When It's really time to Automate my Business w/Valerie Jennings & Johnna Londen


Hour Ride Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and girls Feast Your eyes in tune your ears. It's that time. Again we are live with another episode of the. Authority project. It's the video podcast streamed on facebook youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how they built authority field and how you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience attracting clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage, your host Brian S Arnold. We are here for an episode out the Authority projects. On the virtuous Dave with me today, we have to special guests today for me The first of all is Valerie Jennings. In her partner Jonah. London hope does correct. Yes. Yes. So we are. Very excited about the titled Today. In, the title is as follows. When it's really time to automate your business they're gonNA show was the time when we should be automating our business. Is that correct I'll say is that correct Valerie most definitely Right, so I'm. GonNa. I'm GonNa hit you guys up with the first question. If they're going to tell me who you are personally professionally I Valerie Jonah. Okay. Basically, a marine, Corps Brat, my father served over twenty years in a marine. Corps is a pilot tours in Vietnam and also has earned the distinguished flying cross. So that's something big different have lived a actually located right now in Mexico I've lived here now twenty years spot a house last year and. Just been in this business now for over thirteen years and we love automation techies. That's that's us. What you A little similar story I actually Valerie, nine live, and work together and have for the whole twenty years that we have owned our businesses I am Army Brat my dad as her twenty one years in the military retired as a sergeant major and he did three tours in Vietnam and has her part and all that as far as business goes Valerie Ni- work really well together because we are basically two halves. Of One whole. Personality Test Business, aptitude tests anytime that we're acetate. Those I'm on one spectrum of it. She's on the other spectrum of it in the bottom line of everything is you should look for this type of person to work with. So in that aspect, we make the perfect team as far as working together. But like I said, we're a little different in the fact that we do own our home together and we work and share our hope together so. With her husband, our three dogs are nine birds and God knows how many fish. So. Let me ask you now look project. You guys are currently working on what's the prize you guys working on now currently We are actually in the process of rebuilding our business. We took a year off John Husband, just recently passed away from cancer. So we took a year off to tend to him to make sure that we could give him the best that we could give him and you know unfortunately Kobe hit the same time. Building. Is a little bit longer but we're getting there and we're just hitting people and getting new clients and We'd like to keep our business very small. So we do not Max ourselves any past ten clients, and that's it. So that way they get a VIP white glove treatment with an get that personal one on one we do not outsource any of our projects. We actually do all of the work with the with the client. So there's NO MIS communications. The quality is very keeps the quality. At its utmost that we can keep it because it's actually our hands on into it. We have somebody Mike can Michael Johnson says well. The passing of your husband Jonah. And I just want to thank you for the service of above. Your father's s an an amazing story. I'm sure that's how you guys were connected which was my actually my second question. My next question was How'd you guys? In him bi partisan animal convenience of that question I. Mean interesting story I my husband, and I had one of those quick build your website companies right before nine eleven hit when nine eleven hit. That kind of fellow by the wayside. My Dad was a strict person. You don't leave people straight at if you owe money you pay you bet. So we sold everything that was accompanied to the business we paid off everybody we owed, and we had just a little bit of money left. We'd never had honey mood or vacation. So without thankful back that Mexico. Could be her sub-grade stories. To Compete Go, which is beautiful by the way and pickpocket for all the money we still have. So we end up with about five hundred cases in our pockets and we ended up in Helene which is in the top of Sierra Gordo mountains, and we meet the only English speaking person in the whole entire area neither one of very Spanish hardly at all and he says, please go to San Miguel Day day before you leave Mexico's, you don't leave Mexico with this horrible taste in your mouth. Or Place. So we did to Mexico Emerson supposed to link up the guy. Named Robbie who owned the Bagel Cafe, which is a restaurant there, and as we're walking out because it's closed, he's walking into inventory was so it was fate obviously. And as we're sitting there clock to him, he says, look I have a friend who was a computer business here and she was featured in our local newspaper, and now she's got more work than she can keep up with my background and my husband's background were both computer sciences as degrees type thing, and he says so why don't you get with our? Maybe you can. See some of