Mojo Rawley and Elias Join the Show


If you don't know Sirius. Xm THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series Xm streaming subscribers siriusxm. No car required. The is the busted open. Podcast you can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Siriusxm Channel. One fifty six all right. Welcome in busted open nation or another weekend addition up busted. Open radio. I'm your weekend host Ryan McConnell that is the Wwe Hall of Famer Mark Henry Across the road and mark. We have a great best of podcast. Edition queued up for our busted open nation today on the show including two great chats with two of the stars last night from a very eventful smackdown on. Fox We got Mojo Rawley and Elias Stopping by the show for our listeners. Man I was so entertained by Mo Jo Stays high. He knows he knows what he's doing. And I look forward to seeing him. Get more shine hearing weeks as well as Elias as well and we check in with both of them get their thoughts on. What the VIBE was like in Orlando at the performance center which of course was centered around a completely families episode of smackdown. It was one four. The memory books that question would be though mark. Is it going to kiss our award for weekly winter as we do every week on the show I guess listeners are GonNa have to click that play button and find out? What are we going to have to click the play button so they could find out but you know also in the conversation that we had with Elias. We talk about triple h who was a shining light on the show and did so much to entertain and just a comedy just the The whole entertainment value that we got out of that was so amazing. And I'm looking forward to have everybody tune in and understand what the process went through with the weekly winner that we put through. We explain it as good as it's been explained in a long time so I'm looking forward to weekly. That's absolutely right. This is busted open radio on a Saturday. Click that play button. Sit Back Relax. Forget about the troubles of the world and let us entertain you because we love doing it. Let's go mark Henry because why that's what we do. Let's go how about we join up with the man himself the one and only mo Jo rally the most hype man it. Wwe what's up Mojo? Welcome in here on a Saturday. I'm busted open there. We go back but hey man we we cancel the show. We cancelled a world right now. We got mode. So man is hype. This do right one of my favorite people in the world. I'm GonNa tell you a quick story. Let's Arabia am Mojo and I are in the desert on little. Atv's spitting sand everywhere and then all of a sudden he goes. Hey man what you wanna hear and I go what you mean. He's like. This is not just a backpack high backpack and then he started playing music. It had speakers. Kaman that do right. There stays hype. Joe Joe. That sounds. That sounds like you're living the Gimmick right there. That's that's what that sounds like. No Gimmick Baby. That's why before we listen. We were high to have you truly. We are excited to have you here man. We appreciate you especially on a Saturday morning and coming off last night. Listen we will get to Rob Gronkowski because Amb. Obviously there's a lot to go into with him but man I just want to get your thoughts and your feelings on last night. First of all I hope Mike Coles okay because you damn near beat the hell out of him. You were leaving the show the vibe the vibe man the vibe I mean you returned to the performance center I would imagine it's been a while it was your home at one point and returned to smackdown live in front of no fans man. I mean it was. It was a great show first of all so typically the cap to everyone involved but but for you man what was it like kind of going into that scene to the lead up the day of yesterday. What were the emotions? And what were the feelings around that show? Well I gotTa tell you so. I'm always I'm always at the performance center. I'm their everything because I lived in Orlando. I train their head strength. Coach Sean Hayes there And we we get after I'll tell you what do I I don't go on vacations too often but I had just landed in the Bahamas turn my phone on was GonNa do a few days actually with grunts brothers. A few a few of his brothers. I landed in the Bahamas. I turn my phone on the first tax from wwe. Hey we We get you on smackdown tomorrow to come in about everything that's going on and I looked around and saw the beam of your beyond the first way back right. It was nuts but I'll tell you what it was insane. I was I was pretty excited about it. Because you know being at the performance that are having a show you know with with no fans there. I mean that's that's why we do what. Wwe's Abou- that's how we we gauge all of our matches and re off to the crowd like to not to not have that. They also curious and intrigued to see what it was gonna be like and then not only that like I said. I'm their training every day so I just wanted to see how they would transform the building and you know what's rooms are gonna be the locker rooms and where you know we're hearing was GONNA be in the meeting rooms where people are going to be getting ready and it was. It was wild man and it was. There was really no people in there. I mean when smackdown started yesterday I think at any given point you could see maybe one other person and whatever room. You're you were into the performance centers huge. We didn't have that many guys on the show yesterday. So it's like a ghost town back there. I was wondering where people kept popping out to go into grill or go to the segment man. It was crazy. I check this out. Mojo. I WanNa know this I'm not GonNa talk about what happened in the arena. None of that. I I WanNa talk about your personal feeling of going back to the performance center and being guy that that came from there from the developmental and you were able to now make a living for yourself to get out and have an identity as mo Jo and you've done multiple things already and