#427 - iPhone SE 2: the low cost powerhouse!


In print unlike most computers where you know hit a control key and a key sequence you just hit one button says print and it Prince and you can actually. Bill made it. So you can watch on the screen. The whole document gradually being printed and follow your progress. It's it's pretty nasty you cook. Se Thirty plus outcomes. And you're GonNa hear all week long. I'm your host earphone alleged. Today I once saw him dancing at a stevie wonder show and he's got moves. I've never seen and hope to never see again. The founder of Colt amac leander. Caney is here. We'll stevie wonder show. You know what I knew. You weren't Gonna. Remember that I'm GonNa tell the whole story. It's GonNa take fifteen minutes before I do that. Also with us some column allying dog faced Pony Soldier. But you know what I think is a heck of a nice guy the managing editor Kodak Lewis Wall. Sincere soldier tell me opponents pony soldier. You know the dog face Joe. It's like it's like a mythical Greek God you know I like a center. I think so. I don't think so. Opponent Salt Lake Dream. The guy is a machine. That's that's one of the best things I've ever heard. I'm going to be calling people that from now on. I'm going to miss you know leander. I don't WanNa tell the whole story but remember when we're at CBS. And they it was at the Monster Party and they had stevie wonder point. You don't remember this. Stevie wonder not refuse to dig what we saw Raphael CDC. I think that same nights. That was a different night but Yeah we saw Raphael which was great but then also we saw stevie wonder and they had somebody else but we weren't actually in the room with stevie wonder we didn't have that level of access. Oh they made us wait and the other because we were in the room with all the drinks which actually the room that you want to be in You don't remember this. I knew stood as I wrote this down. I was like there's no way he's going to remember this at all. That's about all I know. So hanging out with them What's his face I like his name was ended. Remember that's right. We did hang out any deck and everyone kept warning. Make sure you know. We're Andy Dick's. Hands are at all time because Andy hands like the wonder towards that one guy wasn't he was trying to get him to break them up and it was kind of strange and he was saying that he was doing that. Yeah that was That was weird nights And for those. That don't know like monster. You know that that company that makes like those really expensive. Hdmi cables and stuff like that. Like the Guy who owns the company is real eccentric. I I don't know his like I don't know what his disability is. He can't walk but he rides around. Segue with Gold Rims. And I think they're spinners like when he comes to a stop the locker rooms on the second what's what's his first name. I forget his last name but the monster. It's funny because they throw the best party to see. Yes and they have all these great musicians and stuff Noli Noli everyone clowns on monster because of the price of their accessories and what a ridiculous jammed is to pay like one hundred forty four dollars each day my cable but clearly someone's doing it because he's getting all the best artists to perform in his. Party's the party was the absolute best at US anyway. There's this story see. That's what exactly what I WANNA go into. What's that what day is it now now? It's Saturday Saturday because we started on Wednesday. So let's see here. We got lots of great stories. Talk about this. We're GONNA talk about the IPHONE. Se to apparently that's right around the corner in and it looks like it's going to be a pretty exciting little phone and we've been avoiding this. In fact Louis Yawn like four or five times as I was as I was pitching this story. We gotta talk about the Krona Virus. And how it's affecting apple. I swear this is going to be lot more interesting. That sounds. I've been avoiding the story for weeks because really. It just didn't really seem like something that we should talk about in the show. But it's kidding wild over there it like in. China. It's I keep saying it's it's becoming like Zombie apocalypse movie. You know like a World War Z. Level movie the Chinese infrastructure is being so rattled by the krona virus and apple in particular. Foxconn is having all these troubles and this could seriously affect product availability in the near future because apple may not be able to to make products. There's not going to be on there to make products which I know sounds like hyperbole but just wait. I'm going to tell you the story and we'll break it all down for you and look see here. There could be a big move by apple to go to. Amd chip which would be a dream. Come true for me personally because. Amd is just doing a magical stuff these days. So we'll we'll talk about that. Leander has a absolutely wonderful story that he's very excited. Talk to you guys about. It's about swimming playgrounds. Come into Mac. He's going to be delivering it in his most enthusiastic voice he. He's been talking about the story all week. We tell now. Wait Dude. We're not ready. We're not ready yet. You GotTa wait to the end of the show to tell us about swift playgrounds for those of you. That don't know leander. He's in swift. He's setting variables. He is making all sorts of hacks he's creating applications. That would blow. Your mind tells us about that. Let's see here before we diamond to our IPHONE. Se to talk. Let me say thank you to squarespace for supporting this episode. You've heard me talk about squarespace a thousand times. It might actually be a thousand times at this point because they've been sponsoring show a long time. 