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Here's the thing saving money with. GEICO is almost better than playing pickup basketball. Because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock. He constantly bricks threes. And who completely hack you. And then put his hands up and say no foul no foul with GEICO. It's easy to switch switch and save on car insurance no need to fake. An ankle sprain. Because you're absolutely exhausted. So switching save with GYCO. It's almost better than sports guys. How are you read morning? Hi You guys are. My favorite brody brody was wrong. Remember the last time I went to the bathroom Alpha Alpha show Iran in the morning. Welcome to the weekend. Look at the calendar rumor time. My phone hold on Friday Friday January tenth. Hi Danielle Hi froggy. Hello there's trading because all right let's take a request to start to show Daniel girl by Gwen Stefani. ooh Johnny Furniture Same Day. We've got stuff to do. Today is a Friday. Getting the Friday moods can talk. I call of the day. It's Frank Hi Frank Happy Friday. Hello happy Friday guys the guy. Okay I know I know you didn't screwed up at all. I think it's time for that whole any. It's kind of run. Its course case so We could is here and you need to share some excitement. Some good news with us. What's that Frank O.? Beside I take the weekend actually show enough. My son is just day over three months old today I'd cooling. It makes it so happy. I can't believe it last night for the first time in his crib so excited wow those milestones. Okay Hobie but that's not much much much excited for you. Is this your your first child. Yes Ah I all right. Good congratulations to you. And I hope you got a wonderful weekend. And Hey you know what. Congratulations thank so much I gotta say you guys are really off my drive an hour to work every day like this morning and you guys always just a pleasant ride on a the hearing people having to take a long long commute with us. We appreciate your Elvis. Duran morning show is on the way it's one of the last ones and it's it's you got Bouma for me. Yeah absolutely hold on a second. Thanks a lot. Frankly a happy Daddy. What's on your mind today? Okay so this is just into help you guys out if you really have to P P first before you wash your dishes 'cause we've learned this yes last night and I had to go so bad and I have like three dishes in the sink and I'm like you know. Let me just wash them. I will once the water starts in the sink. And you're washing the dishes is your system's going. Oh water water. I'm like Gosh I gotta go running and run to the bathroom and P and then come back because I would have an accident accident you turn the sink off. I did but I didn't have time. It would have been bad. Only takes a second. SINKHOLE also takes a second to pee my pants. But you're wasting in. My pants are waste of water and I apologize if we could do the the math and the that you put in the toilet actually adds to the water coming out of your sink recycling but you gotta turn when you're one of the several guitar my own water what's up with you a Ghandi. We've all done that thing where you wake up from a nap. And you're like what day is it. What time is it? Where gramma yesterday? That happened to me but it was an extended amount of time because nothing that I own anymore says am or PM. So I woke up at four fifty four. You Know How oh the sun is at that time right now so it was like it could be twilight or it could be rising. I don't know I was running around my house looking everything nothing told me. AM or PM. So I had to turn on the TV and see what was on on. What was coming up? I was like this is the worst either. Could rely or you had to get up and go to work. You didn't know which one I was getting up and going to work I was late. Wow what is happening. Nothing says I hate this digital. We should get rid of that. AM PM system. Get rid of it from for everything so you don't have to wake up. You don't have to wake up ever froggy. What's up with you? Last night went out to dinner just me and my son one of our favorite restaurants and the waitress comes over over and say mentions that we were brothers. I don't know if she was kidding. or She's being nice or what it was but I want to say thank you to her. She made me feel much younger and made me think me and my son my brother I really young or your son's looking really ragged. I don't know what it is. But she thought we were brothers. Fabulous look that old. I'm so yeah yeah. We did good news or bad news quite well anyway. Let's get into your horoscopes. Good morning producer. Saying let's see how these things shake out Danielle help me out. Aren't capricorn. Ticking time to do stuff for yourself will go a long way turn off. That phone enjoyed some alone. Time your days and eight Aquarius. You're doing great. Your professional life continue to exude confidence. Indi- your days at ten. I let your creative juices flow. Take up a hobby. You've wanted to learn your nine areas someone's specials GonNa need advice from you so be sure to apply that advice to your own life as well. Your days is seven Taurus. There may be some tension in the air. So don't let that get in the way of all the good things happening in your life your days eight Gemini you might be feeling stressed out instead of bottling it up be sure to confide in those close to you. Your days is seven cancer. Something great is right around the corner embrace it and use it to get closer to your goal your days nine Leo go out and treat yourself finally purchased that item. You keep putting off and then you could come in Elvis and tell us about it. You're dead versus your enthusiasm is unmatched. Just be sure to bring positive energy into all aspects of your life. Your Day isn't eight Lieber. Your words may be getting misconstrued. Make sure to clearly communicate with those in your life. Your seven Scorpio. You are ready for change whether it's meeting New People or starting a new job be open to the experience. Your Day is a nine and Sagittarius your glowing us that confidence confidence to put a smile on people's faces your ten and those are your Friday morning horoscopes excellent. Thank you for moving along. We're we're almost on time but not quite white. Closer than usual was good into the three things you need to know. Gandhi what's going on. Wildfires continued to rage throughout Australia. And Ellen Degeneres now launched a Gofundme gofundme campaign because she wants to do what she can so celebrities are donating to it. Her goal is five million dollars. They've already brought in over one million dollars and if you want to donate Red Cross a you. That's where Kershaw Julia obviously taking money. And so is Eunice Steph over. One billion animals are estimated to have been killed and four billion animals. What it says? An estimated one billion million animals and the death toll of humans has also risen a lot. Originally it was just one. We're at twenty four people now as well. The National Transportation Safety Board is going to continue to investigate the plane crash in Iran. That killed one hundred seventy six people because now there is mounting evidence that might have been accidentally shot down by Iranian surface to air missile. That plane went down around on the same time that Iran was firing ballistic missiles. US forces in Iraq. And finally. There's a new book out. It's called kill reply all modern guide to online etiquette. And it says leaving voicemails is is not only not really something necessary. It's rude now is rude rude. who takes up too much time? Yeah they just hang up and text the person instead also considered road spur of the moment phone calls. We've talked about that and don't use periods at the end of text. Don't reply all to group. Emails use emojis in moderation especially in work emails. All right thanks you guys ready. For Friday more from the Mercedes Benz Eater Bee Lounge. She woke him. Sebastian MANISCALCO. I don't get this whole like let's take my shoes and socks off on airplane. Walk to the bathroom. Bear from others may bought to you by Mercedes. Am G. E. Prepared for whatever comes your way in the all new. Gt Four door because life is a race. Visit your local well dealership for a test drive today durant in the morning show nate here and if you're tired of tossing and turning at night tries equal peer Z's liquid melatonin same taste as peers Aziz dummies but in liquid form. So give yourself arrest and buy it. Zeke appears he's liquid melatonin violated retailers everywhere. Gandhi woke up yesterday afternoon as the sun was already down she saw it was four fifty four fifty four almost five o'clock she didn't know if it was. AM or PM. Sent her into like a chicken with the head caught off thing absolutely running around in circles in my apartment trying to figure it out our listeners always to the risk yes they say if you want to solve that dilemma not knowing if it's am or pm we need to move to military time. Yes I could do that on my phone but then I'd have to think about it all day you with military time. If you use it a lot you get used to it as I served for many years in the military military. That is a good solution to the problem. It will never happen again because that was really traumatic. Six minutes I did the thing again last night. We're dreams it's my fifth night and a row of dreams that just wait me up at have me up thinking in in my mind starts wandering and I'm eating right before bed. No thought that could have been it but no I'm not so I don't know eat right before bed. Forget it messed up up maybe messed up. I'm insane in the brain. Do you think it could be this Wolf Moon. Dewolf Moon is tonight. I know it's our first fool moon of the year and I love beautiful full moon. The problem is is full moons actually cause problems they do and ask anyone who works in an emergency room at a hospital. People babies are born. People come in with light bulbs up there. I mean there's a full night of things to remove from people orifices. Pardon my ignorance. But I know we can't do that. But what makes a Wolf Moon Wolf move. What are the characteristics? Actually we learned about this yesterday. Did gone to. Yes so they call it the wolf moon because apparently the wolves like to breed in January and February. That's their time. And they hell a lot more to howling breeding Wolf. Yeah but it looks like a full moon felman. It is a full moon. Looks like an extra large no no. It's okay we're GONNA now partner. Ignorance diamond tells me today is. Isn't this where she usually comes in the next break. What's needed today? Is National Pook peculiar. People ooh celebrated we have room to celebrate because we are a room that celebrating. So do you know more about this Diamond National Peculiar People Day National Peculiar Yulia People Day started. Because you know a lot of kids were being made fun of his children because they were not the norm right and so excuse me so days like today our win you make people feel good about being different. I like that. That's sort of something. We celebrate yeah. Yeah so if you are you need to find a way to celebrate. I'm GonNa Screw this word you need to find a way to celebrate your pooku peculiarly peculiarity. Hughley era God I can. I can say peculiarities. I hate you anyway. You don't WanNa call them. Hey you're cute. I like that word. It almost sounds like negative but we should embrace everything about you. That makes you different. The front is really. What makes you unique in tastic? Yeah the things that were all that make us all the life. Yeah book we all have bones. We all have blood. We all have organs bleilers boring. You'll normal but as I said we all have things in common like bone in an Oregon's and stuff inside but it's the stuff on the outside and stuff in our minds and our hearts it makes. It's different so celebrate your peculiar. Isn't there a word you can't say. Yes el-zayyan R. U. R. A. L.. I'm not even GONNA try rural. See if you think about it. It's rural rural. Don't and get Danielle started. You pull it out has stuff in it. Draw up appear in what they call it. A draw open the draw the draw within the draw. Sam what's up. Hi Hi I'm thinking of all my shortcomings is what's up right now. Those are your peculiarity as exit. The things you think are your shortcomings. Cummings are actually the things that make you unique. I'll say what do you have in your feel-good right. So you guys remember how we sent someone Christmas cards a few weeks back. who was asking for our or help right okay? So this is another participation one. I need everybody's help in Des Moines Iowa. There's a hospital. Employee goes around reading to children in the pediatric metric intensive care unit. So basically. It's the scariest place you can be an ospital little kids who are in the worst shape possible. His name is Dane Pratt and