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MRN Outloud! - Mar 18, 2019


This is M R N out loud on M R N dot com, presented by bloom and Mondays at outback steakhouse and also brought to you by Hercules tires ride on our strength. Hello again. Everyone Marin out loud. Budi Cain alongside Joey Meyer as usual and a special guest in the house Keith Barnwell from GM S is going to join us. We'll talk a little spotting as we move through the program. But first guys Kyle Busch finally gets number two hundred and there's a raging debate on social media as we were talking about before the show is it as good as Richard Petty's as worse as and I'm just of the opinion that topples and oranges. It's it's apples and and Sherman tanks it. Yeah. It's a relevant of whether it's the same. It's still an amazing accomplishment done in today's day and time with three different series. Amongst many owners, he hasn't driven for one owner himself and right now he's going to go down as one of the best drivers that that we've been able to witness now just like Jimmy Johnson. Just like Dale Earnhardt, just like the Darawashe trips of the world. We don't appreciate how good they are until they're gone until the retired. Everybody booed the drivers that I just mentioned for years. Until they were at the end of their career or out of the car, and that's what we're experiencing now. Jimmy Johnson seven time champion still relatively booed, not cheered as accomplishments are. And it's really weird to see how we don't. Appreciate the people that are really good in our sport. Is that way? A lot of things isn't it Keith? I mean in a lot of sports a lot of different walks of life. We don't realize what we had until we don't right. Absolutely. I think one thing to think about with Kyle is he has done it for multiple teams different owners himself as an owner also. But if you win two hundred races at south Boston or hickory speedway, you're a legend. How can they not be? How can the? Yeah. He he did. He's absolutely unbelievable from his first race until yesterday. He's been in the hunt every week, and and fifty three all the other aside. Fifty three Cup races. Is nothing to sneeze at absolute that that's a short list, right? And watching Mark Martin years and years ago. You think guys got fifty wins? He'll never be beat. He's getting ready to double what Mark has one. And here's the thing. Mark Martin got in the hall of fame. The guy that Kyle pass to get. The most truck wins of all time is in the hall of fame. Sure love him or hate him Kabua's is going to the hall of fame areas. No question if he doesn't something's wrong. He was going to go in the hall of fame before he wanted championship the championship guarantees his way in and now with the two hundred wins over three series. He's if there's a double guarantee, he's got it. All right to your point earlier there. Let's get number three to your point earlier. Joey about the guys being booed along the way Kyle was asked about that. After we got the victory yesterday. Yeah. I mean, I just feel like my fan base has been picking up over the years just of of growing up a little bit. You know, obviously, I turned off plenty of back in the early days in and you're never going to change those minds, which is fine. But you know, there's certainly some that are kind of turn on the table or turning the corner. A little bit is to seeing about more. What's today who I am today and the growing up that I've done, but. Overall, just you know, I think that winning obviously kind of helps that you know, I I certainly have to give a huge shout out in praise to the rowdy nation fans that have been with me since the beginning that have been with me since the the five Kellogg's days or heck even my extended days before I was a coup- guy, whatever. So I even in Las Vegas when we go out there and I signed autographs at Eminem's world. There's people that I see there that come out that I remember seeing the bowl ring in Las Vegas, you know, and they're still Kyle fan. So those are the core group that I certainly very appreciative of and and that are very passionate about me. You know to me that's one of the most interesting things about Kyle over the years as watching him kind of embrace that role. I mean, every good story needs conflict right in the conflict is people who don't like him versus the achievements that he's making in continues to make I think that's just a cool dynamic watching that over the years evolve years ago, we had manual scores for these race cars, and he mentioned his original time. So. Starting up in the Bush series expanding series nationwide years ago spot in for Martin tricks. And we're racing against Kyle Busch. Kyle's run us, very hard. And as we tend to do on the roof. We talk bad about the guy. We're racing. Bono Fono Kevin Manion is our crew chief and he saying Joey enough, and I'm just I'm laying into Kyle just laying into him on the radio Martin says. Well, he's right. You know, talking to Kevin Bono, right? Talking to you know, everything I was saying was right? Yeah. We had manual scores. Gay Bush was our score. Kyle's mom now the scores were headsets. So they hear everything we're saying I was bashing her son on our radio. Did you find her later? Have you ever talked to