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The following program could have some filthy talk that would make a stevedore blush. And by the way, if a blushing stevedore or an embarrassed longshoremen is your want. Well, you could get content like that and my newsletter slate dot com slash gist news, actually, it's pretty clean and fun for the whole family tells you everything I did all week. It's Monday, January twenty eighth two thousand nineteen from sleet. It's the gist. I might Pasco. Yeah. Of course, it's far too reductive from Washington insiders to look back at that shutdown and use it to winners and losers, right? This is undoubtedly the weakest moment of President Trump's tenure in office. The president may be the commander in chief of the American military, but Nancy Pelosi now looks like the commander in chief of Donald Trump. I think Nancy Pelosi is obviously the big winner. Here, you know, a month ago people were questioning whether she should even be speaks. He actually did. I shared Jason's winner in this situation. It is definitely Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pelosi. It's Nancy Pelosi. She did it. I wonder what changed about Nancy Pelosi because you know, there was a time when the conventional wisdom was that Nancy Pelosi was kind of stiff not nimble not able to adapt to situations that demanded you change on the fly. So what was it? What changed after she faced Donald Trump? What do we? Find out that wasn't true about her in reflecting upon her confrontation with Donald Trump. Well, those critiques for sure Cummings was predictable. Not exciting. Sure. Implacable, but also an emotive. But now that she's gone up against Donald Trump and out strategized, Donald Trump. I guess she brought all her skills and tactics to bear against Donald Trump turns out we were wrong. She's a bit of a master tactician a to have overcome the stratagems of a Donald Trump. She matched which with Donald Trump, and somehow was not outmaneuvered again should have been outmaneuvered by Donald Trump. I guess she's not the risk averse symbol of caution. Ono with Donald Trump is her opponent. She revealed herself to be widely in. Ever bordering on the lethal as proved by her mastery of this showdown with Donald Trump. Okay. It is clear that what is going on is that while Pelosi's flaws were never quite as flawed as we had been told many Democrats, by the way, we're doing the telling we really shouldn't think we've discovered this tally ran like negotiator in our midst and shrewd as her spine is steeled. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration because in a two sided negotiation. There is the other side. It's like one of those unbeatable Taiwanese teams the Little League World series. I mean, they do seem imposing, but they are beating up on twelve and thirteen year olds Pelosi actually benefited to be very fair to Pelosi who I credit she benefited from her weakness and her weakness fairly or not fairly. I think it's true that she somewhat unexciting, but being unexciting was a great strength in this the Goshi. When you have an opponent who over excitedly goes off half cocked and runs around in circles and takes blaming assigns blame it deflects blame you all you have to do. It's just kind of bland and somewhat competent, no wall. You win cautious dependent consistent. It's what the more firebrand of Dem's on the campaign trail took issue with it's what they said they'd be voting against. And yet, those are the qualities that Slade the dragon or maybe it's more like Nancy Pelosi was simply a large immovable lands and the dragon was prone to dancing and flopping about until eventually he impaled himself. So what I'm saying is that Nancy Pelosi master tactician and perfectly fine with that. Which is to say perfectly fine in a fight against Donald Trump. Just perfect on the show today. I should feel about Roger stone and those in his slithery or. Orbit. But I the other two is a new show on comedy central about this preteen pop sensation. Well, actually, it's not about him. It's about his two adult siblings. They are the other two. Now, the boys sibling is an actor in waiter who has not been cast in much lately. So it's got to be hard. When your little brother has a viral, hit before sporting hair on his upper lip drew Tarver plays. The other brother carry with a likeability. And also a vulnerability the veteran improv or stop by to talk about his role and another two or three. Support for this podcast. And the following message comes from slack the collaboration hub for work. No matter. What work? You do. Teamwork on slack happens in channels where your information in conversations are organized around projects offices and teams and because everything you need to work his in one place. It's faster and easier to get things done designed to support the way people like you naturally worked together slack makes collaborating with your colleagues online as easy inefficient is face to face. The more slack is used across a company the more value it provides as tools and information shared by one department become accessible across departments helping teams work together across locations time zones or job titles with slack to right people in your team or kept in the loop. And the information they need is always at their fingertips. Learn more at slack dot com. So drew Tarver is this very funny guy who I was researching in preparation for the interview you're about to hear, but I had one of those slight brain cramps. And