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If you like what you have after your free trial you can use code CASS at checkout for ten percent off your first purchase scores Dot com forward slash colt cast squarespace dot com slash podcast. Okay let's jump into this first story. Iphone se two or as some are calling it. The iphone nine Louis. That happened had what happened. The confusion over name. It's ECRIT mean we're going to go from we're GONNA go from eight to ten to eleven to nine calculator out and explain that one might need to use an abacus for that one. I'm not sure what's important even though we don't know for sure what the name is. Is that ample ample good? Shall we start over? I did said sewer. I think we need to. We just need to start over. Let's pretend like this whole thing just never happened. And let's just begin a new you said Flab late to which which I did say. Have you not heard that timber four flab late yeah? It's what people were were saying about. Samsung's note phones when they first came out because they were so comically large. They're clearly not a phone but they were too small to be a tablet. Hence the name the Flat Oh fablet not flab blitz flab little fat kid Yup hey take a look in the slack off. I thought you might like that Yes eight fablet. I always say I don't know why please understand me They'll let me take you off the tracks for all right we're GONNA D- derail this one. Okay Okay so. Apple is supposedly ramping up production on the new IPHONE. Se Too and the late latest. Twist on this. I mean we've been here about this for what seems like years now. But but supposedly they're going to sell this thing for three hundred ninety nine dollars at the same price as the original iphone. Se Way back in two thousand sixteen. This report comes from Fast Company. And you know of course. They're quoting like you know. One or two unnamed sources. So who knows but anyway this Low cost IPHONE Supposedly be called. Se to iphone se. Two or iphone nine again. No NO IDEA WHY. It would seems very confusing to me. But whether they're going to go back and call nine pat yourself to me. Well people always ask what happened to nine You know when when people ask me about iphones like what happened tonight. Yeah and they always ask me that. It's like the most common question I get. And what does it mean anyway? We we still special edition. I thought so I actually anyway So small and so the the good thing about this is it's GonNa basically be a reboot of the iphone se. To which I thought was a great phone would great idea and so the thing is so it would they would. Apple would rely on components that they've been using for years like the fingerprint reader. You know the touch. Id in a physical Home Button. Probably won't have face. Id which apple added in twenty seventeen with the iphone. Ten probably have a four point. Seven inch display bigger than the current iphone se which is actually the worst part about this rumor and would probably just reuse designed for the iphone eight. They're also saying that it'd probably use the eighth still can't talk. A thirteen ship. Found the iphone eleven. So it's basically the same blueprint right turbocharged old design which is pretty awesome. I mean the one thing that I think is a disappointment to people like the iphone. Se is the bigger size. Because that's the one thing that I run into people all the time. They have iphone. Se and they say I love this is I. Don't want a bigger phone all the time so he. I think those are like the power users I think for. Most people like most just regular people who don't follow apple or what they do. They want a larger screen and to buy a phone. That has the same the same power as the current models but some of the older technology like touch. Id which by the way touch. Id is still greats. I was I was looking at an iphone. Seven the other day because A friend of mine is upgrading. He wants me to sell his iphone. Seven I was using touch. Id Man Snappy feels good. I kinda miss having that little clicky buttons down there at the bottom so the proposition of being able to spend four hundred dollars four dollars for a brand new iphone. That's as fast as the current generation. Iphones but with some slightly older tech in certain areas. I think this is a cell. Like crazy crazy crazy the other the other big thing about this. Is You know supposedly play by apple to gain some ground in India and maybe even China where you know like in India. Maybe people you know buying a two hundred dollar android phone. So you know it's a giant market apple doesn't have very much Footprint there and this might be a kind of thing that would allow people to go ahead and get it They're saying you know this latest rumor thing saying that This this might be announced as as soon as March and the the sort of secret strategy not secret. But you know the smart thing about this. You sell three hundred nine