have the potential in the future to do a lot more things especially now that you're going to be. You're going to beat a hype man and you're going to be. God is going to be helping introduce your boy. Today's world. How did it feel man getting back in there and being at the place where you started man it was? It was really exciting but to be honest with you it to me. It was really cool to everything with that was going on. But it really didn't feel that much different man because like a lot of guys when they when they get called up to the raw or smackdown they they move out of Orlando and they kind of never show faith in the performance center again. But I'm I'm there. Every day you know just felt like. I was still home like I never left kind of thing. It was just you know there wasn't even really nostalgia because it's just kind of everyday business as usual again. It was cool to see everything and it was awesome to see everything. Come full circle As far as you know building the performance center and seeing a smackdown you know live live on TV from it. I remember when they first built the place. They said Way Back when you know. This place has the capability to host. Live television in every right. Oh that's cool but it off. No one thought would actually happen and if they did they thought for sure it would be for the certainly not raw smackdown but now fast forward and you know we're the only live entertainment segment going on. You know all sports leagues have been cancelled. Everything's been playing but not the wwe where the only thing that's still trucking and still giving the fans something to get excited and You know just just hyped up for especially given everything that's going on in the world right now. Really healthy distractions. So it's kind of an honor. One of the few things feel a sense of pride Mojo that that we are that that you are a part of something. That's bigger than the world right now bigger than anything going on in the world whether it's entertainment whether it's sports whether it's business you know they're a big time industries that have shut down and you are still out there rolling. Do you feel a sense of pride. Hell yeah absolutely. I was talking with Roman about that yesterday yesterday. Actually I mean how can you not? I mean everything that's going on just the gravity of of what's happening to everyone on a daily basis in helps that miserable and sad everyone is it's like such an honor to be one of the few in the work for a company that refuses to you know. I don't I don't WanNa say everyone else's given up but you know how this company is. Wwe where we're going to find a way we're GONNA find a way to make these shows happen and we have an awesome team that put every everyone will put their heads together and devise a plan. And I mean I think I think this works and I think there are so many people that were watching just to see how this was going to go down to see. Hey it's just gonNA be train wrecked or they're going to be onto something new here and you know with everything going on. We might be there for a while. I don't. I don't know nobody knows what's going to happen next week. Right as far as we. It was a really cool opportunity. So that's why you know like I said I I had just landed in the Bahamas had a whole nation that Bob Paid for everything I was like. How come right back? This is GonNa be cool then like this is this is GonNa be one for the record books. This is GonNa be something people remember. So forget a big case and I'm on the first way back once. I know where I'm going with the most tight man. Wwe Mojo Rally Mojo I again. I can't commend you guys enough for the job you did last night the pressures surrounding that show the. I would imagine the awkwardness of the day. Kind of like you said you had that conversation with Roman the responsibility you guys felt. What was the vibe like amongst your colleagues last night heading into this event because I would imagine on some level yes I mean. You're doing what you guys have always done i. It's it's nothing new but at the same sense it is something new and there is a bit of pressure so I am curious to kind of hear what it was like leading up to the show last night. I mean everybody just felt like a lot of people did not know what was going on. Everybody was kind of looking around. Like how's this GonNa work? You know that's awesome. How are we gonNA handle this matches like everyone? It was more more about the matches I would say. 'cause you know the the promos and anything backstage was essentially business as usual. I mean I'm Ryan my me yesterday with Michael Cole triple h either headset on. You know the live crowd can't hear what I'm saying anyways so all the matches like it was cool. Everyone was all fired up Two Oh five. Those guys killed it. They they really got after it. I mean everyone worked as if you know it was A. It was a packed house. But yeah like backstage. Everyone was kind of hanging out waiting for this thing to start so we could see how it was going to be received and whatnot now. It was It was received very well if you were paying attention to social media. It seemed like everyone really appreciated the effort. I think everyone recognizes that the show was adapting and the and the situation is fluid. So again well done to everyone involved including yourself that spot with Michael Cole and triple h was absolutely awesome. And the reason that's existed well Mo Jo is because you came out to announce it your best friend the one rob Gronkowski former tight end of the New England. Patriots is going to be appearing on smackdown next week. Obviously a lot of rumors. Espn reporting that rob is going to be coming over to the WWE. I guess I'll just ask you this. I mean I'm sure you've talked to him on some level we know that your hype Mojo. But if there's anyone in the sports world that is hyper than you or at least on parties your buddy gronk so how excited for this opportunity and how do you see this all playing