I kept coming up with a hit that told me he was a member of Howard. Stern's wack pack was also a member of the K K K. And I realized I was putting into the search engine. Daniel Carver not drew tar. I see both are from Georgia and say outrageous thing, yes. Yeah. We'll talk. Hopefully, we don't share too much. But I could see that. I can see how you up all the wack Packers. Is he the one you most identify with? I I don't know, maybe a Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, one of the I think he might Beetlejuice fetal not in this environment as we say, right? Yes. So these show that Mr. Tarver is here to talk about is. I think it has a chance to become one of these have you seen the other ones because it's got a lot of. Things. It's about a Justin Bieber esque character. But not about him. What about his brother and sister? Yes, we are plays. I play Kerry on the show Kerry do Beck who is the older brother to adjust in Bieber esque singer, internet sensation. And I am much more of a loser. He's the talented one of the family, and we are you know, me and a Halina your who plays. My sister on the show. We are the other two. So we are just the other two in the family that nobody cares about and following him around. And so the elements of the show that I think give it a real chance to kind of breakthrough. And there were so many sitcoms are well, just the craftsmanship and joke in joke out. But there it's got a couple of things that I think are very appealing one is the parts of the show where the you interact with real media is real you're really on. Well, you're not on the real today show. Right. It's not a full version of the today show. Right. It takes place soda and calf. Yeah. It takes place in this. Swirled? Yes. With these shows. Yes. And the songs that the Bieber ask character sings are fantastic terrible. But in the way, that's only like eight degrees off from the real song. That's number eight on the billboard chart today. Yes. It is. I mean, Chris Kelly, and Sarah Schneider who wrote the show who used to be head writers. They wrote do it in my twin bed back home. Ballers, they they had been doing these amazing comedic songs at SNL. And now they are doing them for this character whose name is chased dreams we can keep saying Bieber esque or chase dreams little babes. It'd be and they're so funny. But they are very they. 'cause the guy who writes the music the actual beats and stuff for them rights for choice avant. His name's Leland and rights for all these real pop have to. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He's got he has the hooks. It's all there. They treat them like a real engineered pop song. And then they. Just write jokes for it. And they're so so funny. Yeah. So the to get a show like this. Exactly. Right. The creators the actors can go in a very mean direction and everything is very nihilist or they could try to find ways to give it heart. And I think the way they found to give it heart was two main things one the kids, not a monster. Like you kinda like the kid, right? And the second thing is your character, not your sister. But your character is a very redeemable person right eye relatable doesn't mean anything in that probably has something to do with your performance, but you can watch the show and kind of hope most of the people die in a fiery rack for your entertainment except for your. Yes, I think they do a great job of making making it feel like a real family dynamic. They don't shy away from any sweet real family moments. And what would it be like if a real sweet kid just started became an overnight sensation? And he. He was sweet and you did root for him. But he was maybe getting bad guidance and stuff, and I mean, my sister. She's she's like a monster ish sometimes on the show, but they do really make the show have deep real moments that the comedies sits around that you can kind of grasp onto and they don't treat the fee or they don't deal deal with that character with a ton of cynicism. Right. So I did read one review which compared you to the Jason Bateman character and arrested development. I know the hair is a little spike, you I think it's a little off in that. He's more like in a different universe were. And you're at least a couple observations. Your character is at least adjacent to the wacky universe there. Yes. Your character isn't totally without flaws or character skull Yakup up things about yes. Yeah. And the last thing would be is you're not always relied on four say reaction shots that was he's a great actor. But that was his purpose in the show. You have to kind of see the show through him. That's not exactly what's going on in the show. Would you say? Yeah. I would I would say that my character kind of goes back and forth between straight manning other people and being like, they're wrong and himself being fully wrong about things. So it was an interesting thing to take on acting wise because sometimes you're like, okay, am I smarter than this person. Or am I dumb than this person is my character, smarter or dumber is it? You have to always be consistent. I felt like I had to because probably 'cause I'm not I'm I don't even really view myself sometimes as an actor. I'm just kind of I started doing sketch and improv and now I am on the show. I am an actor was just character you've played longest because you were on what's that jillion dollars? Jillion dollar properties which did go for three seasons. But this feels thing is when something on C. So how can you kill it back and to say, it's not getting ready to I know. Right. Like, we don't know there's still a fourth season that has yet to come out because he's just went away. We lost. We the laws, but Jillian everybody's on on trying to torrent it, but yeah, you're Romania. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I guess what? I'm saying is I felt weird being like, okay. Can we stop the scene? Am I smart in this? You know, I think it just the writers Christmas are so good that they you know, if I ever had a question of like how how dumb should I be right here or do I know better than this. Because the character knows better, but he's just desperate. So I think he he's an actor. Who may be got one commercial where he smells a cat. Yeah. He is just a desperate desperate actor who's trying to figure out. Should I distance myself from this fame that I don't want, but it is fame? Name. So should I use it to help my career this character, parallels, my life and a lot of ways. So it is when I first read it part of me was like, wait. Are you guys making fun of me? Because my my little sisters were the talented ones of the family. I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Georgia small town called Glenville, which is a great place to grow up, but there's just not a ton of arts there. So you like if you wanna be funny, you get up in church, and you say something funny about the wise men and see if you can get a lot or you wait till a frankencense humor. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Hi there so many animals in here. This is a birth place. And I grew up really, honestly, my family was a little bit religious. So my first experiences were with comedy were funny pastors and and funny Christian comedians, but my sisters were singers and dancers and were really the talented ones of the family. I couldn't sing I couldn't dance. So my little sister Caitlin was on a the year after American idol. There was a spin off American juniors which was hosted by secrets my sister. Auditioned for it. My dad drove her up there and was like we don't get you on this show. Baby trove up there they got on the show, then she instead of voting a kids off they got in the top ten they couldn't vote kids off because it was too mean. So this was back then when they couldn't vote, right, right? Yeah. Yeah. Now, they're fine. Where the firing McCann. Yeah. This was two thousand three much easier time, so she got on the top ten and instead of voting kids off they would vote one kid on each week to a five person group that Simon cow. What was going to manage? They flew us all the whole family all of us rednecks out to LA to sit on the side of the stage while she saying each week secrets she would sing secrets with throw to us. And we'd be like be like Tarver's. What did you think? We'd be like dang we loved it. So we I was kind of living this show. I was seventeen at the time. She continued. She didn't make it on the group that Simon Callow is going to manage, unfortunately. But through that, I would we would walk outside of the studio and people would go Caitlyn that's my sister's name. Caitlyn caitlin. And then they would turn to me and go Caitlyn's, brother. And they I was like this town is great. You can just do nothing and people will sort of yellow your name. This is great. So at that point our family had kind of been exposed to Hollywood. And I was like what do I like? And eventually I started. Sort of figuring out. Oh, maybe my attention is a need to make people laugh. So I started doing stuff like that and found out about UCB. And and now Kaelin's big recording star. She she is she's great. She's like on this season. I mean, she's still the talented one of the she Sern -able impurity provable town. Absolutely, absolutely. And yes, she's songwriting. She lives in LA. She song. She was on this season of ballers, she's doing great. And I'm still I'm still trying to get people to know me, not as Caitlyn's brother now as part of your real life experience that parallel the show. Did you come up against or did you encounter? One running joke on the show that everybody has a gay brother. Right. Yes. That back in two thousand three two thousand four we admitting that no we weren't. No. I was it's a strange thing. Like, I play a gay actor on the show kind of dealing with the industry, and whether you whether you're out or. Not or in real life. I'm bisexual actor. So it's like it's so almost identical that it's very strange. But no, I think an episode one. There's a line about bisexuality is now something we can admit exactly it, very it. There's a joke about like high hell by like, I think the joke is it's not two thousand fourteen anymore by bisexuality is real now. Which is a funny joke on by erasure, which is a very real thing. That is the the creators are so good and the room is so good at making, you know, queer jokes making fun of certain things. And and yeah, I was not out then and very much, you know, have dealt with that along in my career trying to figure it out. And Carey in the show is also very much trying to figure out himself and his identity. So it was an interesting thing to be on a comedy show on comedy central. But also be doing scenes where like it feels like this is really like so close in scary right now invulnerable also I may be wrong because I'm not exactly on the cutting edge of this. But it seems to me that it's possible that this show is the first that's exactly at the at the intersection of it's not just a queer show. But there's