he believes that even though a lot of these kids can't react they can't move. They still can hear an him reading to them. Lets them know they're not alone and it really helps out the families who don't know what to do with themselves at this time so Pratt doesn't work at the hot does work at the hospital. Rather he's an. He works equipment so he's not a volunteer and in his free time he he goes to the library to check out whatever books he can which is working on him. That's allowed to ask for him so he's asking for our help. He wants children's books and right right now. I have tweeted out the address. We're going to put it on our twitter. Elvis Duran show. It's going to be on instagram. It's going to be everywhere. People send this guy books. He's absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Trish Jordan for this article Dane Pratt. You are an amazing human being and if you have a story that deserves to be featured email me salmon Elvis Duran dot com subject jake minefield. Good good we do things like send him Barnes and Noble Gift Cards. Also your books like that wouldn't send Amazon because he can also buy tires. I don't mean accidents tires or it will thank you. Thank you producer Sam. The First Danielle report of the day on the way what do you have. Oh boy there's more to the royal story story this morning. You love this story crate during the morning. Text dose at fifty five one hundred standard data and messaging string rates may apply. It's Elvis Duran in the morning show so My Assistant Andrew Andrew. His the thing about having a Andrew Andrew is my assistant is we share a calendar. He sees all my stuff and all time. You do see what's on today's calendar yet. No no no. It says it's Andrew's birthday. Oh birthdays until spring right. Yeah no it's until April okay. So I woke up this morning going. Oh God awed cake Andrew's birthday thank you. She's like I don't think it's now. Birth next birthday is nate next week. Well yes yes. It's my mother's birthday today. Mom Roseanne having a happy birthday Andrew's birthday Andrew. My my nephew uh anyway have. Can you ask my system to order himself a cake absolutely. He'll go to billy's so I I was talking to Thank you Andrew. I was talking to nate a few moments ago and his birthday is next week. Yap He was reading something on read it and it was actually a very interesting question. What do Oh you do while people are singing? Happy Birthday to sit there looking like a moron nightmare. I hate it when we have to you. What are you GONNA do? I was thinking about that when you just sit there awkwardly and I really. I'm one of these people. I hope you sing it as fast as possible. Sitting there the whole world watching and interest sit there and when they do it at a restaurant or something and everyone comes over. And everyone's looking at you like you're not cannot do that. Even the happy birthday song dumps on they make them saying had paper thing up. I yeah so anyway so I suggest doing this and feel so proud of it because if it's your birthday it's Your Day Gandhi here in my hair. You Danielle if it's your birthday it's your day sing along with them and and when he gets to your name just say me on the cool weird birthday dear me usually doing clap too you know. What else are you supposed to? Why don't you sing along with him? And just an insert the word me to put yourself in the third person true. It say your name why why not restaurants. Don't even try to learn your name anymore. They just say happy birthday. Happy Birthday Brownie with the candle. The cheapest your birthday. Sing along to your birthday song went. What's that This texture actually has probably the best suggestion. You sit there with your eyes closed thinking about your wish. Novella God weird there during one eight hundred two four two zero one hundred. Hello Kelly. What's is going on? Oh Hi I texted in about not being able to pronounce rural rural. We're talking about words. We can't pronounce. I cannot pronounce took Uliassi's you did it so you can't say rural rural rural. I don't know because the world were the word rule is one of those words where you kind of have to cheat it. It's it's it's more like we were rule but with an extra bump in rural rural rural. No no you don't really pronounce the bar in the middle a rural rule. It should be eliminated. Scary thing squad roll roll roll roll and I also cannot pronounce brewery. See I just I I turn it into two syllables brewery. Yeah it's one of those cheat word you got kind of cheat it. You cheat a civil out of their brewery even though is it real rory. Is it three syllables brewery. Why no but if you say brewery you sound like scary? Let's say brewery we went down to the brewery this weekend and you can say it into syllables and it sounds right right. It doesn't sound wrong like role word Brew Rate Gary Brewery. I think brewery doesn't sound for it doesn't sound correct but it is i. I'm just saying saying it doesn't sound correct. Doesn't he was in a rural area. Oh Gosh squirrels. Writing Wall Scotty lobby be in. Serial killers has a word he can never say. Scotty hold on Kelly. Is there any in other words you can you say. Can you say Squirrel Squirrel Royal. Just fine yes Koro but see we say squirrel actually two syllables in the dictionary. If you look it up when his squirrel it's one civil you say you don't say squirrel squirrel squirrel like squall girl. Hey what's up Scotty. I don't know what's this. The word serial killers that you can never pronounce an Andrews constantly awfully correcting you. I've been seeing subsidiary for years. You just send it. How did I used to say it? Subsidiary Yeah Kelly. Are you like the rest. I was thinking about it. You're GONNA miss you. Can't you gotTA drive on through like run. Don't even stop point Santa. Well that's different. It's Setia Kelly. Thank you for listening Do you live in a rural area. I do I and in a rural part of Buffalo Breweries up. I have a brewery behind the restaurant that I work at so unfortunately apparently I have to say brewery allies do awkward still. Just don't think about all right. Kelly have a good weekend. Thanks for listening to us to take care bye-bye Hello Bobby Hey. Hey Bobby it was your birthday yesterday. Happy Belated Birthday. Thank you so much. Did you in a situation where people we're seeing happy birthday to you. Oh Yeah what did you do. While they were singing that long drawn out song. I just mild I I. I think it's so awesome. Just I people send you happy birthday to you. You're standing on stage or getting a standing ovation. You just stand there and let them clan okay and if you think about it you do anything to deserve this like to be honest. It's your mom who should be getting the gift and the praise she pushed out about your dad. That's fine. Let's she pushed your ass out onto this world or whatever you know. It's like well you did. What widely hung out with well? Actually I hung out with family and then bought my My little cousins presence from upper attack all good good good a family member the disagree with Daniel something. You do deserve someone to sing happy birthday to you if they like you balch now. Look it's your birthday no matter what you can't stop it but if you're an a-hole no one likes you. You don't deserve anyone even better soon. They want to celebrate your birthday. Then can you do deserve it. Do you do all right bobby. Happy Belated Birthday and Just stand there and smile like you're getting a standing ovation. I think that's a great way of looking at it. Not Get a phone copy of your book. Maybe very early birthday present for next year. Because he's a nice guy you're very nice guy. Of course what did my dream being taught y'all my dream for a while. Now absolute scary vault with but that was just aggressive came out like an intimate you know. What if you don't take a chance you don't you don't succeed in life dairy? You're the only one. That's a part of me on instagram. So aw now he's happy. You're getting a free book to show Bobby. I'd be honored to happy. Belated Birthday and hope you have a great weekend. Were used talk to us. Where are you calling from? I'm actually calling from Unstuck Carolina. I'm in South Carolina Right now headed down the Florida Florida. Excellent hadn't done the C- froggy perfect. You have have a good weekend on the way bobby hold on one second. Belated Birthday he andrew. Can we send bobby. Yeah Okay thank you. Let's see Hello Jeff. Good Morning Elvis Elvis our you. We're doing okay Jeff. What's going on with you while I'm heading to work? That's not exciting. Let's move on. Oh you know we were heading to work about an about an hour. We know what you're so it's uncomfortable on the day. That should be your day for celebration and happiness. It's that uncomfortable moment when they're singing. Happy Birthday to you know about you but you say your brother does something interesting when they sing happy birthday to him and I remember the day that he started. It was many years ago ago. He was getting ready to go off into the navy. He's still in the navy today. And we went to red lobster of all places and they I. I don't know why they did this. It wasn't their best idea but but they sent out one lonely woman to sing happy birthday to my brother does all. Yeah and she starts singing winging and my brothers stands up and starts conducting her weight like she's an orchestra exactly. Yeah well. I've been a musician since I was a kid. So I'm sure that's kind of where he got it from but he just stands up and just starts waving his arms wildly conducting her and my entire family. We were mortified but it was hilarious. How Larry when? You're singing happy birthday to me next year. I'm going to conduct you. I'm your your conductor. Why not that poor woman for? Yeah I tell you what man she went with at the end he did like the floors to you. Know cut off the orchestra and stop right on the dive. The whole restaurant was watching us by. Then it was like this gran- thing it was. It was amazing red lobster and so long. I'm going to get in there and get those biscuits. Jeff thank you tell your brother. That's a great idea. So so now. You have several ideas when they sing. Happy Birthday to you next week. Nate you have several. Everybody is OK. Okay Hi Danielle. What is going on in your start out with all things royal? Because apparently apparently Prince Harry came out with that statement about leaving the royal family earlier than the Queen wanted him to and he was told not to put that statement statement out. He did it anyway and they are not happy with him. Apparently they're saying he's going to be punished. They he will be punished behead them they still do. They still be head. People don't think so I was hearing that the royal family's in panic mode trying to figure out how to deal with this down so go. Yeah it's crazy. No such a strict family. I know I know but did you hear what Piers Morgan said about Meghan. MARKLE shame on her. She's she's a ditched her family. She's ditched her friends. He's deter co workers She has separated Harry from his royal family. And now she's she's separating them from from the country he's blaming her for everything mainly tell ya he's probably strong enough to help make some decisions in our family. I don't don't think he's a hostage. Somebody's the Yoko Ono. Royal Family all right. So speaking of Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum in London. Of course they have the royal family together. Well not anymore. They booted Meghan Harry right out of there. ooh statues over to another. Imagine that must have been awkward. Helped Me Highness over here. But it was really weird because as you have the king and Queen and then on the other side you have William and his wife and then there's like this empty space Cardi B.. Take Brad Pitt is crediting Bradley Cooper with his sobriety that event in Hollywood. I got sober because of this guy and every day has been happier ever sell. Who helped him get somebody cooper? Can you get brand new. There is a rumor going around that the remake is in the work so that would be pretty fun. Well not not fun but it would be pretty cool to watch. The Hollywood reporter is using math to predict next week's Oscar nominations. It's a method that ways data from other award shows based on how predictive that data has been in the past. They're not giving the formula but they are given a Lotta love to what Keane Phoenix Renee. Zellweger Brad I pit Laura dern and one thousand nine hundred seventy director Sam Mendes. So we'll see what happens when the Oscar nominations come out next week. We'll see if they are right and I love this story. Dan and sharing a very sweet video of a boy comforting his down syndrome baby brother by singing ten thousand hours. They did with Bieber then yesterday. They tweeted out a clip offering. The boy's family free tickets to