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So Donald show here on ESPN LA couple of tweets rolling in. You can tweet us at Sodano ESPN Cam brothers. One of them is about your days as a bartender. Andy says it's only different when you leave meet with someone new hashtag, you know, what I mean. Well, the bartender does have that advantage is my guest. So I'm not trying to out you or anything. No. I'll out myself. Yes. He does. He does have that advantage. Yeah. Yeah. I I would love to bartend one day. Just like, you know, even like just like a charity event or something. I've always wanted. It's not your actual job. If it's something that you're doing just for fun. It's a lot of fun. Yeah. It feels like a blast. We do it event with alcohol where I can bartend somebody anybody listening Tommy wherever you are wherever you are. Oh, yeah. I don't want to paint the whole thing. Like, it's terrible. I mean, it can be a lot of fun. You gotta remember that. I worked at that place for six and a half years. Yeah. That's what I bartend on Friday or tomorrow, actually, Reto you think they'll let me bartend. I think they would when you're you're George frigging Sodano, man. I mean, that'd be fun. Like, we just talked about early on purgatory you've been on like fifteen different television platforms and another one tomorrow, actually, the jump. If that's not gonna good enough to put you behind a bar. I don't know what is. Man. I'd love to do it. It's fun. It's can you lifted you think you can lift like three or four bottles at once. I could give it a shot. That was at my pinnacle. I could pick up five bottles. Wow. That's impressive. Yes. It takes practice and big hands. I we should put up a poll like the greatest single guy job, right? Like what else would be on their bartender? What else would be on single job? Bartenders definitely on that laws for motor club, promoters ANR. Like working an are in the music industry. Yeah. Like, you're. You're traveling all over the place, professional athlete, professional athlete. Yeah. Well, I mean cannibal job attainable jobs job. I I definitely think ANR would be good. What else is good for a single a young single guy? All right. So we're going to go bartender. Right. Bartender tender how about a flight a flight attendant club promoter club promoter flight attendant. Flight attendant meet a lot of oh deejay deejay. DJ JJ is a good one a DJ as guard tender club promoter DJ. What what what are we need one more one more that would be good single single guy? Young yank in a decent is the best single person job bartender club promoter DJ. About like door guy. Like bouncer. Like, I read Martin I read bartend because why we can just go with those three. How about sir is a great job? If you're just looking to make pocket -able money. Yeah. Once you're inside the club there. Oh, yeah. Like, they don't care about you. I think series something like either anarchy or music promoter. Like something something where you're working for a label. Like just be able to say you're in proximity of all these different music stores each lifeguard is a good one just. Yes life. We got. Yeah. Yeah. There you go show. We'll put it up at Sadako ESPN. You can vote right now. It's up ready to roll at Sadako ESPN. Thank you, Julio poss-. Who sent that out? Got some sad news to pass people's way. Peter Mayhew who is the actor who played Chewbacca. Yeah. Passed away at seventy four. Let sad is it. I mean, it's funny too because he played this icon, truly conic character. But nobody knows what he looks like like its name that I bet a lot of people will recognize, but they would have no idea what Peter Mayhew actually looks like Choo. Choo Bach is a beloved icon author. I mean, ju- Baca, right? Like, okay. So if you're thinking of like furry aliens like who's more conic, right? Like who who's on that list? Bacchus smoke south, man. And like right now is that even in the same Stratus. Right. I mean, and he's probably the only next person. AT had no firm e t was a beloved space creature. But he had no for right? He was hairless. Kirk Morrison is texting me let me see what he's texting in about trainer at equinox is all that's pretty good. Actually, we got you of from Marie Xerez. Don't forget law enforcement firefighter, military women love the danger in the uniform. But that, but that's not I don't think those jobs are worth it. Like, there's a better way to meet women than taken on those particular jobs. I'm going to do this. I'm going to delete this, and how many I just Twitter how many options is order allow, you know, poll followed, and that's it. Yeah. Then that's it. Yeah. So we'll just go a bartender club promoter. DJ? Those are pretty good, man. Those are really good. If you're looking for that lifestyle. Yeah. Well DJ's leading right now slightly over bartender. So you can vote at Sadako ESPN. But yeah, Peter Mayhew, man. Very sad. I'm a Star Wars person. I'm not like the person who dresses up, but I do love the movies. And the cool thing is my four year old. She started watching the movies with me recently, like the older ones they were on like TNT or something recently. And I was kind of just watching him, and she was super into the droids she was into RT two and C three PO. So she was watching with me. And those were I. Feel like a little more family friendly at least