her about every talk? No, I really should be good by gay, and Tom we gave Bush and Tom Bush. We see him at the track. All the time they've grown up in that racing family. They're used to that. Kurt Busch is Kyle brother they haven't been on the popularity list. And again, the reason they're not popular is because they're successful. They're a threat to somebody else's lack of success. And that's what kala represents because he's one hundred races over fifteenth eighteen year period. It means somebody else hasn't been winning. And he's that threat. And that's why he's not liked the percentage is way up there too. I think it's something ridiculous. Like twenty percent of the racist. He's in the guy wins. And that's that's insane. No question. A little Joey almost forgot outback steakhouse. Kevin Harvick got another top ten if you're listening on a Monday, and you go by outback steakhouse, they will give you the free free Lumine on your there's nothing better than free stuff. We gotta take a break on N out loud. Keith is here to talk. The history of spotting with us. He and Joey you're going to get into some stories that you won't wanna miss stay with us. Everyone. Get I America. It's the moment you've been waiting for. That's right outback delivery is here. Now you can enjoy lawyer affect favorites. Eighty with that figure to Santa cut soon. It's he will die Ponti flooded with them wings. He'll have both types here. It's was thanking most Dighton on its head over to affect dot com and place your oldest because affect delivery is at Bax typecast Causey rules, delivery viability varies delivery. 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Brought to you by Freightliner trucks. Back on him. All ran out loud. It is s t p week here at the motor racing network as we get ready to head to martinsville for some genuine short-track racing genuine. If you're in North Carolina, and we'll see how that plays out. I don't think the package is going to be that much of a factor at martinsville. As it might be saying Bristol. I don't think qualifying is going to be as crazy as it has been since drafting shouldn't be a factor at martinsville. But here we go guys back to short-track racing. Yeah. I look forward to it. I love martinsville. Been going there for almost twenty years myself love just love the history. Nineteen forty seven. That's one of our oldest race tracks. Good good short-track racing. If you don't like martinsville. I don't know. What else to give can't help you? Right. Yes. We all. Because when we went to our first tracks as kids growing up, whether we were driving a go kart or whatever we didn't start out at two mile tracks started at small tiny bumper to bumper kind of tracks and equally short and martinsville represents that. Absolutely. Does. All right. We'll Joey since you have brought company to the house today. Why don't you introduce our guest so longtime ago we were in the off season. We were talking about spotting and I've been doing it. Now a little over twenty years, and it seems that I've been doing it a long time. But I knew for my history that I really haven't been in the sport that long when I got into spotting. I was a second spot or we used to race use a second spot or at speedways and road courses. And so I picked up the phone, and we were talking about some history of spotting and no, my friend, Keith Barnwell back in two thousand and three. I was spotting for a driver and up and coming driver in the Bush series. And he was his little little aggressive driver. Very well known at the time. And my driver got off a turn three where Richmond and got back up on the track right in the middle of traffic and absolutely caused mayhem going into turn three. That's a fair. That's this gentleman. Next to me came down and wanted to throw me off the roof. And that's how I met Keith Barton. Oh, a great way to stone relationship. But but it's interesting how when we think about how long we've been around spotting. And really where did the spotting come from the stories that I picked up the phone? I bet we were on the phone for close to an hour at least, and it was really the dog twice. I had no idea, and we started investigating and talking about really again where did it come from? How did start and I I really have no place to ask other than how did it start? And where were you the story you told me sitting on the back of the truck hickory speedway? There you go. Yeah speedway. So a guy from I'm from the big city of Hudson Hudson. Yeah. There we go. So you know, we go to hickory speedway that was kind of where we went and hung out and things like that. But a new guy is named Steve Lawrence. Steve has since retired. Why am I still working, you know, but I'm your mailbox monkey fulfilling that with Bill every every day every day, you know, but went with Steve to hickory speedway. We actually had a CB radio that was in the ramp truck that pulled my gosh, we didn't pull the car road the car to the racetrack awhile and. They had a slide window so they would turn on the CB radio and hand me back a headset that I could that would more than anything, cancel noise, and I would talk on a CB radio in the infield. Right. You just go turn in circles. You know? Thank goodness. They weren't three hundred mile