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This is mornings with kale and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi am along well and a fortunate three for the criminal element of among us. They'll ride that highway all night long but not necessarily in their own car. It could be yours it. Oh seven thirteen ten. Kfi gay thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail via the auto collision specialist studios came across a piece on february eleventh. Nine news Did a pretty thorough piece on metre denver's top ten stolen vehicles for twenty twenty noting. That pickup trucks made up a larger portion of the list in years past. I got to thinking. Are we seeing the same thing in greeley joined this morning by really police. Chief mark jones jones. Welcome back to the show. Thank you glad to be here. Certainly appreciate your taking the time. So are we seeing a spike in motor vehicle thefts throughout Twenty twenty and as a result of well increased criminal activity You know unfortunately we are. And i think from what i know and understand even though all the statistics are not yet. I think it's kind of a statewide thing yet. Really is is up. We just got our statistics done for twenty twenty and that in two thousand nineteen. We had three hundred six auto thefts and then in two thousand twenty two three hundred and eighty six. So we're up about twenty six percent so we've certainly seen an increase. Does that have something to do with those Restrictions guidelines put into place relative to jails and prisons throughout the state as a result of covid nineteen. It's hard for me to i. Guess be able to say with certainty. One hundred percent of of what it is but i certainly believe that that that's a part of it. I mean they've number of people out of the prison system And are continuing to do so. And the other thing that i keep saying over and over is that you know the parole system They're just not revoking parolees Like they used to for things that they do and and we've seen an uptick unfortunately in a number of our crimes and sadly when it comes to motor vehicle act of. It's not just a matter of the joy. Reid typically as i understand it and you can certainly confirm this if indeed is the case. My understanding is these vehicles that are stolen while they're used to commit other crimes yet. Then i think we've definitely seen that clear pattern this last year we get a lot of people and again our guest so back to my wearing masks people i think are emboldened but a lot of people are stealing cars and then they do like. Let's just say major shoplifting. You know where they'll go in and get a couple of thousand dollars of the stuff. Run out getting a stolen car and leave and then when the car on video you know the license plate come back to a stolen vehicle you know. And they have a hat and glasses and a mask on and it's hard to tell who they are so we've seen a lot of that and again with other other crimes. That's what they do. They take the car. Go use the car and if somebody gets a license plate it doesn't come back to them now. I'm not sure that you have the specific stats but as you referenced. Indeed yeah this is a state wide problem but they broke down a list of stolen cars from january first to december thirty first. This is the metropolitan auto theft task force and it starts with the chevy silverado. The honda civic honda cord ford up to fifty. Gmc sierra ford f one fifty four f three fifty ram fifteen hundred hyundai sonata. Honda cr v. are you seeing a similar stats in greeley. But i'm not sure that you have you know the drilled down to those specifics. I haven't broken down into the make of the car. But here's what i will say. Fifty percent of all of our stolen cars are people who leave their car running with keys in it so it doesn't matter whether it's a pickup honda a toyota. It doesn't matter. Fifty percent of them were because people keep the car running with keys in it. Yeah exactly. that's a perfect segue chief jones. Because i had pulled that story out of the greeley trip by trevor read a talking about the fact that a man and woman facing felony charges after they allegedly stole cars that were left running and unlocked late. This past month in greeley. How many times have we had that conversation about. The puffer puffs a number. And you know we put it on our social media and we asked people not to do it and You know there's usually comments where people irritated because it's like victim blaming or why should you blame us but the bottom line is when you leave your car running with the keys in it. There's a pretty good possibility. Somebody's going to grab it and it says this story very clearly laid out to one gentleman. He had started his two thousand. Four chevrolet impala then said oops i gotta go back side to get back inside my home to get something saying that He he was only inside his home for a couple of minutes at most that when he came outside he saw a woman. Get into the driver's seat and drive off just like wait a minute. If they're stand around watching it literally takes them a few seconds. So you know and i also under we understand to. There's a lot of vehicles now. The newer ones that have the shut offs where people could leave their cars running and if somebody gets it without keys it's just gonna die and and there's nothing illegal about that as long as your car has the shut off but the ones i'm talking about are obviously the people that leave him running. That don't have the shut off. And then the next thing you know we have a stolen car and exactly and a lot of time and effort obviously spent in trying to resolve that situation. I talk a little bit more about what you've found as far as kronstadt friends in greeley kind of told people that's kind of what i've expected is that the arc overall call load. This last year was down because of covid you know there was about three months