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Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics from entrepreneurs with the guy and experience to help you find success in any marketing capacity. You're listening to marketing school with your instructors, Neil Patel, and Eric SU. Welcome to another episode of marketing school. I'm Eric SU and I'm Neil Patel. And today we're gonna talk about if all links are created equal. So I was having a conversation internally at single grain and one of the conversations around why don't we get more links from this one website and this kind of prompted a good? Does this topic idea which I think people are still asking question nowadays, like are all links created equal? So think about it from an algorithm perspective, if you are Google, if you're any kind of search engine, would you if you're writing the, would you treat every single linked the same, right. And the answer is well, a, no, not all links are equal because why? If Neal's website gets a million visits month and then my website gets one visit a month, and he's got a lot more links pointing to his sites a lot more Thawra. Right. So just by definition alone, the answer is clearly no and undergo a little deeper. To it. But Neil, I want to let you kind of elaborate too from your end. 'cause I'm sure you get this question to people used to look at link says you wanna go and get the highest domain authority links out there. Now, let me get this out there. Google does not use domain authority. That is a MAs metric that is not a Google metric just because site has hired main authority or trust flow or domain score or domain rating the numbers hiring all these sites. It doesn't necessarily mean a link is better. That's what everyone shooting for. But here's a few things that I've learned building links raking hind, Eric has ranked high as well. We both found is instead of going for quantity or instead of going for the highest domain authority type link go for the most relevant contextual link. When a link is relevant and contextual, it'll boost your rankings higher over time. Then if you're just getting a random link for Huffington Post, yes, Huffington Post or entrepreneurs Forbes. May seem like a cooling, some of even know follow him, but here's issue. Everyone has those kind of links. These as every SEO knows. You can go and buy them getting contextual links these days from what we've seen in tested is more effective than anything else. Yeah. The one thing I want to add to is just so you're those that are working with other people from a content perspective. If you're going to one side and you're getting the same link over, let's say I get a link from Neil sight, right? It's it's very contextual relevance. It's around marketing, but I keep getting the same link from him over and over and over. What do you think is gonna happen? You think every link is going to be created equal? Think about it. Logically each link that I get from him should have diminishing returns, right? It should. They should just all be equal because if they were all equal, just get all the links could from his website ended. I would just rank as highly as him. Right. You, you would think that. So if you have people from your team asking, hey, look, why don't we beginning? Why should why shouldn't we be getting more links from this website? Just beginning links from that website just for the sake of getting them because. At the end of the day, they're not all equal. If you're getting them from the same domain over and over and over, you got to continue to build relationships with other people. You've gotta broaden your linked profile, and that's how you get credit for ranking for the cures that you want to rank for. You also want your link to be rich in anchor text to some extent. The reason I say some extent is if you're trying to rank for the Cuban SEO and all your link say they were SEO. Goule knows you're gonna try to manipulate them not really Shum. People should link to you with the word SEO or in my case would be SEO or what is us yo, or Neil Patel or advice on us, your beginner's guide us, yellow Frank for SEO. Yeah, you're on page two. I'm twenty climbing up. I saw that number three or something, but you still good job doesn't that all traffic doesn't matter. But here's a difference. The reason I also rank higher than Eric, too, is I have more money to burn on this kind of stuff. This kind of cheating that I'm not saying like to buy links. I can do things like burn one hundred and fifty grand a month to credit SEO toll and not worry about the ROI, but that's what I'm saying. I kinda cheat to get my results. I spend more money than most people. Nonetheless, it's you want rich anchor Tech's. But again, not too rich because if it's not too rich, it's natural. If it's all rich there, knowing you're manipulating and you're not going to rank too high. Yeah, I don't think there's much more data around this just think logically, right if you are, if you're if you're search engine right? Just think about it. If it makes sense are if you get the same websites, the problem that could be equal. And also if you're getting links, if you're getting a bunch of spam leagues, let's go to like some blackout for me by span links. Sure might do something for a little. Bit, but long-term, not gonna help you. We've talked about this many times tried to get contextual high-quality links more than that, though. Try to build relationships with people that way it's going to be the link is just a byproduct of the relationship that you've built in. If you have these bad links, make sure you disavow them. And also if you're building try to get him in good placements. If a link was in within text, I content it's way better than if the shoved in sidebar or in the footer call. So that is it for today, but we need your help getting this podcast to a million downloads a month. So we started his campaign at about seven hundred fifty thousand dollars a month. Now we're on track for about eight hundred, fifty thousand. We gotta get to a million thirty day period. We need you to rate review, subscribe this podcast and to check our progress, good marketing school. The slash stats NS and what we're gonna do is going to do this in Los Angeles and it's going to be recorded video as well. If you can't make it in person, it's gonna be great. There's going to be food as well. And this is one of those things where people have indicated they would pay us couple thousand dollars up to even fifteen thousand dollars just to be. There and we're doing this for free if we can get there. Thank you guys very much for coming. We'll have another of this tomorrow. 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