them. And and. Get a better feel for it so that you don't lead heartbroken. So we met with Bellary three days later Joel started working with her I started working in a business with them about a month after, and that's how it has been percents like I said, we share a home and archives and have for twenty. MAZING. Story. Amazing Story I love partners 'cause I think sometimes it's very hard to find. great to have one if you find one. Extent. Partners. Kudos to Youtube for that So let's get right to it. was. Dive into it. So. How do we get? Super Rich but funnels please I'm kidding, of course. I'm kidding. Okay take. When is the right time to even consider automation in its many forms? Well I think the question I. Think even if you're just starting out, you should at least have if nothing else an online calendar onto your website so people could book calls. So if you're going to do nothing now at least have that part and let people consider that automation, but it really is. It is the best way that people can book a call, get a call to you and for you to receive an email and depending on what you use, it can send out reminders can send out the lengths that you're gonNA join. If you'RE GONNA, go via Webinar or have way you're gonNA join up so that is probably the very first automation I would say that you should have There are a lot of them that are free Google calendars, free calendars free. There's a lot of them out there. So you don't even have to this point in time if you're just starting out to spend the money and When we first started our you know our whole business and decided this is what we wanted to do. We did we start off everything free we had our weekly free site and we had our little calendar built in for we bleed. And as we got our first client, we decided okay fine. We're going to take twenty five percent of that and reinvest that in to. The business and you know sooner or later we had enough money to get the website. So that was our first thing. Oh my God, we're going to get the domain. We're going to get the website boasting and spent it on their kept the calendar for free at the time we said Google calendar at the time. So I think it's important as you're going through there's two ways to look at it. You know how much money and what stage of business are you in advance and how much money do you have to actually invest in the business and that will tell you from there. All the pools that you need to automate because it'd be nice to say, hey, everybody should start with a fusion and entrepreneur but the fact of the matter is that's a big bill a big chunk of money. Every single month and There's nothing worse than jumping into automation finding out you can't afford it and then having to go back it's easier to go forward than it is to go back. Yeah. In the net I'm GonNa. I. Think I think Balance Right? In that aspect there are tons of free things out there free to automate the other things I would suggest you looking into automating only because. People Constantly say Oh, I'm on facebook powers or I'm on twitter for days I'm and I'm losing all of this time I'm not saying automate all of your social media because let's be honest the social media is where you build your audience is going to way where you build your community and like no trucks factor if they don't know you and they don't like you, they're not going to buy from you and it doesn't matter whether you sell a product a service or whatever it is you sell they people are. going. To buy from you, they're buying you they're not buying your product or service they're buying you. So you WanNa make sure that when you go to your social media, you put a little effort into it in automating social media is probably one of the easiest things to automate who tweets offers free a free service. If you don't have the money to to get the me Edgar of the world or the buffer of the world, you do have the options to use sweet a buffer does have a free version. For those of you just starting out and the Nice thing with those who sweetened buffer type programs is they grow with you. So you start the free program and now you're making some money you go to the pay program and you get the extra bonuses but social media is a really good to automate your business. So it takes some of it off your plate. Now, you don't want to completely automate the whole thing you do want that that getting to with your audience being realistic and presenting yourself but you can automate a lot of it. You can automate your, you know your daily. Inspiration post if you're a life coach or automate your daily sales quote if you're a sales coach or automate your daily product that you're going to put out on the market, if you say, you have an ECOMMERCE store or you're an online store so for that on on a social media automation is another click easy way to automate. Some things in your business and take some things off your plate. So you can spend the time where you really enjoy spending the time and that is growing your business or engaging with your clients or your customers or your audience. Awesome ended. Coming in from my. From. Germany singing. But every point when I buy on Instagram, it is because I like the content providers. I want to support the people I like absolutely absolutely one, hundred one I just wanted to make sure that people are listening very for what they're saying that basically I think the first point. Makings, there's always a place to