that our caller was way down but unfortunately are serious. Crime is up. And i think that's gonna be the story across the state in the country as well but yeah we're up fairly substantially you know in are aggravated assaults In our just overall general thefts motor vehicle thefts unfortunately homicide rate is is up a lot from what it's ever been So our call load has been down but violent crime and serious crime has been up and once you attribute the rise in violent and serious crime to well you know. I'm gonna sound like a broken record. But i you know you can't just in my opinion you can't just keep letting people out of prison that have violent past and i know they say they're not letting the violent ones out but i have plenty approved show otherwise You just can't continue to have people get five and ten year sentences and do six months Eight embolden them. I believe And i part of it. I kind of like the article in the paper three or four months ago. I think it's a combination of a lot of things. Lot of people under stress You know people lost their jobs. Covert is put a strain on society politics letting people out of prison. I mean on. And on. And on i think all of that combined for what. We're saying well. Do you see that trend particularly when it comes to a truncated sentencing. Do you see that turning. Around anytime soon. Because i'm sure colorado greeley Not alone in this place. So i don't and and not to bring up a bad thing or one of our bad instance over the last couple of weeks but we had an officer involved shooting here not very long ago and that person had been to prison several times and never done more than i. I think maybe the longest a year out of a ten year sentence and had gotten out done a few more months got put back in That happened three or four times right in a row until we were involved in an officer involved shooting with them. So you know the pattern is there. And and i i. Unfortunately i don't necessarily see a change. Pretty sad statement on society but just my very humble opinion police chief heart jones. Thank you so much for all that you and your colleagues do know we support you and appreciate you each and every day. Well i thank you very much. And i'll pass it onto the officers and i know they feel appreciated this town. And we're thankful for greeley greeley police chief mark jones eight sixteen now thirteen ten. 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All right so Here's what's expected as the festivities get under way under the state gold dome whole lotta speechifying expected to take place today and after all that is done well they'll head right into committee work and begin to review the more than six hundred bills. They're busy aren't they. Expected in the next one hundred and seventeen days so the twenty twenty one session likely to focus straight away on providing economic and other forms of relief to colorado wins impacted by the pandemic and. Well all of the economic hardships caused as a result of that this to a piece by marianne goodland out of colorado politics but it's the only thing that lawmakers will be looking at last year's pandemic shortened session of eighty four days still saw two hundred and twenty four county two hundred and twenty four bills introduced in the senate four hundred and twenty seven in the house about average for a one hundred and twenty days session. Apparently twenty bills have already been authorized for pre-release by their sponsors including a second attempt at allowing for. Oh please composting of human remains. That's just wrong. I'm sorry. I'm going to call it the way i see it. Senate local government committee plans to review that measure and two others this afternoon in twenty. Twenty the human composting. Bill was sponsored by representative of breanna tone democrat r vata but was buried by the pandemic senate bill six. The twenty twenty one version will start in the senate and is sponsored sponsored by senator. Robert rodriguez a democrat out of denver. Second bill scheduled for today will grant county governments the authority to require businesses in unincorporated parts of the county to register but those governments will not be allowed to charge a fee or require a license for that service. But they're not done yet. Third bill on the local government calendar on allowing county assessors to notify property owners of their valuation the postcard a cost saving measure. Now a bill to create the status of a discharged. Lgbt veteran and make those military veterans eligible for certain states services will be sponsored by representative. David ortiz out of littleton and senator dominick moreno out of commerce city bill. Notes that some. Lgbt veterans have been discharged less than honorably from the military senate bill twenty six and that due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Senate bill twenty six would make. Lgbt veterans eligible for tuition assistance available to the military teaching grants burial at the home lake veterans cemetery and monta vista or at any other state owned veterans cemetery and hunting licenses for which veterans do not need to take a hunter safety. Course all right coming up. It's a tuesday morning staple of mornings with gail. We'll talk with jared file. See dot region four communications manager when he joins us this morning. Right around eight thirty five. What's happening in your own. Backyard listened to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. But with your favourite high school basketball teams with perhaps radio and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Welp cold freezing temperatures. Yes that's arctic. Last as it put a hitch in the giddy up of ongoing roadwork on i twenty five eight thirty eight now. Thirteen ten k. k thirteen ten. Kfi k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist studios joined this morning by jared file cdot region for communications