phone. Suddenly you've got you know if you saw a whole bunch of them you've got a whole ton more people lining up to use apple services. Which is you know. That's what that's other making so making up for the excuse me the slowdown and smartphones so You want to sell services cellphones. Plus if you get the iphone Nine S E it saves you. What does that sixty dollars that you would? Otherwise be paying for that really wonderful apple TV plus subscription or. You have access to like. I think they're up to like them working overtime. I think they're up to seven shows now. Sh- you know that'll probably be a differentiating factor. You won't get that if you buy this phone. Oh I bet you they're gonNA give it to you. Just just just everybody please. Just in hopes that someone's going to go ahead and give them five bucks a month which yeah. I don't know I don't know about that. I mean that is cheap and I have Praised that before. But I'M A I've been on a Netflix kick and just comparing what you get with Netflix. To what you get with Apple TV kind of put some more context around the value proposition. I mean it's cheap but but comparatively to what you get it's like is this cheap for only an extra eight bucks. You could get way more than double the content. It'd probably be like I don't know twenty times more content to net flix thousand times. Yeah Netflix has so much. It's just unbelievable. It's I don't want to go on a tangent. There talked about this last two shows but they would me back in with a free trial and I was not expecting to be paying them after the travels over but they have got so much good content on there now and most of it is by them all the content that I'm watching now is made by them from watching the series lost in space. Which is that an old series. Have you guys heard of Watson? It's a reboot a couple years ago. I never got around to watch. And he's a good I actually I. I've been really liking it. I'm almost done with season one and at the end of every episode. I think Oh. I can't wait to dive into the next but you know what other show. I'm really missing. Can't wait to go watch is is see. I keep thinking about it. It was a great first season and I can't wait to see what they do with it. I can't wait to see actually I phone. Se To if they actually sell it for three ninety nine and you take that out over twenty four months. That's only sixteen dollars and sixty cents a month. So you subtracted Apple TV subscription. It's it's IT'S CHEAP. It's almost like apple. Tv subscriptions is. I mean it's Kim Kinda close to being more expensive than the phone itself. You know what you need to do. You need to be putting on a white jumpsuit and you need to be on stage pitch and what you just said at the next key now. I couldn't do that. That's the that's the pitch right there. I don't know that white janitors at that. Did you do in our slap channel during that thing I mean when he came up on stage somebody? Who's Oh it's like. Oh they're all doing Characters from Disney movies and for a moment like what okay well so which characters like wreck it. Ralph or something. What is it no choice? That's just living in Cupertino fully. Believe in it all right. Well look I'm about to work in one of the best transitions we've ever had in this show what we're talking about iphone. Se and you're saying it's going to be inexpensive. It's going to be powerful but you know what good luck ever getting your hands on one because I doubt apples ever going to actually build any of these. You know what you need. You know what you need to build the phone Louis Factory. You need a factor with the boys and that's one thing that apple doesn't have. They've got like they've got like one hundred fifty employees left and I don't know if they're going to be able to meet the demand of the the iphone se to slash night so back to this crow virus story again normally would never talk about this but this story is just getting crazy. It's like World War Z. Over there apple had to close down there to Foxconn factories in China right because of the corona virus. And for those of you that haven't been following the Krona Virus Story. It's like this extremely contagious flu. That it's is. It has a high mortality rates in an and it doesn't just kill people who are old. It's killing people who are young so it's really scary and Alina was just saying that he heard the The death rate for men was twice as high as it is at one for women as it is for women so so not only. Is this this virus deadly? But it's also sexist which makes numbers. Yes if they five hundred million here on twitter. They announced whole bunch of new cases. You know yesterday. He gets on a new cases where released having twenty thousand. Yesterday was two thousand with ninety seven deaths to why it's to fifteen thousand new cases with two hundred and forty five deaths see. They're definitely under reporting this because they don't want people to panic and they don't want to show that it's difficult for them to control this so I think that China like the Chinese officials are probably under reporting how bad I'd say because I love sending people home because there's not enough room in the hospital so the naive again tested no treated so. Yeah but it's like there's like government officials showing up at people's homes and