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A. With a smile. Atta. S. Should be. Guess. Pity. Those. Dow. Off. Off. Crazy. Used to. Be. See. Full. Suit. She. Back. I. Out. Off Out, all right I'll take. Everybody it is a motivation new Monday. It is Monday August the thirty first twenty twenty. Fifteen minutes after the hour show morning show features J. Cole's. Where you get your morning started right only place on earth where you get your started right the chat rooms wide open. OR PLEASE CALL IN A. Seven zero, nine, two, six, nine, five, zero broadcasts allow iheartradio radio DOT. Com Fan, radio DOT. COM COMEDY WORLDNET radio show every morning show dot com in the Almighty facebook live. Call End Five, seven, zero, nine, two, six, five, zero we are in the building only early start right one love sending Jay on motivational Monday s to the NY. City glowing skin look good good morning city Jay, how you and God bless Good Morning John, I'm doing great. Cut, more everybody listening. We have a great show for you today on this a`motivational Monday we're going to get started with sunny says I'm going to let you know what's going on in Hollywood and entertainment news you don't WanNa miss that morning Barbie. Good on everyone here in Bethlehem where we work has live to you from it is fifty seven degrees highest going to be seventy, seven today. It's probably cloudy right now with a slight chance of rain sometime. Today fifty, five in Strasbourg seventy seven will be the high partly cloudy impossibility a rain also. Sixty three in Newark New Jersey seventy seven will be the high cloudy with the possibility of rain in. New, York City it is sixty six degrees right now going to a high of seventy two today and it's going to be cloudy in Atlanta at seventy three degrees. The high will be eighty eight today cloudy with a light rain. On and off today in Miami it's eighty two degrees eighty for the high partly. Sunny right now with a rain shower sometime later on today and in Chicago it's sixty six degrees. Eighty four will be the high partly cloudy. With. Right now, but the sun will come out at noon. It's going to be a beautiful sunny day in lost Angeles it's sixty three degrees. Seventy eight will be be high and cloudy. That's have you are wasn't looking like where you are. Coming to you live from the show having one show featured Cindy J. we get bang exactly where you get started. Right? We had the morning buzz everyone and I guarantee each and everyone of you guys before eight. Am this morning your head will be buzzing sitting with us you have. Yes and in the nine o'clock hour we're gonNA have front page and What's going on locally and nationally stick around for that? Yes, and there will be some Harvey sports guys stay tuned. Don't go nowhere where we go when we come back, we'll shout out the room. Where's the heart set in the chat room don't go nowhere. We got a special guest this morning. From the furious boss J wow. Here is him isn't came in building. That's GONNA be crazy. Oh my gosh. You guys. Do Right. Now, we'll go back to the morning drive Dj now here let's. What. took. mm-hmm. Part. Enough. Concur. Stomach. Hope. INC Hey guys. It's Michelle. Harvey Show, between the WAKEUP team you WanNa have a good time Mesa you stopping at the I m you locate thirty one to South Delaware Dr here eastern bank the American cuisine twist on cocktails or Wednesdays and Thursdays they have a dvd on site also Friday and Saturday he this move out of a local artist featuring jazz are be when you stop in make sure you tell them to show every morning show Simpson. Hey this is sonny Jay from the Sean Harvey Morning Show and I want to let you all know to contact Cam w roofing and contractors LLC for all your home and remodeling means contact David read at eight, zero, four, three, nine, eight, one, seven, nine, eight, they give free estimate and they're licensed and bonded call them today. Tell them the Sean Harvey Morning Show thank you. Hey guys it's become Michelle Harvey one show featuring the wake-up team you WanNa have a good time. Make sure you stop in at the M you located eight thirty one to South Delaware Dr here in eastern Pennsylvania. The American cuisine in a twist on cocktails always as Thursdays Dj on site also Friday and Saturday he moves down of artists featuring jazz or are be when you stop and make sure you tell them to show Okay. Of course, I'm going to shell out we are. We are back. We're back. Hey. Richard. Guys it's Gone Hey Barbie. Barbie. Hey guys. It is. Monday August thirty first twenty twenty twenty nine minutes after the hour well, backsaw WanNa show features in Taylor and Co host barbecue. Start Right. Only place on earth where you get your. Check, and so please call me by sub zero, ninety, six, zero, zero, zero, zero, iheartradio radio, DOT com. Dot Com fan radio DOT COM a lot of DOT com. Dot Com lot. Live and more dot Com. Dot Com the Internet's where it's at. Best. Selling Cocoa now. Cocoa Twenty. Twenty one now. Don't take none of that. They do they are selling it? It's the vaccine you're right, right? Yeah. He's like, no, I didn't WanNa take it their. Coq Au twenty twenty one out here. No call. One. What is wrong with got the cocoa calls anyway with this. But we Know could tell the school school star back. Kevin. Compared to devote as ago issue. To there's no humidity. Yeah it's. In the mornings to here in Bethlehem guys right now it's fitting. Trees Villain in the morning. I am that bad as you get it for me. Go. They get all my single ladies out there. Almost angelman don't worry ladies. Your King is coming for you as well. Century. What you're doing beat that girl. S Fifty seven degrees here Baffler have seventy seven. S. v The hats they partly cloudy slight chance of rain in Strasbourg fifty, five degrees seventy seven for the high also partly cloudy with the possibility. Rain today sixty, three in north. Jersey on with Joke Moss. Sixty three inaugural Jerry I've got be seventy seven cloudy with the possibility of rain. In New York City, it is a sixty, six, seventy, high cloudy Atlanta at seventy three degrees. Eighty eight will be cloudy with a light rain today it's been raining a light Atlanta. W Campos every day is raining line. Hudson. Dolls out there. Yeah. You're getting the residuals right of Hurricane Laura they're getting. Probably. residuals to. Own. Every eighty two degrees, eighty eight for the I partly sunny. But rain sometime later, this afternoon sixty, six in Chicago eighty four would be the high partly cloudy with right now but the sun will be around eleven am and the rest of the day is going to be beautiful and Los Angeles. Sixty three degrees seventy eight for the high and cloudy. That's for you are what's looking like where you are Bobby Cologne coming to you live from the show having morning show featured Sidney Javale you get him on his tiny bite xactly we. STARTING WE'RE GONNA show The chat rooms some love right now part claw I book. Cello probably a good morning come on. On motivational Monday and how you? Wonderful Bobby look. Great at. Thank you I feel and look great. You got your rack. Look. Out, here in my town yesterday say. Eating. At the restaurant she posted on facebook. Oh. Yeah. You went to the ten even. Even, online girl that's amazing. Breckis with my baby boy make an appointment. 'cause I never see him. Doing as. Good. He moved far to have a little independence but close enough to still saying, Hey, mama I need. will pay for the breath is bobby. Oh. Yeah Right like my. Hey, you wanna go to breakfast up. Address right there. Yes. Shell. Out The room. CJ. Good to see you. Get to see Sean, it's been a minute. The weekend actually been an attorney you. Yes. I. It does feel like that. It was great. I had a really great time I spent it out in the city you know. Shout out to Mikhail Hey he do. So. Yeah. So that was really fun and today. Is the first school shout out to my mom who are holding the kids down making sure they're able to log on and all of that. So. Yeah. So things are thinking. It was a good weekend. We'll see why you guys would you know doing your thing for the weekend. I was here. With DJ wrong. What were you doing here we? Go here, physically Rome's in helping us out with the things that we're doing here on the station. So I was doing a lot of that but I did a comedy show this weekend I did my eleven comedy show of the yeah. Congratulations for that yet. Out You're. Working. That's would they say are you still funny? I mean they're still barbecue still love me they and they still laughing. Superstar work and then the whole metropolitan area. Did show Friday night with friend? RAMONIC- Scott. That was was it was it was a fantastic time. I'm. Were on stage. To. You only have so many. Yeah, right. I mean. We All laugh at the same time. please. And? You don't have mass on. Stop. And then we did another show Saturday in Jersey all my comedy shows have been in Jersey because we can't do nothing out here yet as. We do comedy shows out here. But that's not happening. I know how Jacob Homes, doing? Is he losing his hair He doesn't look. Right now take a call in pay everybody's Sason love. Home. Right now, I have to post a picture I ran into. Him Shout out to Judie Brown a couple of weeks ago I took I found a picture of her I have to. Post it of her, she said, she was one of Jacob homes this France OJ Julia. Post picture. Hey, judy Senio was running around all day yesterday. And I was doing a lot and like I said, I was working wrongdoing alive working with crystal Las. Vegas. We're doing a lot. Yeah. Very busy. Running around. and. Tanya my beloved. She wanted to spend some time, right? Yeah. Yeah. And this came home early and she was like this chill out for the rest of the day and I was like, yeah, that sounds great. But then I got became very visit. Could do. We can't do that right and then I went to my apartment. I still have my apartment singer this. Thank God for that. Still Win this is your last one. This is the last. All like. Your. Place. Space because there's no furniture you. Every span only literally how many times have you actually been in your apartment though less. I'll go into daytime, but at night I'm with Tanya. There because I should I told you, you should have just broke the league. Corona like you can