Rush Limbaugh Sep 25, 2020


Athletes nationwide talking about the relief they're getting from level select CBS sports creams enroll on's from cayden would the leader in CBD baseball, Legends Steve Garvey with a nationally record twelve hundred and seven consecutive games uses level select CBD daily he swears by it countless other athletes including former quarterback Carson Palmer, PGA, champion Ricky Fowler Find The level select CB helps keep them in the game it works for them it can. Work for you to level select has a full line of products to choose from all independently tested made in the USA with zero percent THC go to level select CBD dot com use the Promo code CBD thirty for thirty percent off any of their CBD products that's level select CBD Dot Com and the Promo Code CBD thirty also available at Food Lion Not available in Idaho Iowa and South Dakota Marique von. Renan Com. State Department analyst and Obama regime appointed at the Defense Department in an op Ed for the hill. This guys calling for Democrats to stop being cowards to teach Republicans a lesson. If Republicans dare confirm a supreme, court justice for the vacancy caused by RPG's passing von Renan come says that the Democrats must take off the gloves and you was fear mongering to whip up their base he says a Democrats. Must immediately impeach trump again this time on the pretext that trump supposedly banged the chai calm president to help with his reelection a Democrats have to hold hearings they have to flood zone with anti-trump witnesses. He says, Democrats should also Brandt Predator Lico and Washington DC statehood. So they can seize control of the US Senate mine installing four new Democrats senators in perpetuity. The Democrats should also give big blue states lake, county More political power than states like Wyoming which contribute nothing to our economy. He says, and a top it off Democrat should stack the Supreme Court by adding seat. Now, think about this, Marique von Renan Com is a mainstream. Democrat, he was a high level Obama regime appointee perfect example of tyrants in waving running the deep state which Democrats claim does it exist while this guy is out proving it right here now?

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