like random rounding them up or like putting boards of their doors. They can't leash. Did you guys not see? Any of these videos. I did not going up over doors. It is unreal side comrade. Oh shut up there's There's the Chinese government they've They've created a back door in your phone and they'll be sending the officials to your house right when he has knocking windows. You're going to be going to the quote Unquote Hospital with the high fences and barbed wire on the inside so Let's see here. So Yeah Foxconn. They've recently tried reopening some their factories. They got one of their factories opened the one in Zang's how but only ten percent of their workforce came to work report. According to Roy Dias meanwhile the Chinese government has rejected Fox cons request to open its factory in southern China in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. Linda I don't know if you can answer this but isn't Shenzhen. They're they're they're big factory like that's the main place iphones are made. Isn't it well? That was where the original. Yeah the iphone. City was some other big plants now in in other districts but yeah that was that was where the original big folks complaint was. Okay so I just kept reading because it says right here Ming Chico Apple analysts says the Zang's Zahle Factory is the most critical iphone production site. So that's the one that they've just reopened with ten percent of their workforce that's there actually working and the Yeah the plant produces handsets including iphone eleven and the upcoming iphone. Se to slash nine. So they've lost ninety percent of their workers at their biggest factory. There are other other. Large factory is completely closed down. And they don't know when it's going to open so this could seriously majorly impact iphone availability in the upcoming months and availability of other tech products as well. I mean Foxconn makes all sorts of stuff for all different kinds of companies and it just seems like this krona virus is throwing the country into utter disarray right. Either you know the the The Mobile Congress was canceled today. That's over cancelled shocking. The world's biggest wireless industry show A huge huge deal cancelled the whole the whole thing. It's kind of scary isn't it? Normally this kind of stuff doesn't bother me but it seems to be so contagious and it has a high mortality rate and I kind of have been the. I've been watching it and just kind of keeping track of what's going on and wondering if I need to hole up in the command center with some face masks and long rifle no my my COSCO emergency food supply. It's good it's really scary. I mean these new numbers are not good at all. Yeah and you know that there. It's much worse than what they're actually reporting. You know that's stop. That's the other part of it. You're like yeah they say it's bad and I believe it is but it's probably not nearly as bad as it actually is and of course there are people that have virus. That just don't even know that they have it so or they don't report it because they don't want to be hauled away by the medical police. They're scared of what's going to happen so something to keep in mind in the near future. We might see a serious reduction in our iphone availability unless apple's able to move their production elsewhere. Which I know. They're trying to move to India. But you know how fast can you? How Agile can you actually be? When a mega factory is all of a sudden unable to produce your product I mean. Are you able to move all your production to another place? I would imagine that is extraordinarily difficult to do. Maybe even impossible to do to move all of your production elsewhere. But you know. I got like a C. minus in my operations management class in college so don't heated that class. That was the most boring class I ever took. All we did was use all of these formulas and stuff to track inventory and stuff. You know all the stuff that Tim Cook actually is good at. That's all the stuff I hated in college. It's terribly boring terribly boring. But that's what makes the wizard that he is. He is the operations wizard okay. Let's see here moving along here. Oh actually were making such great time but before we do this. I'm going to go with this story for us. So there are some potential big changes in the future when it comes to your Mac and this is some exciting news. Som- MAC OS leaks hint at a future. Where your Mac maybe using? Amd chips instead of Intel and. That is very exciting to me personally. I'll talk about that in just a second so the story goes this way could appleby preparing to make us a price which to amd processors future. Mac references to a number of new amd ape us have been spotted in the latest Mac os ten point. Fifteen point four Beta which just rolled out the developers that suggests that apple's Wayne t relationship with Intel could be maybe a little bit on the rocks apple join forces with Intel back in two thousand and five when it made a high-profile switch away from power or the power PC chips that adopted nineteen eighty-seven while the to have enjoyed a lot of success together. But there has been talk of change. It's been widely rumored that apple one day. Start using armed chips. They've designed like those in the IPAD and the iphone in. Its Max but before that