have the perfect time to break A. Broker and they wanted to charge fees. Just. Time money more. The contract. Anything. No he ought to. Own Contracts. When you become this age won't be what makes sure I wanNA make sure everything's right. That's what he's. GonNa say a he stuck to the. So he's so probably like us went over to the crib yesterday. Right and doing. So I, go over to the crab before I go to tons. And I shaved and I made the fatal mistake again colognes Sanjay. Bird my face shaving again. Using metal acid stuff on your face cloth managed shave. You. Know what I did I did the same thing always do. A left on my face too long because I'm on the ball landed. In the apartment with no furniture in it. letty. Shaving cream the base right I'm doing a lot. And If you live in one like for a minute ninety seconds tool, it burns you. Wipe, and stuff off my face. On my nose. And then my nose Berg and. That's why I have this. Kinda like showing. Everybody you can't really see what face like that because we got. This that sound like the man version of Nair I is. All like. To save my cheek bone. And my my Chin and my nose is right now in need to shave regularly brown did I go over to his house right? Going this half-sleep I'm like, Hey, what's up honey was good. Hit A. Touch the shoulder and she. Now. Ladies. I'm. Not. Supposed to do. That's how. He goes. About she's like He. She going. Is Right now. Because you still say. Yet. Hot. Wire. Women. Right. Women massive the honor this because we have to do as much. owner. Exactly that's. Well. and. We'll? Talk about that. But why? Why was she waiting on you from three? Trying to do doing a lot with all. Day here that. You want to hear that. But you know that's okay because we are hustle and we're trying to be great with this. Break up with like we can't lay off right now. I'm going through that now. We Great. We want I Mansa go out and be great but we still when we feel like but this is the thing Sean when we she felt like she gave you ample enough time to know I. Want to spend time with you so either you 'cause for all of that you could have been her at three and then did this or whatever you're going to do later on that right? Right exactly. Only nice starting. At three. At. Survey. For the show. I'm fine with that. Going to go get ready for bad deal everything with your son and everything like that. It'd be good. So you do still were wrong. No search at the. Best Save Energy. That's right. Tonya. You. Get to. The next time you. Think about when she calls you to setup time right texting on you're running late this. Late that was like. That's not even lake was. Just at your apartment, right? Oh. You should just. Couldn't Stay away had. Hash this is what I have to married. Jila weight or. Take. Absolutely. Now. Barbeque you make an extra cooling and you hit you up like listening right now. Some coins dispelled in my pocket. I gotTA run out be back we what but I'm just saying like oh Okay. For you. The ladies to make your extra brand? And Don't have to go rates ride like. We have a we have to go to to get said from usually nine to five. You. Always have to run out different times. Call City haven't had a day job in twelve years. Ever. I understand what you're understand what you're saying over time. She hits me up like I'm always urgency three people died today Babo by either that's different as. She lies. Mandatory to. Make people laugh. Live my life. Save allows almost thirty odd come on on the. Komal. Hung Tanya on me. I. Wasn't, working. With Brown. Rat. We always. Whatever? The all over here joking around. Precedent, control V. My don't like that I work almost every Saturday either he's Bay. Really. I sorry. I missed my Monday. Good day I gotta go. One. You. But loud you. Do over time you had to set job. Everything is cool. She come it's not this touch two hundred hours overtime and go. Okay good you money. While in hosue. This. Showing Maybe Bad Day is she really needed you Really shows gas s she. You know she really needed you get day and you van for that's why you got. You know. It'd be great best. Way To know. You. Watch that show. The shoulder and just next time Sean. Just plan accordingly and she's asking you for her to be put I. She is your. Boyfriend but yet I'm Jay was she probably makes you within the forefront. You wouldn't have come at nine o'clock really city. You make me feel like this. Make me feel guilty for my hustle. You Feel I. Mean you're not. Feeling guilty you have to make time well for your queen. It's important. apologized. Did you did you tell her? You're sorry did you did you rub her back? Warning Warwick out this morning. Make. Some Coffee Tony. About. What did you say? Honey. You'll Jonathan. Gosh. On. Ask. Yourself. I'm sorry for not meeting you at the time came out. A deep passionate kid right as show the love of smug on asphalt. That No. No. Knowledge what you did wrong. You have to say I'm so sorry, my last name and that I came in lane and you're waiting for me inconsiderate and I love you and I appreciate the time that we spend together every moment. And I'M GONNA. Do Better I. Love You and I want you to have a great day and let's try to get together today for lunch or dinner or something. Right to the Apollo girl again I just cannot do to make it up to you that would have been quick and easy and she would've been like. He was saying I'd. Send her to her job like come on. Your you the relationship. Wait a minute wait a minute. Hold a whole house sodas moving a whole lot. Cox Rolling emojis. KEEP THEM ASK At showed the guy. On the chat room at that time you fellas with say if that's the right thing to do ladies could have. I could have the opportunity to say that she did this with shoulder. In the morning, shot a woke up in the morning show. Say. Honey I love you to death BOP ran out to. Say What does she was receptive to? By. Two by. That's not receptive. She's still upset. Upset. Right they she said she's still mad as by whatever. Yeah. See One I agree. Sit, there is set me up like this. I'm out here running around. Hustle in China help you out. To Say You some gems, Bro I want. I. Always. Known how these things going really One now you just have. Dole. Ties your time to show because that's what you deserve. The she tired now she's done. It stops she was waiting for you all day long only. The and that's the thing Sean that is the U B of You, being an entrepreneur is that she doesn't have to wait for you to get on. You can sit. and. You can make your own time and you can't even fit me in before then I. Go. To work as separating an. Entrepreneur. Our schedule city we went up last week in the middle of the week we a whole seven net. Came, from a said change a close we went out and we sat at a restaurant and. Go Out. She just asked for your time. Braulio take some. Say That my son's name is the most. Thing, you could give a female is you? Give. All the time in the world when it's time to be album what she gave it to us so now. Got Russia. REGULA THAT'S WHY That's why God. Put. Keep that same energy breath we've. Got Your back, I'm trying to tell you how to get to the promised land. So good you WanNa keep messing around you. Got Your name. Sorry, tired maybe we'll get some maybe we can get some time later. Get hit with often the Bronx New York. Show twice. We, figured out. There you go get to show the and scoop over you that Tanya. Sweet. She's not gonNA. Give you the shoulder again tonight but. She's Miami Baby Just GonNa Talk To. He's the guy who is. One that. Knows going on. Don't tell some some BS. Long. No No, you're right. That's what is does all. The shoulder. Get this show. Because of my performance. That's the problem here. You Young Ladies Forget about the performance of the man and everything that we do the show you love each and every day on a regular basis, and then one day harvey gets a little busy because. One day one day, and then I shall know when I've been I've been consistently one. was. Probably, really needed you to be there. For who is only going to launch? So what maybe she needed to talk to you important and she's having a stressful day and she needed you see this. Thank you. Come on. Shoot a one and a check of your movie with me. We gotta hustle two dollars now, there wasn't an issue. Parts and. How they have this. Chef Whitney, we gotta be Grit sometimes. No that is true and nobody nobody's saying that you can't be great nobody's saying that you can't. GET MONEY. But when you have a conversation. With Your Queen about meeting up at a certain time, you should do everything in your power to stick to that. There's one of Santiago shipping. Value. Talion talk. Show. You better cut it out. Yes An. Scotch little pause blackheart. Him. A rail silent. For one. Building. In, the billion hearts in the. Right now we want to show your love. Hey Hey. Would heart to me. Let's go. Hey. where? Heart. Heart. Radar. Win a heart that. Award. Glenn Chat Room. Obviously. I. CanNot I can't be offbeat at the same. Because because. This is just a ripple effect. Here we go. into. The Chat Room. With INDIANA. Miniature. Let's go. With. A Win. Heart turns out. down. That Way. Out. Four. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey well. Let's see your. Broom none Santi if end up bolden a what happened to sign on Hey Steve Lendys here. Hasty. How are you this morning? MD legendary. What's up brother silly. Be here with those dudes. Man Out that day to. They brought us together. We ran out of. Movie Mak-. Damn. If you still listening man. coffeemaker we left. Office my mom. Probably in the trash pitcher another one. Guy came equipment. Stephen them came the next day. Got More equipment is could. Unbelievable. Guy Came. It's an equipment while we were on the air. That was crazy. Like a short. Short. Guy. who used to be with us? He was liable Wa going on. Dude what in by Michael Fall in. Like what's going on I turn the fetal Don't blink. Ticket? Every. Stephen. Next Day will ball quick was crazy. CAN'T These man Khalil's DVD. Crazy del and. They gotTA show over day on the a clear FM. They do every morning. So support them to bet Hey delicate. Scrape. All. pissed. According to. Your the lights. Life so I. It's Chris Plant was calm. Turned off a wise low light you gotta get it together. Fact. Accessing. Let's go. With Hard time now. Hey. Charts that. What Why why what Google suggested that? I but the you're below agreed with him. Really somewhat. As low hole or he say. Okay. He said we'll your for. Barbie on your property. Owned by guys we begin. Chatelet because she he you know he's just trying to make you be a great. That's. Degree I thought I was really good. Voices back I'm Energi. It was used like this. My. Boot Nancy. The. Listening audience that you. Have to deal with. This other people. camps camp. Cam Hate. Hey him shad. Yanni whip? is in the middle. Johnny Shonda. Move you're moving right? Oh. Yeah. Did you did you find a place yet? Yes. Sir. Yes. She found a place in Jersey in South Jersey. Because she had posted a couple of days ago. Jersey mushy. I'm like, okay. Not Moving not she widow. Fan Past the landed city. Understand down the ball away. Last year sending Jason. Straight up. I've been all over Punchy doing stand up when I used to do. Work Mix you yeah. I'm. Going back to work next year. Yeah. Regular how do I go from travel? 