weird about the money, it's very like where'd you get the money? It's very like where'd you get the money like I would have no questions about this project if it were like Spanish celebrities like these women I've never heard of our like Frenchwomen. I've never heard of or like even American women who are a little more prestige but the moment denise Richardson Vault, it's like where to get the money I'm sorry I. Denise Richards is not doing this upfront payment like there's no way there's no way like denise. Richards flees the country to make a period epic with no distribution screams like money laundering. I don't truly I don't even know money laundering is and I. Look. At. This and I'm like money laundering. The thing is like going on with a then it says behind the Camera Marina enlisted five-time Spanish Academy goal winner and Longtime Pedro, our collaborator Jose Luiz Cane as his director of photography some like that's tight. But this show is going to be beautiful and then you watch the clip and you're like this shows ugly. So like is it actually Jose Luis okay, I don't know I. I. It's like, oh, he made full they're like, oh, he made women on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It's like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown looking at these photos because I don't think that this is real. What there is like a literal website for it in Spanish like they're trying they're trying to sell this as they're filming it like it had. It's like dream light dot es, which is like Estonia that's like the Spain dot com like you can go and see the whole set up with all these pictures or whatever like it's. I don't know what who they expect to come along and scoop this thing up I. Don't know how this even works. They were really good for Qube. But I, seven minutes. I, mean, this is the reason to bring back with you because I don't think I could stomach more than seven minutes at a time. After they have an instagram I'm like we hold on like I'm losing my mind here. These photos, Joan Collins keeper safe I guess I know purrs. Followers. Now, six, hundred, forty, eight followers because I just followed them. I'm very curious. What happens here? This is so strange it's it's a mystery. If you know the I, feel like the actual like reveal. This is something like some rich guy just wanted to make a movie with his actress Joan Collins Caribbean legacy. It's very much like one of those things where like. You pay for porn that you say what the theme is or whatever. That was for a while yet. They don't even have a good week budget like what is this again? Stop Sending we were on Joan Collins and junk and I don't want to like removed from Collins his agency here but I feel like someone is taking advantage of Joan Collins I'm like no I it's being taken advantage of. In. We're going to discuss Jane Seymour twos like play your said Jane. Seymour's knows what she's doing Denise Richards knows what she's doing. Jane See Joan Collins is I worry about okay. Okay. Okay. So we're worried about Joe don't. Get her out of this. God. The next call gator out of this week. Some days, you don't want to Cook I. Like. Ordering takeout. 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I've sent people birthday cake before happy are during the pandemic that get the caviar APP. You can have these experiences yourself. You can get delivery, get the food you want, and just for hooligans, you can get twenty percent off your first order enter Promo Code who who at checkout that's twenty percent off your first order with Promo Code Who del Caviar up use offer code, who for twenty percent off your first order and tip well. Hi, Lindsay Bobby Maria back Lova this Bulgarian actress who's playing boross daughter and the subsequent movie film. What is her deal? She should win Oscars right Anyway, I'd love to hear your talk about who the hell she is. Thanks. stay in your House vote by. Brought to the movie that like a lot of people sort of begrudgingly watched over the past week because. My wife is like all of that is such a old data joke. Hear someone say like my wife and it's just like the most pathetic and you go back in time it was it. We aged out of Bora jokes in like six months. Yeah. The lake did I laugh when I heard I heard my first while while we yes, cracked. Like I was going, I was like Oh wow while we while like it kill it cracked I've still laughed like that's you know we're all we're all damaged in different ways but I will say there was a nice you know split between people who didn't like and people who actually loved Borat to I didn't hate it I. thought they did some clever stuff that they had I would hate it I thought I would hate it but they did some fun stuff playing with his notoriety what the point of the movie was, what he was trying to say like. Politically out how the kind of the twist at the end Kinda cracked me up. I don't know like it. It had its moments I can't completely dismiss it. It was sweet especially because