out in the weeks ahead? Well I'll tell you what man this is. Been a long time coming and and to be honest. I don't know how it's going to go 'cause everything's been back and forth. Everything's been changed in everyone's schedules or just out. It's just hard to hard to manage every everything and You know I don't know what's GonNa Happen exactly what we do know that he'll be there next week. I mean. Honestly he's still working through a few things and especially given everything that's happened. Recently that has also thrown aware a couple of things. We were hoping for but I'll tell you what this has been a really really long time coming so I've been with. Wwe since July. Twenty twelve me and rob have been talking about doing something here for years before then you know because I grew up with his family. His Dad is the one that got me my job with. Wwe He was college roommates with Mike. Rotunda Syracuse. They play ball together. So that's kind of how all this got started. I was a free agent in the NFL. And we're all Kinda of hanging out watching watching raw. Everyone was like do you need or D. Dean at the time. Then you need to go to the wwe man like you know your Free Free Asia right now. You're not under contract and it's kind of one of those things like man hell. Yeah go do that but you don't know how to make sure connection that. Was there from then like you know every party. We've been going through over the years. It'd be like beating on each other and shopping. I may not being his hand pro before I signed with. Wwe is like I gotta talking up and then everyone would be out partying. They'd rip before we start shopping. The hell out of that's just one we we we've done and as far as bringing them over. I mean like I said Man. This is this is a decade in the making. He's in right now like you know. It's the the The Times right and and one thing that that Robin I both said about. This is if we do this. We don't WANNA have after. We don't want this to be one of these things. Where like you know you show up and you do it. They and you peace out like you gotta come in you gotTA train. You GotTA learn how to do this. I don't want you to embarrass yourself. I don't want you to embarrass me. You know the. Wwe universe their their unforgiving. There are some. They're passing it but man they'll let you hear it if we all know so. He wants to do this the right way. And that's why he's kind of been wait longer on getting all this done and so he could really put in the time. He wants to fly in and get weeks in at the performance center and really get as as great as he can be to be honest man. He's he's been doing film studies and watching me behind the scenes and you know really following along. I mean he was one of those guys that wound to have shows that the old F E W building and we'd have five fans in the sand you look out and one would be rob Gronkowski. You know you talked about you know partying and Y'all chop in each other and funneling. I mentioned before you came on. I was like if we had to wicked top for an hour about the party scene with Mojo because he is a bona fide. Hamp when it comes to party and and I WANNA know like is it. Is it slow in the party scene right now? People still getting it in Well yeah they're still getting nothing else to do beyond Joe. Idle hands off the thing is. I heard a comment from one of those sports. People that Ribe could come in. And how is he going to integrate with the Locker Room Do you think that he'll come in with a diva type of personality? And all of this and I said right away no I met the guy a dozen times. And every time he's the salt of the earth he comes up and shakes hands and introduces himself. Like people don't know who the hell he is like. He is honorable respectful guy. I don't I don't see any problems in the future. How do you feel about the way Ron Rob will Factor in in the locker room. I'm right there with you. Man Rob is one of the most humble people. I know he's not gonNA come in with an ego and an entourage and just taking everything for granted. I mean He. He wants to come in and work. He wants to do it right and you know like he. He knows how it is he. He worked his way up from the bottom to he was a nobody wants. So you know coming into a lot of room you gotta you gotTa Act like you're a nobody 'cause really he's the man in football but in in in. Wwe In the locker room. He's a nobody he hasn't done anything yet but I think that the guys can't appreciate that. He's been a fan since day one that he supported us from those. Fcw Days when there was four people In the arena that he has done some work with us in the past and that he's that he's here to work of course there's GonNa be some guys that are that are jealous of all the limelight and attention that he's getting guys that think that they should have instead of him but you know that's the thing with our show. There's a spot where everybody and you know. I think the team does a great job of putting together a show that allow for opportunities for everyone and him being here's GonNa create opportunities for any future opponents or or anyone to be in a very Lime lip position. That's for damn sure but I don't foresee any issues with that with that at all. He wants to come in and do this right. I WanNa let you know man. We appreciate you coming on. I know you got stuff to do. And you know just respect man Big Up to you and everybody else de perform night It was it was inspiring. And we're happy to have you on the show. Hopefully man we have you on again man. We're we're we're out here on Saturday mornings. We're trying to keep the keep the love going in the in the world of pro wrestling and pro wrestling Ram McKenna on my my brother from another mother over. There is Just as passionate about progressing as I am and that's saying a lot high that's right. We stay on radio MOJO. I WanNa thank you. I want to thank you for coming on. Yes I want to thank you for having me. This was fun was awesome and mark on a personal