race. You dizzy like they get a minor league baseball. Same thing. Exactly. We're able to once a once Keith. And I started talking about this. We were able to through Lauren renew your come up with a article one of the first mentions of actual spotters being used for the spotter purpose now crew chiefs and drivers have been talking together for as long as they could do it right indicate. Yeah. But to use a spotter for the sole purpose of assisting. The driver was back in nineteen Eighty-one at riverside speedway. Bobby Allison had a very good relationship with Motorola, and they developed a particular type of radio to go in his race car and utilize a separate guy to assist him getting around riverside and ended up winning that race because he. Missed a really big wreck at the end of that race at riverside and was able to win riverside. Now. Does that make people mad at the time? Well, it's interesting you say that because the spotter mentality didn't start out with fanfare like you'd think not not at all tell them tell the New Hampshire store. That's a great story. Right. So. Honestly, one of the key things was talking about the radios. Most teams only had two radios. So if you had to radios, you gotta driver and a crew chief, that's it. I mean, it was a luxury to have more than two or three radios on a race team, especially at a you know, Bush series and small tracks. But you know, and you'd have a few more to Cup level, but New Hampshire we had gone to Maine, and we ran the Oxford to fifty came back through New Hampshire the following week. And it was the first Busch series race. I race at new trust. Go. So in practice, you really wouldn't you'd stand on the truck or whatever. So come race time. I thought, wow, this is a great place. So I go across the track and a messing around up grandstands. And I'm looking around that CNN evader. So I'll get on the elevator go to the roof. Open the door. You're standing on the roof. This is back before. Uber security. Absolutely. Yes. Could go pretty much. Exactly. So get off turn to the right? We all know where I'm talking about guys that are on spotter, STAN. And I go out I'm on the roof. And I'm standing there in a headset home and a gentleman from NASCAR walked down to what are you doing up? Here said, well, I'm gonna spot for a man Tommy Houston here. He says the number six he said, you can't be Houston. You cannot be up here. So why? Yeah, why he said you're creating an unfair advantage for your team for you to be on the roof. Well, look stopping anybody else from coming up here. That's basically. What I said. But that's interesting to see how far we've come from that that was back in the early nineties or late eighty eight eighty eight eighty competitive advantage a spotter. Keeping the room. I'm mashing my accelerator to the floor and the other guys not your fault or his well. And and at that point in time, we tell everybody that that when we first started we were defensive coordinators, we have become offensive coordinators. Not yet, you know overnight in thirty years. Yeah. You know? And now, we're timing. How long it takes leave pit road to give back. Absolutely. Notebook. So did you wind up being able to stay up there that day or not? I just walked down the steps and went to the top row of the grandstand sat out, and you could still see fine. Yeah. Sure. I remember Steve aren't was the guy that owns Tommy's team at that at that point with midstate males and Steve would buy me a grandstand ticket, and I literally sat with his wife and family in the grandstands at Charlotte for the for the Bush race in. So it's come a long way. So from that point, how did it start to grow was just a couple of more guys in a couple of more guys. And then boom everybody was doing it or how did it evolve? That's pretty much. Yeah. I mean, what if when it first started? Then that's why you can't really you'll you'll get guys at wanna take credit for being the first spot. Right. Clearly, they weren't back with Bobby Allison in one thousand nine hundred one. But there was a group of people that were in the grandstands that you didn't know who was in the grandstands, right? There wasn't an official. That was with all these guys they were just randomly placed throughout the grandstands. And they. Were doing it wherever they could see well for when I got into the late nineties. We were only spotting for the race. We weren't required to do it for practice on. So at that time in the in the late nineties there wasn't official spotter stand with an official and we had an area where guys went up and checked in. But it still wasn't mandatory on Fridays and Saturdays. And now everything is mandatory ever in that vein. Yeah. For safety safety reasons, which makes sense I love to tell the engineers and of worked within the past. We can start a race without an engineer, but you can't start without a spotter zen. And that's something. When I do a garage tour because we can't believe how many people were there. There's only three people required to start a race driver crew chief smarter. Yeah. There you go. That's it. Everybody else. The only reason we have twenty people at the track is because the team next to us has any pizza arms race. Yes. Exactly. Right. Yes. Absolutely. And that's not to be disrespectful to the engineers. John the car wouldn't do anything when you get it to the trash Ricky. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah. Let's take a quick break here on out loud. We'll come back and talk spotting history next. I america. It's the moment you've been waiting for. That's right outback delivery is here. You can enjoy low your affect fibers. Anyway, has signatures Santa Katsu, and it's he will guide I Ponti flooded the borrowings. Thanks, fear. It's was thanking for Dighton on its head over to affect dot com. Advice your oldest because halfback delivery is here outback steakhouse Causey rules delivery viability varies delivery. Judge might apply loss bringing the legendary petty colors up the back straight away. What wall winning just happen? Overnight finished first everything needs to come together to three of the perfect combination. S teepee understands using advanced formula SEP ultra five in one fuel system cleaner four thousand miles stores. We still gas mileage a winning combination to help restore peak performance and any gasoline B S T P science technology performance. Citywide to countryside. Whatever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading warranty to get you there. No matter where the road takes you. Gene, more. Visit Hercules tire dot com. Berkeley's tires dried on our strength. What you can't Joey Meyer with you on out loud. Our special guest today is Keith Barnwell. And we're talking about how spotting came to be what it is today. But before we go further Keith G M S, tell us tell folks what you do full-time worked for GM s racing have been there for three years. You know, I I helped with the day to day activities. The you know, the travel the the legitimating the logistics being there help with the sponsors at track. And really every attell people say what do you do? I'm like, I don't know. It depends on who calls. It's like, hey, you yourself. Yes. Who can get this done? That's right. So whenever the phone rings. It could change exactly what you're doing. But. Yeah. Wonderful wonderful place might be more Gallagher that it's been wonderful for me. And correct me if I'm wrong, we're in two thousand nineteen use correctly rise hyme up to two thousand seventeen. I did. Yeah. I built time. So we're talking back in the mid eighties fulltime from mid eighties all the way to two thousand seventeen. But now, but now Joey says there was an incident at I don't know if incidents the right word a situation at Wilkes borough where you got pulled up there to spot at the last second. I did. Yeah. It was kind of funny. I had to I'd gone to wilkspur taking my dad. We went over and watched practice, and we're just hanging out spending some time what year we talking about. Roughly, I'm gonna guess it would have been gosh early probably mid nineties mid nineties. I assume truck series, yuck. Series race there. The the one thing I remember about it. I think it was the race where Ernie Irvine made his comeback. Okay. Okay. After his Inge. Yeah. Isn't that? Correct. Yeah. You're right. Yeah. He and he came back in a truck. So I'm literally walking down pit road. And my dad, and I are going to go out the back gate. So, you know, which are by remembers at Wilkes borough that have a cautionary by run across the backstretch. Yeah. And guy handed me radio. So, hey, where are you going s said over the backstretch to watch a little of the truck race? And then head out a said hands me radio and says, hey, how about spot for Toby? And and it was the Ortho truck I remember had Greengrass. You know? So I'm like, okay. So I go to the back and they're starting the gentlemen, start your engines, and I'll put the radio on and they roll down pit road. And I'm like, hey, Toby, this is Keith Barnwell. I'll be spotting for you here on the backstretch. Okay. I appreciate it. Thanks for helping us to meet you and the next time by we'll get one to go, you know, and you just. It was so much different though. Because again, you didn't, you know, telling back to corner up do this do that, you know, it was like you're either clear inside outside and even to that point. You didn't necessarily scan NASCAR. Right. You know? So you know, you got a crew chief that's probably scan in NASCAR not on that. But he's sitting closer to the yellow flag than we are. And it it it was more of just a safety feature back thing, and that has parlayed into now like I said offensive Cortin and the leaderboard was up on the scoring pile. And that was what we have now every spot or has a fan vision in front of them. We can figure out up to thousands of a second who's faster who slower who's lapsed down who's on? What lab don't worry? Yeah. And it's interesting because again when we first started we carried the headset. And if you're really cool you had to radios, and you clip them on the back of the head and said, and that's what you carry. There's no extra batteries. No extra cables nothing because you felt bad about taking two radios. As Keith mentioned earlier, you had to find an extra radio in the closet now one that may not be charged in the back. Yeah. In the back of the rules, half a million to the the worst thing you hear is when you push the talk. We've all had that dead battery grant all that all that meant