the original right Star Wars and new hope. I think they were more family friendly in the sense that they were easier to follow like as they've gone along the stories of become more complicated, like more complicated as more characters that you need to know. Like, you know, they're do running the marvel universe expansion, which means more for you to know. Yes. Star Wars simpler. Yeah. So so she's super into it. And then I showed her video of BB eight in the new ones and she wanted got her. She wanted to be bobblehead that we saw one day were at some store. So she likes the droid. So I'm starting to trying to get her into the nerd culture a little bit. You know, what I bombed loves about it, though, George? She loves that you love it. And she loves the roadways have that connection together. Like a guarantee. That's yeah. I just think it's kind of cool. But yeah, man, I'm super super bummed about tobacco sucks. But anyway, so rest in peace Chewbacca. We'll have more maybe trending when the. Yeah. Wendy story kind expands. And we find out what happened. So anyhow, so I've got a Laker conspiracy theory before I get I'll push the fall foul ball thing back one segment because it's just funny. But so I had this Laker conspiracy theory, and it's not anything again. It's just random speculation. I don't even remember I was talking to somebody. Maybe I was talking to Bergman last night. And and I was talking to him about or whoever it was I was talking to. I was just talking about kind of the Lakers power structure. Right. And my understanding is that look Rich Paul, oh, you know, what it was Jackie MacMullan and was in here yesterday. And I know she also was on the Bill Simmons podcast, and we were talking about just kind of how she found out that stuff about LeBron's team. Not being all that into Luke Walton. Remember that story, you know, obviously earlier in the season. So she. Was talking about how like you can Laker games. Like, you can randomly Rich Paul will come up to you and talk to you and just like maverick Carter or whatever. So like, she's right? And those guys have a presence there. Clutch sports. And my thing is this like I'm thinking like maybe part of why rob is there is because remember rich was trying to get Anthony Davis to the Lakers. Right. That didn't happen. We know, and he may not have total control over what happens with Anthony Davis now, but we do know and I'm connecting dots here. So follow me David Griffin. Did recently take the pelicans job. David Griffin was on this show. And he raved about Brandon Ingram specifically David Griffin also revealed that him in Rich Paul had conversations about Anthony Davis. Now, David Griffin has said he'd like to keep Anthony Davis because he has relations with rich Pauline Rich Paul understands how that he's good at his job, etc. Etc. But. What if some of this is just Rich Paul gets to be the conduit between Anthony Davis and David Griffin, and rob Pelinka and Rich Paul you. I know John likes the joke about shadow boss and shadow owner and shadow this JAT OGSM what if Chris Paul Chris Paul Rich Paul is the shadow GM of sorts is the show is like a conduit in all these situations. I mean to some degree as much as it would upset Laker fans because the idea of LeBron and his and his team running roughshod all over the Lakers seems unappealing doom. If that's the best way to get Anthony Davis that may be the acceptable cost of doing business because right now, I mean with all the uncertainty about Brandon Ingram health and Lonzo ball, never staying healthy, and Kyle Kuzma, certainly not taken the step forward that the organization had hoped. You know, the Lakers may not have the best trait package out there. I mean right now. Mean remains to be seen? How some of these other teams do in the playoffs that's going to determine some of that as well the way these dominos fall, but that relationship with David Griffin. You know, it certainly longer held than anything. I would think rob Pelinka has with David Griffin. Right. So that may be the wheel racer. So I don't think when I thought about it yesterday or last night after the show like I thought to myself, it's not that crazy of a conspiracy theory. You know, what if nothing else it makes him a very specific shadow GM like he might not be the overall shadow or shadow president. But when it comes to the Anthony Davis deal or bringing Anthony Davis onboard. He is the specific shadow president of that like like that's his department like he's the shadow president of the Anthony Davis department of the Lakers. Like that's where he specifically fits in. And his power would be outsized. Just something to think about again random speculation. Like, I'm not I've legitimately. I will tell you guys. When I think when I say, I've heard this or this is something I've heard in whispers like this is not that at all. This is just me thinking outside the box. Let me look that power. Vacuum has to go somewhere, George. I mean, and right now, nobody seems to believe that it just begins and ends with Pelinka. And it's a lot more fun to think about somebody behind the curtain pulling the strings as the shadow guy, like the shadow theories just more fun like I just enjoyed the shadow theory tip Carson. He doesn't lurk in the shadows. He's going to join us at four forty. We'll talk dodgers and talk some