note to. I WanNa thank you for always looking out for me you know especially from day. One showing me When not to be heightened too crazy we're GONNA get me in trouble. Yeah man just just overall being so often to me and my family over the years really appreciate it so on and it'll be my pleasure to be back on whatever y'all want maybe they go and we hope you get that vacation in the Bahamas soon to man all right go. Yeah maybe next year maybe another lifetime the one and only mo Jo Riley. We appreciate it. That man is one of the highest man in the business and you really hear the passion there in that interview through through the business that he has in the love that he has for the business. You're hearing catch method open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am to noon eastern on Siriusxm Fight Nation Channel. One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius. Xm APP joining us right now. It was a historic night. On smackdown. There was no crowd in attendance but the WWe brought the entertainment nonetheless. No one does it better than the if you will and one man who was in attendance as we talk about bringing entertainment well he is the WWE's resident Rockstar. You know who he is. We always walk with him. We love him. We know he is Elias. What's up allies? Are you doing? Thanks for the INTRO. Appreciate that guy's crazy night last night. Right right man. One it was it was crazy. It was crazy. Good yes it was so You know I didn't get to see the entirety of the show. We had a lot of running around everybody's figuring out how to do things But I gotTa tell you what a what a interesting environment having no fans there but still running the TV show You know exactly like you would In any arena just without the audience right a- and Elias we just had Mo jo on a little while ago. I've got to catch up with him and get his vibes. I mean both of you guys. I mean you came from the performance center right like I know still spends a lot of time there. It was a home for you at different points. I'm just very curious. I kind of asked Mo Jo. He said the VIBE WAS. It was different right. It was kind of like people didn't know what to expect. I'm just kind of curious from your head spaces as you were approaching yesterday with Friday night. Smackdown knowing what the situation would be but allies at the same time not knowing. I mean it was unprecedented. I'm just kind of run me through your emotions and the buildup to the show last night and kind of what you were feeling. Yeah you know walking in there and you know we go through a quick medical check to make sure everybody's good to go You know with everything going on walking in the front door and you walk in and you just see the empty pc arena but it's just like It's it's you know it's like it's before we go live At smackdown or raw you know people are out around the ring working on things thinking up ideas and it's very much like that and you know you just don't know exactly what it's going to be like until you go live and I think it was. Maybe it was a Balian. Sasha came out live starts smackdown off. Yeah it was right away. You know it's interesting cutting. Promos crowd and You know triple H is out there giving a speech and it really feels like you know years from now you're GonNa look back on this and be like. Wow what a what a crazy time in. Wwe You know for me. I spent about three years at the performance center right. And I. You know I've been on the main roster now for about three years so go back there. Be In that environment. I mean it's always cool. It's like a safe place for me. was literally a safe place for. Wwe Last night to to go back there. And you know that's where Elias and you know. I was the drifter at the time. But that's where it all started for me. You know working with dusty roads and everything like that so it's always cool for me to be in that environment and that's triple. H is you know. That's that's his baby right there. So he was he was on top of everything of course. He played multiple roles on the show last night. Right right. He's talking about those three years. Yes that was a that was in another life. Elias Samson I believe was that life different different name at the time. Yes that's right that's right so we talk about the VIBE. I am curious like afterwards right like Of course there's the lead up. There's the nerves. There's there's there's the questions around what the show was going to be. But I would imagine a Elias. After the show concluded the pride that you guys must've felt in that locker room and really the whole family at the performance center. I would imagine it was ample of course but then you know so yes. Of course there is pride. We gotta done at something different. They're only you know live television. Really going on right I in the always country as far as I know and You know but the other thing is the other part of it it's like Oh this is. Wwe This is what you expected. This point you know like we're wwe's not going down without a fight and if there's an opportunity to perform an entertainment wwe. He's GonNa do it and they're going to do it better than anybody else allies. I'm telling you what I was expecting. I was acting for Elias to have a concert for the fans. And then some who come down and try to break the concert up and go to blows. I love what happened but I just want to let you know for future reference I want you to stand in their chests man. Let them know. Hey I'm ready. I'm over prepared. I'm I'm willing to do this because I'm a fan and you know I've always been a supporter and I always. I WanNa see you do well and you've been doing such an incredible job man and and I've been always in the title pitcher. You're not always been the number one contender but you have a really strong presence on the show always and people know that name they know who you are and when you're standing in the middle of that ring and you're singing and performing and wrestling in and we talked about being