of the like old like Holocaust survivors who I think are upset that they were in the movie but there scenes are very are very the woman Denise Jones who was the woman who was like the daughter's babysitter who has now her go fund me has raised over one hundred, eighteen, thousand dollars she was paid like three thousand bucks to be in this movie and she's hard. Yeah, those Holocaust survivors are like the heart of the they are like the reason, the movie worse I think like the movie wouldn't work without them. The only actual actor paid actor who is the other reason the movie works is his daughter. Maria. Buffalo vo WHO's this actress? WHO's Bulgarian who he I guess in some video he said he he got they did self tape where people just send in like tapes of themselves. kind of shining they got six hundred self tapes from like. All over the place I think they wanted an unknown actress I. Think they wanted somebody who was not from the United States who wasn't doing an impression and they picked her and she's just like this random twenty, four year old woman who actually did like an incredible job Bulgaria also the other reason why it works because there's like an authenticity she's able to portray that is like equal if not better than his it works somehow shockingly well, I don't know I mean it works. Yeah. And now, she's like number one star meter because everybody is like googling her because they don't know who she is. They don't know whether she's even real or not. You know that was a big question. She is real. She's real real real person. She's from Bulgaria not to be confused with Arabia. Will never make that mistake. Sorry. Never. Reagan does very little or no a better at this point. But like you look at our instagram, she's like politically active. She seems pretty cool. I mean you can scroll all the way back to her instagram in a matter of you can pretty quickly like she you know she was acting she did a few Bulgarian. MUCCI. Did win called transgression that got a minor attention not in the united. States but abroad she definitely this is like big break status in terms of like what she could do next there's a very weird photo of her with Stevens. Lease. which was like. Two thousand, one, eighteen with like. Get away from him but yeah, I. Mean. This is clearly like someone who everyone's excited because it's like people keep saying, oh, nominate her for an Oscar and I'm kind of like not fully like O. L. About that I'm like you should like she does job if this movie gets any attention, it should be for like the kind of unknown actors who stepped up to play against Borat and like make this movie worth something you know which when it would be otherwise worth nothing. Yeah it's disappointing that he I understand the production of these movies is going to be inherently problematic and fucked up because it relies on deception to get like authentic reaction and it relies on people signing waivers not really knowing why they're signing waivers like I watched the first borat before this one and that was. Like that was stuff. It's occasionally funny but it's very rough but I had forgotten that was the whole thing whenever he gets in the car with those Frat guys and they're. Very racist and they talk about like wanting to bring slavery back. They sued him and they lost back in two, thousand, six or two, thousand seven and their identities were like never revealed I lost jobs because of it, which is like to them. You're like, well, fuck of course, you should have lost jobs because what you said like fucked up a porn stuff on on camera willingly openly whatever. But in this one, there's something like he's using the people who he's deceiving almost more crucially because they're the moral compasses of the of the movie. Like it's almost like morgue regis, I was down to watch you take advantage of dumb asshole racist, Bros.. But there's something about like those two old ladies and then the babysitter it just feels weirder, right? It's just it's. It's he's not humiliating bad people in a way that is like shadily satisfying in the first one. He's almost like I don't know there's like a weird twists where now it's kind of like revealing people's humanity who you may disagree with like you know you. Make It makes the movie though an interesting watch I can't lie like I'm not like I definitely thought a lot about it, which is like more than I could say about the original right the original was just like funny catchphrases leg seems to like really have some sort of thought thought process about. From leg Zena Phobia to like corona virus, and like you know in like trump supporters and all of that, there's more value to it. Than I ever expected. That's what I'm saying like, how how do we get two weeks before the election that actually has something to say it's just shocking to me after years you know like this dude is like created a character that is as big as like Austin powers somehow like how did he do that like while? We can't