start. would. Yes. Because I think. Yeah go ahead. Over automate I. think that's important too. I know a lot of people that ended up. GIDEO- with the va the Va. of course, it's going to make affiliate money. So she tries to recommend everything on a company. and. Then they're. Then they're tech you know check tech challenge so that it becomes an issue of all my God now overwhelmed. Automation should not overwhelming. You automation should be very simple. Make your life easier. At the automation is overwhelming you. Then there's an issue chances are you've been oversold and you need to start now looking at an entirely different thing I mean I know we've done this numerous times we've had clients come to us who are just way over automated and things are breaking and they don't know understand it and they have no idea where anything is or how to fix it and and you know they've been sold everything in the world and they're spending four, five, hundred dollars a month in automation. It's very important to stop and think of what is it that you really need to take off your plate and what is it that you really need to automate and then go slow into it do it in steps you don't this isn't a it's a merrythought it's not a race in. Every year, you should look at adding one more piece to the puzzle. Love that I hope everybody. A got everybody's listening because they're they're spot on I have questions the already answering. Ready has. been going through it already so Yard question okay. So Can you give us the feeling like I'm glad you said that valley about you know it shouldn't be overwhelming. It should be something to make life easier. When it's working? What is the feeling like for the people that experience for a business owner knowing that their business is on autopilot? What was feeling like? I'm way your business when you're automation is working and it's not necessarily autopilot because you still need to make sure that you keep your your personal touch in your in your business. Don't throw everything automation go on down I don't have to do anything because that's not. How ever the feeling that you should have if your automation is in place, it's working is one of peace you should know that you can go to bed deny and know that you're evergreen sales final is going to work without a problem. They're going to get that sign up page and then they get that download in their early, get those emails and they're going to buy from you or they're going to sign up for your whatever it is. You're trying to get out of that. So I think the biggest thing you wanna sure of if when you put your automation in place and you test it and run it that you have that sense. Of Peace You have that sense of purpose that the automation is going to work for you it's going to do what you're expecting to do, and if you don't have that and you don't feel at peace with your automation sequences or your automation finals or whatever it is that you're working on, then you might want to take a step back and look at those and find out why you don't have that piece because if it's working in its functioning like it should be in, it's properly set up in it's properly done and you should have a sense of peace and a deep breath of relaxation knowing that you're fine and it's going to be great. Awesome awesome someone question. Is when you guys start. To work with a client. What criteria are you looking for? When they tell you? They want a funnel. The head it was like. You know I finally. Like okay. What do you want? Okay but go ahead you answer that not me you're in. Will sit down with the client. And go through a whole welcome call first to find out. Are they really ready for that? That funnel a lot of people think, Oh, I've got a product so I'm now ready. And that's not necessarily the case. So we actually go back and look at do they have a funnel? Do they have case studies? HAS PEOPLE TRIED The item? Do we have testimonials? Do we have copy are we doing the copier they do in the copy? Do we are we doing emails? Are we doing the touch basis in the follow ups and that usually will start a whole numerous amount? Oh well, I didn't know I had to have this and I didn't know I had to have this and they find out really they're not ready for that funnel but we're ready for the beginning stages to start the funnel but. You can't do anything unless you have copy graphics a price point at least some form of testimony without those items, a sales funnel really can't be built I mean you can throw it on there. Nobody's going to buy it because you have no integrity you have no likeness you know and you know I mean you have to be able to to show that. This is what the person needs. So I think it's important once you have those items then it's just a matter of putting the pieces together like a puzzle. You have to have all the pieces, and if you have all the pieces, you can put the puzzle together and we're in you can see the picture at the end so I think that's the important thing is sitting down getting a clear communication with the client to find out why? Are Missing. What items are they going to provide? You're gonNA provide and what items are lacking that they're going to have to go elsewhere to go get before months that's done the we actually just we not only do complete done for you services. So well, actually do all the copy and everything else, but will actually put the full implementation. So I think. I think the one thing that I