over prepared. How many hours do you spend playing guitar and practicing your songs first off mark? Thank you so much for saying that man. I gotTa tell you and I remember talking to you guys. You know a year ago or something and it's like I am begging for the opportunity to be you know even even further along where I am and you know what it's great. I'm on television every week and people know Elias But I tell you what man I feel like I'm capable of even more and I want that I want to be there and you believe believe me when I tell you I am pushing for that on all aspects to the point where people might be getting upset with me. I'm pushing so hard Mark Brown but that said man. Listen I just the good thing is is. I have a passion playing music and playing guitar and I'm always always thinking of new ways to note. You know new writs. Sit there jam around on my guitar new ways to interact with the crowd new catch phrases whatever it may be so you know. I'm just waiting for you. Know for the door to open up just a little bit so I can bust through. You know what I'm saying man. That's all I'm asking for. Go get it go get Elias Mark. Brought up your as he's there complimenting you and you are a staple of television right but he you know he talks about being in the contender picture title and all that and then and then you talk about wanting to ask more in essentially the asking for more and essentially the the the squeaky wheel doesn't get the grease or whatever that saying is terrible with the chase but but allies the sentiment remains. I am kind of curious though in terms of obviously your career your passion in wanting to do more. How do you kind of balance those? I don't WanNA put words in your mouth so I don't WanNa say disappointments but when you know you can do more and it's maybe not happening in the way that you want. I am very curious as to. Us performer. How you kind of balance that and I stick to your North Star. If you will well you know what Man I always kind of have this. This hope that holds out that like you know what soon enough every they're gonNA hear the crowd they're going to see what's going on and they're gonNA go all right. It's time to pull the trigger so to speak with right. I S and make this happen and You know without giving too much away here you know. I had a big a very big. I guess disappointment here spores like wrestlemainia coming up and you know. I thought I thought some things we're really going to happen for Elias. Things went one way or another. And you know we're not so sure what's going on now but I have to check myself sometimes. Some things are out of my control. What I can't control is my performance when I'm on television and if I give one hundred percent and stand out in some way or another sooner or later it's going to break through man and I just got a hold true to that you know that hard work pays off things. Squeaky wheel gets the grease all of it you know. Well I mean one hundred percent. I didn't that you you're doing everything that you can do within your power and the to them to realize like you know what this is. The perfect time for lions to shine need. We need time field as well as content. That's entertaining without a Kraut. You don't need a brown. I I'm telling you you put me in that spotlight in the middle of that ring and you have no crowd or you have eight thousand people. I can keep you know. Keep the audience entertained for a period of time. You know I know you again and I look forward to to send that last night The interactions that you had in the back. I think that if they had a crowd if there was a crowd you got some of the best reactions. 'cause I'm sitting here watching you popping. I mean I was losing much hit last night like you becomes funny man like I mean anytime I fancied myself as a as a comedic writer at time so like if you you you have some thoughts about you know maybe doing something. I'd be more than happy to interject my opinion but Just to be ear to bounce off of you know. I'm here for you. Yeah Dude I appreciate that man. I really do appreciate it lights. I just I just really feel if You know they really allow Elias. Open up on television and things like that. We can really Break some ground. There Mansa appreciate that mark. You remember watching Mr Rogers as a kid. Yeah of course like Mister Rogers. He had a bit of audience. I think it was like forty. People is something in the studio but he was primarily entertainer singing like educating kids. And doing all this stuff by himself. He was a one man show. I can see allies in a one man show and then being what we need in a time like this. We need to laugh. We need to be entertained sing songs and then we need to have kicked people like bank. Corbin's ass yes when I can get you to somehow get get right in the show next week or something like that. If I was writing this show they'd be like why are you so still alive is heavy duty? We got this week with allies. I WanNa ask you this. Mark Talks about hour long concerts and what may lie ahead for a allies. I kinda curious man I listen. It looks like the for the foreseeable future. A lot of these shows are going to be emanating from the performance center. So I'm I'm kind of curious. How do you think the next few weeks play out? And what's your excitement level? I mean this is. This is probably only going to happen once and I know it. I know it comes on the backdrop of a really uncertain time in not just American history but world history but it does offer interesting opportunities for the WWe brand going forward. So I'm just kinda curious your thoughts on the weeks ahead. No you know. That's that's it man and now they did it. They knocked it out We did our television so I can only imagine. It's GonNa get better now that they figured out You know exactly what's going to be like so far however long it may be two weeks four weeks six weeks We'll see and there's a lot of opportunities you know and just because we're not in front of a crowd doesn't mean