baseball with him. But coming up next. I do wanna get to how far you'll go for a foul ball plus the latest scuttle butt at USC. Not just the stuff we talked about with Todd mcshay. Andy candidates key hanging out sit down a show back and four minutes on ESPN LA so Donald show here on ESPN LA, and he came in its key hanging out. Thank you guys for tuning in today. Always appreciate you guys hanging out with us. Each and every day. Don't forget we will be at Torrey to- tomorrow in orange, right? We're the outlets art. So come by hang out. We'll be there right at six in the morning with the morning show. Keyshawn Elsie and Travis happy hour every hour starts at six AM than Mason. Ireland will be there. And then we'll be there show coming out. We'll be there from six AM till seven pm. So it'll be good time. I promise. So. And again, you guys have always done just an awesome job of just attending all the station events, regardless of the show. Whether it's this show or Mason in Ireland or the morning show. So we always appreciate you guys showing up and showing out the way you do. So hopefully that'll be the case again tomorrow. So here's our poll, Andy, and you can vote at Sadako ESPN of these options. What is the best single person job bartender club promoter DJ or beach lifeguard bringing up the rear right now club promoter at thirteen percent. Followed by beach lifeguard at eighteen percent. And now it's neck and neck between DJ and bartender. DJ? Thirty two percent bartender thirty six percents so feel free to vote at Sodano ESPN again that bartend in life at least for a while. It's pretty fun. Yeah. Now, let me ask you this. Have you ever really been someone who coveted chasing a foul ball at a baseball game? No, I I've never personally wanted one that badly. But that's just me. I there are a lot of people on it, isn't my thing either. Like, if it's coming my way, like, obviously, I'll try to catch it, you know, because I don't want it to break my face. But that's pretty much the deal. I'm not running it down for someone going on. There are people that actually pick their seats based on what they think is really gesture of get either getting a home run hit tumor foul balls. Like, yeah, I've read about that before like people who sort of look at the science of this and try to figure out where their best place is to be to get one of those balls. Okay. Interestingly enough now you saw what happened to the dude at the. Giant yesterday. Yes. So to foul balls went his way. I mean, it was pretty insane. Because he was in the outfield right or in that general region like not close to the field. And the first time he dropped what his French fries. Yes. Yeah. Now, then this rise, right? Was nachos. But I believe there might have been some fries too. I don't know. I saw the video. But I don't remember. There was a lot of stuff falling. But he caught that one. And then the second time around he had to pizza in his hand and the pizza fell. Now, this is where I felt terrible because I've been this person before where some clumsy ass spill stuff on you. So he spilled his pizza on this poor lady who allegedly was wearing white pants or something. So that and she was a good sport. But man, like, I how do you? Just got one already man. You know, what I'm saying like like, let someone and you almost fell and hurt himself on his first foul balls. The gateway drug George Wright born to once you get one you start you start getting a taste of what that foul ball. Is you want more more and more and more? When you said, by the way, George that you've been in that position before were you the spill or the spill, no this I've been spilled on like, I'll give you an example. So I did game one of the raptors who live in the first round Orlando, right where DJ Augustine hit a game winner. Right. And in that game. I want to say, right. I mean and maybe early in the fourth quarter. There was the way they see us the in some arenas, the sideline reporters seated at the scores stable and some seat at scores table right on the end, and there's people in their fancy seats next to me. Right. So they have waiters and waitresses bringing their food and booze and all that stuff. And this young man spilled a beer on my sleeve of my coat, and I was like you've gotta be kidding me. Right. Like, it's like, I'm normally not that guy. I was like man beer stinks. Like, this is a brand new. You know, like you're stuck at the whole game. Luckily, it was close to the end. So he was he was like mortified clearly, I just said look by just do me a favor. Can you grab me a bottle of water and a lot of towels, and I could just kind of wet it? You know, I've got probably a good eight to ten minutes of game time on the clock before. I gotta do this post game interview. I just kind of wipe it down some, and it'll take some of it off at least as my guess. So. Oh, he did that. And we did that. But yeah, that's me. I'm that guy. And then of course, as I'm doing the sideline hit it might still be on my Twitter. I think I may have posted back from month ago. Whatever it was then DJ Augustine got soaked. Now, this was my water. So they threw like whoa cups of water on him which got him. But that's fine. Like, I was actually. Okay. Because it was I could see it was water wasn't beer. But yeah, I'm that guy. I'm the guy that gets stuff spilled on him. I