see people might have struggled with is that. They want these doing automation. But they are. Challenged. From the beginning. And they don't they don't. They don't know how to they don't know. How to do the wordings Copy. That, you know all these different things. They have enough money to get anything big start free of course but. I think the challenges is seems overwhelming at first because they haven't haven't done it before. How do you ease one's mind or how do you get them to a point where? Something, that is not so overwhelming to do or to or to if they haven't after if you're themselves or outsource I guess. Well. There's a couple of different ways like you said, like we said, take small placed small pieces. So say you've got a product and you have testimonials they. Now you're ready to take that next step we there are we offer we have some free checklist on our our website that say okay. So you've got this and you've got this and got this. Once you do this cities of the steps and it's not necessarily that they need to outsource it or maybe they don't need to outsource it but they need to take it in small steps. And they need to go into it with the mindset that this is not undoable. I'm not a dummy I'm not going to fail at this. This is my business and they need to go into with the mindset. I can do this. I may not be able to do all of this on my own I'm may have to have a little bit of help and there are a lot of options out there when it comes to help, you don't have to go to the most expensive person on the planet because they are the most expensive on planet because. -sarily, most expensive does not necessarily mean the best. Let. My thoughts on that, my my my suggestions to anybody that's going to ready to take steps automation whether it be with their emails or their sales finals or the social media whatever those automations are sit down have that talk with yourself I am capable of doing this I can do this, but I'm going to do this insteps don't jump into the end of the pool if you don't have swim. Stoddard at the Kiddie pool and we're way. And the first thing is to sit down on like either make yourself to find a checklist these things. These are the things I have these are the things are still need to get, and then when you have those that's the Kidepo now we're ready to go into the you know the two foot pole and then you do those and then it just you do it steps in the don't overwhelm yourself either. So it's not a matter of not being able to do automation. It's a matter of making sure that you do automation and the steps that they need to be done so that you are successful when it's finished. Awesome. And the practice nobody's. Nobody's good at every new. And even even today I mean like copywriters have copy writing is not sure thing and you can't afford somebody like with us does done for you services trust me there are plenty of facebook groups out there of copywriters sue will do it just for testimonial change they're just starting now they're they've got the talent there's fibers there's up works there's all sorts of little places that you could set up. Do it at a cheaper amount that lease allows you to get the base of what you want to say, and then you can go in and massage and and make it your voice. And that's important. Don't take somebody else's work and just plastered onto a site always make sure that you go back and put it in your voice because you're the ones selling it it's your credibility, and if it sounds like somebody else, it's not going to sound authentic. And you'RE GONNA lose your people ride on day one. Awesome awesome. So I just WANNA make sure everybody knows that there's there's always. I. Think People Think about finals they'll think. Click finals or. Grew funnels and in the like But. You're saying like I said I was. Mission through another client that there are many forms of funnels and I like how you said the the calendar gets up and got that something that can direct people to a certain point aware where you want to take them I think everybody has their initial goal what they want right are supposedly or maybe not but somewhat they know what they were looking for so. You're saying before just make sure everybody knows you're saying that is always a place even in the beginning to. Funnel that correct or automation stifling must definitely I? Mean every funnel is different the that the the idea of sitting down at the very beginning is, what is the purpose of the funnel not everything is to sell. You have a funnel. That's informative. I mean that's basically what email marketing is there. You know most cases it's an informative funnel, which is the nurture sequence to know like entrust. Is it for abandoned cart with a whole different type of funnel of trying to get people back into the cart. The actual sale funnel, which is what you're really going to sell something. You're. You're down cells as are all different funnel. So you need to sit down and I decide on what is the purpose of the funnel before you build the funnel. Awesome I think you guys are like the first people. That really said you can do from the beginning because most people most people when I talk to them are saying. You should wait to do. Organic organic reach organic traffic first before then well, you guys did say though make sure that you have the testimony. Okay. Studying thing. Yes. Mr. Help and you could like I said, you could always trade those off I. Mean. There are plenty