there's opportunities for guys to get over show right sides of themselves Wha- whatever it may be their opportunities are there and as far as I'm concerned it's up to you know. Wwe and and the team to that those opportunities and and get creative with the situation. Who knows man? I mean this. This could be a whole new way to to do television in the future. I think about Business when it comes to things like this happening now the WWe realizes we own the performance center. We don't need to book the Pepsi Center. We don't need the book the Compact Center like You name it we. We could do it on our own. So you're GONNA save money you're going to be able to entertain and you know what like you could do that from anywhere you don't have to do it from Orlando at the performance center. It opened up another centre in Texas. They can open one in New York or wherever and only only do two shows out of those two or three facilities and save millions of dollars so man. I want to think about that. I mean you know if you're speaking to WWe's pockets. Then you're you're saying the right words right like Yeah you know like and that's exactly it and I think in the end the ratings will kinda speak for themselves which that's GonNa be very interesting to be. You know what that's going to end up being given all the situations of last night but certainly man if they can put out a quality. Tv Product that you know it's professional wrestling. It's like studio wrestling right. Which is what it used to be right years years ago. So it's like there's obvious better better as your your mark. You're wrong. It was very interesting. I kind of said leading into this. I felt like he's got a real opportunity to feel like Nwea power which is obviously a studio show now and obviously there's a little bit more crowd there but it's still it's my point is offered an opportunity for the wwe to adapt and allies. That's kind of what I want to end on. We saw a little bit with triple h on commentary last night right like the free flowing nature of it. It was very clear that they weren't exactly sure where they wanted to go. And I'm very curious as a performer. Right there's always conversation especially you know again. Pro Wrestling shows about scripted unscripted. Promos you obviously exists in a realm where you know what I mean. It's probably a little more scripted. Because obviously you're singing and you know where where where where it's supposed to go. I'm just very curious to where you stand on the script adverse unscripted and how you thought that that played out last night on smackdown first off if you felt it. Then that's a good thing because you feel like you're you're watching something organic and you don't want to say I mean triple H is up there doing the whole thing and you know it's not like he's you know memorizing a script in repeating that and that doesn't feel good you know wrestling's very much of our way it feels and I've been I've been lucky enough to be able to create a lot of my own verbiage and things like that because of my character so I'm all for Less scripting and more of allowing wrestlers to kind of find themselves. You know In doing so it's like you know it'll be sink or swim and then you you really will be the best of the best in doing so that way so Yeah I'm all for it man. Lets scripting more more letting the guy speak from the heart and saying the words they would say I like it you know Elias I My my my co host over there Ram McKenna mentioned world news and this. This is a point in history that'll be remembered for ever and ever and ever to end of time. Do you feel like wow the seriousness and the impact that what y'all doing is making history. Oh yeah and I can tell you. You don't myself in Sammy's Ain. We've we go on talk for hours hours at times but man we We definitely had a moment last night where we're like. Wow there's really I mean it's a really wild time and just the world and here we are. We're a part of this and you know. Take away anything else you want to. We're doing something that in the whole world is kind of aware of it In the midst of a really crazy time and so yeah I was. I was certainly aware of that as it was going on. Well yeah and I and I- mayor would Mark said we would be doing that. This is the awesome chant here But no we do merit was a great show last night especially given the circumstances we look forward to. What's ahead man in? Tip The cap to you for pulling it all together and put on a great show last night yourself and and and again for joining us here today. I know it's a Saturday. I'm sure ain't got things. Yeah I'm sure you've got better things you'd want to be doing then jumping on this show so we do appreciate it man and giving us a few minutes no way do. This is great. Thank you guys for having me on. I always love talking wrestling mark. It's always great talking with you Ryan appreciate it man. So yeah you guys have a great one because he don't know Sirius. Xm and listen up commercial free music. Sports comedy talk and news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car. For just one dollar just go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe. You can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius. Xm Dot com slash busted offer available to new series exemption subscribers Siriusxm. No car required. It is time for our weekly winner. Mark how you want to do this paper rock scissors. Cu Goes. I WANNA go I had to go. I'M GONNA go. That you debunk my idea as you did last week all right shoot. So I'm I'm going to start off with With raw was good show. It was so many interesting things that happened. They went to aws which you know. It wasn't my favorite show that they've done is my least favourite. Show of the year So far aid W was strong Really strong show but those were contenders for what happened last night. Last night was innovative show. It was something that had never been done before and we talked about. How many times in life do you get the chance or