happens apple could ditch Intel and cozy up with AMD INSTEAD ONE. Mac user has uncovered a bunch of references to MD chips and later its latest MAC. Os Beta there are also mentions of navy the world or the company's upcoming GP architecture which isn't a surprise. I guess because the MAC pro uses Amd graphics cards already so this would just be a switch to the CPS. Let me tell you why this exciting in the last year I would say. Md has had one of the greatest comeback stories. That I've ever seen and technology so I build in fact I just built this unbelievable powerhouse that has led lights all over it. I just blamed the hell this thing at Scott like all these different colors. Rgb lights it's one of the most beautiful PC's I've ever created in fact if you're interested in seeing I have a bunch of images of me building. It's on my instagram page on my instagram page of how much more of a bucket. I sound like on my instagram. It's go over to Pfizer and see it right there. So I- documented the whole process which really slowed me down. But it was a lot of fun and for the first time ever. I use an AMD CPU in my machine of Intel CPU because AMD's new CPU's are incredibly powerful so they used to be the CPU that you would buy if you couldn't afford Intel or didn't want to spend the extra money to get a really nice CPU but somehow amd leapfrogged Intel and really put them on their heels. They came out with these extraordinarily powerful. Cpu's it and in many ways are even more powerful than Intel Pews. And now. It seems like they're outpacing Intel like all of a sudden they're innovating faster than Intel so Intel is unable to even keep up with the technology that amd keeps dropping. And I put I put it in this crazy powerful. Cpu into my new. It has twelve course. And with hyper threading it can. It can act as a twenty four core. Cpu and it's cheaper than what Intel offers an Intel does even have anything offers that same level of power so now power but you're getting a smaller price tag and MD. Just had a keynote where they were talking about some of their their more mobile processors and those are incredibly powerful to Kino's thinking. Wow I wonder if apple looks at this type of thing and says you know maybe we should be considering using this technology instead of what we're currently doing and it looks like I should have guessed. Tc He listens to this show religiously every single week he just take some of these things icee and boom it gets implemented into an apple product. You know sometimes weeks later sometimes within days. That's how fast he moves. It's like boo. We'd take something that I say. And he gets to implement it right away and here we are. It looks like maybe apple might be using or might be making a switch to MD. This could lead nowhere. Could mean that they're just testing it. That's a possibility as well. But the fact that it's that there are references to amd chips inside of this. New Beta is exciting. Because it could mean that we could get drastically more powerful Max in the future and the have been by and large what have been holding back the performance on Max for a long time until just hasn't really been innovating all that quickly. There have been a lot of other changes on Max like more powerful I O. Faster SSD's better Wi fi better bluetooth that type of thing but the CPU performance really has been stagnant for years and then poof all of a sudden amd came out and they're innovating crazy again. So I've said this before it's exciting time to be a person who's interested in CPU's in GPS because all of a sudden the two behemoths are going. They're battling each other. It's like a tackle. The titans like that movie dislike wrassling with each other to switch to chips. Amd Well I think they probably are looking to switch to arm ships. But I wonder if they're going to do that across their whole line or if it's only going to be like slept machines that have that change. Maybe like the MAC book air would get that change because you get really long battery life and decent power. But you don't need to put. Yeah but that was that would mean they would have even more fragmentation of the wouldn't it? I mean with me they would. Have you know they'd be running on three different platforms? They're going to be doing that regardless I mean I seriously doubt they're going to do a sweeping change and move everything over to their own Cpu with one fell swoop. It's GonNa be like it was the catalyst and you know universal purchases. It's like you know you'd have to buy in a different IOS APP. You wouldn't have to buy it by different MAC. Os App you know. You just plan up right and this would work on whatever you know. Whatever machine You were running because it was the you know they've integrated IOS and and Mac os onto one platform. Isn't that the whole idea? I thought that was the reason why they were doing it. Wouldn't this be an interim I will? It could be yeah. I mean remember. When they switched to Intel there was a transition period. I mean what does it take like a whole year for them to move over entirely so my guess is that would be the way it works. Or I wouldn't be shocked if they ran these two things at the same time and I mean to your point about catalyst. I think the point was to make it easier for developers and if if it makes it