their September Seventeenth Show in Little Rock Arkansas. I was like Oh my Gosh I was crying. It was so so so sweet. There's a lot this weekend on your television. I of high school musical the musical the show every Friday. There's a new episode on Disney. Plus today today a new episode is released. I know Brody's very excited about that. Also the fourth night jeopardy the greatest of all time tonight on net flicks the series premiere of medical police police and also the serious of AJ and the Queen. That starring Rupaul is a drag queen who discovers ten year old stowaway in her. RV You also so have of course divisional playoffs NFC AFC The critics choice awards. Go down this weekend and. HBO gives you the series of the outside so much stuff. I know what you can stay the home. There's lots of television all right. Thank you Daniel. Hey guys this is. Selena Gomez. What's up it's Fletcher? Elvis Duran Elvis auster and show strand formerly weight watchers has launched their most customized program ever join. WW Today and unlock your customized weight loss. The plan that can make losing weight easier go. WW DOT COM and join today with the WW triple play offer ends January thirteenth purchase required restrictions apply so I know it's several weeks end but I wanted to wait a little while before I asked this question. Did you see cads and the movie and how bad was it. I have not read or heard one even kind of positive review about it right from costuming to songs longs to acting like nothing. Catch the movie. Yeah so I heard that the only thing that's good about cats the movie is it could turn into a cult classic like rocky ocoee Horror Picture show where people go watch it and throw things at the screen and stuff okay. You know what I'm saying wait android you see cats. I did just past Sunday. Okay okay so what did you think about the cats the move it was mind numbing leap bad say okay question. WAS IT so bad. It was kind of entertaining. Yes I will say that. Okay stay for the whole show. I did and you went to the theater and I did. I went to of my friends. We all sat there and it was just. It's so bad by the end of it. There was a fight going on the other side of the theater. In the back of the guy behind me was snoring. You really get a mix of reaction Excu it. Surely someone enjoyed it. There was the fight broke out because one guy was talking during the movie trying to mock it and then the other guy turned him and goes. I'm just trying to see cats. It also question. Why did you go see it? If you've already seen awful reviews I did go. Yes I enjoy watching bad movies. Okay Okay I purposely made it a point to go. See this in theaters money to see bad movie I have. AMC movie pass. I get to see three movies a week if I want to so I felt like it wasn't a wash Mr Wagon. Oh yeah all right so I tell you what I want to hear from you now if you saw it or if you didn't if you saw it and lighter and hate it you can text me at fifty five one hundred or you can call us at eight hundred two four two zero one hundred. I do hear that there are some highlights. Yes Jennifer Hudson's devos is just incredible one hundred percent. It was actually funny because when the movie was over we walked out and I said I only know memories. I literally watched a two hour movie but the only song I remember it's memories. I couldn't hump. I couldn't tell you what another song sounded like but I watched all two hours of it so I don't know. Oh we're that went in my brain but it's it's just vanished over. Also I saw the original cut where Judi dench's hand is just like hanging out. It's not a kappa. uh-huh talking about so in the cut that they they rushed into theaters like it literally was finished. I think thirty six hours before it even went to theaters right right so in some cuts of the movie. They didn't put the digital technology. All over the person's body so literally Judi dench's hand is just hanging out. It's just a human hand. The third with hands say it was a shaved cat. Paul well there it is. Oh my gosh. That's someone sent a text saying the best part of the film was the credits on over. All right hold on Let's go talk to Sarah. Hi Sarah Priority Levi them. Well it's the weekend we're ready to go ready to pop one and drink it so let me ask you saw cats. Was it really as bad as everyone say you know and so I was not going to go because everyone said it was so bad but I was like it's winter break. I might as well and Jennifer had was amazing easy to her. Her singing was amazing. But what about the the rest of everything okay. Well so I think that I thought chats on Broadway three three times as a kid and I think if you've seen on Broadway you understand the premise but for people who have never seen people dresses cat's walking and singing. It is a little awkward Daniel and I have both seen cats on Broadway. I still don't understand what a couple of times that I don't get it at the android Weber. What the Hell it was about? I still don't Andrew. Lloyd Webber's Andrew. Lloyd Webber Sat sat in this chair right now and told us he didn't know what it was and he wrote it right. So what do you think. How is Jason Derulo in the movie? He was amazing to and his movement and Taylor Swift with amazing. I mean like there were there were parts and it's weird like you said nobody gets it but like I I don't think it I mean if you don't I wanNA spend the ten bucks or spend the ten bucks but if you want you want to see something different like see something different for a change. Okay all right all right. I like your attitude. Here's Sarah I think I'm GonNa wait until maybe an airplane ride to watch films that come in airplane films. You play three hours watch. Sarah have a great great weekend. What are you doing this weekend? Anything good on. I am working at a Yoga Studio teacher but I have a side Gig so I got to do that. And I'm going to surprise. Sixtieth Birthday Party arise. Thank you for listening guys and I had the worst day ever yesterday so I'm so glad to talk to you why was it so bad yesterday. Piggyback my parents dog suddenly passed away. That's hitting really close to home. I gotTa tell you. There's nothing worse I this is why I woke up at one o'clock this this morning because of losing pets your mind especially when you're trying to sleep and you can't your mind just goes a thousand our down alleys. It shouldn't go and I was thinking about This listen to your parents. They lost their kid older so much. Art Sarah Thank you for listening Morgan. You saw cats watch the movie and you loved I did I mean I think love is strong word. I gave it like seven and a half half of ten but the preface. I am like obsessed with hats. The musical I discovered it when I was seven in on bts and it was on the HR. And I didn't do anything else. Other than watch cats the musical for the rest of the vacation. Oh so I had to go not the movie when it came out. You haven't seen for cats okay. So is there anything about it that you could have done better well so I didn't love that. They included such big name. People in the movie. I thought it took away from it. Especially rebel Wilson and James Corden. I love them separately. I think they're so funny but the characters that they portrayed are not supposed to be funny in the musical all and so in the movie they kind of like turn their characters and do a joke and it started the movie off really poorly. I think it's I think ended really. Wow I think that all the rest of the characters even like Jason Real. I think he did a pretty good job but I think that they would have kept it like the main character who played the story. She did a beautiful job. You so you know way too much. My cats you enjoyed. It is a huge catch fan. Yeah well thank you see people down into cats officer. Happy that you call colleen and thanks for calling planning we talk to Troy Troy. How much did you love the movie? Cats oh out of five stars I give it one. I fell asleep. It was bad really to our where you sleepy before you went. Maybe that's the problem or is this. It was that bad. It was pretty bad and smoke a little. On the way they're getting stoned or go into cats is not a could. I do feel like Andrew Lloyd. Webber must have been somebody wrote exactly. Were Jason Derulo Swan. Can you see girlfriend. Remember digitally all the way out though. Just Kinda they deed they D- Schwantz them Kendall. Yeah but other than that. You're saying just just to save your money don't don't force it. Don't go see cats saving money. Yes enjoy what. Are you doing this weekend. Anything Fun Work and then partying yes. We'll sounds like it all right man. Thanks thanks for listening to us. Any of you have a movie. Everyone hated but you loved like it did terrible. Yeah Fox office if because I do. What is from Justin to Kelly after? Kelly Clark's in American idol. And they made a movie about you frog very nice. Yeah Borat great movie. What are you talking about because everybody round he makes fun of me for loving it? They all said it was stupid celerion movie. Hey let's move to TV. We've been talking about this. New Show called my feet are killing me. Oh God please no disgusting grow from the same people who brought you. Dr Pimple Popper. I'm GONNA vomit if you haven't seen the trailer Google the trailer and try not to talk to Jay Jay. Did you finally go watch. My feet are killing me on. TLC Yes I good morning guys. Was this thing feet. Just even when they're clean and beautiful to me. They're just nasty but these are nasty extra nasty like they have things growing off of him and stuff and they shave. Barnacle off of Nichols well. Last night I was watching it and and you know they are medical conditions but One gentleman had Elephant Titus feet. But I don't remember what the actual medical name was for. And he just looked like sit up on stuck together under his feet. The Feet I. I Love Cinema and I think that would be kind of Nice. Davis new guy is feet look like cinema sweating his feet look anti n pretzels. His cinema bunions. So okay. So there's one guy hit cinnabon feet go ahead the same female described. She said that her feet hurt. She had something that felt like needles poking the back of her heels and then she said that she she had this big toenail that was super long and it was protruding off the actual bed mail and it was blackened and it said that her. It's smell like whet corn chips. Never ever say that again. I'm calling the COPS. Oh we have the room like this is not good all right. So here's what's funny about. What Jay Doing? He's telling you about the most disgusting things that happen on. My feet are killing me and the ratings are going to triple this weekend because people want to go see this mess. My staff go to youtube like you know. Watch the trailer. nope no corn chips. I repeat it frog. Stop it stop it. All of the J we gotta go. I'm going to throw it on. Grey Week as you guys keep keep breaking everybody smile. You guys are doing a great big thank you. We weren't ask the worst. I was watching ninety fiance on demand so they have a commercial one commercial between all the brakes and it was that damn commercial every single time bad. Aw It's feet like you've never seen the two doctors are hot. She's hot and he's not. I don't WanNA shake their hands. Can we say hi to Detective Brian Downey. Can we see how do you are you officially here or not. I don't know yes or no officially unofficial so in our friend Brian Detective Brian of course. NYPD we're we're on his way to work so he's on his way down so stop by say hi. He's all dressed up looking fine. Any smells good. Smells good when lined up to sniff. Detective I can only reaches belly button. How tall are you Brian? Six six your six six. And how short are you. I am five one on a good day so five one KGO stand up is okay. If he's standing next to Bremen not gonNA take take pictures. Let's see without becoming suggestive gun. No pictures needed so your eyeballs. Come up to his nipples so love you practically. It's like your big eyeballs tables. What this reminds me that picture of you and shack remember that picture Hewitt seculow neocolonial? My eyeballs come up below his nipples. That was crazy. It's really fun. I know it was like strategically placed anyway So we have our NYPD. We whenever there's something going on with NYPD good or sad or challenging whatever. I'm always in contact with Brian to say. Hey what do you need or congratulations and we appreciate everything you do. We do have a favorite punk. Johnny just walked in. Can you throw them on the ground and arrested and tased him as okay Johnny. All right well thank you. Detective Brian. We appreciate you coming in in my PD in the house. He's unofficially here. You didn't hear him. You know nothing nothing all right. We have to get into the three things you need to know Gandhi. What's going on right now right? The NTSB is joining the investigation into that plane crash. That killed one hundred and seventy six people in Iran because now there is growing evidence that the jetliner might have been shot down by an Iranian surface to air missile. That that plane went down the exact same time that Iran was firing ballistic missiles at US forces in Iraq this week. Cas Twenty Twenty in vegas. We know that's a big tech conference where they unveil all all types of new gadget tree and so far the overall pick for best new product is really cool. It's called the brain codex and it's a prosthetic arm. That is actually controlled by your thoughts thoughts. I want one. How do they do this stuff? Okay I need a stirred arm. Hold your God I feel like everyone. Beginning slept all day. Just your thoughts. The third harm penises currently located. Is that the answer. You're looking for totally. I gotTA match. Finally how about this. We always talk about the importance of giving in doing something. Nice for other people will now a new study in China found that doing something nice for someone else. Works like a pain reliever an. I actually showed that. It lowers the amount of activity in the part of the brain. That reacts to pain and even works with chronic conditions So maybe go out and be nice today. I feel a little a better excellent. Thank you Gandhi. A phone tap coming up. Who's doing the phone taps? Gary this is a very special one because it's our receptionist Anita's last day so we're gonNA play the jingle angle ball ticket phone tap one that we can we bring in and thank her for being such a great a great dead mom absolutely love all right. So you're in your farewell. Anita phone tap coming up next to rain in the morning show one gorgeous curls and waves anytime anywhere the unbound unbound cordless auto curler from conair let you experience. 