opportunity to talk about never happening in pro wrestler? Not Very often? Yeah so that being said last night never happened and it went over with grown glowing glowing praise and success triple age is a hall of Fame Gadfly but never have I seen him in a capacity That he was in last night with humor with the calling wrestling from the announce table. He didn't have to wrestle to get over. He got over. And then you had the women that started with no crowd and had me reacting in my house like I was there and the promos from semi Zane and from Cicero and interaction with Mojo Riley. There was not a weak point on the show and I haven't even talked about the thing. That's the most impressive to me was how John Cena was able to come back and have PROMO SEGMENT. That was equally as good as some of his greatest. Yeah and curtailing. That was Bray Wyatt. Who came in and it was theater in the park it was shakespearian. He did subtle things like change his tone. Tell a story about how he became the be who he is in an emotional way that was educational to a fan if you had never watched one episode of the wwe this year and you listen to Bray Wyatt. You knew what happened in the whole year. Yeah in a matter of a few minutes and how he went from talking to John. Sina with his head down to focus in on John Seen as is and then talking at him telling them how he really felt and how he pulled everybody in and then he started to verbally abused John. Seen without getting vulgar. He says I'm GonNA slaughter in you. Don't even know it in his medicine. You can do to stop it and so I have to say that last night smackdown was my weekly winner and I mean I is. It was just very very hard for me not to give it to him. Inex- was a close second raw. And W for the first time I think ever was last on my list. Yeah I don't disagree with you I mean raw was Roy was good from the standpoint. That edge was outstanding. Like he he when he came back and he he chokes out. Mvp at the there he hits them with the spear obviously that was all very compelling The Garza matching ministerial. That was good. there's good stuff on it but nothing that. I could have at jump ahead to the weekly winner and listen. I know again. I'll go back to smackdown because mark. I'm not debunking anything. Smackdown is definitely my weekly winner this week. Because of the chaos. They had to deal with the show that was pulled off the the the ramifications surrounding the show and really the way everybody delivered from triple h to Ms Morrison to John Cena and Brian. Everyone really came out and knocked it out of our life. Allies everybody everybody Mo Jo smacking around Michael Cole. I thought that was really entertaining. After he shook the headset off his head. He was all hyped up right like there were moments throughout the show that I really enjoyed and I go back. Because I know people thought the Elimination Replay Elimination Chamber skews. Me Replay was terrible and they didn't like it again. This is a fluid situation. You know there's there's a pandemic sweeping the nation. Wwe had to put this show together. I'm sure things didn't go exactly as planned. So that's probably why we saw that match I'm not going to hold that against him. I understand why it happened now and it was still a really really good show. All things considered it again for. What really boosted it for me. Being the weekly winner which. I probably I probably would have had an X. T. there if it weren't for the circumstances of the way this show played out but with the fact is did play out this way and the circumstances are what they were so smackdown definitely gets my weekly winter. I WanNa go back to what you were talking about and what really I think. Put an authoritative stamp on the on the show in general was the ending and it was that back and forth between white and John. Cena don't seem started that Promo by essentially talking. I thought this is really interesting for this. Feud specifically mark because. I didn't think they were going to go this way right. It was very much John seen attacking you know Bray Wyatt personally not of not even benefiting not even great. Why not even quite the character? I mean this was very much shot. It felt like it Rotunda from the standpoint that he was like this dude is lazy. He had the whole world even to him. Yes not in shape. I mean that took that took a very interesting almost almost a shoot feel which I thought was really interesting for. This feud going forward mark. Do you think this was always a plan part of the future. Do you think this was a bit of an adaption due to the circumstances because I got I really enjoyed it. You know what I think that it was an adaption. I think is an added layer. And now you have. Maybe a month shows where you can tell back stories that you can point out something that you may not have had the opportunity on television to do because everything's kind of Russian. There's not enough time. Well time now. Yeah so slowdow and let's get descriptive. Let's this tell everybody exactly what it is that they're seeing and if we don't tell them then let somebody as good in. Its talented his Johnson and as talented as Bray Wyatt get out there and perform at a level to where everything is self explanatory and last night pin. You get stuff that you would just like. Wow yes I can't believe. He said that Yep and listening to Bray Wyatt being so descriptive in how he was telling how he came to be how he was broken in so many pieces in so scattered and couldn't focus but the theme pulled all that Together for him. Bro. I just couldn't believe it. I thought this was arguably the best work. That brave wide did and to save. That is heavy heavy praise because he is really done. Some amazing work over the last year and a half who last year and a Half Mark. I would go back a lot further than that. I I actually West. We're talking about Bray Wyatt. I thought about the documentary that aired this week on the network. I guess last night it was after Monday night. Raw