of people out there. That will Beta test program if you're selling a program Beta tester product if you're doing product. If you're you know coach that selling a an e book or something like that I mean there are ways that you can say I'm going to open this up to ten people. Let them give me an honest review of whatever it is that you're selling and then come back with those testimonials and it also allows you as a as a business owner to see those honest reviews from the beginning because if the product is lacking something you want to know before you launch. I mean I wouldn't do anything until you at least had twenty people. Try It. and. Get back. We'll honest testimonials before doing it There may be adjustments adjustment are made before you really have to do that launch. So yes, I think that it's important to start off at the beginning with some sort of testimonial before you do anything. Awesome. So. Far. Less let's let's. Take on this scenario safe. They have. They've done it. What you guys are saying already they've done the group, they got testimonials and case studies. they've done in these twenty people. In other come to you in a saying I have all these things. Now I want to build a funnel based on this. How did they start from there? Okay there's a couple of ways we can start from there. Are they already using a? Email marketing system our crm that has funnel capabilities built in or are they using one that does not it doesn't they do not have to switch so say you're using. Nail Champ, which is not exactly a good example because male check out a bundles landing pages and stuff now in the paper sheets. But for instance, say that they come to you and they are email marketing software does not allow that there are. Great ways out there inexpensive ways to get your funnel pages up even like using a divvy website builder at make some great optin landing pages, and then it's just a matter of taking the vision of what they see happening on their final and laying out for them because anybody that's a really good funnel expert or automation person is going to lay you out a mind map. And it's basically going to be a visualization of how everything is going to flow through the fun so that the client can see it. You can see the person doing the work can see you can collaborate on that together before it's built. So you eat everybody's on the same page this. We're GONNA to have a opt in page and the OPT in page is going to give him any Faq e Melanin from that you ever to get an email or they're going to get the product or they're going to get taken to the car however that fun was working. So it's it's don't do not let anybody bully you into saying okay, you've got. A funnel ready to build. We're GONNA make you go to entrepreneur or you gotta go to click funnels or hey, you have to lose US lead pages because it's not a matter of what they want you to us. It's a matter of what you feel comfortable using in your budget and for what your own needs to accomplish because in the end we are sticklers. About this too, it just drives me nuts people who've get you to buy software they. No, you can't use so they can hold you hostage. So we always tell her clients we'd find out what level of taking they are, and then we make sure that whatever we get them involved in something that if we leave tomorrow, they can still manage their own funnel. So I think when the client comes to lessen they say I have these things now I'm ready. We sit down and we have a real discussion about where they want this funnel to go what they want this. Funnel to achieve. Are they going to keep this as a long running funnel or is this going to be a short running automation funnel that determines a lot of what software or what programs they need to have out there because anybody who comes to you and says, I need it I need a funnel and you immediately push the entrepreneur and it's a one week sale and they're never going to sell the product again that trump. GOTCHA IN That valley. Wonderful I love it. I think I think it's also important that you know. Again you you gotta realize even after the funnel is done if it's a short term one that doesn't it's not an evergreen What happens apple. And a lot of people forget that. Yeah. They they throw them into a funnel. They get all these people they sell, sell, sell, sell sell, and they drop and you never hear from them again until there's another funnel and I think that's just raw. that guerrilla marketing type of thing I think is the worst in World Yup I know it sells bud. But we just don't believe in it. You know I think that you can win far more clientele and keep clientele not just went up by Keith them. If you actually sell a product that people want that's high quality, get some through, and then you're not doing that force constant sale sell sell sell you can do the sell sell sell sell and then educate educate educate. Then you can come back around to the sell sell sell that know like and trust factor I think is very vital in sales funnels and I, think, a lot of people forget that. I. Love It. I love it. So I like you said that both read isn't doing incredible. Incredible. Incredible content today guys just unbelievable. I, wanted I wanted to ask about the basic components. Are you guys? Are you guys. Anti Like upgrade downgrade angry kind of people or are you okay with the occasional down down kind of thing on a fund on a sales funnel in particular I, think it depends if it's