'cause you every weekend so here in Bethlehem Come full circle. comes. Real. Dope right. Joe But, it's in the building what APP Joe Hey x bead next or be next to be. That's what happens in the. Is. Here. Hello. Call. Rocking. Yes the listening for a long time right cup months maybe it will work in came back. Oh Marcus Mister. Johnson. In the Building Good Morning Markus. Natalie right is here. Hey Natalie. Mickael farm and the bills. Hope the TV's up. Really loud. God bless that young man is young man as. Was Joy to this woman? That definitely has. He has A. Share and reminiscent share about you. Pass Histories. I WanNa say this young man we actually don't. We haven't really talked about. Talk about this part of the process. The Process Pass relationship. Relationship with past behavior you got you got. To got to bring up one two, we have been to their yet really wouldn't you I want to say this young man? We talked about Did you. Not, know there was on Saturday so the Character Oga. Did yes, Jennifer Scotty Fischetti. Man. God. Bless you brother for bringing in. These last thirty days some joy to this woman. who was so cold and lonely? Why did you did? You had a cohort and was? The full. and. Now you've shining and I am. Lonely. Home. Very cold. Doing the show from the House you. He doesn't notice, but you had a thousands of flies in that house. Lease. Guy Gave you outside the fly of flaws were in the house. Doors. Look like A. Verbal guys sitting on the porch to grant devolve. City had a porch looking like that. I just saw fly. If they were like following me. Shine stop I also. I. Am so glad that this young man is put some join T. Life. Really, let's let's. Say. You. Did you tell them that you you. You tell them did you did you share with him that you are completely out of your mind yes. I told them because I should know tiny when we first medicine listen adhd by is going on with me just want to let you. Know. There is no sanity at all with going on. Happy here said he's ready. And that's the thing you got this information to throw out there in the beginning relationship. It's okay. He's willing to put the work for the crazy. That's Back. In my day, I will get to a new relationship and there was one thing I never never wish on new relationship that I was still in another relationship right communication this old growth. All transparent right Get that old album relationship. Right. I've been in four relationships relationships going on at the same. Harvey. Jesus blood. Sean. Dj Rome in building what up Brown JJ Rome wetsuit ladies they missed the. Chrome I WANNA meet more one since she's beautiful hershey. Sweet? Back. Wanted to Santa iago shepherd is in the building good morning. Beautiful. Hey, how are you this morning Hey Wanda? Princess Cashbox Hello Baby. Good Morning Mr Robinson Hey Prentice. Hey. Lost in the sauce a little bit because of the whole city. Love. Fest. Yeah. I think he's tired of it. Was To get back on with the show maybe do whatever I wanna get on the show whenever he be commenting. Both need to bear through this thing. Oh my goodness. To want to see more is here good more to win the. Attitude. Left it. Melinda net negative Rana was in the building good morning the net. How are you? This morning Halen? Kareem? Lewis. is here Hey Kareem and the don't you know over Dole take for granted the leniency boss give you a watching the shows sneak a little bit here but you will get fire day off up said Oh get by the Graham here. Hello, the Kisha. Morning. Yes. Hey. To Kisha Hacker all around the down in in the building Hager August pointed everybody else say. Hey, Shonda. Sean beaming. Hager. Much That's a girl. That's McCormack my clients. Shaw. Showing, her Shawna. Short around a lot of Shawn's Barbie though I am surrounded by them Kim Ask that question is she said, is princess not disturbed Barbie newbies like stuff starts though. May Have, prince, our relationship going on. Okay. He good. He got his by. He's still get his shot off. We lear. Prince's No. He now the show as John. is in the building good morning the Sean. Hey. Girl Steve Mulligan is here. Name. A It's been a day a week already with -gratulations sitting jinx. Outreach. With this woman has been through right and we're, let's say similar at least for the next week. Let's show us some love. She's been through a lot. No pain is three years. I'll be great. Handle. Number. Role. Happened been having car. Limited they mom. Out. Mode. This. Week. She. Did. She earns isn't This practice did I congratulations for you you? You do. Whatever you want to do that publicly we'll be great right? Right? He owns show right now. You can call it. Call for feel free five, seven, nine, six, nine, five, zero. Congratulate you. WanNa call graduate. Do that Munger into. I'm GonNa milk this thing. But you gotta put that working. Plays plenty of work. To Do somersaults now. got. Kaoh. A couple, of, extra accents. Calisthenics. Richard. Hey. Babies in the building Robert Andrews here. Hey Rod Hey Robin. Saga Trent it's in the building what up Shonda, Gamal until you. Twenty dollars trick gay is in the bill will may man's tricky Loewe's triclean. See Lydia's in the bill that good one a city. Halo H-a-l-o, shutout to Jamais kill do what's going on route. From Veneta George Henry if in the building, what's up girl? Free to nearly is here Hey Frito. I don't know any. Other to you. Free to live a very long time a very long time. Yeah, you know freedom. Freedom. Just freedom want freedom I. Want you to live forever. Now. Freeze. Diane, how are we saying, Diana? is in the building good Morning Diana. Belong to is not a lot of Diana's out the His shot or this morning he got lots of issues. Princess Harlem honey is in the building Good Morning Harlem. Henny never. Jazz. Hey Mega months. Plus Oh. Your birth down. Actually you get on that but. I bet you I'll take the bus. Time. Jackson this here on their new. He's very happy time she's fairly new. I'm Julius Gila is in the building good morning. Julius. Twain Lewis is here hates Wayne. That's a real man. Twain I guess. Okay Running things in that house. Now owned. Broke up. She talked about on the show last week. So we. Well. He used to be running things that. Come. into. This new. Somebody said. Oh. Thank. You baby regardless what people relationship status Saudi still gotta get. They wanted started right? That's right. That's right. Joe. Show listen I broke relationship and I still came here every day. I. Missed it yes. You Talk. He spoke about it. Off. This is why do watch. He. To. Do a custody with the show. She could Tuesday's. Leave love. But slow. Wanted. Slow. He's. It was the summer town in your. Church four Sundays in a row. Then that's it shows. Just for. My Sanity. So then. But they. Don't you? Know why they broke up Right up four twenty. Right you. Rita, I'm not. See, how. About show. And I get she's on Mount Chat and not get there. Chocolate. Bit. You don't know what? Whatever showing? Exactly what you don't understand a key work bill is you don't know we'll go to even. Want to know how they. Say that US men we go conceal can feel when we buy ourselves. And why? You. Think you. Hannity he ahead cabin. Come on in. So Man With the. Girl you. Nothing. To. Whatever showing we Talk about what we Wanted to chat room if you want a shirt that his men with the men. The men. Sell out on Friday. Talk. CATACOMB. Head. Kevin. Ya. Say Good Morning to the Queen and she if in the building Diane. Here. Hey. Showing you a mess Wilson in the building one shot Joe Hey girl good morning to you younger net. Hey, young met good Mornin Brian Martin. There is in the building good morning Brian Chris w just popped in Hey Chris. Girls sorry. I missed that night at the comedy show girl. It was just Sean wasn't there one. Way You weren't gonNA. Perform No. And I should say to support the other comics. Running through row act and. She was dish you went. To crash the next. City now. So just let me know. Oh. My way into New York. Go to the Bronx. needed. Out. I. Knew I knew this is coming. The Shot Joe not. thinking. Right. John. We're sending you today just put it in the mail Ross maybe while you mission. Because I just WanNa tell them. That's what we're doing. 