easier for developers to put to write one piece of code and that APP can be used in on Iowa's and then also and Mac os than that works. Great they don't have to do as much work. It makes their lives easier. But I don't think consumers care what? Technology is working in the background if there is if they continue to use. Amd ON MAC OS and the APPS work their grades. But then when you use it on. Iowa's you're using a different architecture entirely. I don't see why they couldn't do that. I mean that's where we are right now rights. I mean we have intel chips in the macbook pro and we have apple's chips in ipad in and the you know the I thought the whole idea. I don't think apple's IT I don't know if they've actually expressly Talk about motivation. Or whether going but you know like all this stuff about catalysts and my you know which is because Mazatlan and You know seem to be moving towards the world where it all runs with just one platform instead of there being two platforms right down. That'd be one so it's just GONNA BE OS. Yeah I could be wrong. But that's what I thought was was going on. I think this is this what I thought they were headed. Were you may be right. I haven't heard anyone articulate that way and I. I don't know I mean to create an armed ship that is as powerful as some mega core desktop. Cpu FROM AMD. Maybe that's possible but I've never seen an armed ship. That is powerful. Like armed chances. Are It meant for Mobile Iphone? Eleven pro I mean you know the in the what is it the list you know what chip is running. I Dunno thirteen x thirteen. That's nearly thirteen bionic performance already isn't it? They say that base level base-level map of pro. I think but are they talking about single core performance or are they talking now multicolored performance. My guess would be single core performance. But if you're doing something that needs a lot of cores than you're going to need something like an amd thirty nine hundred x which has twelve course and also a screaming fast single core performance. I don't know I I I'm not a I don't know I'm not a CPU designers a non tech. So I can't speak with great detail on the differences between arm and Intel. Amd chips but my understanding was that with With with the chips that apple designs they are really good at sipping battery power and they're moderately powerful but they're not something that you would want in some kind of like desktop beast. Maybe they're working on something that we don't know about well. They're definitely working on things that we know about. But yeah that's all I can say about that without sending a bigger idiot than I've already sounded like Let's see here before we move on because I can tell what landers doing. He's trying to spin this excitement. He's like speaking of one. Os with just went os going everywhere. He's just the language that you're GONNA WANNA learn to program for the MAC and Iowa but before you do that leander because I can tell you ready to go. Let me give a very hardy. Thank you to linked for supporting this episode. Hiring the right people one the best ways to help grow your businesses. Shouldn't take time away from your other priorities with Lincoln jobs. It doesn't have to Lincoln jobs screens candidates with the heart and soft skills. You're looking for so you can hire the right person fast. Things like collaboration. 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Find the right person for your business today. With link jobs you could pay what you want and get the first fifty dollars off visit. Lincoln DOT COM SLASH PODCAST. That's linked in dot com slash. Podcast get fifty dollars off your first job. Post terms and conditions apply. Okay leander fine go all right so I go ahead. And everyone's been waiting for this bringing swift playgrounds to the MAC and so what if Les Grandes? I hear you ask. It's apples. Educational CODING UP Which land on the IPAD in two thousand sixteen and now apple is created a catalyst version of swift playgrounds? The might make it easier for anyone to dive into interactive lessons. No matter which platform you prefer the most so simply against the MAC is available as a free press APP for the mockups tool and it provides a sousaphone lessons. That can teach you to code through interactive puzzles it also because you challenges to explore your coding capabilities. Although the my version is V playgrounds features. All the same lessons. You'll find on the ipod vision. Their differences apple added sidebar untouched support for the micro s APP. Ooh touch going to get into that. That's a game changer. Right there and the micro vision allows you to use the lowercase or Navigate Code suggestions. The new macbook seamlessly with Franken's for IPAD. Thanks cloud you can start one playground on your Mac and then opened up late on your ipod. Cool right decided hold our way. This is the best part requires zero. Coding knowledge they go. That's where I like. Someone like me could even do. Yeah Wow and You know help you learn the basics. This is how you need to do it. And it's such a path. It's messing the programming languages for the most popular APPs on iphone and IPAD. Yeah you know you know you could be an An OP mogul by next week. This could be this could be my ticket out of this guy. Get Out of this podcasting but