was you didn't use that radio. Now nowadays, I were we wear backpacks or buffalo bags at weight in excess of forty pounds. I have more than five six radios. I wear for a time we have extra cables and push the talks, and yet it's just the development of the spotters is really gone to where now we're more you. It's we started out as a safety device for sure. But now we can find back when Keith was part of the competition advantage. Now, we try to do that. Now, a good spot or will help his driver from young driver to an older driver. Learn and get better during the race. Well, sometimes we assume we're helping well, right? I'm not gonna lie. There's times when you're told. Hey, how about shut up for a second? While I run this corner. Yeah. We'll give me give me an idea though. I'm interested in how things we heard what Joey talked about it. In terms of how it is now and you're spotting fulltime up until twenty seventeen but the evolution from back in the mid nineties when you're talking about how did things kind of evolve and develop over time like that, you know. And I think it's just it was more of the lingo. Honestly, it would be like, you know, there's not a lot. You would say it was green flag. You know, cautions out inside outside. They're they're just an after you've done it as long as what we have you kind of forget how you started. Yeah. You know, and the one thing to remember to back in the nineties. It was unheard of for a racecar driver to be under thirty years old, right? These guys were veterans of the school has earned their way into that. Right. Yeah. So you were spotting simply from the safety standpoint. If the caution came out where the wrecks were went pit road may be opened as the guy was waving a flag. And this is still back in the days when you race back. Exactly. Exactly. Right. Yeah. So but now with the evolution of the drivers becoming younger and younger and younger they need the help. You would never tell Dale Earnhardt spotter never told him to back up the corner. Many Terry Labonte Eddie Mason Cup and Terry Labonte who were still together they still work together. Any Mason Cup would not tell Terry Labonte. And I think you're overdriving turn one. It just didn't it wasn't that way. Because those drivers waited need that correct? Exactly. Right. They were the veterans of the sport with the experience. But now I'm gonna go spot for a new driver in martinsville last week. And we're trying to go have lunch tomorrow. And just so I can meet him and get an idea of how he thinks about martinsville. And what things he's going to look for? So the the evolution of the relationship is totally different in the last twenty years. So I'll tell you something coming through the ranks. And being kind of knew when we would go to Daytona. You would always have a guy in the dash series. That would be like, hey, man. I need somebody spot for me. Well, why all and was running the dash series at that time. And Wayne with ask me every anything Wayne hasn't done, Wayne, Wayne jack-of-all-trades, he really is. But but Wayne would say I need you to help me with the drivers meeting and. Would literally go to the drivers meeting, and he would say, you know, everybody here Keith is a spotter yada, yada. You went through the whole thing, and I would tell them. Okay. You need to pay attention. You need to do this. You need to do that just kind of walk them through what they're going to here because these guys ran on Saturday nights. They never had short attracts. Yeah. And then palace honor. Hotter. But I will tell you this. I spotted for a guy there. We'll hop. Good. Oh, I remember him. Yeah. So reysen Willie there. He had never ran anything. But dirt and we go to Daytona. And he and the guy that owned his car said Keith if you don't mind will you help willy and so we get into race. And we'll he's really good. I mean, he had a lot of talent. And then we're riding along and work their way from like tenth or eleventh. I think up to second and he comes on the radio just as cool as a cucumber. And he said, you know, I think I can lead. And I said, okay. All right. So you stay where you are to stay in stay in line. So like the next lap. He came off turn to. And I said, okay. Here's what you need to do. You're gonna wave to the guy behind you. You're going to tell him to stay with you. I said get your hand up where you can see you essay when you come off to pull out in passing. So we come off turn two. He pulls out the guy goes with him. We're leading the race going down the backstretch. I said, okay, you're clear. He's. Clear. They both pulled down a came by the start finish lasted you're leading the race. At daytona. How about that? He was dislike a kid. And I mean, it was a great. It was old. We'll see a colleague jails. Yeah. Yeah. Well, he started later you've been doing this stuff for a long time. I'm going to say he was in his forties. Yeah. But you know, as a matter of he he leaned on and it was gratifying because people would lean on you for help at that time. Most are by knows what's going on when they get here. Now, even though there are only nineteen years. Yeah. Right. Right by with thirty years of experience. But but it was really interesting. We ran second that day. And the next year we go to Daytona. And