'cause that's what makes this show great right because we keep it real. Joe. Everything. Don't worry just shows. Is it post office far from you on your way then? We're GONNA have to do that I know. Everybody's busy gnashing it. Maybe we can call her later. Caller. Barbas. Barbara was smooth it out. Austin. Noble. Book. My now. All. The only adult in you. Know maybe. These dogs Pete's coming in the mail. It's GonNa be sent to you W Dixie this. He's they're. Going to get sued. No no, he's putting it in the mail you but I'm going to the Bronx small. Ever he's. He's been. Since Jesus born there. Ondo. Derek in the building. Good. Morning. Derek how are you? This morning? Tanu Washington is here he? Good. Morning out FRIEDA. Jenkins it's in the building morning. Harry. Is here what I Harry where We'll be. Right. Right that's my. That's my guy he was in that facebook Gel real serious but then why? Not Lock them up and then he got out, did he found out he report? And then he got locked up again he's back. That's. Hopes he can't do one. Thing you know f trump stuff keep doing it. You don't have facebook sent me a little. Racist. You're racist. Stop continuing don't do. Don't do the. Key word no black black. Black. Black? Black. Black. Black. But necessarily, you're all those are all the names right now you WANNA get. Hey the foul. Shot out to everybody that's listening if we didn't call your name, we try it again. Don't worry just stay there and the Rome make sure that you guys stay connected with us all social media. Okay. I'M GONNA. Look here. This is my camera. Make sure you gotta stay connected with us on social media, the Sean Harvey Morning Show featuring the wakeup team that is the page that we're broadcasting off of now. So make sure you like and follow it. We also have a group page that's on. FACEBOOK and it's popping the harvey morning show featuring the makeup team group Guys WanNa make sure you're in there. We also have instagram and we are on the iheartradio Platform Sean Harvey Morning Show make sure you guys look for us under podcast and hit follow we truly appreciate it and like this video throw on your wall or any group that you're a part of we truly appreciate it so we'd be back we'll come back with sending says me back to drive we have a special guest starred Win May just. May. Just. Just march is. Not. Just To just watch is. Just Come out and. Curve. Can't. Vote. Boy. With. Just. Just Walked this? fewing. Just got. Just. Just wouldn't. Packed. Still. Same. Old. Raucous. Just Now. Known. Dislodge. Look. Off. League. A. School? Up. With With that. Meet? Day. June date. On the Away Say. More. Tom. She. Loves. US. Wasn't. ME. I just. WHOA. Okay. Each. We back is a motivation Monday. Motivation do Monday Monday August thirty first twenty twenty. Thank you sending thirty three minutes at the I. Look Back Sean Harvey Morning Show Featuring Sidney Jalen potholes barbican where you get you want to start right only place on earth where you get more than started by chat rooms wide open. Please call in five, seven, zero, nine, six, nine, five, zero this first our response about comedy Worldnet radio and also less show our one and only DJ Rome some love W F Ben Kay Station Attitude Open House twelve noon to three pm every Saturday download the APP Wfan Cave rock out with DJ Rome in the One and only missed station with Attitude Open House that is twelve noon three pm every Saturday and Fan radio station. We have our very own tricky Lewis Barbara Cole. He rocks every Saturday night from eight pm to ten PM download that APP, as well. So we can follow our beloved Tricky Lewis Aka. Dj Tricky that. Let's motivation motivation when. I come up with. A special guest calling. Came from the furious five. Now, he's going to call it. But before we do that. We'll do is we'll go to subsidy says. With the one and only. See Jack. Barbican own have figured out how to change her name to. Sydney. Yup Charlotte. Murph. Keeping it to himself. I'm hey, good morning. You guys I'm GonNa let you guys know what's going on in Hollywood. And Entertainment News. The first story I'm going to start off with. Tracy Morgan. If you guys haven't heard he. Is He is your friend. Maybe call in and check on the show. He is getting divorced from his wife Megan Wallover Wallover Meghan. In, a statement Tracy had said sadly after nearly five years of Marriage Megan and I are filing for divorce. This is a challenging time all involved Tracy End Megan they met back in two thousand eleven their relationship actually started with a blind date of announce their engagement later, that year at the Emmy Awards and they have their first child daughter May. Maven in July of two thousand thirteen and they got married in. Two. Thousand Fifteen August twenty third so they just had to. What they know I guess they're getting divorced. They wouldn't celebrated the anniversary. But the divorce is not finals. All you know. Hold on what does she want? The rest of the y'all we we're. Saying this. She wants anything I mean as you saw now I mean, I'm sure. Tracy. Morgan has money himself but. Back, in two thousand, fourteen, fourteen months after they tied the knot he got into, he got hit by a truck he got hit by a Walmart. Truck. he received ninety million dollars from that settlement and currently it is unknown. They've been going through this divorce for about a month. It's not known whether they had a pre-nup or not. So she is entitled to have if. They don't I mean as I mean at least the ninety Mil will women saying. You saying shots. I know because they had that. After. They got married. He got that. So they together for five years and he decided to split Tom. Ta seems amicable to determine is everything but sit cine. Shout out to the homie. Tracy. Tracy. Tracy myself and bill. Bellamy did a big showdown in the comedy store in La back a few years. How many star that sounds fun? Yeah. That's is not in sunset, boulevard? Down in La, we did a show together. And it was just on a rock with these two guys. Go their. New Jersey Hero Bill, Bellamy, and also the New York Hero. Tracy Morgan CJ hey tracy. Poll things. What stay married in a row. Let me find out all. Good. Money hold on a great this morning this now. Roma. Exactly exactly. Absolutely beautiful hold on whole. Mega Bucks for life hold on. Please, don't tell me that this woman. was half of the ninety dollars. Please tell me because I will have to take my medication. Ebay the. On before before because I feel ad coming from the belly hitting my brain, but I'm of slow down for a second. She's On your mind. Okay I'm just Johnny Low Wisdom. Shot. Is Good you gotta make their money because you're about to get married. But before you leave the house, you gotta give Tko. On Smash side you're knocked out he's out cold. She Ain't worrying about what you're doing. You spend no time. 'cause you know hooked up before you left the house you gotta do that every now and again. To Take Care of business and then go on JK. Yeah. The Business Room Oh she's talking about the. She. Would you say you say I should have spent that? Saying. You got upset. Would you turn ahead and all that? No I. Talk About the day that you didn't show up whatever went down she she looks at. Camping is before you lead. Or that night and. Then when you go to take care of the Sheet Cooler McCain, you cannot. Deny. Hug Her pleasure you know what I mean. You gotTA. Hook Up. She says she suggested that is to smash. Yes. They before you left the house. Yasha the HAM. So she wanted a man as you. If you came home late, that's trying to say right in A. Row. Man They. They got married in New Jersey, hold on hold on Jersey stable. CONDO. Recount. They'll get. Over. Smash like that medication. We talked to I can't do spontaneous. He's not. He's Like that anymore. Don't. Don't. You gotTa Hook up one way. She told you earlier she? WAS GOING GONNA. Need time for the. Thank to kick. Lucy late. Let me. You know still a role. You guys know that I'm on medication and I suffer from Ed. Are you serious seriously seeing? Your. Heart right now this. CONCH. down. On. The shoulder. You. You know what? Be Very, mean to me right now. We know John. City. You. got. Older. Dessert you ain't got do all the whole massive day book. Go on. The conduct. Fiji. I can't. I can't wait with BIOGRA- in my system I just can't I can't do both. Talking about the biographic dessert. You Donald Time. Yesterday I didn't have any time running out the what things would be great. Take medication and snap whatever everybody. wrote. In purchases burn your. You don't have to. Stab desert. What you're saying? Five. All right. Thank you. wrote. Back. Him Picking on me we are now. GotTa showed it do we? have. To, schedule sex obviously. We don't have that problem they don't have. Sterile scheduling. Dot Com. Account. Listen. I'm sorry. Harvey. Banking, in tomorrow. City were. If this young ladies is accident for. Half with a settlement, money. This one. Yes. She has totally out of order SEAN I don't think there's anything wrong with that. She helped him get through his. She helped him get through the accident. She was. No she wasn't she was rubbing feed. Giving four no, she wasn't and she's his wife she was she was To a certain type of lifestyle and now they have not take. Forty million dollars. Okay. Take the House Young Lady Right the ninety million bobby stopping. All right. She wasn't in the accident she didn't do anything but welcome them home. Right. She's by shot. She has the child as you already say security right? She got she has the child they already been. This is only been with this with three to five years. This is not a twenty marriage and he just came off of marriage the previous marriage. Okay. So this is kind of like say this respect to be a little pit stop in. A relationship life that bar closed. She deserved. adhd kick, Nick Bronco. This woman deserve forty, five, million dollars. Over accident that he was in. Ten million the accident anyhow. Stationary have picked the house ten, million and kind of way about that. You know he was the one who was lost his life. I with you on this one showing it's it's I feel if. I feel that she's at you. You ask for too much like I was died and you only want my money right and they were. Five years you want forty, five, million dollars, five years. Listless attract the year Barbie. Because prior to the break, the relationship is over with anyway pretty much. We've all experienced that. So. Let's give it three and a half three years ago. Two years the baby came, and then that next year three years and then it was a rat and these last eighteen months, it was done they got the match. Any probably wasn't dead. He was to have with Berta Vanderbilt, calling because Roberto opens up for him all over the world. Now sitting the man is all over the world I mean before Coco before the cup. Traveling and getting money. So he's not home anyway. So. So why does she deserves? Forty, five, million dollars. and. She wants child support. Dan. Ingredient. Now. I'm down forty five minutes. I will say. Well. Why should take fifteen million dollars and no child should. Get. Half of the accident money but yeah, she definitely should get. His transplant. Split the child. Support. He wants his last name back. Trees want her to be Megan Morgan Megan. Morgan. But