tons of stuff there. That speaks to the moment of where we are. But then there's also a ton of stuff. That's you know, probably would be classically in a lot of sitcoms of 'bout straight, sex and stuff. Yeah. So the thing that's new is a sitcom with maybe the sister character who's having sex with Beck Bennett. And right throwing that in our face while at the same time, the same exact thing is going on with the brother, and they're not backing away from it in any way. They're not making a joke about it. They show two guys lying on top of each other. Yeah. Yeah. It's a great. They don't shy away from anything in this show. Sexually that may be some shows will be like, no, we can't show two guys kissing. Yeah. And and but it also parallels. You know that a lot of this stuff is saying is the same for gay and straight people, you know. So it's, but it's definitely it has a ton of queer real queer issues in it that that my character is is dealing with it. I would have liked to see in a show growing up to be like. Oh, okay. Yeah. There's there's some stuff that once you come out you deal with that still feels tough like what just sort of like internalized, homophobia. You know, you've you've been hiding yourself for so long that you can't really get it out of your system that that you still deal with in this character still deals with going through at one point. He is at a bar and a guy says he comes up to Carrie and goes, oh, ask him out on a date and carries. Like, why didn't you ask me out? A while. Ago. And he's like, oh, I didn't know you were gay and carries us. Thank you. And the guys like, ooh. And cares. Like, oh, no, no. I didn't mean thank you just stuff like that. And it kind of feels gross. And and you just get to see that stuff, which I think is a cool thing for for a show on comedy central. So will you know, you've made it when your sister identifies herself as drew sister. Yes. I think that's what I'm trying to do is switch the dynamic. I will be finally, okay, good somebody when somebody when we walk out of a studio and somebody else drew Andrew's sister. I'll be like okay now, I can stop. I'm going to move home. Drew Tarver is one of the titular other ones. It's sort of an off handed titular right because it's like referring to the other ones. So the main character isn't even referred you. But technically, he's the main character of this sitcom, that's really about the other characters retard ver the other one's on comedy central. Great to meet you nice to meet you. Now the ship. He'll I've largely avoided getting sucked into the tanned vortex. That is Roger stone. He's like a puffed up Tinkerbell in that he needs you to believe in him or he'll fade away into nothingness, which was actually a fate. I had hoped for him. So if you're a New Yorker growing up in the era that I was and paying some attention to politics stone was always there on the present. But on asked for like, a squeegee guy on the fifty ninth street bridge. He sunk Spitzer his messaging for Al D'Amato, essentially lost him the Senate seat, and he was kind of the connective tissue between Donald Trump and sore on lawyer ROY Cohn, and like a tissue Roger stone was often discarded. But then he seemed to blow back stone was house of slithering before J K Rowling ever cashed a welfare check and his exploits intermingled with all that was sorted in Gotham for much of my youth. He also had four. As onto the national scene, which is what SNL weekend update anchor. Michael Chang was referring to when he said this on Saturday, by the way, I googled this guy Roger stone because he looks like he pays black guys to bang his wife. Found out in nineteen ninety six. He was forced to resign from Bob Dole's campaign for asking black guys to bang his wife. Kidding? Look it up. It's fans. Muscular guy. Sure, but I saw no reference to black guys per se the National Enquirer broke this story in nineteen Ninety-six about stone and his wife frequenting swinger clubs and they took out ads advertising their wares. Here's the New Yorker pretty ING it up when they quoted an ad insatiable, lady and her handsome bodybuilder husband, experienced swingers seek similar couples or exceptional muscular dot dot single men. The New Yorker goes hunt. You say the ads sought athletes and military men while discouraging overweight candidates that was the New Yorker what they actually said in the ad was no phonies or fat. He's so there's plenty of advertising of the muscular, I didn't see any advertising. I didn't see any references to stone seeking out black men. In fact, there was an excerpt from a piece of writing about the DC swinger. Scene which had Roger stone disapprovingly look at a woman in a swingers club in a short skirt and attractive, white woman and said, she's probably slept with every black man here. And that was a problem for him. So it seemed anyway, my favorite detail from the National Enquirer story in one thousand nine hundred six about these swinger ads. Stone took out on the net. Was this quote website is a place on the internet. Where computer users who pay a fee can post any pictures and texts they want then anyone who visits the internet can access the website stone surrounded himself with a coterie of characters some of his own invention. He plays to operatives in the campaigns of rival candidates. He nicknamed one sedan chair to he actually did the thing early on in his career where he delivered pizzas to another campaigns address one time he delivered twenty pizzas to the Edmund