like Waldo we it. Just like he he gets to outsource paying this woman fairly to everyone else like, Sasha Baron Cohen and producers of this movie get to be like Oh at least she got paid like she's probably GonNa get like two hundred, thousand dollars eventually but it's like I didn't have to do anything but it didn't have to come out of my budget like by like that sort of sucks. Yeah it doesn't SORTA sucks. It just sucks. But there's. This is one of these movies that there's no. There's no easy way to talk about Borat. Just, have to watch it like that's how I hate to say it. It's like won't on Amazon and go watch it. If you want. If you're interested I, don't know I just thought down that down to the fact that it's on Amazon I. I know this movie to add insult to injury you have to pay give money to Basil's to watch US movie like the whole thing is like a kind of a nightmare but yes, this woman is good in it. She's genuinely good at right but like to the person you're asking about this woman is quite good at this like she. He this casting I mean I think there's a lot. A lot of Borat is casting. So much of it is casting and they did a great job with her. She's very good and she takes on some like difficult things in this film in terms of like having to play against big characters and also like in uncomfortable situations, which is kind of Borat toll thing. Okay. Well, the thing with Shittu thing with Rudy. Giuliani. The big able to do it. Yeah. But Yeah, who is she? She's Kinda no one and that's the whole point. I'm genuinely interested though to see what she gets out of this because she will definitely get work out of this how she not but like, will it be quality work? You know like, right? Well, I mean like what kind of actresses this woman wants to be it's hard to play. We've talked about it's hard to play like very specific role. Your cast for this role was almost created for you in some way, and then how do you grow past that? That's difficult. You Mix of Napoleon dynamite where it's like Napoleon whatever his name was he couldn't hide the fact that he wasn't pulling dynamite but I kind of feel what works in her favor is that I really I was looking at her instagram. She's like, can I know what she looks like like at least here When she's in something, she won't look like out daughter. No. Also more daughter has a very specific like. Makeover her vibe that like terrorists and transforms her from looking like terrifying into like dislike other terrifying version of her. So yes, she realized this woman does not look like what she looks like in the film you know, let's play a really quick game of who were them. With some rift with some silly questions, this is these are these are silly. Silly questions. Late, highlands he bobby I was watching football with my dad on Sunday and. The game used to be getting a Michele branches. Are you happy now? As altro music to a commercial size wondering. Does Tom. Brady know WHO Michelle branches? Trench Does Tom Brady know who Michelle branch has one, two, three no, he does Tom like Tom doesn't have time to know who like the president is although I'm sure he knows that the president is but I mean like Tom Brady was like it was like one of those guys like spends all his time like focusing on health and body and like making his wife happy you're naming like that's a Tom. Brady barely knows who patty boone skin is leg doesn't who've Michelle Tom Brady does not know that Borat to came out this week and I'll tell you that he has not seen it. He didn't even know that there was a second one coming. No. Next question. Is the more famous nieve need Shuman. Unease Campbell. Countrymen. Who is the most famous need? nieve can't leave Schulman neef Campbell, Neve Campbell or Schulman their pronounce differently actually a one two three Neville Campbell. Oh, absolutely I know okay. Fine I agree Neve Campbell. I don't have to back it up. No gotTa Yoga. Highland Hi Bobby Long Time meeting time. I just really wanted to talk about candyman has my favorite. Halloween. IRVY's get in the mood and one was supposed to come out October twenty twenty and I just rise is being pushed to August twenty twenty one. What happened there so sad, it was one of the fuses I was looking forward to twenty twenty and now it's gone basically hold other year. Also from the original candyman. Virginia. Madman. Who are that? Kind of French. Virginia Madsen. Virginia. Matt's hard. I think it's So I have I have a follow up question. To this I'm GonNa Save Virginia Madsen One two three. Yeah. I think she sort of like she's not quite prestige do but like she's definitely. Oh, her who, yeah. Used to be a them like it's very much like to be right right right and then after sideways, she had that bump like sort of the comeback that. His old whatever she still around but I might follow up question is just because he's been he's been in the news much more than Virginia Madsen lately, Tony Todd, who is candyman candyman? who were then one