what he wants to go back. Nobody even knows her. Yeah. I know that he wants joint custody and he wants them to split child support and much like she needs to pay child support. Yeah. Yeah. He wants them to split this thing. Why Not Just give it a cage race youtube busy anyway you all over the as you can have something to do they daughter racing yeah all. Focuses getaway forecast let's get her full custody and no. Yeah. I think should be. SPLIT THE CUSTODY Just right hold one big check for five million dollars that covers the child support now even mortified and they have take the. Fifteen million in and you can keep the house well I. Think There's a team million the houses were fourteen million sale at because they only avenue. Million Dollar home together and I think she moved out of their? Wash. But they she moved into one point five, million dollar house a couple away. So she moved into another who she really wanted to get out of key did. She filed for irreconcilable differences and there's no way they can get back together. No wonder we're. But yeah, it's like really weird and Tracy seems I. He's kind of okay about it. He was like you know this is he just said that this is a hard time for everybody involved. There's a lot of breakup. But why did she break up with him? Think she didn't really love him I don't think so. but that doesn't mean that she gets forty five million dollars that accident one I dunno, you should really hear about the. They have a prenuptial agreement, but she's trying to contested because she wants. A little bit more and that's what's going on the problem which woman. Sean don't do that. Say With you women because you want the coin and. And now just like the other story city again. dray. Call right drain Nicole she want more. We. She was there a while they're there. Going on. You earn much booths. Oh. I'm just saying exactly. Like what you do it by the eighth Day. Almost. Of Your. Sins on. Hilarie. I say, ten, million and five, fifteen, million. and. She already moved in profit from the house. Ten million settlement five billion for the kid no, no. Child support no weekly checks take the five million now this one lump sum payment. I seven million. That, she should get ten million dollars a UP. Seven million. million. Profit from the house she. So let's say it's a twenty million dollars. To sell the house. Okay. So twenty million dollars and get rid of. You, don't need that asking. That's a great day when she could be entitled to. Five definitely. No. I. Think, she should get the laws would lost the Law Shaun. You know what Jason You worse Worse New Jersey is an equitable distribution state. Meaning whatever equity you can't you have as a couple split equally, that's like California. and. What state doesn't have that so when? She were Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania every wait. Let me big net me. I'm not I'm not doing any PRENUPS I don't like those. Me Doesn't make any sense. Right because if you love each other, you're not, how do you feel about prenups? It. Yeah put it in the chat room. How you feel about that let's talk about it. Let's. Say. No PRE NUP Enough. Millions of dollars then just take half I'll take my bat Bush. Yeah. Jeff bezos is a perfect example. Yeah just about the money if you like, what do you really holding onto? Yeah. Fifty. Fifty. The fact and accept the fact that showed women is GonNa. Smash of a dude's rich off your money. They can get. You can get past that which you you have. No other choice you keep it pushing and that's really the problem. The problem is not the pre not. Pre Nup. That assist? The problem, the problem must men that we could never men. We can never get that movie out of our heads with our baby mothers or ex. Girlfriend's ex wives smashing somebody else money has nothing to do with. Traces like I get what twenty million Gosh you're going to be out there smashing some young hot body dot and that's what we can't get rid of but men are looking at you right now get over yourselves. Inkatha. Sit there and and and I've been through this to be. Hot. There she do whatever you wanted to go and destroy the relationship then your baby mobile ex white moves on to upgrade, and that's another thing. We the upgrade is crazy especially with US regular folks, right. So so you lady your lady or your ex-wife upgrade to a quality do and then now you get in Mac you'll caused all of this. So you you have to set the fact that you're ex, your baby mother or whatever got new penis and that's About all that matters. Wail facts and that's it. So fell as. A man with a man. No No pre-nup. No cleanup. That's right Sean. Probable Guy. I'm bridged baby. We signed the pre nice. Go sign one day. We gave their USA dagger. Two. Hundred million dollars and I. Would imagine no pre nup and then we break up take thirty, five million and keep pushing because now she would get. This. This is why because. God. Take. Up now, why don't want to give me? Why don't you WANNA. Give me that extra because I make. Money. Problem coming. I thought he was in love with me. Break me off what does that that extra mail We. Can't do. It must. Be By extra. I to subtract fifteen billion because of all penises will down the wrong. This is why we got to go to court. 'cause you. Bring it on my numbering. And now you'RE GONNA get to court you said you were going to give me hats you love me were Red Hat and me thirty, five, hundred, million poolhouse. Oh give me. A million dollars day will be. Thirty five thousand boy that was showing. What happened with the love? Really I don't. Really. Love Me Not Sano pre know that we're going. To Court. Records. And wealthy what the judge? Hey, thanks. Before we did have. Is Equitable states. Like splitting split Bobby break I got hundred million dollars right? Take Dirty Bob that million. that. Sean, whatever you hear this Tanya girl girl this which looking away. Share on. Coin. She do aging. Nurse. My own nurse you're not. Yet to nurse away Jennifer say she said wait doesn't he need this for ongoing medical? Yeah. I guess if you're using the extra fifteen million to pay for my medical insurance for the rest of my life. Do you need fifteen million dollars. Insurance. Thirty. Thirty five MIL and the rest in medical insurance down right back to that Pennsylvania medical now i. Know I wasn't a good one. I Want Preventative Care Bluecross Bruce Hour I al-. AETNA. What's One? Thing. Want more. Yes. Onto a million dollars. Fifty million dollars her any fifteen yet for dental vision. Medical. All those. On so run me my checks, get me in my medical. Can Be fine. Okay. So think about that next time. And that's what Tracy Morgan is going to have to think about now. So don't get me wrong this woman she's probably I don't even know how should look. She's probably very attractive young lady you best believe Cindy J. that this woman is on a penis hunt asset if not already knew painted. According to. TMZ. Woman Twenty, seven million dollars and she goes out digging new She go out and get some new peanut. That's worth more than twenty dollars. Tracy Morgan's. With an accident. According but after she gets her coin, Schumer need to worry about that. Exactly. That's the point. Federal law enforcement. What it's about showing can't judge them. We don't know. Federal law enforcement sources allege that R Kelly was attacked by another inmate while sitting in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago Kelly was reportedly sitting on his own bed when another inmate allegedly walked into his jail cell and started to punch him it is unclear who broke up the fight but allegedly didn't last long. Sources, say that the inmate was frustrated about the jail being placed on lockdown multiple times due to protesters out of. Videos have been surfacing of large crowds gathering in protests Park Kelly's incarceration. Eight people in less. R Kelly was reportedly examined by a doctor in the jail determined that he did not have any serious injuries. The spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Prisons says it is unable to comment on an inmate's condition or medical status. Kelly has been tried to trying to get a judge to release him from the facility on multiple occasions due to the coronavirus pandemic but all of his efforts had failed and he is still behind bars. He was also the topic of conversation when his associates were arrested for attempting to bribe and threaten some of the women who have accused him of sexual abuse and as you know I was. Reporting that they were making fake bank accounts for him as well because. have been seized. Yeah and they were siphoning money through that like it's R Kelly. Both. John Calvin. About Anything in this. Sort was. GonNa celebrate. Still, data. I know, people? Start. giving. Go on. A Changed. It. Whatever? Yard elite. Come on you just. Can't. Help. You. You. Grow. This old. sitcoms. But we can't help it. Now you. Absolutely right. We don't get done. What was happening? Kelly is normal cine Jank. Pushed into facebook. In a south that's what happens when you go to jail for way Jeff so and guess what they don't need any reason but here's the reason this people out for jail protests they say okay. So it makes it hoses do. And he got. The. saw. That song is to me. y'All y'all. Eighteen. Six. Music and. Said A Some Adult he was thinking about little. Girls when he wrote. Up. In the name of love step into my sex on Jan.. And love me while Ip, on your feet. Get that and you're absolutely right. Thing to. Think about people play his music. He's supposed to get punched in face. He's not getting it should stop down they should stopped them out I'm. Not Condone another news. Levin artists. Exactly. Right I. GotTa this is the Living Hell of or Kelly, right and he was ours all of this he should get. To face every day in coughed on one is an makes what the cocoa. Whatever do most uh-huh. Asia. Media. Okay Best. June. Back. We. Playing that filled with new. Singer inability motivation one day. I come up with that come. Back. It is a motivation of Monday. It is Monday. August thirty first, Bobby Cologne. Twenty twenty it is. Eight minutes FBI walk in the morning show features Jalal. Calls barbeque along with you WanNa, start right chat rooms open please call nine. Five seven, zero, nine, two, six, five, zero