a really good product and it has an accompanying upgrade or downgrade then I can see the absolute purpose behind it. But if it's a product that really doesn't upset that down sell then I think that's just kind of agreed way to try to make money. I know that sounds bad but I do believe in a lot of products our products. Do we have a couple of a couple of programs that do have a possible upsell, but then they do have that down sell because you're going to have those people that are really interested in your may product and it's allows the price wage. So, you offer something that's a little lower maybe in their price range better though they still get that basic product that they're really wanting but it doesn't make them go into debt to get or you have those people that are. Fantastic loved that made product but are looking for that added boost that act that added extra thing that for that upsell comes in. So I'm personally I'm not opposed to them. If it makes sense if it's just something you're doing because you WANNA add on to try to make some more money than Yama will oppose to this I believe we I know business people, people, entrepreneurs, business people with ethics or wipe you know but I do have a set of ethics I don't WanNa see people get hurt or oversold or pardon my language screwed. When, they don't need to be. So if the product legitimately does have any foreign upsell or down that I, perfectly. Okay with using those. Yes. And I, think I think you. I think part of that also is if you have a good relationship with the people that you're seeing the sales to write most. Your. Relationship with them then you. You know you don't want to screw them anyway. You think. So anyway, right. So exactly exactly and of course, it also depends on on your method of Cell I mean if you've always offered up cells down cells and there are those people that do allow the network marketers network, Barker's always have cells down south. You can see in everything that they do. That's like a big flash, a network marketer because I got enough settle down sell So I think that is important if it's the very first time that you're doing it. I think it's important afterwards to really look at the funnel at the end and see how it worked I mean that's where the analytics is really going to be important because there are some audience that are completely turned off by it to immediately just click off and that's the end of it. Soon as you get into, you know the fifty pages. I know myself. You know I it especially with the never marketer stuff every once in a while, I'll get into. I WANNA buy a powerpoint presentation software for example, or something like that, and there's twenty two different pages well, after a while it just gets annoying. You know it's just like you know what get me out of here now I'm done. So I think that's important is you know also you don't want to over upset you don't WanNa over down sal and you'll see a lot of those with network marketers where they'll offer you like five. Yeah. Five down cells and five upsells. So I think that's also important is is Looking at how the actual funnel was all going through and at the end, looking at the analytics to see did your audience. Like the upsells down cells, did it work for you? Awesome and I got a couple more questions, we don't mind. Forget out here night access question I know I know this is A. We're going to ask you anyway I'M GONNA ask. Are there are there certain tools that you do recommend I know there are plenty of the choose from. I noticed question but I had to ask that I'm sure some enquiring minds out there want to know. From you to what you guys really like I think that people are are might might be might be easier to use. My thing is if it's easy to navigate, that's the use but that's my thing because some people some people are okay with figuring it out I'm just not that guy. Let's see. Let's we'll just might favorites for social media marketing and automation I would suggest HYPOC sweet or buffer. They're both extremely easy to use or both extremely as self explanatory they both have free versions and then you can upgrade to their papers and so if you're going to look for a social media marketing tool I would say look at those two I once you get into like the social cues and the birthday get a little more complicated. just playing email marketing. I would say look at mail. Chan. Active campaign. And then on a little pricier side would be converted. There are a male chimpanzee campaign both a male has free versions really easy to use just built in landing pages. Now you do your finals in the same place that you to your emails active campaign has some great automation sequences very easy to use very inexpensive and convert kid is a little more money than active campaign, but it's a little more robust you can actually build. Marketing campaigns and funnels that look very similar and Senate, very similar to abuse yourself entrepreneur in work the same way. So for those I would say that now if you are a business that has a little more money to spend. And you're looking for a little more. For your dollar. Then you might look into on report and the reason I say that is because her basically all in one software, they are crm that allows you to have note send in history and task assigned to each client in their reach contact than allow you to have landing pages and build funnels and have forms. So if you're looking for a robust. One and