accurate. Finally my way out. Well let me ask you because I know you're really into swift Leandra like when you were playing around with with playgrounds. What was your like the best part lake? We're like well this. This is clearly what people need to be using where I became completely befuddled. Thirty seconds of looking at it. I don't I don't even know what a right you know what this yesterday. And it was a lot of fun and if you have been wanting to learn how to code. I actually would like to learn more about swift. I do wonder if it's going to be something that is popular in the future. I've seen languages come and go in the past were company will back something like even Dobie. Adobe has backed specific languages like Flash Adobe Air was one that is one that comes to mind and and then they just don't get adopted and so you waste all your time learning this language that no one actually ever will use ever again. Apple's a massive company one of the biggest so swift has that working for it. But I kinda wonder is swift going to be something that's worth investing in. I just did not convinced people such swift like crazy aren't they? I mean from what I saw something yesterday. Someone was talking about it saying that. You know I mean if you're going to be developing apps it's going to be using and You know apple's not going to go anywhere and the absolute it's just going to get bigger and bigger isn't it? I think that is the by far the most successful software platform On the planet. Right you know it This is the code. They use an island. People like this with playgrounds like this. You know zero coating I think you can you. Can you can create complete apps that without touching any code at all right. It's all use the libraries and a lot of his visual. I I think the point is to learn how to Code. So eventually you'll be touching the code. I would imagine but it is interesting to me just because I would love to learn how to create an APP. I mean that is a really useful skill set to be able to create like right APPS and released APPs. I've got this really killer APP that I've had my mind forever. I only want to talk about it. Because one of those things like I'm GONNA mention it. And then people are going to copy it because it's going to be clear moneymaker and it has like this built in Built-in In-app purchase mechanism odd. Just tell you as always trusted you. Guys aren't GonNa try thought up so what I'd say about this mothers. No I didn't. It's called rip off and there's just like a bunch of pictures of different kinds of gusts of winds and then you press it makes that corresponding fart. Sound right. Think how much fun you're going to have when you're showing this to your friends or like you're in class and like the teachers up there and she's writing something real boring and then like like you just launch off one of these like these fart. Sounds good around. She's GonNa be like who did that and everyone's going to laugh. And then you can have like a monthly subscription where we're always saying what is this like eighty dollars a month. No no no. The APP is free. But then there's the part of the week right so there's the part of the week which is discounted rights normally. They're going to be like I don't know I'm thinking like eight dollars per fart. Because they take a lot of effort to record and you have to have sound. Engineer and special microphones and stuff and and then every week we do you knew. Every week we do we. We could do like celebrity versions right. It's like you get like the Shit Kilo pack right so we go to his house and we record him and like in the shower after he eats like a Burrito and stuff and then we sell you that whole pack down. I can't wait to get this. Actually the more I talked about it the more I think this is GonNa make me millions going to be like That guy who runs oracle just off this one APP so yeah so a visual element. You could do cheek of the week. Chica. The week get out your jumpsuit. Lewis you're too good this this is going to be great and we gotta make a list of like celebrities like maybe apple slavery is like we definitely gotta get was on. There is going to be. That's going to be some Some really powerful flagellations record after he does one of his Segway Polo matches or something. They have gone too far. I'm just getting started this. I'm taking notes as we do this anyway. So it'd be great to be able to program that myself so I definitely want to play around with with programs are swift players K. We haven't even left. Let's do this. Let's do this last story so if you're frustrated with your apple keyboard we'll wrap up at the story. You're not alone and apple just got called out in a big way. Joe Joe Rabbits screenwriter. Which is a movie. I've never heard of have you guys heard of Joe Rabbit but I've heard of it. Yeah you everyone else. Think Joe Joe Rabbits. It's supposed to be great. Didn't mean Iran. Eventually sure when it comes to that. When it comes apple up TV PLUS GIOJA RABBITS SCREENWRITER. Vents are about the horrendous. Mac Book Keyboards. This has just gone mainstream. This is that's why I love this story because we talked about how bad the keyboards are but people who don't follow technology. They just have no idea. They don't even know what iphone version were on. You know people ask