broadcasting live on iheartradio radio DOT. COM Harvey Morning Show Dot Com fan radio DOT COM comedy you're on radio all. CAST platforms we in the building located hit downtown Bethlehem. Pennsylvania Barbecue real quick local weather. We have special guest on the phone right now. The one Nonni rock hanging from the furious five. We'll talk to him in the second, which whether locally here in Bethlehem it's about fifty eight degrees seventy seven. We'll be the high partly cloudy some like as my is trauma, come out a little bit but there will be a slight chance of rain in Strasbourg fifty, five degrees, seventy seven, the high partly cloudy in possibility of rain. Also, that's the way about half for you. All wasn't looking where you are coming to. You live from the show hurry morning beach with Cindy J. we get started, right? Right with special guest everyone. On the line. Everybody starts clapping furious. Wanted. To come on. Good Morning Sir. Good Morning Good Morning. Good morning how you feeling this morning brother. Kill. Blessed. Great. We have we have a thousands of folks listening to you right now everyone's excited. Cindy J. This young man is one of my heroes. Shot. Back in the day I back in the day Cindy, J. used to go to my sister's house. When I was a little boy. My mother will always say why you want to keep going to your sister's house on the weekends because my sister lived on Boston road and one, hundred, sixty ninth street I'm from. Cross street on one, hundred, Sixty, eight, or sixty, three park and all these. rappers and emcees used to back in the day. Right, and this is where I saw the furious five rack as a little boy. Congratulations to you brother. How y'all His first question man. Brother. Where are you from my man? Forum. Okay Tom from the Bronx the The you know born and raised ozone. Mom My mom's side of my family is Haitian right On, my, Dad's side of my family is black native Americans right and I grew up. On into places. In. The Bronx well, actually three places I grew up on Vice Avenue tree. Months. On Ninety, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, five, th avenue. Saw It was it was the corner. Building It was a pizza shop field guides pizzas shot. and it's right across the street from. PF Six. Right Public School six right Cocaine. So Ben then. We also live in Eden Wall projects I grew up saw eleven sixty, six Granada place Marcus. Mary still lives in the apartment right Let's eleven sixty six. Of Their season. and. Also grew up in Lambert. House right now seeing what seventy ninth street in road right now sitting right my second baby mother I used to live on each tremont right Moore's park right around the corner from lambere houses. Let me tell you something they should this young man right here an. I tell you all the legends of born in the Bronx New York you wouldn't have a cap on it was the be Jesus Christ was born in the Bronx and guess what? Guess what one of hip hop pioneers. If it was a foot, these guys. Against it admit. When you started rapping. You saw to get into the groups. What was your inspiration on rapping when when they did you look at somebody? You know what? This is what we're GONNA do. Happen. And where did that? Okay so Okay so One one day while I was attending term High School Harry S Truman is school coop city in the Bronx Sir I went to school morning. And when I got to the school grounds One of my homeboys had a border box. And and. He was blasting. This is Kate. Are So. Around that time in the Bronx. It was like a movement like. Like happy. But it wasn't. It had thorough officially yet but it was like this movement happening and it seemed like all of the I guess aspiring deejays 'cause at the term turntables are mixer and speakers. You know that was pretty expensive. So everybody in have that right. So all of the aspiring DJ's during that time if they didn't have to turntables and a mixer and all they had was worn turntable, they may these tapes called Paul's putting. Right. Right. and. So. When? I heard this tape. Step my man todd was playing. I'm listening to the tape and it kind of sounded like a pause button tape but. The cuts on this particular tate were raises shop. And Ben often here like. The record being. Rub like scratched, right. And so I had never heard that before so that captivated Martijn so I'm listening to that. and. Ben Are here emcees start. Rhyming. On top of that, I'm like old God. I mean see. This in person need to see these people. So. That I can understand what's going on right right and so during the process of me researching that. They would do. or named Joe Goodwin right at went to Truman high school when he was a sophomore I was a freshman. and Joe would walk around the hallways of Truman saying these runs and the rams were very elementary. But for some reason. All the chicks in the whole school follow Joe Everywhere he went right. Like the PIE by. An and they listen to them savings run right? So I'm like I'm like y'all a non see. I'm need in on this action right here on because I needed to follow meal right? Right. So you wanted to be a pipe to. Exactly. So so what? So what day I approached Joe might alum and he called it. So jazzy joke or Jazzy Joe hipp retired the voice of Dancing, DISCO And I'm. Like Oh hell. No, you know I go to my man Joel Joe Joe. Joe You, know I mean I need to learn. How to sing them rhymes and stuff right? I'm not I'm not yo can hang out with you. He, liked. You could hang out with me and. Mike. Oh. Why. So I started hanging around with Joe. And so just You know I'm a fast, learner. About things that that interest me. So I picked up the little you know A. The little rhyming. Comma kind of vibe that I bang. So I started writing my little run, right Let me. Actually. credited. Quick. So this is very fascinating. Jay I know we heard that term like, yes. Yes. y'All to beach. Aw. It's your favorite. Yes. Yes y'all. Peach aw. Who came up with that? Hoop the how did that happen? How did yes? Yes. He was there. He was there when all started. What was? Yes. Yes. y'All. Okay. So so what happened? Yes. Yes. y'All was it was an adapation right with a was you know the first emcee. I would I would say. The first see. I would attribute that I heard. On a microphone anywhere Was Coca rock right, you know. KOOKS DJ co-host plot right besides besides Kofler Rock Mexico clorox the other person that I heard. Was Dj Hollywood. Right. Now DJ DJ Hollywood say Yes yes y'all. Coca Rock. and. Yes she all. Right cut. It would say and yes, y'all and then he would proceed to say whatever was that he was gonNA sick afterwards but. The distinguishable difference between what? Cokely rock. Was He would say and yes, y'all. and. What? Kid Creole. And Mellie. Mell did when they said yes. Yes. y'All to the beach. Aw was the fact that When they said Yes yes. y'All to the beach all. It was syncopated rhythm of whatever the beat was ringing Coakley Rock said and yes, y'all. It was not syncopated, right? It was not. It was not to be rhythm. So you saying that Mellie Mell Kit Creole took it to a whole `nother level with the beat right Mellie Mell key creole and A. And then, and then after that. The only. Thing that. I could. Okay. So. When I heard nobody mill and keep creo say yes. Yes. y'All to the beat you. All right right. When they would proceed to Ron type that. Bill run. Really go to the beach it was syncopated yet. So So actually the first MC's that. Bond, who liked to the beat to the beat like that would actually say rhyme. Or? All the way. Web funky Four. Right, which is gonNA. Lead. ME. To my next question. Okay. You bog is very fascinating. It's Ju- you was involved with the funky four. Before. The furious five. ZACHARIAH Now just that the would a funky fall sorta to. The group that started the format with all his Routines and having rhymes down Pat. How did that work out? Okay. So I joined the Funky Four. As a result, the for one of my homeboys that went to Truman Name? sparen. And theran later changes name shocking than he became one of. Teams emcees. So he was down with the from the. Squad, right. And So he lived on the same block and DJ Bauer Right. On the cliff. Avenue. ironically rough riders game from that block as well and so the. Right. so So Shaheen. told me a DJ baron was looking for them. See because the other MC's that was down with crew. Really didn't rock rain baron when Baron would be on the turntables, right so they were looking for an emcee to rock went Barron was on turntables so when I got so when I went to audition for them. Day. Happen to be a battling with another crew called little brothers from co op city such five. in Boston Seakor community center. This was in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, eight. and. So I. I got on the Mike at the gym. And audition meal big. Put Me Down with it. You know what? Senio you. You know what I'm saying it's all about being afraid right but you know. What fascinates me about this story so far as the fact that? This young man memory is precise. I can't remember yesterday. How lucky how? How always you? All this was going down. I saw in seventy six. Fifteen fifteen now before we continue on fortunate sin, don't get it twisted. I want to go off topic just for second. adhd. Kicking it. Twisted dish young man. I don't know if you've ever took ever. Look at them on. Social. Media. This guy looks up, put a pause on this. Works out this guy looks great. Yeah. We'll get to that many. With regards get any fifties and sixties city. Jay. They fall apart. That's real. That's real. Yeah. This guy. This guy ready. To admit. How did that whole furious five things started? How did that work out? Okay. So Sort the funky for. You know when I was in the shonky floor, we battled grandmaster flash and the furious four. May Eleventh Nineteen seventy nine at the Webster Avenue Pal. One Eighty Third Munster Avenue yes, sir. Grandmaster. Flash, and the furious for the won the battle. but a few days after the battle Mellie. Mell and at the time at the time, his name was Mr Nest they showed up at my mom's apartment when we lived in Lambert houses way and they. And they asked they asked me if I would be interested in joining their group right? So I told them I would think about it and I was very interested in joining