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One crime for suspects can you. Did you solve it. We are living in complicated times. I'm seventy rule. MSNBC ANCHOR AND NBC SEE News correspondent and in my new podcast modern rules. I'm going to be spending time unpacking. Some of the hairiest of today's top decided I was going to be a survivor survivor. The price breath. If you're bored they want new. It's America listening subscribed minute podcast. Modern rules on Apple. podcast the iheartradio APP wherever you get your podcast. This room always has cure smells. I smell lettuce. That's me Danielle. How Unhealthy Lettuce Salad last night and I threw a whole bunch of good stuffing sounds great and better don also smells like meat stick? What could that be big? Daddy's chewing on a meat stick SAMBA. Cha Stick froggy not the first the bragging. Your first meet six. Did your first Rodeo Pal. Wow Miami who makes you just meet Dick. They're called chops and every time I walk into the other room because they sent us to try so everyone's fighting over the meat sticks but they keep referring to them as meat sticks and it's just a strange strange conversations. Make sticks. I mean you could call them beef Jerky Jerky. These seem processed in some way. They're not so good. Excuse calmed I'm down Greece's only scary thing you don't have an opinion slash slash. It says good stuff. No flaw in. It says it says you can say whatever you want. There's only like five things in their scary any of the five things meet. Yes Turkey sneak. Have you had some of these leaks day. If I had a small the big meat stick itis itis titus small one. Yes it was very good. It's did you find the small meets Dick satisfying. Did you crave more meat stick or when I got to the very bottom of the meat the meat sticks slid out of the container. Yeah that's gotTa Hurt Alad. He'll gladly give you the small. I want to make sure the meat six days containing it's a fight to the death for these meat sticks. They're keeping track of how many go every day and they're like who took meet stick. Sorry sorry what's old in these gay. And he wears a toupee. When are you getting a new to pay? They got it. They brought it. And what is it horrifying home. Is it still at home in the back having another one made. Can you imagine a Horace Russell horrified to pay. No you know this one was down like this and it was on. Speak into the microphone. Johnny that's it was. It wasn't very nice. It was a horrible thing. A helmet was line. Was it like a like a short in the front long. Come on. It was long everywhere they had to cut it. WHAT WE'RE GONNA fit properly it? He doesn't he doesn't have have headphones phones on frog by now. That has the headphones on. No he's he's been in radio for forty seven thousand go. I can hear now hype froggy uncle Johnny Look like a Muskrat laying on your head uncle. Johnny no this doesn't look bad. Does it looks all go. The other one looks good. No it doesn't look at the back of his hairpiece hairpiece it. I'm going bald. It looks. It doesn't look right. Oh what can we just trim that little ratty part ratty the back of your hairpiece looks like it. Looks ready this johnny part of the problem with your hairpieces. You take it off and put it on seventeen people's heads that's part of the problem now. The part of the problem is those people take it off my head. I never touch it up my head. What that's Alex and Elvis? ooh I wanNA touch your hairpiece. I'll get rabies B.'s. Will tell you when we were all there. Were twelve percents in this villa in Italy every night people will get drunken steel uncle Johnny hairpiece and he had to look around this massive How these kids chasing? It's all over going over there over there and we were playing the happy and then you. I didn't forget where you put it in the morning. I did that night when I went to bed. Could say they'd sleep on me so I had to hide it. Wait a minute would come in and find it everywhere. That's why really all right Johnny Johnny Johnny. Let's focus on why you're here. You're you're making a cocktail in a few minutes not yet we've got to got to play the phone okay. All right and I don't know uh-huh focus on. Ym here yes. After ten years you want to focus on it. I think ten years is a great great tenure ended all today I tell you what. Let's just move onto the phone tap and then we'll come back in Johnny's GonNa serve a cocktail. I just my my point is this. We don't like to get drunk in the morning anymore so I don't know all right so wh- diamond does diamond will drink. Yeah we do have ZIP right. Well we'll I have a SIP. Okay at bid. Then I'll make non alcoholic drinks from now on okay. That'd be awesome. Do that uncle or make lasagna in California I like I do. We gotta go by the way next week. We're doing free phone taps TAE. Thanks to our friends at Raoult's homemade. Yeah tell you a lot of especially are Italian friends if you tell them that you're you're using sauce that you buy off the shelf and a grocery store they get mad at you. Raoult's does is the one you can go to and it's so good and so they're sponsoring are thousand thousand dollars pre money phone cuppa red wine. A quarter of a cup of red wine in it it off my gosh. It's amazing so anyway today. We say as today her last day. Today's her last official day we have a retirement. Anita Anita has been working at the front desk iheart for forever and she's just a light. She glows she's positive. She helps people in her spare airtime. She does things for people that she doesn't even talk about. Because he doesn't WANNA BRAG or make it sound like bragging anita is just a great friend. We're going to miss her so much. So this is a phone tap. We played on Anita during Jingle Ball season. And we're going to have her on in a few minutes to say goodbye. So here you go your Anita phone tap listen to great. She's always Elvis. The Elvis Duran phone tap all right scary. What's it all about today? Okay so Anita Annemarie are two of the receptionists at the Front Desk of our business office and they spend and all day answering business calls for several of our radio stations now sometimes listeners. Trying to win radio station contests Google wrong context number and called them by mistake so I thought it would be hilarious to phone tap both Anita and Annemarie at the business office front desk all right and pretend to be one of those. How's listeners trying to win a radio contact? Okay we're gonNA mess with Anita. I win the tickets. The wrong number. What station re-train each trying to reach? What Jingle Ball tickets? Okay so this is the wrong number. It's eight hundred two four two. Do One zero. What call her my though? I don't know this is the wrong number. How did they get the winner? Though I don't know you have to call could you could you. Could you find out iheartmedia my number one hundred yes one hundred okay and this is the number you need is eight hundred eighty eight eight eight hundred eight hundred eight hundred eight hundred to fourteen counted from this number now. Aren't you part of that the station this is the business line. That's not the studio line. But Your Business Okay. You have a good day I iheartradio. Hi Hung up on. Did they make it to one hundred. Yeah this is the place the business. I don't have time for this. I understand I understand but I no. It's not no games. I don't have time to play games. Trying to participate. Tests are trying to protect debut and eight hundred. Nobody if you called it and it's busy that's because because other people are calling iheartmedia to file a complaint. The Guy said the conscious resolve our. I missed it will. You're you're calling the wrong number to begin with no but I was in. I had a place in line on the phone and didn't answer number sixty three number sixty four. I usually take the wrong number. I was unique to call the number the time that old happened. The Guy said it was over in the next hour. Okay well I'm sorry. Yeah I don't know what to I. Don't know what to say tickets. I don't sorry you would have to call in and win the ticket station right. The business line. This is not the station tickets. I don't know they don't tell me when they're giving them away and you find out they they don't give that information out you know that they don't give that information out to anybody going to need to talk to somebody. You could speak to someone in promotions. I'm trying to win this for my brother Transplant Hospital. Yeah I mean I I really don't know what to tell you all expensive on stubhub. I can't afford them and I'm sorry I don't know what to tell you. Listen I'm desperate. Could you please help call number back to win tickets. Okay only down conspiracy to get busy signals. Ringing ringing and ringing allow iheartmedia. Excuse me our file a complaint. I been calling people. Keep telling me they win these tickets. Do you have anything to do with your life instead of playing games. This women's tickets my brothers and the hospital so I want to file a complaint. Really what do you WanNa complaint with would you. What's your name? Don't worry about my name. I'm not giving you my name. You crazy what's your name. You are crazy. I'm not giving you my name. You only a pair of tickets. Gets you any tickets. Because I lost out on the contest it was done fairly demon. You have nothing else to do call station and play games on trying to play the game. I've trying to play the contents go to the show. Let's none of your business actually ticket. You could sell me not to give out to you so much. This was the secret line to get it in this day. It's no secret lines the secret. The Elvis Duran personally list-serve. You've called you about ten times already and I'm really tired of it. This is a place the business had tried to be nice to you. You will not accept my kindness and I have a job to do jingle ball ticket okay. You're just being absolutely ruled like now. Oh and I will not tolerate it. It's scary sorry the composer that's why are the vice president. I get calls like this all day all day long Gary by the way that is Anita's real laughing we all over so much in the fact she's leaving you might as well. Just turn off the lights and go home. I don't even want to come to work without a neither here anyway. That is her real life. Bring her in in here in a few minutes. You'll you'll meet the real anita. She's just pretty amazing. That's great scary. Thank you TONITA. Thank you for all your years putting up with us and Like always like to say Every time I go to the men's room and I I'm at the urinal and I have myself in my hand. You know what I'm saying. Is She starts laughing in the next. I can hear her so it makes me look down and go kinda she laughing at that. I wonder sometimes anyway. They all have Idea for a phone tap lettuce. No I don't find a way to let us know I thank you. Anita we lost her. She'll be like I said in here in a few moments. Let's get into the Daniel report. Danielle I have an idea every time you say something funny uneatable all right. What do you have a going onto that? Leonardo DiCaprio