was at a restaurant that same night. And the it was like a family style Italian place guy was passing around different like the food. Right. He had the big plate of food. And he's kind of put it on. Everybody's played a little bit on everybody's play. And he spilled like risotto on me. Oh, my pants, and I'm like come on at least it's not like a red sauce item. Man. No worse. But it's got that's got oil on it. So it's like it's still, but I'm that guy. So I feel bad for the dam lady. Like, I know what she feels like just because the guy wanted to hog a second foul ball, that's greedy at that point. Mean you've got one I mean 'cause you any almost killed himself. He was fell backwards to. I mean, I sometimes get annoyed when people play this card, but you are a grown ass. Man. Right. You're a grown, man. And there are kids in there who are going to be very rightly excited at the prospect of getting one of those balls already got one act like you've been there before I mean, come on like two is just that's greedy, particularly when you take into account. You're an adult come on, man. Get it together. I'm going to put up a second bull. If if you're an adult is catching a foul ball, something really worthwhile for you at this stage in your life. And it's just a very simple. Yes, or no. And you can vote add Sodano ESPN coming up next week and a foul balls. Tim Cochin ESPN insider, we'll talk dodgers ruled him. We'll take a look at who. He thinks the dodgers stiffest competition will be in the National League. And beyond the great Tim Kirk joins us in three minutes. So data show here on ESPN LA kurkin set to join us here in just a second. We'll talk some baseball with him. Is he calling us guys? I'm calling him. Gotcha. Okay. But up just recorded one of these Morales inbetween blue commercials has his record these liners. And one of them's actually, very funny. One of them. He had me record was the Lakers have nine point four percent chance at a top four pick. Which is better odds than me admitting. I'm wrong about anything. It's pretty funny and somewhat accurate. Andy show here you want to update the poll you want me to update this for him. I don't hear Andy guys. You don't hear me? I now I do. Okay. So I think they took me out of programming when I was recording those promos. So anyway, the great Tim Kirk is now with this year, Tim coaching ESPN MLB insider, Tim, look man, you are the biggest baseball historian. I know how do you contextualized? What Cody Bellinger is doing at the moment. Well, it's pretty amazing. What he's doing given that clay baseball for one hundred fifty years, and nobody has got away with more homers or more RBI than Cody balance, you when you look at the high batting average ridiculous Opie as and everything that comes along with it and play to position or more if needed it's really impressive t- think that stance just a little bit more square that the play. I think as much as anything he's just on a great great work on his swing, and they told him you're not putting out anyway, they're not gonna sit against left. Handers is a World Series anymore. You're gonna play all the time and enough lose. It told me you come to the park every day knowing not gonna play. And if you're in the middle of the order that really helps a lot what is his ability Tim to make those adjustments that you were talking about before with his stance and swing and all that stuff say to you in terms of pegging, his potential and even more growth that he can have right? It's not easy because with all the information out there every pitcher now how to attack every hitter, they know every weakness they seen every video and for a hitter who has overmatched to begin with almost by definition against the pitching. We heat today for him to make you Jasmine's and say, all right. You guys have been kicking our butts here now, it's Archer now, at least it's my turn that just shows his aptitude is baseball, I q as athleticism all of that put together. It's just so impressive that he's made the proper adjusts. We'll keep up. But when you have Wayne, it's that youthful. I will take my chances with that any day to coach joining us year ESPN MLB insider, so how do you view kind of the way the dodgers have handled Kershaw here in his return? And what are you think of the results you're seeing? Well, he's been really good and they have handled this politically because then they like everyone in the game. Now understand that when you overwork a pitcher, it just doesn't have good results. Long-term? I mean, just look at great pitchers like Felix Hernandez, and maybe now Chris sale, and maybe Clayton Kershaw when you throw and now pitches or too many pitches or just enough over certain periods of time eventually that starts wear on you. It's a very unnatural most in throwing a baseball and the dodgers realize that if we overwork him now on not even going to allow him to go from power pitcher to really good pitcher at ninety if we overworking now, so they've rained it back in and it worked back in. So. And the results because he is such a great understanding of how to pitch that he can succeed and cry ninety instead of ninety six and that's a really hard thing to do at this stage kershaw's career with this particular team. How good does he need to be? You know, because there was a period where he was counted