their group I I really did want to join their group. but. So. So then I just had find a way to like like. One, break it to my my group, the funky store do they're breaking news as Baron and and I wanted to be a smooth transition? You know I wasn't upset with. With my group, you know my current through. The brothers, disco, they were like my family. Some so I felt kinda bad about. Jumping ship and and And getting down with flashing them but I wanted to be. Down with the group that I thought was the best but and sitting you ask. The the the turmoil inside of of individuals diagnosed through something like this where you know you're he's rocking with the group for four here come Mellie Mell. Knocking on his mom's door to be too big to pay to. What you down with us, right yes. Yes. y'All. Not Door. Like. This is. Really. I don't really want to say. Did, they stopped talking to you other group join the. Oh. One of my close friends that he was like he was like an older brother to me his name was DJ eminem rest in peace Tommasi he came from my project Lambert houses and he was down with the local DJ crew called the eminem crew that was from my block and whenever they would bring their equipment outside if I weren't if I wasn't by the time. You know we had started making records and stuff or actually not at before we started making records if I wasn't doing a jam with flashing them somewhere or if I was doing Jan with the funky four somewhere if if the EMINEM crew had their equipment outside now was in Lambert I will come outside now Iraq with them I'll get on the Mike Nowak remain might as well so. which was kind of unheard of because you really. Rock on somebody with another crew you and you get behind another cruise ropes if you were one crew ragweed and do that, you know really with another crew. So anyway, he invited me to rock with him and the EMINEM crew 'cause he rented forest houses community center and he also hired the furious four to perform there. But at the time a furious four and slash were beefing with each other because their manager, Ray. Chandler who ironically is the uncle of? hip. Hop Mogul Damon Dash. he he was. He was really taking care of Flash DISCO BE AN DJ easy. Mike. At the time but he was not really taking care of the furious four. It was beef with flash so they weren't working together right? So So. Black I'm so the furious four hired Dj Charlie Kings prior to the formation of the group that we know as the legendary cold crush brothers be before they forms. So. They hired Charley Chase and we started rehearsing for this show. So I actually started rehearsing with the furious floor and Charley Chase and we were doing routines. at Charley Chase's house. for this for this performance. So. Apple formed with furious for outperform with the Eminem crew at the gym and after the show was over the furious four called me backstage and asked me how much money I wanted so. You know I, I wasn't really expecting give any money because my name is not on the Flyer. Dot have the flyer to this day but you know is that fly in my name is not on it but it's the I fly rapid form. And we actually decided after that perform is after they split the money five ways. That's where we officially started calling ourselves. The jury is by interested now now now now cine. Back to the funky fall. They came out with. A record, a song album Asong. Seventy nine I think it was about seventy, seven, seventy, nine, seventy, eight. I was a teenager. I went down to the whiz on one, hundred, forty, nine record. For The song it just blew my mind right blew my mind. Now my question to you is this. Your was furious at that time because the funky had their own members, right? Right the funky force song came out before before the furious five super rapid song. Right. That's correct now. How did you feel about medicine? He left the group, right? Now with the furious and then come back. And hit the streets with the saw that amount away man How did you feel about that before your saw came out It was it was kind of How is Taken aback by like you know like, oh No Not. The I grow. Work. As supportive. As my mom was she was she was supportive but she was not. Intrusive. So she didn't she didn't. We get involved on that level right? You know she involved. So when we? When after we signed to a record label and we got a contract and and we didn't have any legal counsel she was the one who made sure that she got the lawyer for us. Wow on so that we could have our contract look see sending Mother did this Man. Now win furious came out with super rats. When that that came out after the Funky song sending and this was Razi again in the streets. Rain. My question to you is this. When a furious we're we have pictures of them in group Sydney the when the furious five perform. They came out with firs when they show news. Wreck one back Hoon Tales. By Jack Michael Jackson Dead Rabbits Yeah Grind. Your big. Lover Pants in right You can way right Josh, you WanNa, you WanNa all out. To. Kill his squirrel the Anita Rabbit. Tail. Sh this is how they look. A pitcher. WHO CAN'T BE? He find a rabbit with a core. Looking. Who came up with this look because it's not a traditional it at that time Sidney j not a traditional Bronx look. I'm fifty five years old at that time. We had those British walkers on. We had as we had those mock next. Yes. Sean I. Look those up member last year the British Airways. British came up with the DOM cut. It then it came to frank. So that's how we was rocking back in the. And the back teardrop overlaps. Going back So bills, the doors So so basically I so. If you know run. DMC's look MINUS MINUS DIDO's. was. Pretty close to how we dressed in the Bronx. Prior, prior to prior tune know our transition to To the Rockstar look. Back door. Tom and and the reason why we adapted. that. That rockstar or board superhero looked was was because. You. Know like you said, in the Bronx, we we adhered to a certain sense of fashion of certain sense of style and and You know the way that we dressed in the Bronx we were we pretty sliced. You know I think I think maybe maybe the only dudes in New York that was flying in Bronx dues was probably Harlem do. You know they they had a different come swag, but it was you know it was a little bit swaggie and in the Bronx. And Brooklyn at that time was to tufty. You. said all the top. That's swag was invented in the Bronx New York. Don't get twist the absolutely. Later, and it was later adopted by beginning on. Mad Love the BE K. locates respect whatsoever because y'all y'all took the torch after we passed it and you know you're out. Day Now let me. For that. So now you know we we appreciate you this is a we gonna get it to the rock and Roll Hall of fame. We'll get into all that. Now. Super rappers out freedoms out you Gaza going all over the country all over the world. I'm sorry I I I just wanted to add. This one this one last thing in closing. Closer to your statement, I mean see a question about the way redress So we wanted to distinguish ourselves from our audience because if we got on stage and we wore the same outfits that everybody in the audience got on. Best, not separating ourselves. That's not really distinguishing ourselves. That's not really putting us on this superhero. Connor platform should make meaning to make us come across bigger than life. If we win the same thing I, mean like when when clock kit changes with Clark Kent Turns Into Superman. He any win clocks Kooky got on the Superman. I, don't. Get it. These. That was the reason for that looks now. With River City you've always rocking Ken Ken. Doing, the ghetto life. Doing local shows in Claremont one, hundred, sixty ninth street in front of the non line and all that these guys are. On. Their rocky. Rolling Stone doing something. Right. Tell us this insight brother, and thank you I'm so grateful that she rocking with us today. Sydney. I had when I was rocking in the Bronx can yeah, I had one groupie. One check. I. Shine. Around make sure. You have one groupie follow me from. Two. Thousand. One, hundred, seventy, nine. To into one hundred, sixty saw. As. I have one group. One grew one ruby and her friends to tell us now Zach. docker. Right, that's. wondered. Newbie. She was. Like she was she. Maybe daddy she wasn't beautiful looking group. You never have. had. groupies. Hot. Look. I had one hundred. Homeless. Grouping. That's Much Glamour on it by saying the. Group. Worker. He's laughing. We lost candidate groupies. When you was out there in the City in. His glory. His glory. Glory for. Not even the money. How much John was you turning down? John Turning. Wouldn't it turned out? Here So go. CLO-. Okay. I I'm paint two scenarios without being. Too Graphic. Photographs you. Thank you. So so one time. We we were touring in Canada. And we in we on the West Coast, of Canada, we thank cooled. And And so. I I would say we we staying at this hotel. And the hotel was terrible like. I don't remember what? Who put a I think it was the promoter who booked his hotel for us and It was no KI- like it was. The the the chips paint chips peeling in the bath and stuff like that. So. I wouldn't I remember complaining. To the promoter and there was this hotel like directly across the street. And I went in the lobby of that hotel and I spoke to the people at the front desk and ask them if the penthouse suite was available and it was like, yes. And and so I told them who we were and they was like Oh, yes, it's available. So I call them the promote of that and they was kill. All right. We're going to switch on put your in this ten. How sweet. So the rest of group. For some reason they want to move. So I moved across the street to this ten. How sweet is cool. So after the show was over. I go to sleep. After you know after we have show come back to the hotel, go sleep whatever. And I remember giving A. The. Key to get in my room. So. I woke up. The. Next morning. And It was like four women in bed with. Women in bed with. Part. And I and I have no idea what I did. I don't know. I mean. Like before. Like Okay. So that was one scenario. The other scenario was since me and cowboy rest in peace just we were roaming most of the time whenever we whenever the group would go on all right So cowboy and I were roommates and Mellie Mell Scorpio would