brielle environmental organizations donating three million bucks to the Australian wildlife relief effort pretty cool Selena Gomez we know that she comes and goes when it comes the two Social Media She's one hundred sixty five million instagram followers. But a lot of times because you know the way people are on instagram. She needs to take a break for mental health. Says that once. Her new album comes out January tenth. What Winston wait a minute? Let's today that's today so her new albums is out today. It's called rare. Once it comes out today she is going to take a little bit of a break from instagram. So she's going to step away for a little bit of time so people stop being eight holes on instagram. It'll be a whole. She wouldn't have to do that but unfortunately Chris Martin is saying that hold play has no career aspirations left that they've met every single one there at this place where they all they feel like they just exist as a service to their fans and their songs. Are there if you really want to hear them. That's it's the best way to do. Business do it because you love it. Not because you have to prove anything John Legend Foo Fighters Leash Keys. Chris Martin they are among the artists will perform at the grammys tribute to prints prince. That will air on CBS later this year. So that will be fun. I know when they announced it was going to be like a saved by the bell. Revival people come back. WHO's he's not coming back so we didn't know if Mark Paul Gaza was Gonna come back? It looks like they just had to Redo his schedule and figure it out and it looks like he will be coming bad busiest he. Tiffany I in one of those like not suit some show like that. Yeah he's also in in the in the show his character Zach. That will be the governor of California. Oh He's a producer on the show. I T wants to people. Watch the tiffany thesis. She is in talks to comeback. They're finalizing allies in her schedule as well so television is a lot this weekend. You've got jeopardy you've got Net flicks the series medical police. Also also the series premiere of Aj Aj and the Queen. You've got a lot of football going down because they've got to make some Divisional playoffs this weekend and on. HBO The premiere of the outsider. And if you're you're into awards because it is award season Taye Diggs will be hosting the twenty fifth annual critics choice awards on Sunday. We'll Elvis Duran. I love musicals. Cold and flu season is here. But that doesn't mean it has to slow your family down. That's because clorox disinfecting wipes kills ninety nine point nine percent of germs to help keep your family happy and healthy so stock up on clorox disinfecting products US directed on hard non-porous surfaces guys. How are Ya go morning? I just love you guys. You guys are my favorites brody. Which means brody was wrong? Brodie remember the last time I went to the bathroom. And the ALFALFA show Elvis Duran in the morning show so I'm really digging that meet stick with just eight right. I got a little bit between the teeth. Some meat stick between. Thanks normally I have flaws sticks and I don't have any flaw stick. So this is killing me. Having a meek stick but during your teeth chimerical elvis all about froggy froggy. You're very intrigued with my homosexuality. I think you should explore that a little more. I tried to get you know. Listen you told me before that you didn't want to do anything with me before the because you're my brother I don't I don't want to go that with weird where I come from. That's normal but you're not from North Carolina. Okay so apologies to everyone from North Carolina polluting anyway. Uncle Johnny has a cocktail on the way. Also we have to say goodbye to Anita. She is just an important part of our family. As soon as you can get in here bring legitimacy probably walk in as long as it's legit music. Scary this go around the room producer. Sam What's on in your mind today now my around the room actually is about Anita and it's a reminder just to do good things for people whenever you're able when I was coming in for my interview for the internship turn ship. I got myself so lost that I was far on the other side of the city terrible direction and I called the general number for help and Anita was the person to pick up he. She didn't know me and she stayed on the phone with me the entire time until she made sure I knew where I was going. It must have been a seven minute conversation and I came in and I thank turn turn. She's probably a large part of the reason. I'm even here today. I'll never forget that I love you so much. Thank you for being amazing to a stranger. what's on your mind wind today scary two things first of all happy birthday to my mother. Roseanne scary invents in Brooklyn. I love you mom. Mommy and secondly I didn't. I can't believe that I'm the last person. Listen to know that. Why corn corn flakes were invented? Google these words why were cornflakes invented Dr Kellogg years ago set up an institution itution health institution upstate New York and not only was it meant to help people cleanse their systems in their bowels and their intestines from impurities go fuck cornflakes would do that but also They thought that would stop people from masturbating. Yeah I do it while eating my cornflakes to me rev me up it is restored. There's actually a movie out about it starring What's his Matthew Broderick? Yes I don't want to hand jam if you know what I'm saying. Thank you okay. But there's it's supposed to make you stop correct and the more they don't have the urge more eight. The moral opposites no taste to cornflakes. They're just like a rooster on the cover. You Know Gandhi what. I need to know why people are so triggered by all things horoscope because I posted something on my instagram story yesterday. That said Aries Leo Sagittarius Capricorn and. They're toasting cheers knowing their their superior. You're you're signed. A lot of people were like. Yeah we are my God but the people who I left off of that list and it wasn't even mine. I found it somewhere else have been. Hey deeming me saying how dare you leave me out. One one of those people was Sam. News Virgos are awesome. I wanted people so triggered by the horoscope because people are out of their minds every one of our interns at our phone screen in this before every time someone asked me. Hey Elvis what sign are you on the Leo. No-go yeah what do you mean. Oh no you're fine. I know it was people just need to be triggered. What's up Danielle? Would like to thank froggy this morning. Some Kellogg's no one ever Larry. So don't we got the Peleton bike. FROGGY has it as well and I love it. The problem is is that the see it when I get off of it. My lady parts are numb. I can't fail them. They're like it's so weird. So froggy told me about this e that's GonNa fix it. He said it's fixed. His wife is lady parts and I just wanted to Amazon. So thank you froggy very welcome so for those who have numb lady parts of their right on the Peleton. She killed through froggy. We could beat it with a frying pan. You wouldn't feel anything I'm telling you. I got off last night. I didn't even know I had a lady there. You Go. I told my husband honey. I can't feel it anymore. Did you to make sure it was still there. Yeah I felt around. It was still clearly eating cornflakes loud. They may I have please. I love cornflake so Anita Anita has been at the front desk for so many two years and she's been a part of family for so many years and now she's decided to get a life have eight ladies and gentlemen. I welcome the one and only from the front desk of Media Anita by the Kelloggs cornflakes kill take me back. That's old school. Yes I knew you you when you worked at what was light. FM owned by a different company in a different building. That's right and then you came to join us now. How many years ago was that? That was twelve years ago. Elvis yes been total. I've been here. Nineteen and a half years told long journey. What an amazing journey and it wasn't just the free food either cool? Yeah exactly. I loved everything about it. Because you've been amazing to me and I will always be amazing to you whenever you need anything. We'll always be here for you. They've got many nays many nicknames but a lot of people call me the I- I heart and I hope I always will be that the the high the heart and that's what I would like to always. You're the heart. He's so most people listen to our radio station every day or listen to our podcast and they forget to remember that this is a company and it. It's a it's a business it's a it's an. It's an office building with doors and bathrooms and sexy not. We don't have secretaries assistance and stuff stuff like copy machines so we when you come in. I don't know when you when you come in to do business at IHEART. The first stop is the front desk and Anita has always been in on the Anita thrown raining court and she's always the first impression you get when you walk into this place in so this this isn't just like working in some office building. This this place has a heart you want it all starts with Anita thank you so much. L. That's amazing. Thank you so much I mean I have been shown such great appreciation like I've always been treated well always been treated like a queen here. Always these last few weeks has been almost overwhelming. Oh man I mean I just I still. Sometimes I say I don't want to minimize but I said my God I come in and I smile. I try to be nice to everybody but the love that I've gotten in return I I can't make the connection to it. It's all coming so thank you so much I mean it's been a pleasure. I love being good to people. I love trying to represent the company in the best way A.. And myself and my mom said no matter. What's going on in your life? Always put your best foot forward. Always bring your best or whatever you do always be kind to people. And that's what I live by and I I my mom's been gone awhile now but I think she'd be very proud of me as your today. I think I did alright. I always when when you hear why we love her. Go ahead always judge artists and whether or not the artist is nice whether they stop at the front desk and talk to her so if an artist like just bypasses sir and doesn't have a conversation with our when they leave. I go home. I got an attitude a little list. That's the people that everybody's been busy. Yeah what's up froggy. I just want to say every. Hey and the every single time that I come into that building and I'm not there very often but when I am there is always one of the very things things I know. I must do and must stop stop by the front desk and see Anita and she makes me feel like. She's so happy to see me every single time. I just want to say I love you. You make my day every time I see you on your just the sweetest person to encounter. Thank you for all you do appreciate that. I do a lot of a seem to love to see you. froggy she he really does. She really likes Ghandi so Anita made me feel so good when I came here I met you guys. I was really nervous because obviously there was a lot going on in my life changing jobs potentially and you're the first person that I encountered when I walked in here and you made me feel so happy and can you give me compliments and you made me feel comfortable and you set the ball rolling down the right path and I love you for it and I thought this is the right place. Women's seeing that makes me feel feel really good. 'cause I especially like with new interns coming in. I know they're nervous. They're you know feeling uncomfortable out of sorts and always WanNa make them feel welcome and know now is going to be okay. We're all nice here you know. And they're going to have a good experience. So you're what you're hearing here is real deal. Anita this is not a script this it sounds it sounds. It's almost too good to be true so I wanna say something to them. I don't want to embarrass you but I do know for a fact that every two weeks we we get paid we food. I heart believe it or not. They still have money and I know that every every two weeks a large chunk of what you get you send out to others who are in need and who needs some Lovin who needed Who are out there? Trying to live their dream. They just can't find the footing and you help them find that we we know you do that and I know that you don't want anyone to know you do that. You keep it secret but I wanted to bring it out loud because I want everyone to use any to as an example on many different levels and how to live your life so when you leave the IHEART IHEART family to go out into the cold cruel world. You'll be coming back in time to really well. That's what are you planning on doing with your time. Now that you are going to have more time out in the real world well I WANNA WANNA I wanNA travel some. I WANNA go back to Paris I want to go to Hawaii. I WanNa go on some cruises. I want to go to Nashville Tennessee. 