you have the money in your marketing budget to do that, you might look at those. But again, those free suffers I mentioned for those. You start now ready to take the next step to an automation. Trust me they're great. They're very user friendly. They're very inexpensive and the tech support for all of those is spot on, they have like chat support so you could talk to him right then. So those are some of my favorites I don't know val agrees because she's probably have a little different ones. So I'm trying to help maybe those you start now and maybe those of you that are looking for that next step, you've got the automation you've got the basic software, but now you're ready to move on. So those are some options to look at. Valley. Ed To those at all. mine I would say basically for calendar. It's because purpose more than it is because of the fact that like it is acuity. We like acuity only because of the fact that it allows johnny to Harran, personal calendar my own personal calendar, but it shows up on a main calendar We also like the way that it sets up for the fact that I can set up different call links for different purposes and different programs as well as I can charge for calls if I need to call for. Those types of things can all be charged as well. So I think the most important question is not necessarily what our favorites are. But what's your purpose of it is? You know I know I mean we use appointment core three sixty, which is matched with fusion soft. But if you're not using infusion soft than appointment court three, sixteen, no matter whether I liked it or don't like it doesn't have any purpose for it. You know. If you're using entre port that's actually going to be hooked up with acuity by the end of the year they're saying. So that may be a purpose of using entrepreneurship why you'd want to go to acuity. So I think that's the thing is you actually need to look at first instead of just arbitrarily saying I'm GonNa go by convert kit is it really needs to go back to what is it that you need it to do. And then let us from Bayer tell you what these are the best options, and this is, why are the pluses minuses? This is what it's going to cost you and then come back with the decision from there than it is just arbitrarily say, Oh, this is my favorite. This one you should buy because for our business we use entrepot. Why do we use entre? Entrepreneur because we found confused. A fusion. Fusion. There's and we program for many years but it was always I got tired of up. That's an add on ope. That's an add on. That's an add on go to this company that I just got tired of that and every time you go to somebody else if another one, hundred, two, hundred dollars a month that's tacked onto the bill so I mean you can rack up six hundred dollars a month very easily. With addition soft. So that's an we liked entrepreneurial. We're going to be certified Certified Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship Consultants. Next month, we're taking their courses so. We like them. We'd like the support we the way that they do business. We liked the easy. We know we know it inside and out It doesn't cost you an arm and a leg I mean they had the membership plug in already built in. They already have the calendar part of built in they have the form spilt into it. They have most the only thing they don't have is a shopping cart strikes me nuts, but while. Shopping carts. Here as well I'm. Coming and they know and they're aware of it and you know shopping carts if you want a shopping cart, that's what you is. I mean there's nothing I don't think any better than shop afire. Think they're great for doing that it has everything built in Abu. Congress is is great for free stuff. But again, everything is an add on. If you want shipping, it costs you a plug in that costs more money. If you WANNA do international rates that's another plug in cost you more money. So it's very important again. No matter what you're looking at is, what is it that you needed to do? And then go out and look for whatever the automation software is yeah. Chris Great stuff ladies unbelievable stuff today I know another question the or maybe we'll wait for another time. I'm just overwhelmed US right now. The content in your knowledge is just spot on. but I go if I figured if I feel. What sneak it in a little later after this question. So here's the last question. put on both front and center one of the time. And it's about. People. Listen to you now. They like what you're doing the like your business model. In they want their in. There had the same interests singles as you guys. And they want to know. In, a nutshell hopefully. Try Your best anyway. How to be an authority in this space that you guys doing right now. And I'll go with A. Value I didn't WANNA. Put Front, and. Center. To be an authority. I for us it's experience knowledge We have over sixteen certifications we've been in the business for thirteen years. We don't with clients from all different parts were worldwide. We do everything in Spanish and in English. So we're also by cultural in that sense. So I think that you know the best way that you could say in our automation expert is by years of experience and by actually using everything and we go the one step further getting certified on top of everything. I could go ahead Jonah. To me, it's learn from your mistakes. You can't be an authority on something if you nobody's perfect and if you say that you're