me all the time. Like wh- version of the IPHONE. Should I get? And they don't even know what's out there they just don't follow it. Actors love some to have some political message to impart to viewers at award shorts. Boy Do they ever we all just love hearing them comforting? Well that's why that's why I watched the second here. Their political opinions at last night's Oscars TYCO TT winner of the Academy Award for best adapted screenplay screenplay for Gioja Rabbit voiced his own passionate plea this time for apple to change. Its Gall Darn Mac book keyboards. He said quote apple needs to fix those keyboards. They are impossible to write on and they've gotten worse and makes me want to go back to PC. What because keyboards the bounce. Back for your fingers is way better and those apple. Keyboards are horrendous. Doesn't that just make you feel good inside loose I teach you? Don't know exactly how he feels all man. I absolutely I would go as far as saying that. The New Keyboard on the twenty nineteen sixteen inch math. Appro that one feature if you use the keyboard allot maybe worth upgrading. Just for that one feature. It's a night and day. Difference I still the tribunal is new ones. You GotTa get into the Apple Store and take a few clicks on the keyboard but you better take your band aids with you and actually put them on before you go because it's a nice experience. It's a real nice experience like you. Just get your fingers on there. And it's like. Oh yeah you're taping up and down and those keys they got just threat amount of give and at push you know like you don't feel like you're just typing on a glass surface. It just feels feels the way of keyboards. Should and I think you're the type of guy that would would appreciate something like that since you're on the keys all day long that'll joking. Stevie wonder of Apple Journalism Journalism Keyboards. Yeah Yeah not on. The minds of man won't touch it. Absolutely have to yeah. You got to get one of those external keyboards and Go back so there you go. You know I think we should go ahead of wrapped up there. That's all the best stuff that we could find for this week. You know. Let's keep our fingers crossed. We got some more stories. And maybe some new hardware coming coming up with wood chips here in this barrel. You know. We're down at the very bottom. That's the guest. I think I can handle this week. But if you guys WANNA come reach out to us and say hi or talk about in the stories that we mentioned on today's show we're all on twitter. I'm at a year EPA when Inter's LP Lewis's out Lewis Wall has been the whole cast the best thirty plus optimization. You're gonNA hear all week. Long episodes called cast come out every Thursday night for listening. And we'll see you next time out. Guy Virus got it. Oh man never get the best crossed my mind. Lindor good tastic. Do you really have a massage at five assure. Do and the reason you left You know you'd have one last week to maybe actually. Yeah now well. I got a car accident three months ago. That until you guys that Yeah Yeah and my back. I kinda screwy so I've been getting massage to kind of help. Calm down. See A medical insurance plan for this car insurance so D- roll over at the end of that grabbed and he goes all the way to go into overdrive. I was in Thailand and boy. I had this little will Zola's vis together the whole family in one big room. They were prisoners at the local At the local Cheka rehabilitate the now famous. In Chiang Mai there's a there's a sense of the way you can go and get a massage from these these prisoners. And you know I you know I. The women went very big and I thought it was GONNA be. You know wimpy but they they you know they they They they massage me like a piece of dough like it was actually really quite painful. I guess it depends on your hand. Power got a massage by this lady and I called her fire clause she would dig a little pincers into your back and I was screaming in silence into my pillow. Is She fingers although into my abdomen especially not pleasant? It depends on who you get like. She was kind of a masochist. I feel like she actually got some weird sick pleasure from hearing me Moan in discomfort because the more I would do it the more she would have this maniacal little giggle. It's a bad guy. Giggling and the more I would be the hardest. She would laugh. Weird people really get off on that type of thing. When was this? This was like a month ago? Yeah now she went back to Mexico so I got a new massage. That's why new massage therapist. He dresses on black. He's pretty cool dude. Does he bring his table portable tables. He doesn't come to my house. Oh Yeah I go to him. It'd be nice if he came to my house. That'd be great. Although in my situation actually probably not because my all my kids everywhere you know. It'd be a complete disaster. Be No way to relax. My House is like a terrible nightmare. You can escape from kids running around everywhere screaming from the moment they get up from the moment they get out. They're arguing. She took my Dau- I want you whining of the top of their lungs. Pushing each other over. It's just wild Lewis. You're really missing out. Yeah WITH HIS WIFE. Right screaming and shouting for the minute. She gets no comment.

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