'cause I love country music and it's something I've always wanted to do and it's not that it's unattainable. I just never really had the time to do it so now I have time time to do. These things L.. I want to tell a story. Oh Yeah so you bought up me trying to help people and I'm in the midst of doing some things right now. I always Sam because I believe that that we our brother's keeper and we should try to help people when we can and I believe it all comes back. It has in many many ways and sometimes it doesn't always come. I'm back to who you think it might come back from so I always try to give and put out there and I've been so blessed in return but the one time I ever accident any money I've always done on my own with my paycheck and And I never asked any money never asked for any help and the one time did go fund me And I asked for I think it was Three thousand dollars. 'cause I was really broke and Somebody started off with fifty dollars and Elvis Duran finished off with two thousand five hundred dollars. It was from me. That's that was the end of that. Just shut down. Elvis has a clean desk yet. uh-huh Elvis and I want to thank you. I didn't want to embarrass you but I just want to let everybody know who everybody knows anyway. But how wonderful your heart is. And I can't thank you enough of that. We'll thank you need. It looks like you so I'll be back before you know it. He got just retired for the party. Probably be so not quite sure what this means so anita you travel. Yeah when you'RE GONNA go to Paris Bente Paris back again when you're taking with you well me and my husband will go and I've known yeah all right so the morning show wants to do a few things for you saw. We would like to fly you and Rodney round trip first class to Paris. Whenever you're ready to go all Anita we would like to send you Rodney First Class Round trip to Nashville? Whenever you're ready to go anita we would like to send you on a Norwegian cruise? Whenever you're ready to go you WANNA go Anita Anita Anita? There's more we would like there are things you wanna fill in the blanks with. Maybe you want to get a hotel and some of these places we also WanNa give you ten thousand dollars to spend any way. Oh you want so whenever you go. You don't spend the weekend at the bus terminal because they love you Out into your world of travel if you want to take the money and send it to friends who are in need you spin it any way you want because we want you to get. There's no way we could pay you. The God bless you thank you and keep in wonderful and and know that I will be way sooner than you think so. God bless you all I love love you all. Thank you for loving me. She said she's going to do fill INS. They're going to be calling you every day. Permanent Person attending thanked the crews and the the the Perez trip in the Nashville have to all be taken in the next seven days in that lab. So let me tell you if you're lucky as we are to have an anita in your life you're blessed. We love you need to do. And by the way if you wanna a follow Anita on her travels. She is now officially on Instagram Scipio. It's Anita Sei API at Anita. Very clever wasn't that funny. No one's been on the switchboard for eleven minutes. Now I hate for them to Kenya on your last day. Sir Love I love Anita Baker. Stay she'll be back to understand. He's got to travel now a lot of trouble. We love our anita miss because whenever she's Alan there's somebody up there on the first thing I say is where is she. Never the thing johnny cartels on the way to celebrate yet. Also I got to play some Justin Bieber for you because I'm so excited his song Yummy I love it. Have you done the yummy dance yet. Now what's your deal back after this good morning blocked all control of the rain in the morning. WW formerly weight watchers has launched their most customized program ever join ww today and unlock your customized weight. Loss plan that can make losing weight easier go do ww W. dot com and join today with the wwe triple play offer ends January thirteenth purchase required restrictions. Apply so much to get to here. We got caught with uncle. Johnny get some sound I keep I keep calling Garrett Gavin. I don't nothing of Gavin and on me I don't even give it is I know a Gavin but I'm not thinking about her Gavin close. We actually spent Christmas Mus in Italy with a guy named Garrett. Did you think of me. No but uncle Johnny Calling Gavin and we and we and we kept making fun of his name is now. I'm calling him. I did it once thanks. I know you did it for twenty five times I. It's okay so we gotta get some drinks out of Michael Johnny Way to sober for my liking. Also I wanNA play Klay Yummy. I'm so happy that a justin bieber is breaking all sorts of records with this song. This week I mean it was as they say in Rodeo. The most added Song and radio. This week I mean it just to hear that just going to come out with some new music and get a tour we're going to share. He's got he's claiming we've got that Danielle's report. Where do you WANNA start straight nate? Come on sound and by the way. Also thank you to everyone who who's texting in a loving loving Our Anita as we bid her farewell. She is a lovely lady. We should all be more like Anita. I just walked by to give her a hug. Because I didn't get to because of where I sit in here and couldn't reach her and she. She was crying like all the way crying. She said I cannot believe what just happened. So amazing scaring her brand new instagram account. Just quadrupled follow her S. C. I P. DOT COM. Anita's give you Sei pyeho Anita scuitto. Let's get into sound Garett. What's going all right? So we'll Smith. He's out promoting bad boys for life that is in theaters today and stop the tonight show and him Jimmy Fallon they wrapped will Smith's career. Here's a little clip of it in every Monday on the Silky. Thank I guess All right let's talk a little sports. How about cricket so a British player was playing cricket? And if you're familiar it's kind of like baseball but not combined with golf. Baseball baseball player was hitting the growing three times during a game. And this is the third time and the announcer started laughing at fortunately is the third time this evening. Yeah he might not get out from. This is not a good shot partners looking quite concerned doc. Laughing at the guy three times in a game hitting the ball three times no once is enough all right so it's new music. Friday the Elvis. You have your Elvis Duran new music Friday on iheartradio. This is a playlist. We're going to update every Friday for you because we always play new music. Everyone's like what's that song you played. You could check it out iheartradio. Let's start with this halls. You just put out a new song you should be said. It's a little country little dancey and sounds like very halls in Jersey. You further is that they could be allegedly. It's about a one G. He eats in the song and she goes. I'm glad I didn't have your babies. Oh Go Selena Gomez. She has a new album out to did a big release right here on Iheartradio last night and put out new song called rare way Jillian michaels. Yes she helped. Write the album by the way also in the playlist This comes from your best assistant. Andrew Andrew Caroline Paul Paul check. This is called so hot. You're hurting my feelings. Carolina Politics Yes so heart. You're hurting my feelings. Eh Song about our very own nate. All Right Mack Miller. We learned that he his family is putting out an album of music. He was working on before he passed away. This is the first song from that album. It's called good news on Morning like you done Interesting from yeah. Different different VIBE. From Mac Miller Lisa Keith put this out. Yesterday it's called underdog a lot of people are in it. Avoid straightened method single. Those waiting on your own sons on Sir. My goal would a great song keys an underdog you far. This is my favorite one. There you go on a group of has a song called the leader Nineteen Ninety-four all right and then from the birds of prey soundtrack. Meghan stallion and normany. This is diamonds cakes. Shoot a bit. But I'll tell you real twisty the speed this much there. She has got some great music. Today yes listen. Where working here on this again? Elvis Duran new music Friday on iheartradio Elvis Duran New Music Friday on iheartradio. Yes so wild every Friday. We'll update it for you so you don't have have to D M S. Where what was that song we played? You can always check it iheartradio. Thank you. You're welcome you'RE GONNA marry. We're GONNA play Yummy in a few minutes. I need cocktails. Okay Johnny Uncle Johnny. He is over two time for on Johnny. All right so what what are you. What are you I gotta start off the New Year the roaring twenties my mother was born in one hundred years ago? Right and and I decided it would be a Manhattan cocktail right. And that's what I'm making it. We're going to start off the do in Manhattan with a Manhattan all right. Let's give you some roaring twenties music this music. That was hot. When you're going into the newry yes I know it's a new roaring twenty three warring warring into the twenty nine? I'm going to get Allan Sir. Mix them in the top line of legal gambling in Manhattan. I wish I could drink point. I'm going to have a sip of one. Johnny I gotTa be responsible today just today. Do you ever drink man. And it is so Manhattan you got some Bourbon or yes well. It's bourbon microphone uncle Johnny into the microphone. Bourbon whiskey you usually. If you're making team won it would be like an ounce and a half it's just bidders in there as well and then we have orange bidders a splash of orange bidders and then a little red vermouth and you stir don't shake it and I have a Black Cherries from Italy which I got when I was there. No friend of mine told me about it. And and that's what's in knits and they're delicious sip one while you're telling uncle John Okay all right. Johnny jokes the people like he's younger. Donna Commission we. I need to my joke. STRONG-SMELLING L. and I'm very nervous Johnny. I'm Johnny these are the perfect Manhattan glasses by the way. And you'll see pictures up at Elvis Duran show. Oh that's GONNA shame. where's my rowing after? Twenty saying we're drinking some Manhattan potent. Now they're supposed to be very strong. Venue upped for my palate. Thank you under those. We'll do you johnny. That's very good. I like that a lot cherry. Yes Oh yes I said. It's very Nice Janis. Yeah for your roaring twenties jokes. Yes okay here we go all right here. We go for the jokes of two twenty twenty twenty twenty twenty yes. That's it okay. It's so cold. Hi Paul it's so cold scary. Scarlet breath freezes before it reaches anyone Pittsburgh they sell cold. How cold is it so cold? Danielle is enabled to spoil the ending of TV shows. It's so cold it's so cold. Gandhi is putting coal in her bomb. Real real color in your okay so cold so cold my teeth chattering on my night table. Okay so it's so cold for a pair of gloves. Brodie admitted he was wrong about something. he was getting guards but he admitted he was wrong about sentence so we got a free pair with right. I have no idea what that means. I really have no frigging clue what that could possibly make. But anyway what's next all right. It's so cold. Oh cold cold. Elvis was stiff in front of a woman. The good so cold so cold nate. I was shivering so hard we thought he was having another stroke. Johnny Jackson. Let's say you know. Some of them were great limited unusual. Now you have. You have a better record today. Congratulate go thank you so much. Those Black Cherries are amazing for those. And you won't be able to drink just took someone like no Polish off. Yeah Yeah I love Manhattan Johnny. I got to tell you this is a fantastic Manhattan. I've never had one this early in the morning. Thank you I know if you're drinking a drink named if your favorite city aww borrow let's get into the Daniel report. Danielle all right so Janis. It's so cold royal family. It is getting heated. Apparently Prince Harry came out with that statement about leaving the family earlier than the Queen wanted him to. She told him not to do it. He he did it anyway. Sources are saying. They're in panic mode over there and he could be punished. How we don't know spanking spanking what do you do? I mean I was thinking earlier. They behead them they'd say still be severe them up in the Tower of London Bridge Tower. Go ahead and say they don't do that anymore. But okay a speaking of the royal family. You know Madame. So's should have a royal joust. Yes matter they bring him here. We'll put him at medieval times and they can house. Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum in London. They have an exhibit of the Royal Family on one side of the king and queen is Kate Middleton and of course Prince William on the other side was was Prince Harry and Meghan but they have moved them tabled into another part of their hanging out like in a timeout. PUT THEM BY BTS Cardi V. Brad Pitt says that Bradley Cooper is the person who helped him with his sobriety. He said in an event in Hollywood. I got sober because of this guy in every day has been happier ever since. That's pretty cool. There is a rumor that a jaw remake is in the works that would be fought. While wouldn't be fun but Larry's it would be. I still can't swim in the ocean because of the first jars that came up fifty thousand years ago. You know this would be even worse. You know. They'll make this unless they shark NATO and then forget about it but I don't think it'll be like that and everybody donates excited about this the HBO Docu Series Mic. Millions is about the McDonald's monopoly -opoly game and how it was rigged between nineteen ninety five to two thousand one premieres February third on. HBO and they are saying that. That's what happened that this is guy who was in charge of all these pieces while giving the winning pieces to people and they won the money and it was like gangsters and psychics and Strip club owners and confict perfect cool. Yeah so it's GonNa be good coming out and February seventh so get ready for that on. HBO Third. I'm sorry February third. How do we get ready for that? I always told us to get ready. The mind my rights. They get ready. Get excited already prepare the couch birthday. I'm very extensive line. uh-huh Friday tonight is jeopardy. But it's not the greatest of all time that will continue on Tuesday and then if they need another one after that they'll give us another one. Also Netflix gives you the series premiere of Medical Police. You've got Aj and the queen on net flicks. There's a lot of football weekend. We know that you want you can watch watch the critics choice awards and HBO gives you the series Premiere of the outside. Thank you my Danielle Right I want to say. Congratulations to my Buddy Justin Bieber. He released his Song Yummy this week. And it's very important to note that it was the most added song across the country on radio station. Number One added. This week is yummy weekend with the Justin Bieber and Yummy. Yeah you got that John Young Uh they stand on ice. Stay on the side. In number wine mecom Mariah Carey ways sunset Ghana. It back. You got I'm sitting Kimmy on. There is both control myself from compromised. You're incriminating notice. Notice guys running applies skill. Set back when you're young Bert. uh-huh the covenant. Lambeau mom away drew house slippers on. What a smile Alabama? uh-huh they wait. I'm so excited to hear more from Justin Bieber this year. Excellent thank you that is yummy. Congratulations Justin being a big first week. Out Hey what do you want to. I one sip of Manhattan. That uncle Johnny hammered. Stop it strong. You look great off because you had three cents Daniel. You Wanna eat my cherry now. I I love. That's one of the reasons I love ordering Manhattan's they they come with that Cherry. Yeah I always that little black shirt love it. There's no data from Italy. It says it but the Bible says the original American Cherry. Maybe this is the original because we're used to those neon colored red ones. These are real deal called. Look sorrow a deliverer. Pleasure called look cool gotta take a break. We'll be back let's go. Let's go drink and eighth part of today's show Elvis Duran on demand free show posted every day. Search Elvis Duran on demand only on iheartradio APP Elvis Duran and the morning shell L. Elvis stories in the morning show. Hey Andrew how are you this morning good how are you doing okay. Hey let me tell you a little story about Andrew. He learned recently. He wasn't being retained because of his company merging with another company. But about a month ago. You found out right yes so you went for your first interview for a new job today. How nerve wracking was that? And how did you do I think it was pretty good. It was really nerve wracking I kind of felt like I mean I wanna jinx anything but taught like kind of like I hope I will get the job. We'll wait okay. Well let's let's talk about that. Let's let's call it what it is did you. Do you feel like you did really well all in the interview very electric. I guess you could say look look even if there is a there is a chance. Even if you don't get this position listen you know that you went in and you did your best and you feel like there's electric city and you never know why you would or would not be hired by them but good for you as long as you've walked out feeling good but isn't a job you really want. I yes it is actually. I've been looking for this position this type of position for a long time now and I kind of fell into my lap. I applied to it. Just kinda called me. Good that's a good. It was I heart media because we know some people I wish all right. We'll good a lot of people are going through this. Because at the end of the year the end of two thousand nine hundred nine a lot of companies to merge mergers like yours or through whatever you know downsizing whatever reasons they let people go not never really figured out why they have to let people go during the holidays they say it's because of the fiscal year is between January to December. Whatever I dunno let people go right before summer then go out and play and get Tan? Well Andrew. Best Luck to you. Thank you worry about to say. I was actually talking to one of my other. Co Workers who got not who you're non retained as well and he said why don't you just let me go. At the end of the beginning of summer I'll take the weekend the summer off and go to the beach and I. I wish I could do that. Florida view that you'd be a beach palm sit. There are look Andrew all the best to you and anyone and everyone. WHO's in the same position as Andrew? Right now all the best to you and Just go out there and do your best but do the things you love. It sounds like this is a job. You Really Really WanNa follow Andrew so good for you on that That level as well thank you all right take care of there you go. Yeah Good luck absolutely. Hey we're all going to be in that position. One day. Yeah I already did. I already went downstairs I talked. Hr about this. And I said listen I just want you to know when it's my time I'm taking my own crap outta there. You go as an. I'm GONNA pack the boxes and I got too much crap on my desk that you are not packing it up. I'm going to pack it off. But she started cracking up laughing. I go this is the to date. I said it and I got bad news for you. You're not going anywhere anytime soon and I got more bad news for the amount of crap you've got to get out of here. You need a higher moving company. Why they won't fire me GonNa fire me because there's so much crap though like forget it? It's true it would take. It would take years to get out of this bill crowd. They can't find me to every every piece of furniture my office. That's all mine. Artwork is it's GonNa take them years half the computers. Pewter thismorningshow uses all the camera equipment. It's all my when I leave. I mean lights out the transmitter on the Empire State Building Mine. The moving truck true all the computers that that serve all the music on iheartradio music. It's all mine so you know if you turn on iheartradio and there's no music it's they fired me anyway. West speaking of getting fired. I thought about this long and hard recently. I don't have a backup plan and I don't know who needs to live off your your your your Richard. You're gonNA say just moved to a farm and live off the land. I was like yeah right. I would do that. He's not going to do that. I don't know how to do it now. It sounds glamorous. What did you just said there is breaking news? That Meghan Markle is returning to Canada alone okay. They let their kids their weight. So she's going back to get. We knew she was going back in Canada. And then Prince Harry Breaking News Brody. Look it up the loan in tears okay. Well I'm sure they're going through some crap out there Harry. Stunts are with a shocking ultimatum. Well I didn't know that this is breaking news right. Yeah shelter. Ni- Ronco Kensington Palace was freaked out sending an official letter to the Canadian airline and demanding that they blocked the press from approaching the duchess left. Look you know what. They're under a lot of scrutiny. Right now I I. It's all heated up of sure. I'm sure emotions are run and hide running hot. You know what. Here's what may I comment. Who if anyone gives of rat's ass royalty in the united in London in England it it it's been in place for several years now as you may know history and look you know? Every couple of years. The the monarchy tries is to update and try and tries to merge into more modern ways of thinking. It's difficult for the royalty to do that because they're royalty for a reason they want them to be royals they they depend on them to go by protocol in the history of of how they've always done things so when a Prince Harry says I want my own life you know there's going to be backlash and a lot of people who live in England are very mad at them of course because it's tradition and it's you know they look to the monarchy four this tradition tradition so when people try to break that tradition is kind of A. Why do we even have A? What do we have a queen? Why do we have a palace? Your looked as the devil. It's kind of like though. Oh being born into a sort of prison when you look at the rules that they have to abide by in the way that they have to live their lives. If you're not in line to get that crown I would bounce to. Oh yeah see I I probably would too. It depends on what you want but you can still remain heavily heavily in support of the Queen and the monarchy and do your duties and you can actually find a life for you there. If that's what you choose to do there is a lie for you can do a lot of great for the country and the people in the world but is it. What what you want to do in your life? Probably not you know. I don't know I looked up. How many people have abdicated and it says thirty six royals rile since one thousand nine hundred so well that is a lot? What are they doing over there? So look I I love the royalty system. I think so but I wasn't born into it because they switched me at birth. Yeah I think you have a case. There they had to wear pantyhose. That would be for me. I would quit rushing death reason I would want to do it. I'll Alan wintermute. Colored Nail Polish. No frigging way. But what about the rule when the queen's on eating everybody's nuts when the queens starts eating you may start eating and when the queen's tops eating that means you better stuff at your face. It reminds me of the story that Gandhi told once. You're eating dinner with your boyfriend and you just made the comment uh-huh I'm getting stuff right. Oh this just so I have a problem where I will continue to eat. I'll say I'm full and I keep eating until I make myself uncomfortable and can't move and have like a cramp so I told him. Stop letting me do this all right. So we're sitting eating the other day and I said I'm stuff he just took my knife out of my hand piece of meat all the way he took it out of your hand. He said we're GONNA put this over here because the queen stopped eating. Another thing from Downton Abbey is when the queen gene is around the Big Table having dinner conversation her left everyone else around the table. Almost everyone H- should be having general conversation with the person to their left. Of course the person next to the queen they talk into but when she turns to talk to the person with everyone else pardon me turned out. They turned to the rice. But if you're sitting next to the Queen who do you talk to because because everyone else has left and you're only left Queen Elizabeth and she's looking at. You're GONNA talk to her hair. Yeah I know but some people do love having having the monarchy and this royal family with those rules it really kind of sets the pace. You don't do anything though. Aren't they just kind of like a charity. But they're not like they don't under the government stuff. Do they still. The Queenstown meets with Prime Minister. Every week right leased one or sheets but sometimes the government uses the queen to be the an advocate at an advocate for them to make phone calls and you get favorites. Plus they open up grocery stores and cutting ribbons William and Prince. Harry were both in the military like academia. Yeah absolutely you'd think I'd know all this living with Brett but I don't really because he has lived you know he's lived in the states. It's longer than he lived in the UK. Now my husband I find him to be royalty. He's T's Chelsea to me me too on on the Throne Martin and there you have it so if you hear any more breaking news about tears being shed and let us know. Yeah