the FCW documentary and a chronicled essentially the birth of Annex. T what we're living today. And the and the and the journey of many wrestlers The likes of Seth rollins and Roman reigns but also one of the journeys they talked about was the journey of Bray Wyatt Mark. I remember when Bray when the vignette started running it. Fcw Four who was coming off. Become your I think he was Husky. Harrison exte- this was a complete repackaging of Bray. And then he was this by you. I mean for most of you guys remember right. The white pants. The Miami looked the floral shirt the FIDORA but he had this these promos that he was cutting these menacing promos and one of the promos. He talked about this. This this guy who died in a boat fire on a lake in this and the and the shady circumstances surrounding it and then he drops the bomb. Hey that guy was my dad like essentially that Bray. Wyatt is burned his father alive Kenny boat. It was just so menacing. It was so real mark. He had that ability to captivate as Bray Wyatt the moment he stepped on the scene and he has never let off the gas. That dude has been on every time he steps in front of television. Bray Wyatt delivers and that is an incredible endorsement and incredibly dormant from you. When you say that might have been the best thing he's ever done. I don't disagree. It might have been at speaks volumes. How talented Bray White is. And you know we've talked about it when Elias was on that they're going to be guys that are going to step into this more Broadway esque more. You have more time to be explanatory about what you're trying to get across to the people at home that are right through the television. They're going to be guys that haven't got the opportunity that are now going to get that opportunity because they can captivate and they can go out there without it being So scripted finally going people are going to get what they want. They'RE GONNA get people out there that are going be. I mean straight pipe bomb. They're going to be shifting gears to get people to realize. Hey I'm who I am and this is who I am. I'm here to stay. Like allies is one of those guys. You Know Sammy's Zane is one of those guys. We're going to see more of them. We're going to see more of guys like drew go lack like. There's I mean drew McIntyre and Braga Lesnie and Paul Heyman that that whole dynamic. Seth rollins you could throw them out there. Like there's there's going to be guys but there's also going to be guys that haven't got that mainstream opportunity like street profits. Yeah you could you throw the street providence out there and listen Montas. Ford is spectacular. There there's going to be guys that we're going to. We're going to look at a month from now go. Wow wrestlemanias kinda changed. It can attain because guys are going to get over. Yeah so I'm looking forward to that. Well speaking of WRESTLEMAINIA coming up next. We're GONNA dive into the possibility surround. Wrestlemainia listen I know a lot of you guys are talking about loud? You guys are thinking about it. We're in the same boat right. We don't have any answers necessarily can predict. Obviously everything that's going on. We can kind of assume what might happen. But we don't really know we're GONNA get to that coming up next but before we do mark as we talk about the weekly winner going to smackdown. I agree you know weekly. Winner does usually give us a chance to talk about some other shows in the professional wrestling world. I I did want to get your thoughts on one thing in particular. I thought E W was a fun show. I agree with you. It wasn't the best they've done but you know that main event with hangman and Dustin Rhodes taken on Jericho and and Guevarra. That was that was fun. And there were other moments throughout but one of the moments that I thought really stood out and again I wanna get your opinion Lance Archer making I guess what was his debut in e e w at least appearing on camera for the first time we do find out that he is going to be the protege. If you will of one jake the snake Roberts mark. I said before we found out that this was going to happen. You know there was talk of potentially Lou Carbon Brodie Lee coming back and maybe doing something. Whatever the case may be maybe they would use somebody else in that spot. I thought Archer made perfect sense from the standpoint that he's not Brodie Lee. He's not Luke Harper in the sense that he he wasn't on wwf not he wasn't really on North American TV. I didn't think Luke Harper would need that sorta Rub Lance is is coming from New Japan. He's menacing. He's got that sort of vibe where he can remain quiet and meanwhile you can have Jake. The snake come in and really lay it on thick really build that menacing character. I guess what I'm saying. I loved the pairing of those two. I'm very curious to hear your thoughts. Man I I can't wait I. I think that you're right in the sense that everybody that's ever been somebody as you brought up and said hey this is who it is they were former. Wwe guys and Lance was with the performance center for me to say about a year right. Yeah he was a little while and they didn't use them so he took his ball and went to Japan and made a nature himself and justifiably. So go go go to work. And now he's going to be able to have a new leash on life with a big medium to tell people who he is. I would say that he didn't get an introduction. I think he was just introduced. An introduction is making a moment making a presence be known and. He didn't get to do that. He just sat there role. Let's let's see what the future holds for freelance? I think that with somebody like Jake Roberts set aside and Lance can talk shirt like he can talk so these two polarizing characters are GonNa make some good television they w and who knows what else is coming down the pipeline for a deputy. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm Channel One fifty six. The busted open podcast.

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