on at times to carry the team, right? He doesn't need carry the keen anymore, and maybe maybe that will help him and the team moving forward. I know all those playoff games that I've covered over the years. That was even when back ranking was there there was the sought that it Kershaw laws than the dads game win. And I never a good situation at the end. But the way that they score runs away. They hit the ball out of all time the way Walker. Bueller thrown and we'll continue to throw internet that you have to be the best pitcher. Have ever seen in order to get your team back to and win the World Series to be really good. And there's no reason that Kershaw can't be really good 'cause he's really good again after losing philosophy and getting hurt and everything did who's their ace right now. Well, Walker bueller as best stepmother teen. But he's got like the best. He's got some of the bad stuff in the entire league. So if I had to pick one guy completely healthy to pitch one game. I still probably take Kershaw given his experience and given everything else about him. But when it comes to stuff on that team Walker. Buehler has the best stuff. And if that makes you the eighth by definition that I'm okay with that to the point is you can have a veteran guy and a guy that young twins like that. And that's your twosome with pretty good groups behind you. I'll take that any day. Walker? Bueller is not gotten off to the start this season that I know that the team and hope for fans and hope for you does that go back to the adjustments that you were talking about when the league becomes more familiar with you. Or are you seeing something different? It's saved chestnuts. Look, just as I told you that everybody just to Cody Bellinger, everyone is adjusting to walk bueller. To one thing. That's not the change is that belied city that movement that exceptional stuff. But it just proves again. He's been have everything it takes to be great and baseball being credibly difficult sport that it is just doesn't allow you to great at all high. So it's going to be great for this year's over. I'm sure for the years done evil begin overpowering down the pitcher by and because that's stuff dictated, but he's just not there yet. And it takes a little time. And I know doubt it'll be great before this stuff. To cartoon ESPN Moby insider, one of the nicest people you'll ever meet joins us here on the Sodano show on ESPN LA, Tim, am I crazy to think the cardinals could be the team that could stand in the dodgers way. Historically, obviously they've had their number at times. How do you feel about the cardinals? Well today in Washington, and I can't even begin to tell you how did it feel. You get being around that team right now. Paul Goldschmidt has changed the offense with that big bat in the middle of the order just as important if not more important he's changed the dynamic of the infield defense which really eat exchange. Andrew Miller has given them a another stating power arm that bullpen go. Jordan Hicks throws a hundred and four miles an hour. I think they're as good as any team in the National League right now. But I started the season thinking, I think the dodgers the best team in the league. But there's no guarantees in that league. There's no guarantees the league. Yes. I think the cardinals could run with the dodgers. But I still think dodgers tantalize are the best team in the nationally. If it wasn't the cardinals is there are different team that you could see ending up the one that took the dodgers out. Well, I really liked the brewers but their bullpen without Corey Canaveral is not going to be the same this year. I still like the cubs a lot after terrible start. They have really bounced back and it's possible. One of those teams in the east really comes along. But I'm not sure that's going to happen. My guess is the best teams in the National League or the dodgers and one eighty two of those two teams three teams from central. It'll be fascinating watch the National League to see who wins. And then who wins both supporting in October two Kirk should before you go. I have random questions to ask you for poll questions. We put up today. I know you're always a good sport with this stuff of these options. What is the best single person job bartender club promoter DJ as in like a DJ at a bar or nights? Club or beach lifeguard. Well, I'm a terrible swimmer. I can only drink about two beer and then done. So I'm not going to be a bartender wh-. What were the other ones club promoter DJ or how about personal trainer? We'll throw another one in there too for you. One hundred and forty who passed. And as far club promoter DJ. I don't know anything about Buzek either. I don't know anything about anything Ashi. I want my like Tim inserted his own life as as opposed to choosing for everyone else. You could be the club promoted. You get KOMO you can promote the club of major league baseball. How about that? All right. I'm going to promote the dodgers for the ass. Those are the club's automotive. You're asking me to promote a club of like where they actually. Guide that. Coaching one more is catching a foul ball at a baseball game a worthwhile. Venture at this stage of your life as an adult. No, not more. They glove to a game since I was seven. I do not understand and I loved and the gate who on earth would put