manager. Chilly burr bundle up. Holy moly if you think it's still cold in your car or in your house or whatever. Just imagine those folks out there working on the roads right now so even begin. Don't you give them a break when it gets cold. There are times when it gets day when it does get too cold and we have to stop work but That work on. I twenty five to be continuing ed and so whenever we can get out there safely we weird out there working since. That's a lovely segue by the way jarod thank you. Let's talk a little bit about that ongoing work on. I twenty five. Make you work with those segues gal. Yeah so this week we We do have a big one Kind of a good closure on Let's see it'll be thursday or wednesday night into thursday Sorry thursday night into friday This will be at prospect road so we will have full closure of i twenty five at prospect and so the the i twenty five traffic will actually go up and down the on and off ramps at prospects during that overnight closure And prospect will be closed and that is to get rid of some of that You know when we have to build two bridges and put them back together. There's some extra stuff and we have to get rid of the extra stuff. Yeah well they call it false work. And i think that sounds weird so i'm just gonna call it extra stuff. It's a little easier under interesting. Yeah so his temporary stuff that they had to put in when we had the two temporary. Bridges You know and now we're going to be back on the full regular one so That's all part of that and we don't want to have people driving underneath when they're doing that. So that's why we have to do that so That'll be thursday night from about nine pm to five am on friday and Kind of like not crossing the streams important safety tip. Yes yes we had. Ghostbusters comment And then The other one that will have this week will be the northbound on ramp to i twenty five at harmony with a full closure Friday night at nine. Pm to five am saturday And so folks so if you wanna go north Obviously there's a lot of local routes to get around But that'll be just part of getting getting everything cleaned up so we're ready to to go into the next thing. So that's all part of the continuing work that we're going to be doing to advanced twenty five As everybody knows we're we're going to have work going on there from now till twenty twenty three so we just want people to be aware but there are some bigger closures spent. That's what we want to make sure people are aware of and we certainly do appreciate that So it doesn't put a hitch into our proverbial giddy. Hey i pulled this out of the fort collins colorado. I know we've discussed it. But miles blunt heart given cdot a little bit of love talking about the north. I twenty five express lanes project not just including the state's first bus slip which i still. It just boggles my mind. I think that's absolutely incredible won't just includes the state's first bus slip in the middle of interstate but likely the first two so that And and i think it's probably If you wanna say Bus slip it would be the center load slip because we have bus slips like all up and down I twenty five and even on thirty six in boulder Where the bus can go off on. Just its own exit. That's called a bus slip but the center load is canoe is the really original part of that and and So yeah we'll have that one at kindle parkway and we actually have some pretty slick animation of what. That's going to look like that. We're going to be Posting here in a little bit But it's it really is gonna be nice. The the folks that sent tara and are busting folks actually added A little more money to the project to for lack of a better term. Make it look a little nicer And it will you know since we're connecting up with the retail. Tara so that will be called our loveland and tara hub and then one up north is going to be at birth or south is going to be at berthod. And that's it highway fifty six. And that's when we just got the stimulus money for so What was interesting. Was we previously had the money to do. The tunnel underneath But now with this initial stimulus that provides us the ability to put in all the all the stuff up above that will make it actually a bus stop so I know the mayor berthod is very excited about this and You know really making that a central hub. And what you're finding is that we're going to be doing this all up and down the i twenty five quarter or we're looking at at one nineteen and long my and And further down south even all the way down to pueblo So you start to see you know. We may not be able to get a train in the in the near future. But this is going to be the closest thing we're going to have because really these buses are just gonna stop In that center pick up people and keep going all the way down to denver without Very much delay and staying in that Expressing the whole time it really does open up the front range for commuters to work and live wherever they want. And that's that's a really impressive thing you know. We've seen how much the busting ridership has done especially up here on the northern route from denver fort collins that's been are easily are our most popular route and The i know the folks who take busting regularly They are they are. I guess For lack of a better term religious zealots about it they are very protective of and and have definitely seen the light. Let's say that another one rides bus. Wow into weird al. I love that you never know right. I mean you've always got to be ready to go into the kimchi with because well. That's where i tend to go left to my signs added. Wishy it truly do jared with well Just a little trepidation. I'll bring up the fact that you know i. I'm not a zealot. I don't think i'm quite elevated in that category. But i am a big fan of bus stang especially looking forward to going to those rockies. Games once again without nolan and so. We're hoping that only good