he said, I need you spot for me. I said, I wouldn't miss it. And we wonder how cool is this? Oh, it was you know, that was just Waco. Yeah. So the dash the dash series. I was able to spot for TJ majors. Oh, yeah. I didn't remember he drove. Yeah. Yeah. I spotted for TJ at Daytona Charlotte and Bristol in the dash series. Time he had done any. And he's now his claim to fame was he the online racing it. That's all right right down a little bit of late model stuff. But yeah, he was trying to come to the dash series. And I so wish junior would have spotted for him. Wouldn't that be so cool? There's an episode, right? There isn't that? So that's a podcast. Sure. That's you back in the day in the late nineties Dale would spot, right? When he would spot from his cO infamous BUSTER as camper from the sweet. And he and he always talked. He would never use a headset. He was always talking to the microphone, and what you don't realize is the microphone on the handset is really really powerful. It always sounded like God was talking to you. But he's spotted mixture you. Exactly what it sounds like. He's spotted Steve park at Talladega. When Mark Martin was running second and Steve is trying to win that race. And he's spotted we had a spotter on roof. But that guy was doing a whole lot of talking. Because actually, right, but he's spotted from the camper the whole time. It was pretty funny. Yeah. That's cool stuff. All right. One more break here on Marin out loud. We'll talk a little more spotting history. When we come back. Loss bringing the legendary penny colors of the back straight away. But here winning just happened overnight Finch, I everything needs to come together to create the perfect combination s teepee understands that using advanced formula SAP hotel five and one fuel system cleaner, either four thousand miles stores deposits, we still gas mileage a winning combination to help restore peak performance and any gasoline vehicle. That's teepee science technology performance. Get IN America. It's the MO that you've been waiting for. That's right outback delivery is here. Now, you can enjoy lawyer affect fibers eighty with that figure to Santa Katsu, and it's he will die potty flooded the wings type fear. It's was thanking for Dighton on its head over to affect dot com and place your oldest because affect delivery is here, outback steakhouse, Ozzy rules delivery viability varies delivery. Judge might apply wall. Springing the legendary penny colors up the back straight away a wall here winning doesn't just happen. Overnight the finish first everything needs to come together to the perfect combination s teepee understands using advanced formula SEP whole tra- five and one fuel system cleaner. Either four thousand miles stores deposits. We still gas a winning combination to help restore peak performance and any gasoline vehicle. S teepee science technology performance. Back on him are in out loud. It is S T P week here on the motor racing network. As we get set for the action at martinsville speedway this coming weekend. And we're talking a little spotting history right now and earlier Joey not on this show. But when we were at lunch, you told me about spotting for the first time or early on for the Rolex Rolex twenty four back when they didn't really have them in Keith you've done that as well. But tell the folks about that because that's really cool on that came about thousand nineteen two thousand eighteen seventeen when everybody goes down to the twenty four hour race at Rolex. They go down for a test. They go down for the following week for the big race spotters now or a huge part of that will back in early two thousands when Dale dill junior and Kelly Collins and Andy pilgrim guys were driving for the factory, corvette. They didn't have spotters back. Then Dale brought a couple of us tiny myself down to Daytona. And we spotted from inside Mr Francis. Sweet. Then they know you. The interesting thing was we weren't spotting because we're trying to be safe. It was the fact that there were four different types of cars on the track in the prototypes would drive so much deeper into the corner that that's what you are protecting your jive or to prevent from getting overrun writing from. There comes a really fast car. Right. So it was kind of a we're very on the cutting edge at the time spotting for the twenty four hour race. You digest you the whole twenty four. So we we split. So we had three drivers or three spotters between all of us. So we did, you know, essentially six hour or four hour segments six times a day. So we made the whole twenty four hours. But we set inside Mr Francis. Sweet he had a chef cooking omelettes and hot dogs, and we had a cat sitting there. So that was it was really cool. But that was a very unusual in two thousand and one. Now, it's the way a life. It is whenever those guys down. And everybody's phone rings. I get a call every year. Hey, can you make it the Daytona? Because all they want to use as new NASCAR Cup spotters. Right. And what about you Keith you've done you've done the Rolex as well. Right. That's have. It's a bucket list item. But man ruling I was just getting ready to say, it is probably one of the, you know, going to the Brickyard. The first time is just was just amazing