because some of us are kind of curious about talk to Elvis Duran in the morning. Show me up every morning. Aw and keeping keeping all royal there's I I don't know if you watched the crown. Crown was never watched any of the crown on my bucket list. I love the crown anyway. I went to the bookstore the other day and did there's actually The book the crown which is sort of Sort of a side by side peace whatever apiece supplement. Whatever piece read it because you like the crown anyway it adds to all the stories that are in the crown anyway? See that if you're in the books books are more than decoration. You can actually read a book. You know strange offset. That was so weird. So we're sitting here doing the show and then Gondola Substances says. There was a report of an active shooter. Oh God none again coming in of Tampa. But they're saying that it was not what they thought it was right so initially it was saying active shooter then. The reports came out saying shots were not fired. It was somebody on the base with a gun and police in Tampa happened in Tampa Have not responded to it. It's so far just military responding to it but that the lockdown has been lifted so as we get more details will okay and uncle. Johnny I gotTa Tell You. I only had one sip of the Manhattan that you made it it through me through me out the window. I will just mention strong. There were a little too strong which is big lax and enjoy it. It'd it'd be very fabulous experience victims. Yes and drink responsibly. Enjoy it had one SIP. I mean how more responsible ultimate responsibility would be no simps- yeah so I just enjoyed hall absence. Well there's they're saying that if you don't want to have a dry dry January which is the term for it. I forgot what it was it. You can have A damp January. We severely cut back on your drinking so so you don't have to say completely no drinking but reserve drinking for just the weekends and maybe just one drink. Yeah for dinner some stuff like that. So why go to the extreme of no drinking we can just have one drink. Yes theorist remember this if five or six years ago we tried this I you tried it. How workout for well? I wouldn't a month I didn't okay. You did yeah. I needed to prove to myself. Tuck you do it just in case I don't know and I was fine but I prefer having a cocktail so we're calling it a damp January. Can we call it. Voiced moist say. That were wrong Hasert Moist. We're having a moist January. Unless you're GONNA have cupcakes. That's not good. Yeah the three things you need to know. Gandhi what's going on right now. Seeing the weather reports in North Texas on my family in North Dallas seen you know they are bracing for winds in excess of seventy miles per hour. Hail the size of Golf Ball and even possible tornadoes. Apparently there's this big powerful storm system moving toward the Dallas Fort Worth area and these storms are expected to start developing around noon. Continue throughout the day. Oklahoma Arkansas and Louisiana could be affected as well Puerto Rico hoping to restore store power to all of its residents by the weekend. A lot of people are actually still sleeping outside. They've taken out mattresses blankets tents. Whatever they can because the structural damage is so bad that even some of the aftershocks this could knock down the houses people are actually sleeping outside right now? Redcross Dot Org to donate then finally Amazon Alexa now becoming a crime stopper. Sorry if I just woke everybody's buddies up but apparently one of them was installed in an elderly person's room at an assisted living facility in Florida and had a camera as well well. The camera alerted the person's family that somebody was breaking in and stealing his stuff and the thief was caught. So that's great. Wow One of my favorite diem rarely ever look at. DM's on instagram. But today for some the reason I did we were talking earlier about growth show. My feet are killing. Means they shape things and they pull things off people's feet to he's not only did I watch my feet killing me. I ate japodlay Dafur murderer. I'm calling the possible. I was hungry so I rolled rolled into the grocery store. And there's nothing I wanted to eat so let me go to poly. I've never been to in my life. I've never been I couldn't figure it out to order from right to left you. Start with your your meat. Then you figure out where you want it then what else you want added to it was it was like Oh get keeps us. Give me like a menu of things that are already. The the recipe is prepared. Subway food in diamond. Is there almost every day. Diamond lives in Japan. Is it weird that I've never been to. Ah Yes interesting. Johnny's been to one. Have you been to one scary. Absolutely and in fact they have these new health polls they have like you can get the whole thirty bowl. You can get a Paleo bowl. I didn't see that. Oh no you on the APP. It's much easier order on the APP. There's an APP or go to the website. If your restaurant has an APP is a bit confusing to me. I'm used to going in either go into a grocery store buying what I need. Go into a restaurant and ordering what. It's already figured out the recipe your bowl. I don't want to build my ball but it sounds like a great concept. It's great of it now. Isn't she pulled from time to time. They've been issues and things have happened but there okay. Now I'm GonNa go in again today. I'M GONNA try it it. It just makes me anxious to do hearings on a little bit. You need a chaperone. It'd be great to have someone hold my hand every looked really fresh and good. So I'm not trying to take anything away. Man I I want to try to polling if you really want to stress out to staff get a case of DEA. It's not on the menu but they'll make it for you but they make getting you have to go to the end and come back when it's done and that's a good way too many instructions to follow it all right. I'm GonNa try it again today. A report back Monday. Okay Elvis when I'm having sex is interesting about. Please don't turn the lights on and see my stomach. I'm going to go home and stuff. My cabbage naked fraud. It wasn't even drunk Gandhi. I just want to put out there. That forgiveness is not one of my stronger traits story your day different strand Iran in the morning. Show guys it's froggy. We all know bedtime battle for both you and your kids for instance. My son used to struggle to fall asleep or fortunately we discovered vicks peers. Here's these kids. Melatonin Gumy's help them fall asleep naturally by peers. Z's kids in stores near you Elvis. Randy Elvis Duran. Dan Phone TAP. Alright scary what's it all about today. Okay so A.. Nina and Anna. Marie are two of the receptionists at the Front Desk of out business office and they spend all day answering during business calls for several of our radio stations. Now sometimes listeners trying to win radio station contests Google wrong context number and call them them by mistake so I thought it would be hilarious to phone tap both Anita and Annemarie off front desk and pretend to be one of those listeners. There's trying to win a radio okay. We're GONNA mess with Anita. Today's don't was listening to you. What happened I win the tickets number? What station retrial? Each trying to reach for Jingle ball tickets. Okay so this is the wrong number. It's eight hundred two four two young young one zero zero. What call her my though? I don't know the number. Do they get the winner. Go to call could you could you could you for now iheartmedia my number one hundred. aww Yes my one hundred. Okay this is you got number you need is eight eight hundred eighty eight. I eight hundred nine eight eight hundred eight hundred eighty eight hundred to fourteen. My number be counted from this number now. But aren't you part of that station. This the business line. That's just not the studio line but your business okay. You have a good day iheartmedia. Hi Hung up on. Did they make it to one hundred yet. This is the place of business. I don't have confidence. I understand. I understand miss not know. Oh you tragically in Games. I don't have time to play games trying to participate contest. Trying to debut and eight hundred number you called it and it's busy that's because other people are calling iheartmedia to file a complaint. Okay okay the guy said the conscious was over and I missed it will. You're calling the wrong number number. Two begin with no but I was in. I had a place in line on the phone and they didn't answer them number. Sixty three numbers sixty four. I usually get. This is the wrong number. I was get you need to call the number the time that that happened. The Guy said it was over in the next hour. Okay well. I'm sorry I don't know what I don't. What saying tickets? I don't sorry you would have to call in and win the tickets station your station right the business line. This is not the station and what time of the tickets I don't know they don't tell me when they're giving them away they they they don't give that information out that they don't give that information out to anybody GONNA talk to. I need to talk to somebody. You could speak to someone in promotions well. I'm trying to win this for my brother. I can transfer hospital. Yeah Yeah I mean I I really don't know what to tell you to like all expensive on stub hub. I can't afford them. I'm sorry I don't know what to tell you. Listen I'm desperate threat. Could you please help number back to win tickets okay. The only person that I'm speaking Skillman you get busy. Signals ringing and ringing and ringing allow IHEART media filed complaints calling people. Keep telling me when these tickets to do what your life instead of playing games like. This is my brother's complaint. Really what do you want to file a complaint talk with you. What's your name? Don't worry about my name. I'm not giving you my name. You're crazy what's your name. You are crazy. I'm not giving you my name. You only a pair of tickets. Idaho you any only tickets. Because I lost out on the contest it was done fairly demon. You have nothing else to do but call this station and play Games on trying to play the game of trying to play the contents against the show. Let's none of Your Business. You've actually check it. You could sell me not to give out to you so much. This was the secret line to get in sir. This there is no secret lines. The secret nugget. Clandestine work here. Listen you personally listen sir. You've caught the about ten times already and I'm really tired of it. This is a place of business they tried to be nice to you. You will not accept my kindness and I have a job to do jingle ball tickets okay. You're just being absolutely ruled like now and I will not tolerate elevated. It's scary. You've been tapped. Aw Sorry you've got to be a Composure that's why you other President First Impressions you get calls like this all day all day long. Aw All day long scary us so sorry the idea for a phone TAP NELLIE STRAND DOT com click on the phone. TAP TAP. TAP TAP was true. Recorded with permission. Granted the Durand phone tap on Elvis Duran and the morning show but Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Aw this is Chelsea Handler Taylor slip. Hey what's going on this Brennan from panic at the disco listening to Elvis Duran Duran and the morning show. There's no single angle. Perfect bowl of OATMEAL. I like my sweet. You might like your savory but when you start with whole grain quaker oats. There's your perfect ball and that's what matters look for quaker. Oats instant in quaker oatmeal and quaker OATMEAL Cups. QUAKER OATS OUR OATS. Your creation. Hello I'm comedian and writer so feel Alexandra salutations. It's on comedian. and Co host of the daily Beast Miles Gray and where the host of a brand new podcast called four twenty day fiance a podcast that features an elevated evaded gushing of our favorite reality show ninety fiance and all of its various iterations. Now this is one of our favorites shows so so we figured who better than us to walk our listeners every week through this messy delicious. Show now this podcast is fifty percent recap and fifty percent accent game show and one hundred percent tuition trauma we give and take away points from all of the characters. I'm sorry real oh people yeah or cast members and we ourselves sometimes get points given and taken away and sometimes you can be ooh behavior can be so terrible or Unin retaining or just your takes can be so bad that you can get sent to a place called cancel Vania. There's no coming out of there so we got three questions for you. Are you now or have you ever been in a relationship. Do you love a hot reality based mess Do you need a fun escape from Your Life Right now. I think we actually everybody. Everyone does right now. So Hey listen to four twenty fan. Say on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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