their hand up to try to get a lie drive. That's traveling eighty miles an hour, maybe harder. What it comes into the stand? I and the first one the hitting the dick to make sure I don't get hurt by foul ball. And if I don't catch it. I'm totally okay with it. Well, the funny thing is I I brought that up because I'm sure you saw the highlight of the guy. The dodgers giants game yesterday who tried caught one. But tried to catch a second one that was hit at them. And then almost fell backwards almost broke his head. And then drop the pizza on the lap of the poor lady was sitting next to him. Yeah. I been going to game as a professional for forty years. I've never caught a foul ball the only foul balls. I've ever picked up are ones that came into the press box. Stop. Rolling. And I picked them up the only ones that caught of the only ones I have any insurance in catching if I have a glove on it's different. But I'm not wearing a glove to a game. When I'm sixty two years old. There has to be rule of gets that'll startle a press box, by the way, I been there before back there. Yeah. No. Yeah. There is Tim cartoon ESPN M O B insider, and of course, club promoter now club promoter with this year on this auto show, Tim you're the best. Thank you so much always making time for us. Okay. Guys. See take care. I coming up next. What's trending, including some sad news from the world of the movies. And some good news. If you are an MBA, gambler, we'll tell you what that's all about coming up next. All right. So data show here on ESPN LA. Andy cabinets key hanging out with us. Your thanks to Tim kurkin for stopping by always fun to talk to him. He's up promoter. Jay's chop salute. Delight is. Isn't he like the nicest guy ever like I remember when you were talking before about how lebatardshow the best at bringing out the best in everyone. Yeah. Like kurkin? Who's obviously, he's a great writer. Great baseball guy. But like lebatardshow has really discovered the best ways to use him. Yes. Ways to use anybody. Yeah. Then pelt does a really good job. You watch the sports center at nice with with Scott van pelt and Tim Kirkman. He they have a great report. All that will the Baltimore accents. Yeah. Yeah. And curtains laugh is just fantastic. Yes. It makes you happy. Like you hear that laugh and you'll be happy. Yeah. It really is fun. Like, he's just such a nice nice, man. And like he's so self deprecating. It's it's just hilarious. Like, I'm a big fan of Tim Kirk the person, not only just the analysts. I actually quick story before we get into what's trending. I ran into him. I'm gonna say it was now a couple of years ago. I went I went to a Notre Dame game, and I stopped in Chicago. And it happened to be in two thousand sixteen during the World Series. And we happen to be staying at the same hotel just randomly. That's how it ended up working out. And I ran into him in the lobby and one I was traveling. You know when we went to the game. So I was with a bunch of my buddies because we had never gone to Notre Dame's we wanted to go to Notre Dame. And we were there that weekend. And one of my buddies is I I'm not even fooling like he is a monster. Baseball fan like baseball is his number one for and as these guys are walking by like in the lobby like the guy, and he's like man this Tim Kirk. I'm like do you wanna talk to him like, he's super nice. So I just brought him and he talked to my friend for like easily a good fifteen minutes surprise. And he didn't have to. He didn't have to any of that. You know, he could have just said, hey, nice to meet you and just kept going say, I've only met him in passing like, I don't know him. But he's one of those guys you will never hear bad worry about it like. At birth. Just an unbelievable, man. So anyway, thanks to tip for always stopping by making time for us here. And hope you guys appreciate when Tim comes on the show as well. Let's go fund just time to get to what's trending brought to us by friends at the dudes brewing company with five tasting rooms in southern California towards Santa Monica. Santa Clarita Huntington beach at Thousand Oaks into order beer from the source go to their website the dudes Brune dot com. First story. I gotta start here, man. Just because it's so sad. Peter Mayhew the actor who played tobacco and Star Wars has passed away at the age of seventy four as someone who literally grew up watching those Star Wars movies. They were made in the mid to late seventies around the time seventy seven was when the first one came out. Yeah. That was the euro was born. So I all I remember like some of the first movies. I remember watching. We're Star Wars when I was little because Star Wars is the first movie that I have any memory of seeing in a theater. I was five when it came out. And you know, it was it was FOX. So you had that Dunton don't. Right, right. I used to think every movie began with that. Right. I was just the way movies were introduced with douse song. Like you. So associated with this. So sad, man. We lose Peter. May you you lose Carrie Fisher, basically in the last year loss both. So it really it makes you feel. Here's the thing as someone like that's our age. It makes you feel your age a little bit, right? Like when those people that you grew up watching who looked young on the screen, right? Are now getting older and they're