two three Yeah. So one of those him because he's an everything, but I do movies. When candyman the new one comes out I think it's going to be big and I do think that these people are going to get little bumps because I think that it's kind of like ripple I think it's a big deal when it comes out especially because now that they've delayed. So frustrating there's a really good interview with Tony Todd on the New York Times this week is I was thinking of him and you should read an to answer the question why why is it taking? So long I think this is one of the movies that like like if they didn't think this movie was good, they would have dropped it for. Life we know this has gone and we are not wasting on like a non Halloween season like we are not sorry. We are just not people need to see this in theaters. I agree like you know there are certain movies like for scary movies seeing it in theaters. Huge deal huge deal candyman is I think maybe that's why this caller called me up. I forget what I talk about on the podcast. Essentially. My favorite Halloween movie and so it's like I was so excited about this but were excited to see it in theaters. You WanNa see. Right you want whore good Hor-, you want to be around Kodaly. Totally. Into Christy, Carlson, remarkable, or tech arena energy? Since Prince, who is who you're Christine Christy Carlson Romano or picker motto Cheese One, two, three critics. Question but this is an easy one and who des are crazy Carlson. Romano's macaroni or lose weight. WHO's them here Pekka Rino Romano, or Ray Romano. Oh Ray Romano. You Think Ray Romano Samir then. Pecker Rino. Romano. 'cause palm is always comes before Pekka Reno. You get peck arena if you're looking for and all they have his pecker mean on your like I think this is the same thing and then you get home and you're like it's sort of the same thing get teased a little different. The same I like mixing Parman Perrineau like as a gives a thing gives a nice mix, but you're saying, Ray, Romano. no. Would you like to know the difference between these cheeses? Now, you looked yes. Are I do on epicurious? Thank you, epicurious. uh-huh. I'm reading a story called. Arena versus versus Parmesan. Actually you know what? Fuck curious. No offensive curious I love epicurious. upshots being, but I had to click pop sugar because I pop sugar has a story called what's the difference between Parmigiano Reggiano Green Romano and it's really funny to get my news about cheese on pop sugar. So it says while both Parmigiano Reggiano Parmesan and pepper read our motto Heart Salty Italian sheets that are often served graded. They're not the same one hundred percent interchangeable. Here's what you need to know Pecker Reno, sheep's milk not aged as long. Parmesan. Cow's milk aged a lot longer. Okay thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Nicole Perry, pop sugar food. Pop, sugar, food, and thank you to the callers for calling in. This was another great episode of WHO's there are being a call at six nine who then if you have questions, comments or concerns join our patriotic Patriot weekly if you want twice-weekly bonus episodes and also an extra. Phone Call Line and. Good luck voting out there. Hope you have something good to listen to while you wait in line and we'll see you on Tuesday. I cannot believe a releasing episode on November Third Oh. My God. You're right. We are anyway. have on voting for Joe. Will distract you on your way to the polls. The Yeah Yeah Yeah. Hey. We'll keep you company. If you're waiting in line, we'll. We'll keep your company. I, think it's a nice thing. Thank you for listening. Bye. Have a good weekend. Bye. Can Be say me. Hey what is who who, who has the WHO who years Who? Who has more who or what has more who've Jesse with the or just with the I? Yeah, thanks. Missing. Totally said, keep my benefit. But I, think you providing this resource? Hey Lindsay bobby a long time long time. I'm sure we all saw today Dunkin stocks up sixteen percent. Some people say it's because they might go private I, say the influence who weekly. Good. One dollars on. High Heel weekly so unfortunately, I started talking to my ex that's not important but he's sent me. A picture of the cast of Razor 'cause whatever and. So I'm looking at this picture. Well, okay. So what I knew before about frazier is that Kelsey grammer that it. And I think he's frazier but I'm looking at this picture he's at me and there's this grandpa man in the middle holding a dog. and then. On the last is a man that I would say is Kelsey Grammer Aka Frazier but on the right is another man who I would have to say is Kelsey grammer ache and razor. And now I'm just A little perplexed because it's not the same person and so My question is who are the two main characters of Brazier and who is Not. Who is causing grammar but which one cozy grammar and the other one. And also I'm really sorry for this call Leeann cuisine by.

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