conversation. That was painful for you. You are a die-hard zealous rockies fan yes definitely me makes me very sad so i'm sorry i didn't mean just singing. The praises of mustang. All right so we're pretty kind up on the impending continuing roadwork on i twenty five anything else that we need to be aware of. I love the story. And i'm sorry. Jared i don't have the particulars in front of me but the headline just cracked me out. There was that really huge boulder that fell down on the road. I wanna say in southern colorado and it was described. It was a huge boulder that well looked like a huge boulder. Bit of a call out to us. Espn officer who who Quite a better. A couple of years ago had reported that a boulder sized boulder was on the road so above outdoor partners. That was just endlessly amusing to me. Because you know. I couldn't help but wonder well. How do you define a bull. How does that work exactly. So i see there was a little snark house them going back and everybody there. We might have been having a little fun with her esp there. That was an interesting one because that was about the size of a probably a minivan and And yeah So they actually had to blow that one up That was the only way they could actually move it and so Because you know previously when we had a big fall in southern colorado they just left it on the side of the road and named so. I didn't that's right. That was memorial luck so it so this one was actually in the lane of traffic. So that probably wasn't an option so so yeah they did have to blow that one up. Yeah that was a that was pretty impressive. They're getting some good rockfall down. that way. yeah they certainly are. Yeah large boulder the size of a small boulder. That's a good one is no you're boulders. Yes and on that note charity. Vile cdot reason for communications manager. Thank you so much. You have a great day youtube. Stay one eight forty nine out. Thirteen ten kfi k. Apart northern colorado's force thirteen ten. Kfi a block party wednesdays from four to ten pm. Prep soups is back. Now you can watch and listen. Go to thirteen ten. Kfi dot com for details. Preps radio is northern. Colorado's voice thirteen ten. Kfi k terms of conversation morning always the ambiance formative wind with rob nicholson who is head of the independence institute. Constitutional studies center constitutional scholar in his own right former law professor for twenty five years author of the original constitution and what it actually said and meant. Well we worked through the facade the charade that was impeachment of palooza two point. Oh needless to say well second verse same as the first as the senate did not convict. President trump for inciting an insurrection but he brought up the fourteenth amendment. And unfortunately let's you say that. Well and i i do love this. It's not my phrase but it always cracks me up for those for whom trump has been living rent-free in their collective heads for far too long. Well they're not done with former president trump yet and there's talk about using the fourteenth amendment to prevent trump from running again but as robin adelson noted this morning. Legal scholars disagree about how if it all. The fourteenth amendment could be applied in trump's case so how about a little primer fourteenth amendment adopted in sixty eight mostly known for granting citizenship rights and equal protection under the law to anyone born or naturalized in the nation including black people and those formerly enslaved the amendment nullified the eighteen fifty seven supreme court decision dread scott versus sanford which held that people of african descent could not be us citizens however there is one teeny tiny section of the amendment that blocked someone from holding office who having previously made an oath to the constitution has quote engaged in insurrection or rebellion across the united states or against the united states. Now the intent at that time was to influence. The government. In the south by barring confederates from serving in public office after the civil war. The idea was that officeholders. The united states will not be people who were treasonous to the united states this according to doron career a professor at cleveland marshall college of law again differing opinions among legal scholars as to whether the could actually be used and trump's case and if it were to be used how exactly it would play out one uncertainty as rob nicholson constitutional scholar noted. This morning is whether or not the text can be applied to the office of the presidency. It lists senators representatives and electors as positions from which could be barred but guess what the presidency is not explicitly named dana's robinson told us this morning That makes it questionable as to whether it applies to the president of the united states. At all there's also uncertainty over. Exactly what the would look like for invoking the amendment to remove a someone from office but if indeed that fourteenth amendment were to be put into play in this last ditch hail mary effort to prevent former president trump from ever running for public office. Again guess what. If it were to be invoked it would undoubtedly be challenged in court and something to look forward to. It would ultimately take years to play out eight fifty seven. Thirteen ten kfi k. What the whole sports story in northern colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten kfi k. Local programming continues right after mornings with hailin. No noko now the power trip. And i'll show. We are northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi. Well jeez just stole my thunder. So i'll be repetitively redundant thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com your home for live and local programming. Keep it right here. Tender swint with noko. Now coming your way in just a few stay warm.

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