passing away. And now, I'm like come on Harrison Ford. Okay. Well, I mean, or Mark Hamill dyed hair. Harris look Harrison Ford is seem pretty indestructible man doing almost a plane graduate. The guy has managed to get through some literally life threatening situations on a few occasions. Yeah. Harrison Ford seems tough. I have by the way, still at my house, a Star Wars blanket, really that probably I I would guess. Got like in seventy eight or seventy nine because I was a Star Wars freak as a little kid. And I still have this thing I've saved it like my daughter sometimes like to sleep within like we were talking about before George like as you said, you were watching it the original with your with your daughter, like they get into the idea of latching onto things that mommy, and daddy like and my daughter recognizes that Star Wars was something I grew up with and like it it makes her want to understand more and like get into it. Just because they want to have that connection. Yeah. For sure man. So rest in peace. Peter Mayhew and rest in peace chewy and both are trending look the in Los Angeles. Peter Mayhew is trending. It's the number one trending thing in Los Angeles. The number two trending thing is truly the number three trending thing in Los Angeles is mister Mayhew. So like, he's the top three things that are trend any it's crazy too. Because he's an actor that's associated with this iconic character and. And all these people morning him. And I think genuinely morning him. Yeah. Would not have known him. If he walked by pass them. Honestly, they would not know what Notre you look. I wouldn't. I mean now I've seen the picture, but I wouldn't have. No, I wouldn't I wouldn't have either in wars have been in my life since I was like five now. All right. We move on to the NBA the Sixers and raptors about the tip off here. Joel Embiid is going to play tonight. He was probable, Mike, Scott is playing tonight. He's going to give it a go. He's one of the bench players for the Sixers who do you like in this series? And why Andy I like the raptors I just think they've looked like the best team in the east and in certain ways, I even think they've looked better than Milwaukee. Just because I think they're more potentially explosive and they've gotten more versatility and Colli Leonard the rest that they've allowed him this season. It's paid off man. Like, he's looking like Colli Leonard. Yeah. And I and I think he is the best player in this series. And I think Toronto has more. True depth like Philadelphia has more star power. But I think Toronto has more true depth. Correct. I would agree with all of that. And I think Hawaii at least through the first two rounds has been the best two way player in the NBA. He's been unbelievable. You know? I mean, the forty five points he put up the other night. Plus he he gets to he still will take on the toughest defensive assignment. Now, he doesn't do it the whole game anymore because he's got the luxury of having a guy like Pasquale Siaka who's going to be the most improved player in the league who scored twenty nine points in game one and twenty one in game two and man that kid is fantastic. I've got a chance to talk to him. He's great. But I it's it's crazy. I do think Toronto is a much bigger threat than people think because Siachen has emerged as the second best player on that team, which then slots Lowery as the third best player on the team. And let's not forget, Marcus soul to me is a huge x factor. They have been a completely different offensive team since he's been on that team. And it's tough because he scorned all that much, but he's just such a good passer. Yeah. That he creates opportunities for everybody. You can run an off. Offense threw him. Even though we do at the high post and a lot of it. And Danny green has been really good. All y'all everyb-. Everybody forgets about him. He's been really good. So here's a crazy day degreen stat before we move onto the warriors series. Trudell sent this to me because when I was doing that game. He sent me a like this item as a nugget for one of my sideline hits daily green. Do you know that he second in the NBA net writing behind Steph curry this season? I actually had heard that. That he's he's been terrific this year. I mean, like he's been really so good. Yeah. I mean, nobody nobody thinks about it. Because you know, he was part of the co ideal in the court by Koi has all the implications of what happens with this year is over shadowing everything with him becoming a raptor the role of dice that they did bring him in. But then Danny green was treated in a lot of ways like a throw in. He's been realize goodness. No doubt. No doubt next. We've got good news. If you are a warriors fan or someone wanting to bet the warriors, according to Nick free del ESPN NBA insider who covers the warriors a full practice for Steph curry after dislocating his finger. What was worse the Steph curry finger, which looked gross or the eyeballs of James harden? I mean, there's a part of me that's vote voting finger because I've dislocated a finger before. And it's really it's both nauseating the look at. But like. When when you're experiencing it, and you're seeing your finger like bent at that type of angle like I remember it happened to be playing high school football. Everyone around me was like men don't faint