perfect, you're not telling the truth and you know it. So the fact is you learn from your mistakes you don't make mistakes and how do you know what's going to be right the next time? So, for that aspect I take every time that something doesn't work or something has failed on me and I add that to my word Petar things that I know not to do next time. It to be honest this online marketing online building automation is all about knowledge learning and growing with the systems and the world as it grows, and for that reason, the biggest thing is if you do it in, it's messed up kick yourself get mad and Redo it and learn mistakes. That's how you become an authority on anything is learning as you go and keeping that knowledge for the next time. I love it I. Hope I got got got got that 'cause that was perfect in s exactly what I try. What does it? What does a pack is all about? You have to do as you go along. I see so many people. In a crazy but it just like it doesn't grab me crazy 'cause I was just like that. You know you know I was I was to stop and go guy I was actually starting to start and stop guy our started. In Stop It. And start again, then stop it. Because, part of that is. Part of that going on there there's no belief system. In that you're gonNA finish your or you're GonNa get to a certain point In your goals and. I love how you the John. Is You have to do it as you go along work on edge go along mistakes are just going to be results. Rarely. Most The fact is you're GONNA make mistakes. That's just what it is so. Your. Your competitor is going to beat you because they're gonNA keep plowing through it. That's that's that's all it's to it. I mean this this is a marathon I mean this is not going to happen overnight business takes awhile You know you're not going to be a millionaire in five straight weeks. I don't care how much facebook tells you. You'RE GONNA make ten thousand dollars. Hey, you're not going to do it. You know it's going to take time. It's GonNa take time to build that clients to build your audience to build the traffic to build the publicity to build your social media traffic and. It's just having the patience to wait it out, and if you believe in what you're doing and you believe what you have to offer, it will sell. I love IT I. You guys are awesome. Unbelievable stuff. I we had this topic of automation just like that's perfect. 'cause I, I really wanted to get that on here. Because we don't I know people have talked about that. And you. Are. Dead on thing like you know you know first of all, what you want. I'm not going to rehash that you guys did incredible job and what you said. but someone either one of you can let us know. For the people who will be listening to later. Where to find you online in hopefully. Dig Onto your dive into your services because they're pretty awesome. Well, first of all, thank you so much for allowing us to join you today. This has been awesome I. If you're interested in getting attached with this or maybe you have a question, we do offer free a free call Koch to dime, and you can find us at the online business gurus, dot com or the oh BG's Dot Com. And right there on the front page, we have the link to schedule a call with us. We would be more than glad to answer any questions you have or maybe help you take that next step in your business. I. Love It. Unbelievable guys. I am. This is great. I'm kind of speechless as you can see because I think the first people here have come on and say that you can actually start automation from the beginning and I would never I would never said that. So I I'm I'm glad you guys come on in in in in in. Said what you said because it's just perfect. Perfect perfect content. For Automation. So. Any final I will I will say, Oh, I want to mention because of watching how cool is to see that they have matching seats sear. Great stuff that's that's partners right for you. Incredible stuff so But any last. Year for the show. were. Glad to be on if people want to send you questions so Glad to come back on again and answer any questions. Again, they can contact us on our on our website as well. If they just want to ask a one off, question would be glad to answer them were you know we'll be glad to help out in any way we can and come back if you need us. Definitely I hopefully hopefully, you can come back and share what us. I really appreciate you guys today. Perfect into the Monday because my money but. I told him I was trying to save before 'cause I. Wasn't ready. I was little grumpy. So that's Mondays for yourself. Anyway let's get Outta here. Thank you so much valley and Jonathon coming through in we will see on on TV people, people, people, build it, share it they will come right it's very simple. Very simple take here I was seeing nick show you bless. and. That's a rapper. This episode of the Authority Project, thanks so much for tuning in and if you like what you heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give an honest review Jaren tell your friends so they can hear to and even more authority building tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter DOT COM, get free weekly content and ongoing digital product giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. We certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an Aha moment from today's broadcast just remember it's your authority build it. They will come until next time.

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