Muskie campaign for fundraiser. He also hired for that. Fundraiser to children's magicians from the Virgin Islands, and then invited dozens of African and Middle Eastern dignitary to the fundraiser, even though they weren't invited. Weirdly, the Muskie staffer who had to sort out the the mess with the pizzas and the magicians and the ambassador from Kenya was a young DC housewife with a big political donor husband who seemed pretty unflappable her name Madeleine Albright. But with the Trump campaign stone had dealings with let us say like minded blonde prankster slash parcel mouth. Julian Assange, the seven count indictment against him issued by the mother team stone is said to have worked with a guy named Randy credit. Co ready credit co is sometimes identified as a radio host. Well, he did have a show on the radio station. WBAI for awhile WBAI is the kind of community run station. That's not exactly in the business of saying you have to stop being on the air at. So credit co hosted his program live on the fly as in gadfly credit. Go really does have classic lefty politics very much civil rights. I guess he thought Roger stone was funny or interesting credit co interviewed stone and critical also interviewed Julian Assange, the great publisher also from Australia, Jillian, Julian Assange, thank you Jillian for joining us today. So credit co is suspected of being the go between connecting Assange and stone stone, according to the indictment did not like that being out there. So he threatened credit coz beloved dog Bianca a service dog who he took with him to testify before the grand jury. Assange also advise credit co to pull a Frank Pantano a reference to the godfather to character who conveniently got him nesia when called to testify before a Senate panel, Michael gold. Michael guliani? So whatever they wanted me to be I promised. So I made up of about my only because that's what they wanted. But it's all lies. Fray pen tangibly, by the way and godfather two slits his wrists in a bathtub. So when stone was telling credit co to pull a Frank Pantano. Julie what did he mean here is? Roger stone's explanation to CNN's Chris Cuomo as far as Frank potentially is concerned, Mr. credit Cole is an impressionist. That's when he does. And he doesn't very funny. Frank pin Kandula imitation, certainly not an implication that he should kill himself or that he should lie. Is that plausible that old? Raj was just after the classic Frank Penn. Tangibly impersonation that Randy critic, oh wheeled I cannot independently confirm the quality of Randy credit coz Frank Pantano, but I did have him doing a couple impressions. So in this in this event, which was put on YouTube in two thousand thirteen don't know when it's from critical is brought onto stage by the Reverend Al Sharpton, and he's asked to do. Impression of the Reverend Al Sharpton, the audio is not great. But this is really Al Sharpton. For me. One of those you want about brothers from vintage edgy bills. How to do as wellness? Sorry. Of the shaving. Imagine shoe is reading because it. Then again, the audio is of poor quality, but not worse than Randy critic goes impression of al-shar Poston. And the lovers. We'll get together. And they would they chocolate. Mud. Credit coz, Jesse Jackson got a slightly better reaction from the crowd. Just Jackson could not vote out shopping because he's. The most people to go see Rangel phobe want to say, this is a great pleasure to be here today. This is a weird right critical. White. Did I mention that? So you haven't doing impressions of preachers and civil rights leaders before a civil rights crowd odd. But you know, what else is odd? The fact that Al Sharpton in two thousand four had a major campaign advisor named Roger stone. That's right. The village voices. Great investigative reporter Wayne Barrett confirmed quote stone played a pivotal role in putting together Sharpton, pending application for a federal matching funds getting dollars in critical states from family members and political allies at odds with everything Sharpton represents he stone also helps stack the campaign with half a dozen incongruous top aides who've worked for him in prior campaigns and don't even boasted about engineering six-figure loans to sharpens national action network. If it's weird and squirrelly and discordant and made up of strange and usually muscular bedfellows. There is Roger stone. Enjoying the Ron. I do not know if he's innocent of the charges against him. But innocent is not a word that often applies to Roger stone's tactics or motivations that is at least the impression that I get though as in many of these things it could be a very very bad impression. That's it for today's show. The just was produced by pure Vietnamese, Daniel shredder, they both have famous symbols peers brother, you may know better as the guy punched in the nuts by that Aranka Tang that time, and when Daniel sister was h us to stand on her bathroom vanity and gift herself full-throated affirmations to giraffe's L senior producer of sleep podcasts. Her brother Rafael Rafael is the Florida undergraduate who screamed don't taste me, bro. Low though, so many times the gist. I do have a famous sisters. Well, the other one in my case as Lauren Pasqua. She played miss Adeline in a school five production of guys and dolls. Choose also in several George Lucas films, but quit vowing never to work in a Wookey suit again in Predappio ru and thanks for listening.

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