don't faint. Freaky seeing that. Yeah. It is like the red. Is you just sort of look, you know, like you've had a night out. But that hurts to man it does hurt. Yeah. But you're right. It looks worse with the finger. But I bet you harden was dealing with a lot worse. Pain to be honest with you. Oh, you know that you funny is when I dislocated my finger. It didn't hurt it. All right. Like it actually didn't hurt one bit even popping it back in didn't hurt. It's just creepy like it's just weird staring at your finger, basically bent backwards towards you like what the hell is going on. Yeah. It's gross next. We've got Dangelo Russell cited for marijuana possession at LaGuardia. You have the details on this Andy. What was he trying to get past the TSA? He was trying to get some marijuana past the TSA at LaGuardia. And he was using a fake Arizona ice tea can like it had like a false. Bottom live come on the low. I mean, look, I'm not judging the weed whatever I mean, like it's not legal over. You gotta have better a better way to get it around. I am totally judgmental about his planning George like his planning in this. Like, there is no worse way to do it. Then putting it inside a can that would normally have a liquid in it, and you're not allowed to be carrying that through TSA. Like forget the weed. Yeah. We can't have that can just by vape pen dude by vape pen or just check a bag, right? Like get some edibles check a bag put it underneath the plane. Yeah. Is it more of a knock on Kentucky for just not having good enough weed for the end he did because he was going back to Louisville where he grew up. Yeah. Maybe I mean, listen, if New York doesn't allow medical or recreational. I mean, certainly Kentucky doesn't probably gotta drive aways from Louisville to get to a Green Cross like if that's your deal down Louisville. Yeah. It ain't southern California anymore. But I mean when you're heading into free agency and the whole knock ya saucer player has been lack of maturity. Yeah. That's not a good sign. I mean, like just planet better, man. I know it sucks. It sucks for him. Because he did he had such a face. I actually think the Angelo's a he's a good enough kid. But this is the type of thing that makes you feel like, you know, he's not thinking things through in the way that you wanna give like twenty to twenty five million dollar potential cornerstone player. Yeah. For sure speaking of Kentucky, the Kentucky Derby favorite, Omaha beach is taken out just days before the. Race had a devastating accidents suffered from a medical condition that may take weeks to heal. So I never bet on horse racing. But I have a friend who lives in Kentucky lives in Lexington. He's a hotel GM, and he is a big horse racing guy at every year. He tells me what to bet on the Kentucky Derby, and I've made some money the last three years since I've asked him what to do every year, not always a big hit. But some, but at least a little money. So he was actually texting me today about this. And that's how I knew this up my radar. But yet the the I want to go to the Kentucky Derby one day, though. That's for sure do you remember that what was the name of that horse that in its final year ended up winning? I don't remember. He was Kentucky Derby or Preakness like it was his final race. And this horse had never won before. You're asking the wrong. Do I just thought maybe because because this guy? No, I only ask you about the triple crown as the Kentucky Derby, I tend to forget the other ones this. I remember there was like a big thing made. Out of this horse that like it was his last race and was trying to win one of those things. And I think it ended up finishing second. And I remember like my wife was pregnant at the time, and she had the total pregnancy emotional thing, you know, that can happen. You know, women when they get pregnant often during the pregnancy just your hormones are out of control, and you can get seriously emotional sheet. My wife does not care about horse racing in the slightest. She saw this race and sort of balling. She just started sobbing at this at this horse that she just wanted to win hits last race so badly and he came in second. I'm like, do you even know who the sources like no, I don't know where the horses, but he's trying hard. Unlike your seven and a half months pregnant the. Yeah, that's what is the hormones. Speaking of women, do you know, Shane lean Woodley, the actress. Yes. Yep. So Jaylen Woodley did a story with people with install magazine where she says dating is hard. Love is scary. But I love sex. Hey now, whether man. I've been there. It ain't easy being single. But the ladder. By the way, she just that quote end of itself that allow our get more sex. If nothing else you want to throw out there. You know, I'm not great with the whole dating thing. Not great on the whole love thing. Sex down with that. No question like that'll help. I that's what's trending brought to us by our friends at the dudes brewing company with five tasting rooms in southern California towards Santa Monica. Santa Clarita Huntington beach in Thousand Oaks sort of your from the source go to their website the dudes brew dot com. I coming up next the latest on the Lakers coaching search. We'll have that for you in just a moment. Saddam show ESPN.

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