Walkin out on pit road. And and the twenty four race. I tell everybody when we're talking at the racetrack. When you get an opportunity do it once at least once because you know, you go into there's they have a big tent. They've got food, and I'm sitting there having lunch, and you know, Emerson Fittipaldi is sitting at the same table. And you're like, okay, I'm a historian guy. Yeah. Yeah. I love the old stuff. Oh, yeah. And I'm thinking for folks who don't know that the pit boxes aren't like NASCAR at the Rolex. They're like big rooms. They're like. Oh. Yeah. Tents and you go into a room. It's not like you can get in there and see all the way up and down pit rose. I believe in the house smaller than that first apartment with they they set them up for twenty four hours, and they yeah, they do they live in there. They have food in there. They have all kinds of stuff going on like a ton of people in each. One of those I and one one of the cool things is with the road racing guys. They are. So appreciative of what we do for them. You know, I remember we had Butch light Zinger in a road course, car back in the diamond ridge days, and we go to Watkins Glen. And he's you know goes through the asses and I'm like, all right? You're all clear on exit. Everything's good. He's like, thank you. You're welcome. Shade it come on back. But but those guys are so appreciative for what you do. And because they're just not used to it. Yeah. They hadn't had that. They had not had point. Again, we're luxury. It's. Yeah. They we had more than one radio here. We all knew. Go on exactly tell me something Joey was mentioning all the radios in a quick that that you have to take up there with you. Now have you had a situation where everything just went to pieces? No. But I have seen a situation. So it was it was a friend. It was it was Chuck Joyce our buddy Chuck Joyce that used to spot for the wood brothers. So we're at Pocono, and we're all up on the roof, which looked the same. Then as it doesn't not a bit of fry for you traditionalist out there -solutely. So we we hear the national anthem and Chuck turns around to his bag and he's going to pick up get radios out. Now, you get your radios out and check him an hour before the race. Yes. Just to make sure nothing, and then you stack up a bunch of batteries to be sure I can change this, and you know, point three seconds after practice quicker on that. Or? Exactly, you say clear, and then it's like, yeah. Cock a guy. It was only a little hitch there. Yeah. So Chuck turns around and he looks at her by and said, okay. Who did it? I'll look Chuck, and I'm like, what are you talking about? Yeah. He said who's got radios? Chuck swear to you. I have not touched your radio bag. So when we're looking at you right late if. Okay. You know, I I wish I would have thought about hiding them. But I didn't you know. So remember that for next time? So he tells me on the I said get on your radio entail. Eddie would because we're close enough to him on pit road. Tell someone to tell Eddie I don't have radios. So they literally they crank the engines they rolled down pit road. Eddie would jumps the wall runs over to the fence at Pocono enhanced Chuck is radios through the fan gosh. And I'm willing to bet they were on charge. Yeah. Any amount of been on in on the tree? But he literally hands them through the fence, which they would not allow you right today, but they would have also parked car. Right. Because I wasn't ready with a spotter before race. Hopefully, we're did the radios wound up being, you know, I think he left them on the charger. Really? I really see that. See that's again. That's the difference of a now I have chargers at my house all my batteries. When I got home last night. I take him out. Just the batteries are being charged my radios with other batteries are still in my radio bag, right? We didn't have extra battery and in reality. You probably have a portable charger that goes to the hotel with you other on the trailer. So the trailer has charged or my house as a charger, and I have more battery. So it's the mentality of what we used to do twenty years ago. Just way different you ever have that moment of middle of the night in a hotel where where you go all radio charge. Always every every spotter on the roof has the dream. Am I the only one that's naked? But we all lost our radios at the national anthem every spot in the world is the nightmare. Exactly. Is that is that is it? Absolutely. Where do you think we might go in the future or we pretty much at max capacity now with what we can do. I know there's multiple spotters at row courses in India. For example, where do you think things go from here? We know one of the things I always swore and the only guy that's ever done. It is Tommy Baldwin. I always thought the crew. Chiefs would call the race from the roof. I agree too same thing. And I thought because because the picture is so much bigger, unfortunately. Or fortunately now, we have this device called the SMTP which gives you live that gain data that we've seen on TV from your pit box. You can look at any driver any car, and I think that may have reduced their ability to see from the roof because now you have more data in your peppers. Can't haul all that stuff. Conveniently