be roommates most of the time back. So on this particular tour. we decided to see. we have a contest to see who could get the most. In one night. Seems like a fun game. So cowboy and I had a strategy. A strategy was. instead of. Giving all of the women that we met. that night. Our Room number to come to our room. We told week eight the Mellie Mell. nobre. Hey, so Our strategy was wiggling. Their Rome which so many chicks that they're not GonNa have any privacy. Handily Business Plan we have at our room was adjoining to there so we would just. Go in through the front door. and scope out the woman that we want it. And bring them in our room through the adjoining door closed the door back. and. After we were done, we will put them out through our front door. And then go back into the adjoining door find we wanted and bring them back in. So before the before all was said and done. cowboy knocked down eight and I knocked down set. Let's clap. and. GOPI or the loser, right? Any. All this is before the metoo movement. You. Know. And that that's how you had no time for no local regula girlfriend in the Bronx right you handled for. Well sort of SORTA often on. Know. So when you have to regular in the Bronx, you would come home and. Tour was horrible. Very quick nobody showed. This fast because. Valley. So. Let's let's fast forward I just again we appreciate your call and you know we dedicate showed you today. We appreciate you 'cause we got when he got another fifteen minutes for this show itself. So we're going to do another five more minutes which we appreciate you. Being in the rock and Roll Hall of facing this man is inducted in the rock and roll. Hall. So. I want to be there. Just the picture of me I listen I'm Manda I. Bet you gotTa make some you. Know this. Elo. City. Album coming soon how the chow support. When you would you found out that you guys would how did that feel? City. That that. Do. It like It was like. was like surreal kind of moment it was like. It was like it typified you know. Everything that we had that we hit ever done. together as a group. It it. It kinda it Kinda was the summary. The funny thing is you know none of us really. Ever you know envisioned. Rap. Going as far as. You know it's taken us right to the state. but but we did. Have the vision that. Our Group. Would be. On top of. I guess on top of the food chain after all was said and done. Is Rap was ever to get the recognition that it did right by our and and so will we were we got inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of saying it kind of. You know kind of made that. comes. True. Now. Let's fast four before we leave. Nice to check. We into that novacopy causing no doubt now now fast for it again, I just want to revisit the question before fully. Bro. I'm fifty five years old I wish I was in shaped like you. What are you do? CYNIC commanders like he's thirty five years old I'm assuming he's got to be in his fifties, right? What what are you doing to sing? What would you tell tell us what you're doing because I need to do what you're doing. Bro. Well. You know when I I think it's I. Think it happened when I turned. Forty. Watch forty, my studio when night while my homies and we will sit around you know working on some music and we broke for lunch. And I was eating some Popeye's chicken. And And it was really good. But it was extremely greasy. And and my daughter my youngest daughter was an infant at the time. And I said to myself. damn. If I keep eating like this. Like I'm I'm probably not going to be around for the important moments in my baby's likes, right? Right. and. So right didn't there after immediately after having that thought. I said, you know what? Starting. Tomorrow. I'm a vegetarian. And everybody looked at me. In the studio was like. Without. That that that Greece around your lips. Says you. saw like. All right. So. The next day. The very next day. I begin the master Korean. SO I. I. For ten days straight. Immediately starting the next day, didn't need any food for ten dates. it was one of the most grueling processes that I've ever had to endure but active woods I felt amazing. You know how it made me. It made me release toxins out of my body that I didn't know what they are. And so. So After domestic cleanse, I began working out like Like I've never worked out before and one day while I was in and I didn't join a gym I did this in my apartment. in Lambert houses and you know it's a duplex apartment. So I had said, you know we had stairs in our apartment, and so I use the stairs in my apartment. for means of knowing cardio I'd run up and down the stairs likes multiple times. I did you know insects? And And I also bought a jump rope and began skipping rope in the mirror while I listened to music my living room. and. So between doing the stairs and skipping rope, and then I bought a bought a pull up bar started doing pull ups. began seeing little. Little. Subtle changes in my body definition in the mirror and I never had a six pack in my life. 'cause I was always husky slash chubby slash robust. So. So when I beginning seeing these little. You know definition marks in my in my abdominal area I was like. Okay wait a minute. I'm a need does. Need to up to me a little bit I you know. So I went on this this crazy crazy diet that I concocted my head. And I ate the exact same thing thing day. For a year and six months. That's Because They say they're supposed to do that though like when you eat the same thing every day easier digestion or something on the Riley in my life. This is. Off Your awesome for that long with. I'm I'm a really good cook. So, 'cause I 'cause I was a bad kid. Growing up I used to stay on punishment. So it domesticated the Arkansas. And I confirm your new growth. Lady. What did Go I want to know what? She. Wants to know what you ate for for year what did you eat for sixteen months? Soup. Come on. With, smoked Turkey I, make you like somebody grandma, right? Lunch dinner. For breakfast lunch and dinner. Every single day me and my son rocking. That was my road dog and I lost a hundred pounds. Off. I have. Not Seen this guy Piece, in this year, this guy got home food discipline or like cabbage soup I could probably eat that per year. You are Superhero. That's crazy. Now listen We. We we all superheroes it over. You. Power A. Let's clap. which we have what time man. You know. Tyler. Where you want me to you got, you got my math to let me know you will me on. Lit Property Platform I. Think so much. To go man. Okay. Come on. Let's clap woman. Wa. Before we close out the show we're GONNA shout the room out. Chapel. Shout and shut me right now. To show them some love before we get out of here, I think that would be appropriate because we have locked roll all the fame number so he took the time. Tate. Hey. that. into. Chat. Chat Room. Let's go. Hey what are back? Heart. Hey Hey. We're. would. Pay. Hey Hey Hey. Now. Isn't a built in assign Steve London here though Andrews Hey beautiful. The savage herself came cables the building. The Logan is here Jenny Whip Oh is in the building. What's up Johnny Dare Jackson it's here Joe Buddah Nicole Harris in the building. Markets, Mr. Wani. Mold Johnson. It's in the building good morning shot out to Natalie right she is here Mickael farmer in the Bill Dan. Almost out of here. Gerard owes Dj Room in a building Hayes. Hey Dj room. While the. Hey, beautiful protests cashbox goodbye Mr wrapping by. Tyrel. Net. Net Net. Ronald in the building. who else do you have Korean Lewis the Kisha Graham Sharon, the Downing Shawna beaming and Building Sean Hayes Jones is here Steve Mulligan is in the building our guy for Wolf May Shannon. Fritsch. At nine. Hey Robin Andrews Sean the trick tricky. Lewis wanted electric case end the building seen here Jennifer Fischetti. Chat Room member of the week hey, chat from member of the week. Yes. Coach. Jimmy kill do it's in the building. Jim Maintain. George Henry. Hey girl free to nearly Diane. How're we say the Diane Hall in the Building Harlem Hannah's here. Hey Harlem neuroma row Johnson is in the building got Martin. Johnson here Hetero shutouts Julius dillashaw. Twain Lewis is up in here. Hey, Twain Kevin Cannon it's in the building. WHAT'S UP CARE? Jessica Wilcox Diane. Say Goodbye to the Queen because she is up in the building showing you a mess. Wilson. is in the Bill De de lo younger nervous here. Hey Brian Martindale Abbott farmer. Hey Cousin William Dixon morning goodbye dirt evidence. Tenure. In the building and good morning free to Alfred Jenkins. It's in the building Harry G is here Tiffany Tom Thin Chris. W was in the building Martin Shutout to Vanessa Syndrome. Joseph Kaj Dallas here? Hey. Rare Mr Sensational Holler up in the building rail Mama's. Hey Miss Linda how are you? Ashley Garland. This halo has in the mother read. It's in the building. Hey, the Martin. Sahara bar is here. Hey, look has good. One Book. Joe Louis. Alan Junior is here, hate show more than her ratio Gonzaga's Good Morning Horatio Goodbye Yo dre showers here. What up dray. A terrible travel make a bright Iraq's by Bryant. These sites is in the building what up Brian. Shaw be XS Here Hager Mike Baker Valerie Tom Miss Valid. Bay The Arbor. Free Ninety nine. Up in. The. Building. Without. The Sean Brown? Hey. Best Bill Gum on in. The Godfather. Solar. Tracy rates up in here, Hey Tracy. Good morning to you. Anthony. Bell Train. Hello Anthony. Like he's been here before but like back in the day. Okay. Welcome back Anthony Welcome make. Me Right he should Jacobs hege Rowley says the Real Sakina Scott, it's in the building Nathan you Jones's here, Audrey Johnson's in the bill and last but not least Jomar Fergus Great job we can find you got to catch me these facebook straits probably Cologne Cologne styles on Instagram Cologne designs on Instagram Ama- city. You guys can find semi Jay on facebook Seni underscore a on instagram and Cindy J. Chat the a three shot on facebook comedian show facebook. How funny on Instagram Motivational Mondays thank you so much for tuning in. We see you guys small. We're going dedicate this firearm. Let's. My came in bill is. something. That that that let's Run. Right. Okay. So much of That's Those. We got. Oh. Good. Little to? Take. Say.

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