upright Rousselet, you have so much more data. But I thought in the crew chiefs would start calling there'd be more. Crew chief said would call the race from the roof as a spotter writing. So you have a crew chief slash spot or on the roof and Tommy ball ones. The only one that I've seen do that. So far when is that? Yes. Random just to seven carful seven TB are has that team to thirty six cars. So sure or but he was the one of the first guys to ever do it. And I, but I thought I would see more of that happening. Now, we'll tell you something that's changed also on Saturday, usually you don't really pay a lot of attention to it. But in Daytona, you will see a couple of drivers on the roof. Like, I have seen drivers come out there just to get that perspective of the xfinity race, or even you know, they'll come up for the first dual fifteen laps of the dual. Yeah. Our executive want to look at what lines guys using and stuff and just get a better perspective of what we can see that. You know, it's kind of it's kind of like Pocono few clear a guy getting into one at Pocono, your largest lied to his line. You know, you can say you're clear now. But in I can't help you. I can't help you. And it's funny. We use Pocono was spotting for Eric Merola over at D. I an Arca car we go down to poke. It we go down and turn one Iraq. And I'm like, yo can and also I see him come out of the corner. He's like, it's. Okay. Joey. I remember. Yeah. He was on the roof the day before seeing what I could not see clean. He understood. What I couldn't see? So you everything was fine. But yeah, if you're if you're clearing somebody into turn one, you're definitely lying Pocono is such a great example to us. So we're Pocono, and I'm spotting for Bill Elliott in the mud car. So those were the days. Oh, yeah. Right. And it was great. He by the way, he is like unbelievable. He knows where everybody is at all times. He knows if they're a lap down. He knows if he's racing them. It's just without you say anything it's phenomenal. The amount of information that Bill has can process in a race car to this day. We ran him last year. So that's right off rookie wrote America forgot about this. And he did have to go to the rookie meeting. Didn't barn whale. You gotta copy. Before we wrap it up here guys. A look ahead force at martinsville. This weekend. The trucks are coming back. The trinity cars are not running this weekend. What can we look for with this new package? Don't think it's going to be much different than traditional martinsville Willett. I don't see a difference in it. It's the truck race. And it's one of those races at for a number of years. I always hated the truck race at martinsville. This used to be the second race of the year for a long time. We'd go to Daytona. And then you think a big break off, and I've really got month. Right. And then guys would lose their minds and lack of patience in the second race of the year was really sloppy since we've added some races in between that now guys have gotten into more of a rhythm. It becomes a very good competitive race. And the way the trucks are built they love beating and banging they loved touching doors and fenders without beating the sides off of them and really caused entire up. So I liked the truck race out martinsville. And it gives the opportunity we're going to see a number of drivers making their initial start in the truck series. Because it offers such a good opportunity. Get experience. Yeah. And a lot of these younger guys need some of those racist before they can get clear to do more. Absolutely. Yeah. If you if you want to go to school, really quick go to martinsville for the truck rice. 'cause I'm telling you. It's it's exciting and guys. Learn how to race it places like that. Yeah. One of the best thing about martinsville. Two is the younger kids go. Oh, I know. I can get martinsville. I it's it's what I'm used to driving a short track. And then they show up and they go home. I god. I don't know where I'm at here. Yeah. They overdrive the corners. They use too much breaks. They use too much throttle. These too much of everything because they realize it's only a half a mile, and they know what they're doing. It's a very steep learning curve to go to martinsville. So it's a really good track to start at. Yeah. Absolutely out of fun. And then not long after that head to Bristol. Madman's have different packets a little bit more about that. As we go. Keep thanks for coming by and enlightening us a little bit given us some of the history of spotting folks who want to check out more M R, N dot com is your place S T P week here on the motor racing network. We've got truck racing on Saturday. I'll actually be in the booth for that one with Dave moody, then on Sunday. And a new house is going to be filling in Kim. Tune on three ratio check 'em dot com for all the schedule again formation. Make sure you're there and join us right back here next week on M R N out loud. If you're listening on a Monday, don't forget little Joey says, it is outback steakhouse time go by and get that free blooming onion because Kevin Harvick paid it off with another top ten. I'm what he he's Joey. That's keith. We'll see next week on him R N out loud.

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